The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on August 11, 1893 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Friday, August 11, 1893
Page 1
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VOt. XiYHM 208 MAESHAU,MICH*, FRIDAY, AtMSI' II JS93 •?.;<!.'*'..'» . ' ' • PRICK ttjj CENT - Furniture Manufacturers Gut- -ting Down Expenses, SHOT HIMSELF THKOTJGH THE HEAB Pure ' A cream of tartar baking powder Highestof all in leavening strength Latast U. 5 1 Government Food fto- ROYAL BAKING POWDER CO -•".;, 100 Wall Street, N. Y ' HUMPHREYS* This 'ipRECibus OINTMENT is the .triumph of Scientific Medicine. Nothing has ever been produced tc equal or compare with it as a CUBATIVR and HEALING APPLICATION. Ithasbcen used 40 years and always affords relief and always gives satisfaction. Cures Pittes pr HEMORRHdiDS-Eictarnal or Internal, Blind or Bleeding-bitching and Burning; Cracks or Fissures; Fistula in Ano, Worms of the Rectum. The relief is inuno. diate — the cure certain. WITCH HAZEL Cures BURNS, Scalds and Ulceration and Contraction from Burns. The relief isinstent, Cures BOILS, Hot Tumors, Ulcers, Fistulas, Old Sores, Itching Eruptions, Scurfy or Scald Head. It is infallible. Cures INFLATED or CAKED BREASTS ar<* Sore Nipples. It is invaluable. Price, 50 Cents. Trial size, 25 Cents Bold by Drucsl*t*> or OIL Destructive Ftre at Zilwntikee—Nggannee Vf Inera.-Hope to Receive Their Money ot Own tbo Buffalo Mine In a Few Days. .Michigan .Fairs, ~-. . GHAND RAPIDS, Aug. 11.—After withstanding the strain all^nmmer the principal furniture Manufacturers are guardedlyyielding to the 'pressure of the times. The ^els'oh-Hatterepmpaay- has given notice that its employes must submit to a temporary reduction in working hours. The Oriel Cabinet company has or.der.ed: a reduction of 20 percent in wages and the" men have ac« cepted. The Widdicomb company has laid off 10 per eeht of its,employes and reduced theVwages of the remainder; The PhdeniX; has closed its machinery depot arid ordered a 10 per cerit reduct tion in other departments. The New England is working half time. Berkey & Gay are running to their full capacity while several others are making a determined effort to pull through to Sept. 1. It is the general bpinioti that all factories will be running on full time by Sept. 1. . HE WOULJ3 DRINK. ! Jane A very llcfuse<l to Marry Gotlleb Saur ' , nml lie Shot niiiiBclf. MANCHESTER, Aug. 11.—A repetition of McCorraick's suicide at Jackson was attempted here Wednesday night. Got- 'lieb Saur, an industrious laboring man, aged 83, foreman on the large fruit farm of Colonel Fenn, became enamored of the hired girl, one June Avery, and insisted that she should marry him. This she refused} to do, unless he would quit drinking. He promised to comply wifh 1 T wishes, but on the 4th of July he became hilarious drunk and the girl refused to have anything more to do with him. This made him despondent, and he told his mother that he was going to shoot himself. She begged him not to, as he waa her only means of support, she being a widow. Wednesday night he went to the house of Colonel Fenn,,where the girl was, and attempted to see her alone, for just a minute, as he said, but the colonel would not permit it, as he expected trouble of some kind from the appearance of the mam Saur walked' back to the gate where his horse, was hitched and deliberately shot himself three times, each ball taking effect in the head, but none of the balls proved fatal. .. . - He arose from the ground where he had ^tWwffiEf 1 swoo* oalffl™H* fcNw, .and staggered back to the house, £.*££ KM D&nrtn.-. VU? ***» fre-aming? with blood. He fearfuUy i>atisg.rainta the Bide, is. While theiijnoat 4 frightened Mrs. Fenn and the.girl, who, i^Mtablaroccewiliksboea shown la cunsft ' - ..-•... .- to otner structures ana | the entire gblocK was .cpflBumed. The loss is as; lollows: poqueltfS'building, j Alexander SlclDowell, restaurant and residence, $1,200; Henry Nieman,house, 8850} William Nieman, house, $600; John Brooke, house, §700; WiHiam Paradise, house. S600; Frank Routler, shop and house, $900;M;r8'. W. E. Gardner, house, $800; P. Cotie, house, $700; Hugh Robinson, house, $800. Several cars on the Michigan Geutral track escap'ed burning.. Help was'sent f rom'Saginaw and at & o'clock the fire was under control. Most of the projf- erty was insured^bat the amount is not known.. Prominent Citizen Dies of Cancer. ADRIAN, Aug. ll.--JpBeph S. Rynd died at.hishome, south of, the city, after having been suffering from a cancer for the past three years. vHe" was born in County Donegal, Ireland, in 1884; came to" Canada when 15 years old, and to this city i.n, 1898.. Until 1887 he was employed'in .the carpentering department of the Lake Shore railroad, and in that year,he married a daughter of Colonel ;-i$U6tt Gray and settled on a large] farm.-,iu Madison."His political convictions were -always with the Republicans^ and lie was widely known iri the councils of that party. In his home had been the shrine at vwich politicians sought knowledge of the affairs in Lenawee county, and he was known in state and national affairs. He lost no opportunity to work for' his political friends and took great pleasure in see T ing them prosper. • ou receipt of prlco. OCWnBETa'lED.CO., Ul * 1 IS WWUm SU, HEW HOUR, THE PILE OINTMENT firing Tour Carpet*. . ; The carpet cleaning .works on Ex jhahge street will be open on and after March' 27th. . ' ', Go to Bonghton's for wall 1 paper. Sow stock and new styles, ' • Hubert Schelly is pi-ppat* d to do kjnds of tin vuirK, tl.op <H n you uatit the best refrjgerator on earth for- the least Buy flic .gtnaiWe Philadelphia Inwn mowrr nl Bosley's. Suffereitrfrom Piles should kfro« that th Pyramid Pile Cure sril! promptly and * f fectually remove every trace c'f thejn. ruggiat w*U gat-it for you. T ,f or ^.case^of Cat arrh, t>j Bpepeia, • qijd SleepIessneBstha'. Vegetable Cure wiirhot cure. • •'•• v,, .,«, ;':!.-;. .:.; ..„•'•• .Vegetable Cure will break • tap ;<toldir and and Coughs, L'&drti're pndlts; alter effects TreroulpUfl Weakneee of the Nerve*, ifcri'sip- und eoDttipation.- 12 oz. $1.00, = ' P S" DR. SHARPSTEEfo; Law 11 mowers puin d at JSoslev'a. sharpened and re CARTER'S ITTLE 1VER S. Nogaunee Mlnern.Havo a Hope. NEOAUHEB, Aug. ll.—Nearly 300 sum monses were served on tha Buffalo Mining company Thursday in the suits brought by the locked out miners for wages for the last three month. The totftl amount owed is variously esti mated at §50,000 to §75,000. Probably $00,000 will cover it. Attorney Mapes of Marquette, who handles the case; for the men, promised at the mass meeting held on "Council Bluff" to either collect the wages or the men would own the Buffalo mine in 15 days. JcHiinett Nell Improving. JACKSON. Aug. 11.—The condition of the young woman, Jeannett Neil, who remains at the hospital in consequence of the murderous assault by Charles McCormick, is better. She is able to be up and about the wards. The swelling of the wound in her mouth, made by the 88-caliber pistol ball, occasions considerable trouble. The girl by reason of this swelling is able to take but liquid nourishment and even that is swallowed with difficulty, attended by excruciating pains. The hospital surgeons intend to m&ke a thorough examination of the wound in the roof of the mouth as soon as the patient is able to withstand the operation. It is thought apiece of the bullet still remains in the soft palate. Uct ypu'r tin war* mended at Schelly's Sin shop. ^ Gut your wall puptir aud paints "a (•ioVi Houghum's new -store. Chafe y ou babie», ,m>ru iiippit* aiid in ilanmmtion of tbe breast iustuutly-ru- l with Lnvciular Just as sure aa hot weather comes thery will be more or le.« bowel complaint in this vicinity. Every person, and especially fam- iUux, ought to have, some reliaole medicine at hand for instant use in caao it is needed. A 25 or 50 cent bottle of Chamberlain • Colic, Cholera, aud Diarrhcua Remedy ia just what you ought to have aud all that you would need, even for the most severe aj.d dun b 'LTouB cases. It is the beat, tho 10*0 tie- liable and most succettaful tre^tiueot Ifoown and iepk-aaant to take. For *nle at Greene' drug store. . . Tho Pyramid Pile Curp U a new discovery for the prompt, permanent cure_of Piles fn every form. Every druggist has it. summer wood at f 1 7§ per cpr4 at C. t. Grant's. Headache. yet Csrtor'a LiMte HHa die ff tad pra venting thiB»o,Bpyinjic6inplaiut.wWla they olad 'CorrBC?aUdisprdMsotttosrtomach,sUiuul»tattMr liver sad wgulata the bowela. Evan it thcypiu? Cfued Acba theywoulfl ba rtat- at priceless to thosembc au/ier trom this -Hnt • -riitotj coioplixint; but forte i»tely their gvxi. •whpcncoti-r?J.H. ' ablain ao fliw tit 1^'t tKey yclU nofc ba wit j. jffut after alialclt »"^<J £s that tore is wbow --we it while t-Tf/i!llpiaaioado«. grip* OS alone at the titae, the men having gone to the barn to hitch up the horses to get-help, supposing Saur to be dead. Dr. C, F. Kapp dressed the wounds and said that the man would recover, though pne ball is still in the man's head. Mlchlguu Fairs. LANSING, Aug. 11.—The following is a partial list .of the dates of the various county fairs to be held in Michigan this fall: Allegaai—Allegim, Sept. 26 to 89. Barry—Hastirtgs, Sept. 26 to 89. Branch—Coldwater, Kept. 25 to 89. <* Clinton—St. Johns, Sept. 19 to 23. Charlevoix—East J^ardaa, Sept 80 to 85}. Eaton—Charlotte, Ota. 8 to 6. Geiiessee—Flint, Sept. 19 to 23. Gratiot—Ithaca. Sept. 8T to 80. ' HiBadalt -HUl^dale, Oct. a to 6 Lapeer—Lapeer, Sept 88 to 30. ' Idviugfatone—Howell, Sept* 27 to, 80. MtiniBtee—Onekaina, Sept 28 to 38. Mason—Ludington, Sept. -19 to 23. MecoBtar-^ffltapidsi Sept. 19 to 31. Mr*. £yvere's Fart. OVID, Aug. 11.—-The latest develop- menk in tho murder of Henry Lyvere, by John Lape, is. another statement from Mrs, Lyvere, contradicting the two former statements and acknowledging that she gave the revolver, with which Lyvere was shot, to Lape and that he shot him. Lyvere had mounted a horse to go to Ovid to complain of Lape for making threats and Lape shot. him from the horse. Uadly Inured In a Runaway. MUSKEOON, Aug. 1.1. — Joseph-- R. Brown, superintendent of the Muskegon Bocahing company, was badly injured and is not expected to live but a short time. He, was driving on Ottawa streeti when bis horse'took fright at an electjic .car. and started to yun aw,ay- The *buggy 'was overturned against a telegraph pole aud Mj. Brown was caught between the buggy and pole m eue£ a way as to jam his bpdy f— i R 1 ^*"^^^^ 089 ' ' ^ ^.-GRiNDRAPikAug.!'!.- T^^^^i^lreffi^Gfee .W^^ 8T to 8J \f^^»$SS& S^fl ,. ioldiertf home. It wiB cost il5,00tf 00.4 ^Itadley—. Stock*)" to 5, W. —Dowagiac, Oct. 8 to ;j, Otit. 8 tO 5. uionr-Stock bridge. t)0t will be erected as fipJOtt as, possible,, The to erect a, granite monument A new remedy has created a sensation tnong i bysicians by its wonderful effects speedily curjng every fprm of Piles. ia called the Pyramid PileCaiei It ia heap and simple to use, but nothing re- ve^ the disease so quickly, safely and urely. Any druggist will get it for you. CJasoliue stoves cleaned and repaired it II. Sheley'd. If you want a lirst class luush cal} on he new resturaut, Ural door west of he Tontiue. ' of Vtai»t» tut* 75c waists for 50c; |1 waists for 7C>« fl.50 waists for $L, J. 3: WHITE & Co, potatoes at Cuoningham'e. ? ; . Children Cry for ditcher's Casteria. The Michigan Central will «ll tickjsta , . from Marshall to C)^-a£o rate of eevea ck)H?r« an ior ifae TstQod trip,- limited to en under, I&49i» of fare. T%ets not ty oenlg «v. '6tb, V *haif '

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