The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on August 13, 1962 · Page 5
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 5

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 13, 1962
Page 5
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AND BRAZORIA COUNTY, TfiXAS. MONDAY, AUGUST 13. THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS Editorial—Adv.—BE 3-3511— Classified—BE 3-2611 NKW8 -from th* - Services FORT Rll.KY, KAN. — Pic. i n « in the operation of Ibe ranges Irvin T. Kleldson II, whose fnlh liVfK M 1031 W. Broad Freeporl, In among the active Army personnel supporting; Ihe Nnllonnl Rifle mid Pistol Mulches, which nre lining ducted nt Camp Perry, Ohio, nn July 27 - AIIR. 2fi. Kleldson, who is regularly as sinned ns a Runner in Company C of Ihe 1st Division's Sih Infantry nt Fort Riley, Knn., is assist- CARRY BORDEN'S GIROUARD'S SUPER MARKET n n d statistical office for t h e St.,. matrhes. He entered Ihe Army in .lune 1W1 mid compleied basic (ruining nt Ihe furl. Tlif IS \rm olr] snidier attended Rrn/ospoil High School. Incredible Contrast 1 Noted In Soviet Union By IT.I.IX It. MCKNIOHT Kvociillve Kdltnr, Italia* Tlmen-lleritld (group of editors le/t an old DC!'ing. The thinking, parti'-iilarly on agri-! Union. You have a heller range culture, is primitive and archaic' 0 ' marhinrry, especially /or stock farming." But, of course, he added that "we will surpass you." The Soviet Union, its eyes rivrl- on youth and Ihe future , . Khrushchev is pushing, threat- eninc, and goading to get their sagging agricultural program into some semblance of orderly pro- Lake Jackson Optimists Nominate 'Young Texan' duction "What . The I-ake Jackson Optimist dent, Bill Leshikar: membership ... -i* Club nominated Ronald Taska of ^ a ii rn dance vice president, us most in bringing along the new generation, Lake j ar .|, son as (he Club's can- America?" the premier asked in.'n the country with tendr type plane in the central Asian' No longer is there visible terror; nis j,,| y jj conference with us. " lavishes the utmosl, from kin- areao, Samarkand. cluU^Ros. ^^ tr^r^-^Tr'S^T^ S^iinT'' ""**' "" "" DALLAS, 'icx. inn - The Soyiry beads nnd sayinR Me hodist• nJRht ^^ , rom , hf , NKV n. j , Pxppripn ,. p worthy of being In all of the Soviet Union, there viel Union I saw is a wasteland ; prayers hccmisc nf a misbehaving I Niu of suspicion — simply because it : riRht engine, it fell in the wilder- didate for the Young Texan of „ •, n •„ i u« j Cecil Griffin; two yrar hoard New Machinist For Cutter Dione about the United Stales of Amcr- ;idl. Sixteen were killed—one Amer- . . . ~ . . . : _ i n..i mt nos lean fr hiuied in doubt and dis- nnt n s Detroit survived. Bu ;le word was prinled in Nikil.i Khrushchev is wily, cun- .studied, ning, shrewd, tough, able — and agricultural delermined. He slands 5 feet, 5:States and a disproportionately, head sits atop a bulky Rl|t hp ^ mflnris ,„„ Bn(1 , jrm iCnast Cuard Cutter Bering Slrait Far East. 'sinlioned in Honolulu. Hawaii. ' Machinist Nunncnkamp is mnr-! the Month Award nfils regularly "'rectors. Oscar BuceK. scheduled hoard meeling recent- Tr "- riralri "' Hirectors vntH ty to sponsor a special "Wanted The Young Texan Program is Alivo " Pi'<wam designed lo keep And the organization of are 739 higher educational inslilu-j a non-profit program sponsored tho Driving public aware of our work in the United'lions—and the lihls burn long onjhy the Troy V. Post Foundation ' 'hildrcn in the street. Wa>ne T ro- better than in the Soviet the six-hour day, six-day weekend the Optimist Clubs of Texas rlirh w " s named as chairman of schedule. One of the most impres-i( o help hring favorable and posi- " 10 'Wanted Alive" program sive sights in the Soviet Union is t| ve p un iic attention In oulstand- committee. the University of Moscow. ing a nd deserving young Tcxans Christmas tree sales committee Over the 13 republics of the So-'and to counteract "the negative chairmen were appoinled in oth- viet Union there is a new skyline puh | jr alt it u de towr.rd youth, an or business at the meeting. They - thousands upon thousands of'opinion created primarily by two ar(> general chairman, Oscar Bu- apartment houses. pcr ,. pnt of i no teen-agers who <'ek; publicity. Erwm Franke ,„. ™,,-,,, „„„,-,-, .„,. „,,„,- Russians' desperate are -juvenile delinquents" and -Tr..: advance sales. Harden Coo- sor n Teen-age dance In he hcld' r 'rive to solve their gravest prnh-. receive had publicity lor the teen- per: hauling and set-up, treacle mendously in recent years ^UK 18 from 8 to 12 p.m. at the' lcm . housing. , age 7rou p far out of proportion Bladsstock: special arrange-. . u , „ through housing and the general Phillips Clubhouse in Old Ocean. " Ihe Eoal is achieved 22 mil- Ior lhis sma i] parentage of of- menis. Dr. Perry Mueller; scne- .though we were ™ n ^"' y elevation of living standards. .. ne Sonir ,... „ hand of musi-Mim aparlments will be occupied fpnn . p ,.,,. dules. lhe 7 n '"" r . d .J?^!!il J n-!!l"f» Master politican who plafo a. Han , from NoP dvillc who are by the end of 1965, conclusion of II Irusl. Ihoroushly propngandiwd . n, P newspapers. We learned of it ^ premier r,f Ihe USSR and to view us as greedy war profi- through the American Embassy js j^ (f) rPmain , hnrp tor som( , teers unconcerned nhout peace ;four days laler. y me '' and (he righls of man. \ Russians had not even heen told; Nw h( , has (he |( , wi|h Wayne K. Nunnenknmp. W«r- The R»ss1nn|reads only what'about Telstar. the magnificent : h|m rant'Ma.'hinlsl reportwl al«>ard they w;ml him to rend and he; American nchievemenl in inlerna- [[p has improvprt , hpi r | ot t,-e- Ihe Coast Cuard Culler Dioue lo Hoes what he is told to do. .tional commiinicntlons satellites, assume'the duties of Kngineering Only a few hours afler our j when I left the Soviet Union—al Officer. He ctune to the Dione from the Atlantic, Great I-akes, and Sweeny Jaycees Sponsor Dance Swnony Jayrpps will spon- "Aloms for Peace. The Soviet Union is a massive con- e in onouu. awa. acns n Mr. Nunncnkamp, who enlisted ried and has three children. His .conglomeration of increie con- ^ ^ n . t ' want war . But In the Coast Cuard in 19.!.',. was family, which is now residing injlrairf. t is vital and progresswe )( npp.mited Warrant Offi.'er in July • Rosevill, Michigan, will be com- 1 in the Impressive fields of Rciemc of 1%1. During his career he has ing lo the Brazosport area In the land technology-hut it is palhet- served aboard vessels in the North i near future. ically primitive in the area of liv- m«ai» i JUIIM ii.oii " n'j pii«i.j ' rlrlns 1 rom ix'puvnif? wnu ni >r •' — • — tough game of international poli-: pop ular with the area youth, wiH tllp current seven-year plan. .:.._ t^u_._u..i._. «,.!.. lit.« n n-nn' . . ., ... •_„ ii i : Rut i >onstn if't tntl in the ml tics, Khrushchev ads like percentage ui <>i - • dules. Bill Stevens; and clean-tip, Due to the loss of an officer of Billy Pickard. the Club who Is moving from the Fanlk Lanrlnim was named as •- " •-- • -•'-" — '.veek ChaJr- observed on HE GOVBRMMENT OUGHT J O CHAPGE VOU EXTRA Y •WHIUE VOU'RE HERS, VJIU.VOU DO j [L» MR. BEASLEV-- *x ^v L p MIND V^.--l'-.• WOULD \OU BRINGING THE I LUTTPf? UP j—' TO ME 1 r-Y -IMNOUR FILTHS DiVE-MEAMIMG . PERSO'OAL FAT MASTERSOM.'.' HOLD IT.?- THERE'S ONE. TP.UST ME TO CO YOU CAN P'6 >O'JK UNPEE THAT TPEE BEETLE, >ou SHODIPNT BE OUT HSEE INl THIS RAIN WITH THAT COLP.i MAW! F!X SOME SNUFFVI.'THAT THE 6UY WHO IT IS A MULTIMILLIONAIRE I SOT NO USE PER ENNV RED-MOUTH LAVJVER UNCASHABLE CHECK GARNER O'SHEfl WANTS TO TALK TO VE ABOUT THAT UNCASHABLE CHECK, PAW IS WORTH REAL SOON AS WE SOT ASHORE AFTER I TURNED OVER TH' BOAT/ . WENT FISHIN' WITH MY POP YESTERDAY/ have kept Ihe world c/f-balance. and "co-chairman "for the dance. | worse. It is practically nil. The big goal is still there —!Admission at the door will be 751 Mass transportation In the So- epted and welcomed as a new member. msson a e oor w . cents for one or $1.25 per couple, i viet Union is skillfully handled. The man is wildly Jealous of the All youngsters attending t h e ^'ith equipment that outshines that " world domination. tional poll-: pom iia r with the area youth, will^e current seven-year plan. the Club who Is moving from the raniK i,annnim was like a man, prov ide the music for the event.: But construction in the main is area> new officers were elected. Youth Appreciation We But not for There will be m advance sale'appallingly bad and crude. Main-^hey are boys work vice prosi- man, which will be ob •an that he of tickets according to Eugene ! lenance of the hastily built apart- " --- -- November 12-1S. isures lhat Mach and John Angell, chairman ; men ( « ™* buildings is even _ _ Billy Pickard was ace ff.h^l!,m.o -_j i, n i „ »„,. ii,« rf on ,.o iworse. It is practically nil. IfinftllACP KftV welcomed as a new mei Crosses Ocean In Sail Boat Berlin Wall Only One Step In Russia s Plan __/jealous 01 me All youngslers attenoing t n e \\ """ ^i" 1 !""" 11 """ • """• United States and he will go to ] dance Will be require<I to stay in-!"'many American cities, the limit to reach our levels. He side the club, or if they leave! » '' a fortunate man, indeed., spoke of it in his conference with and come back, they will have i who owns an automobile in the .Sous. From what I saw, he will.i-, pay full admission chargejviet Union. Consequently, the bur- never make it. The know-how just:again, according to rules thatj"™ ' alls on subways, motor-dny- • isn't there on too many things, have been set. en and electric buses, electing street cars superb railroads and I SAN 1^^,^ rAP) _ A the one and only state-owned atr-. line, Aeroflot. Japanese youth who crossed the Ninety-nine per cent of the So-'Pacific alone in a 19-foot sailboat viets rely on public transportation ; 0 n a diet of Japanese rice, beer, -and they get the best the state : sake and , re , n fisn wants , 0 s(ay '' a wha f t er is the conclusion to be, 1 " lh<? United Stfltes ^ **""< to drawn niter seeing, first hand, the ; 'earn English, fountain of communism in the So-; The plans of Kenichi Horie, 23, of Osaka, are somewhat clouded sn(1 "™wles; bv th(( for the minds of uncommitted peo- • sad lot, Passport ord. proof of financial stability or COMPLETE MOSAIC TILE KITS URGE SELECTION 98 THI Hobby House 101 WEST BROAD By WIU.IAM I- RYAN | Without tension, there had been'^Y^T'Vpnsmns AP Special «'!"rre«pondent i Mule Western inclination to nego- fo] . Vhe minds of uncommi When Joshua fought the battle! Hate on Berlin. With the wa!l,i p ] PS will be the world's of Jericho, the people shouted,' (here was a chance of using fear for some time to come, the trumpets Hared and the wall as a w , Q dK1de , he A]1|es «•-- ^ •-- "' » came tumbling down. , . , M ,. ri ...j lflc . 1 lie , Hln \^ visa Immunization rec- ^ force negotiations—or both. . -,, The modern battle of the wall, * .peihaps interminably. a year old today, is entering a Recently President Kennedy and sinister phase, with no negotiable. The Russians insist there is only one stumbling sponsor ™* <"' ";' - ^ *- e.haps ntermnay. *e™ r *- the ™ ] * Health Service Communism, despite platitudes ""d the Japanese consulate work ,,f "peaceful coexistence." plans "n the problem, Hone ,s slaying faithfullv to follow its original a the home of a consulate em- • of the world. P 1 "-^ ln aralahl< ' Protective cus- (old the Soviet ambassador in modern Joshua in'sight. The bar- Washington that the presence of rier cutting Berlin in half looks Allied troops in West Berlin was more permanent than ever. not ; When the wall went up, the •-•Communists gambled that they block to accord in Berlin: the could get away with it. Now, a presence of Allied troops. There is 'vear later, the Kremlin may con- 'be impasse, i'sider the opportunity at hand for Suppose nw tension is wmppwi i the next gamble for big stakes in "P again, creating new hot war !Germany jitters. Suppose Khrushchev then i The wall was costly in terms provides the Allies with a ioop- iof propaganda. Around the non- hole by creating some reason to ; Communist world it was d s- retain direct Soviet control over ...... , , inounccd as a monstrosity, a de- what happens m Beri£ In return. ^^'^Vaking various «,ur- vice designed to imprison people Wimsncne\ wouu IWM; •"' - * ,_ r! . wn)( . n , nr> . jn tlirn , ri][ teac h and turn East Germany into a price, perhaps jusi a smau n»i deoartment concentration camp. Why, then. ••««"- r«n,rfine recoemtion of m the kx deparrment. Help Keep Our BEACHES CLEAN! 8 FP Firemen Attend School in amiabl tody. Horie sailed into San Francisco Bay Sunday after a three-month voyage from Osaka. The surprised U.S. Coast Guard escorted him to St. Francis yacht harbor and called for the immigration service. With the aid of his Japancse- Eicht Kreeport Tire Depart- English dictionary Horie got over ment members attended a recent across to officials his plan to stay at Texas two years and learn English. Then curious onlookers. The Coast Guard studied the lit- the""East" German regime's exist- Fire Marshal M looey IOOK a (Ue sailboat with small cabin for— •• i.T,r,,chnh<ii' rfniid hnn™ fire marshals course, with Capt.j w ard and found only a tiny radio- i West Berlin was to the Commu- ence Kh ™^chev m ™t Uirouch Buck Robertson studying fire of-'direction finder, sextant and a inists. as Premier Khrushchev- put about a crisis t>> ?"'"" "™"ate fjccr's training. F. M. Murphy i rompass No auxiliary' engine or jit. "a bone which sticks in tne with ms threat toi ign a s f" am) E N Stevenson enrolled for' rad i o communication gear en- j j throat." Walter Ulbricht Red treaty- with the L Bmm g . . maintcnam . c; U . L. C. Tid- :cumb ered Horie. [leader of East Germany, claimed fort-ins the satemt " ana ui-gini, ^ ^^ operations: Clifford: "Obviously one hell of a navi- i|t had cost his regime, in 1961 the neutrals to no 11 - - Ml . Kinncv and u. J. E. Nichols, I gator," mused one Coast Guard :alone, 40 per cent of what would West Germanv aPP""^' ^ advancw j fjre-fi-htins: and Vance * 'have been its national income be- pected this was in the wind. A fire-fighting. McKin- j cause of the sneady drain rf youns week after Lftnchl le" (or ^ and Evans arp new members iskilled labor, specialists and intel- L.SJ..R.. probably to talk aboi . ,Actuals who fled West. The wall the next Berlin move. West GOT- P» I was a galling demonstration of many wan.ed neutral nations i Communist failure. against signing a separate reaty. For \ears Berlin was the escape But Khrushchev can creatt route for hundreds of thousands, crisis «ithout the neutrals. I Hundreds of refugees fled west- then demand « e S o "? tlw |;\ ward every day. In 1961 alone, From the talks. KhrusluhtA can before the" wall went up. 1K.COO hope the Red posiBon mGermanj JEM, Germans escaped to West will ha« ad^nced^yet^.her ^ ^ Germany. ,, J „-, fnr a uWle before T2 volunteer firemen and four Ulbricht at one time hoped to ullowpd to rest for a wnue. wiore firempn , with all members buy $500 million worth of goods the next step m the ^"'^'K"- t^nef^ting from the training. j on credit from West Germany. Krem.m policy is notahe lor its ^p Dp , mpnt hoWs one 0,,^. ] Am such deal seems unlikely lennnt\. When it estaniisnes meeting a month with fire! I while the wall remains. But Ul- soal, though it may mist and • ibnchfs problems, terrifying as wri RK le and maneuver for veni-s... DO Rt.d JfOT ADS ... To* Aral Johnsf)n an ^_ Mana£ , P1 . ,„ ; he schoo , for Hone's family in Osaka was ] jyed at the news of his ar-j government,; m,., on . f DOU jirtiii.^un oim The Japanese yu>cnu»i<;"i, ; i Bill Black-well went, wn i c h had given him up for dead, | [or visitor's day. j s&id it was astounded. | . n«n is held eai-h year, , japan had denied Horie a pass-11 Freeport receiving five port on the ground the planned i i its key fire insurance trip was suicidal. His family was j attend to take against it, too, but explained that! courses. Freeport Horie was a determined, adven- ( "— -- having turous youth. Specializing ARMOUR STAR Heavy Beef GIROUARD'S SUPER MARKET Mi W. I Freeport re-I training instruction at the iDnrms pnion-m-i, inmjuih •• •**. , mailing weekly meetings, taught ithey are. seem not big enough to it m-wr sues up. In his <->*•"« h% , men wno (ook , he training I persuade him to knock the wall <:«.! obviously is -ne eventual ^ Idown again in hopes of find.n K a neutralisation of all C,e,m*n>, i»»v ,ml of eiwmmic <-ha<«. with the heavy political and eco! Th.- wall has to remain. It is norni.- impact that will have on ^an instrument of Soviet policy. Its K>iropo. •appearance has increased tensions The wall is likely to remain un- Aoadomy A ward Winner? 9 - "" l !""? t "!! — *^~* m O i HO KSUVU SUTS! 3 FOtfOKHUKK DKlin Ch'in Shih Haung Ti. empcrar of China in Ihe Third Century, B. C., had "70 palaces and such a great I . . . ., .. t._ i „„,„ - ,; • , , „. Icar of assassination that hei and appi.rcnily that was one of til the Kremlin sees hope of at- consecutive! (it, purposes. .complishins that_ob 3 echve. ^ ! nights in the same one. Bidding Opens For Clubs : On Concessions At Fair ! The Bra/oria County Fair As- Civic orsanizations llmxighout i scv-iation announced today lhat the c^Hinty may apply for one. or it is accepting applications for as nuny as two concessions. _spi- ,v,c orsa .UHliow lor the opera- ,-iOinR first and «vonrt v-li.,u-cs ' tJO nol,«,,eBra™ri« ,hc Hpplua.i.iis must he signj-d Countv Fair, Oct. 9-U by an authori/ed Hfuvr of the ! V n.Uions to be bid on are: club: and apnlic.itions must ar- -Sxta WHicr Staml tsell,n K all nve a, ,he office o the Brazoria i ty ,vs of soda wateri: Beer Stand C.«mt>' Fair Assoc.a ion. P.O. BON 1 (Yelling all brands (i boer>; Ham- SIS. AiiRlfton, not later than 1 luuirer Stand 'also selling potato p.m , Sept. 10. chips >vrn chins, coffee, oake lmmc,li.Ht.-ly follow mK the dead- nid Hot Dog Stand lalso line lor applications, a drawiiiR i,,S p.'.mt.. chips, corn chip.-, will be held and Ihe chosen clubs !ivlf<v. i. «• milk, malts .notified New Thru Thursday WALT DIJNIY'S "BIG RiD" Best Actorf Mtiimltltit Sctitll Best Screenplay! Abb! Minn , smrTrtcy tort toaster .Mm* to* efic« Opm< Dally At 7 p.m. 45 MliuH* al Cem«4v * CortooM, Shew PtrfennaiK* en* tin* Mly at »:30 CMIdre* Under 12 FRII J JUDGMENT 1 NUREMBERG fc MH*t«4 1V« uBlUmiUli SURF ORANDMA VW SLOPPY »W» 1^*J%! »•!* GROUND, CHOPPED CHICKEN- LIVERS? OOROO ANNOUNCING JAMES BAKER, Butcher Formerly of Sid'* Cash Grocery Will Be At GIROUARD'S Each Day From 5 P.M. 'Til 7 P.M. AND ALL DAY SATURDAY GIROUARD'S 426 W. 2nd SUPER MARKET Freeport '.1%^. 'i'he cluuge took plate in Africa during the filming of Howard Hawks' new adventure movie"Hatari!" Producer Hawks bought 43' Jeep' vehicles lo go on location with him because he knew he could rely on rugged 'Jeep 1 vehicles in any emergency-even a duel with a rhinoceros 1 And he recognized that tor maximum efficiency at minimum cost, the 'Jeep' line ofters many advantages over all other 4-\vheel drive vehicles. GET A TEST DRIVE DEMONSTRATION. %W TODAY. f Jeep \ff VEHICLES Ji« f all UHIC4 TiTiitv* VIIITV. »*_»i»v-**.«»« POT-^ CHEVROLET, INC 22 5 wts T BROAD lune In FOLLOW THE SUN SUNDAY EVENING - 6-.30 pM-~chonn«i n

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