The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on September 3, 1959 · Page 4
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 4

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 3, 1959
Page 4
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THB SRAZOSPORT FACTS THURSDAY, SEPTEMBEB 3, 1959 Well h Completed By Brazos Oil Co. Braze* Oil and Gas Coznpaaj, - osen etecied to serve wtlU in • *rietoo of Dow, li« week- j tie iaunediate area, tag mulcted ( promising oil-; Bids also are out for driilinf •rrur well in Karnes County the Brazos OU and Gas No. 1 •eta* M mile* southeast of San G. and 1. Yanta on another Aatooie. Brazos lease about two mites Th» well appears to be the ircia the Person welL mo«l important discovery in the' Shell Oil ho!tt» offsetting entire South Texas section acreage to the Brazos No. I dam Fashing was opened in Person and it is reported that faip Edwards Lime in 1955.; drilling soon -sill be started on The dUcovery also is one of the : one strip of Shell leases. Bia*t mating things list has The Brazos Ho. 1 Person is 20 happ*B*d in Brazos Oil and miles northeast at deep Ed- Gu eince it -s-as established by ; wards production and away Dow in 1946. ' from any oil production. Brazos Oil and Gas No. 1 '. Earlier projects some years Otba D. Person, a wildcat in,ago in the vicinity by Shell the Helena-Panna Maria-Gil-• and other companies were lett area of Jar ac-rtheast j abandoned at 5.000-6,000 feet Karnef County, is located on a! However, since the Lone Star 637-aere lease in Jesus Hern- > Production Company deep Ed- andez Surrey. A-140. Ground j wards discovery in neighboring elevation is 343 feet. The well will produce from perforations at 10.656-10.900 Alaseosa County several years ago, it was generally believed that the trend one day would feet. On a 14-hour drill item j be for potential discoveries in tett, without acid treatment, j northeast Karnes County, flew was at a daily rate of 371 j However, nothing was done burelf of 39 plus gravity pipe- j about it until Brazos went into line ofl. The t«st was through / action on mineral lease* ori- I/4-!nch choke with 900 pounds j ginaily obtained several years pressure and the ga.«-oil ratio sgo for uranium possibilities was 1,425-1. The wel! was drilled to total j depth of 11.130 feet on July 26 ! f O after tpuddlng in on June 14.' IW Top of the Edwards Lime was picked up at 10,302 feet. After the well was bottomed, initial tests indicated that the well would be a dual oil discovery with good flows recorded from two Edwards Lime ____ zones through perforations from j and four from dute are among 10,950-11.(XXI feet and 10.936-(the 6ao students who are now 10.950 feet Flow was at a ratej pre -registered for the fan sem- FP Students Registered Eighteen Freeport students ,,—~ ., ~^ Wharton County 18,950 fe*t and 3H barrels per.junior College day on a test of the lower. The fall term wiU start Sept. seet*m-a potential of 1.139 - 14 ,^n d buses will run thatd barrels p«r day from the two; Fina i day for regirtration is zones. However, mechanical v»;j.,,. c-_ t n -.•,. ,^. , f Alua^, ovpu 11. difficulties were encountered. so the project moved to the upper rone at 10.838-10.900 feet Registration for the Evening College, which will offer courses for college credit, is to t 7 p.m. in pleted Ausust 28 an,, .tested at ' 0 ' leading to choke, flowing with 1.575 pounds pressure and with a gas/oil ratio of 1.430 cubic feet per barrel. State regulations will oermit 22S barrels of oil per calendar day to be taken from the well as a reward for discovery rather than the nine every field, and vocation al courses at the college cover the subjects j>f. mining, bu»i ness, agriculture, and industrial Freeport students now enroll ed include Joseph Wesley Macek. Robert Winston Chen aulr. John Earl Simmons, Jame Wesley The T?..7TJm Drilling panv o' c -»« *ntrmio Vn. 9, rig, - v 'ch drilled the Brazos disced ery well, this week fa scheduled ... Jerry Exline John Walker, William Skinner Jerry Wilson Thomas, Harolc Joiner, Vergie Helen May to spud at the Brazos No. 2 Per- ^°, me1r> Yf rgle £ elen Ma y son. Conductor casine already ii5f. 4 , Wa Z" e oaf> Sarah has been installed at the No. 2l™ lcent Medtoft, Robert Bnlc rite, 2,600 feet from the No. 1.!^°^ %? 1 ^f^ ""~ Roads, pits and other sit* pre-i n," students^'' 1 ^ 6 paratiohs have been completed, i Franklin Laneford.' Marshal Heater treatment installa-• Brock Vance. Ted Thayer am tions, storage tanks, and tank David Francis Johnston. truck loading facilities have | ^= Before, After Photos Sought At Brazoria Thinking about doing a lit tie painting up? Remodeling or just general eleaa-u around ih* homestead? Mrs. Dorolhy M. Smith, general chairman of the Bra loria City Beautiful Cam paign urge* Ihal Brasorian either lake "before and aft er" photos of their work, e call her al 3S31 to hay photos mad* for use in eity'i icrapbook. B owr man's Oeputmen Store in Brauxia is sponsor ing a before and afiir phci contest and a 15 cash awar will be made to lie b*si pro Sect completed at the end e each month. Take year pbotof, or cal for an appointment to hav them made, in order the may be pot on display in th window allocated to clean- use at Bowman's. Th* World*! Mas* powerful Air-CoudldoBO BOB KOACB IXEC, CO BE X-42(l IS JTOUS CAE PBOPEBL1T? FEBFOEMIKG ATLAS Motor Analyzer with DYNA-VISION AnnitTit aev """him tells yoc eoctly what the trouble b with TOOT aoto't engine. TBBZE FACTOHI TRAINED MECHANICS ON DUTY AT ALL TIMES PENNER'8 HUMBLE SERVICE «* * Hickory Freeport th TRY FAQS CLASSIFIED HH wy AapW \ta CM *» X«r wriifi, « Mi. wtk «r e*wtep*«. M *M af «*r a**/ -75^ -BANK OF COURTESY / FBEEPOBT MMIOMAl BAlfK ioj CHEtiqy ST. -MEMBER EQtC Prices good September S, 4 and S ia Freeport only! 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SIZES t TO 14. 88 STURDY ALUMINUM FOLDING COTS ou, „. , M , 7" SriCIAl PURCHASI HIIRLOOM PAHIRH REVERSIBLE BEDSPREADS * N M IT. 1 TUM SPRINKLER SOAKER HOSE M! 1 N 8ANNON MUSLIN PILLOW CASK* 2 „ 94° TKB BRAZOSPORT THURSDAY. SEPTEMBER j, 19M Court House Records MARRIAGE LICENSES Raymond Rexford Welch »nd Mrs, Christine Sterling Will Brantley Fitch and Miss Patricia Ann King Joseph M. Sandman and Mrs. Maxine Lucille Glines Arnold Theodore Beletsky and Miss Gladys Marie Slegel Bobby Duane George and Miss Glynda Loys McMichael Gerald Albert Coale and Misj Wilma Frances LeRibeus David Reese Frank and Miss Jo Iris Compton James Mathis Smith and Mrs. Bertie Alice Beard Everett Sims Stovall and Miss Dolores Dell Corley Raymond Victor Hibbetts and Mrs. Virgenious Hibbetts Ronald Eugene Chastain and Miss Jo Frances Jones David Michael Chappell and Miss Nancy Anne Graham Carrol Gene Cox and Miss Nettie Napolien Williams Sammy Lee Pinkney and Miss Betty Louise Wright James Hall and Leola Lee Thurman Osgood and Miss ulia DeLeon Joseph Norrls Schuster and Miss Helen Marie Smith Arlen Curtis Bonds and Mrs. Foyce Lamyrl Reeder Stuart Derie Kershner and Miss Jan Campbell Cox Daniel Euander Dyal and Miss Elizabeth Marie Crawford COUNTY COURT DOCKET Grady Leon Turner vs. Th* _itate of Texas Department of Public Safety, stay of order oj uspension. Stay of order sus- ending Turner's drivers' li- enses and Texas registration emits granted until the court an finally adjudicate the maters here in issue. Avery W. Lee vs. The Stata f Texas Department of Pubic Safety, stay of order of NBMTO) from tH*> Services MURNAU, GERMANY — >FC Thomas W. Smith, son of Mr. and Mrs. Willie Smith, 1415 Avenue S, Freeport, recently ompleted the four-week wheeled vehicle maintenance ourse at the Army European -ngineer-Ordinance School in Vlurnau, Germany. Smith, regularly assigned as . mechanic in the 42nd Trans- ortation Company in Illeshelm, ntered the Army in Septem- >er 1958,'completed basic train- ng at Fort ChaHee, Ark., and arrived' in : Europe' last Febru- ry. The 19-year-old soldier at- ended Brazosport High School. FORT SILL, OKLA. — Army 'vt. Raymond .E. Waltrip, son f Mr. and Mrs. Maurice A. Waltrip, Liverpool, is scheduled o complete eight weeks of advanced individual missile train- ng Sept. 26 at The Artillery nd Missile Center, Fort Sill.i Okla. Waltrip is being trained in he duties ol an Honest John ocket crewman. The 22-year-old soldier en- ered the Army last May and ompleted basic combat train- ng at Fort Leonard Mood, Mo. A 1954 graduate of Alvin Ugh School, he was employed >y Dow Chemical, Freeport, before entering the Army. Hi* wife, June, lives in Lawton, Okla. suspension. Stay et wder M* pending Lee's driver*'' lie*ai*t and Texas registratle* p*n*iii granted until the court ckntiat ally adjudicate th» matt** here in issue. > Pete Mata AgutUr, drivinf while intoxicated. D*fert«a»l sentenced to three ' dayr •!* County Jail and iinarf $$0 tfm costs on plea of guilty, •; Kenneth Helton, diivMg while intoxicated.' Deftricdmt pleaded guilty » charge*!, an* was sentenced to three day* ii jail and a fine of |SO plus eaiti set. • . •••.'•JUSTICE DOCKET S PRECINCT. ONt-r-:;• ' Ruby Rolbrock Sharp, wrong side of road not in piilijie Charge filed by State Hifhwaf Patrolman Thomas .p. OranC No disposition. • ' ' • r Costulo S. Acoita, dru.nfc i| a public plact. CharfV Wed b* Deputy Sheriff J. Q. <5*t'**i Defendant pleaded guilty anj paid fine and costs totalling $19.50. . , ,.-•••" Floyd Earnest Whit*Jorfer« Charge filed by Deputy Sherijf B. E. McCoy. Ne disposition. * George Jacob, fighting.'Vaij fine and costs totalling I32.H on plea of guilty. ''• T • .' T Cuthrel L. Thomasj c of mortgaged prejSerty..C—.„ by D. L. Saunderi. No difpw sition.' '.' • Aj".Afi,\ •. • ; John Harris, .dilturbiBg. '&• peace. Charge filed by .Guitl* , Mae Harris. No disp$jitiafer | ^jf' Ernest Craft, aifMi^t with i»r tent to murder,rchlur«ed' Deputy Sheriff A! W.{ .Goi'" Mo disposition. '.*?,•• - - . Timothy Pickering; Ga&dsoni loud a n d excessive, "'"wiifa Charge filed by State-fefiguVay Patrolman, Calvin v , ''.'Barnard: No disposition. !,'• - y » ANGLETON CITY;COUIlf ' Brice Himiltpn 'McDonald, drunk in a public pUce. : 'Paid fine and costs totalling $1z*.71 on plea of guilty. ...'. j Gloria Tobin, drunk in a.pua-, lie place. Paid fine and cost* totalling '$17.75 on -plei-Vol guilty. Charge filed' hy'Anil*, ton Patrolman J. D. Wehriy. Roger Lee Foerstfc,, drunk i» a public place. Tine ad CMU totalling 127.75 paid-in pit* of guilty. Charge ffltc '-y AB» gleton Patrolman F..£ Vetti. TRY FAC1S OLA8SITIED LAM JAOKION-I BRIDAL CENTER CERAMIC TILE • BATHS • SBOWKKjl • DRAINBOAKDS ."~ "' PRE - CAST TEKKAZEO AND QUAI*I CUSTOM TILJ W. B O'Har* CT li*IO. WalUe* JOBM CT T.»U' TROLENE Uk • • • PfffffO • e • W HWIT IBM OOStt ' e • • HM • t . R10F6 *wt HvMteek busws can quirt* spot ^** e^r 11 --- •" ----- "j" i""- I-"'" *"T --- ^T flrit itinlit. •: But now, you e*n cut down marfee* |Q« 'put <e«4 - wast* by treating eattl* with TretoM* ... W*W •»« - 'v he«< «y season but before grub* MMrge tp «M back. A cln0« treatment can MM up to M^'erf ttM ' young larvae. .' . • Faoding trials show (1) up to .15 Ib. added <eja% ', ' •win ow untreated cattle W 56 Hw. lee* iieeT,-' .' (•quired par MO tot. at gain & feed te»4r*jra* mudi a» Jl.50 per MX) »«. ofgaM. ,. .- . feoiene t« given oraHy wiM a itandefj MMkj (ML. . . •at yow aupply k>day and M grub* bet***.**. ;; damage starts. . .• .•,': Dealer* of Dow agricultural chemicals In thi* at**: '.V; L ANQLBTON MTI.T, to PEED COMPANY, AajlttaB ''.. ID'S FEED 4s BOTFLY, Fteaport ^^ =• V FOSSEL'S FEED ft SEED OOMPANT. Smeri* HAYNES LUMBER COMPANY, Frteport ' ,'J STOCKMAN SUPPLY COMPANY. Aaglatn "•! Supplier of Dow Anhydrovt Amm»*ta • :

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