The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on December 17, 1892 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 17, 1892
Page 1
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' I VOL XIY-NO10G MARSHALL, IIC&, SATURDAY DEC»BER 17,1892.' PRICE TWO CENTS' ABB MUM. BJalne's Physicians Refuse •^ jAnswer Any Questions. to LATEST HEWS fBOMTfiB SIOK BOOM Absolutely Pure. •' * A cream of tartar baking powder Highestof all in leavening strength Lafett Uk S*' Government food Re- ROYAL BAKING POWDER CO . , 10a Wall Street, N. Y, t * •. W* will ptjr Ike above reward for any case o Liver Complaint, Dyspepsia', 8 loir Headache, I n dinstlOB, OoBBtlpatton or Gositreiiese we can MVonrV with Weal's Vegetable, Liter Pill* when the directions are strictly complied with. . purely Vegetable and tierer tall to give satisfaction: BBrat coated, targe boxes containing 90 pllla, 23, cents, iBeware of counterfeit! and imitation*. Tbe genuine manufactured bf THE JOHN C. TfEST XSQMPANt; Chicago, 111. For. sale by A. O. Hyde, Marshall, Mich. • A Cnaranteed Core for Piles of what kind < degree—External, Internal, Blind or Bleeding, Itching, Chronic, Keoent or Hereditary. This remedy hat positively never been known to fall, 11.QO a box, 6 Boxen tor $5.00; sent by mail prepaid on receipt of prioe> A written Guarantee positively given to each purchaser of 6 boxes, when purchased at one lime, to refund the $5.00 paid If not cared. Guarantee issued by A. O. Ayde, MaMbaU, Mich. Call for sample. Health PS. B. 0. WJIT'S NKB-TB A»D BBJLIM TBBAT- IOCHT, a guaranteed apeoiflo for Hysteria, Plzn-' n*u, CoBTnlilooa,-Fita, t?ervaiw 'Neuralgia, Hsadcna, Nervous Prostration, caosed by the use alcohol or tobacco, Wakefubieea, Mental De- The Invalid Declared by Hit Son To BA i Better—Becent Report* and Facts Ro- rlew«d—The Question of Bellglon—Mr*. Blalne's Statement—An • Explanation of the Visits of Priest and Cardlnal-i-Oov- ernment Attain—The Monetary O tt «»' v tlon—Supreme Court Minority Opinion on the Lake front Case. • . ' WASHINGTON, Dec. n.—There were many disquieting reports last evening regarding Mr. Blaine's condition, but James O. Blaine, Jr., announced that his father was better. Mr. Blame's physicians refused to answer questions as to whether Mr. Blaine was better or worse, -the fact seems to be that Mr* BlaWe's condition remains about- the same as for the post week. He is very ill and for two or three days has been seriously no. That he is-indange/! of Immediate" death neither his physicians nor the members of the family will admit. He has received no visitors since Monday last, no one but the doctors and members of the family being'permitted to see htm. Last night the lower part of the house was closed, but up-stalra, where are the parlor and bedrooms, \be shutters were open and a .bright light shone through! the windows of all the rooms. There were no carriages before the door and no Indications of anything unusual occurring. . .. Some* Comment* on the Case. WASHINGTON, Dee; .17,—rAH the worry that has been felt over and over again at different times during the lastIwooFtntGB years about the health of Mr. Blaine was renewed Thursday by the publication of the dispatch reporting his illness t^have token a serious turn and suggesting .the probability that he would^ not recover from this last severe attack. ' While the report startled many persons and started every body talking it created no surprise. The illness of Mr. BLaine has been a topic of daily conversation, kept alive by small paragraphs alternately announcing that he was worse or better. As fast as the reports appeared stating. that he was really ill announcement has been made from his door that he was not so ill as stated, or that he was better, or in a fairway to recovery and removal ;to a more benign climate. "'•• Confirmatory Scraps of History.. ~ Now that the statement has, been mode that he is not merely* confined to his room by a slight indisposition, many small contributory ifcraps.of the history of'his case ore being beard and they are all interesting in (Spnfirming the assertion that he is much more dangerously ill than hei'has: been since bis pr.ostrBtioni pn his wa is'.not t|ie . 'hfb ; Mr.: Blaine has entered the' Ranjan^ciathblip church, and tnat'ndtnitog cpultl lie,, ixifthcr fronl his tlJouj^ht-OF 'iflt^nti'otli. % .i£,*"sh'0iild be needless tb state tnat 'iFaehei; 35iic^ iias •never been at the hdtiBe*'' This 1<» sijiried by Jam ea G, Blaine, Jr. -. ' ; - : -And yet. tn&ie:; are» i naif ttcften"reports positively stating that Father Ducej has been seen going into and coming from 'the Blaine mansion. It is said that Cardinal Gibbons has also visited the family, aud it will be noticed that this is'not denied. An Explanation from Haltluiore. , Itlooksjufiifcalittte as though it was no outsider's busiuessf "his reverence" the priest, In ''his eminence" the cardinal, did visit the Blaine family, but the question where the line shall be drawn between what Is public property and what private right In such matters has not been settled. The public is interested i'n this matter and hero is an explanation from Baltimore that looks plausible, at least. A well inf orinwt Roman Catholic of that city says'that the assistance of "the two churchman is being invoked to secure a reconciliation between James Q: Blaine, Jr. and his divorced wife, It will be remembered that. Father Ducey played .» conspicuous part in this'unhappy matrimonial alliance.';" Ho married • the couple and the -ex-secretary has held him responsible for the trouble resulting. Reconciliation of the YOUIIJJ Couple.. "A few months ago the statesman wrote a long letter scoring Father Ducey -for his part In the marriage and divided the blame between the priest and the bride. , The unfortunate marriage has'beeji, a source of constant sorrow to the Plumed Knight and the* closing act in the matrimonial drama which saw the legal separation of his son brought him increased pain. Father Ducey has been the clerical adviser of Mrs.'James G. Blaine, Jr., who is a Catholic. Father Ducey was opposed to the divorce'' proceedings and Mrs. Blaine, Jr,, was not entirely in sympathy with the idea of violating a rule of her church. The senior 131aine, I have reason to believe, would prefer before he dies, to. see his only son reconciled to his wife, and for that reason he asked the intercession of diual Gibbous aud B'ather Ducey. -Tour Taxes. '. ;' .it tnte store bfE. fc. moDs.'dn Monday, Friday , drid "drrtay o{ "each week daring Deceip.ber 'fbf'-'.ttie- purpose of t&cfeivia#~. stajte, aounty andMsphpbi taxes. • '* • • ....... •:•' E. S, ti£Wis, City. Treasurer .•> We Chfry. a full HtSe. si PinftWe & Sniitn^ A. 4 |'p. McGfaw & Co.'* and Kennard & Sptf's tine stfoeSi •', .,"••• ,'•"(*RACE BKOS. We, the u.ndersigneti, ,ao agree to close our m^tF&eta Sundays Troin Dec. 1st, 1892 to May 1st, 189$. Also close-ut «ight o'clock during the week, except Saturday's. B.C. TALMADGE. P , .... . E. Pi JANUKLI.. .... J. S. Cox, Ju. JOHN HBBTBOBN. CrEO. CO1-UN3, . j K. Marshall, liov. 80th, 1803. WHERE IS JAY GOULD? :f resslpn, Softening of the Brain reiultlng In . to- ssalty and Tes.dlnK to MUery, decajc, and death, PrematareOfc} Age, Barreness, Low of power is either aex, Inroluo taty Jjoasea *nd Spermator- rhaa ewued by over-exertion of the brain, self *bnso over.lndulgence. Baoh box ^oot«.lo« one treAtniefltr gl.UO * box; or: *lx bbtet ftt tS.OO> seat fey nail prepaid 09 rsceipt of price , ttri GUARANTEE SIX BOXES Vo COM any case. W'lth each order received by u for six bates, accounted wit)» {5.00, we wf th«,parahaaer oar written guarantee to re fund tfie money U the treatment does ixot effec core. Guaranteesissued o»iy by A. O. 'Hyde ' \ and apJe Agent Marshall. Mien, * * B^oommended tor Cos- tot, auppor* and Kn» Forw.anacoinblnosth» "Tapws IJACKSON P AV ^ftCvW/U^T ' iijBsxicUirern by wpn»en ugtible to |(arqMnt Washington to-Bar Harbor two years ago. Among the friends of Mr. Blame there doe^ not appear to be one in Washington who lias been permitted within a fortnight to see him, although he has been reported as "sitting Tipi'f as "fiplding c^perfui conver; sation with'friends,'' doing a little work pn- th« book he has begun, and answering "letters that nave been neglected. '' Sodden Illamina>tlo]i, at Night. Ad indicatiSn of the state of -watchfulness kept up At Mr. Blaine's mausipn was given early yesterday morning'. At 'A o'clock there were only two lights in the Blaine mansion, one in, the back xoojta jg% ' -- - ~ - - fithe rear of '"" gas -was,; bright on ^blrd floor and (he shadows of the ftiound. th«-"rqoirj$f cpuW be seen. If In Hean-ii One Minister S«cm» to Think u Mistake HusMIfceu Made. WASjitixuTOtJ, Dec. 17.— Friuik liatton- does not like the way Rev. W. K, Goodwin, of Chicago, spoke io-- uis sermon -last Sunday about Jay Qould, He quotes in the Washington Post the ' following paragraph 'from the sernjon: "If Jay Gould is in heaven— I don't believe he Is, butJibe may be, for. thp ways of God are strangb— jf Jay Gould ia.^n heliwu he must be Iqinlely, for there is^one there to welfcome him; not one whose last hours were made brighter by his generosity or care."- : ~ • .-", '• < • " . ' ' •. gays »*Ciooa Word, for the Conrte<uncfl. . ... -Jiatton t&en comments 'tlius: "In other wonK if Jay Gt/told is in heaven Dr._t>ood- win will be somewhat cjisappqiuted in, God. The clergymen who indulge in this flippant ( sort of rubbish must not only have a strange misconception of their ministerial, Uuty, but, ipf this case, unpardonable ig- apranceof the life and character of the man whom they take sjp-,mucii" pleasure in assigning to everlasting .perdition; of a man whose private . life was vyithout reproach, whose, charities were >nu.inerQus, if apt pretentious, and whose daily wiili and conversation •wereAconstaBt and cpn- spicuous' illustration ot ull the ylrtuea.'* v, ' Thiit I can get a respouaible tena'nt for a tertn of years 1 .wil'l build a store on'my lot corner Suto uml J^ileriou streets. * Will build to tfuit neuds'of tenant. Address ' LOUIS STBAUSS.CHj Men's Furnisher, %ltU3 Creek. Mich. "' ^^^ ' » •vl Rl\ S TAR SOAP Healthful, Agreeable, Cleansing, . •'•? •- . . •. Cures Qhapped. ¥(axulSj Wounds, Buzna, Etc. nd Preventa Dandruff. a »23,OOft-JMJ»take. CmcAGb',Dea IT.^Johti" JT JfcCafferty, the owner, traiu^r and jockey, has received^ atelegra,m fi-piu his stable's winter quarters at Qolumbus, Ga.j,to the effect that •• ~ ' "''--- Rees had Deceived iu- e had to his -colt BWtoe, W reply to thewany let- «wnou» inquiry berOn taissub penson, the,. Ait half. ol~-E^et to ', revenue-receipts £ar and tha actiLyityoJt tb.e inn^atea continued. e been. >;ery 'fh.e in ter ft* irtbceeji feports about t.he causes of Mr. ;BiBiue J »i48t prpstration are all true he » f i r y~^ * . . , ___ _!"» ___ i ____ ^ A * * ___ 3 i,_ i ___ ____ _ __ * lsain»amo»t unfortunat* fe ftgaM soJEeriug fronj HS, »he clung to C3fwrt»riA. ^ Ctotoria »eeftnd«aiftQ£ AS TO THE MATTER OF »- 6t*t»«aeut Qaa or Vith or without E *4/(£$7#/M to reat Mrs. Q. B. Tta foUpwing card was issued <n>m Mr AMERICAN HMILY sou*. Best for General Household Use, HUMPHREYS' This! PRECIOUS OINTMENT is the triumph of Scientific Medicme. . Nothing has ever been produced tp "eijugl or compare,^.ith it as a CURATIVS arid HEALING AppLicATiosr., It.b^sbeen used 40 .years and al way^affords relief and-=ajways gives satisfaction. Cures PILES, or HEMORRHdiDSr- External or Internal, Blind-or Bleeding—Itching and Burningj Cracks or Fissures; FigtUla in Ano;, Worms of-the Rectum. The relief is warna- " diate—the 'cure certain. HAZEL OIL , Cures BtJRNS, Scalds and \flcera,tipo^nd • Cop tractio.a from Etyna. WITCH Bon4 Hot Tumors, Ufcera, tulas, Old Sores, Itdjing .Eruptions, Sqirfy or Scald Head: -Itis-injalibie.' «• ' Cures fe-^LAVEO or C&«$® BREASTS Sore IQpples.; It isrinyaluibJe, ,, . Price, 50 Cents. - "'*- TrM' size, 35 Cents THE PILE OINTMENT l^rtumes stoplt Greene's Drug %$pre. Ladies are invited eaU and test them I have aJi the season's ic^ bills made oot aod would be pleased to h*ve those *|08, "«•"*• - .-, • : , . I T ,

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