The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on August 10, 1893 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 10, 1893
Page 2
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^^ ' " ? - *, '- t f-t, '" ' '' < - t v TKRMS Of 3 tUWCltlPTTON. V - j \ V teiur tt»r«n*h 1** <M.«4 7* <f«ll«rertid. lOcrntn pnr Week 8at)t<frlptlOTi<i received at lbt> office *t tnb •tlon 161 «tat« atreol. " ,). M. MO8ES, PubUBO'r, Motion by ••_£_• Gott^i-yativfe - Member to Adopt i)EEEAi!EI)Bt A VO^EOf 21 TO 181, Minute Inqulrle* n«lng Made by tire Vntl- oan u to the Impression pfodnced In the United States by -the Pope'* tetter to Cardinal Gibbons. . LONDON, Augi 10. --In the house of commons Mr. William McCartney, Conservative member for the southern division of Antrim, moved the adoption - of an amendment to the home rule bill providing in •effect, that the Irish member* who shall be retained in the im- 4>erial parliament shall vote on no motion, bill or amendment, except motions that shall .be made amendatory to the home rule bill. , OPhia amendment is the one that the Bight Hon. A. J. Balfoufc the Conservative leader in the house, intended to to introduce last Monday j when the home rule came up on the report stage, but which his absence from the house at that time prevented him from doing. During, the debate on the motion Mr. Joseph Chamberlain, the Liberal •Unionist leader, denounced the strategy of the government, by means of which a scheme was imposed on the house. giving the Irish members who should be restrained the right to vote on all questions. The .best and only just arrangement would be the total exclusion of the Irish members from Westminster. Mr. McCartney's motion was defeated by a vote_of_221_to 181. Inquiries by the Vatican. LONDON, Aug. 10.— A special dispatch from Rome received in this city states that the Vatican has caused to be made minute inquiries as to the impression produced in the United States toy the pope's letter to Cardinal Gibbons. The pope expresses contentment with the results, and declares his readiness to act anew in the same line. The dispatch adds that Cardinal Rampolla, pontifical secretary of state, has forid Rev. William E. Bartlett. chairman qf the examiners of the schools at Baltimore, that the Vatican would be inflexible in its direction'. In Honor of United States Officers. LONDON, Aug. 10.— Earl Spencer, first lord of the admiralty, gave a dinner in honor of Admiral Erben arid Captain Mahan of the United States cruiser Chicago, which is now at $outhampton, The dinner was given at Spencer house, St James palace, the earl's London residence. The guests included several distinguished naval' "officers, lord commissioners of the. admiralty, with civilians and others prominent in Official station, After the dinner Lady Spencer held a reception in honor of Admiral Erben, Cholera Ctutes. ST. PETERSBURG, Aug. i.e.— The official cholera returns, for the past week are as follows: PodoUa, 890 new cases, 186 deaths; Don, 106 new cases, 40 deaths; Kursk, 69 new cases, 27 deaths: Kieflf, 58 new cases, 28 Deaths, Bessara- bia, 17 new cases, 8 deaths; Moscow City, 131 new cases. 43 deaths. the KlghtrHour Duy, ZURICH, Aug. 10.— The international socialist congress has approved the establishment of an Srhour working day The delegates agreed ^jto agitate for the holding gt an interetatea congress to fettle the question. Deaths at Naples. NAPLES, Aug. 10.— During the "24 hours ended at 'noon Wednesday there were nine deaths from cholera in this they Hate. Return CHEEK, Auj& r Balden ana his epn, who started d& a fishintf trip Tuesday morning, and 'i$m nave »een reported missing, returned home Jaat nights having passed the night with a relative up the rltef. The river was searched for tlwm, and it waa feared that both father and son had been murdered" by tramps, who 1 are camped in great-numbers on the 'river bank, and who are almost daily reported as holding up some Wayfarer. •• NA Hnrd Tlnie* at Saglnaw. ' SAGINAW, Aug. 10. —As an encouraging proof that times are not so bad in Saginaw as they are in other places, it might be cited thiat Poor Master Strong, Btated that the .city is taking care > of a less number of families ihfa- summer than it has for many years bacK While four families, have been placed ^it the -poor list in July, seven have been dropped 6fif,' indicating that the heads of, the various' households are better able to provide for those dependent Upon them. . • . • Information Wauled. PORT HURON, Aug. 10*— Several Port Huron people would like to be- enlightened as to the whereabouts of George Kyle and JE. A, Perkins. The two came here some three months ago, representing themselves to be organizers' of the Ancient Essenic Order. They induced' a number of professional and business men to .become charter members, and collected $6 from each of them. Finally they disappeared, and as 4hey had recommendations , f torn Detroit and Grand Rapida, their whereabouts would bo very desirable information. - - • - • •-•••• • Verdict. TAWAS City, Aug. 10.—The case 6f Keating vs. the Detroit, Bay City & Alpena Railroad company for the recovery of damages f6r Injuries.received in a wreck 6n the company;'* road on Sept. 21,1891, came to a close, when the jury brought in a verdict for $10,000 in favor of the plaintiff. The case has occupied the attention of the court since Aug. 1, and has been attended by a large number of people from all parts of the county. Colonel Atkinson* attorney for x the railroad company, asked for a. stay of proceedings. \]Heavy Damages Wanted. BAY CITY, Aug. 10.—John Landers brought suit against Thomas Davidson for §20,000 damages on a charge of alienating the affections of the former's wife. Davidson is a lumberman and employed Landers as a blacksmith and "his wife as cook. Two years ago Mrs. Landers refused to return home, and, it is charged, stayed with Davidson. Asylum Contracts. KALAMXZOO, Aug. 10.—Benjamin Roe of this city was awarded the contract to build the asylum boilerhouse, engirfe- house and chimney at $18,800. There eight bids, ranging, as high as §18,800, which was by H. W. Meyers of Hillsdale. The soft coal contract was not awarded, the one for hard coal going to Daniel Harrigan at §0.16 per ton. Wages Reduced. LANSING, Aug. 10.—E. Bement & Sons, who employ 500 men, have made a cnt of 10 per cent in wages, but will retain a full force. The Lansing: Lumber company will make a similar cut at their Clare cquiity c&mps' and possibly at their mills and yards here. to Talk. ; ST. JOHNS, Aug. 10,— John J> Lape is non-committal, and refers every questioner about the murder of Henry Lyvere, to which he confessed, to his attorneys. It is not known what kind of a defense he will* make. When he was asked for a photograph of himself he stood up like a man. Killed by trailing Hock. CAUJMET, Aug. 10.— A Cornish miner by the name of Tucker was killed at the Tamarack mine by a falling rock. Deceased had been in this country but a few months. ~^T- *n B'**as, —*,„..«„, Aug. 10. — The greatest alarm and' anxiety ia inainrest iii Texas, which produces such an enormous percentage of the cotton crop of the world. Every industry is dependent oa its movement. Railways are cutting down forcea, currency is selling at a premium of 133 on $1,000, andj money to handle the crjop is impossible to obtain. The Man Eater Intone. .„— ,,j& r A^g* 10.—Alfre4 Packer," the mjan <ja% wbo-att? fi*§ 8 <£ his eeni* raoes in a mjnjsg- camp'spine .10 years ajgo and who Is now J ~' " cumulative sentence III MILL One Killed and Another Dies In $. Few Hours, AH IKSANE PARENTS TERRIBLE AOH • Het Attempts to Kill His Four Children tad Then Cuts Hl» Own Throat—Three Men Take a Ride' Dbirn Pike's Peak With Probable Fatal , , (X, Aug. tte Gadwalladeti flouring nllli, locate^ In the heart,of the 61ty y exploded, completely .wrecking the mill. Not a brick was left standing in the engineroom. Glancy Davis, secretary of the milling company,..and *Fred C. Meyew, an expert accountant, were in the office, which ia located just over the engine- room, and both were killed. They were blown about 25 feet, Davis belng'in- Btantly killed and badly mangled. Meyers was partially qonacions when picked, up, bttt:was so horribly mangled as to be unrecognizable. . An inquiry made as to who the unfortunate man was brought the reply from him: "I am Fred Meyers." He had a terrible hole in his head, from which the brain could be plainly seen, He lingered until 6:80 "'clock, when death-relieved him, Myers was one of the bookkeepers of the banking house of Foster & Company, which recently failed. The book* of the mill had gotten into something of a tangle 'and Meyers was employecf to straighten them out.. He had just finished his task when the explosion occurred. James Long and Calvin Rpbinette Were standing near the engineroom door, but were not seriously hurt. "~~' :••'.' The mill building is a complete •wreck, the boilerrooin being razed *to the very foundation. The north wall of the mill is completely blown out and the entire structure is so badly cracked that it is likely to collapse at any moment. The main head of the boiler was blown several hundred feet alighting on the roof of Councilman Fletchner's residence. It crashed through the roof, smashing a sideboard in the diningroom and dropping to the floor. A portion of the boiler was blown 800 feet, and it went to pieces like an eggshell. There is no doubt that the explosion was caused by low-water in the boilers. The pump has given considerable trouble t^r some time and the boilers have long been considered unsafe. The exploded mill was owned by business men and a large number oi farmers. The damage will amount to about StO.UQO or §15.000. A NEW DRESS. Have a New Dress this Pall by havlpg your old one dyed and made over., We color a rich green, maroon, or navy bine, when material and present color permits, and a reliable dark brow.n or black on any faded dress of any shade. Satisfaction guaranteed. Ask your hanker (or reference. *XVrite for price list L. C. Brossy Dyeing Co., 84 Randolph Street, Detroit, Mich. !. J. PENDELLI Physician and Surgeon. I loflice oyer Sraii's Shoe Store! I . ' dml^fl MissM,LBromberg,M,D. Diseaaea of women and children a speciality. OQca. over John Butler's corner State and Jefferson btreeta. Eesidence at Mrs. O. B.'Rowley's on Green Street near Eagle. MARSHALL IMPROVED rti « W S?^ inw;ee*B aad ppajiuoa olo»e-ie|ereaper3?he patah^apg^ChicajtQ T. -z"~ r ~™tt *"S« 9» f>9 L UrV. POORHOUSE. weeks ago- nearly 80 whit* , . mau ga hi* name «a . -R I ,-^W?%''% 1 * T*f^^4W"«' % *. --r^-* „ ' * MlGHICAKfTEWTBAT. tt *i*t.m 'tis—_i ^ «*.,»# *^^^^*^^S*^*™^^^* TIME TAJ LE, 18, HUSH* »™-- K^IS^F^ tt,,l lacUeon.. Detroit .. Buffalo.. a.m. .. 4 oo ..80S .. a 48 . 8 13 .. S38 .. 4 30 .. 6 45 ' P m .. *55 a.ra. 'fflO 748 817 888 940 1201 p.m. 745 p.m. 7* 11881 13 10 12% 19.68 885 580 ft.m. BOO P tn. a le 7 OS 740 8 00 8 15 847 1045 a.m. 8135 a.m. . T08 1885 ISO 1 45 807 »1» 800 . 960 8,07 846 810 881 4 10 't .16 TftAMft Wjgfo fiay.Qhic . ,.. Detroit, Lv 8 J6 JaolMon.,.11 40 Albion ..,.18 so Hawhall ..18 43 .BMtJe Cr'k 1 80 £ftl*tnMoo 2.08 Chlc«(ro,Ar 7 86 ExTf E*,' a m. WOO 7*15 9& 1008 10 S3 1045 1J 26 «"fl) p.m a.m. 630 p.m. 115 810 S 355 4 15 447 » 10 p.m. KM. BM p.m 600 731 815 888 chid 9 60 a.m.. 8 16 510 547 605 625 7 00 11 15 a.m. •UaUr p.m. 12" fit 910 1800 181 108 1 46 886 T66 a.m . , . JeaKBOH, Freight A^ent, C. R. OMKIRN. Tkkit tO 41 11*1 1141 isi*^ 1 10 6 50 A.m. • ni i • >ted Ciflcmliati, Jacton & Maclinai Time table taking effect June 96 1803. TrclnH vise Maraball aa follows: • THAUta OOlHBBlaT. No,*,.Toledo Kjtprcsa ...........;i,,,.. ..,. •.•...-.;..» 30 ai All train* daily except Sunday. . , Direct oonneotionB are mad a at Toledo and Otnomatiwlth all roada diverging ; 'M^£\y M £& u £? KO od oonneatlon ai Mut. teltb with the G H. A l.;and at Allegau wltu Ui» 0, * W. M for Grand Raplds k Mueklg?a ." a ** ppinta north. F. B. 0KAKK, Oea, M'g'r. _ 0 \:,- , Q. B, MIZB,Aat.,*iar8hall.- WAJiTS, FOUND, ETC. iff^& 17<OH SALE-A good fusnil/ horae. VOUDK and IP g ,1 n i}?'> 7 , y £* l ''' old - ^tparttcutarg apply loC.t!. Olehl, Steel atoje, »tate street. * . _ hlgU grade combination bicy- cleforladyorjjeui. 'ihe finest wheel maue uoo^aajaew. Enquire qt K, M. eanderaon. l^oa SALK-A square piano, in good cbndi- A 1 tlpn. Kor particutara enquire* t A. Hkin- ••a«i,«.«r. n um n.™ -,r realdence on, N ,- rB - - L - Buck i« »K«nt (or iho J.1 Christy kuivcaand w. II furnish all who >»ish meu>. Corucr Maubioo ai,d Mulberry. '|"O KKiST— A vi rj Uue acd nrat clatia ball ou J. bttttu «r Alttin Btr.eet lor society or lodee pur v oi<eif, ciLetp. For leleitnco please call at iu« tuuiUn«j»t toniur ol biate and Madison ata CHtt. FWED VOaKL. ' ' _ _ General Agent. HOLEHALe CUTLiJay-Wanted. two young man as traveling salesmen on coin, &Co.fW Lake street, Chicago. Oli BALE- All my r«al%state situatedo» ihe - best par\ oj btaio or iUiiu aueetsiTand .a a»--vwy one and valuable propwty. by . Vred--Vogel,80ng»WMt. corner-.bttt/WJ Madiaon bU., &o. 1?0' ..- , • F OH SALE CHEAP-New top buggy. --. • '• LIA I O8X—A white cashnieie shawl with, wo- JLJ chetedl border, Mnder will confer a favor' leaving it at this offlce. r' • • ^ ' SALE CHflAp-Att sizss oi hogshead*, gooa ipr«latexos and wnter tanKs. lu- ut JOB" Cramer'* Kaglo Urewery. ' SALE—A cpmplste net of Rldpatn's his tory of the worla. Inquire at Uua ofttce. W AITED—Faithful gentleman or lady toaa » «, *^*- ln . «ft«t i 1 "* 111 " 1 petmanent' firtlway tare advanced ihe^e. If engaged. Kudos i reference and self-addressed atamped envelop SALE .OR BEKT-My hoiwe on Wwt ite! 0 ' ««"*»*«»«»Wi» JIBS, A. J. TALUAJDQJB. (r fc A f* 1 ^ oneHface, eteA winding and -A waicn, ooedface, etei winding and ,. acsr, »llv*nne case, Jtoder please leave MCoClna 1 aeat wark«anar«cBive rewaid ". V. JH. COLLms. s~3~$gqp*tr „, * _- ^ , . , „ -"'^gm.m^^^^ - :. ip^*******','^ - i

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