The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on September 4, 1959 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 4, 1959
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Tide I Today: High 4:4? p.m. Low 10:01 p.m. Saturday: High 4:52 a.m. and 6:38 p.m. Low 10:35 a.m. and 10:46 p.m. E B Weather Cast Partly cloudy and warm today and Saturday, moderate southerly winds. Low tonight 77, high Saturday 94. FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 4, 1959 Hearing Date Still Pending On Lee Charge Justice of the Peace R. C. Thomas of Clute said Friday morning he would try to set an early hearing on the simple assault charge filed against Freeport Constable Jack Lee by -a Lake Jackson businessman, Bob Sloan. After talking to Constable tee's attorney who asked Judge Thomas to talk to Lee about a time Lee could be present In court, Judge Thomas had tried to reach Lee by phone Thursday but. was unsuccessful, he said. Judge Thomas said he hoped to set the hearing for this week as Constable Lee would be tied up with County 'Court next - If he is unable to contact Constable Lee Friday Judge Thomas said he would go ahead and set an early date. Election Held By Playhouse New officers for/ the Angleton Playhouse for the coming year will include John Jackson Jr., president; 1 , Dr. G. B. Brown, vice president; Mrs. R. J. Dalrymplc, secretary; and Mrs. Willie Loving, treasurer. The new officers were elected by the board of directors tf> serve during the 1959-60 season. A recent membership meeting of the Playhouse group, held at the community room of the Angleton Bank of Commerce, was devoted to several committee reports and discussion of the upcoming membership drive. Joe Williamson gave his report as the Playhouse managing director. The group accep- tld revised by-laws as ' presented by that committee's . chairman -Br-Ri .Gaff. "• •* •=•"'' New board members' were preseted by Phibbs,' chairman of the nominating commute*. They include Mrs. Judy Moore, Mrs. Rodney Reames and Miss Quillian Garrison, all of whom were elected by the membership to serve three year terms. Mrs. Lee Wilkens was elected by the board of directors to serve as a new board member, ^replacing Mrs. Jim Webb, who has moved from the city. Mrs. Archie DeBlanc was 'named membership committee chairman. Other members of that committee include Dr, Brown, Mrs. Lausta Cook, Miss Beatrice Ford, Joe Williamson, Ray von Rosenberg, and Mrs. Joe Williamson. A concentrated effort will be made to sign up n^w members. Membeis from the past season have been asked to renew their membersh'ps by mall, so that .proper emphasis can be placed] on new members. AfWesf Cofumbfo City Bond Election Set ionn nnn U.A'—.J ^i *» «... A $200,000 bbhd election has been called for Sept. 26 by-the West Columbia City Council. The election, proposing the issuance of equal amounts of revenue and tax bonds, was called during a special meeting { by the aldermen for the purpose of making improvements and extensions in the water and sanitary sewer departments. •'^ Three Propositions will face the voters on the ballot. < First will be the proposition calling for the issuance of $100,^00 in tax bonds for sanitary | sewer extensions and improve- ments; a proposition calling for 'd with the work. Final plans on the to system extensions and improvements; and lastly, for the issuance of $50,000 in revenue bonds for sanitary sewer, system extensions and improvements. Each propositions will be voted on separately. Before the election was called by the council it was announced by Mayor 0. W. Pond that the city had received an extension of 60 days on the schedule re- quirid by the State Health Department for receiving federal — • ^•••••.^••^••••^•MMGKI.&V-^' " " 'S&'VfyiKff^Pr' PREVIEW OF NEW ANGLETON POST Off ICE ™" • reh " acl '« drawing .howi how ih. new Anql.ton Poit Office will look when It Ii compl.l.d. Bidi will biTl«l«n No r v ^."ccor,?. 0 da V? n r Jn « "° nd " « nd ""' * «taSS WOT. 7. according to J.iile Armstrong,, Angleton^poitmaiter. "Mobife" Bar Frowned On By FP Police Th. woman w. § apparent-' ly operating • portable, mobile bar but Fropori police charged her and a male companion with rag- rancy. In aniwer to a call to a bar in the (00 Block of Weit POLICE REPORT: Hickory And Fifth, GuL' Blvd. Are Accident Two accidents were on the The man had gone when Of. Friday morning report of Free. " ---••port Police Department. The first occurred at Hickory and West Fifth at 8:52 a.m. Thursday. Flnt about 8:35 p.m. Thuri tnr, Polic. Capt. C. G.i Involved were a 1954 Pontiac B*-'—.- , n d P ' •• 'driven by Clifford Wayne Ro- r L. 0.JPanont wtr. told th«i a woman •- had been telltrfi drlnki of whlikr frflT¥«i. tl. the carried in her purte. H»'r "bar" operation wa§ carried out on • sidewalk In front of ih. bar, ih. police report read. When ih. and a man ran around another bar toward th. rear of the build. Incr. th. offlcen gar. chme Th. man halted but th. woman wai found hldlno In tail arait. A partially HUed oint bottle of whliW wti In her curie, offlceri laid, May Taylor Louli Greoory wa» charged with Tagrancy and Uiled. 3 Fire Calls In Brazosport Three fires were reported in >» ijcw tuciiiuers, . AMACTS iiics were r Anyone who wishes to renew Bra f >s P° rt Thursday his last season's memh^hfnL At S:36 pjn> Ross Martin, went to *'*ep while waiting for mavdo Jhv «• M v £ Oyster Creek fire chief, report- * ™ney telegram from Ken- may do so by mailing his check ed-a Brass «r. K»h: n ;i o..,« l turkv. --1-5SC 211 , w *st First, and a 1951 'JNck- 'driven' by 6ren Henry White, 1927 Avenue H. T • Pontiac had about $150 damage with $75 to the Buick. A ticket went to Robertson for running a stop sign. An accident in the 900 Block of Gulf Blvd. about 9:20 a.m. Friday resulted in $500 total damages to the two autos. A 1956 Chevrolet driven by Ralph Charles Warne, 315 West Eighth, and a, J950 Pontiac driven by Irene Nixon, 1418 19th Street, were involved. Both cars were damaged about $250, Freeport police re- i ported, and a ticket was Issued' to Wame for following too closely. A charge of indecent exoo- sure has been filed against a man after the offenes occurred n the Freeport Western Union Office about 1 p.m. Thursday Freeport Patrolman A. H. Soileau answered the call. He reported that an employee said the man came to the office and Martin, went to *'*ep while waiting for and ficer Soileau arrived but a "John Doe" warrant was obtained from City Judge G. C. Hardman when Uie employee filed charges. The man is described as a white male, 35 to 40 years old, 125 to 130 pounds, with dark Hair ••"ffiat" needed »cutting.~H« was last seen wearing brown or tan sport shirt and light blue pants. ' A lost car and daughter and a found boy w\jre reported to GIVE IT BACK \ NEW YORK (DPI) — Among th. propoialt readers tent to n.wipapcri concerning ihii clty'i juTenile delinquency problem was this one, printed by ih. N.w York Daily N.wi: Freeport police dispatchers recently. At 6:55 p.m. Thrusday a woman phoned police from Weingarten's that her car was missing—also her daughter. A little later she reported that both were found and r; all was H W ; »bouijggijc: -y^tis —;—rf--,'-r~w*^,-,***.. jMKtua' , —-ed up to'a service station: at 923 Korth Gulf Bird ot-uvttf <A ~- • ™«_ U . ' ^_ Texian Navy Week Proclaimed Sept. 1-7 By Governor Daniel " I 1 ", T Ju X " f"" 1 "" 0 "' 'he Texian Nary played role in th. winning of independence. J0f , lh * • ffor1 ' of lho " ""'r ««nwri, GOT. dtclar « d th « w «l< of Sept. 1-7 ai T.xian r u W u w»^ WUJ.IV HJ done must be submitted to ••• Health Department by Jan. i, i960, in order for the city lo receive the 30 per cent federal aid for the cost of the program. Lovett Abercrombie, Co., of Houston received a six months contract with the city to serve as fiscal agents for the bond issue. The program outlined was presented to the city by an.en- gineer hired by the council earlier in the year to make a water and sewer survey of tl. city, and the improvements an; extensions needed to the tw systems. After several months of stui and advice by various fiscal gents, it was found that 1 city must issue tax and rever bonds in order to complete t program. The election was set for Se. 26 in the American Legi< Hall, with voting from 8 a.n to 7 p.m.- E. H. Mays wa. named election judge, will-, clerks Mrs. R. H. Westmoreland, Mrs. W. A. Hall and M«, E. H. Mays. Student Total Sets New High ' . Brazosport schools counted a i total of 8074 students in v i • r.,i.n M..J h u con " cl i llT » r«r that tribute to th. Thursday, an increase of more »io« u. T ",* J""? paid in ttif """"«"•• Th. celebra- A £ «P_ on f " d b T «"• Daughters of lh« Republic of Texai hT M,V T h « 2*7.1 *X committee oi the DHT 1. headed 1 M,V , than 200 since the first day of *hool Tuesday. . Broken down, this shows a « .1 e . eae oen own, s sows a ?' n /H. of F *"J> ott "ho hai held that : total of 4674 in elementary for l »« ' n . > t po.lUon for all of ih. celebrationi. . a o . ceeratoni. , schools, 1692 in junior highs, »£ M « ."* "j" 10 ?' 1 "' 1 lh811 • luncheon it -being i 1314 in Brazosport Senior High, * b " ta Day. |343 on the Lariier School cam US to M » ? | u . %* lun .? Mn hai b " n "•«« *h. actual date r. ! r "1 aut lim '' Jhl1 later in In. month. ** * ° OT - Danlel h " been pus, and 51 in special education classes. ing season ends and migration of part of the fishing fleet begins. , In this regard, Dr. Bascom Hayes, superin t e n d e n t of schools, made an observation of the status of the high school. The Thursday figure put the high school enrollment above the "comfortable" capacity of the school. More students will .be added up through October, - 'more than the' total" o . This is a total of 78 students ! giving a total that would , C '"" d the """ 9 fam « .«ond to the h exfclenee On Ban Jacinlo Bar. April 21, 1958, th. Texa. N.TT r.acti»...d a* . P .triottc organl»«on and an "rm ' defense. ' Through past experience, t, school will expect a continue ,1 • w expec. a connu< fl bmf bul •»•»«»»! increase in enrollment, parti h l ^ SCh ° o1 Ieve1 ' A peak would be-expected i October, at which time the fis _ Sweeny Booster Club Eects Ryan President *TO& Rvfin WaS rfWtpH thi« f^hairm^n *•«,» 41.. _____ \i__i ___ »« . . r, about 16 ajn. Thuraaajr, H C Weekly;tried to leiri? his Ident- uy and home addrep When .the boy.j^t said hit name was -poodle i,g-.: Week . y called Freeport jwllce to assist. Officers found the hoy w « Harold Gene Joe Ryan was elected this week to head up the Sweeny meeting «?$ne j*a£ "^ •' Serving *wiU£ hto *t* Carl Dodson, vie* >'pr.erid*nt; Mrs. fecietary; treasurer; Haiton and home from this crime-ridden city, and give the iiland back to ui. Signed. An American Indian." may do so by mailing his check Brown at 612 South to Dr. Farrer. JOYCE and LEONARD THOMAS, back in Brazosport w.>~»~. wicciv A»ie yiiiei, report-5 »»>"i ed-a grass fire behind Surfj'" el <y. Drive-in Theatre. The smoke! He awoke later and the em- was creating hazardous traffic ("lo.vep noticed that he was in- condltions, he told the Freeport! decently exnoslng himself in a nnllr** rtfenBlr>Vi«K -m ... . police dispatcher. The Clute Volunteer Fire Department was notified fire. of the -t> •••«now*i iii A corner of the room. Another employee called police. Sun Data Freeport police got a calli - . . . „ „„ nm (»,„ i _L.- !-_,_. _.. i Sets today 8:40 p.m. from the Lake Jackson City! iUT at 2:31 p.m. that a car, V'%? n 'ire at Magnolia and ;ea. The siren was sounded Rises Saturday 6:01 BJB. Sets Saturday 6:J9 p.m. LIKES GIRLS LONDON (DPI)—Th. Daily Sketch, in an interview wilh ElTii'1 father, quoted the elder Preiley ai laying: "I don't for-iee marriage for him (Elvii) in th. immediate future. When h.'i aik.d what type of girl h. prefer! he Juit iav» 'female'." COM E AGAIN? LOS rested charge. ANGELES (OPI) —Brown, ' North J9th Street Twojthefts were on the Frl- n" 7 ' T ^^J >t ^^Wt police Don McKerv We»t Fifth, that . fender sr had been taken|frora his Mercury parked te front at Us house oyernlgljii. A 9 Anita East Broad, reoort- *** red and white from that ad- k * b aboul on » years old, she said Police All was quiet in Clute and •e Jackson according to a Ja> morning check. Clute Police Chief O. C. Mer- ryrnan reported one person area an intoxication Chief J. S. "Cap" Lake Jackson, had . Margarit .Srown, Shannon \Dodion, and. Nolan Avuoo, serge«nt-«t- arms. The group voted to allow the wives of fee heretofore aH male membership ,to become mem- the organization, and Chairman for Uie purchasing department for the i concession stands,- thai-arc operated by toe dub, te Mrt, eu^gnead. Working wfth her will K. Sam Pfackard and Mr». Leslie The club will meet ea,. Monday at 7:30 p.m. in th Berta BarcIaryTSchool- buildin end membership i s open to an, one interested in the athlet program of the school. Korqnkawa Conference Set for Scout Trainers The on. a W ' U hold a Conference" Sept. n Boy Nisbet, Allan Pinkerton an —-.-<--£— . \ according to Coach Ed Waggoner ~wiB: r j e tjgj • head up the program commit- ', council. tee With a«!isl»ntj, G- • McQuar- «. Adams. _ To Meet Old Ocean Masonic fo. 1284 of Sweeny will honored by a visit of the Bill Davis of Texas City; M. O Knapp, Pearland; Dan Hurt Angleton; and Jack Sampso and C. F. Schrieber of Lak Jackson. Softball Meet Starts Today — —attend. McQuarrie Itlach""^™- !S Tt- 1 ° A Labor Da - v h ° Uda y so «"aU *nii« -rS ™ners teacning | tournament .involving thre !?a«'th?r^n r -wm S 1 , n<tu , rn 'teams from Brazosport, wi ^ge; in r,t^n^?i : »!. t . y ^- t . r ? i ?:i 0 P en tonight at the Freeport be —, e Th. L»f» Ha*. Better Mottoi ' nothing to report. Aun. said today itt motto j -for September is "do it rlhgf.f .•.•.^•M^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^B ' tiuiiuicv* uj a viaiv uj, uic luOSl ) TT •« — — Worshipful Randall E. Briscoe! "! ™",, paSS °". T Ch ° f the next Wednesday at 7 pm S"Jl ation obtam «J there. A social hour will be held i .JjfT^f. and all Masons are invited to be present at the meeting. The local lodge is expecting to have guests from area lodges, and perhaps, some from distant - •- -— [upeii luniKm i Scout Hanch in. Softball Field '""'"^•"H The points in the state. -,. -..-.. trained leaders insure a better Scouting program that will reach more boys. Serving with McQuarrie on the staff will be Herb Poole, LaMarque; Harry Leach, Rebb Freeport All-Stars, the Velasc Firemen and the Slaughte Road Stars. Tonight's game will start a 8 p.m. for games are due at p-m. and 8 p.m. on Saturday Th" Monday finals will be hel at 6:30 p.m. Jackson Fire De. At At 9:30 a.m. Mrs. L. A. Fow- , .. . . . after spending two years in i lcr ' 86 Hybiscus Court, Lake , Africa and Spain where he was I Jackson, reported that a lire stationed .... jhad occurred in the wiring of BUBBA RAPE, taking friends j '«r home. for rides in his new boat that ! s "c had pulled the main elec- he is proudly showing off . . .1 Meal switch but asked that the OR. B. R. MAYSE, report- ''^e department check it. The ing that the Brazosport Cham- Lake Jackson aeparrment ad- ber of Commerce membership i ,. ise rf )h! . ( „,„ V, . , drive looks promising although , ri t ^ at . th * "" m * rshal the results are not complete, i wou)d eheck the home New members include York! -----Sale Saturday » — .., -.; er '" cries , Also, Tobey Hardware, J. Ray; prleporr 0 ™ 8 "'' Aux ? Uary of SUtion, r Dand e o nne Co n struc I ti b on l Sa^rdav*"' Company, Dr. Oscar L. John- ' y- son. Dr. W. T. Galloway, Lake 1 Hom emade pies Jackson Lumber Company, Star will be sold from School Cafeteria Begins Operation Many Brazoria students lun-j These tickets will not have died for the first time at the, to be used daily, but as the new school cafeteria Wedne»- r hitd desires to purchase meals day, the opening day of school.!at the cafeteria Mra. Nettie M. Hawkins, dis-' Half-pint cartons of milk may tncl dietician, expressed hei j be purchased for 2c during re- desire to see the school lunch cess, or for additional beverage nrntfram *k« fic»» t.. n... j_i. « t , *~ .. . . *">-a*. ' a', >4« * bake sale history, succeed. rrttaB ««» ri - 1 « (r Both Plain chocolate milk are available. , a.m. Seafoods, Shellfish Cafe, Gro. noon in front of Anthonv 1 . " ,.-.„,-~^^«. i-nocoiaie miiic are available , Lunches will cost 35c for stu- The cafeteria, located in the and cakes dents . «w for adults, with milk : frame two-room building which '" ~ to '" cl . uded - Mrs ' Hawkins urged j has served as the band room . That nn rente IMI»*AU A*.... ...__i.l''ii . . .. 10 Parents purchase weekly ! in the past, is not large taBeh «*«* 8 and Goff, Attorneys . . . Around Th. County: West Columbia teachers received the traditional apple on their desks on the first day of school Thursday. There was ^ a switch, however, mothers, not' ' pupils, left them there. The apples were complete with green leaves bearing welcome messages from the PTA. These! were held in place by pipe cleaner worms which sported sequined — Ward Matter Might Be Heard Today able to get a afternoon. Attorney E. "J * SfQUp 01 ^cw^jitj jp YVflTQ 5 •"•" ~ -^.y"-* «w*.« «« vc*u£ iiflrmi* behalf, and Clute City Attorney !* d by the councU pending a Kenyon representing theirulin* from a district court City Council, hoped te jud|e oa Ward'i ttatua. hearing Friday t, retained in Ward's ported Friday morning. Only regular business without a split vote is being handl Lunch hours will, be staggered to avoid congestion during the noon period. The first three grades will have their lunch period from 11 a.m. to noon; the fourth through sixth grades, 11:30 through 12:30 p.m., and the seventh and eighth graders will have their lunch period from noon to 1 pjn. Lunch room workers include Mrs, Alice Marshall, Mrs. Birdie Moore, Mrs. W. G. Polk and Mil. Vclma Humphreys. r« What WUl B, A DaU, Nooa Hurt be about equal to the prediction for the 1960-61 school year. By ' that year, the total would be in the vicinity of 4000. This means. Dr. Hayes said, the decision on the high school expansion must be made sooner than expected — probably by this coming spring. The Board of Education at that time would .make one of three choices: 1. To build a new high school in the Lake Jackson-Clute. area (where a site has already been purchased); 2 To build a larger central high school at a more central site- 3. To expand the present high school. Dr. Hayes observed that the enrollment ra» of. Thursday was an all-time record for' the dis. tnct. On that day it passed UD the previous peak enrollment of late October, 1957, before th« impact of the combined recession- and magnesium cutback was felt. ^ From the Tuesday enrollment check, it appeared that while the predictions were close district-wide, there were many shifts within the district units In relation to. the predictions these elementary increases showed up: West Freeport, 23: Clute Elementary, 18; Terrell Ogg (Clute), 27. Decrease weVe- O. A. Fleming (Freeport), 4- Stephen F. ' Austin (Jonei Creek), 18; Velasco, 41; Lake Jackson elementary, 28; Lake Jackson primary, 7; A. P. Beu- At the secondary level, increases were: Clute Junior High, 3. Decreases: Freeport However, by Thursday, Freeport had ereased the deficit and gone beyond the prediction; Lake Jackson had nearly pulled even with the predic. tion; and Clute was still increasing. , FRIENDLY DOG MILL VALLEY, Calif. (UPI) — Hoy J. Mandery, who operates a watchman and guard service, wai awakened by the barking of hij watchdog recently. H. dathed out just in time lo lee a car drive away — with the barking dog inude. FACTS AIOUT THE FACTS There is no better guide anywhere to money saving grocery shopping in Brazoria County than The Brazosport Facts Craick tdmtt's S»pir-Voli W«iigarf«i's •repare yoar shopping list rom the Facts, you'll save$$. Tie best read newspaper In LL of Brazoria County . .

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