Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on January 18, 1935 · Page 4
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 4

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 18, 1935
Page 4
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t«A6E FOUR THE PAMPA DAILY NEWS, Pampa, Texas FRIDAY EVENING, JANUARY 18, 19S5 FRIDAY EVENING, JANUARY 18, 1953 THE PAMPA DAItY NEWS, Pampa, Texas PAGE MV3J 'DOC' BARKER IS HELD INCOMMUNICADO IN CHICAGO CHICAGO, Jan. 18 (/Pi—Federal agents worked at top speed today to put the finish to the Barker-Knrpis kidnap gang, with the arrest of Alvin Karpis, new No. public-enemy and remaining "kingpin" of the. mol) believed to be imminent. The belief that the pen-eminent Investigators \\ne closintr in on Karpis \vns busc-u on a .series of developments including the disclosure of a federal agent at Of a In, Fin.. thnt heavy reinforcements of ixpcnts had been'ECU! into that state fur a concentration near Miami. This disclosure, made at the inquest Into the death of Fred Barker and his mother, Kate, both of whom were slain earlier in the week by federal agents at Oklmvaha. Pla., came almost simultaneously with the announcement that. Arthur (Doe) Barker, brother of the slain Fred, was held, incommunicado in Chicago. At the same time another report said that they were searching gangland haunt;; on Chicago's iiorthsidc for Karpis. The activities of the federal investigators here, however, were shrouded in mystery, but there were reports that information which might lead to a final cleanup of the gang, wanted in connection witli the $200,000 kidnaping of Edward Rrem- cr, wealthy St. Paul banker, had come from three women, also held in Chicago in (he government's war on crime. One; of the women, whose name was not disclosed. wa,s captured when the federal men caught up With Arthur llnrker. He \v;u; captured recently in Chicago 'about the same time that the government men shot it out with Russell Gibson, a minor member of the pang, killing him as he emerged from the rear of a North Side apartment. The other women held were Ruth Hito and Clara Gibson, widow of the slain gangster. When Gibson was shot they surrendered with Huron Bolton, who was identified, the .police said, as the "linger man" of the St. Valentine's day massacre of seven George (Bugs) Morun gangsters in a North Clarjc .street garage- ill 1929. .. • .Q. Hungary Washes S GENKV/V. Jim. 18 W)— The HtlUK- arian i',bVernmc>nt officially washed 'its hands today of r.ny responsibility nf the assassination of Kin Alexander of Yugoslavia at Marsaille last October. Reporting to the League of Nations the 'Tcsult of investigations suggested -By the latter in connection with Yugoslav charges of Hungarian complicity, Budapest declared "The minutest inquiry shows it is impossible to establish any link, direct or indirect, between the Hungarian government or Hungarian authorities and the assassination at Marseille: and that they are in no wise responsible for the crime.' Louis Barthou, French foreign minister, also fell before the assassin's gun: Hungary, however, found several of its official agents guilty of negli- gen.ce through inadequate control of croat immigration and punished them. Two police captains were discharged, an inspector given a month's detention ujid t\(*o gen- clarniCH wore sentenced to one month's imprisonment. As a result of the assassination. 1 and tho league resolution, Hungary announced she hurl instituted a reform by imposing more drastic supervision of foreigners and political refugees, especially in connection with the issuance of passport: and hence, "is convinced she had fulfilled her duty." AUTOMOBILE AND TRACTOR REPAIRING i*. By Experienced Mechanic ! ', All Work Guaranteed W. J. TURNER £- Cor & Schneider Sis. ~&- Blocks Kast S & S Grocery •*•-< —-•...', \ M. P. 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Beads of Soap BOX9c SANIFLUSH Quick, Easy, Sanitary Small Size CAN9c MARCO BRAND PANCAKE FLOUR FINE FOR MAKING WAFFLES ill16c We Hare Them Both! Morton's 10 OS. SAUSAGE SEASONING KG.25c Morton's Smoke Sajt CORN FLAKES KELLOGG'S KEPT C1US1' AND * Kt.SU IN WAXTITE PKG. MILLER'S CRISPY CORN FLAKES BOXES FOR 2 NO. 2 CORN STANDARD PACK SWEET ALTON COUNTRY GENTLEMAN PEARLETTE SWEET CANS FOR 2 CAN13c BUTTER FEATURE CLOVERBLQOM SOLIDS CLQVERBL0QM* QUARTER^ ~ ALWAYS FRESH AT STANDARDS ID ftii IB- ill2 FOLGERS Golden Gate Plain or Drip Grind GREEN BEANS No. 2 Standard ' Cut Green WHITE KING GRANULATED -SOAP For General Household Use LARGE BOX OUR MOTHER'S COCOA THE COCOA WITH THE CREAMY TEXTURE SOAPS CARROTS RED BEANS HOMINY TOMATOES PORK & BEANS TOMATO JUICE SOAP BRAINS BORAX PALMOLIVE OR CAMAY TOILET SCOTT CO. PICNIC SIZE SCOTT CO. PICNIC SIZE ABOVALL'S PICNIC SIZE NO. 1 STANDARD PACKED NO. 1 TALL STOKLEY'S PICNIC ARMOUR'S COCOA HARDWATER TOILET ARMOUR'S BUFFET SIZE WASHING*i COMPOUND CAN CAN CAN CAN CAN CAN BAR CAN BOX YOUR CHOICE •linHii.ii AR EXTRA FINE GRANULATED IN PAPER BAGS SHORTENING ARMOUR'S VEGETOLE IN 8 LB. CARTONS BORAH FINDS-PROGRAM UNSATISFACTORY; TOO COSTLY WASHINGTON, Jan. 18. Iff) —Despite signs that strenuous efforts will be made to change major features of President Roosevelt's social security program, democratic leaders predicted today that it would go through "promptly" and essentially unaltered. Driving for quick action so states can act while 44 legislatures are in session, house leaders were said to be prepared to curb any revolting blocs by drastic rules if such a step is deemed necessary. Praise and complaints mingled in the reaction to what the president told congress was a measure t prevent and alleviate "the dreadful consequences of economic security." The praise ranged from a remark by Senator Robinson, democratic leader, that the program would "mark a notable advance in the improvement of living conditions," to the statement of Rep. Fish (R-NY) that "I hope no liberal-minded republican will find fault with such a humanitarian program of social welfare." Senator Borah (D-Idaho) found unsatisfactory the plan to have the federal government contribute $15 a month to $30 federal-state pensions for those now aged and needy. "I am not satisfied to make an outlay of nearly a billion dollar for armaments and $15 for old age," he said. The Townsendites, with their plan to pay $200 a month to the aged, legistered strong opposition. Also, a movement was known to be in the making among some senators to redraft the Townsend 'bill to offer pensions ranging from $50 to $90, financed by a federal sales tax. In more conservative quarters some complaint was heard that 'the attempt to aid the aged, pobless, mothers and children and to 1m- ove public health was too sweeping. Rep. Eaton (B-NJ) called it 'too big a does to take at one swal- ow" and raised the question whether it wouldn't "dry up Jihe^fQUn,- tain of personal and private charity." Senator Van Nuys (D-Ind) took ssue with the proposal to finance unemployment insurance by a pay- rlol tax paid solely by employers nd reaching 3 per cent on Jan. 1, 1938. He said workers should be •erniired to contribute something because otherwise "the benefits are really a dole which all self-respecting labor abhors." Famous Leader Of Labor Dies KANSAS CITY, Jan. 18 (/P>—Organized labor today mourned the death of one • of its outstanding eaders, Martin Francis Ryan, 60, who rose from an engine wiper to he general presidency of the Brotha rhood of railway carmen, and a ice-president of thle American Federation of Labor. During the world war, President Wilson appointed Ryan, and the ate Samuel Gompers, members of .he first labor mission ordered to Europe to stimulate organized la>pr activities among the allied nations. Born at Coldwater, W. Va.,- Oct. 23, 1874, Ryan had only a common school education when he started his career in Fort Worth. After 2 years, he became a carmen helper, and joined the brotherhood. He worked in shops at Houston and Beaumont, Texas. THOUGHTFUL OF HIM DALLAS, (IP) —Somebody had him all wrong, J. B. Hannison, 15-year- old negro, argued while he was her ing questioned at police headquarters regarding a motor car found in his front yard. "I was jest passin' along the tracks, and saw the car perked there," he said, "so I took it home to keep somebody from stealing it." _*^ , Read our Classified column*. 5 and 10 Acre Tract* Close in L. J. Starkey Room 13 Duncan Bldg. FOR BETTER DRY CLEANING EDHONDSON DRY CLEANERS PHONES 844 606 PLANT OFFICE 2200 Adams Hotel W. Alcock Building DR. G. C. BRUCE SPECIALIST Practice limited to tbe trc*tRl«9t of Genlto-Urinary, Blood find Skin Diseases, Formerly of Hot Sprint* Ar- hansas »nd An^riUo, (19 yew»

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