The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on August 11, 1893 · Page 4
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 4

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Friday, August 11, 1893
Page 4
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*** *•''-$ ' Vygfii^^^ ;," V Pot ffc acfiotnmortattWi of peoW«v , My i *_, X .,*.»..?. 4*- L. «•• Injt in the wefit end 4-< Wai tteacWa Itfead, and cftbes d'olock^ey^ry morning. . **W sell a lady, to a frietni freWi. at 10 morning. . \ . - \ Mew atocK ol wall P per at Geo. Boughton's Ati especially fine line of ladies* and children's hosiery at the bazar._ * ' ,Bon. W. V. Lucas, ex-State Auditor ol Iowa, aaya: "I have ufied Chamberlain's •,Cough v Kemedy in my family tad have no, Hesitation ingiying it is an excellent remedy. 1 believe all that is "lairned for it. Persons afflicted by a cough or cold will find it.a fhena." Tnereisnodftnierfrom whoopitrg cough when this remedy is .freely given. .2 ftnliSp cent bottles for sale at Greene's drug •tore. .,„ ''• • '. .'' ' .,A, sure cure for diarrhoea, dysentery, cholera morbufl, pain in stomach or Wtwels, etc., at M. B. Powell's. Trial bottle free. • . • '. * •£ ' ' ' I Flour $1.60 per 100 pounds at C. A. bn the street today,.we-are'^oine catrip Jug next week and wou1.d.Hke,t6 borrow your tent. 1 amjorry r 'bnl we lent our tant 96 mucbr last year that it is all worn b6St ft." ouf, Itrodetrtano thougto that Halett just got ft lot of new lents on pnr to rent and no dbubt you can get one thWe. Qh thank yen, 'I will go a'nd see hiniut once. ways in stock at <3L H* Grreene's Drug store Ladies are invited "to call and test them always find tb^best OigaWit 1 ; v Greene's Brug store, Call and Trv Them. Cbeaher's mill. Grain kinds at bottom price. and feed of all *. Fine stationery at the bazar store; A Complete assortment always on hand.. ' - A SMfgltfal dpet»tfon, Fot the cure of Files is always painful, often dangerous and useless, and invariably , . expensive} on the' other hand there is a new | SIZ6S . 'certain cure, perfectly painless, gives in- stftnt relief and permanent cure and costs but K trine. It is the pyramid Pile Cure. It is a more certain cure than a surgical op^oration, without any of thff intdnre pam, expense and danger of an operation. Any druggist will get it for you. Notice ttt Cyclists. The practice of riding bicycles on the sida walks must be stopped at once. Any persons violating the law in this respect do so at th«ir own peril. Keep off the,walks and save trouble. v? PETER HOWE, Marshal. i''* '*•'' ** '• ' * Don't got excited over croup or qyiinsy when l,aveuder Ointment will relieve you within ten minutes if used as'directed, 25 and 50 cents. TRUSSES A fiiU assor 0 t|neut ol Tlie best kinds and at reasonable rates Truses ^tted without charge for fitting sit G-BEENU'S Drug Store 252 West State MARS HALL. MICH .can The largest «tpck the lowest prices HYDEfS Cure* Count Throftt. "Sold Coughs, Crotlp, 8or« riujeuU on'« Guarantee. . uacK or Chen Shiloh 1 * Porout ! grot tttUfact ion.-r»5 cent*. ""**Bfi!ffl&--- CATABRH *S^Jy^weand'cureFou: Price 60 cte. Kta Injector for Us «wc«*fful JW^?fflS j* furnished free. 1 i&nieraber, Simon i ^ D . u . runUsbediree. Kemennx:r,5hiloU'8 Remedies t»«old on » guarantee to tjlvoeatisf action. •'^S.^ Ts» " ~;;_ J 4 j! " • '' For Sale by F. G. Seaman & Co. Uv»r . Moles. . B<ickhr^d«, tanbura »n<i Tan, u.i.i re- *orea the «tiu tu i:<> original freniiuest, jTi.d'JCiiig a •duar 9111! no«-.Ui'y (tim- •lexlou BnperloTtoal'.faee ;—^ " pcrfci-ily DftnniesB. SOcU. Stnd for Circu'M VIOLA '*KM* SOAP " "^"I'ly i?c««nji«»bic u « "w4. W Al Su«ii«".' Prico 25 Cer,t«. CO.rToi.BPO.*> J une 99, '03. Tourist tickets to all principal points u the United States and Canada are low on sale at Michigan Central ticket ofllco. A New Certain Cure for Pile*. We dot intend to endorse any except arti- clss of genuine merit;-we therefore, take pleasure in recommending to Bufferer 8 f«> m Piles iu any lorm, a prompt and permanent cure. The following letters speak for them, selves: Mrs. Mary C. -Tyler,'of Heppner, Ore., writoa, One pkg. of Pyramid Pile Cure entirely cured me of Piles from which I have suffered for years, and I hape never bad the slightest return of them since. Mr. E. O'Brien, Rock Bluffs, Neb., says- The pkg. of Pyramid Pile. Cure entirely removed every trace of itching piles. I cannot thank you enough for it. The Pyramid Pile Cure ia a new, certain, painless cure for every form of Piles. It is safe, cure and cheap. Any druggisj; will get itfor you if you ask him. Tin roofing and all kinds of tin work done promptly by Robert Schelly. The following item, clipped from the Ft Iftdison (Iowa) Democrat, contains infor mation *ell worth remembering: "Mr. John Roth, of this city, who met with an accident a few days ago, spraining and bjruis- ing his leg and arm quite severely, was cured by one 5Q«en,t bottle of Chamberlain's Pain Balm." This jemedy is without an equal £ sprains'and bruises and should have a place in every household. For eale at Greene's drugstore. . ' Kecelver'a Sale. jjrilesa previously disposed of at pri vate sale, I. will ou Thursday, the 81st day of of August, 1893, sell at public sale at the front door of the court house ia Marshall, Mich., all remaining as sets of the National City Irank? consisting of a 7-13 interest in the property known as the Eagle block, also the Bui- lard Manufacturing works, both pieces Q| properly being located in t-ie city of - Notice .Kelatlvo to Cow*. ' The ordinance relative to pasturing ,cows in ttie street will be strictly en forced. No cattle will be allowed to bo pnstared in any street, whether .they .are tied .or not, and all cattle fdund at large in the street, whether tied or oth erwise, will be taken care of. No ex ception will be made : to this rule,J>r anyone.. PBTEB HOWE, • , ' City 'Marshal. If you are lingering from fevers, lune, lagrlppe, catarrh, consumptiop, cough ^ ,or bronchial troubles, asthma, heart nervousness, sleeplessness, dyspepsia, sick headache, paralysis, erysipelas or scaly skin, constipation or piles call on Dr. Suarpsteen for, his vegetable cure, , . _ ..M. i ,. L __ Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria* "Kilburn's restaurant will be open day and night. The best of meals and Juuch served. Screen doors and windows all sizes a Bosloy's -. "' ' „ Brick' For Sale. 20.0CO lirst quality, second hand'brick for sale. GEOKGK' ITIonr. • This important necessary of life has never been aa low in price as A. Wat son new sells it. Enquire at hisstorp before you purchase A. ' WATSON; Far Over Fifty MB8. WWBtdw's SoOTttiMo 8TRur,ba8 been uncd fbr oWWren teething. It lootbes the cbt.d« allays nil T»«in, euros ttlndooUc, and J» the best ay, for tllnrrheea. 'i wenty-Uvc cents a boU Sold bj nil druggists throUBttout the wor Id U *. . .BonglUou' will sell you wall paper and ha-tg it for you.. . "- ' Children Cry for Prtcher'sCastorlgi w A L L P A P E B FRESH, UNIGtUE, TASTY DESIGNS, Lowest .Prices. in Mars Call and Be Convinced. M. B.POWELL. CHEAPER CASfflR LIGHT. Both the method and results xvhea 8/rop of Figs ia taken; it ia pleasant jmd refreshing to the taste, and acts' gently yet promptly on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels, cleanses the system effectually, dispels colds, head* aches a»d fevers and cures -habitual uanatipajioju- Syrup of Figs is the only remedy of its kind ever produced, pleasing to thf ta-and aa- of Marshal). Also one large bsftk safe (double door, steel box and time lock,) office furniture, ulso all -notes belonging o bank<?emaimug unpaid at that time, and whatever remaining assets of said bank may be remaining in my hands at hat duie. Terms of eale cash. For further particulars enquire of x THEKON F. Receiver, Kalamasoa, Mich or Jqjm , ceptabla 4a t^ft Btomaj^/ ^roaapt .in » tti «ctaeu an4 truly beneficial in its "" -v~-fr ^ W»W?*3 *' '^'" * f -"TT -^T—ry--ww-nir-* — •. |r «l *»4 HT« ?**&* rt TO CONSUMBRS OF GAS The Gas Company anounces tli^following reduc tion in prices of for whever Gas UUJ-l 1U tm^ 0!;5 UJL v -*** a ^t-^tt^ rrtt \ rnTKT/i 4-~ 4-« V« is used^LLSO for COOKING or HEATING to take effect on and after ^^ SEPTBMBES.B 1st 1892- ,OAS STOVB BATES, $1.60 per lOOOJcubio Ft, For *tt Q»8 eouaOBWd where ajOAS RANCLE used. Maawmed whore COOKING OTHEATINGISTOVES we uaed »ad the montbli ia not leas ti$»& 1000 cobio feet. . . , • Bata I« j>wiia«*«9r LlGHTiNG ONLY remain uuouaaged and>ro aa follow^ Leas than 1000 eubic ft. in, one oaon h, *? 00 per 1000 cubic ft. 5000 cubic ft. attd less than 10,000 cubic ft 1 month, f 1 90 per 1000 10,000 or over, I month $1 feO per 1000 cvibijrft; — ' (cubic ft. - • ----- 15>a disjepuut of 10 ots per fOOO ouWo ft whoa th» tie monj:b next following, to uae gas for cooking naturally ripened flavor Cheapen Stove Clieuper .Fuel - .^ " l » ».._*> __*• _a(""j._ _-V A<tf.« ^kttkAv 'I.. - 0 T 5HP1^liSH»I^MH' P-^PByBS^P^S'•*• TwPss^r^^^^rS^^B^^ir

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