The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on August 30, 1897 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Monday, August 30, 1897
Page 1
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BtisrM5R,<*Jon tt> toother thwn *o them to keep iheir U «orJt!»tttn app«H?d t etn tw That Is t$ Decide tha 30ftH»M)h&« Now In Sassion. **» lathe till* of « generously dltt»trated- pani. i-eoto pngts in rofert-hce to South* reading matter in which Was written by «n eni basinet if fcwiU^ Date'**- «Bdj~Mrft.S«<>!!rt llrtsmcr A*nold—who has been ft resident of th* Sunshibfc State «»» A crtpy wilt bo tnnitfed <« . r f any- farmer^ir far.njr'a *ife. if stnt rtt OIK-O to HnrVy Mercer, Michigan FaswjTiKer Agpti'. Chicago, Milwaukee A St. I'au'. railway, 7 fWi street, V* ., !>«**« »* Mich. ^^ ____ „ EL A. Snyder has put in a fine lot of fruit of alt kiwds ssim! started a wage* which will raalu* trips over tho city^dfti- ly. Ate he will iml bo able to go Over every street daily ho will go «K>fc a»3 west oiso day and north and south the 'next. ^Nothing but tho beat tho market affords 'vfill be .handled and prices witf be in keeping with th<» times. You catt llttvfe Itim Cftll regularly by lea v ing orders at the store. > Vacation Inthfc tnko retpsnj; of Wisconsin, Northern Miohitfnu. MinnetxAa, Iowa anil South Dakota. al«n« the lines i>f Hie Chicngo, Milwaukee* St. Paul Railway, arc hundreds of charming l<w-ai:tit'« preeminently fitted . for summer buniet», nearly all of which arc 'located ou or liear Inkrfi whif.h -Jiayo.aot b'oeu fished our. 1'hcso rcgprts range in variety from tho "full drras fgr dipncf" t</ "the ttannel shift coisiwuio J«-r <>vcry meal. Among the list are tuna- « lauitliar to many at our realtors (is tho j)trfeotion ,of northern Burner resort*. Nearly Hit of the Wisconsin l>oint» of m'ercHt nru within * shprt d»»- tanco from Ohjcagoor Milwauko*,- and nqtjo of them are *o far away frwn the "busj fji^rta of civilization" thftt'HioJ? Canoot be rtiu he«l ip a few hour* of travel, toy frequent Milwaukee* St.Pa'ul KaUvwy. Send « two wnt Kfnuip f«r noopy of "Vft- cation D'>•«*' giving a tlt«<jriij'ion of tttp principal resorts, and a list of munmer hotels Hiii4 iMJttrdiln' liomrH, And rnt**t for board, to Oeo. H. HwilTi>r4i General IViMMUtgt't Aeent, Chicago, III. , >f.;\> (JOOIKS, At 4. G. Pp«e| «V UoV. Call on W)* i ra bf>fore you buy n rorlfH'r. th*>v have ftU kinds, and priivs to suit tho Item ftP 'the new Hatch hltjck. - Com« in* SU Lousa, Aug. SO.—The atifenrtflrtcc cf tabor t leaders upon 'the united labor can- petition at.this writing fs wirmlder^blf a dH$apf»etatme]it to the local on. arrangement^. Ihe arrivals of yf-'stei'da.y were J. R. 4 sovereign; W, 0, *P«H'rce, perretar-y^atitt treaijj- um- of the United Mine Wwkers of America; ft.' Askew, ^crt'tary of the National Mineral Miners' wwoctatkm, Ishpefriingt' Mlcbi, and Sylvester &elH- her, formerly secretary of the A. fti. t'. and at present publisher of The.r$yc-ia!. ppmocrat, Chicago. sSovt'relgn fought Bhy of l'eriDrt ir t'! 1 until nf.trly 11 o'clorh Ittt nighty >vhen he \vas e«rnerod Iti th? Laclcde and .submitted t« ftn {ntorvJfw. "It isslrnply ImpofPiblf l<> fotwimt what this confpreitcf T*1U tl' 5 ." wt'd S!'V p rflj,n. "Nobody tan l^ll \Vhat 'Its' "Utvotnc w ill be t JJt sewtis to TOP, however, that alii has iSorric' for them li> jmt aside ail'i« tty JealnualfTu and f«»rw_ one jj:itir(4 ftnialita- jriation. Wliftlw-r this* i.rsanlzatl'in will t>e eftet'ted Jic-ip I oannot «>v<n f-uniitse. Hlntw ut I>glsl»tU-c .Villon. "OrgfapS^ed labor has been working for ecme ti»»e op tho Jlhe oC seeur.up 1 H'fi- Mation 'which will b<nt'fl« tho uorkinu tlasws, but It ha? lintHKht us no l« nertt We will now got to woik lit HP ^pdpavAr t,o remove the cause (Jf our, failure in-Itjr- ,M»lativo circles and hotjfc 1 tor hotter' rc- jpraru'hlr.g off lnt« the tiiinffs' Kovert'ipp ^alfl; "This miners' It* nearer won .than inopy i-uojvjt> believe. If ever there was a. r<-»'l grievance, ami o-Just cauice for Ktrikln'i;. it was In thlst Htrlkt v , and I Iwlleve thoy will yi ; t, win. If they, don't win It Is thi>. last gtrike I .will ever t gu Into <;n thi?e lltitV What new pl«fi uf action Sovirugn had JIP cl< > ( > llt'{ > i^ to say. fViy J*«' » MA">"-Kl<1i'|l GrtllK-riiiK:. Oth«r'»>rivals (f thr ilay w»n- <3. C, Clemens, of Tojrf'ku, Kan.,' whu hears frcm Ch'nirmun Krk-dfn- the chairman *if thu'.'I'tipu'llst. •(•imnlttw'of Kat.?as, A. !l.,t"lal- f Springileld, Mo.;' K; 13, Web- nal treasurer *>f tht Patriots of ajio; Frank St(>hh«nf», the HX nd\iHati- <f Vhlludcl- 8. Dlfii'kv^f tr«u i- uui jif tlm •Ungle Tux jt-niiutt, of P^icnKo, J. H, Finn, nlHo t'f ctiict^n, Janus M. Carson, president ff thi< I'nltMt Mln.< Workers of Illinois', hn« Ixu 1 . h« re- hlnff Friday. I>eV>s- arrived this' nmrnlni? ftrid wo* retefvt'd by u sjii-cial u umiltte>< Grant Luce, chairman uj-thp fiiimnfficl' oil arrangements, said that ho^trfid Iwc-n advl&^d that Ratrhford a.i«t' Oompern lUtnbua and arranR'it'ii plan <>T nftlon fur thwonfcreuce which lh<j -wijl i r* 1 -, •ilrtfete Muft' of what th*-Vr-*<ftt''!r3 ff tcrd "st« t teB that thu j' la tiAt operators' to an l What* U«P arlrltratora em-ploy CItttIit:B g«n« and ttctivcs. This 1» far«f and Mr, ford'itrniwp it. He uuy* tnta la the Uon 'of ifttn iy<i» fear <liF< U3«lan Of the at Issu* 1 , If tv why did i clfnt to rtwcrvt ttriy on?? uf top fill)' phJl'Ofiillons tTifi(l'3 by th" ty>- at lrt<> Jlni *-* * T.>n1* rot ford hhiij*rtf frar t?> f-uhn f nrttnl Ho.itfl of 4trhits ti> sulunit df(Tt?rent»t.'. <; rj'to when ono of.-tl»4> f>ni;H«'3 dt'jTiantli as nf ftrl'itwfton thftt th« other -first place. "Mr*, nifichfiird Hays the tnlncra rnUst have a 'liVinsj rate of wag^s.' What df-PB hft wcsn by the t'T^ llvlnR Does hp not know thtit'.-uiy Industrious niinf<r;' in UK- 1'iUnhtirg diHttic't ilai!y uriiltr a >>4-<-ertt nib 1 , a hlgnt-r thaa Is IHJUI to a tnajnrlty nt tho hanlcs tn the mills and factuncs in a»d that tins minf Inlwrerp a hlpht«,r WJJRI' por day thmn »<* fpf t'omnmn labor hy any lAllroad or matwifat tuiing romrxinj enM uf tho 1 Hccky nHJijritttinfc?" Th«! optrutoi>i fai- tin r along Intimate 'that In^auc?^ h»» Is fin Ohiu Jnan, ICatchford la hand In glove \vlth thy Ohio opciatoiiS who want t*> caiitufv.- tho market for Pitts- coal. ANOTHER WUMAN.B60V BOILEO. Chkagj, ify Adnfp _ 30.—The Jury that «m. t,«etgcrt ft*r .the ma*<1cr , . altered fcofomfttea and the' j^.ft. W'tfcfc test y ,£Jh M ; wflo said: tlf bolllnft' file H. In of t ttte fwnc« ^I^U^tt 4^w^^ * r ^AM^^ * «u ^fc To Every Famify. * * ' t- ••«",• *••>•* * ^~ <- - « ~v ,„,.,» The way to Qdvertis? is to tell the whole • V "*'£<,'4 ; SteryMft plain, simple lan^Ud^e, Waft'tew-' "t iV. ' •;''- ty words as po*sibl6, artd as ^Ifi&t',** tf v ifle : , ' • ," sftoots 4 ijultet. " Veiy ! welt; he«S Is ' " ""' _ JS^etifhj; News, -'' Agents id ev«iry town in Michigan. R that point •'{$ to m the Uittg^jt did the Wortt in txvo Holira. •-' ' '_ ....... tr' ,- 4oyl«» Family it^iinhuii N. T., AUKT. 3».— W, E. !Urd in I*I5»; whets a Viby, at I-ake if ills, Wte., and went to the frsint HP -was tjot hfftrfl of afterward, and was given »ij> a« deftd. His family moved ht're «'<tin aficr, and xvere overjoyed by hi 1 ? appearance Saturday, .Lord, Who Is now fupprlntt ndent of jtub'tt- w.orks at Plttsburp, attend^a the fJra'nd-Army en- ramprnont at Buffalo, and white thrro learned of We family's, ^'hereabouts, There is tnorv> catnnh in this aeotiott of (he conttry thin all other di-pa on puli to- ethor, and until the last few yOars wa-» fup- po^ed to be incurable. For a great ma- 5 yonts dootorrt pronounced it a local diabase, and prescri^ed,' 00 ^' remedieB, and by 0(>n- a'ontiy fm'ing to <-uro with to nl.trontiiient, pronounced it incurable. Science list? proten catarrh to ha a eonstitaHoiml dip- ^DHf, and therefore rrquin* cor*rt,ituf'ona' treatmou*. Hall's Catarrh cure< raanufuc- 'iirel l>y If, J. f'henej A Co., Toledo, Ohio, •s tho only eomtituMimal cure on tho inar- '<qt. It ia <Akcu internally in dorea from 10 tlnips to a teacpo'»n_fui, U acts directly on he bloorl tn<\ "mucous *ut fnc^a of the vyf- teut. T( •« ilfnr'oiio bumlrrd dolldrjr'for t .iiitocu-e. F .1 CHENEY 't* ilriiUKirt'f, 75' V Frtimly pills ^.r borno, stcr, n oh|a; Jlobn Cu?ziits has received through ,J1. t. -Dar* Sou it rjtr trf^lhe ^H«wftle«* bra'm) of v i|«wau 1'prtland cement, and l» pruparwl to put down -tfiii bi«?t it U»8t«Hd thifr market. you other rtour,' grahani* corn, bolted entire corn uioal a specialty,' or wilt feed go to "X" and . B*r»don hotel, two 8*0?*%^ house t with baru an^d The the <"oiir»>ri-ii«T. j ii.d, as fat to fit-vise aa' ers i It the rulluf of- the sttlkihg min- and to prnthat a_gHinpt by injunctloj, " K^rutary W-. «ti>lr.t)laK, Af th." iiuUtliiiK- Trad* of St. Loui:^ Uhoh.!Hslhm\f.lkof lh»* i-oiivi'ptl'-fl, *4td; "We >uetdf Mud w« vie pulng to tiftvt? it, J but out in defl*nc« of thf |'iir.clplt-» of liberty. ' We are patilotit- ac<l SiU'B«u1 tl 111 Not On •<> St. IXinK Poorla.. Jllr.; Aug. ,30.^—Gruntl Master of the J'rothi lh»i>^ of Kit) >ntn. tlv U»{^M <l«iit ho iict th. 1 m«H'tit!$"of union lahor a,t t-'t. Ij-iuH today; tliat ho la op- to synit>»<hc'tle t.trik<9, and that tho by-la\vs of. tho organlsntlori prevent It from takiriKpartirt thc'm. SarKi n todays the announcement that he \v(iuJvKatteiul the- cj.nfprfrwf' l» unauthtirlxjxf. un<l thftt the broths hoed \vtll not^be officially n)>res<>nt«d. HP Uft Raturda> fur IVnn- ifil \\lth the say." the Hrcm(»n th<> atrikinff miners huvvv^hovvn it l^y th'Mr liberal item 'appeal for flrmju'la.1 aid by \tlrn. Tint lljty c an d» tlieto by KtUymR at work and <-arn- Ing nirney to contributu tlwm thtjy <ap l)y striking nnfl> thus cutting off the sourr e of suj»plifn. Gran<I Mastfrr 1'nw- €-H, p of the Order of Railway Tcl'-graph- er.«, ."ays thtj \\Ill not bf ri'ijrt'.-mti'J at the Kt. .Ui/uis irifPtlnjc. l»m* f^iriu flit* AH.Ili« Onl< FJtt<''Urg. ^ug. SO.- Hy the end Of thl« week all th<? coal In thf? JH; Semi ijr -«, CO., Toledo, O, the beat, w« want what W th« entire country. of the iiiwting wftl \ttet\ |jr«jai0st ^J^ i>f the lutttw fry Jo v* In trnp wilt MMi tP lt»P W ani»^t4Mi»»~lii"fc«u- " ' «* Diaoa'B >W& mrJ§r JfITCH HAZEL OIL one ftnix. and jirkt-s will ht made l>y lut-ky if swt-*«Ms. ot t]it* vahittW* t* WH« a afcudy incrfj»,st; in of. c^rttl aU laut ^v%vK And at f r«U«M v J 2»l UrinK# frojn It) to Iti^jj «•• nt»*>Wh«>n Iht- preuftrt tKiikt )>-»j^ti ttu* lUpi of John Jont?H & (*(,», *uv, that prices ntojitt ndvanc^, and it* (juletly wt'nt to wofk'ftad tjpught ooal everywhere It cuulil at jiilc»-8 which now? and II i 1 The institution kmrwn'ns the Sartorial xrtrt eohool with the parent sflKWtl at .Taxuti, whore till tiif very latest modes <>f dress tailoring are taught, has> arranged toopon a brmv h in on'ch county in th<' hi ile. Mr. F, l\ Hunt, tlw HU- ppriutoniU'nt o,f suhooln is here for tut- purp(m(< uf npeiung a uchooi fur CilltloUu county. Mr». Belle Hnnhder, tw expert hi\B U»P Biftungenjent of tht< nod wHI remain hfrt* to t-onduct Ladios nrft taught ti» rut «nd make any garment for any mcmta*r of the fatojly, Itttlies' and girls' *lr< v «s('B, boys' and mr-ns* f(rtrnit-nt^ shirts, pte, Ten tit«K»jH conatitut* the fitting D What if Not Miracles? The great Fow-C Remedy is doing work whetevcr introduced as neatly mtraculotn as it ever falls to the lot of any human agency to do (I will es 3cm it a • favor for any one interested to write the persons whose names appear below or anyone whose name may apfkar among these testimonials.) - BENEFACTORS OF tHC RACt. Offlcn of "K«e»«sa»B Tl«f«B/' I KiDpnshcr, OkU.. Dec. I8,T«. f OBNTLBMtiTr— f beffeve it my duty to *f lie y6« I Hue in regard to tb« benofici»l effect of f helps' "Foul? C BenH"ly," ao fat aa ! am personally ooo- »riiedi A week agolttsi Thawday, Iwostake'n with a severe Btuofc of la grippe and in a abort Ume became so bourse I could not apeak nbove K •vhlsper. Tho nfeht nrevloua I bad dtiugtted aeariy the entire niabt; Just before retiring I took i teaspoonf ul.ftnd slept theeotlre olahtM»w««tly M evw I did IB tny life, pot cou«hlOKonoti was mtlroly relieved twfortrtaiclng one botUevPh >URh,ColU and Croup Cure should bo la every JouaetioW la tho laiid. I Bend you this wholly jnsolioitecl by ftiiyotus for you are benefactors of the race ia givjtig U tbo Antidote far son» of U»» fforat afflioUuDD to wbioh It l» hair. ^ v Very Trtly Yotrw, C. J. W*swiT, Editor. Kttnsss City, Kftosas, Deo. M, '81 Iwt Prldsy, Deo. 1», my attending pbyaioiM ita\«<l unlnss I waa better by morhlDK lie oould lo aathiDB tor My rsliof. Tnat nlftht I com- nenwHl tahlBR f help's "PoyrC" renwdy, stopped til other raodioinBB The flwt dose stopped my lough: slept and rented well; a fewmorri do»ea •omoved all sore oe»a from my lluiig»; the sect-mi lay 1 was up; the third day I WM out on the )oroh'aod to-day was up ttH*n purctaslag holiday Ottft Washington Avt{. and Summit Str GKQUP CURED. of Pnelun' Couffh, Cold »nd Group _*nr«>, eavu my obil J instant rollnf when attacked *ith tha croup ' W. E. Mooka, of Moor* nres., Grocers. UNBROKEN REST AT NIQHf. .•' ' 3. B, Hli.iNo, Mannci'T, I ~~ Offlfle CommercJftl Printinit Co , y 196 Simth tllttrk St. ) 8. B-Phelps. K^Clty. DitAfi RIB;— r wish to bear t*>«titti"ny to t&t ^rwat emoaoy of your "Four G*' n>mcdy in thro»» and liine nHmenta. As a rulo I huvc been skcir tlcftl of thn merita .of proprietary nutHcinc^. l>uf have to confess that '» tost of your "Four C" i* oonvincing thtvt at Ica^t im« ready ffiado rcninij is wottUy ot use. My *h»dr«»n nil take it with out th* lenst objection, from oldest to vonH(zo> • is particularly notlci-ahlB that bf-ni-tlt iv .almost immediate. A slntk? dop<: will clii-ch most coughs la tht-ir bpgiAning; it BIW*. an tin broken rest at night. Iii tny family "Four V* is simply indispensable and I rettommend, it un <luttUOcdly, Yours, s 4 J, B. HtrtrtoJ ' ACUTE LARYNGITIS. Chicago, rVpi 2ft. W Pot years bank each wiuter t hav« suff with aoutn Laryngitis, Last winter wan *>i> I could not iflftvn my r<x) Above a whisper. 1 tried »v«;ry known eout!*' preparation from oongh drope xpund down w\(i± no relief, then in de»*p«rfttton I «(Mt induei'd-t» to try.Phelp> "FourC:" The Brat do*e 'roileresj my cooeh, aivliiR nio tho first nipfit's ri-st fci weeks Hair th*- bottle cured rmi t have n«>v(>r been without this wonderful remi'dy cincw. ll ia, «K different from other like remediea as niolassea front Vinegar or sugar frum «and.' ' MBS. J6HKPH R . OKHBD. 5313 MadUoa AVC- IT IS A MIRACLE. Conductor Eckurd," the Railraad Cqrtmpntt- dent of the Ncodastm KaiiFtis RciMsfjir, b»Bt)ii* to say of "Pour C." "PhelpK in havinft * wur- derful sale of his Cough and Cold Remedy. Wt> personally know it i» just what it If «d to oe. Too maob cao t be said ia It U» miracle. of ; v^ry eh^ap. It coat tied now N. lum thin th<- 7 "V . - " called OR to e»ll' a, A.VIK. 30, ^rs' , «n<l Of coursp iw <'utitl«<d t<» \vn\tt nny sui^ dri'tw uud lualte it uudor inatructiona tht* h< ( *t lady toilors, A call will vice ull of th*'genuinooes^ of the' of tho institution. Mothers and fiither* ^?ai4 yttur dauph- ter's; wives s^yt.' your hUHlwiiida fronj IFf) to $® pfsr ,vt?nr tiy ifeaniHis to care for, your u\vn wardfohts 45olieitor«i will call on o'atih (uiuily w the city. r Our terms urt* «> tow that any one iniiy avail them^ ttjis ppporttioitv. Itt the city a week $?(4 *ow)d like to meet Who would hire ' to act a* of comity-schools. The schools will IMfqn* 3:30 to iO:.'W a. w, i«i4 2 to 4:30 p, ai. begiiini Ail?. IT," NO la§r w NOTICE TO DRUGGISTS AND THE PL "1C. CONTRACT.—Druggists are aiuthoriied itt ALIASES TO REFUMD THE PURCHASE, t'RICE, if the Four-C Remedy (Fhelps'Cough, Cold and Croup Cure^ (aii» to giye satisfaction in Croup, Bronchius,Asthma,LaGrippc,Cou£;hs and Colds, no matter how long^tandintt, or deep seated, in fact I guacantee in all manner of Bronchial or Lung trouble, not as a Cure-AH,but to give unbounded satisfaction. Give it a trial on the above conditions.* f take all chances. R. R, PHELPS, 118 53d Street, CHICAGO, ILL, Pron, For «fcle by W. T. BRAKE, OAS Reduction In Prices on All i Cooking Apparatus, — f 10.00, $13.00, $15,00 and $16.oo Boiling Stoves $1, to $5. according to size THE \ 'd t!mt h wfttyvijr jruf ttin of t« - and, t« hi S layt t'Ut*i»ite uf to attempt' to l t'ols city *n4 iKK^m* uny o <£ Eruption*. Sore Lip* & tb* 'the' to We da gk«. to U«. men. 4 counted «t a whca *&$$& wa, offlctefe KSiT ** tt«e*i „ -«*tt*fifr* &^sass,-ss=s- t «r£; *t srspsS-'SssS? j5- *^T»A«<j tfeeW ttu.t I'luokfcA totfl'tia * *>ran«4 %»d a s«W*4y teeovery'i» a^w^. .* t^w tbew ttuu I looked toto tie !ii»*ieto^ «uM«M4fa»^ittf«« «»* ! . tb* troaiila of. luii^r years caused by »P edly , itoa IB csertaJa but p * ton!- I tui«t »o ltoi ab»«it th* «w«n8i : LIGHT ch *« Bites of ]jQ»ect8. ace, toe. and Jijao. i » »* ' tbc-m ut aeosut our BJMdpojgltiwrt w »<* tu v **m Oi»i in.

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