Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas on June 25, 1961 · Page 1
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Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas · Page 1

Del Rio, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 25, 1961
Page 1
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2A-DEL RIO (Texas) NEV/S-HERALD, Sunday, June 25. 1961 •ACKWARD OLANCI - i J REPA"RING FOR the Summer Band School -starting Monday at the Junior Kith School ale% Jei'l to right. Thomas Moody, Renee Rja:n« an:l Linda Mere- di.h. Moody pl2.;s tlr- . : :axv,pnon;; for the Wildcat band. Miss Roams has been 1st coronet player and drum major for the Junior High band. Miss Meredith piays clarinet". for the Junior Hierh hand. (News-Herald Photo; Tennessee Man US Jaycees ATLANTA (AP'i—The I'.S. Junior (-'bamber of Commerce' lias t J ! ''ftet! a Tennessee hiniw.T <\>-iti- c-r. ;iV year-old Bob Conger «,' Jiif.-ks-wi, ss iis new prer-idcm. The spirited election -wound .up .!';•' tnycecs 41st annual ron\vi;- i:> n Thursday nighl arid sen- an i-sii'r.v.wl 10,000' ile.'i-'uaif-? head- rapped Miner's putated in Rescue s u c c r• e d s ^hirusji of Aiit-niavvn. P:i. '.'on-Jfcr, his \Vjfc n.nd ihreo chii- rfr-^n, will move to 7,V so-called 'M:i]<- »\T)iie Hause" ;n Tu'sa. Os!a...,& residence which the .J»y- C-XF provide for the presides;. O.-ntralia. a city of abou! !4.<<:Vj r:.'-->;.k- in southern Illinois, is th«; |:-ii>:iiniion center of the- L"niu-d Ssati-i. The actual centc-r. sccord- i'i-i ''.> tiie 1950 census, is on a iarni C : •• miles north\ve>t of Cen- By JAMES A. BRYANT PETHOS. Tcnn. <AP.>—A-human c-isain oi i re>ci>e workers hand- pr.s>ij;!i. di-l>ri* • from a collapsed c.-;si-mine sliaft ran into fo\M rock Sau;ruay in efwri.-; to reach Infer- trappod _ar»fi apparently doomed miner?. "It may Jn- a week !:>efore \ve st! :iiro ; i^h," said rescue-miner F.'mt'r Sniiih. "There's'" no tc-'Il- "in:!." r'sve jjiincrs' e?::aned wlien the .ciiri *h.-ifr co'fnpsed an hour he-fore thoy were -10 star! a • two-week vacation. The nnn of one miner was -.i;r)j)iu:t!.ed by a doctor wiih a !:ncks;s'v. .Another suffered a frac- ",i:rt>ri p-^'vis. Three were unin- ji;re<i. The- mine. 2.3W feel up Fork Moamain in the Cunjherland Sun.-Mon.-tues. AFRA50 i to face */?e trutli l that lay beneath a cloak of false modesty! fcH • '•?~ : : f ^&f& fct.-icJ'ir^-^ «SS^St»/r:'V'?A^-v - -&l|w ; ~ ; -•'• -•-*^1 jfe^^^fe ? -^^Si^jfe<;^' <S £^:Q£u.^bjilb ^-^fe^^P^ ;- t -^-> rc^J55gg^S?3S^ : tg*&$W &=^is \ W I V.^wff ;ra MoLinsaHi 1 * of En>! Tennessee, \i-as being recondilioneu alter being closed 'or sevpra! years. Hope- v.-as vjrinally ihandoned for -iv.o miners, Charies Seivcr. '23. and Chariie Kennedy. 28. Friday nicht .Notiiing has been heard from Herly Carrol!. IS, since late Fn'iav 7-jc/u ivhtTi rescue workers heard j?;m ca!i from beneath the ruhHIe ti? "<J,e[ :ne our." 'He's >xiiind io .ho riead.' r said Smith v.hen he returned ^-frorn a stint in the pick-and-shovei rescue -Wtwkers planned to conJiniie the ; tedious Tock-pickins! work iruic-fi- nhely after they v.ero forood ;o • abandon a plan to s,c< over the stack (si debri-. They earlier dynamited ihroush ?S feet of coal. Bobens Woods. 19. pin:;ed be- t'.veen faHen rock a:.d a coal car. \vas rr-scued by r. doctor who ain. putated hi.= £.rni. IK- is in serious ho?pi*al. His father. Claude Woods. 47, suffered a irnctured pelvis. - Federaf. mine Stove Bukovick 5sid tben--v.ns no hope of findins Seivcr or Kennedy alive. ."It happened all a! once. " said Billy Rose. 54. ''Vi'bon we heard the noise \ve a!i stsr'ed running and I passed one boy. And the rr»ck< .ca^sh? we. A? as ihe rock.- stepped fallins ihe other fe!!o\vs ram-C' back in help us out." The cavec-in fhsle cc^'errd an area 100 feet !ons, HO feet •-vide and S /•;,;•! (iecp about 400 feet from the mine entrance, which is resched by en incline railway. Only three or four rescue work- r-rs. usine hand io:ils, could «ei in "t-ic shaft at one.ti'ne. " *'"•-•'. ' As the rescue operation cuh- iimK^d through ^.^»^.ry«hj^4; lights burned in every '? hoii*? 1 " -r.'v&Mhe t>L Fork Mrt\Hi- ••prt<1_ friends ckrp- Years Agti! June 27, 1934 Unanimous re-nomination of President Roosevelt behind them, won d c 1 e g a t c s re-nominated 'Vice-President John Garner by acclamation as a prelude to an outdoor rally in Philadelphia. James V. Allred, governor 'of Texas, made the nomination speech for Garner. Last rites for .Mrs. Elizabeth \ Rc-jnolds Edwards, 94, mother ; of A. G. Edwards, "Were held Sat, urday morning from the, resi- ; denee of her : granddaughter, } Mrs. Pat tie Jo Hamilton, 401 I Griner Street. The Rev. Uolsnd ; Murray, pasior of the First : Preslivterian Church, and the , P.ev. L. C. Beasley, pastor of.the I Kir=i Methodist Church, offioi- i ated. Mrs. Edward."; died Friday. '. .»•'»> Plsns for building a plant for the- Quemado Cannery, Inc.. are itnderv/ay with directors of ihe in.-littition expecting building io he started in Quemado within 30 days. T * IS ^ Folders depicting iliin^s of in- to be- seen during the Texas. Centennial and written in ..Spanish have been received i>y the Del Rio 'Chamber of Commerce. These folders are So })f given to the L.U.L.A.C to distribute in Mexico, Secretary Jas. I..". Nells said. * -r, v * Four thermometers were -checked along Main Street and none read the same. Temperatures ran.acfi anywhere from 93 lo Htf. Tractor Swap By RON WILSON Tractors for Freedom • Inc. was LIVESTOCK FORT^WORTH, tfi — Slaughter} CHICAGO Wl — USDA -i-A sum- steer* (hiring the >veek were steady t mary of the shuep markets for the 'to'K tower on weights over 800 lWL . e k. * IBs; v lighter weights steady io 50; compared Friday last h^her;;,heifers mostly steady; wt . ck _ s | au ghte.r lamb-prices ad- <;ows mostly 25-50 higher; bulls vanccil f u | iy 50 cents, slaughter steady to 50 higher; • slaughter,, fll|lv stea dy v Choice and calves-mostly 50-75 higher; slaugh-. . nut i vc spr j n g lambs 19.50- tor spring /lambs fully, steady to 1^ -„ n.. * n ™ ...; ivi« «.',<».; i - . ."• . , .7 , • limit I* Hull\ I. sjJi 11'a i«i»it/-3 *»*,*^v? « r , S £-"? g n ',, S fll "V IC ? *' to 20.50. mostly 20.00 up late, most Castro of killing the denl. Comparative •'.pricesr slaughter DAIRY DISCLOSES LOOT steers 17.50-23;00; Highest price paid for spring wool of 12 months growth in the United States was reported in California. The buyer put down 4K15 cents a pound. .1 » i' J Mr. and Mrs. I-ucious Hinds were in Saturday from their ranch in the Pecos country.' * » • * Mr. and Mrs. Levi Hinds and daughters. Misses Alvie Mae and Mar.iorie. were Del Rio visitors froir. the Pecos country Saturday. ' * » • » -Mr;. C. A. Markward entertained 3t a bridge-luncheon in. the Ros'.vell Hotel. Bluebells and corona regiha formed a pleasant .at,d colorful decoration for bridge play. Tw'o luncheon cuests-, Mrs. Frank Greenwood Jr. und Mrs. .T. L. Drisdale, and 36 bridge players attended. Somebody Carted Off Town's Waterworks COPENHAGEN (AP) — Police in th? suburban village-of Bistrup are trying to find out who made off with llie local waterworks. Authorities at Bistrup said the unmanned plant apparently was sto'cn bv three men who tore down the building, loaded the machinery on a truck and drove off just ?s the head of the plant turned up, to inspect it. worded statement Friday night i -MEMPHIS..*.— The tlairy of said it was folding itp_ because- ; a 16-year-old girl gave ?pbltce Castro's demand for S2l million 'a big assist when she was ar- ; ' cash, credit or tractors 'could on n shoplifting ohar'gc ' in , only he interpreted .as a move •, recently. Police said it' contained ••calculated to destroy the possi- an itemized list of hundreds of bility of agreement." The commit- "objects stolen from stores in a lee said Castro's proposal for a ; 9-month period. delegation of prisoners to nbgoti- ate the terms was ludicrous • The Cuban prime minister's re- ; jection of the commttlee's ternls" to exchange 500 form tractors; worth about S3 million for 1,200 captured rebels was blamed by • the committee for the collapse of' 1 the month-long .negotiations. Cas- : tro had called : the committee's' conditions ridiculous. , The privme citizens' yroup, ' headed by Walter P. Keuthfr, '. Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt and Dr.; Milton S. Eisenhower, said ii is '< disbanding and plans to return be- - twren GO, 000 and 7fj,000 letters it received from its appeal for funds- lo pay for the tractors. The lei- ; lers never were opened, so there's; no way of determining how much ] money was sent in lo PO Rox i Freedom here. ! 24,75; cows 12.50-17.00; bulls .•39.00; 'calves 13.50-25.00; stock and The United States is:the world's feeder steers t7.00-25.00; hcifen , largest producer-~ .arid" consum- 16;50-'23.SO; cows none;-steer calves ' er of bismuth. •|.&*00v29.50; heifer calves 17.50- ; : '...'. ' _ '.. _-..... •25.'00; spring lambs 15.00-17.50: — ' shorn latnbs J1.00-12.00; ewes 4.00- ; (i.OO; sows 13.50-15.00. PRINTING! Quoiity Materials and Workmanship at Reasonable Prices Office Supplies A balanced stock to serve the terirtory at established retail prices. The Herald Printing Company 110 W. GrMRwood Dial Ml S-M»» Would you like to transform your kitchen' into the-very lost word ^ in _ work-saving, time-saving eiftciencv ... give it a bright arid cheerful ''new look"? 'is so, come in and talk with us about a Title I FHA loan. You can borrow up to 53,500.00 with as long as 60 months to repay. • EXTRA BEDROOMS . MODERN BATHROOM • RECREATION ROOM • NEW ROOFING IF YOU OWN YOUR OWN LOT YOU CAN OWN YOUR OWN HOME Ask Us For Details WHITE FOR FREE BOOKLET WITH FULL INFORMATION e Lumber Co. 416 'S. Main PR 5-3508 r - , t ,, ... ;'- ! ! ilTi UM i~TV Jrj lOTDfl 1 ( l/i/D H !.^^rn^o[ii'!LiUjmUivl»Vifl:lU CT;r •^r^-^.~-Qg:^: COLOR by DE LUXE Ml Sun.-Mo'n.-Tues. SANDS FABIAN OLICE .'JAMES BROWN MERRY ANGERS ' FLMMNGO- Thro Monday NO RUIES ..when the Misfits play! ^ _Gal)le Monroe :C! lit -•fABtefcdefi 1 _ of ther m'di'ntaln. Tlien? v/a.s-" .in air of expect si k:n each tintje'^e Sishis of a reseiie man could he r-c-i'fi siariin^ dov. n thr- incline railway, fol'o'.vi-d by disappoiru- rr-'-m v. hf-n be hro'.ii'ii' no fii".VK of thf trappotl nu-n. Tbr- r:nint> ;> nhfi'ii -1!i miles ni'rth*Afr=J of KnxmiHe. Because diamonds take on surrounding i-o!i,r. appraisers must examine thf-rn in natural light away from the sun. Del Rio News-Herald Published each afternoon except ' Saturday, also Sunday mornings, by • Del Rio Ne-arspaper, inc., and en-; ; tered a-s second-class matter at the ; post office-in Ttel Rio. Texas, .under ; the act of March 3, 1879. ; BEN WOODSON : ; Publisher I ; DAN BUS Editor ' ] : Chas. T. Pin^enot, Bus. Mgr. I : Ima Jo FJeetwootJ, AJSC. Editor ; | Any erroneous reflection upon the I character, standing or reputation! of any person, firm or corporation ' • wJll gladJy be corrected when such ! occurs In the columns of- this news- ' : paper and are brought to the at- ; .; tentior. of the management. - i t The publisher is not responsible i [for copy cmmisslons. typographical i Terrors, or any unintentional errors j i that may occur other than to make! ; corrections after being brought to! ! attention. Advertising accepted on : ' this basis only. - . j ' SUBSCRIPTION RATES—By car- i tier in Del Rio, J1J25 a month; -by ! i mail, f 1.25 p«r month. I PR 5-3233 NOW! We Will Be Glad to Check Your Coverage Without Obligation. Call Us. The Time to Insure Against Fire !s Before !f Happens If and when fire strikes your home, it will be too late to check your insurance lo see if it's adequate ;to .cover your loss. The only way to protect yourself financially is to get the right coverage . . . now! DON t WAIT until its TOO LATE NEWTON-JONES INSURANCE AGENCY Across From Post Office PR 5-3233 DR. 'ANDRES PORTALES DR. J. H. KEY OPTOMETRISTS Offic* Heurt—Men. thro M. Contact Un> Fitrxl Ml '54353 — 1M Wot G»«.nwood DR. OSCAR VALDES DENTIST Offlr. No. 1 In R*w fattt Inanft* BuiW!»« Main Slr«»t^ CIUOAO ACU\*4, MEXICO Appointment Calf PR 5-3664 ENGLISH SPOKEN ' KENS-TV Channel 6 CBS Sunday, June 25, 1961 WOAI-TV Channel 4 NBC 7:30 2—Your Armed Services •— 8:00 A.M. 2—Light Time 8:15 2—Catholic World Report 6—Sacred Heart Program 8:30 2—Art of Questin" 6-What Does The .Bible Say? 4—Morning. Movie, . "Women Are Trouble" 9:00 A. M. 2—^Briefing Session ^8—This Is The Life a—Christian Science 6—This Is The Answer "4— Medic . •J/:45 2—Living word 10:00 A. M. -— KONO-TV Channel 2 ABC 4:00 P. M. — 2—School Story (J-^Camera Three .....,'.• '4—The Christophers nO:30 2—Paith 'For To<iav 6—Wonders of the World 4—Project 4 : ; -• 11:00 A. M. 2—Church Services 6-^-Ainericans at Work 4—TV Playhouse 11:15 6—Cartoons 11:25 6—Detrsit vs. Cleveland 11:30 6—^Americans at Work 4—Industrv on Parade- 11:45 4—News -—.~' : ' 12.00 Noon 4—San Francisco vs St. Louis 2-—Directions 6! 12:30 2—"Science Fiction Theatre" 1:00 2—"The Lady Has Plar.s" 2:30 2—City Detective 6—TBA 2:45 4—Family Movietime " "TJii-ee Godfathers" 3:00 P. M. —_ 6—TV Forum 2—Championship •' Bowling C—Accent 2—Ek-hman on Trial 4:?,0 C—Amatj^lr Hour 4—High R:ad "Le-.v Line" 2—H;cky and Hi 1 ; F'rienris • 5:00 P.'. M. 2—Mnfty's. Fundny Funnies 5—1 Love Lucy 4—Meet the' Press 5:30 2—Walt Disney Presents 6—20th Century 4—NBC News fi:OG P. M. 4—Shirley Temple Show (C) G—Lnssie ' ' • 8:30 2—Maverick C—Dennis the Menace 7:110 P. M. — 4—National Velvet 6—Ed Sullivan . 7:30 2—Lawman 4—xab Hunter —- xfOO P. !M. — 6—G. E. Theatre 2—The Rebel 4—Dinah Shore Show 8:30 • a—Asphalt Jungle 6—Holiday. -Lodge H:00 P. M. — . 6—Candid Camera 4—LoretEa Young Show 9:30 2—The' Valiant Years 6—What's My Line .4—This Is Your Life — 10.00 P. M. 2—12 Star Fiilil 4—Deadline 6r—Sunday News Special- 10:15 2—Weatherman ~ 6—Cine En "Espanol 4—r^vgekend \Veathercast 10:20 2—-Three Men Hi a Boaf" 10:25 4—Sports News J0:30 4 —Command Theatre "T!ic Women" (C) Denotes Color Program WATCH YOUR FAVORITE PROGRAMS - CALL TODAY FOR CONVENIENT HOOK-UP Permanent or Rental .'NEWS .DRAMA . SPORTS • COMEDY . WESTERNS DEL RIO TELEVISION CABLE CORP. 312 PECAN PR 5-3568 Monday Daytime 7:00 A. M 2—Animal Kingdom . 4—Today 7:10 6—News 7:15 2—Exercises 6—Burns and Allen 7:3n 2—Early News 7:45 G—Li t t1e~R5tsnr!s- __ 8':0f) A. M. 2—Trouble With Father 8:15 C—Captain Kangaroo 8:30 2—Our Miss Brooks ——— 9:00 A. M. 4—Sny When 2—Movie "Something for the Boys" .__ 6—I Love Lucy «:30-"4—Play Your Hunch 4— The P,rice Is Rfcht (C: . 6 — Double ^Exposure 10:30 6 — Surprise Package 4— Concentration - 11:00 A. M. -4 — Truth or Conseq. 2 — Gale Storm ftr-Love of Life 11:30 '6-^Search for Tomorrow 2— Love That Bob , 4— It Could Be You (Cjr 11:45 6— -Guiding 'Light Ll :55 4— News 1:30 5— As The World Turns 1:00 P. M. — - _ 4— Jnn Murray Show '* — About Faccj; 6 — Pnce the Pacts 2— Man From Cochise G — House Party 4-~ Loretta Yoiing Thcntre 2:00 P. M. _ 4 — Young Mr. Malone 2— Day in Court ;•.'.. * 6 — Court Room ••/•^ 2 — Seven Keys fi — Vhe Vciairi -Ts Youra 4-— From -These Roots 3:00 P. M. - 3:15 3:30 4:30 12:00 Noon 4 — Movie — .'.,• "Marriage is a Pi-ivate 'Aftah- 2— Camouflage 6 — Amos N Andy 12:30 2— Number Please 5:30 5:45 , __. for a Day" 4—Make Room For Daddy 6—Brighter ' Day 6—Secret Storm 6—Edpc of Night 2~-Who Do You Triwt 4 —Here's Hollywood, — 4:00 P. M. 4—Movie "Sidewalk of New- York" 2—rtuiPru:an Bandstand 6—Rilcy 6—Popeyc the Sailor 2—Best of Hollywood -China'' — ..•»:«»!) P. M. — 4—Highway Patrol 4 —Mr. Magop Cartoons 6—Kartoon Karnlval 4—Huntley-Brinkley Report Network Programs Subject to Chang* Without Notic*

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