Corsicana Semi-Weekly Light from Corsicana, Texas on December 23, 1938 · Page 7
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Corsicana Semi-Weekly Light from Corsicana, Texas · Page 7

Corsicana, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 23, 1938
Page 7
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» COSTER-MUSICA | (Continued From Page One) Coster-Muslca aald ho had "too much pride and regard for a lonely, devoted and alck wife to confide In her my Inner heart." He aald any gifts or presents he made to his .wife or members of hi* family was "not company money," and that his wife "had ., no knowledge of any nature or description of my situation or operations. . "My brothors-in-law both did as Basked them because they thought It was right and proper to do so /and trusted me," ho said. "They {received no material reward and idld so blindly—at my request." I Coster-Muslca concluded hl» death-document with the statement that "as you shall deal with my poor, unfortunate wife, her family and mine, In like measure shall God reward you all." Reich said the note was written the night before Costor-Mu- slca shot himself, that It was addressed to Reich and found among the dead man's papers. NEW YORK, Dec. 22.—<fl>A man who helped "F. Donald Coster" hide his swindling past was held on conspiracy charges today after Investigators said he admitted scheming with the self- slain head of McKesson and Robblns to ship 2,000,000 rifles illegally to Spain. Brlen McMahon, assistant U. S. attorney general, said the man, Benjamin Simon, 49, Bronx salesman, had worked with "Coster" as a world war spy Investigator and knew "Coster" was Philip Muslca, ex-convict and central figure in a $1,000,000 swindle in 1013. Simon told him, McMahon said, he provided "Coster" with his new Identity by filing fake birth certificates In Washington, D. C., for "Coster,", his three brothers, and one of their sisters, Marie Muslca Girard. Under his pseudonym, "Coster" quickly rose to the presidency of the world's third largest drug concern—now undergoing reorganization after allegations that he "milked" Its crude drugs department of from $10,000,000 to $18,000,000. Clarification of some of the problems puzzling Investigators ii expected when Samuel Reich, luslca's attorney, makes public urlng the day the text of a - left by the drug firm head he shot himself to death Friday In his luxurious home airfield, Conn. portions of the note which Reich read yesterday to Gregory P.. Noonan, acting U. S. at' torney, Muslca was said to have absolved other high officials of • the corporation of any part in juggling the company's finances. The statement, It also was learned, attributed to his three brothers—*ach held under $100,000 bail on charges of violating the securities and exchange act—the role of unwitting stooges, who did without question whatever he told them. The brothers are George B. Bletrlch-Muslca, George Vernard- Arthur Muslca, and Robert Diet- rlch-Muslca. All held executive .posts with the drug company. V ;'-. Re'lch said the note would show Philip Muslca as a "tragic and hunted victim of misfortune" Instead of the International gun-runner, master bootlegger and income tax evader conjured up by federal, state and city investigators.^ GIRL (Continued From Page One.) The discovery ended a search | that had been made through all •Northeastern states since the girl |left home In Kingston,- 30 miles faway, last Saturday to keep a Idayllght street corner appointment •fith a man who had telephoned er an offer of a job. Coroner Ray W. Greenwood aid Miss Martin "definitely was urdered." An autopsy performed at Yilght by.Jgj. G. G. Guyler, of ..Vllksbarre, ancSA B Davenport, of Tunkhannolck, disclosed, they aald, that death resulted from strangulation. '' The girl had been slashed across the abdomen and bruised. Her body was bound with a clothesline, with both legs jammed under the chin. Fingerprints .were found on her neck, the physicians aald, and these and the clothesline I were checked for possible clues. ^ Tbe'^glrl's mother, Mrs. John \Jiai-tln, ndar collapse under the | itraln of anxiety over her daugh- KJter's disappearance, was among Mjhose who Identified, the body. ""•"•ter she said: , "We would rather know she is 4ead than believe she was "to the hand* of white slavers." Miss Martin's father Is a mine : foreman and minor political figure at Kingston. The family Is In modest circumstances. PARENTS ARE NO. 1 PROBLEM OF CHILDREN AT CHRISTMAS f IM£ *##***#*# SANTA CLAUS AIRS HIS VIEWS S. Claus, genial jester of the Christmas season mechanic of the and master Amalgamated Association of Toy Manufacturers, eyed a desk piled high with letters, sighed a weary sigh and said: "So— you want an interview." His remarks were addressed to a Daily Sun reporter assigned to seek out Santa and learn the latest news concerning the all important question of what to give who and how. "Let's take the children first," said Santa. "After nil they are the most Important and they have the serious problem of par" ents to deal with." "Parents, you know — as does every child—nre the most unreasonable people—they positively refuse to understand and expect too much of the children. Of course the children know what they want but the serious problem is to convince the unruly parent that such Is • the case. Iron Headed Parents. "When a parent gets Iron- headed over some trivial matter the child has a real task cut out for him—for Instance—the only heir may make the very reasonable demand of a small, live elephant for Christmas—but do you think for an instant the unruly parents is even open for argument on the subject? Not hardly. And this poor mistreated child will have to compromise for toy automobile. "This is jus't an Instance to prove my point of what the average child is up against. It Is True Ton will appreciate the difference. Artc your erncer for Gold Chain Flour. Distributed hv McGOLPTN GRAIN CO. Phono 470 Raybestos P-G When rellnlnt your brakes always Mk for P-Q. Any mechanic can gel Raybestos P-O Brnke Lining and they are the best HEIFNER BROS. OORAOE 112 Went Fourth Avenue BUY A HAT FOR CHRISTMAS 60 Hats, values to $S.OS $1.00 60 Hate, values to $7.50 $2,95 New Fabric Turbans J1.85, $2.05 to $5.05 Scarfs, Chiffons, Satin, Sheer Wool 60c - 75o - $1.00 JCate Smalley NEtfY -HAND BAGS 112 West Collln "Then there la the little girl wanting something In the tall, dark and handsome line, or the little boy with a preference for blonds. Do you think for a moment this Impossible parent will listen to reason? Positively notl Of all things to be worried with at Christmas time, the parent Is the No. 1 worry, and no relief In sight. The parent, we must admit, Is a necessary evil. "But our advice to the children Is to humor the parents as much as possible and by being diplomatic and letting them have their way, to a certain extent, you can usually wrangle the greater part of your desires—even though father goes deeply into the red. It's worth the experiment at least." n Inconsistent. At this point Santa turned to the letters on his desk. Selecting one at random he observed: "Just to show you how Inconsistent parents are, here Is mother wanting a fur coat and I know for a fact the husband has bought her a washing machine. And yet these same parents will not understand why little Willie prefers a horse and cowboy outfit to a set of knowledge books. See what I mean? "Well—it's going to be • big Christmas and everybody Is go- Ing' to get what they want—I hope," Mr. Claus" stated as the humorous twinkle In his eye 1 came more humorous and he dismissed the Sun reporter with, "I'll maybe see you Christmas— ITALO-FRENCH (Continued From Page One) Rome, that ItaV considers the 1935 Mussolini-Laval convention concerning Tunisia "no longer valid." Officials declined to disclose the text of the Italian communication or to give any Indication of what action the French government might take. The convention assures Italians in Tunisia their right to Italian citizenship until 1965. It also defines the borders between Tunisia and Italian Libya and the borders between Italian Eritrea and French Somililand in East Africa. Although It never has been ratified by the French parliament, French diplomatic experts consider that It has been In force since it was signed at Rome January 7, 1935. They contend, therefore, that any Italian demands concerning Tunisia or French Somallland must be based on the treaty. (Both terltoritjj have been targets of recent Dttalian clamor for French possessions. CONGRESS (Continued Prom Page One) Kress will have a great deal to say on the subject. The first study of relief may be made by the house appropriations committee when Administrator Harry L - . Hopkins goes before It to ask for money to carry WPA through the remainder of the fiscal year. Even before that, a move may be started In congress for a broader study of WPA. operations than would be provided by a routine appearance before an appropriations committee. Is It Worth It? A more fundamental source of conflict than the campaign charges, and one which promises to draw more elements into the fight, Is the dispute over whether work relief is worth what It costs. Some students of the problem say the relief Job could be done more cheaply by simply supplying necessities to those unable to get them for themselves. The exponents of a balanced budget already are having a few words to say in behalf of that Idea, CIO lawyers, through the organ of the CIO oolitlcal agency, have spread word to members to combat any effort to changs the policy of providing a job, Instead of a dole, to the ntfdy who are able to work. They argue that every American who can work has the right to a job. Social security will open up the whole problem of pensions. Many men of both parties are Courthouse News SPANISH (Continued Prom Page One) The statement charged that insurgent military police had also found In the valise "a certain quantity" of Spanish money which "had not been declared." Informants here said Goodman had been absolved of guilt In the affair, but that several employes of British consulates In Insurgent territory were "under suspicion." Several Spanish Nationals arc employed in British consular offices In Spain, but It was not known here whether all those arrested were Spanish. Offllcals in London explained that Goodman wns carrying an "official bag" but not a "diplomatic bag" which would have been Immune from search. An "official bag" Is not Immune. British officials have conveyed their regrets to Insurgent Generalissimo Francisco Franco concern- Ing the affair. It was said that the "dirty shirt" Itself might prove to be n vitnl clue In the biggest nsplon- nve conspiracy of the Spanish war. British and Spanish Insurgent officials are trying to deter- mine whose shirt It was and who placed it and Incriminating papers In Goodman's bag. Englishman and Wife Held. British quarters at Hendaye, France, at the Spanisli frontier, said that John Rattenbury, messenger for S!r Robert Hodgson, Brltlbh agent Accredited to the Insurgent regime, and his wife, both English,'were among those arrested. However, the same British Informants hinted that the documents which Franco's political police said they had taken from Goodman's valise Had been planted there by the police themselves. They said Goodman had been able to establish that neither he nor his British aide In San Sebastian who had packed the bag had left It with any third person before It was seized at the border. Also current at the border was a report that the Insurgent police had ustd the seizure of the bag to cover up a leakage of military Information In Franco's own general staff. According to this report an Insurgent general staff colonel had crossed the border the week before and had gone to Barcelona with a Barcelona government reproncntntive. SEVEN Annual Dividend Voted Wednesday Officials of thr Corwicana Forlorn t Having nnd lyinn Association annourir* 1 '! Thurpday tlm sixth icmil.-ir .-•"))] 1-nnnua.l dividend of two prr cfT.t had been vot*»d at a nu-otln^ of the director* on \Vo(!n^*day. The dividend will hr- paynhlf .January 1. I.'SP n Dully qulcli tciulu. Sun Want Art for At K. Wolens iOiOi()ift:rt:Oii)iO:OiftlftiO^:0:0;ftiOiJ)!ft!ft!0;d:ftirt:rt:rt:i>:n;0:0!ftiftiO^ OPEN £ NIGHTS § Till | Christmas o OPEN EVERY NIGHT District Court. Willie Steely, et al, vs. May T. Steely, construe will, was heard Wednesday afternoon before Wayne R. Howell, district judge. Judgment was ordered for the defendant. Notice of appeal to the Waco Court of Civil Appeals was given. The October term of the Thirteenth judicial district court' will be concluded Saturday night at midnight. o >»•• <** 4» «t -O •••• District Clerk's Office. . Tlie following cases were filed: "" Deans vs. .Tesse County Clerk's Office. The December old age assistance checks for Navarro coun- tians report has been received from the state comptroller's de- parement. There are 1,882 for a total of $17,326. . Marriage License. William Shirley McCulloch and Oneta Ruth Pollard. • OU and GSM Leue. J. B. Bradley to Wm. Clarkson, Jr., BO acres of the Robertson county school land league survey, $10. Warranty Deeds. Mrs. Mary Weaver to Rushing common school district, 1 acre of the James Lee survey, $35. Mrs. B. B. Jones to Tillman Reed, two lots in the H. Bush survey, $10. Justice Court. One was fined for speeding by Judge W. T. McFadden Wednesday. The arrest was made by State Highway Patrolman M. R. Reid. Christmas Holiday! All departments of the court house will be closed for the Christmas holidays from Friday night until Tuesday morning. All persons seeking marriage licenses are urged to procure same prior to Friday night. The law enforcement agencies, however, will be open as usual. pledged for this or that plan of high pensions for the aged. But the high pension advocates have not yet combined for the support of any one plan. This division of high pension advocates leads administration forces to believe that more moderate revision of the social security act will not encounter Insuperable .opposition. 7 M O J U D Silk Stocking* That most acceptable of gifts. We suggest fur Mojud Silk Stockings If you want to give lasting beauty and satisfaction In every pair—and when you present them in thli handsome box. You'll win double appreciation for your thoughtfulnesa. We Glorify Your Gifts with Gift Wrapping Olivia Smith Hosiery Shop 108 West Collln Street Silverware Big Stock of Sterling and Silver Plated Tableware. You are invited to inspect our stock before making your selection. G. D. Rhoads Jeweler O O •» • ••• 4» •••• O •••• o •••• ••••• ••••• «• ••*•• *» ••*•• '*«!• • •••« . e^St^^^'-stefrfr.j A Glorious Showing of Gift Lingerie Robes Gowns Pajamas Luxuriously tailored or richly lace trimmed styles—the intimate gift that will thrill any girl or woman. $2.98 to $7.95 tt*sr j *^**#x##fi-'»*_ Solid or Printed COMFORTS Perfect for Christmas giving —Ideal for cold winter nights. Cotton, down or wool filled In a largo range of patterns. $2.98 to $14.95 Gift Boxed Costume Jewelry BRACELETS NECKLACES CLIPS - BELTS A gorgeous assortment to select from. 79c - 98c Beautiful Luncheon Cloths LUNCHEON SETS MADIERA NAPKINS PILLOW CASES AND SHEET SETS In gift sets and boxes. 98c to $1.98 Warmest Christmas Greetings Attractive Blanket All-wool and part-wool blankets. Many In special gift boxes. 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