The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on December 17, 1892 · Page 4
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 4

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 17, 1892
Page 4
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THJfc DAILY Cfi&ONlCJLE, DECEMBER 17, ,1892,_ 'Be jtrtl before' you Are Don't forget that you owe Merrill aad that hei Waafe it. • . . * .. MARSHALL IMPROVED Jayiua , 1 ^ottoomid^the^offissl st6re v 2bf East "*-$tate street. Evgrythifig ^ new and tir ; 3t dass; Lunches setved at ajl times. •••'"' ' 'VRoyftl-Knby'' No good thing should be outlawed because here and thero a graceless, person treats it basely. It is just aefl&qcessary to administer iimgorants to.the aged and feeble as it is to strengthen a dwelling that Is, beginning "to decay. Hot only may life be greatly prolonged-by artificial support, but the declining years of those near and tfear tt> us bo rendered more comfortable, and" age relieved of many of its usual bams-and ponal- „ ties b's a judtcidususe of "Royal Ruby" Pott Wine; each bottle is guaranteed by the' un- dersigtied to be< absolutely .pure and over five years old at bottling- or money paid . for it will, be refunded. Quart bottles $1'. pints, CO cents; never sold in bulk. See that you get "Royal Ruby." For sale, by M; B PowellV Bottled by Royal Wine Co* Chicago. •; • - '' -. - The finest line of" ladies' purses and card cases in the «Hy at « M, B. POWELL'S {Bpnclay patent, ootitiilns no Atropln) " ' : " S.rtr i id n ti«nfe'for - Drunkengss ? ; Morphine, " .'. __OpJum, V j arid Tobacco Habit. '• \ - • . "" •' For treatment\and explanation of the Gold Cure consult^Dr. L. E. Gallup at his office hi tho'Cook block. Patients 'treated privately if so.desired. \ *.. ,' I shall offer for sale one of the • --- p p j v . •• largest and best selected stocks, of .... •; f t) .„• - ^ .. . . • ''"••'. • . ' • • .'•-•''' GOODS and TOYS evgrjolcl ._. " • ' ' • at prices so low thattyou at positive.cure for coughs and colds > M. B. Look at the elecant line-of holiday goods at -M','. B. f Powell's before purchasing elsewhere. '.' •* v , ••' .-' the largest ''stock of crockery and lamps in the city,. djl Save money by buying vour boots and shoes at Grace Bros., Use Hazel Cream for chapped hands and lips or au$ roughness of tbti skin. ' .'-,-• . M..B. POWELL. Children Cry for Pitchers Castorla. Fresh Cunningham'? • Buckwheat, and all kinds of custom grinding done'at C. A. Chesher's mill. All kinds of fresh meat »t R. Butler's. djl cut to order Select and standard oysters at ningham's. Cun- MOTHERS! ( Will you part with your darling babies in sickness, or call on your druggist for Dr. Sharpsteen's Lavender Omiment and Asthmatic Balsam, medicin > that eave lives when doctors fail in Membranous Croup, Inflammation cf the Lungs, Lung Fever and Typhoi Pneu monia, also quickly relieves a-d cures Croup, Scarlet ' Fever, W ooping Cough, Bore Throat, Burns, 8 aK simitar afflictions 36 and 50 cents or by mail? DB. H. SHA.BPSTEEN, Proprietor. Marshall. Michigan. , - •.iii.n i. in i _i i... ^ ' • n, ' ."• » •' ' The laws of health are taught in the Bchbois; but~Sb£ if"Sr^fSy'tQ be 'qf-'inuch practical benefit and are never illustrated by living examples, which in many cases might e,aBily be done. If spme scholar who has '"'iult contracted a cold was brought before the school so that all: could hear the dry, loiid cough and knovf its significance; see the thin, white coating on the tongue and later, as,the qold developed, see the prof use i watery expectoration and thin watery disr charge^ from the nose ( " noF one of them Would ever forget what the first symptoms pf a cold were. The scholar should then bg giv£n Chamberlain's Cough Remedy freely, thai all might see -that even a severe cold could be'uured in one or two days, or t*t least greatly" dbitigated', when 'properly treated as soon as the first symptoms, appear. This remedy is, famous f«r ite oureb of coughs, .<wlda kmTproup. It ia made especially for these diseases and is ihe most prompt and moat reliable ,,uiedicine knpwn fcj tfee purpose. 50 cunt bottles for sale at Greene'a drug store. "The Niagara Falls Ro\ TIMETABLE, NOV. 20, Chicago, Lv'..... 9 00 Kalsroaaoo ...... 2 05 Battle Creefc.,,: a 45 Marshal!, Dp... AH Jackson ......... 4 80 Detroit .. ...... ••« 45 Day ,OhlC| Eal.lChlo Pac ~ - Ex.tlEx.*Ex.tSb'l* a. m. a. m. 00 6 80! ..... ID. m.'p.m 7 30i 1' 20i 4 9 35j 8 17| 7 15 Detroit, Lv 8 20 Jackson.. I'll 35 tf Okli O I I 4 AU 10 051 3 45 7 52 " '" Mblon...,ia 18 can afford tq buy them: Gome * early and get .yout choice of the ^ bargains. ' G. H. GREENE. is Believing." ., ' , - % "' ,>-!_ \-- And a good lampj must be simplej when it is'.ubt simple it isr not good. Simple^ Jjcautifut, Good—- thrie' words mean much; but to" see " The Rochester"' will impress the truth more forcibly. All metal, tough and. seamless, andTnade in three pieces only, it is absolutely safe and unbreakable* Like Aladdin's, of old, it is indeed a "wonderful lamp," for its marvelous light is purer and brighter than gas light,, softer than electric light and more cheerful than either. , 1,00k for this stamps-Tan ROCHESTER. If the lamp dealer baa n't the genuine Rochester, and the style you want, send to us for our new illustrated catalogue, and we will send you a lamp safely by express—your choice of ore* 2,OOQ [varieties from the Largest Lamp Store in tht World. - • ROCHESTER LABIP CO., 42 Park Place, New York Cllj. "The Rochester." iaUmazoo Chlcapo,Ar 7 85 p. m THE RED FLAG. [Saturdaysexceoted "Bally tSundays excepted O. W. KOGGLBS, Gen. Paau. & Ticket Agi. BBO. A JOHNSON, Freight A cent, C. R. OSBORN. TlcKet Aitent, Marshal) HAVE you CHILDREN EEHJCATE FOR - USEFULNESS? -i If eo, send them to the 2 Stores, 2 Stores. A thorough, reliable and progressive institution. Hundreds of yoong men and .women received- their start }n life at the K, B. C. To farmers boys and girls this course pf practical in*trua tion cannot be over-estimated. <We steal! be pleased to have you call al the College and talk over the matter, o.r address for catalogue. '" KRU9"S BUSINESS eO.tjUEGB,- Battle Greet, Mich SEE THE RED FLAG. •» You can aways the best Cigars at Qreene's Prugstoi^ Call und'Try, Thenfi. r,. N. C\ r wag so ba^ly afflicted Vitb for a year OF more as to be un- »ble to, wprk or go to scheol. Hia father ''coacluded to try Ohainberlai4'* P«i - on the .bo$ fiK T& so^n. ^urfidjuw, «a4 ' waee-wallwa on,e a^a'ii'fa^if;' wiles to s and back a very achooi day^ 60 cent bottles for pale at Greene^a drug store. ; ' •• , TRUSSES A full assorimevit o sizes. The best kinds and at reasonable rates Truses fitted witfeptit charge fpr flting a-t ^unog e^efy fonp-.^of . ' ' cheep and aimp.le .4e y^ Any ufie, , gorpala j» Jto ^oj»aeh, coly? and diole^a ' ia BothiBg better ttum Chaw'*. Colic, goy eale at Gteene'ig store. Children Cry for Pitcher's Castorla. CHEAPER GAS FOR TO CONSUMBI^ OE GAB FQB1FUBI..\^ , TPhe/Gas Company anaunees thQ^pllowiiag red tion iri'priQes of 0as for IxLG-HTING wherever is uaed ALSO for GOOKIJNGr or HEATING- to take effeetf on and afbftr ,' SEPfBMBBB. 1st 1892.; »4S STOVB B4;Ti!S,$l.QP per .1000 cubic For all Oaa consumed jyhere a GA5 RANGE U: used. For all g*a consumpd .where COOKING er HEAT|NGlSTOVES *r« «wed andjtha conauniption ia not less than 1000 cubic teei.. • . .. E ats for GaaiiBed for LIGHTING ONLY remaui uncUauged and;aro u follows^ )| Less than 1000. cubic, ft. iii one wont!}, $2 00 per lOOO'cubi/j ft, 5000 cubic ft. and less than I0,00a cu&iojft I J»o|th $1 90 Jier, 10$QO or over, I month $l,cjO per 10QO cubic ft£- -- i -- foubio ft. A1141ie ; *bove ruteu are subject ta a dispouut 01 10 oU per IQOO^abJw ft' when the month* bill i»ji»icl in or before tke 10th of .the month aex^loliowiug^l .__^ ._;•''.' Ttxs abovd special rates are made to induce oonsomen to use gas for ooofeinj *nd he*)iag »s well as lighting. '*',•' ' - " ProoYes The ADViNTA-GfE Cleaulmeas, now ff tie \ 4' diacaui't of ;i| v per cent will tie made fi<to|regul8!r pnjB,sB on aU bujii for G»a Pp:tur« or li-eidft piping ordered »ad complfcted |«om ' ^'.i -»' t r ' . ^ -^ . "- •'• s ^.-- '«. * *"^j.'» "I'QAO ^-^"A ^1 *tf»4^*lQ(\Q''•'*'*^~ : '~ "'ffiP'W? V -9Br_^5F ^^ ^^^* ?F^P ^P*fS? r*T^_^*^* * ^HP^^l~^i ^V<^^'^^* ^^r f f ____ WHP ^flWr^l^ ^ppW^B^WflBlfl^Tjl'^P^P*Bl^^^PflP^(lff>wHP 8|^fl^^P^^ffw '^ff^^f^^B ^^tjf ^Jirw J. JUSTICE OF THE,PEACE.

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