Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas on June 25, 1961 · Page 2
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Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas · Page 2

Del Rio, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 25, 1961
Page 2
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/ 4A-OCI PK> (Texos) NEWS-HERALD, Sunday, June 25, 1961 Thousands Of Cleats Batter Cotton Bow A Nickelt's Worth •y NAAMAN (NICK) N1CKEU Krausse Loses Game .'.-•' -••• ' ' .. ".---• -' - -:" ' ••-•- . . ' ' --. - -'.-' ' '•' '•'.-.'•'' ':••••£' )' Wi n s Reg u I a r Tu r n J »y HAROLD V. RATLIFF Aft*cf*»*d Prtss -Sports Writer The Cot I on Bowl, pounded by Jl {acnes last fall. wiSJ-'have chi ssroe treatment this year. -It means Dallas again %VJH t*~: the most football-sasuraiod c::> IB the nation. There v,;!! be two professional teams onc-e more — tht Dallas Cowboys of Use NaiiOTt- jj Football League and iht- BaHss Tesans of the Arr.encsn! League. Southern Methodisi £:>« »'Ul play five games in (he o;i saucer instead of four and Texas ind Oklahoma Vil! c!ssh liif-re £? usual. Last >car (here "'t-rt- - siid college cames plus i star frx.'tball same oi the coaching school. The la:i be played st'San Antonio : but SMU's extra same u.: the same number for she Bowl as in l&SO. The Texans Canted 10 j: exhibition same- in the Bowl but couldn't gel ihv desired so it wi!! play U-, bition at Cobb Stadium, tr school athletic plan!. -.- There "was. a rhubarb '2 SOB when the Cowbc>\s "Friday and Saturday night in the Coi»on Bow! during tht- c'oi- 22.000 per same ;<• hrcaSc loge se-ston. The collegians claim- *Bo;h claim W; vroypert t-d they shot-id have- the «eekda\ bright for !h<--y: noi t,- -,•. u-s; dates-v-hiiir.Jbti-prof^ougnl 10 cor. «o ir-ueh r^rH-v. In 'he i;r.-'i fine thesns-tlve.? ••;<> Sundays.--=Rri:. iney' JHv •:• ;.H i-<j_i:prni.f;i an •was- supposed to be the custom, t-r in:.m! fXiHT;-'.-> W. ^ ?h> This yt-nr the pros won't be And each u^n- ;r.o>t «.>f • :-. fc-er; in the txwj except on Sun LTS. iiach ;-;!.-.•< expt-c!- io days. Only the Daila? Cowboys- better attt-r/.-iiiru-e "a;ih..;u-ii Green Bay exhibition -«ill they have ;<:> hive ^ plsyexj OR a FnJiv niph; but it"> tear- 1 ,!- ;..i jnakt li-a! i>.><=:-;:•.; SB Ausayt and diW.? not cur.fiicl Lisi:ar Hu!:l. ;ht '.'.r:nt:r. wuh .the colkeei, - of the Texan.v \^f,r,'\ iv n:-"at No one thinks DsiJa; can s;;;>- yd :f Ir.s ;* : .::rr; i:,;':.-; ;..-, brt-al; .port t«o professions! football club- be-c a u .< f.- iie -a'.- h- Yni'ik*- ?o ths.i each can mskt a profit f-v at U^-: i;;.- frj-ir;h -...-:; hul tnere t> no i>ro>f!v'Ct *~-i <tne »" ; f f< rt ' :; ..,• r-ui' f'i-;^ " r~ ihen: falling out 2n>tnr:'e s«i!j O'« n--r- ••( a.-? G':- : -!/<••-.'•« :7;ar: It j-o happens that tfech is o' fr. t vv.-r ^i^r; ;r Usv ;':r-' T ' by uien v i;h many miHion? of ck" • N,,.^:^-;-^ ^:^H\---:i;sr In:. kiiins for s fev, years U !ht-v i-^:- .^v;u-o! r>;:ri n v. ;i;'-.-<- u-s --; o-.v \v«,v. r4i-.- '' Plaj ,'if ;hf prr. civi'ri; <.">p. in invir - Daiias d fiKi-ndsncv per Eorne. v.h;ch '.«. -.- A f : ;. v. .v. r.i;w ; -:.- >'>n;eih!ni: UKt 2<>.y-Xi Ifj? than ri:::r:::-i -.. : •:.•• nfcvijjarv 10 hit the hresk-f.^ e:? Ana ••;, r.-'i; ; s -. ix^jfii. Tne Texans 3-. erased 23.S--, s rr>:-:.: Tr.L-: .'by sctuil co : .jnt but ail ^hose v/erv Fs;; - ,M 1%-xa-- not paid arimijssions-. Chancer sr^- ('^nun :'i'«v.! "i n tne Texani didn t averase miK-h g-arrs i;i\^ ;,. ;_.; mo:v th&r; u;e Cou'bo>s in piird I? r.vr ..^r. 1 rc:;i atiendance. TTxe Texan? Ree-J abo-j.. Ct-r. De/ Hataway Zo6ms Leaders in Bull Rid in DKNVEIl (Sph— Del Haia^'ay. ai slender 22-yeEr-old cr.twh-oy frvir; Snyder. Tex.. to*.)k over the tin tioasl. lead in professional rodeo.-; bull riding. e\eni as Giadev-.ster. Tex., ended its annual ihree-dsy rodeo last ucckend. . iHata.way. making his first bi_' bjd for the event's world championship title, jumped from Jounh place in the standmss uith- a $753 \-ictory, pu;hing his iota! to $5.i02 and hhovin:; 2 fulkfA- Texan, Bob O. Sheppar-d of Lubf»jk tio "runner-up. . Tom Nesmiih. 27. 5'ethei. Okia . emerged individual high rnc-rsey winaer at the Texas rudco. u;n- nine J:.!3I l».- capiunni; J.-oth r<.pin2_ and steer uroilhr;-:. T'. •--- in the former ovt-n;. Xesmuh tst-i.: !-vo cah.e.-; do'-v n jn ar; arna^ini 21..3 seconds. Fi o n n y e So -A «' I. C h i e o. Tt- x., v. a s r-econd vi;th 2^.1 on two. \>,i:r;h Mont . The more \ve read abcui the current basketball scandals, the mere sericus consideration vv? give to the necessity ci revamping the ontirf <?olley'? aihletic setup. While evei'vcne involved in tlie point- shavin° Is guilty to some degree,, \ve fee! the em he thing goes nrach deeper.. It is th&-^y=i^ai_\vhich more to bJamc than' anything else ' - -—— Perhaps it's time for a new Frontier in the world of coHc-ge athletics. Our plan may seem a little radical, bui it u-ouid help avoid thfe sordid m ess e;-, which are presently cropping up ail over the iieki of athletics. Why not go ahead and put the athletes on a salary. Hire them to play football, or basketball, or baseball. Let ihf-rn take what course *hev so desire, but let's uet na '•! the hyncvrisy which pervades the uresent-dav scholarship system. ' - fvlost Money, Best Players The -choc's, that can ai-oru to :nit out the most jro;uv \\~.\i tht'n };ave the- be.>l ball te-a:r.<. yr-u say. Well. L-.r/r.•• ih.ii the \vay-it is nc,\vv Those sci.iocj"is which ca;i ai/ora the b;gxr:-t scholarship;, and have liv- alumni vshich can shove the most money under the .table, are .Lietti^^. the b-:5i I-a!' players. "- " ihere i.? no question the .schools art gc-ir^ to continue ir:vi.' hiph po\v?r rrcriii:iTiLr of :h : ; IOP tioleh hicrh scl^ool phiyeri. If college; are going to continue to buy athletes. a:vi; \vj ,?oe no way to .sicp it. ti;en lei -them cio it hon- v?iiy. Jrootosu and bs.skt?thail h.i'.ve coiren l(- be* big bu>2- ne.-r.-i anicny the major schoob across th? ctuntrv. Perhaps they couid be' operated much more efficiently''if they were put on professional basis.. What oi Smali Schools? Tit: ?rnal;f:-r colleges wouldn't reallv be hurt bv f'••'-'- a system. Tne aoo:s oall players are goin^ to 2:0 to 'ht; • schools where they can get the best "deal"—whether ;: be a scholarship or a salary. Those schools that wished to ccuid rorrn an amateur conference. Bui, we-bet. within a coupk- of years they would be cutting- each others' 'hrciii to get the best players still available to them. there ;s on-2 other solution, but ii wbvild be vinuallv ;;->po?sib:e to achipv?. That would be to conioletely de- .emphasize athletic.?. In other words. ~ZQ back' to intramural sports. However, most colleges^" hav^ made such huge investments in stadiums, field houses and arh- ' iirtic ecu-pmeni :t -would be imncssiuie to set then'! to accer;! sucli a soiutior;. ; KANSAS CITY .,?. — '•{ just who • piic-hed a ihree-hit shutout ; coukln'i • get the hall in there." against the IMS Angeles Angels in ;soid Leu Kraus^se Jr.. the Athlet-lhis first major league appearance its' S125,Ci» Ix>nu5 pitcher, after a week earlier, was thoroughly' 'losing to the Boston K<.<d Sox 5-i' deiecied. .Friday niahi. ; •''! ju>t cot! kin't ^et the bail The IS-year-oJcl.. r»ghi-hander ; where- I wanted it. Mv "curve Ruth Nats Defeat Lions, Creamers Bop Bats ; The njasiv nyrnbt'r Friday niiriu The'Hals scared all five of ;he;r ;n the Kc.'.h League was M runs in a hie ihjrd inning when The Xat> v. hipped t!u' Ljoni V'-r, they sent nshf batter* to the piaic in the nr<: ^arnc- and iho Civasn- on%id .\Uirrv \vas !iu- winnin? """ :7 : ^":° r "' d !n ". f ' Sii 16 ^ n Pitcher Ik> cave i:p .<e've;i hits. >-;v ^f-'.o:i,j L .!.'-..>..- Hi ?he tA filing. fp. <? ,,.- th:.-;r: jn tJ:c fifth innins. The Nas> .-corf-,i. ivic-t in t u .r Richard tUi^ha had ;wo m\< iv>r '.op o: the firs! when ^iik£• D-\ Uu- rr^aiiKr? snxi Jsjan Garcia i«-;-.-(.: urn' (Ut--r ,i:- iortro w::n n^(! !«o Stpve Biair on bssu Tht: lead nas . '. . .sh.-ir; i^ed as thv j-'Ojmi-.'.i A REPEAT LEADER o-it iw- hi-.s. -U : K: i s -,r f,--ur r<::;-. CHATTANOOGA .^-Et: - Sp^i:; n^ ; w r>r.;;om na-i .;: snv innin;:. fc> ., Ed; , in of >i a d !son . Term., bdi In -.he top cf ihe .second ir.o bten nanu^d basketball caritain Nats s=ed :hf- hsU.. qanit a! -i i for iho streond itraijiht year for jnd ihon v\c-n- ahead to *tay \vnii she Univt-risiy of she South. t>ireL- runs in the third Afier ih«> Char'if Robinson of S<n:ih Miami, roi-ky f:r<i ir;n;n- >5ikc Cox ?t:i- t'is., -.vill be capia:r> uf ni-xt ti'ri •>!{•>w;i >o iu;ut i!so Lir-ns is> -year's >v/in7ining ' tt'^in. remaindor of iht bsl! ga;v.v. Bialr had thrt-e hits for' tiio Naij. and Cox snii A!?>t j n • !'i- a't behave- and I missed (00 y limes with my fast ball," he said. While his performance Friday night didr.'t match His first ap- iMjaranci-. just about everybody but .voting Krausse was well impressed — including the 26,{XXi fans «lio turned out to see him. In the seven innings lie pitched he gave up only three hits, despite ire control trouble thai re- suited in oisht walks. He struck <>»!i -even batters, His ruination v»as the seventh inning, when he gave up ft three-run homer to Gary . Geijjer. A iini' 'drive from the bat of Dor L'tuldin. r.oston shorUiop, hit Krat;>se on 'he left shin in the secosid isinins. but the rookie .steadfastly denied it affected his 1 ihould have taught it it « as coming pretty Man:!.;o- Hank Bauer put a t;i:ie", ckay on the youngster, say-. in? ' he iiid a fine job and he's c-.-irr.trO a rn^uiar job. That rap An ;h« h 'j had' to hurt him and he thsi-i'. 1 entireiy too many pitches. Lt>-v is going to be a good stuff." The Gardenia, run each fall at Gardc-t; State Park racetrack in Carnder:. .V. J., is the riches! race in the world for 2-year-old fillies. SIS FAIRWAYS _ and a triple f^r the ' I:; the st'cond i;anH- the Crtanv er.=- scored a!i ii> rurss or: only eishi .hits. The-;, v. ar;n-?d up !/> the ta^k \vjth.tMi-- n;n= in ti;e fir'-! Then in the srcui;!; ih-.-v broke tht- i£i:nv «ide ^rvn v.i! ! i erf in the third and tiie final fou;- ns the fourth. EACH THURSDAY MORNING 9 TO 11 A.M. KIDS' DAY (Boys £ Girls Under 16} Half Price on Pails AND FREE ADVtCE HWY 90 E, PR 5-8284 Aiilrcr. De: -vi-'. ridi'n.;. ..-'T;:;iM.' I I • fMR. RANCHMAN i *'. Let Me Refinance I Your Ranch Using . New Land Values _ .icx.. shira. K.S, and T. E. Porter. LeesviiSe. La., fouri's Kn<K.h V.'a!k,-r. «.:,j,.1. . \v.r,.. .;<.. s\H.h s 2-; itfond f(rri-;:r.^ v.'-••rid • ;>d."r-"'--.!r,r. ' v ; ,i.-. Southw-esi cowboy? faik-d [ 0 f| fi ..t }, rL , t; ,. rj , u - r ; >:l .-; u -,-•' v.':;h:!i" ',?i;i the Dinners' circle in an>- of iho -.,; i:,^ <,\ i r'"\!'-;j s :riv:: - .-[>.,r other r:d;r;g even:>. bu!_ Frc-rksvr ;n i;^\ <-v.-r.r ;r<.:;i f'an^-ia"- W--i'- second in bui; riding- fur . s:;.\v. ^r f;,-.;;,. ..;..; ; , ;.v ; -.; ..,.,-..,,,,.'.'. : .,'.\ •"•hiie Harry Totnpkms. Dublin. • finish. «! i 5 iai;(--.v;.u-r. V.'uiix* r'iv;v. Tcx. L . cefcnuini: \\or!d vhamp;••;•'. •<!;.•>'-: ".ST.'Taij around cowboy, picked up *<-•-• (ii'sd-'v. ai.-r . •.-.?;• v :nf- -- *..i ! und in ii:e bsrcbsck bronc riding. 'tiTi- brt-:;: r,i;in^ '''"':-,,-{.-' K-s-t 1 f- S5S7. added 2 S2S4 ihirti-plact- sphl T'uir.:. !';;-.i; S4^7: "r.;, ;-. ;?rt.-.. in bull riding. rjdi."^ ('h.,^-- •-"••;•:.!- j;; •-.!,•-• Gfarfc-.v.'3ier. wtth JiO.S33 prize CH!U' . *',".-::" f-..i!l ruhr,'•' •!*a-i-.iV.\-' money division, overlapped <£»• J7.V-:: i oihf-T !i;a;<>r conicst st Reno. Nev , :-tr.'-r rs sJict-d up Sl.'i.B4X. R«r ; !» esl cowboy finished i;; hr<i"t : Minor Little League lowjac iarifs 'alcons dru- rj'.im;;. F.rux-'n \Vaihi.-r. 55>. • arofjack i>r-:-r;c-j : i.';ir:2. Psu: T •;•::;- I i LONG TERMS — So You Con Pay Off m Livestock Notes, e»c. _ REID W. WEBB • Del Rio, Texas • Phone PR 5-2568* 628 S. Main-PR 5-3622 * mmmttmmwB v-hcre v '.\0 iO'JI the average there. Dak- Siniih. Chandler, "as hiiih n^oncy winner v.ith a • ridsuc. Du;:n..-- Hov-rtrd M ••irvA li- secrjnd-piacc finish in calf rnpmu kan. \ ! i ;.>•..";• ±-.3\f j-.-:) ! n "jic--^- and a dsy money in u-ani ropir.^ Oiivvr. .?.;••>; ~u-.'-r v.rt-.T!in' : \V worth SS55. H. Sj>:cer V,'ii::ii<-r '("a^f ""^-'•'?in anc?her look si the sport c it-am ri>n:r.'j t'.'-.d 'V-rv. ••'.; ~ ' :>>•-••• national financial table. Ncsniith ford. Ca!i;.^ ar'i H.-.H i a^ boosted- .his lota! to SHX698 bar Va^aha. Cuii: 5-;.si < f-vi- ' " ho .siiil lags in third place, soiiu- ._; _' S3.000 'tx-hir.d she t\vo co\vb«jv< run- ^ .. ^" IS» • niflg a>-: race for the OO-Kdrt CO? I510H maney lead jasl now. -*«».»«—<*.«• Dean Ohver. Boise. Ida. fending world champion calf er; and Bennv Revnolds. ^ XE-V j' 1 '." Yi-ri •'>•••. jackets b< ; 2; iho '-- : r-'v-:i ji'^rrit.Xji 4-L in \h? first : 'ar::c- of j rV'i'ihiehi'sri^r in thf M i.".,- r Little \.t;&^ ' FrivL-.y ni-ML ; : : uv^rstrei.-! P:.rk The < ', 1 a r-.-- .•= ti:...-:r fins! ihr<-e ?cores came in ihc th.rd. The Fa.icon5 -cored once in ihc fi.-.-t ,-inrt-C'r-ii:e in the ihird. \";>."jrTn int rro-Jil for the vic- n'.ry. *if :iie uiants c'ratkod oiit a firiivt ^>f 'i'juhlt's in the Bee-err:!, had th-j only r.vo h-is for 'ho losers. • 'n rS Kills Teen-age Boy i "-'-<• ir.ore in tht- third and r.'.if The '.In-er. H'irrv"".- tallied th-.-jr "i;:> n;n i-; rhe -fsfili _if;n;:;^ co ;j .'.}a;e nn bs!L~ nr;i two cf •;;.•-( -t L-.. ' ;'--.• ^ j n ^ it's? . .•'-.r'i;rri Paniasua '-v,'i> ihr- -.-,;;••- nir; pneher. .\Sikf Harper Va- ilie ;r.^cr in spile of -n inz ::ti (.a!;. Classified Ads Krinj KesulU SAM L SADLER • Roofing and Sheet Metal Contractor • Certified Bonded Roofers We Carry a Large Stock of Roofing Materials WE COVER SOUTHWEST TEXAS 115 1. Ogden - Phone PR 5-5056 The Gisnts blew the . second Sam*.- wide open in she fir.-i ;:•.- ntn:- when ;hvy ra.'nmed MX- rur;j scr-i.-.f the pia-t-. They c-arne up "Seal Esfale Buytr It'-j r a -jr Move" REALTOR CALLING All BARGAIN HUNTERS Home:, lots r lend end bus*n»si opportunity — IF you be!i*v« in - ike fulur» of your Cit-f. lei tne ih = ~ you seme of Iht borgo'inl offered by !hoi« -^ho .MUST j»l!. E. A. STRICKLEN-REALTOR 1016 AVE. D PP. 5-2731-?R 5-fc020-?R 5-3033 r> in fipjt-.'i^i: Rithnrri S< .ir;i-^n. ^ :;•;;(• '.r-:'; ; '>;\;l rai-in: riioir h!'i< (lirr-vti'T- -in ,.ri !ar r."-.'ifs or; ;: forirjer ;i;;::i;irv i >!sl!.-i.: ; f::;. " " : ii;-)-- ;:-••• r:-r.-h (n-^.-r isnr! . -iv ~fi%" :if'rsi i 'i.-.'i i .'.cr fncir" 1 ' F' l!n-> arc i-:i[.»::hiv ".' Ira »' - i!:m : •i'.' isiil--~ ;srr'ificci Ails F'rine Ko.sulls GET YOUR BEST GAL AND JOIN OUR AAIXE Sunday Nite Doubles * • • THIS SUNDAY 2, EVERY SUNDAY STARTSAT 9 P.M. Get your' entries in n o v/! For rcsorva- lions, cull iho Bowling tones or contact the desk personnel at the Lc;nes. 66 2/3% Handicap Men 75% Handicap Women Eosed on highest league average 1OWLING FEE PtIZE FUND . , ENTRY FEE (p«r person) $1.35 .65 $2.00 HIGHLAND HILLS BOWLING LANES 4 BLOCKS^ NORTH OF MEMORIAL HOSPITAL 1201 BEDELL ST. - PR 5-2403 YOUR CAR IS HEARTY AND HALE BEFORE YOU HiT THE HOLIDAY TRAIL Vr-y:' s-; : c,' you- va^- 0:1' ir.cre :t you >"-;-.•= ;.~J" _3r'3 ;n ;;p-;oc snap*. Le! -s !~£rcc; '.cur CS' f'C-: s to r-ter: 1 !. V.'e prc r r-so r-'O"iE VACATION C? f • Tune-N-Test for performance ' Uube-N-Check for smoothness ONUV Vt?f INCLUDES: o Brahe Adjustment for safety » T*re Rotatron for economy ,^^=^- ^1^ /&£&8^!& ^ fe»iS?-f^g^< X? ;?7£:s$ c==2^P i <v^ K ffetes-n*¥3?i AH?: Wa -» ^M «i cti&n traction PRICES DRASTICALLY CUT! CHAMPIONS 12-MONTH ROAD HAZARD GUARANTEE 6.70-15 10.77- 7.1S-1S 12.77 'Black. 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