The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on August 11, 1893 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Friday, August 11, 1893
Page 2
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l^ 1 * ^''aftp^j,' ' '- ' '~-^^'' V / > ''^" '''>'' V" /''-V.?^ ' r> -i\' i ;~; ''',**" • '>Kf ' ' '' •' " ' H~ v ° '•?:.Li:•••••'*''..*•;';' Taa PAILV ogRONicLE, AUGUST ,11,1893 ' THS-'DAILY CJIRONICM of ; 4$ltTcred4 19 cent* per «r«ek received at the offlc e -nt aUo* 151 Stftte rtrest. J. M. MOSES, Publisher, '-'' •'• '"--t~-- , „ i -' . ii • i • ^ i 11_^_^ - • ' TEK'ONBHA. The Williams Bros.' Heading factory has removed to Farewell. The concern received .a bonus from the village two years ago to locate bete and now the citizens are wondering how the instrument is to materialize. The farm buildings of A. A. Doolittle.-one and a half miles east oftowti, came near being destroyed by fire Tuesday; -The-flre .caught in a meadow from a passing train of CMs and spread rapidly through the~ dry grass. Prompt atfd well directed work kept this flames from the large barns filled .with grain. , ' MiigJSalina Blue, of Marshall, spent Sunday at F. H. Cogswell's. Marshal T. W. Tucker has been after the delinquent taxpayers with his big book, dur ing the week. He says taxes are taxes these clow times.. For the. first time in many years no ser vices were held in the churches last Sunday evening. Camp meeting and the regular annual outing have called the resident ministers elsewhere. Next Sunday there will no services morning or evening., It is worthy, of remark that the devil keeps right on .grinding and taking more toll than ever Miss Battle Osborn, of Rochester, is visiting her mother, Mrs, R. Osborn. The water is v gettingso low in the St. Joseph river that the mills are unable to run only a part of the time. The saw mill has •hut down entirely until after the dry weather. O. M. Miles, the new principal of schools, will occupy the premises belonging to J." H. Lawrence on West Main street. He will become a resident of the village about Sept. H. Randall is advertising for a valuable hound, which disappeared from his kennel ten days since. ' ' C. E. Huntfey, section boss, has moved his effects into the Born house oa West Al len street, \ n F. E. Perrine and wife, with Mrs. H. Perrine and daughter Euiiee, are taking in the Bights of the White city. Miss Matie Miller has engaged to teach the tall term of school in the Kuapp district, northeast of the village. Charles Wise lost a horsu Saturday. The animal died suddenly and is a serious loss to Mr. Wise, who gains a livelihood by teaming. This is the second horse that he has lost since spring. The citizens are contributing funds to purchase another horse for him. « Our local stock buyers were caught in the crash of the pork speculation at Chicago to the extent of several hundred dollars. No option with them however,. They had pur^- chased a quantity of hogs for future deliv- Park Spoor and family will remova from the village to Union City. , Mr. "poor has run a barbershop in the village for several years and has made many- friends by his courteous manners. He is one of the most gentlemanly barbers that ever ^lied thg trade in Tekonsha and the citizens regret lua departure. Last Saturday was a great day with Avondale Hive L.O, T. M, The new hall was opened for tne first time since completion. Indies from Goldwater, Marshall and Hom- f r were present and participated>in the f es- tivities. Miss Emma Bowers of the Ann Arbor Democrat was present and made a practical find interesting address. Miss Bowers U candidate fpr Great Lady Record Keeper 6t the coming aeeting of the Great ' Hive 4 at Grand Hajpids next September. She will receive the unanimous support o! thy bivea in southera Michigan, as the ladies nave tir«d e/the continuous turmoil at Sag- iaaw ind wa»t peace. If .the ipdicatjoas »re twMrturorthy the futa» jwtople will be cleansed in Septewbef tot i^e itaaciblea re"4» private Mf*. The ^aginaw affair a «ttnOi to the ft, Q. f, jj, ^j if the ladies purchaaijpfi ' Mia. •fftih WJw . with KU^Coga well, 5?1IB^^J ^Sr V" e^^(f *^ «V.$*<|qB, 'jft Miss Daisy Eldred, <>f Edwardsburg, who has been spending "several -weeks with friends in the village and vicinity, to her home Saturday. Rev. J. A. Greene and family spoilt day with, Albion friends. H. Schabinger was elected delegate to the great camp at the last meeting of the K. O. T. M»f Jas. Sohull, alternate. The continuous drouth has proven disastrous to the corn crop in this vicinity'. Many fields ate as dead as though the frost cut it. Farmers are decidedly blue in,consequence. Two weeks Ago the outlook was excellent for an abundant crop. Wrm Dorris has petitioned the towhship board of school inspectors to detach his farm from district No. 4, Tekotisha, and at*' tach the same to No. 2, Clarendon. Inconvenience in sending to school is the basis of his request. ; Postmaster Main has discharged his dork and now handles the mails alotro. Local fishermen are catching a good many pickrel in the St. Joseph river. The water, is getting so low that the poor fish- stand no chance against the merciless spears. ' Win. Eldred will teach the fall term of school on the county line, district No H f r. Miss Nellie Batt spent Sunday in Albion, returning Tuesday evening. She will-leave for Lowell the last ot Angust to commence school Sept. 4th. • MABENQO. r . ; {. The Ladies' Aid society of the Marengo church met at'the homo of Mrs. W- 9- Pierce on Thursday afternoon, August M. After -tho usual devotional exercises, consisting of song and prayer and bible quota* tions, flvc'new members were added to the society, -which is gradually growing, At present it numbers thirty three and it is hoped it will soon be forty. A very pleasan.t afternoon was passed. Nearly all the members were present with a few of their friends making the nurhber thirty-six^; After the exercises were over several of the children present gave each a recitation. Little Miss Bertha Pierce favored the company wtyh a song, which she sang very nicely and Miss Davis gave a very laughable recitation relating the trials of an "Inventor's Wife." .Wa.wgre.glad to see some -of the young ladies present. Hope to see them at each meeting. The afternoon's pleasures ended with a nice tea, well served. The company soon separated, all pronouncing it another afternoon, well spent. The next mooting will be held at the, residence of Mr. Chester Pish on the fust Thursday in September and it is hoped every member of the society will be there and bring with her some friend. Supper 10 cents. Peaches At Watson's you can lind choice No. 1 poaches in one liftb bushel baskets ever^-afternoon. . t. \ Exchange. • Wegive^bs. flour for a bushel of wheat and sell x flour for $1.50 per 100 IDS. Feed and grain of all kinds sold cheap for <cash at G\A. Chesher's mill Pay Your Tux^g. ., Coffltneneiug-Aug. 1st, l\sball»be at the store pf S. E. Cronin, grocery de partmenf, from 9:00 to 13:00 a, in,, and from 1-.30 to 8;30 p. m. for the purpose of receiving city taxes, which must, be paid prior to Sept. 1st. = » JOHN KELLEI-, .> , City Treasurer. Pickles. Now IB your time to order*.jour cucumbers for pickles and -new Maeon quart cans. Prices will be as follows: v . 400 medium or large size.-fl; .500 email size, $1; quart cans per dozen, fQ.?5. iiqoda delivered protapjlly. ds? * CAMP BBOS, MARSHALL IMPROVED .( .(Boaday patent, owtainf ., Sore aad safe cnr*^tot ,,~ r ^^* t '*t 3* ' . ^ ," ,- -, - ' - ^/jUtV^r* >''l r ' ','-"t"^'\ •,':^- "^^s^a^^J^^^feA 3 '^-?^^-^^^^^ 5-<> jg-^ j!>, tkv'LfftosJtftair . H. demic Tenn has an in It Some of the Grand Army boys be in tetested in the following from Alex. H. >,' *&. tt. C^ Coiritnander Dept. Te'nfi. Ga.' He sayst ''We have -had'an «»t>i- c of .whooping cough -liere fStew rt, .,) ,,ahd Chamberlain's Cough Ren .'dy been the only medicino that has done ly go'od." There' is no danger f roto whooping cough when this remedy is freely given, [t cothpletely controls the disease. v> cent ottles for eale al Greene's drug street. pranhenn(<«« and the Llqnor Habit, 1'oM- tlvflty by Admtnlxtering Dr. M»loe«' Ooldeit Speclflo, It !a manufactured RB A powder, which can- be given rnagliws of beer, fccnp of toffee or tea, or in food, without the kifowledga of the patient. U la nhaolntely hurnYlesp. ,60(1 jvHl effcet a per^ niSnent and fpeedy cure, whether thfli atlent if moderate drlntter'oran alcoholic wreck. It nas been given in thimsands ot OASCP, and lu every instacoe a perfect nurahas follnwetU It never fail)*. The system once Impregnated with the Specific, it becomes an utter Imposci- billty for the liquor appetite to exist. On roe (juarantcod. 43 page book of partlcnlnrg tre<r. Address, . ' , OOLOBN SPECIFIC CO., 185 Knee 8K N •ilnolnnntt, O • Children Cry fo> Pitcher'* Castoria. ._ ANEW . Have a Kew Dress this Fall by having yoor old one dyed and made over. We color a rich green, maroon, or navy blue, when material and present color permit*, and a reliable dark brown or blaek on any faded dress ot any shade* Satis*' faction guaranteed. Askyonr banker for refer- WC«.i^rtte:fer pHci Hut L.NCXBrbwiy Dyeing iCd^ 84 RandolphStriwt, DJBtrolt,Mich. __ - ,,„.,., Physician and Su.rgeon. • • .. Office STsifioS sie St-orel • " . ' dmlSB Miss M, L.Bromberg,M,D. of women and children a specialty. Office over John Butler's cornpr Btate and Jefferson btrceU. EesJdenee M Mr«. O. B 1 . Rowley's op Ure'en Street nea ANDREW ^ CHRYSTAL, AUCTIONEER. Marshall, - Mich. Office above Messers. Perretts Dry Goods Store. AGENTS WANTED on Salary and Commission for the only authorized Biopjly of Jaies G: Blaiie, By GAIL HAMILTON, his literary executor, with the co-operation of his family, and for Mr. Elaine's Complete Worfcs, "TWENTY YEARS OF CONGRESS," and his later book, "POLITICALDISCUSSIONS."- One prospectus* for these 3 BEST SELLING books in the market. A. E. P. Jordan, of Me., took 112 orders from first 110 culls; agent's profit $196.50. Mrs. BaUard.'of O., took 15 orders, 13 Seal Russia, & QBB day, profit $20.L'5. E. N. Rice, of Mass., tbot 27 :orders in two days, profit §47.25.. J. Par- triage, Of Me.,;-£jok 43 orders from 30 calls,, profit 575.25. E. A. Parma, of N. Dakota, took 53 orders in three days, profit $98.25. EXCLUSIVE TERRITORY given. If you wish to make LARGE MONEY write hnr#o- 'diately for terms to . THE HENRY BILL **UB. Co., Norwich, Conn- GOOD SUMMER WOOD, H nt A i P ,?5 tt (t "•''" MIXED Wft«»lw became Hits, v-J ,er treatmant-l - „— ,.- ._.!»«* ***^^J#«*}» |[ illw^ipKl^^' . -">.; TIMETABLE, JUNE i . . i , ., _l._i... _...J.. _ . .^Aj. H ^ r [ KAiST. , **«* ^KS'feiufl Chicago, Lv.. Kalaraa/oo.., Buttle Creek. Marshall, Dp. Ajlilon.. .1,. Jftf.koon,. _„'. Detroit „.*'.. - n.nj. .. 9 GO .,- 2 08 " 8 ia ,., S 3S ,,. 4 30 ,t. 0 45 . T oo 7 48 8 17 S 38 940 1901 Buffalo.. «TATIOKB. p m {p.m. . * 63 7 45 r p.m. ?80 11 38 12 10 1282 18 68 235 520 a.m. B 00 p.m. 810 705 740 8 00 815 847 1045 a. in. S35 a.m. . *05 1385 ISO 145 2 W » 10 600 p. Hi .. 9 50 20? 846 8 10 8 Si 4 10 7 1ft a IB. l Mai)' a.m. iietrolt,l.v s 18 Jackson,.. 11 40 Albion ....13 3D Marshall.. J2 43 Battle Cr'kM ai ttalainagoo S 08 Cb.iCApo,Ar 7 36 VTIVAINB WBST. Day B*.t Ex.* Ex.t|8p'l* a til. a oo 7 15 » 88 M03 10.83 10 45 11 20 4 10 . m a.m. 6 30 p.m. p.m. 1 15 3 U> S 88 3 S3 4 15 4 4 ft 10 p.m.|p.m 5 00 7 84 815 8 88 P03 9 50 a,m 8 15 5 10 547 605 6 25 700 11 15 p.m. 12 BC 610 IS 86 • 1 45 ,325 7 6f. IS 10 1 10 6 60 ft.lB. Dally tSundnTg exempted i, Gen. PRBB. & Ticket Ajt. .---.* Freight Auenfc, B. U&BOAN. Tick3t- Agent. Marshall i.m 1*45 OUI104S 1121 1 OH 11 40 CmciiiMti, Jachofi riackiiai T.line table taking efieet Jun.e 30 ?898. TmlnB PMB Marshall M follow*! • : "' . ". 87, Looal?relKht ' ........7 Od-fi s ........« 4t am ....... 501 pa , • ! ' » "»*»• f . Xo. 22, Mall an "' " 84, JKrpresB..,. .... .t.i;..v.'...... 12 33 a BI " 28, JUioAMfrelglit...... ........; Jt30ft.£ All trains dally oxcept bunday. Direct oonneetioae are tnattti at Toledo and Cinolnatl with all roads diverging Trains 21 and^J make go od connexion at Mon Jfl^^th the OH. * tf and atTiegTwlth 5.6 C, ft W. M for Qrand Hapids, MuBkegon and ail points north. •-:•. ~ . • P. B. 0KAKK, den,M'E'r.« C U. WANTS, FOUND, ETC. Twenty cents a week for each notice not ex ceettlng live linus. No charge lees than twenty cones* 17>OK SALE— A good family horae, young anj t n 8 ,? n nf'i 7 i J":*" 0 ' 11 - tor particulars apply. to.C. <:. l>lehl, bieel stole, State street. l> OR SALE— A blgU grade comblnavion bky- X e}e for lady or gont . The finest wheel maoe Oood «s uew . Kuqiiiie ol It. H. Jsauderepu. I J^OH SALE— A *qnare piano, In good coDol- Uou. *or pur i iuulars enquire ut A. bkin- .ier s ehoa 011 Uamihou Blruct or residence an JUauisou street. TV OTlCK-Mre. W. L. Buck is ajjcnt lor th« XI Christ>- kiiivi-B auu wi II furnish all who wuh lliuiu. C'orui-r Mansion ai.d Alulbcrry. ' PO WENT— A very Hue and Oral class hall tu J. atatc or .Main atrset for society or lodte purpoHUf , cheap, for inference please call at llie touihwealioiuer ol btate nnU Madison sts. CHK. FHKD VOGKL, • .•' - Oeneral Agent. W HOLESALE CCTLKRY-Wanted, two , , wlttl ri -' re « n »e,i to Mandall, ku streej, Chicago. . HALE^A'H uay real estate situated on the - tiuet purl ot; btttie or Main Btieets, and ^ y a , n »Md valiiabJe propuriy, by \ogul, aouthweet corner btate ana bU., *,Q. 130- , SALB cHEAP-Xew top buggy. I Ot>T—A white cuslmieie shawl «4i« uiu, JLJ. chetol (jorder. lander will confer » £»vor leaving it at this elites. ^ J^Olt SALE CUE^JP-All sizes or hogsheada x j-ooa for tistercs ana wuter taijlia, . ln- quirt! ul JOB. Gruiuer's.bugle Brewery. ' /. .- -- *»A.LE—A cc/iupletc tut of Hldpath's hia tory-ol iha yuym, luquiie ul ims otticij. W AATtp-iajtblul eirt in--cac e . uw.- liallway lure advanced here il engagud Kncloa retereuce und se- Ve la good'o'f- with oven. . if. WJJtOJI, ^ft M •H£. Main Street VO*»«UBH,JH^ wouee. isuUry, S8J.OO inontlilv wlta * " r '• ~~ ,"'.*-"-*""',"' '-•*•• 01 l V'%* ' ' ' "'»' '^f^"'?/^^/-?-:^ _ U

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