The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on September 6, 1959 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 6, 1959
Page 1
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WEEKEND WEEKEND Edition 10{ 'Columbia Tap "Rip Van Winkle Of The Roads" Brazoria County ^Charles De Morse visited Brazoria County in 1883 " and <* Coiumbta, County's Sugar Road Unique pe view car River Mouth Once Fortified sons a Population of 10.000 ing $30,000, was sold lately"to""a S5.000! ""-- - - y t0 a the field ^BSMXfel»F-?"^5. purchaser for in Lee HearingTs^SeptTll charge filed ac°Mn 0 t rJfff.fui!! f?!" 9 ., t _ Con .? table L ee was filed when ah* IM-.J «.. ... T= t~f . against Constable Jack Lee of Freeport has been set, Justice of the Peace R. C. homas of Clute said Friday :ternoon. , Constable Lee is to answer ,„ """Pie assault charge a i.30 p.m. Monday, Sept. 21 _ Thomas said. The time w a n» S , et , a . ft « r Ju<tee Thomas went to the Brazoria County -ourthouse to see District At. 1 earlier r ay- district attorney was out town, Judge Thomas said, his docket had nothing for g or . 21, so that date was o£fi- ialiy set for the hearing In view of next week's County Court session which will Constab)e time, 8WEENY BAND STUDENTS FLORENCE SVPTAK, PAT SURBEH Th. r J.,, y Ma,, ey Hall MemorialPlsqu. Named For Jerry Moss ay Sweeny Music Hall Dedication Sunday le Jerrv Maccnv MI,«I A U-M _. *.- ~ . - "cc o mm:, dge Thomas had endeavored •r*h ,* h , earin S this week, ^rhejimplejssault charge a- Brazoria Boy Diagnosed As Polio Case gainst Constable Lee was filed Monday after a noontime alter- caUon in Lake Jackson. Bob Sloan, Lake Jackson businessman, accused Lee of making about 10 phone calls to his business establishment, then nanffintr n« ».t. nH ei : _._ , S '° an an " swered 8 When Sloan confronted Lee «,m "'^ a , nearoy business firm and told him to quit Phoning, Lee hit .him in the mouth and used abusive language, Sloan said. Constable Lee still had the phone in his hand when Sloan '• saw him inside the firm, Sloan said. A woman employee of Sloan told a Facts reporter she interfered when Constable Lee attempted to put Sloan in a car take him to jail. She' said when she joined the fray .??!l he . dl . d "<* strike odeTh sode. The Sloan woman said tant to file of h altere ation because of the publicity involved but Lake Jackson Police Chief J. S. "Cap" Brown served warrant and made ft. 8 near Clute around 8 a.m. Tu»T day. Issued a statement ing the charge and saylnff is "something that law m- forcemeat officers who do their d o o er duty usually sometime in their career have to contend with" Dies In public Produce Wenf By Sailboats '"The Chocolate Bayou area is now a white and . lassey Music Hall ul „ High School will be dedicated in a ceremony. Sunday at 2:30 p.m. Rev. R. L. Cooke, former pastor of the Old ?»,?f,» (FirSt B f ptist Church - will deliver the dedicatory address. The parents of the late Massey, Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Massey of - the lfl58 Jerry's senior classmates gained permission S-JSTMS sSSSS ss-^s-iss £ Jerry, for whom the band hall is named was i an outstanding band student, whotet D f Ji? 58 . W T fls ?? its seni °r; trip at Garner State uauon ' UValde JUSt " ' 6W days bef ° r ' •«* by^e^^sKt^- 15 b ^ 8 5 - POnSored & lS.Z/Vf ^VbTpK j=SH£SBSF dnrt n n e Jf USt fUnd " High MiSTSS: iipai u. u. Miser said two Sweenv stnrlontc have atterided coll PI .» f n r one stuaents taken to New Herman Hospital in Houston Friday after being diagnosed by two Brazoria County physicians as suffering from polio. ' . The child, son of Mr. • and Mrs. J. M. Goolsby, became ill earlier in the week and i s reported to be partially paralyzed. Rev. Herman Coe, a neighbor r' the family, called the Af Clute be preserved. r aic ^ B ? h At ? riance and Perry told me that the Turpan corn ^&£^&^^^^&® 1 Local Area Resembled India Adriance thinks it should' 0 ' res '8 naU °n as a Clute city °"' a ; councilman was tendered to OfSS'Jj?™ In Resilnfetien resignation as a Clute city resignation ""* f 1 '^ ^ people of Clute to choose rep- uncilman was tenders »n n,. 1-1...••_. «,... coun ^j' ofresentatives of their chain*- i» partment at 5:40 p.m. Friday to arrange for a police escort for the ambulance. This is the second Brazoria child to have polio this year Catherine Shull, aho seven vears old and the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Shull. h*s been in an iron lung in a Houston hospital for about two months. had no 35Crash SWEENY MAN'S DEATH IS COUNTY'S 13th FATALITY M. B. SMITH Speaks Sept. 14 CC Speaker Has Selling Background M. B. (Ben),Smith, general A 35-year-old Sweeny man became Brazoria County's 13th traffic fatality for 1059. He was Trueworth Gibbens Rt. 1, Sweeny, who was killed in a two-car crash near Old Ocean shortly before midnight ; riday. Seriously injured in the ac- cjdcnt were Miss Carolyn laynes, about 25, of West Co- umbia, who was riding with jibbens; and Johnny Ray Parks. 22 - year - old Houston man who was driving the second car. State Highway Patrolman Gilbert Kiel said both Parks and Miss Haynes were taken to Matasorda County General Hospital in Bay City. Kiel said both received head injuries and were in shock. The accident occurred about 11:40 p.m. Friday State Highway 35 two "miles west of Old Ocean. Kiel said u <nenJ shots when she contracted! merchandising manager for ""'?45l^E? l « n _.B«?.:^E.*««l« .. , HtHJllHJ ,-.,«TV.,V mLiuft MS1U - ^tn* Fncl< Saturdnvthat'ther* *«ve .e of the junglS of rcn n Mayor L- V. Conver Saturday to clear the way for the planned special election and the transaction of pressing council business which has been delayed pending a ruling on Ward's status as councilman. pnd returned to Columbia, where I had'a good breakfast Charles De Morse." wa » ' ""* ——-»»^. »•»• V«ICAIB wag some doubt of his qualifications. He said any doubt as to the actions taken by the council in transacting business during the time he might decision of a district judge Ward said he wished to an nounce that, in order for th wiu for the post —- —"- *•••* fwai, \ji VUUFJ* cilman in tiie'Sept. 12 special election, along with any oth*r candidates who run for the office. • : • . • . . .. v.i . (Taken (ram Ttiai Laid Olllee Heeord« CT Ntwioap.r Since the judge indicated he would require more time for a full scale hearing, Ward said he felt his resignation would dear the way for the election and while. Ward council matters mean- quoted the letter 800 Expected Anglers Crowding Into BP £==•£3™/^asr=£i~ morning, armed with every thing from cane poles to expensive yachb. If the weatherman calls the right number, several thousand visitors will swarm over Bra- Tickets Available For Gran Bailie Although many tickets hav been sold and there is room for a limited number only, tlier is still time to make reserva as tions to attend the Grand Baill (Grand Ball) next Friday. Reservations may be madi by calling Dr. Kenneth Pen nmeton at BE 3-4157, or Ralph Ehrlich at .BE 3-2616. Admis sion is $15 per couple. Setups will be furnished. anrf ,1. Jcse Cam P' a » and his or and the.ehestra from the Houston Club - the;will furnish the music. Th „„* .. i- — —~« «« <Mi"t 111 inejwiti lurnisn the mnsir* The tot^S&SWft' middl6 ' Wth ° Ut 800d —ther,'Freeport ComnTunUy^Hous^ 'lies fro'm numero- ^J ""Pe of the boats will be able "'here the ball ' day holiday. Crosby Party Boats, Darland larty Boats and Raymond -,, ~ .—~ * -"«- — *"» vrvaai muwilUWlCn S FariV Boats Inn T the Labor Day holiday por- 1 the three largest"Gulf flsnmg get Out angle is to be held will ming, sun bathing and three county golf tournaments are featured on the outdoor pro; gram. to days, Mucho out 24 boats will have nine out and Darland, six. This deep sea fishing parade lor „. big talent parade .... Ami, speaking of RALPH T ' GUE£ _ TV last r Saturday did •i uuisiae the Jetties. : will b c decorated in authentic t of those ;800 deep ,;ea Mexican motif. Dress will be —_-TS headed into the Gulf onj' or mal or Mexican costume 39 boats for the weekend, up-! Leading the list of pers'on- wards of 20 Texas cities will: allies to make their appearance bo represented. jat the event is Tito Guizar Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, internationally famous actor Waco, Arlington, Jasper, Long-,guitarist, vocalist and , , , , , vew. Galveston. Frisco, Tern- taincr from Mexico Citv. pie, San Antonio and Austin apocariiiR will bo Elvira W ° 6 dUeS - riRuez ' '»'' mer Mexican enter- Also yotl ' see General Several companies have char- others tered entire boats and will throw a "company fishing trip". As always there will be a loaded lineup of "stragglers" on the fishing crafts that pull out of their docks up and down the Old Brazos River and Intracoastal Canal this weekend. While deep sea fishing holds the center ring plenty of other outdoor activities will be go and with inost votes to the post the .— .~w n, i,j^ |fUSU . , ;:' Meanwhile, Ward said the way would be cleared for the council to have meetings and transact the present press of business, no matter which wj the judge. later rules. If he should be ruled qual tied during the past year when according to City Attorney Tom Kenyon's interpret 1 -- ?<• th city charter Ward had disquali fled himself as councilman b selling the only real propert he owned within the city limit of Clute, the resignation wouli make Ms participation in th election valid. If the Judge rules him dis qualified for that period, he can tgitimately take part in the election as he qualified himsel >v purchasine property within he city about 10 days ago. Attorney E. R. Goff said a ••in Saturday the neoole he epresents want a full scale learing and ruling on Ward's tatus. A date will be set for : later. He said Ward wants to be ure all Is proper and right and hat the City of Chile is nro- He said a judge's ruling iat Ward was qualified the ?st ywir would be tantamount o making all business of the ouncil valid durin? that period herever doubt existed. .Ie said Ward's lette» of res- nation is to aid the council In mooth om-rntipn until th» rul- g is obtained; i 11 oroyloiis oolfo casw re- to ihe chanter-for 1959. ad hot, received notiflca- of the Goolsby case, .how- has bee,n one nolio -*»"th Jn •RraTiorfa .County.- This occurred In August with the «or» .Tohn of m t« months hov x»ho fl><M in . annual Bratosport the Parks car^ a 1055 Oldsmobile, ran into the rear of the 1957 Chevrolet Gibbens wa§ driving. Both cars were totally demolished. Kiel said no charges have been filed as yet, pending further investigation. Gibbens body was taken to the Wait Funeral Home in West Columbia. Services are to oe announced later by Taylor Brothers Funeral Home in Bay Gibbens was a member -* *e Baptist Temple Church at on Bay City and was a World War II veteran. • Survivors include his wife unice; two daughters, Yvonne and Diana; two sons, Clyde and David, all of Sweeny; two sisters, Mrs. Harry Hamilton and Mrs. Carl Hazelwood and "iree brothers, Don, Elbert, and Earl Gibbens, all of Bay City POUC£ REPORT: ttOft&f i __ [ _ ..^^ meeting of ttie.. ~"»~»~" Chamber of Commerce on Sept.! 14. at ti»;Lake jgfckson Pavil-i ion. "Crasfied^fclcHie Is Found today "''having Smith was jointed general I "^ on a Brazoria County meirchandisJng:'|naiiager in the ranch . was reported found this ff*mnnan»>_ . w«. 1 _^;-_ ;. mOmini? hV tho Qhot-tff'r. n« slv Hospital in n»tve*- hahv hart nn- Salk shot. T'rior to thp Ooolsby '• the chsnlw » n< , mostJre- WM TviHo caso ..„, , „ i Alvln. making »hev third ypar in th^t ritv. Th*. moist 'ftvnt nar»'v»I(- cas» timviwer: was that i\t v»,ffpn^ Tnlbprf. s fwo war nlrf Swwnv hov who i« now fn To-ras Tnstibito nf »-h»Mjfta,tfon and Research in Houston. Tn addition to thosp already mentioned. Freeoort also two o»hpr cases, anrt T at,, : *on. Wosharon. and Old Ocean have had one case each. .-„„—»_„_„ ul office in St. Louis in^aSC. He began his telephone ; carter in in 192* asi^itadent. A Freeport resident called Freeport police at 10:50 p.m. Friday to report the occupants on ,r' as unamage, i w .. t Coo . _. - -The re P° r t that a plane hedl, * Second Street were fi g°.t- In St. Louis' ihe re P° rt tha t a plane hed «nt. i " as ned came in at the Sheriff's various Posi-!°«'<;* * .™0 p.m. He laJ^twM various uosi-j9. ! ce at 7:1 ° P- m - Friday, tions in : %e: company's dirt?c- Llght c o" n 'y Patrol units were tory organiiation, and was ap- sent to cneck tne report but pointed geowal directory sales I were unable to «nd a plane clin^m.iMnV-fM; *fMO : dOWn. ling. 1928. «pc* \ tOKff.'.'Xff 4V«O. . FTOm::UMs,noaUpn he trans-' . Acco f«"ng to the report, Hi xred t«»:i)a5las in 1836 and! pa , ne had cf ashed about tw as l»i« rfrvisinn tr,»r,» no , ,, miles out of Damon, towar , was tafetl^rision manager atJS f ^ of Damoa West Columbia, on the Tod " morn "ig the Schedule Sunday: High 5:18 a.m. and 6:47 p.m. Low 11:23 a.m. Sun Data Rises Sunday at 6:01 a.m. Sets Sunday at 8:38 p.m. sistant,general manager lor the state. Smith is a native of Macon.i Ga., and was graduated from the Citadel at Charleston, S.C. Lots Of Rides, Booths Jaycee Carnival Plans Completed -— Antonio and general commercial manager JOT Texas. His last position In Texas before! in ! s morn "ig the grounc returning to St Louis was as-1 search was aided by air observ ., x _ .- . • i ers. At mid-morning the mis sing plane was located. That is, the owner said i was. H. P. Jeane of West Co mmbia told Deputy Sheriff R W. Ilill that he had heard a plane was reported missing that it was probably his plane that the plane was found. He said the plane had run out of gas, went into a spin, and crashed. However, he told the officer, he was able to locate the radio-controlled, six- foot-wing-span model himself. FHEEPORT Freeport police arrested an ntoxicated man lying on a j sidewalk of the Velasco Memorial Bridge Friday night. The man chose the south side of the bridge for his nap. He was brought to the station, booked, and jailed. Another man was arrested for being drunk and for indecent exposure in the 600 Block of West First Street Friday night. He was jailed. Partly cloudy and warm through Sunday with southerly winds expected. High of S3 due Sunday. The Lake Jackson Jaycees oday announced plans through arrival Publicity Chairman tcrrey, Mexico (V J W. A 1 improved 'or Mon. W. A. MULLEN.'stil! hospitalized but reported to be much marking . wedding an . ties are due to be overloaded with anglers, while the hot September sun will bring the swimmers to* the beach. Water skiing is always a favorite sport of the Old River and the holidays should bring out an even bigger assortment wlu be and the Old Ocean, MlHoa? Wing, to have rides avepable at their carnival scheduled for Friday and Saturday, Sept. U and 12. .Eight rides are scheduled tp 4U»4 4pr the major event regional Softball tournament* similar to the one held last year, Christmas programs, and various other projects. A great deal of preparation has been expended in planning this e*eat and a large turnout is expected. Prizes for all age The truck was stopped in the 000 block of West Second. Tht i3ay City couple who were In the truck were brought to the station but released without charges being filed. A mother called Freeport police at a pjn to report her daughter was at home alone and had heard someone prowling outside. Officers found no one when they investigated the area in the 100 block of North Avenue F. Freeport police were trying to locate the home of a lost girl Saturday morning. Mrs R. W. Todd called Police Dis-' pitcher Delores Higginbotham at 6:25 a.m. when she found Kathy Rogers .crying in an alley behind the Todd home at .127 West Fifth. Officers picked the child up and brought her to the station. She said she had stayed with Timmy and was lost. A call to all known Rogers had brought TIO results by 7:45 a.m. CLUTE-LAKE JACKSON A Saturday morning check vith the police department of Clute and Lake Jackson found 11 quiet. The report of boys stealing gasoline at 12:46 ajn. Saturday in the 600 Block of Lake Jackson Road was investigated by Clute police. They report if 'was just a ease of ca*_trouble. wpenl, kiddie car rodwt plane, and many others, - TlS* Jaycees plan to operate booths along with, the free drawing wtll be held, Saturday night for the door prize, Local merchants Jayceej as,' well as operiting a booth cj their qwn, Th«/5»rjBiw} i».» genersj .fund rsisiM pro}e?t (or the group, Fund* obtained from projects such u Jw| ewtble the civic orguilzeUan to sponsor such things »| the teenage b*seb«« te«n that th^y «pon- wwd «M* past K,^ 8 ,™ 18 *«* 8E A I* Will B« JBVCM been y»e, caroivaX Jerome* etwuvnjstt, jtat- U ^aly >s4th the help these. ' ^>erchaat5 that the carnival %6^1d be possible,'' he stated, x eMUniin the nmner- WHAT'S INSIDE g.v. i.n. . of ous donations of equipment and prizes. » The carnival will be held in downtown 6 p.n). until night. Set* « Jackson from and from 9 12> f ub "« t y,»'«':al« lhat Q ue « n Elisabeth follow! al schedule in waiting for a n.w arrival Ho» dp local expectant moth,,, occupy th. jjme? Women's Ed Ota LeHoy Byrd a>k. fl,«m in a survey on . Br ? an * U * *™«|«»«>i guest reviewer on Calh.rln* -. column on books. On Pag* 5 today he wiem Buck's "Command ih e Morning" in th. ££ column. '", pt j bl8 , m!PM ? arln9 » IU PP« r th »' doesn't dup- food. Junior had for lunch at schorf. But not U we«k', menu on Pag. 10, which .how, the week

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