Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas on June 23, 1961 · Page 3
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Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas · Page 3

Del Rio, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 23, 1961
Page 3
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6-DEl RIO (Texas) NEWS-HERALD, Friday, June 23, 1961 A Bit Of Daylight Between Reds, LA By ED WILKS Press Sports Writer Aiu-r :•. month Inn;;, three-way j;»ni ;u • >•<• lf:[), ilu-re's finally j'Tiic i!it\i:j.!if .show ing between in the National us the Cincinnati v\o ii.'niu' Jead intn .-, ihn v e-».Htne so-. ru-> v,,!;; !;.,.: ij:->Hni: second-place Los Ar:_---i< y^i-rs. lorvijihl. T:,i- ! ;= i,U v. innin'-.' oisjht of nine p;i«!ii-;ti -•';.:)• {»•;«! .\Mlii a 7-."> XH 1 - l"r> i 1 '. i. : S!. Louis 1'hursday Fight Results fty THE ASSOCIATED PftE&S Montreal — Bob Cl*roux, 2K, SVIpntreaJ, stopped Alex Milcff, 208,.Argentina, 7. Los Angeles —Franklin Hayntr-. [ IS1M.>, Los Angeles, outpointed Irish Roy Smith, I76^i, Torrance, Calif., 10. Jim McCarter, 216Vs, IMS Angeles, outpointed Dave JFurch, 197, Phoenix Ariz., 10. BASEBALL STANDINGS ( »y THE ASSOCIATED PRESS AMERICAN LEAGUE ; : I night after the -Dodgers h;ui last 17-5 to the Chicago Cubs, Mil| waukee dropped tlurd-plact> San i Francisco four same-* berumi by : whipping the Cliams S li. | Fourth-place i^ushur^h- boat ; Philadelphia 5-1. i In the American toaiM!^. IV- Iroit defeated Washington *v.4 ami stayed a sanK- ah>-ad of the s«-- ond-p!ace New York Yankees. : who won S-3 at Kansas City. CaS- timore belted Minnesota S-3 rind Boston defi'isted ihr l.os Angles, Angels 3-2. Major League leaders B.y THE ASSOCIATED PRESS American League Brand • „ „ ' "> Major Qjtie League rs Drop Flyers, eat Wheelers Tii" Lik-. Sinkers stored seven T'!-~~ -.11 U'v MH-iind inning to l^u-iTf- y-ris* il\o Laughlu) Air lY-rii'- i'a-c s-'hvr« 8-3 it! ihe first f:>>7':'.- "! a M^'i-jr Little League d n:'iir:u-S'ior issi niuht at Over-in.,! i'.-trk". The Lions retained i •:-.':"'- I": 1 ' 1 '•=•: nrs: place with a £;; r».-;;-i :;•.•_: of Uu> Rotary \Vheel- <:r- ;.'-! ;!-,• M-eur:ii iiasne. . - "',<•• ^;.-v:t'-r- u>.>k advantage of ••'rr.:".t coriro! <:-n tne par; of :"S•(•:•• p;v,-!-.f. r ,'rjhri HuU'hinson to fi-fiTi- :-ei>.'.n i-ms or, only !wo hits in !ho >-:-fivui inning outburst. Ihs'i h ! r";-. ! :i i.';ve np four bases on hslL-—'hrs-e of them in site- {•'.•s'lt'iji ;.;;•; i;^ H'iimniatos corilri- b;;U'd otH: error. The Spikers fi-.-r-'-s! * ht-ir nr.iy other run in ;ho third. . Tin- I";;-i rs actually outhit the' Sp.ikrrs -;-:•': hut their only rally. in .the top of she" fourth, was cut short a';vr i.v. <•> runs scored. They- .tn'Hrt! •hotr final rim in the top. of UK- six;h. .?"!•;•: .\M;<xn was the winning pitcher ai;..i ha'i one oi' the Spikers three JIMS' for. the game, i The 1;i'''!is hmii! onto their two- ' £«:;;•.-: :n<<rc:-i r>\er the Spikers • v. ;KI 3 \i.-t-'ry in she second game.: Dfi'ia f.iSynn lossed a two-hitter ; .for the !.;-'n> sntl the only thre«> ri.-i; !••: >•••.;• up came as thi re-tilt nf vvsiks. | i; 1 " i.if-::s .-ciire(! three times in the :•:>•> '.':' ihe first, added a single'- tslly in the- fifsh and ra.'iinie.i five across in ?he sixth: The Wheeiers picked up one run in the second and iw<i m the sixth. Gene Salmon ,7r us? the his stick for the Lions \\ith three hns, incltirfins !\vs. lio-i'r-Srs .V'-'rinan Hicks also h;;d two i;us fur^Uie winners. W L Lions ._ 3 ; Spikers . t> Flyers _._: -j ; V.'hef-'ers - 1 7 >. oai-hsi 8*) by :ie from behind two runs in the fourth ^. Shon wrapptxi ii up with a Ihrce- run sixth off EA>or Larry Jackso.i (oTi. A sacrifiin' 1 fiy by Gordie ( uK-!i;an bn.^^h; horar the decid- in;; run m the ssxib for the Reds. Bob Turkey 69-Ss was the winiwr, with relief h<ei? from Jim Bros- n:-.n in the cjghsh. Geuri;?' At:n;*a, Billy Williams ant! Jerry KhsdaiS each hit home runs and droxt- in two runs as i!u» Cut's beaj ihx- Dodgers for <>r:iy tlsr tftiai tssso in 12 Rame^ The iktusers, viho had homers by John Kuseb^r*>, IXiry! Spencer in this one. T::e C«bs cracked a ; 5-5. tie with two. run? sn the eighth. Tho fit'th-pL^cv Braves, vvinntnc; tour in 3 row for ihe first time, hainmeroti five hc.;v:f- njns. iwo b> t rank Tho~;as, while jiutlin? awsy a thtve-aasrn" sweep over the Giants. Thesis* drove in four . „„.. run;, brtnging: she «-Jnno.r across 6-0. 1.000; Podres. Los wuh a single in ihe fifth. Frank 7-1, .575. BoSlinc. Hani: Aasvn and Gino Ci- inoli ! the c-'hor honu-rs. K:gr,t-h2ncier .Bo>b Buhl (-!-5>. vV^i me Io-2V er " ' <yan • Vianchal ; By THE ASSOCJATED PRESS '"*•„." ', • k " :> ' L *- ; Hitting—Frank Thomas. Braves two nojiie r^r:5 t.y catcher belted two home runs and sinsle. >i3H.>Ky riurse-si annc in ihe Pi- driving in four runs, in 8-6 vic- rau-s ^i:rst rc-ur n;ns. Boih she's lory oveir Giants. wiTC-oft John By£;j-ardi !3-S). who Pilching—Gaicn Cisco and Mike .iiL burcess vn:n 3 pjich in his Fornieles. Red Sox. paired- for rmrd tr;n to -;:e p2aio and was tv.-o-hit. 3-2 victory over Angels liaraea an au:o:r5i:c S50 "bean- with Forr.ieles pitching five 'm- . Yors ' 5S; « •-- • * ~ B - Robinson, Baltimore IMersan Clcve{and s , K b ek, New York S3 pu c hi n y < based on 5 or more decisions-Latman. Cleveland. 6-0. i ooo i ' ' N.tion.l Leagu* : Ba ,,j nR <hased on lw r , r m a , bals _ noak . Pittsburgh. .r!t2- Aaron . Milu . aukec and MiHJ , u ,; Anseles. .330. : Runs—Mays. San Francisco, .ft; Robinson. Cincinnati. 43. Hits ~ Pin-«>n. Cincinnsii, K; Wills. Los Angeles and Aaron". Milwaukee. "S. Pitching (based on 3 or pio-e decisions — Miller. San Major League Stars nings of no-hit, shutout relief. Louisville Batter Ties Consecutive Game Record LOUISVILLE. Ky; -..? — Howie Bedel! sJancis on the threshold of becoming: the firs! p'ayer in the 59-year-o!d American Association to hk saftely i- -54 consecutive games. But thai isn't his first tonccrn. he says. "We jssst wan; to boat ihe Dai- las chih. thats" a'L" he said Thursday nijiit Rfter'jie^'ni; safe!y in both ends t>f a donblehesder and tied ihe 26-yesr-oId record set by Eddre JLsrshall of Mil- \va>.;kee. . JicdcH's first hsi of the evening : "as a doubie In the second inning of the first game, .And :l was his only hit of ihe ssme. loo. Louis- •• ville won that v»ce -?-3. In the seeor.c ganie. Bedell came to bat is. the first inning'on usual lead-?:: pnsiiJon. ^ . first pitch .Hugh Pepper offered Cedel! was a slider and Bedeil chopped it in;c> rsghi-wnter field for a base hit and ihe 12.35 fans brought down the house- Indianapolis' sained a full game on Louisville, cutting iis margin to three games *ith 2-1 and 6-5 i triumphs over Houston. The iea£- ,-ers split a pair Mtih- Dallas-Fort : Worth, winning 4-3. then losing 12-6. Third place Denver won its fifth in a row \vi;h murderous batting and a 20-2 victory over ' Omaha. W U Pet GB Detroit „„ ____ -12 23 .646 .— . ,New- Yorfe-~.._. 41 24 .631 1 Cleveland _____ 40 27 .597 3 Boston ..... ____ 34 3t .523 S | Baltimore _____ 34 33 .493 9 | Chicago ----- ... 32 34 .485 10»i : Washington — , 30 36 .455 12' ,2 ! Kansas City .„ 27 36 .429 14 Minnesota ..... 25 41 .379 17".. Lo3 Angeles"... 24 44 - .353 19',*: Thursday's Results Raltimorc.8. Minnesota 2 Detroit S, Kansas City n, night Boston 3. Los Angeles 2, night .Only games scheduled Today's Games Detroit (Mossi 7-5) at Cleveland (Perry B-4>. night New York (Txirley 3-3) ;it Minnesota (Pascual 4-81. night Halt imore . (Barber 7-6} al Los Anselcs (Hoxsfield 3-2), nielli . Washington (McClain G-5) «-it Chicago (Herbert 5t>). niuht Boston (Conley 2-5) at Kansas City (Krausse 1-0). night * * * ^ NATIONAL LEAGUE W L Pet GB. Cincinnati ______ -il 24 .itt! — Lns Angeles •_.. 40 27 ..W7 2 San Francises . 36 27 .571 -\ Pittsburgh ..... 32 23 .SJ2 ti -Miluaukee ____ :29 ,'iO. .4<J2 9 St. Louis _______ 23 33 .459 n Chicago _______ 23 39 .371 lii 1 -..Philadelphia — . IS 40 .3!0 I!) 1 .. Thursday's Results ; Chicago 7. Los Angeles 5 "Pittsburgh 5. Philadelphia 1. ni«ht Cincinnati 1. St. Louis 5. nisiit .Milwaukee S. San Franc iscr> C. night Today's Games Los An seles -{Drysdale 5-4 > at 'Cincinnati (OTooSe 6-6.1. night San Frsncisco (O'E't-H 3-S'i at St. I^juis (Sip.iirions 2-6), night ; Phi'adelphis (Roberts i-S) at Pittsburgh (Mizeli 4-5 j. night Chicago (Curtis 2-2) at Milwaukee (HendJey 0-0). night X * E * TEXAS LEAGUE ' ' W L Pet GB Amarillo _______ 41 33 .594 — .San Antonio ____ 37 33 .529 4 ! ;Tu!sa __________ 35 34 -.507 6 'Austin ..: _______ 35 37 .486 7 ! j "jVictroia _______ ^-.33 35 .4S5 7' j. iArdmorc _______ 29 43 .403 13 ! .• Thursday's Results Ardmore 2, Araarillo I Austin 9. Tulsa S . San Antonio at Victoria, postponed, flood waters Friday's Games Austin at Amarillo Ardmore st Tulsa Victoria at San Antonio Yankees Have Everything Except The League Lead By ED WILKS | Associated Press Sports Writer- I What with Whitey Ford the top winner in the majors, and Roger Maris and Mickey Mantle 1-2 in homo runs, about the only Ihin's the New York Yankees are mi?sing these days is a top .scat in (he American League pennant . race. And they could grab that '. I his weekend. The second-place .Yankees ;.re just a «ame behind Detroit. And while the Timers open a four- eame struggle at-Cleveland v.iih the third-place Indians tonight, the Yanks play tj\e first of three j at Minnesota against the ninth[ place Twins, who have lost seven \ in a row to New York. > Detroit retained its slim edge over New York, an'd "moved three games ahead of idle Cleveland, with a 6-4 victory at •Washington Thursday night. The Yanks won S-3 at Kansas City with Ford van- ning his 12th and Maris crpshin;,' his 27th homer, • Baltimore battered Minnesota 8-2 am! Boston got past the Ixis Angeles Angels 3-2 in :he only other. AL games scheduled. In the National League. Cincinnati heat St. Louis 7-5. the Dodgers lost 7-5 to the Chicago Cubs, Babe Ruth League Bats Break Streak, Nats Defeat Jets The Dei Kto Rank and Trust Bats ended a seven game losing streak Ins! night with a 12-10 victory over (he Laughlin Air Force Base .Jets in Babe Ruth League |)!ay at Roosevelt Park. In the second game the IV!.. Rio 'National Hank .\\its kept their, slate clean a IG tj win over the Lions. READ THE CLASSIFIED ADS •The Hais and the Jets had them- sehcs a battle thai wasn't decided uruil the last half of the si\tii innin-:; when the Bats broke loose i'or rune bis runs, l.'niii. Ihni time Jo! htirler Lance Beckett had held Uieni" very effociLvely \mdcr .con- troi. . The J els opened, tin- 'game vJth three unearned runs in the top of the first inning. Tho Bais came back v--!th two scores in the bottom of Uie first. The Jets pad-. ded their lead with one run in the third, one in the fourth, four in the fifth and another one in the sixth. Until the bottom of the sixth. the best the Bats could do was tho.-ro two in the firs! and one more its the fourth. Then they broke loose with sis hits which were sood. for nine runs and the ball i;'a"nu>. ,ioe Kamirez uas the winning pitcher. Miku Eiliie had three hits for the winner.--. He and Johnny KaHincer h;»d tiie rather unusual distinction of hitting safely twice in the saiiR 1 ' The Xs(s scored in every inning lo overwhelm the Lions. The Lion> took a 4-2 lead in the bottom of the first, but the .Vats lis-ci i! '!-» in the second and went ahead lo stay in the third inning The Nats haven't yet iost a game this season. Mike Cox was the \vinni;m pitcher for the Xat,s. Steve Blair ha-J' three hits for Use winners and Scooter }-SonKin;4o liad three hits, ineludir.g a tripio.l ft-r Ih>^ losers. Cox aided hi? own cau~e iri ihe first inning with a-home rm, W L Xats .. ..._ <; (j Lions _-_ 5 j Cri-amers ............. ~> ?, JeSs __.. ;; ; Bats 5 7 (Milwaukee dropped third-place I San Francisco 8-6 and Pittsburgh j defeated Philadelphia 5-1. ; Maris hit a pair of doubles and |a single in addition l$ the homer. ' u three-run shot off loser Norm : Bass (-Mi) that tapped a five-run second inning for Ihe Yankees. It was Mans' 15th home run in June, three shy of the major league record. Ford (12-2) ran up his second si.vga.nic winning streak of Ihe season, but needed relief help from Luis -Arroyo in the eighth after blanking the A's on ti;ree hits through seven innings. : Consecutive doubles hv Hocky Culavito and Norm l.'ash cracked n 1-4 tie in the .seventh inning tor the Tiijfr.s, who twice had t:i coUK? from behind before handing the Senators their sixth s!rasj<iu defeat. Cdlavjiu also homered, to 'lead off a three-run i-eeond _ inning. Tc-rr\ I'ox (2-0). .was' lh<: winning pitcii'.'r in relief. fitis Triandos <lr<»\e in five runs with three hits, twn of (hem c.'ou- f r.'.s. as tl;e Orioles bu-.u thi> Twuil and. jiituhpaw Jhu Kaat (2-7). There wore 15 bases ;:,'i nails bin tiniy five hits ui I5(!s?oji'.> stiueckcr ai Lns Amirics. Tin- Red Sox. behind the two-hit ;:ltchin.^ of rookie (>ulen Cisco and win- ning^ri'Sivver (Mike Fornifk"; (5::s, won it o;> a Uurtl-inniit:: sin- by Chiick Schilling. icyriL- Daren i2'S) was the Classified Ads Ilrinsr Resutts DR. OSCAR VALDES DENTIST Offic. No. 1 In ftcer ?ortx loun^a Buiidinf .Ma;n Street CIUDAD ACUKA, MEXICO Appointment Caff PR 5-3646 ENGLISH SPOKEN OASIS FAIRWAYS EACH THURSDAY MORNING 9 TO Tl A.M. ^ KIDS'_ DAY. £^ (Boys & Girls Under 16) '/^ Half Price on Pails m t AND FREE ADVICE HWY 90 E. PR 5-8284 LIKE CHICKEN? BAKcD - ANYV/AY YOU Li.<E tT - CAT IT HERE j With Hot Rolls and Honey I cr Order it to Go I CASBEER y S CHICKEN I HOUSE Las Vacas Road DEL RIO NEWS-HERALD'S Restaurant I! GUIDE It's Fun to Eat Out in Del The Restauranteurs of De! Rio Offer ihe Finest Food, Service, Dancing and Entertainment. Everything From Italian Food or Cabrito to Ham and Eggs, Premium Aged Steaks and Pastries Prepared to Perfection. ;/V!anhatfan Cafe at 116 South Main Is Del Rio's Newest Restaurant ^&^'^/t &ygj*lf? 2,^.\,y OUR STEAKS ARE BROILED FROM HAPPY STEERS Really Authentic Mexican Food CESAR'S End of S. Main— PR 5-2103 [- Del Hio's nv^i-ii rc^tsurarit is ; 'the Manhattan Case ?.t 116 South Main. Siinoa &xe"« has owned i ihe business exactly one month. I Purchasing the !ocaJk>n of the old! Sunshine Cafe, he erased the doors' nnci started an cxSe-ash'o remodel- i inu project. S>:ek> odmils that; e\r-n he «as surprised when the 1 renovation v.--as o^mplctcd. '• 1 (iv .ManhnUsn tS entirely new; snd ultra modern tn appearance.' The hi:r!i ceakri^ vxas painted a • t'isi black anil car.<op:os of char- iru-'sc lattice "c-rfc were placed above (he booths on each side to create the illusion of "a lower ceiling and a more intimate atmosphere. On the neutral buff walls, huge naintinss of Mexican scenes in brillian colors add a touch of warmth and color. The paintings were done especially for the Manhattan by^Msnuet N'avarro of Ciudad Acuna. Bright colors in She inlaid floor a, Bail! Thar 's What Folks Say V/hr:ri They Make Up a Party for Furi-at Highiond Hilfs Bov.'ling Lanes reskfcis! Served Anytime! Come Out for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner •ft SANDWICHES A SPECIALTY HIGHLAND HILLS BOWLING LANES 1201 BEDELL ST. PR 5-2403 EATING OUT IS FUN! 1 HEAR THE FOOD AT GREEN'S IS TERRIFIC! YES, IT'S HOME- COOKED SY MRS. GREEN HERSELF GREEN'S CAFE Hwy 90 West-PR 5-4*23 SUNDAY IS AN EXCELLENT DAY THE ROSWELl! So Is ... Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Thursday, Friday or Saturday! PLAN TO HAVE SUNDAY DINNER at the ROSWELL • The Service Is Excellent • The fare Is Varied! [• The-Food Is Exquisite! HOTEL ROSWELL GARFIELD.ol GRiNER PR 5-3445 i and artificial flower^ on each table ; contrast with the io\v-ciu modern- j istir biack and \viiite Icatb.ereitc S booths. Sofz iighting aids the rcf- ri^craieti air conditioning in providing s fcclin:; of cool comfort. i To match the nev.- atmosphere. I Soielo has employed an emirely : new staff. Bennie Moicn. %s ith the '-. Non-Commissioned Officers Club : at Lsughiin Air Force Rase for five years, has come to the Ma'n- hatlan as cht-f and tie is assisted by his wife. The Manhattan never closes, providing service 2-1 hours a (lay seven da\i a v/ec-k. Sotelo sa>'s the cafe has already proved quiti popular \vith the after-party set ss ueii as railroaders and others who mvist work at niglit. Serving tasty piale lunches, charcoal broiled steaks and Mexican foods. Sotelo says he hns striven 10 create a family restaurant. He says he is well satisfied the response given the new .Mjmliattan. Sotelo continues to operate She taxi cab business he purchased upon return lo Del Rio, his hometown, about lOrxi. after spending a few years in California, where he operaled a restaurant in Sacramento. He says Del Rio is a good, frieniiiy place to live and a'city destined to prow and prosper. THE BEST FOOD IS FOUND AT THE MANHATTAN CAFEv featuring CHARCOAL BROILED STEAKS Also i . . • Bar-B-Q • Mexican Food DROP IN ... BRING THE FAMILY! 116 S. MAIN-PR 5-8179 DINS WITH US! We Serve a Complete .. f Line or Foods • Dinner* • Mexican Foods « Steaks • Sandwiches • Breakfast Anytime RANCH HOUSE CAFE PR 5-8)00 — Ave. F at £, 12lh BROCK'S CAFE BREAKFAST - LUNCH DINNER Charcoal Steaks Bor-B-O Mexican Foods Pastries WE WILL DELIVER CATERING SERVICE 643 S. MAIN-PR 5-5535 JACALA DRfVE RESTAURANT MEXICAN FOOD PLATE LUNCH or DINNERS BEER - SOFT DRINKS CURB SERVICE or PRIVATE DINING ROOM FOR PARTIES - BANQUETS Open 7 a.m. to 12 p.m. 809 AVE. F — PR 5-8110 OUR SERVICE IS JUST LIKE Beer ALWAYS GO TOGETHER FOR THE ^ FINEST [' Home !j> Cooked Meals FOR BREAKFAST, PLATE LUNCH or DINNER Come to the ROYAL CAFE. We have curb service for your convenience. ROYAL CAFE 205 Ave. F — PR 5-3652 OUR FOOD DESERT HILLS RESTAURANT 1912 Ave. F - PR 5-3548 Pierce's Cafe "A Good Place to Slop While You Shop" ABSOLUTELY THE VERY BEST HOME MADE PIES . . . ' STEAKS, CHOPS FRIED CHICKEN - SERVED IN A BRIGHT, CLEAN ATMOSPHERE 751 Ji. MAIN - PR 5-8191

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