The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on December 8, 1960 · Page 12
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 12

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 8, 1960
Page 12
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THE EIHAZOSPORT FACTS THURSDAY, DEC. 8, 1960 E.JeO'Quiiin New Sweeny City Judge E. J. O'QuInn, former city judge, has been appointed by the Sweeny City Council to fill the unexpired term of J. K. Waldby who resigned on Nov 19. Other business taken up by the council in its Tuesday night meeting included discussing additional mercury vapor lights for specific areas near the downtown area, not covered by the existing agreement with the light company. The Council agreed that additional lights were needed and would be installed in some areas on Elm and Pecan Streets. The Council also issued a work order to Lane Texas Company for the installation of a 15 inch drain that will run all the way to the sewer plant. Tha company is currently constructing the water treating! plant for the City. It is scheduled for completion soon. Dogs came in for their share of Council attention. The dog catcher, Matthew, Ordonez, will be instructed to pick up all stray dogs not tagged and also those wearing outdated tags. The Council said for the safety of the citizens and the animals as well that all dog owners should check dog tags and have the animals vaccinated again before spring. They should also apply for new tags when the old ones have expired. The Council said, if necessary, there would be extra money spent to clear the streets of stray dogs that are menacing j citizens. Christina Crawford In Movie By BOB THOMAS AP Movie-TV Writer HOLLYWOOD. Calif. (AP)-Another glorious movie name is being carried on by Christina Crawford, making her first Hollywooc movie at 21. Christina is the eldest adopted daughter ol Joan Crawford, the screen's most durable queen. The girl has a role in "Wild in the Country" at 20th Century-Fox where mama is getting ready for a "Return to Peyton Place." Bui Christina got the job on her own. "When I was younger, mother had many offers for me to appear In movies," Christina said. "She wouldn't let me, because she said that I had to want an acting career myself; she wouldn't decide It for me. "That was all right with me, I wanted to attain what I could; I didn't want anyone to pave the way for me. Mother has been a big help in giving me advice on Individual problems. But as far u the direction ot my career, I'm on my own." Christina purposely avoided a iluiitai t&Muili Oil iiuUywuod. an studied a great deal with the bet ter schools and coaches in New York, then got some seasoning in cummer stock. She played every thing from "The Moon Is Blue' to Shakespeare to "Our Town. She also did an independent film In Florida. The question always arises with second - generation performers Does bearing a famous name prove an asset or liability? "I think it's dennltely an asset,' Christina remarked. "I'm prouc of my mother and what she has achieved. I'm sure that having her name opens the door to manj opportunities. And it is wonderful to sense the reaction that I gel from people who have been fans of mother and are therefore interested in me. It is a very warm feeling. "On the oUier hand, I'm also on a spot. Although I have the opportunities, I have to prove myself—perhaps more than other performers. I have to produce, or else." Fishing Vessel Is Towed In The Freeport Coast Guard Station towed In the fishini vessel, Loless Maurlne from K miles southeast ol Freeport early Wednesday when the boat developed mechanical trouble, according to Chief Chester Gillis The fishing boat is owned by R. J. Russell of Houston. Early Tuesday the Coast Guard escorted the shrimper Mildred A into Freeport that was being towed by smother fishing vessel. The Mildred A is owned by Velasco Sea Foods of Freeport. j Small craft warnings are up along the Texas Coast this morning from Brownsville to Sabine Pass. 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Texas Youth Council Director James Turman says: "I see no decrease in juvenile crime in this state. I see nothing but an increase." Dr. Turman says the crime rate for Texans under 17 increased 104 per cent between 1952 and 1939. The state population rose only 32 per cent. The lawmakers will be asked for more than $13.5 millions for the next two-year stato financing period. Another problem will be special laws setting up a juvenile parole system to keep young offenders from plfinging headlong into a life oi crime, and to prevent juvenile delinquency before it occurs. The council had adopteO a $13,695,636 budget for the two years beginning Sept. 1, 1981, up about $3.5 million from the current biennium. Included in the budget are $2,635,750 for new buildings and a home for neglected Negro children. The proposed juvenile parole system would cost $168,300 the first year and $303,300 the second year. "The value of such a program has been proven beyond question both to be economical to the state and to be sound practice. Constructive restraining and rehabili-' tation of delinquent children, even under ideal institutional conditions, must be followed with close, active supervision after release on parole," Turman says. Gov. Price Daniel and the Texas citizens committee of the National Probation and Parole Association have endorsed the idea ul a juvenile parole system. Five area supervisors would be hired the first year along with 2 parole officers. The number of parole officers would be increased by 45 by 1963. The last legislature rejected a prior youth council request for a parole system. The lawmakers also will receive a lengthy list of remedies prescribed by Youth Council Chairman W. C. Windsor Jr. of Dallas. Louis Henna of Round Rock and Robert Knecbone of Houston, the other two members of the council, disagreed with Windsor, but the chairman said in March he plans 10 take his ideas to the legislature inyway. Windsor's plan would make broad use of public school and state hospital facilities in programs to furnish delinquents or potential delinquents with care, raining and supervision. The Youth Council chairman indicated he would suggest to- the egislature these methods to curb lUvenile crime: Twelve years of compulsory ed- r^;*yv» *wr>.*(7 •• -IpA c/*h/v»l h<*aV:> • services, extension of school dosing hours until 5 p.m. to provide care for children with mental'or; social needs which cannot be met; duiing* regular hours and for chil«. dren whose parents work; addition and expansion of counseling services in all schools; elimination of the practice of expelling or suspending students; special schools for children with acadcm- • ic or social adjustment problems;' and a parental training course to each high school seniors the 'legal and moral responsibilities of parenthood" and identification and study of child development during the first six years. Windsor also believes state hus- lital and special schools facilities should be expanded to provide care tor children with intelligence quotients below 70. The Youth Council is seeking unds for a new training unit for 40 boys at the big Gatesville state School. Three new dormi- ories are needed at the Games- ille State School for Girls, the council says. The state home for Negro children is marked down hi the budg: for $1,122,000. • The Youth Council recommendations are being studied by stale mdget officers. What the legislature must decide is whether Texas can pay the bill. Stamp Olub Meets The Brazosport stamp Club •rill meet at 7 p.m. Thursday n the Lake Jackson State Bank building for a regular ession. This is the last meeting ot he year as the Dec. 26 meeting las been cancelled because ot he holidays. All members ara urged to attend and visitors are nvited. The last continental glacisr, rtiich only began to recede 30,000 years ago, compressed and lowered the earth's crust as much an 600 feet in the Great Lakes- region.

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