Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas on June 25, 1961 · Page 5
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Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas · Page 5

Del Rio, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 25, 1961
Page 5
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2B-DEL RIO (Texas) NEWS-HERALD, Sunday, June 25, 1961 Critically Speakinq — - 1 - E - S, of the President I ~r- f | \ i SJ • nv / /~i \A/n/r*a '-'V /.. M. Vr/littr • - ' •'• ' " — • • of the Prc-sideiit 15*0, pod off his earlier helpers, and by Theodore II. While. Published | retained those whfi could go on.Klme was honored at a farewell by ^theneum Publishers . July s,|wi,h him, effectively, to the next | pS party ^~ by Mrs VVar 1JSK i 1 "? 1 ,' ". ' ln the P crson . al *<Hren Boyd last week. Mrs. Kline In The Mak.rm of ihe Presided 1 l^. 1 ** 1 ^"' ™ P hrase ls m°«|was 9 Uo honored at a farewell -I960, the BookVihe-Month Club! f"™*^ r Thft-c* T^' com ' i l«««*eon and bridge party given Midsummer Selection, Theodore < H °" , "™ >° vJ H , y , °- r " j b >" Mrs Charles St « l '« n and .Mrs. H. White -wiles: jdmary -typo. Kennedy, elegant in ; Ed Pcrdue . Mrs K , ."The Presidency hovers «v*r^^^ ^^™^\™*« - «* * those .«'«„£,«. the popular American imaination i* ^quirea qualil> *oik. , M?wr and ilrg- K)|nc and thcjr ti Ne yys t .. .-. rl i?i , c °| L and Mrs - ^ iuiam E - s tf^ h*v* as their house * guests, Mr. »nd "Mrs. R. L. Spaeth and their fami& from \VilriungU>|V, OhSo as house guests. The By- ert$ * son - \V»Uiam'HI, will come back wilh the sw»>*«<jks to s tfe summer with his parents. - * * « « Mrs. C. S, Kline, wife of Major . the popular American imagination almost KS a sacerdolal office, a! Very little that went on during ' children will reside in Tempe, priestly role for which normal pol- < the crucial political year escaped • Arizona, where Major Kline will itical standards are invalid. The ; White's notice. An experienced ; attend Arizona State University President— any . President— is par', i reporter and editor, he had train- (where he will complete his studies of history, something which Amer- e(i 'himself . to interpret and an- for his degree. scans. however mute their express- ; alyre the facts. | . , . k . sion. take very seriously." • Of the Democratic Convention, ; CapL and Mrs. Ed Dunagan had in October. 1959, these words for " example: '.'From the sounds' h . or sister, ^liss Wilma Coy. of were as yet unwritten. .Air. Whiio. : 8 "d sights, from the hundreds of ^ cxv Vork .City as a recent house foreign correspondent. editor and , ' os t and- milling faces in the , Sliest. novelist, hail just finished a high-! (Los Angeles) Biltmore,- the' press ] . • '."-**. *ly sviccessfu! novel. The View from distilled a swift truth which was ' Major and Mrs. Ray Reasoner • the Fortieth- Floor, and was pre- : a remarkably accurate historic had as recent house guests, his pared 'to rest on his laurels — Jo ( assessment: that this was the con- cousins, .Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Bicn- onjuy his family, catch up on his ; vention where the young faced th<» . vcnu, and their five. sons. The reading, and loaf in the sun. .old. this was the convention where Bienvenus reside in St. Jlartin- Bui speculation regarding the one generation gave way. to an- , viile, Louisiana. t-oming presidential election was -other, this was, in James Ueslan'sj -»••«•» already very much in the air. 'Phrase, the assembly which wit- j _ Capi. and Mrs. Chuck Maultsby Would the Democraiic nominee by . nessed The Changing of the and Capl, and Mrs. Joe G. Hyde Symington, Humphrey. Stevenson, i f'liard." ." • ; flew to Las Vegas, Nevada, in an Johnsun— or Kennedy? Vice-Pros- i A S for the TV debates: : "The 'Aero Club plane, for the "Thunder- idi'iit Nixon appeared io be a sure salient face of the great TV de- bird" reunion. Capt. Maultshy is bet as^the Republican standard- . bates is not what the two. candi- i a former pilot of the famed "Thun- hearer. but how much influence .'-dates said, nor how they behaved, j "derbirds." did Xelson . Rockefeller, the dy- but how many of their fellow; .... narnic _ Governor of New York. Americans gave up their evening;' Major and 'Mrs. N. B. Moscley — hour - _ r. aor an rs. . . oscey have with the pany— and how did hours to ponder the choice be- have a new daughter Pamela he plan to use it? , tween the two." - , sale, born June 12° For a .man of A5r. White's rest- Theodore H. White was born in • * » * ' IfiCC 1 1". m r\^ii*n «r».s.»'it »**»j4 tHi-^.iIw.:^^* Rl"* ctrtn >n IQl^- nnri orlii/xifn^l IK si**<i , vr_* • »*.. - __ _ .__ less temperament and inquiring Bcston in 1915 and educated there; Maior and Mrs J B Reed have mind the opportunity to learn, as in public 'schools. In 193-1 he won ; as their hoiise °uest'his sister he outs it. "how a man sets out a newsboy's scholarship to Har- ' Mrs Pat Collins" from Davtnn' .to become a leader of the Amcri- vard, graduating four years- later Ohio ' " " can people" was too challenging summa cum laude. At the same: " » . . ,' U V- e f' Si - , , " I'" 1 * -hf. w»s awarded a traveling j . Mrs . Kenneth Boese and her Without further ado. he aban- fellowship for a year aoroad m children will leave earlv t hi- doned j, Ss plans for a lazy'vaca- the country 'o> his choice. Since i wJ e k "i«h her Mrenls Ah- and lion. Instead, he projected a new he had specialized in Oriental his- j i,^ ^ Knh u5,« n« i i )HK)k. During tht- next year he lory and wrestled with the Chinese JJ^. '•"?£„ \ h -°, S ^' sex ;* ral traveled 40.0«M miles around the language for three years, he elect- ! *m^npnH ,h 8 - t^ 1 " They country at his own expense - «» China as the country /n which ! *'" S P en ?. * he sl "" nlor Wllh the : from . Washington to Florida, from to spend this period of study anrtj tlQlta m ^icago.^ Illinois. - , Los Angeles to Hyannis Port — travel. Lap - "««! -Mrs. Ray Crowthers . was, however; seven years !, Lap - "««! -Mrs. Ray Crow e he saw the United States ; avc lhl 1OUSC guest her observing the primaries.. the part v conventions, the campaigns of both es ; . I t-andidales and the climactic dec- a S ain - In 19-45; after World War i JV^' . M ' R<! Edv ' hl " "ogerson from lian. : II and 200,000 -miles of travel in ! L P !an(} ' California. Miss Roger'- His report— The Makins of the the Far East, he came home to : so " recpn » ! V graduated from high President— IKO^has. in the words writ <-' his first book, Thunder Out ; scho01 wath John Vatsko. son of of CJifton, Fadiman, ^'a triune of China, with Annalee Jacohy as ; Ca . pU ? nd Mrs - John Y a*sko. value. First, quite apart from co-author. Later he edited "The i Capt - ant) Mrs - Vatsko arc retired its- secificall olitical u Slillwell Papers. . i and hvmg in Upland. fHERE AREN'T ANY AGE LIMITS! By Abigail Van Buren Five Tables;Plpy Howe!! SUMMER AIR LINE:'— bara Tieskoetter of Kansas City models TWA's new hostess uniform. It has a.skirt of soft taupe, a lined beige box jacket and a hat which matches the skirt. The trlin new uniform is topped ! off with a beige"blouslip," white shortie gloves and black leather pumps and handbag. -DEAR ABBY.: Ten years ago, when I was 22, I married a handsome, greving "older" man of. 45. Todny he is £:n, bald and 55. We havo two adorable little daughters, 3 and 5. I dress them like two -little dolls. Lately, whenever my husband takes the gh-!s shopping, to the park or among strangers, someone stops him anci says, "My, what darling GRANDCHILDREN you have?" He gets man and blows his top. HSs disposition. I? -ruined, for the entire day. It is getiiiig so thai he doesn't want to take the girls out any more. How can I get r,:m to realize that this is » natural mistake; •and'he" shouldn't take it so hard? YOUNG WIFE 'DEAR:-YOUNG. WIFE: Explain t o your ase-conscious husband that ;i man of 55 has more reason to boast abcuit having daughters In the" kindergarten set tlian erand- .daughters. They, are proof of his yimth — and in living- color! - - --.•'••' '-" : : '. •(..*.' •» a ••> DEAR ABBY; I have n very personal problem I - heed help 'with. 1 can't talk to my parents about it. as .they aren't the kind of parents you can talk to. If I write you about my problem, how can 1 be sure my letter won't' appear in..the pti per? This is n small town, : 'fti!ii (.'vervbody would recognize me. 'MY 'SECRET DEAR-MY: AVrite ytiii'r. pruljlcm to me and slate that you do not want . your'letter printed in (he .newspaper. ISe sure to enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope, and my" rejily will come tu you'in your own en- '.ye'lope. DEAR ABBY: Our son has reached the age where he eon legally drive a car, but neither my nusbrmd nor I has been able to teach him. My husband ha«i tried several times, but, he, corses back so rggravaled and overheated>I worry :• about his hejirt and blood pressure. ''He has patience with every- .one else but bis own son. I have also tried to leach the ''boy, bill I am \vorse than my husband. I get nervous and can't keep quiet. 1 warn him about every stop sign, every curve in the rord, and when I see another car I get panicky. We "can't afford those driving schools. Do you ',think it is safe tq let him learn from his friends? RICKY'S FOLKS DEAR FOLKS: .Driving- : lessons from a professional Instructor with a dual control automobile is the safest \vay Io learn. You can't afford NOT to give your son proper instruction. CONFIDENTIAL TO -"ENGAGED FOK 14 YEARS -TO A "MERCHANT ' MARINE:" You are not "engaged,'' sister.- You an- iier- manently- in dry dock. Five tables ptayo^jtowell dup. ! licaie bri(ige at the l)el Rio.Cour, i try Club Thursday evening 'at th t • regular bridge night "session, ! First were .Mr. and ; Mrs| Richlard Keordan;' secorid/'were ..Mr. aiui Mrs. S. (1, Sotuach with Mr. ' and Mrs. Ben WoodsoU third. : WASH V/iNT£R BLANKETS NOW ONLY 20c ... Save at . . THE Laundromat HALF HOUR LAUNDRY Hwy 90 W,.o« Ulli ' Hwy 90 E. l'-i Blocks EOJ! of Overpass Picnics ... backyard parties Indoor gatherings ; Methodists Report •j'10 Million Members . j NASHVILLE, " Tenn: . (AP) _ j. Methodist officials announced [Friday that its church member- j ship in the United Slates has- i passed the 10-million mark. "••• What's bothering vou? For a personal replv, w.-ite. to Abby, Box 3365, Beverly Hills, Calif. Include n stamped, self-addressed envelope. * ^ ^. * o For Abby's booklet, "Hew To Have A Lovely Wedding," send 5()c to Abby, Box 33G5, Beverly Hills,. Calif. (Distributed by McNaught Syndicate, Inc.) Tocjsimasters Have Surprise Program SOCIAL CALENDAR SUNDAY Gus Valadez will be presented in piano recital at '3:45' p.m. in the -Woman's Club. MONDAY The Woman's Benefit Association will meet m the 1OOF Hall, at 7:30 p.m. for a social with Mrs. Russell Sayer end Miss Floy Watts as hostesses. Mrs. C. F. Heath, retired, in Rockport. Texas. i . .. j Dr.. Harry Donman, general i secretary of the Methodist* Board | of Evangelism, said G8 of the 100 [annual conferences in the nation | have reported so far on this j,year's memberhip. i The Rock River conference of Ullinois reported ' a . gain of 4,889 i members over last year and this j'put the year's total at .10,004,07^, jDenman said. He said -the re- jriiairiing 32 conference reports j should . boost total membership ; considerably more. • . As members... of the- Del Rio Toasl masters Club arrived for their "meeting Saturday morning, Educational Vice President Walter Block notified 'various ones that they were participants in the program. Block explained the purpose was to give 'members practice in impromptu speaking and ?kill in adapting themselves rap- j idiy (o unexpected situations. i Larry Sharp served as toast| master of (he morning. Bernie Goc• lowski was table topic master, j Speakers were B. C. McWhorler, i Ron Anderson. Lloyil Dcaton and iDick Irby. ! MeWliorter was named moji improved speaker. .Anderson was selected best speaker of. the morning and Block .was best evaluaior. J. D. Felder was best table topic speaker. all call for _ ' L^llC^ "- f \ Cheese needs low temperature? when used in cooked dishes, or it may become stringy. When .cheese is used in a casserole dish the foods used with it help protect it 'from the heat. . , . jits- specifically political subject Slillwell Papers matler, it • is a superb narrative 1 In 19:)8 n ^ went io Europe, first! „ .. —first-hand, loaded with concrete as chief European correspondent! Ll ; ^ ci and ^ Irs - Konneth Me- dstail and animated by c>:»raor.- for the Overseas News Agency. ! Caslin and their family . recently dinary human beings, projected subsequently as European repre- 1 returned from a rmnnino xnri with a skill that brines homo !i sentative for "The Reborter mae- 1 fishing trip to ' a camping and Goose Island. Texas. » * >5rs. Dan Schmarr and «.••« jut ji (lUttLCXCI JUt 4I|g.i, JJ.J UJCUlt ti -*«J^ *iui~iit.ij " «J . i-i V« I lo"JJ^_ tl II 1 C^J* \vith a skill that brings home io sentative for "The Reporter ma,, , us-the-fact that Mr. White is not a z 'n«-'. In 1953 he returned to the j .only-, a first-rate journalist but a States, again, this time to write j - « -».-•- ~«". *j*.i,,,,ai, auu highly successful novelist. Soc- F5re in * n <-' Ashes—like Thunder ifamilj have left in an Aero Cluh bnd. it is a brilliant, and I be- Out ° f China, a 'Bdok-of-lhe-Month j plane for a visit with their par- lieve it will become a classic,, clun Selection. j ents, Mr. and Mrs, William G. sttfdy "of American domestic pol- ^ Ir - White was The Reporter's j Schmarr and Mrs. Klinglei.cffer itics in action. Third, it places chief national correspondent un- i vvho reside in Lawrencebure.r In- under a powerful-'lens a mompnt l j ! 1955 - when he went with Ccl- j diana. in time crucial to America and Her's as contributing editor. When! * * * * to the world." Collier's ceased publication at the j Capt. ancJ .Mrs. Ray Hcimbueh What adds a particularly im-' en<1 (lf J 9 5 6, he found that he had! recently returned from Fulton, pre,ssive dimension to Mr. White's ? n opportunity, for the first time ; Texas, where they plan to retire account are his incisive charac- in nis _ professional career, to try: this fall. They moved a house on terizations of the iwo most prom- to write a novel. The novel was i their property which is located incnt figures in the political strug- T1 ' e Mountain Road, a Book-of-lhe-i near the beach. The IJeimbuchs pjf " : . MonHl dllh R*»lpfllVin in 1 O^R «l^^ ..:-:*-j ^. _ . r . '. ". \ Lt. Col. am! Mrs. Robert,Hall |.have recently returned from a vis- i it v.-ith his sister, Mrs. E. L..'\yar- ; ren, in Flint, Michig-an. .The'Halls ; flew nn Aero Clitb plane and also visited his parents, Lt. Col. and Mrs. Robert \V. Hall of Lorain, Ohio. * 0 » > Mrs. Warren Boyd and her daughter. Lisa, will leave" early this week for Boulder, Colorado, where they will visit her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Service. Capt: Boyd will follow in a couple of weeks. Dry any meat that is to be pan- I fried (using paper toweling) so it is -as. free -as possible from \va- ' _ w ay' you avoid chances I of- spattering." ~ Luke Goodman & Son Grocery & Market 300 Ave. F — PR 5-2044 • Pit Bor-B-Q Daily • Choice Meals " . . • Top Quality Gro. t, Produca i • Prompt Free Delivery i m m m t m m m lane Bros. p ~ Offset Printing Job Press Printing All Marking Devices Rubber Slorapj—One Day Servic* Specializing—Envelopes & Caidi •111 E. 6gden-PR 5-2136 1 Perf»c!ly siied for drinks" icrng coolers, n Day ond Nighf ' Sizes 5«lf-it:rvk*l. 20c i and 35c A & S DRIYE-JN FOOD STORE 1306 E. Gibbs BLISTERED BRICKS ; Do not uso oil paint on bricks. or they will blister. Instead use fold wafer paints. "Poor from boyhood, able, in-; tense, dark and watchful as he I surveys the world about him. Richard M. .\ T ixon has brought from Jiis impoverished m i d d 1 e-class youth niaoyvstrange qualities—the thrust bf Enormous internal drives, • an overwhelming desire to be: liked, and, where he is rebuffed, i a bitter, .impulsive re/lex 'of "lash- : backs ... A brooding, moody: man, ^iyen \\6 Mng^ stretches of jntrpsj>e^lipn,-=-»Ke - trusts only him- .•idlf and &is wife—and after that "his confidence." in any situation, is ' yielded only to the smallest iws-1 sihle number of people.'' '• . "John K. Kenn«li'. in his 1-) • years in polities', has had many' servants, ; many.t:aiffes. ; many help- : ers.-iVs^he-'has outgrown each k'vt-1 of operation, he has gently strip- in 1958. also visited her parents. Capt. and ! ciassirioil Ads Bring Results Courtesy - - - to our many patrons and friends is a primary aim of our organization. .I TURN^tHE WIND INTO j Running Water : ON YOUR W.ACE i ' *• ' " •- **"'Y - '' i Aena«t*r wUttfmiUt, haxne«se^ | U> Ire* ttiad, power, pnmp water j »for' alt fanajrard. p*»turc, *ad i ; horn* ne*d*.;'Se]f-4*Iinr; •In the HcbtMt bre Del Rio THE BEST IN BANKING Cpm« in for Demonstration . . . Call Ib for S«rv!c* TIM B. COBB HARDWARE Diet Ft 5-32U NATIONAL United States Depository Member Federal Reserve System Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. BA OVERSTOCKED-MUST SELL SUMMER SHOES REGARDLESS OF iOSS. OUR LOSS IS YOUR GAIN. THIS IS ALL NAME BRAND SHOES FROM OUR REGULAR STOCK. TOP GRADE NAME BRANDS HIGH AND MEDJUM HIGH DRESS SHOES BONES .PATENTS . WHITES VALUES TO $12.95 SALE PRICE Pair ONLY 54 PAIR IN THIS GROUP. COME EARLY FOR BEST SELECTIONS TOP QUALITY NATIONALLY ADVERTISED BRANDS FLATS Straw Wedges C • Black • Whites • Naturals Pair DISCONTINUED STYLES IN JUMPING JACK' GIRLS^ DRESS ; SHOES Values >o 7.95 I STOCK UGH GRADE BRANDE SHOES OVER pair HIGH GRADE BRANDED LITTLE HEELS FOR TEENS ITALIAN THONG SANDALS BAREBACK WEDGE • Natural • BJock • White LITTLE GIRLS' SIZES JUMPING JACK WHITE Poir DRESS SHOES DOLLAR TABLE SOME EXTRA GOOD BUYS - FOR ONLY 1.00 SUMMER WHITES - BLACKS - it.,. SANDALS - STRAPS -* SANDALS FOR BOYS AND GIRLS SHOES .FOR V ITTLE * GIRLS CASH SALE NO REFUNDS NO LAY-AWAYS ALL SALES FINAL STOP EVERYTHING!! ATTEND THIS SALE AND SAVE!! The SHOE

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