Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas on June 27, 1961 · Page 1
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Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas · Page 1

Del Rio, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 27, 1961
Page 1
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2A--DEL RIO (Texas)' NEWS-riSKAlD, Tuesday June 27, 1961 Almost $3,000 Presented LAFB Civil Service Awarde Award? ranging from S'2>Y> '.<• i!'i atiii totalling $2 85<i vere pre- -ti:! f ;-a IS Laughlin Air For IT' Kii-'t- Civil Service- v-n,p!cj'.-> Kri- via'. 1 in the base theatre w;;n V. ir.i: " «"<>:n!r.;nvivi - Co!, nt-i \\' V. ".Viv-jv :-. r i i Hk'hiird Irh>. fr-;;:.jn ;-•;- "-t;nt-iary « in new v. Ji-i.i in award; U> six t<rr.!:•''•'yv v.or:S U< 'he ;o.;>>v -r. L;. iha Coarvicr Soiu- lia Street ; >!.-iO !:n L Cart.-r. ]'-.•/' S'J-Xi. I.<;ier- of <'('mmonfirmnn in rcc-- .Mrs. Thcross !".. Mnyt-s, 2! I cniiiurt of performantv during South Main Strrei: J10. ht- pail' yi-p.r: Mrs. -Dorothy- 1)., 3>;72 H Euaene VV. Hocn Jr.. 4iv> East Vat-borough: $10. _ ; VT,.,.; " John \V. Krankt-rsixijvt-r. _': '.) Var ru, .iiit- D. Cost of Livi • h K. Stiles. 171M he received ir. any Thi:» snn-p inclu iiisrk. :*•:•:: Ea>; >;:h piove-. oi l.,',ck;u,r-d and' Pacifk Air:::. Continufd (torn !'as<- J • s!'.- year -.:•!•;!(! I'm F. M.,-rp!-;y. S..;. r i.'*/.-U'jp. Awards f'lirits D, JJupan Sajn S:r.-i.-l: i'75. Anrire'.v P i: T! . iHc: Si". £•':!-.•>•;! f'i. :>'•* North Tlio in»!e.\ .May sl;^/d nsr.r- !i-nt!i> fii <pni- pt-r ci-r.i ni-;*)'-r -- ih^nin Mu i: >i-ar avn. Th;> v-j; 1 ' ' I ' ' ' . .•'••••Prisoner Delegation to Havana ajini>v.4:> . iirack-- ih^ Mu; lin: ' "' ! '!'"' s! 7lh r;~i'S ^lnc<- My-rs: irnii \ i\i- Msin Sircft: ?!•/• 'Kwlyn M. H^'i ~>l>,s Slrt-t-r: Si5'!. - K. Kot'jr. -<•'.' Brownwood Mishap Kilb Two Youths , Si I:..rSrt-n M. Ki.ri-.-. ?.'.4 )>••!•!. S^i'fj.. F^c-Sf A. \Vali:u-«\ TT'^: ' i'^'.it). t tl -.jii:fey L. V-iekS'in- r-jailway": SI 50. fids-fl "\V. M<-Bf-o. 2: Carolyn <! S',n>cl. H. }'at .•v<;ofph T. Maid:.n£<! \'ata> ' Street. .Mr= Bernic-e Fi. Hr'iT' V, Sj^iained Superior P •A'.vasvis" and Ix v ttfr of !- >!r-. >iarv (.;. Ka:r,hi!:-. !-"T Avo- rs-:-' f':~SlOO. . Mrj. Gladys- M. ftir.-KJja;. r.2 = ;ri-rnv:sy Lane: S:^\ Su^iuined Suptnor i •"'_• ri \. r;r;- anit Awards: Mr^. Beverly fi Sr-',.-. N v r- ir t.:--.! Texas: S'l 5u ' . • ";{'-'»u-rl A. Metier, !*;•::-• .••-•- -•:;,- WEATHER INFORMATION I'.S. Department of Commerce \Vf5!her Bureau. Del Rio. Tex-ai. - Max. Mir. Pr->. work .'. M Fi'\ sAP) — noiirly pay. bci;; rt- k;!i;-<j. and ibc business rec sri a onr-i-ar spendable c-arnini' liorih of hvre month in a rov. After deduction I'P.Oi'OSEU KAIL COMR1NATION ~ ' I;.--• jiu'Jriiore and Ohio vvou^d tre;..j B -;: in t':e Ear*. End im"-h of the ?»••'; dv ID t! j-c-vc-i'-.ur.l n-c :•;::;• ck^m t:::t t" stone Co Military ;;':? rv! Ohio Railway .2' .' ;j t- i i.v; ,. r Vor~:4o-Vn - gin:a £;' - : l:.;'o)i vliitii Vroujd iead . :;^cn <;}Lb^ and facilities KEY \VEST, Fla. fAP) — The: However, an immigration ofi'i- prisoner delegation sent .here by tial here who lias been de.alintf Fidel Castro Saturday will return ; wish, the prisoner? .said he had lo Havana today, the Cuban, guv- .lu-srri not him; of their immediate eminent radio said. return t«' (*uh:->. The' broadcast said the prison- fi • ... ,. ers plans were learned from- un- ... , , ,, official sources and saiu ,,, t . y -"»'•"•?«.-ru sm-h plans. • were ix-Uirninfi "because of ttic • 1^- m-oaaeant also quoted luiol failure of their mission." Cx-iro as saying utc prisoners had ________________ _ . li'i' been .allowed to speak -with ihc clefuric; Tractors'for Freedom Ct>T!i!;iit!ee which he reportedly •lescnbY 1 ^ ;<s a "mockery." Castru was also quoted'-as having said (hut t'uha was prepared lo>'. fnrrri equipment in remit) te prisoner.-, ami that "J! -in. ir.H-;rjp:ii has been reached, il their fr.iih.' rthe committee's) .'HAVANA (AP.)—Prime Minister -The t-osiuniitPC- wants'to cheat Fidel Castro said today he sill! .,</•'CaMrr>"«;< = qmili-d ' as "say- wants to make a traciors-for-pn.s- ; pu oners swap but only if ihe United "',",' :';' vi },,.,-.„ reported earlier States agrees to pay the "com.- th: , j",',,^ jj«wkcr' Jr.. executive pcnsation" he demands. .^-rt-'ary <->'. the disbanded Trae- "Wtf are still ready to accep' !<,. r v f;.r i'rt-C'doin Commitlco agricultural equipment," he said. ..ui^'c! i-ijnfer ••'- iih ine prisoners "P^iil it must be selected by iss. ,; n< -. 0 .^•j iii t\ e:iri>- ilsis afieriifion. Our proposal is sincere arvd t-l(?;ir. Hi>; V. Fidel Castro Says He Still Wants Swap on His Terms !£,, If l-hore has not been a-solution ii IT,--^ h is their (the Americans') lault." |-. ;i ., 0 ;; !n a statement broadcast by ^-, ?n-i- Havana radio, Casiro denounce.! ,... •-•. l ;'\ l i- i the Tractors for Freetiani Com- :c!u The Associated ' ,-rp<-<:t^ •:', that he would «v.:iii-jn to nnnoisnce to rric-r- "n ;iu- future of the By HOWARD BENEDICT ; A M'cond • sla-Jc CAi K CA.VAVERAL. Fla. (AIM plunged the !' mrilf'iiie* :»n Rayburn Predicts House Will School Aid Bill 1 ,,\,, lvr ; T . v ,. p . „ iMtshop Kills Youth V, ArjJll.SG T(;\ (AP) —House; '. '* ism. We realize the plan vva.= ;<> Will make Ihe negotjiilion* fai) ^rifi V¥1.I blame us for it." , U.S. • A3 1 :—Nikita Khrush- ih'. Sj'jviei Union is :}it- iu-f-Is of Amcr- . if-;. :;; <.':->• i-s-oii'iinic roci* and , . . . . Speaker Sam Kavburn of -Texas ! HOUSTON (AP)— t'l.n^'d -\!1-n -..!•„<-. ;, ftr^i'idson bv 1970 oi fed-r,! in- _ : H,^on,. tne "«M reliabio" far short oM.s'Sr^i 1%,^ j;^^^ /^'. ^J^ln^ fl'T' "• .'«>« « f - an » J ^' af ! ^, ^-mi-.-r a Communist PU-.-, un jia-lo-caueauon Dili mis ; Harlem Prison Farm \u. 1 n^ar par--- r:--";-\ :•'. * vo-te bursting ii^rtnon TJr,n«v. K»- avtra^- factory worker v.- : th ( ir . ;| j,i s b;=lh>tie missile, said- a tii»M> in tl.« .J.-ck -1 -h* r.<«: ? "; : ; K '7 .- i Sugar'Land, was killed last niqhi wisn j-r-ri,- T?.:H the S.»viei Union. \ JIM.T of iii.- dead sirl. L/HIISC --ihrt-e dependents had a piy --h.-ck i ne f^.Ktf-r ami man-'in-snaop ve- Ohcnrvn.i.m uiaml Th, • ,„, c j=i'.;: ^ayinirn lulu newsmen after he i m a one-car higJixvay ai-ci(l«ni in f,,-. :ii «-i -r:h 41 yi-:irs ago. hss KilU'V. ! .\i-rc- Hoilen Mullarti and c-fimc- and Sf.eiai Securi!y lav-i. rovket whk-h ijecame America's ; goal after it was launched frum <.-o?tw and man-in-spac-e ve- Observation Islnncl. I'.iiiibrd. s.iifferc-d .bead i uts and oi Sa'-.-J! a week, a iiam oi abiJii; }-,u-ic. has t-ndori its military test firin" vbip win cr^jsin" aho!i'r ,. • t -:4-,-.T insunw. Others injurt-d -arc 35 cent= over April. pr^rani afic-r uiaht vears." "seven mikU off the l-'lori.^'^..r*= ! ^ :r l ':."'"'*' .» ri>ak(ast Wllh Pres ' .I,-rv \Vriahi. head c-1115: Kenneth; The lakt- iiomt- pay ,U :U- a\^r- ' i h ,. , lt . ; , r . f . r «9-foo«" rocket ex- lU ? ni rtenfu ' <! >" l!la ' Hoiise co '". n. <-,,,,?.tr. t>aioo, rockt, eN Thfi fajjur ,. v .,, rin , v . } j( tr , h ;rij;t w5 14 «^r e { r vm« t.) produce :ts nnal prac-nce firing ' . - and .iihc-r Democratic leaders had ; Harris County. Two other youths were- hurt. ahead, of 15 r it a in hx-a<i i-iiti antl bruises; af.t- worker v iih ^r;o France; JJarni-it. cats and a w'ds ^.-..!-. Ai! the it.iiiiar:. weaonri Mondav in 13 firinsj.s (>f Iro "'se^-omi :;/-n- s-'-J f ; i-' k-^ij-Htiftn tbat vould win •rover, les. - A ii »^' increase i:, earnir,^ nj , lu , inij , ; p orformed . n ehar^c- T.h:.- ati-ident happened at 2::i5 rt-presj-nieci in«:rea..-n Juiyia?: u .. r , 5 .; c f-^hjon. smacking • a tar•?-, on Jffghv.'ary 2"9. eraiion" Polaris .-i2 m«.>(?fl. Plane Reported Missisia Located cent. .Meal prices dropped for *:;•:• fourth a-ontii in a row. ri ; ;'-^'. tin; iJOVSTOX JAPr-A^ so_grth^for :arnp]fc sup pj ii;s and , hl . s};jrj , - fJi^h- from Fon Worth to Hous- pr^'hit their lowrst "level 's'i'ricV ion v.a.-: csili-d off today after ihe ^'orid War IJ. rouEhh :'A r : <-{ rent a;r-:raii WE? ;c<:Jt(-ci at a Houston j le | !)v . • ••.'.-.._ The--.; are modified rockets Ffffpe wh'ii-h will hoist Three human as- * «*' c:3 :.r..-r;E'u's • on snborbilaf space 'iiihts .similar to thai of Alan R. ^r,-- t 'srd Jr on May 5,. Shepard's -r-'"''-' topside hurtled 155 miles i;:_'h 'dr-r, W. miles (io\vn ranee. oaa =AP> \VASHIXGTOX Gen. Rol-.ert Ken.'K-dy's rc-ou!-= ; .s. lor broad new pnvu:-rr; t<> ".'.'ai'e w;jr on tiic untlrrwoi-lrj f;,c-e roirih Nearly all bfc-f. p:>rk dev'rtjas..-d. ti.< abo'.u ihe > :i.»; per cL-nt fin:-p Jccurr<:(i (..'eiuK.f meal price- a:rp<T' fn.:- piiot v,-i>5 Charic-s AI'drich. : a n-it-crianic for Houston's Bee- l.;r.-- .-\:rporf. . • r II ' 'loiider.- owner of She air- .-Tiid ASorich borrowed thr- _)•- <Tji';ne Stiiison 'or a flight f'-.'n VVorti:. Clfiuder said -Mri- 2en eraliv were (i-'i-An h i.-t-iflc-r) at Houston shortly " • . c-r midni-sh! but did not clo^e rt .. c! A J a fligist" plan filed uhen he UpBH nOUSS ^10160 i Fiirt Worlh. ijr:n£>:i: prices govern men: pi'.rchasr- A;n;«rii!o .. !>;? !»ri .- i;r<>'.', nsville r. iiicaso Dbiias DEL HJO jj.'.-ri-'.-c-r i)e'.rdil . Ki Paso Crosbys Attend TV Cable Convention >'r Hnd Mrs. Jack Crr.iby- of t . rt . t ..-_ De! Rio have reiurned from San Q^ |)f - Frar<ci. ! -c<j after a wwk o' basi- At US Space Center HU\T.SVlI.l-,E. Aii. -A PI—Th. the Sovie I'M', in u n;"U!''>n's approvjj. • ; ' I ihiiik tiu-y will bring forth -•.•nie:hing that in-all probability: ran pass through the House," , f.'ay'r.urn said. j The Senate has passed adminis- : 'r:i;ion-bac-J:fd legislation to pro-.• i:.'«.' .li'i i-ir public schools and ; o.tnpiitu-'-s on both sides of the > f "\(cit'>! ."ir-.- considerinii measures , tha: ---.oul.-! authorize- loans for pri- \ .':•<-- and parochial schools The ad'iTiinistration'. 1 : public ^ch^! bill, iuiwevcr. is st'ick in; "!>;•• Hotsjc- Rules Committee. ! •Ali'.T-.-" -b'.- rnr-iority has refused: ?.,?;•• ' ,:n;:i legislation to assist ; private #chool= reaches the proup. i F!;--.'h;;r." i-aid the "Democratic ; •Thrc-o of the niajnr points in i e ;-.-er> ann Kennedy spent most i his proc-r:im"o: seven bilN v.f.^'ki: nf their hour-; in the White House 1. Aiakc it a federal offfjnst-. (ii^-i^^ns (if/mostie. legislation.: punishable by tip to five v.'-r : r.- Tr-r--. . a.u-u cnr.sidered reJations in prison, to cr>)« n>.;ate Sne v.rh I.a'.in America. : 'to promote <ir oncac;- in r.i.-ko:- ^ Thf, Kviincdy administration is' eering crimes. • ri!V-rr.r-lir:.' to restore close ..ties . 2. I.-n prise, similar penriities on -,,..;- ri i, a ;, n America, the speaker anyone who mjiiht "<:->mipt!y. .-,.- ^ g , f( _ ar ,= ---;,,-, p rc;s j{ient thinks ', . , . , by threats or forco" keep a u;:. r , r , r! j rc . s <. j : ] 7< >in? made along that c;-ii:j;«; "o a nod in the young- noss r ronl .,j v ine information t- 1;-.- ' : ~ ! lj" " - ? :;: ". rf; ' :n **'";- - >ion ' i;! >" any . federal inveMiiaUn^ at'.t-px;-.. r,,p^ r --^ iin^ appropriated S»JOO i • •er. Jtanc-tte Hail. •> ,«ii.,,,. mr-- r i-.-.ivi-i-- i, -.,- - - • . - ,-' * ... J - •-•ii- 1 ' 1 ' crani.- •.;! irii.iiii.iii . i'> r:i:.:!i':n "-or a,c !<i i.aTin-Amcncan parents had rwn ,,-;,„«,.,,,, nl.-afiinL- "'!-,,. K.nh KENS-TV Channw! 6 CBS 6:00 P. M. Tuesday Night WO&l-W Channel 4 NBC :' T'ed.-tone blazed into a i'iorid.'i nicht. Navy tech- -oiiizriL ihe cause of a e e.arher in . sk'dding 'in 'J-,e Sena'e Judiciary Coin mil tec-. S-'nie sejiators fear they are too bro,-".!. anc! could 'backfire-. ahu- Chained to Sed .-" < ,-,, n '""•" '•' i-tan 50 1 .i r>rdo _____ L'!- Angeles ________ h: Miami Beach _______ £7 '4;r;neap<)!!S ------ ." M X.'v. Ori'.-ans .. ____ £2 Nr-v. \^rfc _________ £ fi Hon Jand. Orc-u 1 . _____ «J9 Sari Arieelo _______ a'.-i .San Antonio ______ '-Si .'l:j>:imum and Minimum :«-rrij rf '-r.'- 1-jr'..---. and amount of precipnati^ (or ?4 hours ending ai G:.V* .£-TI TST. On chert, T siar.d.-; for ira.-e of ra'~.~ rifr-f an'l pleasure. 1 .-'>•?!; . ':TBna2i'r iif Del Rio T\ : '."ab'c Corporation and a <ji- rv<. ; '-r ff National Community T'.-:*•'.;5ion Association, alien f- >-<i t.hv :enih annual convention >.i "'if Xaiicmal Commiinity An- f«-na-T<?!* : vision Asst/ciation :r. San Krr-r-i-c^ .r i; n, 1S-23. • ," The b;:MiJC-?s mcetins? snd tech- BntfSn n;-:-i-! ses. s ion> :n which he and _. j. « leaders of ihe community BellCVed ii.-.'enna television industry took arf-as—ibi- .M'ar^hall t-'vac-r- Fii '.iho!~ to n=kt.- ? !f-f'k. TJiu .Sutur.T rockr-; j= un i.'io of bf.:ei.!;>! aUrnctions. anri any vif.-ls wjio hyppen io br- ^.'K cat: t'rcip ir- trjiiri-ts. >• last 1U day:-- . Amonelm.-nl in. labor racketeer;:;v,as working as lrj .,|, fir ,, rar .,| ,,, rx ;,j V( ^iiiTi,t: (l n.-. 11 moiher as lh ,,. forc . m;? , h ,., n ; .,, hp .. u . ,,-,,.,. f>- aeainst top c-on-!>irrilors '.T •-'•'• to prison for contempt. RT, Hcii. iS. and his wife. Mar- , -.1 D •. TOT UH rOSt . ; ."*. T .'.'.-"(.- i r re s t o (J v. ban rrU:r:;i;<.t home .'ind were ior in-, e-uaasion. The chlld- ••'.•r(- Uikcr. to the .Jackson -.- :';'.r<.Tr.:t\ School. V-V-.SFI'XGTON (AP) — Specu- iii.or. r--rs;sted - today that Law- i -( 0"C(ir:,-:or 'Jr.. oil import acl- -trator >.•= ^fiinc to bis ap- prjinrc.d a member of the Federal DALLAS (AIM — A h; ; ;nnirr ;>, J -.,. t: . r <; f , m mission, lie is from Worker Electrocuted Italy and Austria To Mediate Dispute louche',! an electric wire M'Tniay- elei-trocutinu a Da-ia:- X(-jro oan- n uorker. Dnr:i'.>n T'.-rrv. ItiCAD TFtE CLASSIFIED ADS part -.verf k'.-y<-r! to help the C'ATV". TMOMSOE Xorwyy 'AP'—F; ''>-- ra-.r.-r bi-'tt-r sc-rvi.- hi-, com- :nf-mb^r^ of a Britisli --K-,'!'; ;r;:j. r ,i!y.. c>;p< > fii!ii'»n art- prtf-'.i;r.i.-d 'o iiavf- 'iis;- f ' - drowned when ihf-ir small i'':i-;;<- T". P-! •ib'j'j! 2 lyti per>on^ ar;- killed f fO: ,; capsiz-.-;J 2')-> y:::-<:^ •.;? :!-,<• (,n -A •;r .-r:. ; iiri-.l by lightning in ih-? bleak ;=!-.-;;.• i>!.!!iH of ,I:-n . > -,fav,.fj. A : ?:OM'F. -'-AP)-Italy and Austria ha-.'"- i>--,: ;rie<i ;o .-<.-ek outside me- i\i;:'''>r. !,'» ;'i(>;r dispiUe o%'er South lint -ihty .-nil rniist agree c, v.ili mediate, ird I-™mrf of fon'-iun rnini.-- --:>;-IT;a-; f-r^" talk? .. .ended inconclusively ["j't-ii r;! fy.i.viay ir: Xt.Tich. .Swilzt-rland. ^wim . ashore M'>nria> arsd * ii=n: fi.'-.r'.-ci i"n;o r<n ii-itbrcak of vio- hour.' 1,,-f'er si;is-tv-ri.-ij \:\\t> :•. ~t.>'--n- ]<•':•:•• is^l \\cck that has takf-n ijfic L 'tatiTi!i '>n the- isi^n-l. siiffcr--. 'rfe'- ,'ivr-? arsrl .-r-m JO.'XKi Italian me- from .-e\ere ''.-.xha-i- : .;«>n o.ifi 'rfrCip; ir.'o the,ue Alpine e>:po:-Liri.-. - f ,rc £iun \<i prf.-<ervf' order. Tf ; -.' ,<f it- y::r\'i'.-'j: party. !>r. l-'rank «/Ve done nothing wrong/" ETURN TO EYTQN PLACE Ads Brine Results' GUN SWIGGER — Actress Stella Stevens isn;t trying to commit suicide, she is merely using a water pistol to "shoot" herself a drink. In order not to spoil "her make-up between takes of her Paramount picture "Deadlodc," she uses this strange method to quench her thirst WEDNESDAY IS "PAUL POAG DAY" AT VAl VERDE THEATRES June 23. Wednesday,'is "'Paul Poag Day," and . . . GirLs and boys of all agr-.s, from the youngest up to, and including who vviii be Seniors in High School this fall, are Invited to br- guests of the theatres on that day. : The younger children and students through Junior High will need no identification. Students of Senior High should give their name and grade to Theatre Attendant. ALL GIRLS AND BOYS FREE AT VAL VERDE THEATRES This Picture. Is Not Recommended for Children 90 R 5-4541 SAKDS Thru Tuesday — PUCE DOG 35TORY JAMES BROWN MERHY ANDERS FLAMINGO -Tues.- Wed. TONIGHT IS BUCK N1GHT-A CARLOAD FOR $1.00 A DOGS BEST FRIEND 2—Expedition 4—News 6—NCV.'-S 6:15 4—Comment 6—Douglns 6:25 4— A Ins an 3 c N e *.Vi- r ee 1 6:30 T—Laramie (C» 2^-Bugs Bunny- 6—Search for" Adver. .7:00 P. M. — 6—Father Knn-.vs Bf.- 2—Rifleman 7.:30 . 2—Wyatt Earp 6-—Dobie Gillis 4—Alfred Hitchrock: KONG-TV Channel 2 ABC 9:00 P. M. -G~rry Mr.ort- 10:1)0 P. M. 2—T-A-c,ive SLsr FinaJ •i -I>:.-:<J2:r:e 10;i5 4—v.'-..;;her by Dawson — — • •• *". r"'7 r i riis c — 8:00 P. M. — G—Tom E'.veii 2—Staa.ecoach West 4—Thnlie: 3:30 6—Rf-d Skehcu 4-—J^;.-: Pasr Show (C) Denotes Color Program WATCH YOUR FAVORITE SPORTS TELEVISION 312 PECAN ilEVlSION CABLE CORP. PR 5-3568 Wednesdny Daylime — 7:00 A. M. 2—Animal 4—To a ay 7:10 G—News 7:15 2—Exercises 6—Burns & A!h n 7:30 2—Early News 7:45 G—Little Rascals 8:00 A. M. ., 2—Trouble With. F.uht-r 8:15 6—Captain KanHnroo 8:30 2—Our Miss Brooks 9:00 A. M. 2—Early Show "Down to Earth" G—I Love Lucy 4—Say When 9:30 4—Play Your Hunch 6—Video Village — 10:00 A. M. -—— 4—Price Ls Right <C) 6—Double Exposure 10:30 4—Concentration 6—Surprise Package Jl:00 A. M. 4^-Truth or Conseq. 6—Love of Life 2—Gale SL2rm 11:30 6—Search for Tomorrow 2—Love That Bob 4—It Could Be' You 11:45 6—Guiding Light 11:55 4—News 12:00 Noon r — 4—Movie "Two Sisters From • Boston" 2—Camouflage 6—Amos N Andy 12:30 6—Ai- the W/irio Turns 2—Number Please - J: ; :i,Miirr.»y Show «; :: Fact's r-.- ;h<- Facts .. J— Man Fro:n CochLse 4— L,;.-re-ta Yoi::ig • 2:00 P. M 2~!>fty In Court 4—Your-g Dr. NJalone e —The Millionaire :•—Sisvf-r Key-; -"—Tij^ Vc-jcfitt is Yours •4 —Trom These Roots 3:00 P. M. •>—Make Room For For a Day 6 — Brighter Dav 3:15 f—Sccrct Storm 3.30 2— V.'ho Do You Trust -?- Hvie-'s Hollywood 4:00 P. M. — 2—American Bandstand" 4—Fa:rs:!v Mnvif-time "Zieafield Follies" C—Dick Tracy C—Popeye the Sailor '-2—Best, of Hollywood "Ufe ol Honrv AJfirich 5:00'P. M. — *—HlB:h-w-ay Patrol 5:3i> 4—Mr. Magoo Cartoons C—Yc?3i Bear 5:4.V 4—Hunt ley Brinkley Report Network Programs Subject lo Changs Without NoHc*

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