Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on June 1, 1947 · Page 6
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 6

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 1, 1947
Page 6
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Hfftente f Special) JLjJ™ Lions i»-» ••!«* by Grady a ?; .- fee told of the jtnents to build the darn, tte also ; cld of the special process of cooling the cement. The meeting this week will be a picnic at McClellan Lake Thursdav f OLniernbers_ and thcirjamilies. ' Boston claimsTto'be the~ireatest wool market in the United^ States and the world's shoe and leather center. BADCLIFF SUPPLY CO. ffcffV fe4V#VB Mfe flW^MKM»Kta_ -__ OIL FIELD EQUIPMENT 112 * BROW * Cities Service's Nniicnal Coif Flay Scheduled June 17 A Cities Service National Golf Tournament, sponsored ny (ho N TO Vork chapter of the Doherty Mc-i's Fraternity, has been .scheduled"for ;;!' n o I7 ' a fc Baltiisrol Golf COUI-.SP Springfield. N. J. Each iTSt CoUililV CUl 1 ) on June- 3, i n wh i ch onp ,. .' » J City ' Mexican Oil Agree io Wage Cnf MEXICO CITY— iff}— Oil workers imally • accepted the slightly modi- tied wage cut and dismissal reor- pnm,nhon plan of the government 021 monopoly Feme*, yesterday af - r hi i 5 ,, Bnd mornft i* sessions at which th- ,;nion delegation announced all officer., would resign ratncr than accept the plan. .""'•^-"in I y***™^.^,,^,,^ . ,„_ — ^ News of Interest To Oil Men , -""• "i ujnuil WUIKeiS nnd ten percent from the office naff with Rome wage reductions Six Notices of Intent fo Drill, and other restrictions. His "plan.'! Ih" accepted by the unions today with 1 slight company concessions. " Six notices of intent to drill pn three notices of Intent to deep" wells m this area were filed wit ^ d .,£* s , cl i visi °n office o .. Pemox expects to trim expense s i fO.OO'O.OCY) p.r.os (*(!,.lOO,Ofp) "an- } minJlv Tlnf-oilr. «,.« t... 'i._ _ ,,. PARTS-SALES-SERVICE Magneto and Pre ssure Gauge Repairing Radcliff Bros. Electric Co PAMPA "fail The Pnmpa \ PWS Ads ,, • ' - ~' J ' VV:(VWU.WV(J/ Ull- nimlly. Details are to "be settlec m future meetings. It was President Airman's prompt ischarpe of 50 union leaders last winter that ended the almost con- "tinous illegal work stoppage that had been ham])erin2 Pemex and other industries. Labor federations talked of a general strike but did nothing when newspapers and individuals showed the mass of people supported the President. VP TO THE MAYOR An old Mirsonri stature makes i legal for i:iy town (o levy a ta to support ;i band, provided th mayor CTUI pi;v,- a piccolo and end memb-.'r of I he band can eat pea wilh a knife. dm ing Of •—w»«»»ii t jt3I\Jll flGl* past week, V^J], 01 ?* 5? be drilled wi uie six noies to be drilled four are located in Gray .Countv Of the other two, one is fn Carson nnd one is in Wheeler Counties Tne three wells that are to' be deepened are located, one hi Hut (•hmson, and two in Carson Coun- S5 r S°l.f J ? u ? t y-W^ D. Kelley, :: S lines of s.rt KIL- fL a %. " Dei-r. OK Tiii in "lira ui n£;/'i -x>. Blk. 4. 8 miles N of White Gray County— Lee Cady and Com- ny Holmes No. G. T&GN lut^. 330 from s nnd £90' from E lines oi S'i NE/4 Sec 106. Blk. 3. 3 mHe cf Pampa. Plains Holding Com No - " N Cities Service Announces Five Oilers Finished . Cities Oil Co. reports the completion last week of five oil wells for an average daily potential of 160 jarrels. One gas well, the University S No. 1 in Andrews County. Texas V fo, f ii! nlcd for an °l jen flow of ,127,000 cubic feet. ., Texa , i : acc °untocl for three of the il well completions, with a total J , barrels of dail y o11 Potential. W lines o Men's Painfen By Pooles Regular $3.50 value $t s Values $4 , *o $3.95 <X • • $ Values fro $5.95 Values fro $8.95 . Values fro $73.50 t i/ «J Values Men's »'s Khaki Gray County—Texwell oil Cor pnration— Jackson No. 1, H&G1 •:ivey. 330' from t: and 1650' fron lines Sec 87, Blk. B-2. 5 mile. .V of Lcfors. Eben D. Warner Morso No. 5. H&GN Survey. 330 froin N nnd W line.s of N/2 of NW/ i Sec. G8, Blk. 25. 11 miles SE of Le- Wheeler County—Warren oil Corporation, G. W. Williams No 7 -I&GN Survey. MHO' from s and •M Irom E line.s of SE'4 of SW/4 .'•ee. 49. Blk. 24. 1 4miles NE of Mc- Li'nn. The iollowintv notices of intention to deepen were filed last week- Carson County—Burnett and Cor- ncjuis, S. B. Burnett Estate No. IfeGN Survey. Rec. 115, Blk. 5, miles s of Border. Shell Gil Con piny. E. F. Bryan "A" No. 4, TA'.G Survey. ,Src. 92 Blk. 4. ';. mile ol Kkellytown. Htuchinson County — Travels Oil Company, w. B. Haile No Owners Subdivision TC&RR Sui My. See. 4, Blk. M-21. j , "«"»-*o ui uauy on potential. ]0ud,ed in the Lone Star comple- oC§.>(vere Baggerman No. 10 Gray ounty. ocmpleted for a 292-barrel '111,1 n 1 nnf pntio l • Ttnn-i*.. •»•» » T _ -. j'.— uuvi AWJ. n. fiatt— IJU.L id potential; Bagley B No 7 tctor County, finaled for 132 barrels, and O'Brien c No. 3. Dawson County, completed for 117 barrels Kansas wells finaled during the week were Chesney No. 135, Butler County, for 130 barrels daily potential and Wesslcr No. 6, Ellsworth County, for 128 barrels. ..Cities Service drilling report' TEXAS "ockett County—Hobbs No. 1 C r-.,. NE $<%• 7 ' Blk ' °G, H&OB drilling at 1)95'. Hoover No. 3 c NE S E ? E Sec. 14, Blk. GG, H&OB \VOC. Oens B-l (wildcat, partnership) C SW NW sec G Blk GO H&OB, drilling at 8251' "awson County—Dupree No. 4 C - SW, sec. 67. Blk. M, EL&RR £ dd '" e dcrr ' c "5- P»Prec No. 3, c' tj "."••/ •»«*ll««F Fund Report Made GAiAresroN—(#>)-_ Coi Paul r , Wakefield, coordinator for G 0 y Beaufort Jester on Texas City relief said yesterday that deposit of funds in banks here had brought $204,54^3. State re " ef fUnd "P to Proceeds of three benefit performances are yet to come in he said. Col. Wafcefleld said ni tfts M&inf his Oalvestofn. headquarters Fotf6t^ ing & conference with Mayor 3. G. Trahan of teSaS City, difeMJf of Red Cross Maurice Reddy, aM otfigr service agencies.. ,"'•: He said his phase of the wdl-fc would be handled from Austin to the future, but that, future meettnteB of the Governor's Committee ftftuld "'' in Galveston or Texas City. Read The Pampa News Want Ads B^quesfi Fermaneni Regular $5.9S voloe Values fro $1.95 Value fro $4.15 Regular $1.95 value ...... Dress Ties ml Values fro $2.95 ......... Values ro $].39 Values lo $2.50 BroadcIoSh Regular $4.50 value Values fo $2.50 Regular $3.00 value Values $14.95 Lines' io ShJp WASHINGTON—f/P)— The Texas r astern Transmission Corporation's application for permanent author- isation to use the Biff and Little- Big' Inch pipelines for natural gas transmission will be heard here July 7. The Federal Power Commission set the hearing Friday. The corporation now is operating the lines under an interim lease from the War Assets Administration and a temporary certificate irom the FPC. The company expects to acquire the lines by Nov. The FPC will take up at the hearing- Tc:;as Eastern's request to oe allowed to build about 66 miles ol lateral lines to connect the big line;; with systems which distribute gas in the Philadelphia and New Jersey areas. Seeking to intervene are coal labor and railroad interests, along with a number of gas companies and the regulatory commisions of Arkansas, Indiana, Illinois Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Harris County—Witcher Nn o 000- N, 990' E of SWCornefof C.' S lease, Chris Williams league, woe County— Foreman No. "" of C Sec. 33, Blk, to spud. <Sn,' Vir" ,T *' """ °' 1°" E Of C «*•."&'«!?&. *gg&2S NEW MEXICO Lea County—Brunson C-3 C SW - J Sec. 3-22s-37o. drilling ,t tow Brunson B-2, C NE SW Sec 3-22-37 •unning casing. ' "' MISSISSIPPI E 20 ™N County — Park er No. 1, 200' ILLINOIS Gallatin ~ <oasis! Icreags n DALLAS-r/p) — The Petroleum ngmeer Magazine reported here ' that leases j » the open tite nf T rou B t «« tate of Louisiana about $10,000 000 n cash bonuses for ] ess than a and a half acres of coastal Oil companies that bought the dhes have spent another $10,0000 on geophysical work and are continuing to put about $1,000,000 a 8- m, Valu Hitest Safety Toe e $9.95 . . . 8-in. Not Safety Toe Value $9.50 6-irs. Safety Toe Hi Test Value $9.95 Ladies' Slacks Values $A i fro $5.95 ......... l m \ S AUSTIN--^) _ The Railroad mission today set hearings on several applications for new field designations and discovery allowables Included were: July 15, application of the Continental Oil Co., for discovery allowable and new field designation lor its P. Magee well No. i, Montague County. July 15, application of S. B Roberts for a discovery allowable and J ^ fesignaoon for his Tipton well No. 4, Taylor County. Other hearings set: July 11, application of the Producers Corporation of Nevada for Sh r nt .° f a W'-Sl ratio o cubic ieet of gas per barrel County!" thC Ty " a " p i«W. Bee June 13, to determine whether or lot eas wells in the Kermit F eld Wmkler County, should be exemnt from statewide Rule 6. exem P t Health Department Checking on Fever AUSTIN-^- to a depth of 12.874 feet and temporarily abandoned. Locations have been made for six other wells as a result of "substantial evidence" tmued POSltS> the maea^ne con- .Leases run five years and carry high rentals so a heavy drilling ln the " that made in People of the United StateiTare estimated to own 21 pereen't of tiie business capital invested in o an ad a. TODAY & MONDAY Added "Uninvifed Pest "Tennis Wizards NEWS MOVIES/ *^ y *Cw>. Added— Color Cartoon "Slap Happy" ladles' Raincoats Values to $24.95 d' ?»? f> tealth °«iceryMte said laboratory tests have not vpf- confirmed or discredited a C 0 «l- ' 0 ^ e "^ llasiz ed that the ? enSt n Corsi <=aiia in- S ° Cl M fe- Ladles' Blouses Values $3.50 mmrsrsw wrs. Mother, Children Give Rotary Program PA-HANDLE - (Special) _ Mrs Lewis Williams and children car-' ^».™< i J »™y, gave a niudSal solos Bav « ' «verai pano ^ fD D R ' Jl Bens on and J. L. Sands of_Borger were guests. A robin in Omaha, Nebr., put a U. S. Army command car out of ?a!nlnt f ° hWheCkS i ^ hei1 ^ A es °t con- tainmg baby birds was found atcliored against the brake pedal orders were issued not to move the V vit^QiQ, * » '?••* Cartoon \'^lfr 9 NEW| &$*>, t - '-"H" W

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