Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas on June 23, 1961 · Page 2
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Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas · Page 2

Del Rio, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 23, 1961
Page 2
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—• 3- ' JW i ', ' • - ,^,<?.,->--t-^ i,F".- :,r - -"»D. Friday, lone 53, Pres No ennedy Fine'. Bridge Repair.,. IDS Sets Moonshot Continued from WASHINGTON i AP>--r-!v>;iu>m Kennedy. • 4 ie-iMm>> i'ir.c" ir< ;he words of r>ii ;;i.;Kv «U-r.<T*f-.i h;s XieR tHM luilaj ,hi«' puiVo.: ='.v>i (i Early Next Year j Because the barges weigh 50,000 i i pounds, a foundation of rock had' WASHINGTON" (AP) — The f(o be hauled in for the temporary .United States will try, to hit tho 1 'road. Big rocks from upstream moon early next year with an un- ] jwerc hauled in. then truck load'manned spaceship called "Rang- I after truek load was brought in \ or -" y jto fill arwmd them, i Sj.ace agency officials who (old, i-vin-j very iiicr-ly. Kennedy set out i Fitl °- ^veral feet in depth was of ,ihe plans Thursday said ihe j !o pTove it uxfa.v. . ! used in one of the low areas. ;R-in!?>r~- W teei tall and 750 i tie out. lu-meveY. vietd to ;>dvice ; '•'•• e roiul lo tlle *"' vt 'r bank was ; pounds — will carry television! fr- :n the While House physician. l ' otn ^ lete(l Thursday afternoon. At j equipment to transmit'pictures of | IV. Janet Travel), and as roe to'" 10 saml hailfc 1>f < no river, a cut j ihe moon's surface back to earth, i CONTRACT BRIDGE B y B . J a y B e r (Top Reeard-Holdsr ftt MosSen' Indfvldual Chomplonship Play) Admiral to Head Reserve Officers SAX ANTONIO (AP)—The Reserve Officers Association met to[day to elect 'Rear Adm. John New Atlas Fizzle Worries Afr F bra CAPE • CANAVERAL, I\la. The Air k Foree> i IS a well suited far R. Two Riwtes; The value 1 of in !ii> seiMiid-iioor living was made lo the water's i'to> tjy a lirjfl lection. JHI*I.'<T ••.viltl ihe prime walked intf< '.h .£* -.eviif ive i;sn!;s iiiS -nil ihri-y i!;.'vi H IKS. The pruti-nts ii?a; . had I'irci'il Kenner.y ht> w;-s fei !•••«! hv >!! Where 111 M'_!5l. ill- l)lll if hi- il:1;r.-l-ii JJ- sli(*h»ly a> in h t 'i:v hlo. Krnni/c!y v3:if.-h--: Wind-up f •!)';! ">-:•!'•.••• 1 hur>-iay anor * «^;i;; Ulr .VtrUS. irltV-'i!i'r> ' ii'nipt'ratttr':- in i^i'r fore ii broko. M;- rf; bte •• •••-•!,<r< in ih<-.-in•)•>•.inn Ki-nn.iiK-" TruVks hiiulin^ the harses back-i ...ii^lllUK il!.iTi*n?ll. JXltllKll* - ' I J /""\ I"" l"5 IT" A I 1< I /""NTF™ f* i;d parsed the word that h'-- °'- «P after crowing the vega. A --rKJorl I AL N\J I fcb l.rirtpcd 10 d'-.'idi- hi< time between i - >lil < ll 'W provided power. P v.ouUl prefer him to ur-:airs (jnarler.*. !tt' stay in u- ip-.n-'on i'<c-\.\ •*"•,* hU ofik-e m>ck -" r - li '' ;|I "" < - 1 to the river's! Patients in Ya! Verde Memori-: - i>-o w-st \\in- ' ediie. A roller on the Hat hed of - al Hospital Friday iiicludcd Mrs.; iv TrVvel! ''-Tad- ; i t-U"r '!>"•• '^ iruek made it uossihle for the • u>:lh Siawlt. .Mrs. Katherine ] "v-r.--- f-;--.'- r.-,' "•',,- T« hnrge. after a p;ish from the huH- JohnsoS, Charles Kscue of Lub-• '-,K-..-er, 10 roll into the water.- ; hoek. Jack Siowe and Leon a Hen-j t".;t 'i-ien- Tho bi'ihkver was used lo pro- derson. \t.-',,s KMv.r'rd Kp-5'irii-- tW r ni> vide power rrther than the trucks >-'.: -•"•"> Kl -- l <»-- '""'Shtvauso of tho Great we;shl on f'-Uiems in Del Rio Hospital . the temporary road. Mayor A. C. wno havv ""(Jersone surgery are j 1 Kennedy said.'but the road stood ' Rl ? Jlort Scnrlock, Mrs. Dokej ; upthrouehoui the mornin«. '.Unite. Mrs. James Wardle. Mrs.! ' The road huildinq started Wod- Iijl ' onani ' 1 ' lj "'°- Ann Seargeant, : daughter of..Mr, and Mrs. Tom-; _____ i mv Sear jcant of Brackettville,'' : and 'Humphreys. j Only 8 Miles to Go On Chihuahua PaClfkO ne'dayTnnnS CiTV 'AS — Only S 5 mor ttie Insurance Firm Put In Receivership Al'STlN' (APS— Under tro.atn.ient in the Del Rio! a railroad Itt KfiCeiVefShlB Hospital an> Lola Oriegon for j h"k Moxu-,.^ rieh north- ^eteiverbllip - : !u!rns Ronnu , lSleu - m>l f or burns, | to the "Pa-! .\rc-riN' <-\P t-I^J -Tiid-^o H«r- ; * ljr> ;' m S ^ S " n a " d Afal ' ia Lllisa ' 1 -', „,. i" ' . ' '~, i - • Sanehez. i i man Jones Thursday ptaced Lm- . i .-ni A-folffi Lv.noj Mateos ; vejs-al c^4^i •-JJ-' SICK ROOM SUPPLIES OUR ; SPECIALTY .^. Co.. Houston. ''•'.»«• i r K-'»j-ir.iie ' i e in p o r a r y receivership af- PRcbENTING ... • ' •:rc,:\ r:-r-i;i' r>"v.m- m late or Ally. Gen. Will Wiisun aiieped i i-fja'iafs >:.iii. .. ,-)e company is infolvem. C. II. ' A S'«rl horn -to .Mr. and Mrs. ! ;!t.i a: ('h-h\i:ihi!:i \v;:h an • Lsniiileau. stale insurance, iiqui- Kanion Rmiriguez in the Del Rio! - line fnuii (Xiinasia. ncrcss • j :jto V, vvas n:in><-d •••nifw-r-irv n>- liospiial UVui'esday. j !'rt ?-iiii>. Tex.. i;vo ne-A line j ceivcr. " •' - «!•=•-». i •••.51 provide -lie j'jrst direct • A hi'V'. .V>oru to .Mr. and Mrs.' ;v;n ("!!••. Tv.xns Sm'rtk-r if.'' NEW RIOTS James H- CrtKun Wednesday in; •'s Wt-si Oiafi. : I'l' Mexico (AP> F.{- ^ a ' \ :> -'nle Memoriai Hospital. " QUJ f .You are lha dealer, bo5h sules t in this sequftnce shows 17 or 15 vulnerable, ..ami •• have «.--io««! "htsh-«\ra points as \yc-U as t One Spado.r Partner responds"' -Two Club:-. W!\at \\-or.KJ you )io\v bid with each o'c she Vc-1- lowing fovii- hands? a hawl >istfa or fil ., S[ 3. 4AQJ W (1 VA?>3 ^f> 4,AvTT2 \ '-'pon. the nsture of iparu>ei-'.s re- i?. AKQ9;V^ ^»IO> 6AQO A -\st i'T"' 71 - 41 ^-'-•'Tims, if partner's re- T AV1**(' r 'l « \ 71 Ai'O** « ^ s ' o "^ 4 ''* ^'^ S P- 1 ^ C W<1 were ., ^i. . . vi % A. <j!\..^ »j,^ , uv«v s;». 4 .<!i!s, we wouUl nave tho 1. Four c!vil>s. Thr- o;'e!\;-i;--: f -' l<?f 5 - H:l -^ i; 5 ihat lit. well rise bid of ojio til :'. sr,:'. ra.'sy !; tvo i'^'" 1 "-' 1 -" 1: ' ' v --^ i:e from 12 t.-< 2! pni:its sii ;;iv:;! ' I' 1 - --h-^ w;\y, !irt!x!= that eai-\!s. Since Li:-i.'7't? ii; s';i3; n • *'V?;it i!i ;'n-- - 4.ito i:i vaiiso; TJ'.e _wide range Iwtwcen ;; iviin'iri'.riii ->".'.-,-. t~..;b sv.^, even r:io\:j;!i !\nd r.KTxiimi.'H ojscninir sui: !-.:..!, - : - i> ;~- co^s:!-i;c;iv-> biit, does n^it there is a ,«t.rongr o!>i., n , - a.".io:i i' n ;-"-^ip ;-'.:r • I'. 1 :;;,! at aiJ, and, sn the part of ihi> openes 4 to Ui>\fu!- '••. ; ----, Js'.sr'.s ii.. AH we can «o P.I fy, as soon as ho er.n. i'li 1 qx::.!- '• - : - s ) y -"'ii^ st> rebid the s]>o.dcs ity of his opoijing: bi-.i. This h* 4 - '' = * jnn-.iiuujt; quantity to show tioos by mnjiing- a minimum :v- :i n-,;r.;riiu:r> tyv-c of hniut. Ir bid on ;i minimum typ-j of hand, partac-r's hand is such that liii a innximum rebi.j on a tr:i.\i- ; T">^<.'S two spstU-s. the oi's's nre '.ami h:uul, ap.d an in-l>< t-.v^jn • t""--•.: t'u-re is no g-a:no. rebid un an in-bct/AWTi ha«ii.- 4. T.vo oi.-.rr.c.suii, Her.h tho. This hand i'!f> hign-csvii ' r.-.:-.".:•- c-ij'url ;f= <iir-?otft! to H!-,:j-.i:- pointj h>xi tfood distributic.n i is fyi:.:5r' wir i5i-=-.!-ii..n.tion. Tin- in- not of Lh.? muunuisn cl.v^s to; U'.tic:; is to v.;!^ chibs a; ihe begin v.'ilh, reid ftrs-.vs in.-v;iI•.--.• -:-:"xt i.).-. ;:!•',;;r.i;v. ri!;d in this li-esuies when parlisc-r resis- "•:- '-ray, 'h.ivir.f; bid sjindt'S, di:<• in clubs. T!v? extra va':r.e« ;,;v ; :;::::r, : 1s and ch;bs. niruk OM;-~ shown by jump - raising th-.' F;r. t-s with a sjngleton tor vo:d) . chib.s. It in nuneccsssxvy ;.-* re- ' ::: l-.o.vts. bid tlie spades once a g-ooJ ^lub \V.< have 1? htgh-chrti points, fit is discovert-ij. A slam :•= a j'.vhkh vron'-ii s-c-eni tt> v.sstify a distinct possibility, ;vr 7 n tiv-s ;•:•.-.«> b-;j of Fomv sort, bsit the mi?ssog-e is consv-svu t-y _ ; .:-;HI- ivrsi }-..i'icy in hana=? of this ing io four c:ui»-. ;<.'T% Vhr-r-j iho final contract 2. Threfl 7!fUnmip. Ko-r.. 1 -, :'.5.-:>, i T in i^n;bt, is to more sliiwly \ve are well boyonii the re<!.;jiro- • :•: «.:\!i-r to i>e r<b!v> to s^nti rar;- TTIarlln, Los Altos, 'Calif., presi-} eenn?d about the sevrntli fa9f j iJc'nl for next year. f iu 10 laiinchings of im. artvap^i ] His noniinalion Thursday is tan-i .Alias. m»ss»N v , : today, sought 1 tuinm-'nt-to elc-rtibn. Harlin is a j cause of the lafe.s! fizaie. [native of' Pu.xiro, Mo., and a sen-i A>» go-foot AtJas.^'E" tiKuSc; ; ior pilot for Trans AVork! Airlines. ; ploded sevr-ral thousand feet j A IS'nvy ?eetion chose him over Mho. Atlantic Ocean . Thur JHear Atlin. John McKlroy, US, ; night,. ft> seconds after it !-\ 7 avy Heserve, Wa.shinsfon, It is ; iauneheti on an intemlt-d T.^UgFA i ilic N'avy's turn to his-d the inter-; test, ! service. orj;ui)ixation. j Ikeda 0S8S SltlHClfOII •O WASHINGTON (API—Japanese Prime Minister Ha\iilo Ikeda : closfd out iiis Washington \-isit to- .! Johnson to Address ® s Texas Bar Conventicjn I - I m i FOIVP WORTH (AP)—A •-•>! . by Vice President Lyndon .'r ^ son July 7 will highlight the day satherins; of the Texas ,^BeT . Hr.r's annual eonveisiion, for. n rn;-!i:nt: bid. The jump i<:< t!-r. Prescriptions • FirsJ-Aid Ifemt • Drugi YOUR HEALTH IS OUR BUSINESS Colt PR 5-2415 far Ff-* Ds DEL RIO PHARMACY FOSTER BLDG. ClasstfU-d Atls Brin? Uesults WINTER BLANKETS NOW ONLY 20c . . . .' I j Save cf . . . Laundromat THE i i HALF HOUR LAUNDRY Hwy 90 W. at 1 Sth Hivy 90 t. 1 'i SlocVs EasS ci Overpass A hoy. liorn Tuesday to Mr. .lames \V. Suuon of Juno in Va] \\-rck* .JSt-inorial Hos- ; ; Houston Registers ami Mrs. w. Suuon «f'62nd'Sloytng o! Year ; forts to iron out a ferul between ;iv-,. .university studrr.t Cnctions •j loundercd Ttuirsda> in a new' round of -riuUn» orvr a compro- in:«f Jijove. pu;i!. , .- , r - ' HOUSTON (AP)—Houston . re— • — . , , .... . , I corded i;.s 02nd homicide "•-•?' the .Algeria is more Hum four U-IK-S : \ ^>' 4 t £ rn ^ 1W « lnIe15t!n . v to ^ r ; : year todav in the shooting death ihe si?.e of • France. - an '' l!r5 '-'• - M - ^ alde-ron in \al, nf -—-—— —— Verde Me!r,or;a! - Hospital. Bring Results ; day with a statement thai his j • three days with President Kenne' il>' and Other U.S. leaders had ; demonstrated anew the solidarity - ot the free world. - He made that farewell eonv nun! at .Vationul Airport just he- fure his takeoff. : Sepi't'fary of Sfnlo Dt-an Husk. . sayin'q the cereinonial faroweU al : ihe aii'fwrt. geiu-raih- oclmed Ikeda's vii'ws. He said .the visit "rep- i resents a liigh point in the ivla- ;tions of the United State* and -.Japan." TJiisk dfscribed tho lalks as "most useful." • Full military honors were rendered before !Vu-da and his wife ' boarded the big plane for New ; York v.hero the prime- minister's fir.~t engagement was with U'nuoil X «il ions Secret ary-CtTier,'i I Dag -. llainmarak.j^ki. i nine -Inly 5. WANTED JOOO RADIATORS TO SE CLEANED AND REPAIRED DEL RIO RADIATOR : of Mmnike "Bosior; -11. Xeiiro. Po, lice questioned a brother-iti-law. EXPERT UPHOLSTERY WORK Dr. C I. Basket! OPTOMETRIST 104 W. Losoya PR 5-3762 it's the modern \ ,'-•'• 1 .R wayfjf it • your i;mc snj rr.'oner do > Leirn :c fiv while Jr^vci rourc, one- 1 of p-ir <;tijiit!fj inirru^ will check vcu out's: th? cL-r.:roi! (he eisv-to-fiy Fip-r Tii-Pjc;.-. [ n '• . co-o.-Jini-.-7Li Ci>o:rC'U ihil ma Jnvinc s <±r, io ioio in less timt th think pon:bic. fhont fof out .per!ol "l-oni Whll» Trovel" brochure, ar visit th* o>' end PR fS. pmm Ficiei ?, ^ of alt kinds. • Guaranteed work done by Johnny DuPree Seethe YELLOW PAGES Say it With ADAMS' FLOWERS AU'S CONVENitNT PARKING LOT FLYING SERVICE SERVICE 110 W. Ogden Dial PR 5-4415 DEL RIO AIRPORT-PR 5-38§i e i I C -.. • A P.HON-'X..A, 4 v.'.bo,\'5 CT-T-ic 5>Svr=S C.H -f.-\ ~ ~ \ • is^-^i n .. _.. _._ .... . _ : ''^' THE.VJ \VHY T«:^ \LOOK...I- ,'NO: V1='LL HO .OU=L,^t> LOCKlKCXE KO h'C?J A5-LC'S5 • - • / I'D -SAY THAT V . , I SPENDS ON! THE / , : ' •' LX \VHiMCFTHE '-.'.',-. 'I . YOU NCOM PS^tE JOiT RiiJE ACTUALLY MtA.Sj TAKEN- CCJMSNS TO TAKE OVER ./ HERE- TO VOUR SiCARO, TO VIS-!' A F3:=KiP. you .--ius T£L£G&AJ TO A CONCL US'Of-i TH--: ' "/'"' v,h _^ "t*^:^ v^Ti-; TU^P, J |' LL - AK -. : ONE. A A'/ilKA^U \ 4 .;:iv. r WPACL:-'. --"OC-D, ^/FORKFUL Cf r ; - ^.'.tKlOVM • > MOC.KARONI.'- THE.-^ )/ c^W.'-'.'iCCKARONH ^C*i--Cf"^- /" "r-^—N KW ^ ^ ^NIV THEtR : DOG.. . NORCROSS

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