The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on August 12, 1893 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 12, 1893
Page 1
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VOL X1V-NO 291 M4BSHALL, SIC'H., SATURDAY, A^OOSI 1 12. 1893 CAUGHT IN THE ACT. PRICE TWO Isaac J. Miller of Bennett Now Lies In Jail. ATTEMPTS TO BtJMLABl2E A. BTOEE Pure A cream of tartar baking powder Hiehestof all in leavening strQnstli fates* U< S 1 69vernm6nt Food Report. ROYAL BAKING POWDER CO 100 Wall Street, N. Y HUMPHREYS' ' This PRECIOUS OiNTiiEKT is the triumph of Scientific Medicine, Nothing has ever been prbduoed tc : equal or compare with it as a CURATIVE • and HEALING APPLICATION. Ithasbeen used 40 years and always affords relief and always gives satisfaction. Cures PILKS or HEMbRRHQ?DS-ExtQrnal ' or Internal, Blind or Bleeding—Ilchmg and Burning; Cracks or Fissures; Fistula in Ano, Worms of the Rectum. Ther relief is imtwa- 1 diatc—the cure certain. WITCH HAZEL OIL Cures BURNS, Scalds and UkeratJon and Contraction from Burns. The relief is instant. Cures BOILS, Hot Tumors, Ulcers, Fistulas, Old Sores, Itching Eruptions, Scurfy or Scald Head. It is infallible. Cures INFLAMED or CAKED BREASTS ar0 . Sore Nipples. It is invaluable. Price, 50 Cents. - Trial size, 25 Centr Sold by DrngglHi, or nvnt poit-iiiiia oa roctli't of i.rtco. nTSFB&KtS' BED. CO., Ill 4 113 WHBn SU, HEW tOUK. THE PILE OINTMENT 3AKTERS Irrrie IVER PILLS. CUR 3cndache yet Carter's Liti-lo UTW KUs Mm. Miller Heartbroken Over tho Arrest. Slie Admits That Ills Stealing ttafc Kx- tended Over a 1'cflod of throe Year*. Fear of Dlserace Scaled Her I-IpS. BALDWIN, Aug. 12.-"Throw up your hands," shouted A. L. Kinne, head clerk of J. S, Stearns' store at pennett Thursday night to a masked burglar who had just entered the 1 stote through a window, pscpared with casket and gunny eacks to take away a load'of plunder'., The burglar did as he was bid and after -heing bound with cords his mask was removed. Kinue and ah aaaiatant were thunderstruck at recognizing Isaac "J. Miller, a prominent citizen as the'midnight visitor. • For some time past articles of value have been missed from the store and ..all'means to locate the thief have been unavailing. Of late the. thief seemed"! to have grown bolder, and three weeks ago it was. determined that Mr. Kinne should sleep in the store with an assistant arid catch the thief in the act if possible. The burglar then ceased to pay his visits, and it is thought that he supposed that the watch had been relaxed and determined to make up f™ the time lost. . ., About midnight Thursday night Mr. Kinne detected sounds coming from a window and shortly after it was pushed open, a basket and some gunny sacks were thrown inside and shortly after the window was darkened by a man crawling through it. He entered the store with a confidence acquired by frequent practice and was about to commence operations when he was startled by the voice of Kinne directing him to throw up his hands. At the same time two gleaming revolvers were shoved in his face. , . ., Miller did as he was told and while ' one of the men held him a prisoner with his revolver the other bound him with ropes. The mask was then removed disc-losing Miller's crestfallen face. Miller was dressed as a typical midnight prowler. He was then brought here to Baldwin and lodged in jail. Miller has a fine family and has aK ways stood high in the estimation of the community. Hia wife is heartbroken over liis arrest and the disgrace that it entails.' She admitted that hia thieving- had extended over a period or three years, but that her fear of the disrgaee that would surely follow kept her lips sealed, -.-, ; About §80 worth of stolen goods, belonging to J. S. Stevens were found in the Miller residence. Miller, it is alleged, has been dynamiting fish in Kinue's'creek all summer aud his season's catch is estimated at COO pounds. The discovery of his criminal career has created ,the most,;, in tense, excitement; ' H& was bofcnd over to the cir- cuit'court", bail being placed at §1,000, however, although pressed by the TdCumsehs. The Torpnto junior doubles had no trouble in winning that race from the < Minnesotaa by nearly a minute, while the Wests, father and son, were still far to the rtar of the, St. Paul men, Next came one of the special events, arid it prqved an interesting innovation. It was the single canoe race of half a mile, with, four Detroit entries and Muntz of Toronto, the ex-champion. Muntz won with ease. . Another special event was the tub race, with seven contestants, and W. ~~ >st of the Mutuals won. sinking just as he crossed'the line. In the junior pairs the Toronto men had a walk away, no one elSe appearing. > ; * f _^ _ The carpet cleaning works on Ex cfiang,c r 8trpct will be open on > , March 27th, ( Gd io Bonghton's for wall paper tfetv'stock aud ne,w styles Robert 'Schelly ifi pri• V»i"< d 1o do kinds of tin VM.JI., Mu p «•) Murphy'S; ' A' GREAT flQHT. The Metropolitan' Athletic Club Booms at Grand Rapids' the Place. GRAND RAPIDS, Aug. 12.—In the Metropolitan Athletic club rooms last nighi Tom O'Donnell, a local pugilist, stobc up before George La Blanche,ythe 'Marine,?' in four., rough-and-tumble rounds and was awarded -the proud of champioiji of the Grand, Kiver '"•valley/ O'Donnell is a saloonkeeper, 45 •year* old, and went into the ring" soft and'beefy. La Blanche filled himself with beer in the afternoon, and when he appeared in the corner set apart for him resembled a boiled lobster. In the first round O'Donnell was run- ring around La Blanche and dodging anticipated blows.. The Marine opened the fight by landing squarely on Tom s gullet. Tom returned biff for biff, but the Marine clinqhed him and with a quick uppercut ended the round. In the second round the Marine looked like a man hunting a lost dog. Tom gent a terrific blow at his jugular, but the Marine ducked, took it on his forehead and jabbed Tom in the windpipe The round ended without another blow The Marine pushed Tom to the ropes in the third round and had he been sober might bavo mocked the saloonkeeper into the next block. O'Donnell gathered his wind and 'closed the round with eeveral poJbs to his credit. The last round wa^Iast aud furious, O Donnell carrying the honors and the crowd. The Marine w.aa awarded the net receipts from 200 tickets and O'Donnell took the glory. ^ HAS BEEN SETTLED. u you want the best refrigerator on earth for the leapt nion<»; notpBosley's. Buy the gtnuiue Pl$»id«*phia lawa mowur *t Bosiley's. Sufferers, from pile* should know Pyramid Pile Cure will promptly and effectually remove every trace of them. Aii/ • • ruggif«t- w 1 U'"get it for you. " §100 for-a-case of Catarrh, Dj8pcpsia,Ne» vousness and, Sleeplessness 'tha* Vegetable Cure" will .not cure. '. ',-,-,' Vegetable Cute will bredk tip Colds and and Codghs, LeGrine'Ptid Si's after effects Tremulous Weakness of the Nened, Erysipelas «nd CoilttiRation. 12 oz. $1.CO. • 'DR. BBA'KPSTEEN. J.awu' mowers pill red Rt sharpened* and re your tin wn'rp. nit'nded'alSchelly'b tin simp. - • - ' your wall,pnper and paiuts a Geo BouKhton'H n^w storo. Chuffs oil babies, sure nippleb «nd in Uiunniiitlon- of the brew»t instnntly re- with Lavtiidar Ointment. Tbe Adultery Case Against Jacob Schwartz Discontinued. DETROIT, Atig. 19.-The Schwartz adultery case beeii settled. TUe Schwartz case, as will "be remembered, is : that of the handsome cloak man in Goldberg's big store on Woodward ave niie, and Mrs.. Sigel, the two, it was alleged, having elopea froin New York Yesterday Mrfand Mrs. Schwartz were waitbg iii the police court, as loving *a a pair on their honeymoon, for toe court to call the adultery case so. that Mrs. Schwartz might ask the cotirt tQ withdraw her complaint against Tber husband. Mrs. Schwartis said Mrs. Sigel, Who was not in court, had gone home to her pa, and thatshe aud Mr. Schwartz would settle down in Detroit and try to outlive tB*r escapade. Mr. Schwartz corroborated his wife's statement, and both cases against him were tinued. . . - t Just ua sure aa hot weather comes thery will bo mote or le/s bowel complaint in thia viciuity. Every person, nnd especially faiti. liea, ought to have some roliaple aiedicine at hand for instant use in case it is needed. A 25 or 50. cent bottle Qf Chamberlain's be, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy in jurt what you ought to have and all that you\ would need, even for the most severe and dangerous cases. It is the best, the uiostre- .iable and most successfulitreatcoent known and ispleasant to take. For sale at Greene' drug atore. The Pyramid Pile Cure if « new discovery ,>? the. prompt, permanent cure of Piles in every form. Every druggist has it. Good summer wood at $1 75 per coM atC.T. Grant's. A. new re.inedy has created 1 a' sensation among jhysieiana by its wonderful effects u' speedily curing every form of Files. It is called the Pyramid Pi}e Cure, It is ;heap and simple to use, l?ut nothUig removes the disease 90 quickly, safelp and surely. Any druggist will get it for you. ! stoves cleaned and repaired THE Several interesting REGATTA. Take Place at It .. ..SB f feat Ti"TC"I« wbere , Organ Agent GRAKO RAPIDS, Aug. 13. -Deputy Sheriff Powers of this city made sa ^capture this weefe at a joir^ that is prob- ~t ^o irminr «inel& sculls ^vas called o rgall RC , en t charged with embezzlement from a dealer in this city, «pt out ol sight some time, a£o r bui .Powers found him and arrested him ii* Chenaxix, » If you want a lirst class lunch call on • tl>e uew resluraiit, first <io,or w«st oi the Tontine. _ _.-..._ 1. B»>gi»>i> Sa!«of Ir»<M«:i» Waiath thin Week. ?5c waists lor 50c; |1 waists for $1.50 waists for f I. J S fi-SK H •B^-.,. Vu" ---^——-T- --' - . it '-"a the juniojr single scujls Sfiras called with tlje water as placid as a« pond. Three men started and their positions ivere in the order of Bu^sell, Bumohr and Berry. Rubiaor ia the new Canadian star, aud he WAS looked-upon aa the wian,er of his heat and race, but 64 'got neither. It was a slow race- wttb. Buhinor satisfied •with the.p^aee. Russell woa hy two lea^ths withBuhmpr second, and ** lengths abead of the Passaat; man. '' * - • c In the second Iwat DagweU 5! the Wolverioes %d a»?MSasy fime wwn^ig. He was atfj&e %IicMganT*cht CWB on the retes Ijefo^f tls_ otljejs IOLLUU. filui *t4iA* «** * \*> nv«.***-?- T<" -r — — . • • the hiddm-away little spot on, £he mam- l«md north'of the Oienaux ^Manfls, or >**Tij,e Snows," aa they are called. . t -• — -•• • • ' ' '' i -r - i r\**Q Cz*poits Cttus^t- . < KALAMAZOO, Aug, 12.~Early Friday morning two men w^re seen in the i — t. ofVan T-nnrVfl nlothinat store .stoe. New potatoes at pupningbanVe. > ChHdrenCryfor ditcher's Castorla. ld " World'* The Michigan (Central will sell ^,, fro pa Marshall to Chicago and return at rate of seven dollars "auu thirty cents CiDWyres-'^u^dfiF' l^-yeai*' of age, li^jf" fare. 1 Tickets aot^cMOd 901,-4, l», *»l**|i %^ exal S&-* aif«s , ^« •jr' t -«^VX ; a»; ' more* tlxau : ' 4s^L?SS?J for i COB- : rSorj IW*PT J* J& Ww , *|V £••*&£?> '&&- *wm ^-^ ji .7?--^* S-^J-4, n >l,'<J ,*•?*. >AJf' rpo^y v-»-j4- *• I'kJf^l^-^ l^jf^krl-r:,. ^T;O^' ; **x.3te&*j >*$&

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