Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas on June 26, 1961 · Page 1
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Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas · Page 1

Del Rio, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 26, 1961
Page 1
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2-DEL RJO {Texcs % S'Fvs'S- HER AID.. Monday, June . 26, 1961 NEWS BRIEFS FROM MEXICO ; SPANISH iEXILES ARRIVE M EX1CO CUTY (AP ) — ; Two Spanish, political .exiles deponed from the United States arrived ! Sunday after being granted haven i BAGH DAD. !raq'<AP)-_ Iran by Mexico. They are Juan VareJa. ' ' • 23. cook from a Spanish steamer. Iraq Threatens Grab O -*;| rv* 1 KI * I I il-Rich Neighbor •> r - «7 , • M-K-T Trainman Dies as Caboose I 1 ' ' • "•' - : '." ' *;•" •* Heaps from Rails and Manuel Martin Prieto. 22. a •carpenter from another Spanish >hLp. ^ * » » * PLAN TRACKING STATION GUVYMAS, Mex. iAP)—Mexi- can .-ck-ntists <?eck the he)p of The government to establish satellite tracking stations nesr Mexico I'liv. Dr. Fiieardo Monees Lopc-i NO PROPAGANDA, PLEASE M E X ICO CITY (A P' — The Mexican government has askrd a!l foreign diplomatic missions accredited in the country to stop iif-in^ the- diplomatic poueh in •;i;s ether !>urpo>e than the car r>i:u '.if diplomatic document? Mas.'i/ines. films or propaganda !< nfle* -hmild be passed through i.: : stu;:is, n bulletin issued by the Ministry of Fort-ian Affairs said. , A?. f;f late, sf.'vt-ra! eases 'havt N't'n n-j»>rti'd in which a great n';::v-i/r »f corr: munis-! props K or* h- ? 0 ?' h ^K r \\ht-user ! D'ENTOS.% Tex. (AD — One j trnirimart was killed-and another ,, " .. , , , : injured V;irly fixity in a rear end Kassero told a news conference! When it ended the protectorate | ( j ( .,. rtj j ilK , ri t tt ( a-'Missouri-Kansas-' . imrtay night the 'takeover would !an week, Britain announced it :T( , Yi1 ,. flviRhl lrriir , J2 miles south > l be peaceful and the ruling sheik, would continue 10 guarantee Ku- of | lf . r< , ,,,,.,,. ftounoke. ; : Sir Ahdiiilah As-salim As'sabah. ~ wait against sgi'rcs.sion pruvi«frd Kj |f ol | ' ol '|i r i<.j,» <.v;:s Jerry Vol- C>. would be. named chief admin- the sheikdom asked for aid. : I)P ,., ,5 O f D^nison. sheik v.-i!l ea!5 on Britain to aid istrator of the S.SOO-square-iruU? Ki"in)'.s. -SO, also of Deni- an ord;i;a:xe ;..-<!;-,>• carry- comment \v:,s that "it- is Knwaifs •• output iP.i, out the anr!T-x5i:'-.jn of the affair now." Diplomatic sources : m ' 1Jlon ?)arre! -' ; in world's rkht-ot oil rvsc-rves Has- sujigested. however, that Vol[>,>r! and Franks j caboose. •'•.'. 1 KrKMiiiror II. I.. Tomimsun uson equipini'iit trouble. An eariy re- Dies Sund fi! STATE WINXEI Sand :-'co:ui - place in \\-.- c i.Hoza -.von Fire Pi-e- at Sacred Kean Academy. The poster '-.vas r-nierc-d in the junior hi2;"i and high schoc: division. " It v;a- fn ^or> peLiticn wuh •nc-i'^r.5 frcrr; c.t.h•..-;- cUies ail over tho s^te. <Ncw.s-H<-i'S.ld Photci •and 'k-iiieis h.-m- AUSTIN" _• AS'; — Sirs Mir>am '• politi.-s -.vas in ]340, four, years'^'-I s urdc-r protection <>f . "'-Ma' 1 . Ferguson, rise t*n!\ 'woman - hcioro flip death of her husband,?) 1 : >r C'uhan-dip'.umatii- ev«r c-leoitHi iv :• c as i.virernor of bin she ran a poor fourth agatrist ; " <! . c. :S!e>-f Simday si SO after Lee O'Daniel. who later bocasne"'h w ^ en '" wai farvctj out of the. ', the resources of Kuwait. ' , ranks fourth in world oil; ^ " , ;ai( , t)) .. dt . railm( , m re ~ u ] tc . d ; production after the toiled Sales , | ,, u ., sli((U , Torrentia , rairis -Venezuela and the Soviet Lmon ; f)| j(| ,,,, . llT . :j , )if . as , sewra| Jrnq s output was more than Mo , i million barrels in 1S50. ;' ".j.^ M . K . T fr<>i ,„ was , runnin<J London diplomat qm-.<- ; JV( ,,. r(1 ,,, A . p acj(ic tracfe Hl>k . h , ., K f«^J claim thai Irnq ; ,„, r Hk , h ., av 377 . „ wa , f Ji entttjed to Kuwait !«r Instori-: ; cal reasons. Hi- said Kuwait had I i been r*i-o»nized'• as iticU-pendcn! ; Ir^y the British sinc-e IS!1. .-H-VIT^! ; be-fore tSie Brilish i-stah- - IraQ as an indt-pciniiTi! kingdom after Wurkt V.'jr I, .M-K-T frcquenUy trucks in this arf-n. HEAD TflK CLASSIFIED ADS ;• a hear' a;:a.<'k. ADD MERCHANT SHIPS v ^ ^T\^' f ,.J' ',!FX]rO CITY ;APi—1 ship> is! Marled -•:•- on-.- of 'ii-Ji n-s i!i schm Nif-xicrin n Likens His Role . from the Ministry J:r o That of Pontius Pilate f tho Navy said ' Sunday.- \-ri..- ^liipv- \vii) .displace from .. r ..j ,2-<i'i in 0.5.O; ton> and vvsSl bo : :jc c .-,j ' : r'rf-'-~'i -; ',!M' f;nh' of- Mexico and -the--,,,, r - s ., -_,,% '.-iCific i-oasta! trade routes. ;na ..f,^ p.-.,. ri tifi.iri*! routes on the Gi:'lj an(i Vsr- F""" 10 ] J r:cifir coasts, starting in r ( ,vprry>r ;,n ;. Fergu- vindirat- a <ftia;or. | Ihre* former Turkish provinces <<f f Basra, Baghdad and Mosul. in later year.*. Mrs. Ferguson; Kuwait, which lies on ihc Per liv,-d quic-tly at her home in this :' sian GuJf" betwtpn Saudi Arahi;i city of her triumphs. PoHtical an- ] and Irao. signed a treaty \v>!b : thi-'onisins -A't-re forgotten in 1955. ' : Britain in 1SS3 v.hen it \va= .-icc!:- v.-jH'n more than 3O3 stale officials ; ine protection from the- Turks and l«ailer.? honored Mrs. Fergu- The .sheikdom had remained iin- >-on on her SOih anniversary. • df-r British protection sine.- th.>n Vice President Lyndon Johnson. ; mi! ir, pracrk-e had J.n»?n {•o.iuiiK-i- ihen a senator, and former F'rcsi-- irra it.? ovsn foreign rfiatiiir^"'tor dent Dvvight Kisr-nho-Aer u'tre ' .«oine lin.e. ^ aiiiont; '.hose sending congratuia- lions. Johnson &SH WINTER BLANKETS NOW ONLY 20c . .'. Snve af THE HE Lauitdromaf HALF HOUR -LAUNDRY Hv,y 90 W. at 16ih Hwy 90 E. 14 Slocks tort of Cverposi By THOMAS A. REEDY ':' 'SALEM , AP : '—• ,', {-.;^r-r> T'xii 1 .- hkvru ^ - = v H Nt-i .;S3u-h-'-y i,:' 5)... ,- Hiiier's servants front .i :nie;: Israeli judgos teanet* sc.:anr-n .-ird ;n rapt attention as EJit-h- Eurojvar. Jew*..' FI:c-h: in probed into his own ego. he •.'.as !.;ns'.'. are \i: ;h: nomai manner of speaking, prooart-r. '.ho ,i-.-.t;:;nvr •p and cart-fuHy enunciated in. au^juist! ai Heycr;-:h'? -.-r-'i-ar.i style. 5 hit led TO one •-•':. and earnest pleading. !=- 5i!.y.. of Kichmann's .testi- icmins.'^on j-io'- y opc-niri^ t-ic- '11th week of er'hJ^ia^ri'" ~^- •r=a! Jay in_ the Wannsee rcn- '"•"••"" r.Lf 1 of top level Xsz:i bureau- Keydrich. -A he ? Tr-.iiside Berlin Juir.iarv 2'.*. some oprviii;:on. success r=< that Gestapo chief quire<i ship? nr>' dretiees '.inds-r ction ,'-i the Baltimore, me day. Xov. Xeliic Tav!i.»c >'. ^-rrv-tr of V.'y- !sj*;r diroi U'.-r .of ih" SEEK FLAGS M FIX ICO CITY fAP'i— A 'move ha* b«.-en started to rctrk'vo from the Mexican fias> that no.-.ihaT-t.! iievdrich said the -•&}"?>- ,; j fc, :-o ^ ; ,> : ? •--• - "^ ?'' ~-. ! %^ ont! r^-d I had rhoaghi of s or h:dk:c-i!s but- titsl snd f?2jiriv. "t d:d my best -i hich '.vas prac . 'or: re or<i?r $i& J^iSsKfcig r$j£3JjJ£!-'^'^~- Kr.EPING BUSY AT BOYS RAiC-H- of West Texas. Jira- into ill the tuf:noii in di-iwrta- rn? seen in irw REdom plan and aater in Tr.c- ?-iadacas!,'sr r-lsn <'fr.r of Mi-dscsji-art. 1 c-oulo say .rr> ?* myself thit in .^prif- of my dt»c-r- ftiia' *-VE~ done '-vas- rio; inv do Historian Luis Montcr faitl ! iV '. he ('.as a = ked gfj\ 'crnment o':';ciai> ---'" :rt present !he request to French Prcvitfrru Charles do G'atilie. MEXICAN DROUGHT MKVK.'P CITY < ATV—Ra"ni-!-.frs" ir r.'.'.-rlirf-rn Sc::-jnra fii(.i' ih'. 1 1055 «.»r n'.ariy ra'ttit 1 because of a cr;i..iL;!-t. (i'.'spi'.e torFt-ntia! rains that sent the Rio Gratrdo -over- ik-v.'ins us hanks in the past iew days. The rains did. riot reach north •;;rn Sonora and cattle are dying ((•' thirst, said Enrique Cubillas, president of the Cattlemen's Re- gi^nal Union uf Sonora. C:ihil!a= £:a:f.e here to ask help r rrr:n the a?d H:;'<T to 1 . 1 , a JJ : ::< jr. HonoiuU! Sunday: "! deeply rt-gret the tragic news of !he passing of Mrs. Fer- Mu>'in. She was a colorful Jady and a ^ood friend." C.ov. F J rice Daniel, who w^s in Honolulu Vith Johnson, said: effort in 'Te.xns has lost one of i;s most __ distinauished citizens" and those who kw.v her have los? a dear en 1915 :ed governor. D'-irin" her first cam- A5 1 ' — Sev- paign. her slogan was "T-.vo gov- :I;-.r-i 5',j"tlay f-rnori for the price of one." ;!>!on v;; r.vo A Her her first election. Jim 'i;-.i!»r-i.?.!:-'-:ed F"rs;iisoa made vir'iualiy a!! the z Jjiir.d ap- i.-secuti'-f decisions and >!rs. Ferg;.!yon devotert most of her time •s. Kk'r;>r:v-: tri h'j:;«eiio!d cJ-jliei- in the sover- tv-L---/,.- i;rr ror's mansion. Her tu-'o .terms'as a"--3 trIJaine. governor .were m.irked by ;he :s;- ar>-} Dr.n- siianre 'of hundreds of pardons to F'ak'^-.'uzr.i!- lipisco'pal services wiiJ be held ;";; ror:.'j!ins iicre- at :> p.m. today. She will be T-•"*. - biiried in the state cemetery be"•'-'..» Anthonv «ide her f)!i«bar:d. A ,. dsushtcr. v"'.in'-r ar=ci Mrs. St'.san Watt, r.f Ausiis sur- l .'ivcs. Texas Weekend,.. Contiunued from Page 1 Johns* luntly ix.ith Del Rio boys, arc oanntr for a. kid the mother eoat~ th^ -!•';H. anooned. iliese TXVO D^l Rio bovs have proved outstand- rtsir-^- -". ;n^ Boys Ranchers and t.h?-y are 'making excellent ad- LO5 ANGELH; PR 5-3443 Thru Tuesday v /'ve ^ done Mf*M nothing wrong!" WAS rr THf TRUTH? i O*.«TA---.S CCt-Of* ty C£ LU NTO YTQN PLACE persons in a car which in a collision with a* pickup truck. The others- in the car were injured but none was believed in President Lyr.don B. =!.i. critical condition. They are the a somber " arninit parents of the children. -Mr. arid : Khrushciie-.'. ssys ihc- .Mrs, S. E. Foster: another dauah-' mier Warns Khrushchev ' — \'ice Union alone is responsible for a ohnson. in new international tension. This Picture Is Not Recommended for Children - «^Mr«g™«|^BH|^^^^^^^^^^M ^^^^•^^^^^^^^^^^•••••HMH^M Thru Tuesday SANDS FABIAN V ^^^LL ' DOG 3TORY FLAMINGO-Tonight NO RULES...when the Misfits play! Gable Monroe iCIift i IMffi : "' ter. i!: Mr. and Mrs. J. L. tirant- i.= '•' !<-y ar.d Lh^ir year old baby.; :c u Around Town . . . Ccnt;nu<rd from Page 1 V.'iiliam Fllis. 47. of Jacks \iik>. drowned in Honey CAPTAIN TOM H. McKtNNEY v.t,en his boat overturned Sunday. Jr. is sp-5.-nd:n2 a tJ-irte-day li.-a-.-e C. K. McCarthy. 47. of Houston ;/; Dei ;;;.:.,- -. <:->t!p^ his pare'".:*, drowned while surf fishing in the 1; Mr. ;.fi ' . - _- . to Xikita "Russia is trying 10 forc«-'>jhe _>?!'. iei lire- Western iiorld to reccgmfE- that" v.'i:I makv s 'Tragic mis- the partition of Germany is perrn- j" ;f n? -.rr.'i'.Tf-s^n-.sU'i Amcr- anent arid that al! our rights in s ob':ra7:c-n Lr> ih.- p'rop't and Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth West Berlin. H:ir\ e\ of Ranger. , Johnson Jorpes Lowery. 40. of Houstoni iivdicstron •'•: 'he 1 1'owni-ii Sunday while s'-vimnninC; AJrp'irt"~ "'-•/. >••£;•• n (,'.'• prt.-ss-Cre-cfc r.orth of the city, conjpic-x. '"••{ : ;'^r' : s-:-. vis i heart patient and may sS3i'ji;on tr. '.?!:.• ••^••rlr :^^v sufiV-red a seizure. In 3 bKir::h -. : . t-r;ii Far! Hounds. 38, o: Houslon Johnsc-ri ;h:-r;-ii :':•-,::i int.- Sovii't -. or extreme solutions.'' vs kilied in a car-truck collision — r >f K.'ily. fariy .Sunday. liam Kllis. ip. in the future 'Aill be- a matter of negotiations \viih East Ger- inany." Johnson said. •"I-i-! -us not i!ncierest:male > the importance of any suci- nu-nt. It v.-ill cause die ;inxit-t\' amon.e o;;r friends in Germany. It \vil! i£ive_ nc-w hope in .T.inorily "roups whit-h siill fa- ^Catholics Stage Anti-Red Rally f-rs-'-; f- tion->-; a- here for •f'jhns'.n said he had' no inten- i:<!ii of giving the Soviet ieadc-r :iny clues on future American policy. '.We reserve the right to take all those timely and appropriate actions which are necessary in McKiijney. bay near Port O'Connor. ; DURAXGO'. ?.!•;->:.. '>AP)—More our national interest, which :"iOrx-u a: \\ri-jht A rac-t'ical examiner said Mrs. - than J2.<XX> Csihoiics denion- are essential to the safety of the . . f-rv;ns v,-ijj she Vcra lirvant. 56. of San AntoniOj I straied Sunday in front of the C'a- free world, and which are consist- -i'-rri- Division. H- \\hos'- body was found in her ; thedrs! of I I.'ei H;o and a;- home early Sunday, died of an ! "Chrisiianiiy ii--r<- beir.rL the • overdose of sleeping pills. j no." j'.i^y. :.a--.r. hss '.Viinam Speck. 54. was found! Five speakers cor.di-rnned the ing a tragic mistake if he assumes hanged ir. the attic r/_ his home, j Hen doctnties ?s "ehemies of the that these principles and obliea- Mrs. To;n a nso chanting i-r.; v.'ith our obligations to our a!- Ccj.Tunisnism lies and our friends," he said. % Mr. Khrushchev will be mak- r '^<-- in Dallas ruled. Stmday. Suicide was .•"".r. 'r??^-. «.i«» : .. Sn.'i.'^'iis : a *"s! day when his car hit a concrete ter of Mr. s am: for of Mar-hail Te-.'ss ^s v-it- "». , , , • , . . ' ' T ' abutment at-a hichwav interscc- sii'T uni'iP arid : : ;^;t ThOT'a= .- - . ^ - ... " ""•'•"•• Jion m Gamesville. Dad and Daughter Drown in Rid Grande Cle;nentine Johnson, 1, of Val- lev View in Cook County, was' killed Sunday when a car hit an' embankmenl on a farm road near Valley View. : Car-.l larver. 1C, of Grand , Prairie was killed. Sunday in a illDALCJC). Tex. < AP i— >farco-, car-train collision. Witnesses. said- Villa, a Rt\n>vsa carpon'er. and she stopped her car at a Texas hii- l.".->ea.r <>!d daisahter rirfwned -•*• Pacific crossing in downtown^ in the Rso Sunday niah? Orami Prairie. The ..train caught! along v.ith an 'oriidvhtified mar, the front of the .car and knocked who tried to =avv.- (htm. The it into a signal post. . r drownings were on the Mexican Three persons were killed in *t fide of th<.- rsver. Officers said ,'ieadon collision three miles south-'S Villa probably .suffered a heart i west of \Vaxahachie Saturday.-j attack. • • '• • ; v},cy wer« Andrew Brown, a P<-' ' las Xegro, and his two sons, Don READ THE CLASSIFIED ADS > ant! Roht-rl. -. ^ • » _. _ v -j ' »i>. -- »-.- •>.«.-„ **iii,j m >jiv *i • .« i i i «<. TI, jJktiivi^iVJ »2itij ULJJl^a* church, the family., private capi- tions count for little in Washing- la] and individual freedom*. 7 " ton or with the American people. " ' Thousands- O!' Mexican f!aes •%vr-re dj*p5ayed. Demonstrators came from U".e nelehhoring slates and Sinslna. ide^s wore reported. WANT . : A CLEANER? Seethe YELLOW PAGES Qualify Materials and Workmanship at Reasonable Prices Office Supplies A balanced stock to serve the terirtory at established retail prices. The Herald Printing Company 110 W. Or**nw»»4 01.1 Pt *-»<! Monday Nighf KINS-TV WOA1-IV Chann«} 6 CBS Channal 4 NSC • 6:00 P. M. 2—Whirryb-rds ' r 6:15 .4—Co.Tiinsrit c—Douglas Edwards 5:25 -5—Aiinanac -Ke-jrsree! 6:30 3—Cheyenne •*—The_Arncricaris 5—To TeH -Th" Yru'h 7:00 P. M. KONG-TV Channal 1 AK! 9:00 P. .M. - t—Pe:e sr,c ,G!r,dvc 7:30 2—S-jrisscr ' Six " -^—isles o: V.'-'' = ^-r r:30 o—Brinairsr Up B;-dc: — 8:00 P. I\L Paraci? 0 ' ~ •*—Concei-tratic- "C> S— Anc.'7 Gr;:f::n 12:00 (C) Denotes Color Program L v — C'J-h C«nturv Theatre "A!i:iv.:!i F,->--i2! ' Il>:^5 ••4-^j.orr..-: " ' " 10:30 4— Co;::t of Last Hesort 11:00' p. Si. - _ 6- -By Line Steve \Vii«ou 5— J-.'.CK Paai Shov, -t — M:tij;iaht Nf-ws WATCH YOUR FAVORfTE SPORTS '•[I DEL RIO TELEVISiOM CAi 312 PECAN PR 5-3568 — 7:00 A. M. 2—Animal K;.T--doin ' *—Today " " 7:10 6—News" 7:15 2—Esercis.j 6—B:irns and ^ll^n 7:3<3 2—News 7:45 6—ijttie Rascals 8:00 A. M. 2—Trouble With F;i:r 8:15 6—Captain Kangaroo S:30 2—Our Misa Brooks 9:00'A. M. 6—I Love L-iicv 2—Early Show "Pardrn Mv" •5—Say When 6:30 4—Plav your^ Hunch Tuesday Dnytime U'..'(fl fi _.. Wor'd 10:00 A. S 4—Tl-.e Price Is-Riahi. iC) 6—Double .Exposure 10:30 4—Concentration 6—Surprise Package 11:00 A. M. .. 2—Gale Storm •4—Truth or Conseq. 5—Love of Life 11:30 4—If Could 3e You (C ) 6—Search' For Tomorrow 2—Lore That Bob 11:45 6—Guiding Lie hi 11:55 4—News f — 12:00 Noon 4—Movletlme "Marriage is A Private Affair" 2—Camouflage 6—Amos N Andy - 1:00 P. M. 2 — About Paces 4— -.Jan Murray Show C-Fiicc thf Parts 1:30 4— Ixj'retta Youno Th.-ator ° • fi— Party ,,.. 2 ~~^ Inn Fr°n- - - - 2:00 P. M. 2— Day in Court 4— Young Dr. Mntone C— Millionaire 2:30 2~Snvcn Keys li— Verdict Is Youra 4 — From These RooU - -- 3:00 P. iVI. — 2— Queen for «. Day 4-— Make Room ---For D:uldy 6— Brighter Day 3:15 G— Secret dtorm 3: JO 0— Eriuc of Nls;ht 4— Hero's Hollywood ... 2— Who Dn you Trust - 4:00 P. M. ?— Amrrjcan' Bandstand G— Lite of Riley •*— f-nnulv MovioMtn^ , , rt r "XleRficid FollieV 4:30 G— Popc-yt the Snilor 2— Brs! of Hollywood "Gun Smoke" •-5:00 P. M. _____ 6— Quick Draw McGraw •» — Highway Patro! _o:30 4— Mr. Mngoo' Cartoons 3:4.i 4— ; Network Programs Subjecf to Change Without Nolic*

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