The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 3, 1940 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, January 3, 1940
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEW THE DOMINANT NKWSPAPEIl OK NOHTI1HA8T AlMr AMQAO .„„ „„ l-»_4 f f VOLUJIK XXXVI—NO. 2<14. Mississippi Valley Under Blylhcvllle'Daliy'News" niythci'llle HernW Ulythevllle Courier Roosevelt Proposes Tax For Defense,es More Trade Pacts WASHINGTON, Jan. 3. (UP)—Proposin K new taxes for emergency defense and extension of reciprocal trade agree-' inents as a further safeguard, President Roosevelt today called for national unity to safeguard American democracy He also re-affirmed In his an-i- '.. imal message to congress his hope and expectation thai (lie United States would re-main at peace. ! The third session of the TCth .congress convened at noon and met iti Joint session at 2 p.m. to hear ,thc message—a world wide broadcast by the president of United states' foreign and domestic 0V NOHTI1HA8T ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI WUDNKSDAY, JANUAHY 3, lain policy. Practically all government, expenses, except for national defense will be reduced next year Mr. Roosevelt snld in (lie hope that "these days of Increasing economic prosperity" will permit continued reduction of the federal deficit,. SSESBI us Russians _Shll Unable To Break Through, Relrcal In Some Pla .CCS Recess Ordered Early Today Until Tomorrow; Several Cases Heard OSCEOLA. Ark., Jan, 3. — civil division COPENHAGEN, Denmavk, Jan 3 (UP) — Scandinavian news |i u n e r dlKputches today reported that small Finnish units, operating in the forest, were inlllclini- heavy casualties on Russian troops alter breaking; up Rod army preparations for n new offensive through the narrow "wafer of mid-Finland Fighting any lively artillery nre is continuing cu the Salla 'front, despite henvy snowfall. Newspapers reported In dispatches from the front but .further soulh the Russians were described as retrentliiir lowiird "--*- - • At Least 19 Die In Fire At Minneapolis Apartment Hotel MINNEAPOLIS, JViil)).,, Jan. TTUPI-AL least I'i . sous Dished today M a f,r«> 11,,,, „ f om I he mice room through the hall* tan] slnfnvmVor"ihc" l>orougli HpnrtniL'ul. hotel. ' Scores of ihe hold's 200 rosi-*- nrnls were Inipjictl wheii the flame* blocked every Ntujywiiy. Fire Captain Larry 'liuck snld 111 persons cither wore btirhed lo Jeatli or died of injurlivi received when they jumped froni sworn! third story windows Ihtd 'the Icy streets. Many were Implied In bed. Others ran Into me naming liall- .vuys where firemen found their .-haired todies. Neighbors for blocks nrouiul t'f- lorted that they were awakened shortly after C a.m. by (he screalus Neither Country'Will Maintain Ambassador Other's Capital At SINGLE COPIRS FIVE CENTS Successor As Extension Agent For North Dishicl Not Ycl Nmuec! I), ft. I.anlrlp, county agricultural ascnl. i.or norih .Mississippi comity has been iruiisfci-red us county agent lo 1'erry county with head- Uimrleis u(. I't'iryvilip, It was announced today by the stnto extension depart mcnt. Annouiicemenl of Ihc appolul- wit of his successor will Ijc imulo lei 1 In |)H. tvock, It Is understood. Ho and lik family left todnv for hell new home. One of the most successful exlcn- s on agciils ever to work In Mississippi County, Mr. Uuilrlp has m.ido M enviable record In the Ihrce .veins he served lu Mils position . of the dying nml Injured. of Circuit Court, which chao'.!c condition ROME, Jnn. 3 (Ul'J-Ilnlv nnd ' (u ' " > °< nest disastrous nr SlKW llwt f ""» onslslcnlly improved .nipted the Soviet forces all cause of the nre wns not known nrmccl""t'ha't - but he believed n boiler had p* plodcd lu the furnace room Pours Kerosene On Smouldering Fire, Is Fatally Burned 0,5: DEFICIT Jlcs Knto Kison Wooit, wifo of John L Wood WIR bnrncd to dcntli lalo yonlcrday aJ'lornbou when her clothing 1-m.Khl afire, aflor sho i>oural coal oil OH a I no d«£ fl« iU her, 1701 West Vino .street. She was 511 * Alone lii (ho housn when the accident occurred, her cries a 1 - Iractcd ft neighbor, Mrs. James Carter, who whs passing'by, she found Mrs. Wood lying near a door, Her doilies burned and [ho flames : exlliigiibhcd. MM. Wood Inpscd iiilo unconsciousness •, nnd wus unable'lo give nn nccount-or what happened Ijefore she died: nt Half Of Fisnl Y^i-'f ? D ' clock n ' s sl!e wns M "S liken I lail UI 1 ISCal leal inlo Wnlls hospllnl after Mrs, Carter had summoned an ambulance. Only embers were in the coal heater stove, which liad not exploded, nnd nn oil can was nearby us evidence of what took place Exceeds Half Of Estimated Deficil WASHINGTON, Jim, 3 <UP)- Tlio federal Bcvcrnmcnl ended tlio sl.v months .of thin Of. vllh a deficit more than half Hint vlilch •! '<! for the entire ye; Spending lo January I exceeded lo cause (he tragedy. here con- been guided by Ihc county ovtcn- . nil bclonRlnns of slon department during mis lime. Income bv~ W~023 2TO m "ibe fclcliotns Gorelkin, Russian am- i Especially oulstiuuilnij have been ury revealed lortny. ' .Mr. Nct^ that he re- S^o^ ^ft ceivcd severe burns when his clothing became Ignited at a Jollier Gulf service station and that a leak-1 ing tank and faulty equipment s caused the accident. WUs Davis, of Memphis, nnd Z«t ™° 0 V£ *™? " ft B. Harrison, of Blytheville, rcprc- Sn , . scnted Mr. Notgrass and E W ^ to dCntl1 '" Sl1 Notgrass and E. Morcliead, of Crawfordsville, attorney for the defendants, Ten cases have been set for the two weeks term with only one of these taken up in yesterday's session. Lee Wilson Co. wns awarded wanted to adjust accounts. Shane and Fendler. of Blythe- vllie, represented the Plaintiff and D. F. Moore Sr., of Osccola, wns attorney for Mr. Moore. In a case set for Thursday, the Lee Wilson ,Co. seeks from H. fense costs, the president said, but driver of a Gulf company truck, concluded that such spending must are also named defendants in the be continued. - ' The amounts asked will be revealed in his budget message Ic- morrow. Mr. Roosevelt said the social and economic forces which had been nils-managed abroad until they brought revolution and dictatorship were not identical with those AVC were attempting; to adjust at Jiome and expressed the hope that "we will have fewer ostriches in our midst." He asked Americans to look ahead and see: 1. The possibilities for our children if the rest of the world is dominated by force. '2. The effect on our future if small nations are shorn of independence by powerful military systems. 3. See the kind ol lives our children would lead if much of the rest of the world were compelled to worship a god Imposed by military rule or were forbidden to worship at all. , --_4...Sce_lh(!-effect'-on our -future • If world trade is controlled by military force by nny nation or group of nations. "Modern man," he said, "can no longer live a civilized life If we, are to go back to the practice of wars and conquests of the nth and 18th centuries." Mr. Roosevelt said "blind economic selfishness here and in other countries after the World war produced trade restrictions which blocked commerce between nations. Pro'in that premise he devoted Hie mid-section of his message to a defense of the reciprocal trade agreement program. Co-incident with the meeting of congress at noon Secretary of Navy Charles Edison asked for an extension of the president's praco time emergency powers to permit him to commandeer factory facilities to'obtain ships nnd materials. Mr. Roosevelt's message recommitted him to George Washington's policy of no entangling alliances. But there Is a vast difference, he said, between keeping out of war end pretending that this war is none of our business, explaining that without going to war we can at ienst, strive with other nations to encourage the right kind of living. ."For it becomes clearer and clearer," the president continued, "thai, the world will be a shabby and dangerous place to live In- even for Americans to live in—if it is ruled by force in the haucs of a few." National production has returned to 1929 levels, the president reported, but unemployment of millions of men and women remains a symptom of maladjusted economics, despite the fact that the number of jobless has decreased. He rejected the "European expedient" of putting the jobless to work producing excessive armaments and said he would encourage the "American way"—re-rni- ** soldlcrs had dug themselves iinlo the snow in an effort to es- Gets !iat some had such shelters. fa<« > ' , " le M '°'' c " c " Iff se " L ' . " !ls C( "" U 5' ln tllc I' 1 ™ 1 ' l '"« '«'<lBet forecast « B ro w de" Theory was advanced ihnt the ' caused the smoldering coals to ['resident lloosevelt cstlmat- """ tc oul ' and nre her clothing the entire year. ft" 8 " «>" ,''0'™' «» pll thwujJi 1 l»o opened door. She apparently Attempted to run out of-the house as her clothing flamed for she M , <Be recas « B ro w de- ack to Moscow. Goerlkln, nrrlving lo Prosper contest In which Mr. licit of J3..I20 »I3 flOO for the" cn- ere here recently as the now envoy,] Untrlp has been an cnlhuslasllc lire fiscal vonr ' ictiiriiecl lo Moscow without even leader. Each year this county 1ms t The, now'budget \vl limiting the prc.wntntlon of his won at least one sweepstakes chum- ident submits lo credentials, Italian sources reaffirmed that Rosso, Italian ambassador to Ru.«la, wns coming homo to Cars Collide On Icy Road; Woman Is Hurt Clean Bill Health" From Probers D 1 C S report" and n high Italian In- nf formant said Unit flaly had no] among Missouri, Arkansas. Tcnnes- <Jl Intention of kecplnc an ambassador scc "nil Mississippi farm families. which the prcs- congrcss this Plonshlp, a majority of tho^kim-1 week', taox^ta, to Se the esu! sai, sale contests and lias twice. males for Ihc current llscfil vein- won Ihc sweepstakes award .lor the __ won "mo , f won the sweepst county having (lie Inmost numb of farmers enrolled in Ihe contest at Afoscow unless Russia itiafnlaln- |Cd an ambassador here. A grndtintc of the University of Arkansas COIICBU of Agriculture, Mr. WASHINGTON Jan. 3 (UP> The Dies ccimnlticc'' In' n unnnlm- ' " le nussln " SOvernmciU In pre- 'Pariillon for his return here. Tlu> newspaper Mcssnuei'o, In a ljl >ntrlp wns a Smith-Hughes Icnch- schools for four became county .dispatch from Moscow, said today j cr '" Arkansas s __ '"ml Kcsso liad taken Ills Icnvc ot }Je(lre before he '- Bar Sets Tentative "Bent of Van Hurcn County. was ein|)loyed there for two years before being transferred lo 'Mississippi couiily. the company this sum for automobile' '"Jury when their car collided iminlsU or Communist sympathlz- tircs purchased and Mr. Moore con-1 with an automobile driven bv Mnx "" tended that the Wilson company Borowsky, of Manila, near' here owed him $132.60 for 321 cases of yesterday. beer bottles, belonging to him which The, accident occurred on Hieh- lie claimed.had been lost at the way 01 a. short distance south of victoria store and. that he had not '°™. when the icy condition of the pauf the he highway' caused 'both machines to' slide, it was ; saitl.' Mrs. Rodenroth was so badly hurt that she was unable to continue the trip to St. Louis, where she and her family nre moving, and they are at the Modern Tourist Hotel until tomorrow when thev Hughen, of Basset t, the amount of Plan to go to St Louts an insurance premium. Joe Rhodes i Mr - Rodcnroth is with the Nn- is attorney for Mr. Hughen and, Uonal Telegraph Directors Service Shone iiud Pendler represent, the' Wilson company. Another case scheduled Is that. of D. M. Moore against Moses Sll- man in which Mr. Moore is seeking | , C if ! **" Joins Local Lions' Club to collect $3,735.92, plus interest, I q „ n T for allegud rent due Mr. Moore by I •, K - parrett. principal of the Mr. Siiman on a building used in ] r"'!| Or ...?JS Jl _ sch °°'.' at ' emle(l hfe g used in a wholesale business since May 1, II charged, however, (hat leadership of 11 of the 48 o. ' unions "is more thnn tinged with Communism." "It is unmistakably clear," commitlefi. said, "Hint, u, e ' the Court Trial Docket A tentative trial docket for the two-weeks term of crlcult civil court opening here Monday, Jan. 15, was arranged by members of the ~ this 1934 ' as n whelming majority •olllne C. I;' 6. members as well as its president' arc sincere American workers seeking to Improve their lot in life In perfectly legitimate American fashion." The commute In its 15,000 word report fcresaiv a time scan when ' "subversive organizations would! cease to be seriously regarded • by anyone In the United States" - be.- j cause of their loss of membership and prestige. It noted that those organizations "have fallen upcn the darkest days" nnd 'despite the efforts of "Nazis, Communists, Fascists nnd Last Night's "Low" Nine Degrees Above Blyllicvllle continued to be "cx- ... Ircmclj- cold" today as the Ihcr- irnlng at the courllicuse. I alter having fallen to a low ol • i ?',£ hts , clty ' (le E'' c « during the night, wno is now-holding civil court til The low Monday night was six Osccoltt will preside over the term degrees for the coldest weather since to be held here. , F Cbp 18 , me Mystery Of Shooting Of Eider's Friend Unsolved FOLKESTONE, England, Jan. 3. about Sept. f), a week after Hitler's (UP)—The Honorable Unity Vnl- ntlnck on Poland and ulvc dnys . James H, lOWnsend, 69, _. _. "", «", s other self-styled saviours of Am- I""" yesterdav wlitn h° CrlCa ' lhat not ovcr °» c million kyrie-Frceman-Mitford, Adolf Hit- after Britain's entrance Inlo ihe rav win group hnd their wccWv lunclieun' >> "°" lc ln 1LU "snld Aryan beauty," will war. They said thai the bullet was by channel steamship tills still in her neck or head. A dan- Of Black Rock Dies'femicd at the Hotel Noble No special program was *• i » ««i »m> States can be afternoon, her father, the second gcroiK operation may still be ncccs- , for the 1 these essentially American actlvl 1 "That leaves I visitor, Paul Tryor, who" cainc here ml " !on Americans," the ccmmlttee MEMPHIS, Tenn,, Jan. 3 (UP) i from Arkadelpliia to become man- SBld , ffno " e sl11 .' a5 sound and [ m ™ a —Judge James H. Townsend, 69, a ser of the local J. C. head of an abstract business at, stol ' e Black Rock and former judge of Lawrence county. Ark., died early today at Baptist hospital of a blood infection. , snld to be seriously affected by . Bflron Rcclesdale, announced today. I snry to remove the build. It — -' -- . sllc was reported, in circumstances still mysterious, to have at- soon after Britain rccog- statc of said, and even operation may not save the "pure Nordic beauty" which enchanted Hitler, from disfigurement. Tnough It was generally believed shot New Orleans Cotton Jan Faces Battle Over Custody Pcnnoy as Io y nl to American institutions " 1MS '- Thc blonde, 25-year-old Drit- ( that Miss Precmnn-Mltford and the Democratic way of life sl ' »°blewomnn had long been herself, the Dilly Herald re sympathetic to Nazism and partlc- j that she had been shot in n Mu- ularly to Hitler, and she had been nich street by agents of the Gcs- In Germany when he begun his i ta.w, the Nazi secret police, who attack on Poland and precipitated feared that Hitler might have told Big Barn Filled With 'Corn, Collon See Destroyed And Hay A large barn on Mrs. T. J. Ma- hnn's farm, two miles north of niythcvlllc on Itisihway 01, was totally destroyed by fire lalo lost night, along wllh more than '3000 bushels of corn, 10 tons of cotton seed nnd a Invgo amount of hay owned by Henry Yotmg, who operates the farm. •' ' Neighbors,- who inw the • fire ns It brake but in the Imy-flllcd loft of the barn, drove 20 mules nnd 2fl hogs from the flaming building and all of tho harness wns saved but everything else wns lost. Origin of the fire Is n mystery. Apparently It started In the hay but was not discovered uultl shortly after (en o'clock when It had made .such henthvn" Dint It wjis Impossible to fight (lie flames. Members of the Young fnmlly were awakened by neighbors' cries. The modern barn, vniucil at $2500 was only partially Insured, and Mr. Young hnd no Insurance on its contents. It was estimated that the loss will total approximately $5000, wns found between the stove and door, crumbled into a heap. Her body was horribly burned. Funeral services will be held at Ihc residence Thursday morning, 10 o'clock, xvllh the Rev. P. H. Jcrnlgnn, pastor of the Baptist church at Manila, conducting the riles. Burial will be mnde at Maple Grove cemetery. Born near Dycrsburg, Tcnn,, MI'B. Wood was reared at Carulhcrsvllle by nn aunt, Mrs. acorgln Hooper, following the death of her parents. She had iivcd lu BlythevIHe, since her -marriage 28 yenis ago.' She Is also survived by n son, James P. Wood who lived tit home, and three brothers, Carl nud Louis Klsou of Dyersburg, nnd .Robert Eison of Brighton, Ark. llnnna Funernl.Home Is In charge. Rev. Curry Talks At Kiwanis Club Luncheon The Rev. Matthew Curry spoke ployment through greater produc- iion and income." an increasing New York Cotton open high low close Jan ....... • 1130 ...... 1125 Mar ....... 1123 1125 1110 1113 May ..... 1002 1092 1079 1081 July ..... 1059 10BC 1048 1050 Oct ...... 1013 1014 1004 1005 Dec ...... 1003 1007 999 1002 ns they ever were," Priest Gathers Data On 'Ghost' Church Causes MILWAUKEE, WIs. (UPJ-'Ilicre are "ghost towns" nnd now here Is j the Rev. Peter Leo Johnson, .iro- ' " history at. St. Francis who "collects" "ghost The pastor doesn't really gather the churches, but simply compiles historical data about them. In the past 20 years which he has pursued his hobby. Father Johnson has discovered 75 of the once nourish Ing, but now abandoned, religious sanctuaries. "Two factors have operated to I fessor of I Seminary, I churches." reported I on "Kiwanis Education" at ttw 'regular noon luncheon meeting of the local Kiwanis Club at the No- the war. It wns known that Hitler had sent her home, after many weeks under treatment by Nnzl specialists In a Munich hospital. The fuehrer's own special train, It wns reported, had been made available for her. The American embiissy nt Berlin, In secret, had conducted negotiations between the British and German governments for her return her vital secrets. A United 1'rcss Brussels dispatch reported that Miss Frccman-Mlt- ford was aboard the channel boat leaving Osteml at 12:05 p.m. (7:05 Makes New Appeal For Peace Parley THE HAGUE, Jail. 3 (UP) — Netherlands Prime Minister Dirk Jnn do Gcer made a new appeal for pence In a . i)ew. year's broadcast lo the dutch empire today. I'Tlie voices /or peace whtdh aio heard frpsi) Various countries, including Amcrlcai" must be heard also In the belligerent countries, who shciild rcnlize that it would be better to start peace negotiations now than to continue the wiir and leave a destroyed nnd powerless Europe ^o the mercy ot dark powers who would not spare civilization," he said. ble Hotel today. The Rev. Curry discussed further activities that could be undertaken by the club nnd the background of the International club. W. A. Wilson of the Arkansas- Missouri Power "Corporation office a.m. E. S. T.) and was'due here I at Walnut Rld^e. Ark., and n Ma. between 3:30 and 4:30 p.m. (10:30 Floyd of the L.-E. Meyer Company nnd 11:30 a.m. E. S. T,). She spent the night at the Osborne holtl, Oslend, and was taken aboard the steamer on a stretcher. to her own country. She hnd cross- Brussels reports said, ed the continent from Germany to • The Osbornc Hotel at Ostend a channel port. -Ambulances had said by telephone to the United been sent to British airports to Press Brussels correspondent thai await a plane bearing her, but It Miss Frceman-Mitford iiad not been had been decided finally Uiat .she there. Belief persisted, Brussels re- should come by steamer—to brave Chicago Wheat open high low close May 1073-4 1073-4 1053-8 108 July 1045-8105 1031-3)033-4 Chicago Corn May- July open 69 3-8 60 hi»h !ow close General' Motors Hit Harvester Montgomery Ward . ,. -.•- —..V,....* VU.IL^ U] OkU.IIILl.1 IU IMIItl; create the ghost churches', 1 ' he; the risk that a German U-boat saw. Some of the early churches ' might send her to the bottom of were built In poor locations nnd I the channel, were not convenient to the con- Lord Rede; national N Y Central Packard Phillips Radio \ '. Republic Steel North Am. Aviation Socony Vacuum Stucicbaker Standard Oil N J .. Texas Corp US country be- population idoncd when a | aross around it. Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS. 111.. Jan, 3. (UP)— Hogs: 11,000 Top, 6.00 170-230 Ibs, 5.85-5.95 140-160 Ibs., 4.50-550 Bulk sows, 4.35-4 85 Cattle: 2,600 Etsers, 8.55-10.25 Slaughter steers, 6.75-11 00 Peggy Ann Garner, grand niece of -co President Garner snd newest Redesdale, second holder of a barony revived after a lapse from 1880 to ]S02, spent last night at the Royal Pavilion Hotel here. He was up early today nnd matle arrangements for an ambulance lo meet the steamship which brought his daughter home. Customs men had been given special instructions, it was understood, lo speed up lor- malities. Military sentries were posted at the entrance to the harbor for the j first time since the war started. [ They had Instructions to permit no Of Business Houses unRul1lorlz(;d persons - such as vi uusiiiess nousei newspaper mcn-to approach the dock or the railroad station. the came more settled. "In other cases, shifts caused the congregation to decline In size until those remaining were unable to keep tho chuMi going." Father Johnson found one ! church building that was nban- cluster of saloons Start Federal Census The counters a suit brought by the child's father, William H. Garner The taking of the federal busl- cen- the Tall, silver haired, patrician Lord Redesdalc (pronounced Rcedsdale) of Dnll.'is, Tex,, were guests. Red Rose Girl Slayer Hunted ports said, that she nevertheless had embarked at Ostend. Since her wound. It was reported, Miss Frecman-Mltford had been desperately ill In a German hospital. Hitler, according to published versions, had given permission for her release and arranged for the ambulance train which took her to| Switzerland and on to a channel port. Her mother and her sister Deborah Joined her In Switzerland. Lord Rcdesdtile wiicl today: "I am not ashamed o! anything my daughter has done in Germany. I know al! she has done has been done because she thought It would! encourage friendship between Great Britain and Germany." Since the war started, the family had communicated with her only through the American embassies at London and Berlin. In connection with her wound, Itj ' Two-Year-Old Boy Is 111 Of Diphtheria Another case of diphtheria broke nut yesterday, mere thnn two weeks after tho seme which came with IWu deaths nnd several more cases of illness In Blytheville. Raymond Krutz Jr.. two-year-old son of IV'r. nnd Mrs. Raymond Krub. and n first cousin of thn Prevost child who died from the disease, is seriously ill of the "disease but his icmtltlon today Is fairly good. • x The Krutz child, who lives with His parents on the Harry Hearn farm north of Walker 'Park, was exposed wlicn ho played with Ills cousin before it was known she had diphtheria-. "Deems It Wise" To Cancel His Address paced the lobby of his hotel waiting ™ s "called that Czech police the arrival of his daughter, Intimate! f 011 "?. a P lst ° l ln hcr Iu 58.ige dur- i iTnitwt' ^tnln, " Wend of Adolf Hitler, against "« tlle Gorman-Czech tension lit #tssjyss£ *s sr» - —" -i5a,.a.tsja,wss »,™,™, ...o,,,,,.,»; .-is; •. -a^fss^M-^,. "=;: i _ A »,,«.„» „„«, ,-,,„« ™ SArSii'r t"" LITTLE ROCK, Jnn. 3 CUP)— Oov. Car] E. Bailey announced today that he had cancelled his scheduled address Jan. 8 at n Jackson Day dinner in Springfield, Mo. because of "dissension among Democratic party leaders in trial section of the state." .:' - "I learn thnt one faction wUl hold a Jackson day dinner Jin. G and the other faction, Jan. '8',' Bailey said.'"I wise thereV fore to stay at home." . -, ;' : Accident.Victim is v Returned To Hospital Wesley Rogers, whose arm was torn >:rom IU socket Nov. 24. by n passing car as it restei on the door ol his truck, was returned to Bly- thevills hospital today. Amputation of the arm was completed following the accident, which occurred near Cottonwood Point, Mo., and the patient was later removed lo his home but some additional surgery will be done at this time following his improved condition. WEATHER ing her custody m a divorce action, kins, listed as 6s"ce'o!a,'is choir- j parked near the dock to"lake Unity Aim, now a, has appeared men for the .Osceola district. I to n private hospital, somewhere In Mixed yearling, hplf««™no m « ti •a.urv i .' " w a PP« arw ms>n for "ic .Osceola district. I to n private I 1 ShurttE hS, e l";^ 0 - 9 - 00 ?" *^2« lk ^ and " as *««> ™ «««* which '"dude, a.l the country. , . Slaughter heifers, 6.50-10,50 _____ _, ....... t ., cla 59 7-8 593-8 59 5-8} Beef cows, 5 25-fi 2S 601-8 593-4 593-4 Cutters and low cutters 400500 iuw cuuers, 4,00-5,00 featured roles In Currently, three movies. said, she Is a week. by 'I'"" ' ftn ? Wl11 be by the personal census. Miss Frceman-Mitford did not object to that. But when the police sought to Alice (Jerry) Burns, Fort sn r n cna^ * -n stood lhaL Mks Freeman-Mitford t from them nnd I was • torn 1 h\ '"' h had shot herself nt the Munich zoo half a lon m , bc " colli •was a night clui An nrliflcial red rose was placed nude body by the killer.-^ ' . •:' i Arkansas — Considerable cloudiness, light snows in norUi portion, not quite so cold tonight, Thursday cloudy, warmer In east and south portions,'light snow in north, and central portions anrt rain or snow In extreme south portion. j Memphis and vicinity. — Cloudy ( followed by light snow or freezing | rain late tonight or Thursdaj, slow| ly rlsin? tejnpofature Thursday.

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