Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on June 1, 1947 · Page 14
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 14

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 1, 1947
Page 14
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6, PERRELL For City ami Ranch Property Phone 341 or 2QOOAV W .T, HOLUS-&EALTOR-PHON6 Three large. 3*room houses, 122 ft- frdnt. $75.66 monthly income. Price $4500. 4-roorn* rnodgrri House, hardwood floors, $2250. Hotel, well located, furnished, $8500. 5*room modern House, 2 lots, wash house and fruit trees, 28 . WHITE IieftHofn.: hens Tot Sale, a so 8*10 ft;, chicken house. In- ftttlfe 823 S. fearneS.: * IJKESSHD FOtrL'Ttti^wnoiMai* and :-Jetft«. ^HiRhest ftrtess, taw for all Mttaaj)t Jiy6 vmattf. Bond Poultry; .Bono, rent of Purr At Redman Dahlia Gardens t'ou'll find (fife finest tomato, cabbage, pftnento, 6KK plant, pepper plants. Dahlia Bulbs Ready Now Is the time for planting. Fryers," fat, tender for sale 501 South Faulkner Phone 437 81—-Horses dud Cattle IT'S &EM6DELING TIME JJi e ' rt l *elf ..Stocked for all types of re-decoration (supplies, mels, yarnlsnoSi Kemtone and new patterns in Wall papei-i have floor wjix and polish. 614 &. Cuyier SQUARE DEAL PAINT CO. Phono 1850 : DRESSED POULTRY Wholesale and Retail. Highest prices paid for all kinds of 'live poultry. BOND POULTRY W. E. (Pete) BOND REAR OF FURR FOOD PHONE 185 CHECK YOUR MATTRESS NEEDS For innerspring mattresses and box springs to match,, for cotton and feather mahresses and pillows of the very fin. est qualities see us. We make them in any style or size. 817 W. Foster Pampa Mattress Co. Pho. 633 FOR SALE—B milch cows'. Guern- seys, Jerseys. Durham. Some fresh, others freshen soon. 815 E. Albert. Phone 2246-W . *• 83—Pen FOR SALE — Registered Cocker Sbhnlel male. 610 South Olllesple. Nbwlin's Dobermah .Pifischer Kennels Wellington Texas Youne doprs from von B.assowltz National prize winning strain at Madison SquaVo Oarden American Kennel Club Show. Perfect show specimens on bale now. Black and tarn poborman are the acknowledged leaders ' of dependable jruard does. SeelnK Eye and ranch 'doira. Sold-'to Approved parties only.' Stud at Kennel. 83—Baby Chicki Special til-ice on chicks this week onlj'. See us for your field and la.wn seed needs. "VVe have a (rood variety of quality seeds. JAMES FEED STORE 522 S. Cuyler Phone 1677 VENETIAN BLINDS Custom mode to order. We do repair work on wood and mefal blinds. ' ' ".. VENETIAN BLIND FACTORY . '•* 843 S. Faukner Phone 1863 Now We Have Help Yourself Service! Hot, Soft Water Our laundry has been remodeled and you'll find it convenient to. do your laundry here. Pick-up and delivery service if desired. We dp wet-wash and rough-dry. Phone 1134—WIGGIN'S LAUNDRY—505 Henry BLANQ UPHOLSTERY & REPAIR SHOP DON'T LET OLD SHABBY FURNITURE MAKE YOU UNHAPPY ... Vou t-uii Iiuyo It repaired, j-cflulwlicd iiiul upholtUcrcd at a reasonable coat. We use Sea Foam filler insU-ad of cotton. 11 In more pliable, Herviucable und longer lasting. - SPECIAL BABY CHICKS $9.90 per hundred. Plenty of 2-and 3 weeks old started chicks. Gray Co. Feed & HatoF^Y 854 W. Foster' Phone 1161 WE'RE, COW BUYERS NOW ... ' ' ' ' I've been setting here talking to Dick Crump, and we've decided to enter tlie cattle baying: business ... We don't mean that we would be buyers on these big. herds . . . We don't have that Kind of money But wo will buy.hmajl hunches . . . We'll also buy your milk peii- calves . . . dry milk cows . . . dogies ... rat cattle ... In iact anything that we think wo can make a dollar on ... I believe, there S.-1 n -° IK! :i 1 ? 6 L h 'J' c , tor "• "uyer on this kind of stuff, and we think that we will be doing you small sellers a big favor by Opening up a m ?,, et ,' • • I usecl to nave tl 6 reputation when I was cmying and Snrl" e /}£ wn in Wheeler County of being the bisrgcRt chump In that he count -fy • • • Until m hanker cut -i, count -fy • • • Until my hanker cut me off . . . Bigger than Williams even . . . Anyway If you want to sell all you've (rot to do now is step to the phone nnd give ups a ring, and We'll come ? « K"!I put i the ueo . on y° u lt We cttn . '. . It we can't we wight get somebody else on them ... 1 tO~Clfy Fiopftrty (Cent.) HOUSE for sale or trade. 2-bedroom home Wllh extra room In jrarajre. Reduced nrlcc. Will trade for similar home In Gnvmon. 1217 Garland. Phone 2047-J. ••Oft HA LR—12x21 Flione R7S-J. house, unfinished. Jack Sullivan wants to sell his saddle says he wants. 125.00 now r . . . Cost him 165.00 new LEE R- BANKS First National Bank Buildinpr Phnne.s 388—52 4-room houxe on S. Gray. Price $1400. 5-room house on S. Gordon, $2, r )00. 5-room house- on S. flank*. ?f>0<>0. fi-room house on .V. Banks. $5200. fi-room house on X. l-'aulknor. $7800. fi-room house on Christine. $Vl,r,oo. . r i-room house on Denvpr, $21 f>0. Good terms. Possession now. If you want to buy a farm In Wheeler county, see me. You've heard of people having to sell . . . Here's some bargains that can be bought for nearly your own price . . . Tlitese people have •waited just' as long ns they can, so now they have to sell as the time limit is up ... A good five-room . .. two bedroom house v.itn tub bath ... All the roohis are large . . . The house is well built . . . The owner actually paid 6500 for this house two years ago . . . Since he bought It, he had It insulated . . . built a good garage on to it ... fenced his yard ... set out a lawn, and plenty of shrubbery and trees ... It Is a corner lot in a good location, with good houses around it ... He has spent enough money to have exactly 7 thousand dollars tied up Ih 1 ,'. ' ' ^l 16 ," lle b "UB h t a lot of good furniture Including- two bedroom suites, living room suite; rugs, cook stove, electric refrigerator, * «nn i ng for a , house - dn <l tint .cost him plenty . . . This house has a 3600 loan on it ... Now we are going to sell this house for whatever we can get. and I don't mind telling you that wo have had i»£!» i?" I ° f .i' 50(l ' furniture and all . . . This looks like too much of a bargain but if we don't get anymore WP probably will have to take It as It s got to be sold, and I mean right now ... A good duplex, and it has rent property on the back . . . This proper- H 5 ,.,,! <! , s ,\ and Uli Jii H ft , ftcr . ," le 1wt P <! » a <'-'< come off, around a hun- ' d ' Haggard-Braly—Realtors Phone 909 Good Form Listings SKE Tom Cook for real estate bargains. Phone 1037-.T. POO N. Gray. FOR PALE BY OWNER—N'ewly constructed two-bedroom house completely modern. Adjoins City Park nnd two blocks from school. Call 1705 or 1769-W. 68— -Secdi and Plenty blackeyed pea seed, aliio nur- ple lop While' Olobe 'turnip seed. Supply limited. B2P K. Pallnrd St. Harvester Feed Co. 500 W. Brown Phone 1130 E. F.Tubbs Grain Co. Kingsmill, Laketon and Pampa Grain, feed and seeds. Field seed at KingsmilJ and 311 East Tyng, Pampa. A brand IHMV b! B house . . . plenty of room, In the north part of £ P V M Th s 'v uso i ia . wo , rlh 7 "°° an y^ !l >- you take. it. but t's got to be Bold . . . \ou don't have In have a. whole lot of cash flther. as I believe we would . .take ad i little as IHOO down and the balance a loanMlke'that l 6 ^ ar ° ' vo Q ol " B to buy t'Hs much «tuff and git - ' ' n S ?" ( il ialf int F rest '" the oldest und largest cleaning plant. In this pan of , the country . . . if you are experienced and can manage. tT this would be an Ideal set-up, ns wo. will pay 75, 00. per. week "salary for you to Ko :in take charge . .. Then you wbufd share n t he profits . . . Tills plant runs around 1500 weekly and is a money maker. Want a cafe cheap? . . . iVo have one of the best little cafe-j around here . . .The owner IH In 111 health . ... It Has u wonderful I business Averages from 1800 to two thousands dollar" a mSnth gross " 3 Newly -decorated, plenty, of equ pment . . .In fact It la In tiu ton Shape. This :would ;make some,youhg. marrricd couple an ideal btifl- ' h Uak ° 2000 - Special Lovely 2-bedroom home,, N. Somerville. Price $7000 if sold this week. Large 5-room rock home within 2 blocks of Senior High- Price $8750. J. E. RICE Realtor Phone 1831 _11_5—Out-of-Town Property New tile and stucco home in Lefors, Venetian blinds, wool rugs, flourescent lights. Three lots- Call R. M. Williams, Phone 36, Lefors, Texas. Lei Us give you a free estimate on your work, Phone 1683 613' S. Cuyler YOUNG & FUGATE MATTRESS MAKERS, UPHOLSTERY AMD FURNITURE STORE We have: a. lovftly all new 7-plcce bedroom suite. .Priced $107.50. sop our line of good coll bed springs and chenille spreads. Shop Rhone Til . 112 N. Hobart CAREFUL MOVING .SERVICE .... »,' When you.entrust your property to us, you caii be certain that it will . be handled with expert and experienced care. Call us and be sure of Batlsfatlon.V JL.qca.1 and Long Distance Service. '••'•' Pqmpa Moving and Storage Company ,t'409 W. Brown . . Phone 1040 -Think .of Us When You Need Auto Repairs And service of every kind. From a complete body job to a motor overhaul. Our service is prompt and reliable. COCKRELLS BODY SHOP 937 S. Barnes ~~^~ : : "- P. K. ONE-STOP " .OPEN 7;30 A. :M.' CLOSE 10-00 P M Grease Master .Service. Uniflo and Skelllco oil, ilood tlrea mid tubes. Gould batteries—$3 allowed on • old Battery. Wash, wax 3'«J polish speuial ,|l(l. Carburetor and.tune-up. A/C. JONES and WARREN JONES ' IKE CROCKtR, Mechanic > 403 W. Foster ' Phone 2266 VYE'RE IN OUR NEW LOCATJON w ,?,.J' av e moved to 117 N. Frost, roar of "Melody Manor", where we will .be glad to- have you come in—Select new records from our stock. Rent a nickelodeon for your party, TOP 0' TEXAS AMUSEMENT CO. Flies Are Sure To Come Be ready with D. D. T. Spray and sprayers. "VANDOVER'S" Home of Royal Brand Feeds For Your Needs 541 S. Cuyler Phone 792 90—Wonted To Rent --,. - veteran, wile and baby want to rent S of 4-room furnisheil or unfurnished apartment or house. Call (I013F2 from 8 n. in. to 4 p, m. for Mr. Mills. WANTED by Cabot employee (couple with baby) .1 or 4-room furnished apt. or duplex. Kefernces. Call _MrB. L. TC. Nachlincer'at 1655. 92-—Room and Board J. WADE DUNCAN Real Estate and Cattle Duncan Blclg.—Phone 312 41 Years in the Pahhandle PHICKD for nulck K;I!C or trade by owner, .1-room modern stucco house with garace, cniicrct& rnllur, and sheds for cows nnd chV-Uens. on ,1 [pis, In Duma's. Phone 2.113-W after 6 p. m. or Inniiire at 418 Hill St. Pamna, Texas. For Sale In McLean Ten-room boarding and rooming house, mostly furnished. Good location on CG Highway. Son Mrs. H. L. McDonald. Phono 84-M. Mo- Ijpan. 116—Forms and Tracts TODAY'S SPECIAL Two large houses on three paved lots, northeast part of town- One 6-rpom with basement, the other building can be u%ed for a business building or rebuilt into another fesidence. : Price $8000. STONE-THOMASSON—PHONE 1766 IIOOM and board for working men. __723 N. BankB. Phone 2167-M. 95 —Sleeping Room* FOK nENT—Southeast corner bedroom, I adjoining bath in private home. Phone !KK! or 2351-J. BKDUOOM for rent, outside entrance. 4QS B. Kingsmill. Phone US. : . BROADVI7SW Hotel — Sinsle rooms $4.00 per wk.; double $5.00. Clean. comfortable, close In. 704 >V. Foster. BEDROOM for rent In private home, . close in. 218 N. West. Phone 758, ROOM for rent in private home to employed persons, men preferred. glose In. 303 Ni"».Wegt.' Ph. 52. Santa Fe. Hotel—Phjone 2364 Comfortable sleeping rooms, day, wk. 96—Apartments BEDROOM for ren,t, also llsrht- house keeping room in basement; 515 N. Phone J934. American Hotel — Ph. 9538 Furnished apartment. Bleeping rooms. 97 — Houses TWO-KOOM modern house for rent with sale of furniture. 410 N; Warren. ONK-nOOM house, nicely furnished ttduks .oijly. Wqr|ey -Courts. S. Barnes. Phoha 1B14-J. 109—Income Property 7600-ACRE ROBERTS COUNTY RANCH This lp the first time this ranch has been offered for aalc. 390 acres of good farm 1 land. Wonderful home and also home for hired man. Location is perfect. This good all-around ranch is priced at $2250 per acre with fall possession. «««•»<» MALOUF ABRAHAM CO. Canadian, Texas ' Phone 47 Lovely 4-room home in east part of town, $1250 will handle. Five-room home, N. Duncan, $4500. ' 4-room home, 2 lots in Finley-Banks Addition, $2350 $850 will handle. Brand new, well built five-room home, e^tra cabinets and closets- Four-roorn home to be moved, $1450. Nice home on lease, 8 miles southeast, $1650—$3.50 will handle. Well built five-room house in Finley-Banks Addition on oiled street. A home and business—a grocery store and good residence combined. , Real Estate—M. P. DOWNS—Insurance 336 phones 1264—1011 E. Francis—201 Combs-Worley GOOD 048-acrc combination stock and wheat farm for sale. Modern 7-room house. Priced with or without wheat. »V, miles N. It!, of Claude, Texas. See L. B. Christy, Claude. Texas:. 320 Acres Land For Sale About 1 ftO acres In cultivation, has a hie lake with plenty of fish. Improvements include .'-room house. Priced S2r> per acre. S. P. Conwell, Wheeler, Tex. °. RJ! ' AL .{'sr 173 . a 'T es of cultivated land. AVHI sell 53 acres separate. John O. Rhea. Write Box 868, Clarendon. Texas. A GOOD buy, ICO acres of Innd, 2 miles of Pampa, 100-ncre farm, CO acres crass, some Improvements, well watered, no house. $12,000, half cash, carry balance. Room 203 Rose Building. Phones 808 or 178. —Property To Be Moved FOR HALB to be moved—2 houses, one 12x24. other 10x14. Now located 19 miles northeast of Pampa. Price $900 for both. Call D. C. Plller. Borger 269. For sale to be moved, 2-room house. Coll 2162 or 914 E. Frederic St. HI—Automobile* '41 FORD Super DeLuxe 2-door. radio and heater. Call 1C50-J or 933 S. _Banks. FOR SALE—1946 2-door Chevrolet for sale or trade, radio, spotlight, driving liffhts, like new. 1941 Chevrolet Tudor, new motor, A-l condition. C. R. Guyton, 402 Gray St.. McLean. Texas FOR SALE—1939 Plymouth DeLuxe Coupe, cheap. Inquire at McCartt's or see W. B. Woods, 535 S. Soip- erville. , * New and Rebuilt Motors Ford. Mercury. Chevrolet. Plymouth and .Dodge in stock. All motor* rebuilt to factory specifications. Pampa Garage and Salvage Co. 808 W: Kingsmill. Phone 1661 apartment house furnished nS cat l?"- $20 ° »er month, 110—City Property •A BARGAIN in a 6-room stucco home, double BaraRe. nice yard and shrub- her.v. 1 hlook of school, ph. 164S-W I-ROOM modern house for sale. Reduced to $3000. Immediate posses. _Blpiv. 181« Alfock. Phone 2396-W. NOW IN, STOCK p Cookers. ' , v Pressure Cookers. Ice Cregm Fre?ers, sizes 3 quarts to 2 gallons. Lawn,mqv/ers, S1X-.ROOM modern ho.nie. Vj block from Junior Iflgh. Possession June Jst. Priced .fpr quick sale. Qall 1 n ->• > THOMPSON CO. CAHNIVAL BY DICK TURNER ^.. FOR SALi'J "I3Y OWNRH—Four-room . with irurage. Priced to Bell. FOB SALE BY OWNI3K—New house, .! rooms and bath, hardwood floors, 8 lots. 820 East Locust. Inquire at 858 W. Foster. Owner Leqyln0 Town Will sell 2-bedroom homo on pavement near Sr, I-JI School; Completely furnished, will take;cjjr. 1333 Dun- Nice hqme on North SomervJHe, flave spme small homes listed. If you need a buBlnesB lot see-me. ' ' '•• G. C. StoTk, Phs. 819rWrr-341, Must !live,d Ju '>vaiit This lirnnd ne.v li"»v'\ six v.-oi'k-i. owiioi" u-iinsi 10 .pin my husband— 9 'rplo utility and bath.' largd -sp^c rooms and Hiiaco for a,ttdit}bnal rooms upstairs, *?n pavement; 'bus Hue. close to town, -high- school, grade school and park, .plenty '«f bijilt-ins. Small down ' :pftynje|)t,' balance like rent. You c^tv 1 get a G. I, Loan, F. H- A. Q'r.yvill carry papers. 1209 N. Duncan New nine room brick home for sale in 1300blpck WilJiston. Open all day Sunday. t -• See JOHN I. BRADLEY 218 N. Russell Phones 777-2321-J C. H. MUNDY—REAL ESTATE Phone 2372 105 N. Wynne S H 'Barrett, 203 N, Wqrd Phone 29.3 Thppe-room modern home, 95-foot fi-9iu, corner lot, OH paved street; also 36 acres outside city limits ffir ONE 6-room house,' one 5-room, one 4'ropm and a 3->room, savage, &UWT er bath, ? Ipts, fenced, 8 wg>y rent\i]K. One immediate possession, 'lily inecmne $185. ,81? S, wVftyt Santiago.' -'• rge B-room honie f.r W m nwaern i i > Large 8-room duplex, 3 baths, doiibje garage. N. Frost. Large 5-room ino'dern furnished home with 2 apartments. Income JilJO per mon{h. Good., location. ' ' '• • 5-room' modern honic; rental in rear. Wilcox Addition, $3500. 4-room efflcle'ncy 'home near Senior High School. Large 7-room "apartment, buill-iir garage, iiortheast part of city, $6000. • . --•.•• •.-•-' Nice 3-room modern with, garage, Fisher St. Nice 4-rooiii modern, double garage, storm cellar, loo ft. front. East Compbell, $3675. . : 4 -rbpni .inoderh furnished home in Talley Addition, Price $3500. Brand new 5-room home. S blocks of Sr, Hi School, ow'ner tfansferrpd Price reduced'to $7-450. $2000 down. ' • ' • 4-room modern home, close in. $1000 down. 4-room modern house. Uento.1 In rear, close In. Nice 6-r'66m modern home,' S; Barnes. i)-bedroom home, north side. Immediate possession, $6250. Nice 8-room duplex, N. Gray. Rentals In rear. . • Service station 'selling major products, doing good business. Complete • Ktock goes with-sale, •• . : ' Large 7r»-oom duplex, rental In rear, close in. IS'ice 6-room' homo,-: K,,"Fr»ncls. : $ZOOO will handle. .3-rpom modern home, good location, $3150. l/afge B-rooni home, double garage; hardwood doors in Finley Banks .AddlKon. A real buy at $5250. SmU.Il- grocpj-y and fruit market. Good location. ;ieo.acre \yheat and stock; farm, nea,r Pampa, $58.50 per acre. YOUR LISTINGS APPRECIATED See-Try-Buy THE NEW KAISER AND FRAZER Garvey Motor Co. 1940 Chevrolet Tudor, radio and heater. . 1911..-Ford Tudor, radio. 1846. Dodge 16-ton Pickup. 1947 Fleet Master Chevrolet. 19S6 Ford 4-door. new motor, new ' tires. 1941 Ford Coupe, radio and heater, 19S9 Buick 4-door Special. 700 W. Foster Phony 55 We specialize in mechanic work on all makes of cars. All work ttuaranteefl. Long's Garage & Serv. Station 323 S. Cuyler Phone 175 1941 OLDSMOBILE Torpedo Sedan for sale, in Rood condition throuBhout. 335 N. Faulkner. .Sunday all day or week days/after G p. in. Special On Good Used Cars '41 Chevrolet Club Coupe. Ml Oldsmobile Tudor. '41 Chevrolet S-passencer Coupe, radio and heater, PAMPA USED CAR LOT 117 B. Klnssmill Phone 154F "' Must Sell This Week Four-room F. H. A, house on Mae- noJIa St. Floor furnace, safety Ugth tub, hardwood Tloors and completely Inpulatqd. |l,5Qa.l9 makes the down payment, balanee at $33,99 incliidihK layes and iiiBul-auce. Ph. 768 to see. Lovely 3-bedroom , on Mary Ellen, $11,500•l-room on N. Yeager, $3450. 6-room, N. Faulkner, double garage, 100 ft. frontage, $7850. Curry § ood loan . .-•.•••'«,• evfftil duploses. • . • 3-bedroom brick, 110,500. t Lovely brick homo on Charles with large basement. ' 5-room garage apartment; $7500—100 percent G. J. loan. 6-room house. $5250. '• . 5 T ropm house, rental in rear. * | 5 T rp,9n.i hpuse, \V^t Foster, ^issoo. •5-ropnv house on' :; Somerville. $7000. 5-room house, Mary Ellen. S-rpqui rock house on N. Rusacll, $8700. . G. HUDSON USED CARS 309 N. Bollard 1940 International Truck L. W. B., Kood condition. Ferguson 2-bottom plow for Ford Tractor. 122—Truck! FOR'SALE — 3940 ToodRe Pick-up. Price $700. 918 E. Frederic. Patnp* News, SumJcty, Jiifte 1, 1947 PAGE 19 YOU HAVE TRIED THE REST— * NOW TRY THE BESTf In front end alignment and frame straightening, we make your old car drive like new. Come by nnd talk to our front end wan— TED HARVEY— Tell him your troubles. 5 1" ALL WORK GUARANTEED PURSLEY MOTOR CO. AIR CONDITIONERS Hove a Marsallis Air-Cooler installed before hot weather and enjoy mountain breeze in your home. MAYTAG PAMPA 516 S. Cuyler Phone 1644 SUMMER SPECIALS UNITED STATES GARDEN HOSE ALSO UNITED STATES SNUG LEG FISHING BOOTS AGRICULTURE FARM BELTS RADCLIFF SUPPLY—112 E. BROWN TULL-WEISS EQUIPMENT CO. International Sales—Service Trucks, Traders, Power Units WANTED TO BUY 100 New and Used Cars We have for sale a number of good cars and trucks at wholesale and retail. s OPEN SUNDAYS AND EVENINGS RIDER MOTOR CO. 117 S. Bollard Phone 760 Two Outstanding Quarter Horse Stallions IN SERVICE TO A FEW GOOD MARES CHUBBY III AQHA 1081 '" YELLOW DOG JR. AQHA 5264 (Palomino) See Chester Thompson or Dr. R. M. Brown Pampo, Texas LONG'S GARAGE AND. SERVICE STATION 323 S- Cuyler Phone 175 For all your car needs sue its. Om- mechanics are efficient in their work. ALL WORK GUARANTEED EQUIPMENT IS NO BETTER than the man who operates it, new or old. For motor overhaul, tune-up and brake work see- 1001 Ripley BALDWIN'S GARAGE Phone 382 SKINNER'S GARAGE—PHONE 337 RADIATOR SERVICE COMPLETE We'll pet your farm machinery out in perfect condition.without delay. \Ve have motors in stock l'6r fiuick installation. FOR SALE 1941 Ford Pick-up, 'Ji-ton with 1-1-ft semi-trailer,'brakes, will sell together or separate. • N 1942 long-wheel base Chevrolet H'.-ton truck. COMBINE MOTORS OVERHAULED NEW MOTORS INSTALLED We will Install new 6 and 8 cylinder motors on budget plan if desired. Can supply '37 to '47 models. ' A REEVES OLDS CO. Sales and Service A COMPETE SERVICE .... GAS - OIL - WASH - LUBRICATION Tou place your car in the best possible hand when you drtr« into ou Service Station. Prompt efficient service at all times. WALTER NELSON SERVICE STATION 125 W.Francis " Phone 1126 AN AILING MOTOR ... ' Can sound the death knell for your car ... The way to put your car back on four wheels and have it rolling merrilly alone this spring is to driye in at the first sound of trouble. We specialize in aU motor repair. 846 W. FOSTER COLE'S AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE Phone 685 IT PAYS TO PAMPER YOUR MOTOR After the heavy strain of winter driving- it needs expert testing and a thorough overhauling by the tleft hands of our experienced mechanics ,', . Haves time and cost later ... 700 W. Foster SMART AND Me WRIGHT (Rear of Garvey Motor) Phone 484 TIME FOR RADIATOR CLEANING! We have rust resistor and radiator cleaner; ateo reverse flush radiator. -•':'. PLAINS MOTOR CO. 113 N. Front Phone 380 SIDE GLANCES BY GALBRAITH FOH SALE—1940 ',i-ton pick-up.' 2 miles west ami Hi miles north of 4 Corner Sorv. .Sta. Borger Hlway. VOli SALE—2 small truck beds. 6*9. • Sinall 'S- wheel trailer. P. M. Pres. oott. Phone SlUS.W.or S34 S. Tlgnor. 19-11 FORP Picitun. 9i ton, with 14- foot service trailer, brakes. Will sell toffether or separate. Skinner Oarage. Call 337. E. RIC^-rPNONE 1831 Hornes, Business,' Income, Forms, Ranches, Oil and .. IMS?. ARNOLD AND ARNOLD . - *" -- • •,.,.-' Office D-wncqn Byildi,ng^R$Qi Office 7§|—Phonfjj—rjSleside'nce 758 iJ 5 iS.'yH'.3 1 . 1 . '•? wl ,V*. t .t,?f l ? s '; to . l" 8 .} 11 !?^-. 1 , 1 } ¥y°V?W oil .J**,*!'"!& A,? 6t s 10 6 . , . place for your, business. Price FOR SALE Oil TRADE—1941 G. M. C. Truck. Good condition. Two speed axle; saddle.tanks, $750.' 1942 Dodse Station Wacon, good condition. $750. Also 21-(t semi-trailer, good, 4300. Would consider trade for late mode} car. A. H. Reneau, 5 ml. east of McLean on Highway C6. 123—TroiUr* GOOD Srwheel: trailer, pood tires and tubes for sale at 5<H South Ticnor., For; Sqle: Hpljbs Trailer, 27- foot Oval Front, 920 Dual Tires, Vacqurri Brakes, <3oo$ Rgjjber, Good Condition,' $1200.00' Contact W. S. H6qtly, Jr., Stdley Bldg. W'chitq Falls, Texas. s i *^f.^vKmf ^j».»*«*^^» «.*wu> JPpHlMry rtera. V-8, w^ter pumw. TXS-««.--• "^' transmission gears an.d 100.0.00 other «rood used parts for nil cars. See us first and save y< self a tot of hunting, Pamoa a»n aixa SaJyasHi. ?08 W Almost jnto , lii the IT AT A PROFIT ,ythins: useful that you i-Dlus of is just what some- wants. Turn your surplus by ottering U for sale CLASSIFIED APS CAU,

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