The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on August 13, 1962 · Page 2
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 2

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 13, 1962
Page 2
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editorial: REVISIONS IN STATE TAX LAWS PROPOSED Hearings will be held Ibis fall en suggestions for a thorough revision of basic slate law concerning propcrn taxes. The hearings \vil'' be held hy the Texas' Commission on Stale and Local Tax Pohiey. Whatever shape these suggestions Hike after ihe heaiinas will be passed on to the next Legislature in the form ol recommendations for new laws. Proposals hy this stale-appointed commission are likely to be influential. Several general objectives .ire apparent in Ihese proposals hy the Commisrfcn They are principally Ihese three: 1. There needs to he a more clearly-defined means of arriving at property values, so lhat Ihe tn.xes on properly will he more equitable. At present, there is too much difference of opinion on the basis for value, and Iherefore important inequities. 2. Realistic practice should be recognized by cxompling certain Intangible property which is not now being taxed because it is loo difficult to do so; expense of collection is not worth the revenue. 3. Certain property taxes should have special means of collection In order to make collection feasible. In this third category, probably the principal subject of special taxation would be the automobile. As it is now, the letter of the law would require that each taxing unit—city, school district, county (and the many political agencies whose taxes are collected by Ihe county—would separately assess ann collect a tax against each automobile in Iheir territory. This has proved impractical. A few large cities still try. A number of counties try. But all who have tried, including Rrazoria County, have found that only a fraction actually pay. The amount assessed by each is too small, and the number of those who do not pay is loo large, to warrant the expense of individual lawsuits to collect. The public knows this, and deals with the tax notice accordingly. The Commission tentatively proposes that all autos be assessed at current values, with one tax collected by the county al the time ' new auto tags are received. This would be divided, with the school district receiving 40 per cent of the tax revenue, and the city, county and other taxing districts receiving a pro rala share of the remain- Ing 60 per cent. Also tentatively, the Commission suggests that the auto tax rate be set at J1.50 per 100 valuation. For an auto valued at 1.000, the tax would be J15 annually. The new proposal is the work of a state-appointed gr«ip of legislators and private citizens. It appears to be their best thinking. It is appropriate that their proposals should Mand the test of public hearings, publicized fully before and after, to determine from a wider : experience the pitfalls or merits of the suggestions. If these suggested tax changes are to accomplish what we believe '• to be their purpose, they must be examined carefully to see that they i do not stray from the original objectives: " ' j -They must not have concealed with Iheir wordin" preferential treatment for any graip. —They must serve solely to make tax assessment and collection ' more efacient, more practical and more equitable. They must not in themselves be the means of actually increasing revenue Increasing tax revenue must ba the separate decision of the policv-mak'ine bodies. , THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS EDITORIAL PACE ____ PAGE 2 BRAZOSPORT AND BRAZORIA WAR DRUM SONG THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS FSTABLISHEO 1912 ?W •*"!*» l^ *" TPr S< " Urd0y by Re¥i ' w '"''lUh.r,, 307 I. Park Ay... Freeport, Teiat. James S. Nabort, president. JAMES t. NABORS SLENN HIATH 0IORSI I. BEACOM IRNII E. ZIESCHANO Advtrtisfng Manager MORRIS FREEMAN Mechanical Superintendent I. E. HENORIX Circulation Manager MARL GLOVER CfouHM Manager PUBLISHER - .. EDITOR ADV. DIRECTOR Jim Bishop, Reporter By JIM BISHOP Might Not See His Likes Soon It is evening. Tim dishes are to approach. A good friend -of done. Dad and I shoot a couple:'"ihe, Frank Walter of Cornell, Is! of racks of eight Kill on the"' 9 . an(1 r » n 't make up his mind.: iffice pool laMe He shuffles- We live in nn nge of fearful in- nronnd in the MR leather moc-: decision. Boys no longer aspire •asins and banks the one ball: lo « "iR" Roal. They want to know i ross-side. He makes it, but it; what pays best with the least! sn't his type of shot. Kelly j "mount of study. I •omes out and says that there is! "Suppose," I say, "you can't! fan of mine standing on the ! make it ss a comic, Skip? 11 ront porch. Iniean, what will you do If pco- "Fan?" I say, watching Dad i I' 1 * do "'< think you are tunny?" lake nn indentical shot on the ' " oh '" he * a .vs, smiling modest- seven ball. "You've heard the! '>'• " lhe .V will. I'll he funny. I word," she says. "Mis name is 1 write my own material already." Skip Rooney and he's staying at' 1 nm stunned. While Ship chats, the Ship Ahoy. Says he's 13 years j m >' falher has run all the solid old and he's a fan. Maybe hei™ 1 "" 1 " balls off the table, and wants to shake your hand or: »ow Mnks the eight ball, something." I l slart racking them. "Still," Dad misses an easy one. He I 1 sa .v, "suppose." Young Mr. shakes his head and sits. "Did ' Rooney shrugs. "It woti't happen," you tell him I'm in?" I say. My ! lie says, "but If it docs, I think wife smiles. "Oh come, now. i'' 11 be a disk jockey. I can talk." Don't tell me you're above meet-! 1 non> faintly. "I'm B witness to! ing a bona fide genuine fan." i that . Skip." He shifts to the; "Send him in," I say. "TelP othcr toot as tllc b" 11 ' nrc racked j him I can say hello for a min- and Big John shatters the triangle | ute." Kelly disappears. She and Katherina Rook, our lovely house- with a hard shot. "I don't want to take up your keeper, are sitting with little! llme '" ne sa - vs - Ordinarily, I Kathleen, who has a sore throat, j would grasp at this straw, wish a temperature, four comic books l thp stranger well, and go back to | two dolls, and a jar of candy in i losin K more "lowly. However, this the same bed. y° un 8 ma n is decisive, energetic, I make my shot. There are foot- and con(idc »'- I may not meet an- steps and a boy stands in the i othpr one like him in R Ion S lime doorway smiling. He has black I "Before you go," I say, "don't . hair, small dark eyes, an infec-!?" 011 Ulink that the disk ttous grin which shows his teeth idea is a lillle 'ar-fptehed? Every- braces, long pants, a hint of dark thing depends on your voice, and down on his upper lip, and a whether people like to listen to it belt that goes almost t w 1 c e ! ever y nay for hours on end. Have around his skinny hips. >y° u 8*"" any thought to being n "My name is Skip Rooney," he | di f rect ^ , i{ i™ f ai j at comedy''" says, holding out his hand. "My Week In Business JFK BRIEFED FOR TAX DECISION mother and I are stay ing next He thinks. He looks at the black and white tile floor, rubs his chin, door at Ship Ahoy and I'm a fan and then smiles again. "No," he and I read your stuff and my i M >' s - "' rtid n't. Bllt I am now. mother read 'The Day Christ > u ' s a K 00 ^ idea . Tell you why, Mr. Died' and I wonder if you mind if! Bishop. I've done a few plays al- I stop in for a minute." No, I say, looking him over. ready—you know, school kid stuff. But if I don't make it as a comic By JACK LKFLER AP Ru.slm",s News Writer ROBERTA DANSBY Managing Editor LEROY BYRD Womsn't Editor fttORGE FERGUSON Sports Editor NANEILE H. MALLORV Office Manager "I don't mind. This is my falher, or an actor, I can always try Skip, John Bishop, this" is Skipj directin < r -" „ . .,_, ..„. . i Rooney." My father gets to his ; "It's the most creative of all," IT Pef , C ' e «ol^fiw?™ '"jvance warning of an economic:feet, shakes hands, and sits. The I say, missing an easy hanger, i June to 519.^1.000,000. jdcolme." boy smiles as he watches the 1 and scratching. "He's'the man Personal income climbed to a Secretary of Commerce Luther game of pool. His eyes are alert, i who transmutes the written word NK\V \OP.K (APi - President record annual rat" of $442 billion H. Hodges, who earlier had urged and between shots, they glance : into faces and sounds and scenes.; , Kennedy took a hard look during in July,, a .gain of S1.3 billion over an immediate tax reduction, did'at wall photos, awards, scrolls,'He takes the book and brings Hi I the week at the economic picture the Juhe'rale. The increase was not make such a recommenda-' some books on long shelves. Uo life." Skip nods. "Yeah" he 1 j that will shape his decision on due largely to higher wage and tion when he appeared before the. The kid puts me at my ease says softly. 'Yeah. He does " whether to ask Congress for an salary payments. 'House Ways and Means Commit-;at once. "Ive been thinking about i "Well," Dad says, breaking the immediate income tax cut as a _The factory work week droppedi«*• Instead, he was reported tola career," he said. "I graduated;he excuses himself, and we shake stimulant, to business. f rom 40.5 hours iri June to 40.4 have favored-tax reform, indud-: from schooMh June! Next conies! hands all around. "Thanks for He is expected to make his ver- in July. This was the third sue- ing a scaling down of income high school and I'm going to be stopping by," I say, "and give my diet known in a televised address ccssive monthly decline but the taxes. a comic." I chalk (he cue care- best wishes to your parents." Hei to the nation Monday night. ^vork week was the longest for Secretary of the Treasury: tu "y and stare at him. "Like'walks out smiling, as he entered.' Some sources saw indications Jul - v s ' nt ' e I 950 - Douglas Dillon was said to have '-'erry I-ewis," he says as an after- j I hear the footsteps go. that !he chances of immediate ac-i There was a flood of argument told the committee that wide- trmuKht. I put the chalk down.j 'Well," Day says, breaking the tion have diminished and lhat the during the week among economic ranging tax reform next year "' do Imitations already," he : silence, "the kid has nerve." President would hold to his orig- and political leaders over the in-!would do more for the economy '. sa . vs - There is adm Bv n ., u -*• "' ta * «»OCIQIWO Press. Me.n D«il» N.w.pap.r Association. Te»s Press Association. SUBSCRIPTION RATES inal intention of seeking "''taxes, effective Jan. 1. lower come tax issue. Much of the dis-;than passage cussion was before congressional! cut bill. economy . now of a tax-' ' am impressed with Mr. Skip Rooney, aged B. He has made matter March 2\. 1?52, at M,. Frseport ' - »870. 5«J!«0^»j!^^r.l cV^^cTa. 1 Try and Stop Me By BENNETT CERF FEDERAL income tax officials Kennedy got Ihe newest busi- committees delving into the eco-; The Federal Reserve Bank of decisions which college boys fear 1 ness statistics Friday at a meet- nomic situation. New York reported thai on the' «•«•"•-•—•—^^•^^^•.^^ ing with the President's Council Walter W. Heller, Kennedy's basis of early statistics the eco- of Economic Advisers, several chief ci-onomic adviser, said pros-r nomic expansion improved some- members of the Cabinet, the bud- art «conomic trends are "perplex- what in July after a marked slow- get director and others. ing and inconclusive cross-cur- down in June. It added, however,] Here are some of the reports rents" but do not "sum up to a that the economy continues to op-] he was given: crisis." He added there is a pos- ; erate well below capacity. j Retail sales in July increased sibility the lag ''represents ad- The Federal Reserve Board,' .which surveys 17,000 families every three months on their buying plans, said indications were : admiration in the tone. I sit to watch him make a shot. "Some of his heroes," I say, "are getting by on less.". . . Washington Scene By GEORGE DIXON * out lome mighty farfetched deduction claims by ^rrSo?e e ^ doftoeBr ° oki - bu - linquent came up with an explanation that hit a new high for sheer, unadulterated gall. This chap had been caught red-handed, claiming an exemption for supporting tus mother — who had been dead a mere matter ef ten years! His explanation (given with a catch In his voice): "Mother's still alive in my heart!" ^ Hal Boyle s People HAI. BOYLE Anti-Pool Party Gains Adherents Steam Table Can Remove Vitamins i VL-U' vnnt,- ,»n in- p<ll t--U %\ IUI 4JU,U,1_' In JUIV li*M " •' ! .NM\ "iORK (API-Things a with mosquiloes, the female is and 429005 in Julv 1960 'it was lhe d7rin7o± m h'[s m ''7 r ta ° W Sf ' le d r d '^ r tha " "' e ma!e ' A SU ™ y i lhe bi ^ sl lotal '° r "* month «™ '" ' op ™ h .'* ma ' 1: . sl «>»'«i that lady dogs bite people Isince 1955. T that a plateau in purchasing has been reached. Civilian merchandi-se exports in June rose to more than $1.8 Ml-' WASHINGTON — An Anti-Pool,Symington ventured Invitingly lion, up five per cent from May Party composed o/ Dangerous, near , he „, bl]t , h h rf | and the highest for any month reactionaries who like to remain .. „ . siceien, since March 1957. ' outwardly dry at formal func- mm!>0 " » K a i nst tipping them Automobile sales continued to tiaia, is stealthily gaining recruits over - " * had caught Senator !be one of the brightest facets of in lhe Nation's capital. Symington so I am sure the j the economy. In July, dealers sold I' may be a Minority Group temptation would have been Ino i 511,679 new passenger cars, com- n °w. but it threatens to grow into Rrpat 'pared with 420,03'J in July 1961 ' a Majority lhat may well menace; ~ no ™< h ~ dentst Th, in, udes two- hi of thosp ovpr 7 " two-thi 1 Uprp; a iiiioj P , 3gP ' i ' " * •as'">e fundamental mores and folk A couple of ni Sht-' thereafter toms of the New Frontier. Slate Dopartrnenler llarrinian . . . The most disturbing thing about: gave a yacht party on the Po. naie no per cent more often than do; Production during the week "'e Anti-Pool Party, which thus'tomac. Ethel Kennedy and the! m hy male dogs. skidded to an estimated 65,000 <far has stayed underground for-President's sister, Jean, were' Worth remembering: "Crime from 112,381 the previous week as ' ear ol incurring the displeasure aboard, but nobody was assisted' has the strongest union in the niorc plants shut down for the of the Kennedy family, is that overboard. i f-ict- Pre-ident u». I in i n -H • ttorld - But its members pay no 'changeover to 1963 models. Output most of the charter members' It would have been a cinch to I _ $ ' 730 ' ,.. . ,,,„,«,,in T l h<! riucs ' iUlend few meeti "K s . carry ; of 1962s will end Tuesday with an are Democrats. 'dunk a few guests they No approver of all the newspaper mergera that have studded merlield Sian el nf%i H h' no c ' ards - an( l are automatically .industry total r/ 6,675,00, second The recent Congressional rejcc-;were dancing the Twist which the history of Anurican journalism in recent years was the late Pa to takP £««!»,» T t T"' gl ' retiri ' d '' lhey are '' au S ht work- 1 only to the 7,136.496 built in the tion of President Kennedy's farm! meant that most of the time they James Thurber. "One day," predicted Thurber dourly, "we're go- '| un:n2 the Civ I War .\t rfT '"*'" 19f " model year ' and medk ' al care bills are P«»«'Were off balance, ing' to enu up with just one newspaper for the entire country- ,„.„ „* ^^ ,,?,.,'. ^LJ^L Sometimes originality doesn't St «' k . A ales Ior the wepk to ' lhat lhe last lhing 'he New Fron-i I can't imagine what restrained CHAKNTCT, KPRC-TV MONDAY ON TV Z fUTANXFT, A KU1IT-TV 0 CITAVNMi 11 KIIOtM'V I I and Xnrbn; KTRK-TV 13 QJ Nrw.i, (0 News, S:Sf> O Ouptnln Rnh Show H) Kdge of NlRhl _ ffl Who Do You Trust? 4:00 O Tlick Traeyj COI.OK Q| Mflhnlln .fncknon .Slngx (B Americnn Rnndstnnd 'iTorfl MOM~The«tr«i — "Mud ln:ls 01 '-"t* About Mm," filynl* .Inlmi, Murjnret Itulhfrford, linn- •111 Slnrtfn Q) Knrly Show — "Hlo," Baxll RBthbone, SlRrld Gurie,_RobPrt dimming* «:!lo flD Rocky and Ills Friends 10:110 0 Ten O'clock Roundup Newt, WMIhff, RporU Wrmlher, Sporli Drenm l« Your«," Pay, .luck Orion, !,*• Bowman, Ev«i Arden; a girl full* In lov* with R tempermenlnl llflr and fulls to nolle* th» prei» who lovn h«r 6:00 ID President Kennedy's address on the nation's economy KM (D Whlrlyblrdj OJTYogl Bear Atmnnno Newsrfcl «:00 0 NIMVH, Sport* O Whal'i New? O Ne\v», Weather CB News, Sports, WeMhcr i O TonlRht—llu«h Hownt, hiMt for thin week, Ph.Tlll» Dlllfr, H»rry flolden, Flcrlit Sunilerp, Allen »nd Ro«l. ,l«ck Or«y, Key d* lit Torre; COIXJB Q) Rlverbont—"Th» Night Facplesn Mi>n," » town l» controlled by m«sked nlght-rldem lino (B Follow That Man 11 M B Conntilt I)r Srothert Q| NewsJTInal 11:10 B "PeMila Brake . ' I 11:1.1 tl New-, IVrattirr fli»Wnller Cronkite, Nfws CB ABC Kvening Report t:iO IO SFK Hunt • O Redman's America — "Indians of the Great I^akes and Mississippi" {Q To Tell the Truth CB Cheyenne—"The Brnh- ma Bull," Cheyenne'n-mis- sion to buy a bull turns Into a dangerous adventure; repeat 7:00 O rrenldent Ktnnpdj-'n arlclrrm on the. nation'* economy O Visits with n .Sculplor CD Pe'e and Gladys— Gladys tangle* wilh n gang of art thieve*; repeat 7:SO O f flee I» Right) COLOR O Anthology CD Father Known Best— "Crisis Over a Kiss," Bud realizes that Betty's date is no more of a cad than lie is; repeat CB Law of lhe Plainsmnn 7:15 O Houston School Bonrd —Telecast until conclusion 8:00 O *"lh I'rpclnct—"King'* Kaiisoni," kldnnppprs mis- tnke the son of a chnilf- four for the ion of hl» employer; repeat CD Lucy — Desl Comedy itijj .Hour--"The Celebrity Next Door," Tallulah Bankhead: Lucy almost puts a -P-TA group out of business when she agrees to do a show for them; repeat CB President Kennedy'* address on Ufa nation's economy TUESDAY MORNINO flt Channel, Propcram «:SO CD Cadet Don ~7zOO O Today CD News, Farm Report 7:M CD Morning Edition Ntwi, Sports liOO CD Capt Kangaroo IP Cadet Don »:30 CO People Are Funny ~ "ilOO O 8»f Whe'n CD Calendar CP Jack Laljinne Show ' (iM O P1 • r Your H D noT r tX>LOR CD I Love Luo.) CD Morning- Movie — "B«- trayal'From ths Eait," Nanoy Kelly, Lee Tracy, Regli Toomey 10100 O Price I* Right: OOIXm CD Ve.rdlct Is Youri 10 ll* O Concentration IP Brighter Day _ ' 10 iM CD CBS New» ' 11:00 O YourFInrtlmpremlon; corx>R CD Lovt of Life CP Tennessee Krnl« Ford Truth or Coniequeneef CD Search for Tomorrow CB Yours tor a Song 1±M CD Quldlng Light ' ItiM O NBO New» Report. < TUESDAY AFTERNOON U tOO O Topper • • '• CD Nswi at Noon CD Jan* Wyman Presenti »:30 IB 13th Special — "The Other Wall," halMiourdoc- jJ:tS CD Lee Shepherd Show umentary about the attitudes of the German people, toward the Berlin UiSO O Hlghnay Patrol § Ai the World Tumi Camouflage. wall; Howard K. Smith, — narrator 18!55 CB ABC Midday Report IlOO O 'an Murray; COLOR" {D Password •CD Home Kditlon.New* • Il28 O NBG News Report 9:00 B "Japnn: Kaitl* West" —An hour-long documentary on the social, economical and cultural revolution In Japan and how the new pattern of living conflict! with the country'* traditional cultures) repeati coixm CD Honnesey—An eight- year-old refuiei to ting "Happy Birthday" »t a party; repeat CB Ben Casey—"And Evil ,Wore a Veil of Teari," Betty Field, Carmen Matthew*; two femalt patients test the skill oC Dri Caiey 1:10 Q Loretta Voting; CD House Party . , . . CP Dragnet 1:09 B Young Dr Malone CD The Mllllonairt • CO Day In Court 1:10 B Our Flvn Daughter* CD To Tell the Truth CD Seven Key* 5 lOO B Make Room for Dtddj CD Secret Storm CD Queen for a bay DAILY CROSSWORD Pa., to take his place in the Army j nK g°- -luring the Civil War. (Many draft"- ... - - - ---,. —,-w. »^» «»«-t»ii-ilci-UUJl Ll'V—• end the whole front page will have to be devoted to the name " • . , name, gesture to emphasize their Add to your file of the real, honest-to-goodness names of cur- P °II * "'! Uni " n oausej rent movie heroes and heroines — Kirk Douglaa is really Issur . ,? ' A ' hc ' Danielovitch; Rock Hudson: Roy Fitzgerald; Tab Hunter- Arthur "° ks llke ' Gelien; Red Buttons: Aaron Chwatt; Bill Holdcn: William Beedle ' ul he makef the * staff 5 i<ie . Shelley Winters is really Shirley Schrift; PKOlles during lhe swim season. - . • J --....»,»— .« i vu-jij (Jiiiiicy fclLUl H t J Judy Holliday: Judith Tuvim; Cyd Charisse: Tula Finklca- Doris T| P to <;a ^lei-ia patrons: Dr. lloU' TWiri« ir^nnntu^nr ' **""" ",.„],„., i . «„- ,_ . -. - [ As made thus [)av A ^ showccl up [m a ba[h _ taled 14,329.402 shares, down from tier can afford is another splinter I Bobby Kennedy's vivacious lady. s p " ing suit contest at the Wcslhamp- " )e l 5 . 89 ".'^ of the previous week sroup. Maybe she it tryini; to create a and IS^a'),.™ for the comparable The Anti-Pool Party hasn't pushing monoply for her own year ago. Bond sales gathered enough courage yet to| pool. If so, her husband's anil- _... v . o $1WI1,COO par value function any way but nurrepti- '• trust division should gel after her. Americans now spend SL'OO million (]urin K 'he week from $21,706,0(10 tiously. Secret members, how- : White House Lobbyist O'Brien 5 n ne^led: A ifo8U.rH 1°" Rath and T ™" is Club in a *'* J" 63 ' 3 ie's Eot an »asv inh fro « man s su '<- She didn't win. unpk a >' elan^e^.e'o?,,^ ™™..««» t ™«^'%3!*,£ Day: Doris Kappelhoff. ^ C 19W. by Bennett Cerf. Distributed by King Features Syndlctte -'arlton Fredericks, nutritionisl, annually on anti deodorants. i-perspirants and tlie P'' ev i° U! ' week and J30.569,(Jfifl ever, include such potent foes of .gave a party aboard Secretary nl a year ago. poo'hardiness as Assistant Secre-ithe Navy Fred Konh's flanshin ACROSS 1. Clip, u wool 6. Witch'* wrap 11. Large artery 12. podjre 13. Uttle quarrel 14. Thwart 16. Owna 16. Precedential nickname 17. Oriental coin 'V ^ed Konh's fla K ship,! IB. French advises you to eat early. He says Prosperity note: A private in- iJS development m the sli-fl lary o'^Male Warren G._Magnu-;ihe Swnioia. Several times hcj explorer the prolonged heat of steam tables vrsl ' Kator estimates that 'iVJ.OOO . ""' wa " the annnuncemenl son of Washington, Clair Kngle of could have caught Senator Young! 21.Hardy California, Stephen M. Young otUeaning over Ihe rail. As for i 22. Ammunl- Ohio, K. 1.. Bob Barllelt of O'Brien iiimself, considering lhe ! tion:_il«nf A _ — . ""- |'tululJ(il-|i IILrtl Ul AlfUIIl LdUICS p-"'"> ^ ....ii.uiL.T nidi ^,fl 'KHI , . . ,. .. . ,, Vi°i IDC TCI I Ik I/"* 1 1 rli l ' a:i '•ob'wxkof from «l to SO per ^.S. husbands are leading a dou- '^..V'^ S cel t-o-'P.^ H would IV_/U Kt I hi I N(-l A/ F <-™t of Iheir vitamins We lile. bullrl a I)U 8 C cold-rolled she.-l . . ^ >.. - l - Ll . l - UII>(VJ /VIC! Ni^line news: Pr'oduclion of Wisecrack of the week- "It's the »'7 H 'H ll" ^ '^^ wW «* A ' M J»: «^'^ ^«V di«*r jac->-ay te Jailed lo .rnral ,no, l|{ h| J*^^ clK-wing totecc-o has fallen of srnoolh character who usuam ', rtouble " le «>»'I»ny« <'''P- kel-hatmg Stuart Symington of votes lor Medicare, it's a wonder! hln« iound ; sharply, but snuff is as much in gives a girl a rough time "-Oscar r'L y ,"'', ° U J PU , 1 °] '. he »"?*•<•.****<*"*• '^ didn't jump in. j 2g .Matured demand as it was 10 >ears ago. Homolka. , . flei '""™ lo >'«l'"'''"' Also — and this should cause Protocol Chief Duke was mar-i 28. Formerly, a 3. Capable of being effaced i. Siamese coin 5. Sun god 6. Cool 7. Actor — Chsjiey 8.. and enda 9. Ankew 10. Medieval Irish foot •oldtor 14, Stop 16. Mold 19. Iluffed leather 20. Our planet 1 ' j -By WILLIAM RITT- Cmtral Pratt Writer AN INDIANA motorist's auto waa knocked to such an angle by a locomotive that eath of the train'B 105 freight cars nudged It to passing-. Probably a world's recordr-but certainly the wrong kind! ! ! ! Botebatt fan Zadolc Duml:opl Comments that that Hoosier driver's score was one long run 106 kite and an error! I ! ! Th» kingdom of Nopal chorgei wwildi. Mt. climlxn about $630 api»c«-n«w« item. High finance? ! ! ! On reading that already this •eason four big league pitchers Uv» toiatd no-hit games. Milt, i the sterling printer, wants to know when they started manufacturing bats with holes in 'em. i i i The South American steamer duck loses the power of /Hi/lit at maturity—F ac to graph s. From then on it takes the boatf I '. • It's been wverol weeki now tine* "Mi« Argentina" wat named "Min Univerw"—and, Old lin'.f Bonder rcriic'dies cure chapped I early Anu-ric an **"•.'""""""'' cost of the mill but indusliy Ihe While House grave concern —:rii-ii lo the lovely .Mrs. Robin! half gallon a,,.r,,l,,, , i K , y ° U l ° SOU "''' S said il co " ld lnjn as h 'K h awt °' I J ™'«-ol Angler Kiddie Oiandler Lynn near the ixol at 1 JO. Sound kw^ril 1 lo sllop ln » su P erma I'ket? The aver- as Ki milion. Duke; the While House lobbyist on n l ,.wspap,.rma» Wali.-r T Kid-' you kissr-d ihe third rail of a live' utl'.s ^ " mm " *"? ""! f " U '' Ul * ll ' a ' Kl " Wl ''' kp f '" P " 0 ' ll " 1 ' Spni ' ial AssiM " nl 'o'der's, txit things went .swimming- rail fence. Hei warned' N' Y '• P'«luHioii inoved up during I h e Prr-sidunl Uwn-n.v F. ly without dunking Die brid,;. Our quotable notables: "The av-'n,,. ,,u,o i^- ,'„„ V/.,™™,» ' L.^ ' * V ''' ek ', "' adimg 1.378,000 tons, () Bnen; the next chairman of the .Scnatnr .Magnusiai, rhainnuii a Dai- ld uain of 4.9 per cenl over the Joint Chiefs of Staff, On. Max- of the powerful C'onimercK Com- bio notables: "The av- lhe child is brought up to I* her, for at w « know, no olh.r plan.t '^I""'" 1 '™' has filed a prole.ll ' "'" 1 '"' i i t Sunbeams speed from Old Sot to the Earth in about eight minutes—science item. Traveling at .hat hot speed it's no wonder that, at this tuna of year, they hltaotordl ll was hard work for grandma i trades, to boil Ihe weekly wash, but U.S.: Nature notes: All octopus j s a i vcm u ,e railroads from pultin. i 'Itie railroad operating unions launched, Vice i obtained a temporary injunction • B. Johnson. Chesapeake Bay with a group of |in federal court in Chicago to pit- Those hidebound traditionalists landlubbers, including the Sen- ranga 32. AaUrn 3B. Nocturnal flyer M, The "Blue Eagle" 38. Ill-tempered 40. Affirmative votes «'< work Ihe bs indicate her method probably got i approach ol an intruder bisger '•. would rid of more harmful bacteria than than itself. A polar bear can sniff' today'*: washing machines do a seal a mile away. The Austral-, roads had threatened to enforce wix4 W*A Mu 000 Amencan* 1 ™ ^rt w^ I "u'm^^ * ^ °' ^"nL'^^y 1 ^ ^^' '"" •", >™\ Iheir jobs each day because of It was Henry David Thoreau -VIM. uisiriinl Ji ultejs. vvho advi&cd: "Rp nni uintnlu I 3 et lore: Among dogs, just as i good; be good d aie veritable John Birchers of alor h'ngles, the Senator Hailli-lls. anli-|«x)lsmans h i p. They have'Bernie Bralovc, and a water-hat-! &j] cvoninc* ' ( Dronounct'd "I Won' t ' a -imminglof Y.ur Poolishncss", 1 consort. I'akn An v ! and her! Mhelter 42. Kgyptlan dancing girl (var.) 43. Shabby 44. Peevlah DOWN 1. Belt n ii __ n ••IB

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