Corsicana Semi-Weekly Light from Corsicana, Texas on December 23, 1938 · Page 3
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Corsicana Semi-Weekly Light from Corsicana, Texas · Page 3

Corsicana, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 23, 1938
Page 3
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/, ( THE CORSTCANA SEMI-WEEKLY LIGHT, FRIDAY, DECEMBER 23, 1938. OFFICIALS PRAISED BY GRAND JURY IN REPORT WEDNESDAY The October grand jury made Us .final report Wednesday to : Wayne R. Howell, district Judge, . and was discharged after com. mending law enforcement offl: cere, particularly the city police department, and giving praise to A the county Institutions; especially 'the p. and S. Hospital. Threo Indictments were returned as follows: Burglary, Johnnie Williams and Sd Price; theft of pipe, Clarence 3avls. The report stated that the body had been In session 16 days, had examined 164 witnesses and had returned 74 Indictments. Compliment Police. Included In the written report 5-ias made to Judge Howell, the fol- fc lowing relative to the police dc: partment and other Institutions appeared: "Finding the system used by the city police department of the citw of Corslcana, for the Identification of criminals and keeping their records, of such great 1m- fi - portanco and benefit In the apprehension and conviction of those charged with crime, we would sincerely recommend to the commls- sloners' court of Navarro county f- and to those officers charged with the handling same, that this system be Installed In the county's law enforcement department. v "We desire to express our appreciation for the fine co-operation A that has been given this grand K. jury by the chief of police of the • city of Corslcana, and his assistants. They have presented this . grand jury with ' evidence on a great many cases and those cases have been prepared and presented to us Ip a manner that reflects . credit upon, their ability and initiative Visit County Institutions. "We have visited the Navarro county farm, the Nnvarro county 1 jail and the P. and S. Hospital. We find thees Institutions operated and conducted In a manner ••that reflects credit upon those who have charge of same. We particularly want to commend the staff of the P. and S. Hospital as this Institution was found In excellent condition, its operation appeared orderly and its ;leanllness noticeable. We feel i, our Investigation that this '. Institution is rendering a i$e that entitles it to the re- of he entire citizenship of -ro. county i firmly believe that all our county officials are discharging i their duties fctarlcssly, conscientiously and efficiently . . . ." Signed by M. H. DeWltt, fore> man; Curtis Patterson, secretary; Chester Kyser, .TV. B. Dawson, C. • S. Dickens, L. W. Armstrong, F. M Copoland. T M. Kent, E. L. McCluney, J. N. Inmon, T. J. • Hlckey and V. N. Crowley. Sell It Quick Through Want Adi SENATOR JOE HILL WOULD END USE OF STATE OFFICES MERELY AS POLITICAL STEPPING STONES By HOWARD C. MARSHALL AUSTIN, Dec. 21.—<#>—A constitutional amendment aimed at preventing use of state offices as "stepping stones" will te offered at the general session of the legislature. It will be sponsored by Senator Joe Hill of Henderson, who said recently the people were tired of seeing a man run for an office, not for the purpose of serving the people well in that office, but to step up to a more Important position. Presumably he was referring to the office of attorney general, whose occupants many times have become governor. Hill wants the constitution amended to prohibit an officeholder running for another office until two years after his term expires. Some folks In the capital professed to see a touch of the Rooseveltian manner of doing things In the departure of W. Lee O'Danlel for the East just as one of his closest friends, the Rev. J. Leslie Finnell of Fort Worth, was about to throw a dinner in his honor at $100 a plate, the money to go toward reducing the church building debt. The announcement of the dinner, the fact a number of tickets had been sold in Austin, O'Daniel's statement over the radio that attendance at the repast would have no bearing on any appointment by him and, finally, the governor-elect's plan to leave the state aroused a buzz of conversation In statehouse corridors and hotel lobbies. More than one person seemed to think O'Danlel had decided to give the public something bigger and more interesting to think about and at the same time to put to bed an event which might give rise to criticism. It was suggested that his visit to business leaders of the East In the interest of his proposal to Industrialize the state at the particular time of the dinner smacked of President Roosevelt's abilities at diverting attack from one point by drawing attention to another. D U N L O P "World's Safest Tires." Liberal allowance on your old tires. Easy 1 terms. 'Always call Ifunlop before you buy. > 323 N. Beaton • Fhone 603 Attorney General William McCraw Is getting ready to "move out." On a recent day 20 large caid- board boxes were piled In a corner of his office, awaiting removal to McCraw's office and home at Dallas. They contained pamphlets, letters, pictures, personal records and belongings of various kinds, accumulated over the four-year period of his double term. McCraw's framed portrait has been given a place on the wall, next to that of .Governor James V. Allred, who preceded .MeCraw In the attorney generalship. Gerald C. Mann will take over the office Jan. U. bo one of the Tcxans 1 participating. "Yassus," he breezed, when an engraved Invitation was spotted on his desk. "I will be there. Also I wil pay $100. It will be a contribution to the national committee and I am glad to make it." President Roosevelt will be the guest of honor. Former students of the University of Texas will be well represented among members of the new legislature. The senate Includes 13 ex-students and the house 48. Total membership of the senate is 31 and that of the house 150. Senators who are "Texas-exes" are: John S. Redditt of Lufkin; Allan Shivers of Port Arthur; Gordon M. Burns of Huntsvllle; Will D. Pace of Tyler; Olan R. Van Zandt of Tloga; Vernon Lemens of Waxahachle; Albert Stone of Brenham; Weaver Moore of Houston; R. A. Wel- nert of Seguln; Houghton Brownlee of Austin; J. Manley Head of Stephenvllle; G. H. Nelson of Lubbock and Clint C. Small of Amarlllo. Governor Allred believes his clemency record has been "very liberal." At a press conference he said he thought every governor's record of pardons and paroles should be liberal. He added the supposition when men were released should be that they were "going right," not that they were "going wrong." "Most of them do go right," he remarqed. He asserted he had rejected only "five or six" of the recommendations for clemency made by the state board of pardons and paroles. The governor may grant clemency only on such recommendations except for one 30-day reprieve in the case of death sentences. "SLAUGHTER OF INNOCENTS" BY HEROD NOW AMATEURISH * Germany, Italy, Japan and Spain Make His Murders at Bethlehem Seem Small—Some Fact-Aspects of the First Christmas. By WILLIAM T. ELLIS There is another $100-a-plate dinner coming up right away.. i-IV will" be the Jackson s Day dinner at .Washington Jan. 7 for stalwarts of the democratic party. Attorney General MeCraw will Jobs as policemen are to be Christmas for 10 Austin men. More than ISO applicants took examinations, seeking to be "cops" In the capital, and Mayor Tom Miller said names of the men accepted would be announced In time for them to be "happy In the Christmas season." Increase in the police force takes place about the time the legislature convenes—the regular session begins Jan. 10—but city officials deny there Is connection between the events. The capltol long has needed more police, they say, especially to patrol traffic.^ Deficit of State at New Record. AUSTIN, Dec. 20.—WV-The state's general fund deficit soared to $21,235,364 today, an increase of $1,453,883 since Dec. 5 and an all-time record high. The announcement was made by the treasury department in connection with a call for payment of general fund warrants up to and Including April 18 1938. The Confederate pension fund deficit was $4,286,737. ' t We Sincerely Hope THIS CHRISTMAS WILL BE THE MERRIEST YOU HAVE EVER KNOWN • That the New Year will be full of new experiences and many opportunities for successes. ^ That our customers will accept our thanks for their loyalty and patronage of the past. * That we will be able to serve yor all in a more efficient manner during 1939. * That you will know and realize just how sincere our thoughts for you are when we say MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR CALKINS & DUBLIN. INC. 103 N. 12th Street Telephone 262 One day 'I had the good for- une to possess the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem all to myself. There were no other visitors. I had spent a solemn period down in the crypt where Jesus was born. And I was wandering about the edifice—the oldest Christian church in the world—when there entered hrough the little door three pa- They were not of the Athenian breed of "brittle Intellectuals," who merely talk and talk, theorize and speculate, but do nothing practical. Their vision of the star led them to mount camels and follow Its leading. Only such ever find the King. A Mutter of Dates. In Ignorance and hcedlessness, trlarchal Persians, with flowing I «t»nd poetry have pictured th« beards, large turbans and long, expensive robes. For a moment, I was startled, as if I had seen an apparition. Sere were the Three Wise Men 'rom the East, come again to Belthlehem. Not until the other Magi as visiting the Holy Family In the Bethlehem stable; even as they also represent the shepherds as seeing the star. The shepherds never saw the star, and the Wise Men never saw the stable. They arrived in Bet members of their party had . n- Ic . hcm lo , n S . aft ! ;r , lh = wonder-t tercd did I recover from my °L th , c * h _ c ,P h " d , a '^ d ™ dc ,.^. Beth, r-talE astonishment. Then I low once the old church saved from destruction at V»Y i recalled the Joseph and the Babe honored guests In a house, probably of a kinsman. Matthew's story hands of the conquering Persians explicitly says "they came to the b the mosaic reresentation on 1101186 ; and equal detail by the mosaic representation „.. . , ,. , ....-, the wall of the visit of the Ma- ?] ak , es u clcar ,' hat ' ty u . 1e Wls ? Si: "This place is not Christian, but Persian," said the awe-stricken invaders. Thus again and again the birthplace of Jesus was linked with Persia, "the East," of Matthew's chronicle. Now the spirit of Christmas, the computation, the time of the birth may have been nearly two years before their visit. The Babe was old enough to be taken on the long, hard journey to Egypt. The gifts of the worshipping Wise Men made possible of Persia, to make it over into the modern Iran. Some Christmas Geography We could do with a deal more geography and chronology in our consideration of Christmas. Nine out of ten persons have only the haziest notions of where ajid when the greatest event in history took place. Most of us are not certain whether It all happened In Europe, Asia or Africa. The journey from "the East" to Bethlehem is not greatly different, in our minds, from the trip made by Joseph and Mary from Nazareth to Bethlehem. And the position of Jerusalem is equally vague. Let us cultivates a measure of fact attitude toward the Christmas-story. First, suppose we locate the Magi's home. It was down near where the Tigris and Euphrates rivers meet in lower Mesopotamia, perhaps In old Babylon, or the vicinity of modern Bagdad; or a little further east, within the confines of modern Persia. The journey to Bethlehem was . long one, a matter of weeks; for the camel's ordinary pace is only about three miles an hour. Doubtless the Wise Men follow- ANNUAL REPORT OF NEGRO H"ME AGENT, JESSIE L. SHELTON spirit of Christian civilization, tnat fscapo. has returned to the ancent land Jeal ? us Herod» murder of all possible rivals, after the Magi s report, included all infants up to two years of age. Probably the number was not more than a score. Yet that atrocity has since . been the world's symbol of cruelty. In the light of today's news, Herod was a mere amateur; Hitler and Mussolini and Spain and Japan could give points on how to conduct a wholesale slaughter of the innocents.. Herod's Modern Rivals. For at this Christmas season, we confront the ugly truth that while the world Is full of spiritual seekers, and the Child of Bethlehem has more worshippers than ever before, there is also abroad amidst the nations the hate-filled spirit of Herod. The cries of little Jewish children and Jewish mothers, and of Chinese children and Ethiopian children surely do not go unheeded by the Babe of Bethlehem who now reigns in heaven. That Is the supreme truth of this Christmas Lesson. Love Is on the throne. Although often disobedient, mankind Is yet to be conquered and ruled by the Love that was manifested at the Bethlehem manger. God went the ut- Durlng the year 060 negro farm families have been definitely helped through the Navarro county extension program for negroes according to the annual report of Jessie L. Shclton, n gro county home demonstration agent. Four hundred fifty-six of these families are members of regularly organized women's and girl's cluba, while •<95 are non- club member families helped through the county's expansion' program, to plant nde'qunt. vegetables In Inch- gardens and can for non-productive months. Three major dcmonstra >ns were con- d ctcd in the countv. home food supplv; bedroom Improvement; yard Improvement. Through the home food supply demonstration -158 women and girls canned for the non-productive months 4!i.688 quarts of vegetables and fruit, 18.115 pints of preserves, jams and jellies. Dried and cured 38,489 pounds of vegetables and meat, and I stored 21,823 pounds of nuts, all of which represents a total of $13,592.80 in foods preserved. To make their bedrooms more comfortable and convenient club women added 43 new cotton mat-\ tresses, 546 pieces of bed linen, 105 dresser scarfs and 77 bedspreads. Sixty-four families Improved their homes hy repairing roofs, porches and steps, window Officers Elected For Kerens Library; Committees Xamcd KERENS, Dec. 21.—(Spl.)—At ,1 meeting of thn hoard of the Kerens public library, held Tuesday, the following officers were elected for the coming year: President, Mrs. J. 1C. Simmons, vice-president, Mrs. James E. Taylor; secretary, Mrs. Frank Mas- scy; librarian and treasurer, Mrs. A. R. Carroll; reporter, Mrs. H. W. Hoffcr. Mrs. T. L. Whorton was re-elected member-nt-large. Business Committee—Mrs. G. M. Wilemon, chairman; Mrs. Frank Masscy, and Mrs. J. E. Simmons. Housing Committee—Mrs. James Taylor, chairman; Mrs. T. L. Whorton, and Mrs. H. W. Hoffcr. Book Committee—Mrs. J. C. Blntr, chairman; Mrs. A. R Carroll, Mrs. L. H. Carroll. Kerens Dance Rcrltnl. KERENS, Dec. 21.—(Spl.)—Pu- tralnlng meetings for lenders, mndc 342 home visits, and distributed 2»-l bulletins. A total of 630 Individual letters were written anil 34 circular letters were prepared. Ninety days were spent In the office and 223 days were spent on the field. plls of the Speech and Dancl class of t Miss Linda Slmms, presented a beautiful and artiatia program Monday evening in ths auditorium of the Kerens High school. Ench member was received with applause by the largo and appreciative audience. Highlight of the (veiling and concluding number was the distribution of gifts hy Santa Glaus from a beautiful white tree. Especial feature of thos was ths dance performed by Miss Slmms and Santa, which left some of the smaller youngsters wide eyed with awe. Having Recovered from my recent Illness, I nm now In m.v uffli-R nt regular hours. IIH. THIM HOUSTON. Announcement Dr. A. R. Johnson OrTOSIETIUST Has Moved to Ills Now Locution nt 103 WEST COLLIN STREET Formerly at Mitchell i McAfee's panes and painting. Total amount spent by the families reporting $1,051.95, for repairs. Improve Home Surroundings. Through family co-operation home demonstration club women Improved their home surroundings through yard improvement. As a result of their activities and in spite of little moisture 150 nursery shrubs. 200 native shrubs, 175 shade trees and 521 rose bushes are growing in 215 yards. The negro county home demonstration council sponsored during the year national negro health week and clean-up campaign; Texas 4-H club day May 6; county rally day August 4-5 and participation in the Corslcana livestock and agricultural show October 5-8. The negro extension service of the county is made up of 17 home demonstration clubs with a membership of 456, eleven 4-H clubs with 139 girls and a county home demonstration council of 34 members. In carrying out the program of the year, Jessie L. Shelton, negro county home demonstration agent, gave a total of 83 method demonstrations, held 56 SHOE REBUILDING Most people prefer our service because we use only the best materials with expert workmashlp. Half or Whole SoleH - Leather or Rubber Heels Heel Taps - Complete Rebuilding. In fact, we can rebuild your old shoes to look like new. Let us dye your shoes a dark color. GREEN SHOE SHOP 108 East Fifth - - Shop With Largo Electric Shoo Moving January 1st, 1939 We are moving January 1st, across the street, 210 East Fifth Avenue. Bring Us Your Cream, Eggs, and Poultry. C. L. McManus 210 East Fifth Avenue the old river road which Abra-, termost limit to reveal His own ham had taken, and so to Da-1 nature of love. He gave us Christ, mascus, and down to Jerusalem, which Is but five miles from Bethlehem, passing through Capernaum, and possibly also Nazareth. The route Is a long, hard one, however taken, as I well know, for I have been over It repeatedly. The Nairn Transport Company now covers the distance from Damascus to Bagdad in about twenty-four hours, using large, modern automobile ••• omnibuses. In a great caravan, with many attendants, the Wise Men traversed the route slowly, at the speed of a camel's foot. Star-Gazers and Seekers We know that the ancient scientists were astrologers, seers and seekers. They were an honored cult, called Magi, or "Wlsemen." They possessed rank and wealth, as the nature of their gifts to Jesus makes clear. The Magi were such as would be received by King Herod. They were the scholars and teachers of lime. their And they were seekers after all truth, spiritual questers after the meaning for man of nature's manifestations. An unusual occurrence in the heavens — astronomy has offered many curious theories as to what they saw — portended a new reign by a king arising In the West. So at great cost of money and labor, they set out to follow the star. To these Immortal three, truth was something to be pursued, and not merely to be speculated about. With them, the end of knowledge was logical action. ooooooooooooooo o o o * The Sunday School Les- o o son for December 25 Is, o o God's Great Love."—Mat- o o thew 2:1-12. ' o o o ooooooooooooooo lamor of war and j o Christmas bells whom the whole world acclaims at Christmas, to express His love for us; and "Us will that we . should love 01 e another. Despite | the frightful oppression, of peace and love are the dominant sound in the world today. SEVEN SENTENCE SERMONS The great secret of success In life is to be ready when your opportunity comes.—-Disraeli. • * • It la the man or woman of faith, and hence of courage, who is the master of circumstances, and who makes his or her power felt In the world.—Ralph Waldo Trine. Better have failed in the high aim Than vulgarly in the low aim succeed. —Browning. You cannot make peaco with j documents; peace must be made in the hearts of men.—Herbert | Hoover. * • * The Son of man came not to b3 ministered unto, but to minister, and to give His life a ransom for many.—Matthew 20:28. * * * If thou hast yesterday thy duty done And thereby cleared firm foot- Ing for today, Whatever clouds may dark tomorrow's sun, Thou shalt not miss thy solitary way. —Goethe. • • » We can help make people bright by our keenness, but we can never accomplish anything toward making people good except hy our tenderness.—Parkhurst. Use a Dally Sun Want Ad for quick roiulta. WHY TAKE BLOOD PRESSURE ? There is no diagnostic procedure which gives the doctor more information about his middle-aged patient than an accurate blood pressure determination. The trained physician can learn the condition of the arteries, heart action, and detect symptoms of many diseases, only successfully treated in their early stages, such as Bright's disease, toxic goiter, a tendency toward apoplexy. Low blood pressure is not particularly frequent or serious, and is an indication of some debilitating condition. It is also true of high blood pressure that it is a symptom - not a disease. The way to cure high blobd pressure is to prevent it by regular general examinations, so that any beginning increase may be detected in time to do something about it. THIS IS No 44 OF A SERIES "TMUNS THE PUBLIC ABOUr THt DOCTOR." Safeway— Ocean Spray Cranberry Sauce HEADQUARTERS aiCISTMAS FOODS 17 oz. cans Monitor Catsup _ BlgUoz, «H bottles Queen Mix CANDY IOC LB. Candy Chocolates ' Candy Brazil Nuts Candy Marshmallows Cocoanut Twist Stick Holiday Helen Harrisons Jumbo Stick 3'tin ea. lib. box 14 oz. bag $100 19c lOc 15c 19c FLOUR Harvest Blossom Ib. bag 09 Acorn MEAL 20 . Z9C SALAD OIL Bulk —MEATS- PICNICS 21C Tenderized Shanklcss Ib. Pork Roast llfJl" lb> 15c Pork Sausage j,™£ Ibl 19c Seven Roast ^ stmas lb - 15c JLard Puro ' lOc PEANUT BUTTER —Fruits and Vegetables— Coconuts 5c Fresh Monkey Faces Celery Lettuce Apples Apples Oranges Grapefruit ouch Well Bleached Iceberg ea. QIg. °hds. 216«lze Odz. Wlncsap * 135 Mzo dr. Delicious 288 Hlzo dz, Texas 96 size Seedless K fo u lOc lOc 25c 35c lOc lOc SAFEWAY

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