The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on December 15, 1892 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 15, 1892
Page 1
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•f ' VOL XIV-NO 104 ., IMH1LL, MICE, THURSDAY DECEMBER 154892 Gotham "Special" Discovert That It Is Fatal.'' I tainly does, think, he says, tTiat thegov' J-— I emmenl shotildjmow t^the Indian? that ?i ^ It^is in t eaifnesl in this matter* He Is of i4Je '' opinion that all that would l$» necesrory would be a show of force; Many of the Indians, be Continues, are influenced, in PHTHISIS SAPPING HIS VITALITY, Absolutely Pure. k A cream of tartar baking powder Hiehostof all irt )eav.omft£ strcnjrlh Latest U. S l Government food fie- qort. ' < "ROYAL BAKING POWDER CO / * 100 Wall Street, N. Y. nCnl» 'Speedy Death I*»okefl ( for by His Frlemls—>-Spe,ctilaU«>ns j>rt His' Kcliglon—' No« Appearance of Anxiety About tlio KesUlence—Indians Object to Education ot Their Children—Commiasloner Mof- gan's Complalnt-^-Dcpew and the Calih Ib-riila Editors-Treasury Surplus at »80,000,000. "WASHINGTON, Dec. 15.—A dispatch was sent to New York from this city last night some cases,), forcibly, b> bad and ignorant men, members of their tribe who refuse tq, send their children to school. A majority of the 'Indians opposing this policy of the government are themselves ignorant and are "strongly averse to having their children brought up hi a manner of life so different from-their own. The comt&isskmeB, "while indicating the policy he would pursue, makes no specific recominiendationsi Oft. DEPEW'S LITTLE "GOAIfe" Be Given a KepulJltetJn ^Editor a Jlottrt for Ills Paper. 1 WASHINGTON, Pec,"15. — Chauncey M/ Depejv is to the city.' When told by a • COr- 1foor ).be ^ttjQfe 'of U. E<* Sim . uons on \ Monday, 1 Friday and Sat- tfday of each $oek daring December uif the purpose ef receiving- state, _ t •ounty and gchool taxes. , , E. S. LEWIS, City Treasurer. <(ve carry a full line ofPingree & Smith's, A. Or McGraV & Co.'s and rtenuard & 'Son's tine shoes. BROS ' wnTchsays; •; James G, Blaine Is no,W on his deathbed. i (respondent that the Republican .senators t ing to devise wayij«h3 to bed. The strengthrsapping mal- \ Kt&in control ' of the senate he/aid he ady.lrom which be has. suffered for so long hoped ,4;hat the Democrats would/ax e both at times -has assumed a form which warns < S5QOR1BWARB;! Wa will pay dlio aliove rowan! for any oa*e o •I.ilvt;r>Cr>mp'lalnt, Dyspepsia, ,Sink Heartache, In diRe-ttiou, Qoaatipatlon or Uorttlvoness *o can not mire-'witb VV&si's Vegetable Liver Fills when ibii d'iivc.tjonH arouulctly complied wijb They are purely VugetuMe anil never fall to give natirffactlnii. liugur cnntud, Largo buxes containing 30 pills, 25 cent*. Bcvvnre o» «ouotor- felt» Bud imitations, Ttu, g> nfllne manufactured by THE JOHN C. V^EST COMPANY, Ontcago, III. Kor salo by A. O. Hyde, Marshall, Mlcli. . We, the unaersiKnwa, «a agree to close our markets Sundays from Dec. 1st, 1$Q3 to May.lst,, 1898. Also close at ^ight o'clock during the week; except Saturday's. 'i. P. ;iJ. S. Cox, Jli. JOHN A Unarant^ed Cure for Pllea of wbat kind qr legreo-^-Exlarnal, Internal, jUlind or IHeiTding. Itchii^fc ehroulc. Uuuenl or IlerediHiry. This- rumetly n»» positively never been known to fall. SI .00 a-box, li boxes for $5.00; sent, By mall prepaid oq receipt of, priou. A written Uuurautoe podHire'y i?lven to each purchaser of 6 boxes, wbuii purcsbased at one time, totolund the §5.00 paid It not cured. "'' Guarantee irHued by A. O. Avde, Marsbull, Mich. Cull for Health is Wealth. -JB1..-O,: \VEST'S NBBVB TRKAT- his faihily and friends of a speedy, te/rti tlon. The disease attacked his "lungs a fshort time ago and its course has baffled the skill of his physicians. The visit of Dr. P. G. Jauewa^, of New York, 'to Mr/ Blaine is indicative of the extreme, anxiety of the family. /When the fact became I known .that Mr. Blame's luags were sue- Tcumbing to the ravages of the disease-plans 1 were laid to convey the distinguished invalid to Pasadena, Gala., ifi the hope that a mild and so&thing climate might enable him to rally. '•••-• • ' . A« to the Patient's Il'ellgTim; "Mr. Ulaine's weakness, .however,, increased so rapidly that it Was deemed unsafe to remove him'and the trip to California was abandoned. There is reason to believe that the ex-secretary's death may/ occur at any day. The Hey,'Father D x u- cey's visit to the Blaine residence at this time"has naturally revived the talk about Mr.^Blaine embracing the Koman/Catholic faith. A strong belief prevails .here that it is Mr! Elaine's desire to die a pommuni^ Cant of ttfe of which his Another was a devout member," A Story front Chic/ago. A telegram from Chicago/has the following on thisaubject: "Humors that Hon. J. G. Blaine is to or has joined' the Homa^n Catholic church are persistent. "If 1 mistake not Mr. Uiaitie was of Roman Catholic parents and his ear^y life was spent in t! >• church df Rome," said Father Perry at the parochial residence of the Cathedral of the IJoly -Name. Curate Perry further said that &. relative' of Mr. Blaine who had -died a year ago was known as Mother Angela at theiCbnvent of the Sisters of the Holy Js T anu an Jsouph Bend, Ind. l)OQitn't/Cou|irm the Uotliam Dispatch. At' %. o'clock this morning the Blaine residence was entirely darkened, the family,and servants having retired. There was no evidence whatever that a sick-watch WHS being kept. '£here is no Kgbt burning in any of the rooms or hallways;. • W^SHINGTO^, Dec.. 15. —At midnight Jast Jiiijht General Rosecrans wa% reported much better.' He Was able to walk around fit'liis room.- - , INDIANS AND THf SCHOOLS. " ' Slorjjttn Says a Crisis Ha» Been. Ueacht-d. Pec;'15.— Indiaii of congress. 1'If thef do- not," • be s.aid, "we wiil have no isi^ie four years hence." Dr. Depmr then told a. story, -lie Baid that 'just before his/fli-parture froto New York he was told tl)&t the representative of a California Republican newspaper wished to see him.. / "^ Wiintod toKeeji the Spirit Allvtu , The newspaper inaft was told that hp 'could have just one minute to transact his business. ,"My/paper," he said, "would like ydu'to give it'a motto for 1893—something that it can print at the head of its columns to keep alt\e tire spirttnof-tbeRepublicans." "I told Win to give me his pad," said the •doetor/and when he complied I wrote on it: 'Democrats in Power;.Watch and Pray." / . . 'I'ruccedihirs in Senate and Housu. WASIUSOTON, Dec. 15>-The famous Me j iGarrahan clainj occupied the.attention ot the senate yesterday up till 8 o'clock, wheti it went over .without action. , Thp rest ol the session was occupied by the imti-optioii bill, George of Mississippi occupying the floor and leaving his speech atill unfinished when the time for adjournment came. A short executive session was held. The house passed a riutnbef of bridge bills for rivers in the south, and then took up and passed the army appropriation bill providing ^?i4.3()-J.74<). Xo other business of importance was doue. A Specimen War Cluiin. WASiustiToN,Dec. 15.— Cobbof Missouri, from the committee 011 war clait.ns, repoi-ted to the house, yesterday recommending t>.e passage of the bill introduced by O'Ferrall of Virginia uppropr4tttin«-Jil7,'J30 Cor the relief of the heirs of the late Mrs. Mary Ann Randolph Curtis Lee, Of Fairfax county, Va. The claim is for wood valued at §21.7,236 which was taken front the Lee estate during the warty the Union army. « " GEO. Marshall, NJV. 30th, 1893 Jit: That *f can get a responsible tenant- for a tertfi of years I will build a (store on my lot corner State and Jeffurson streets". 'Will bu,ild to suit needs "of tenant. ''Address , Louis STRACSS, . _V ud M.jjQ-'a Furn'Uhur, Battle Croek, Mich." KIRKS DUSKY ICnBj —,f~ - - .— r- ,—.—:-. -IT, - ••• ^ Jiol or* tobaoco, A\ atofuliwus, Mental De- pr0SBlou, Softenlui; of the Braia rejiultIng in iu- eiuiitv aiid leadiiix to Misery, decay, and death, Prumiiture Old Age, itarrenous, LOBS of power iu either BI;J, Involuntary LosaeA aud .Spurmator- rh(ta ; eauaed by oYer-e,xerUoa'«f the 'tirain, self ±^? 8V t e r r e=? DC li.^boS" o^'bo'T 1 Bmne^organ ha^ ynt totb^.secretary of for«5.00, uein by mail prupaiu on r«cel|»t'of prlce^ the Interior a 'leLter ill which he states that WE CUARANTf.6 SIX BOXES 1 a crisis has been reached-in tbe .work car- To cnrw apyciWe.. WitU fachordu* asecuived ^y , ' u e t or ali boxi.% ncoo.uited. with 85.00, we w SBtfd iUu yurcUttaer oar writtwi gu' to re fund tliu Hiouey if thtf iroanmAt-duea ...aot- »9^.Q a .eiijpS. Guarautcos ini-utjcl only b j A. 0. Uydo Druggist tuid sole 4jieut Marshall. HAVE FOE QUga.BiJlttWji iwicl' wonica'-wceJvo^ ried on ;by the,Indian office in the eduwuion df Indian children, Jie says the office is helpless to further enforce the regulations made in, . accordance with , the act of 1*90! which wquij-ea • tne attendance of Indian, children at the schools provided by the gov- r ernineut for their education., and thjjLthe lays %e fleets iii the ease before the secretary for Ms, information- 'General Morgan, iriv*s the details ol several «sc«4$ case& ia' which <the authority of the gp-eernment, ws jsepreserited by tbe Jnoiaji, ai-snts, has beea OD^nly defied. -• •-.•-. AlaUenapt Opposition. Aliened,. "- The ageixt sent i(ito' the Nava^o '^o.antry to projeuje •cblJSren for" the school!*' -was ivs- paulted and: ioxupe,U«sd to leaye \vjthoat aceoniplishlag -the ' object-of his niiswoii. The chief of the ludiajvpolice of tji^soqtb- «f y*ed $> 'o^r,- the order of ' t-he to bring |n'"ifeadrei», o| Foster Claims «2O,OQO, WASHIXGTOK, Dec. 15,—Secretary t»f the Treasury 'Foster has iuforrned the house committee 9n ~anpropr|itions that there will'surely be a balanee%f .^0,(XW,OQO in the treasury at the end of this fist-al year, June 30 next. The secretary is gratified at being able to make this showifig, as ,last I summer he ;had counted on -but $10,(X)0,t)00 remaining in the treasury at the end of the .year. <•. ; , . : J^Iodel for the Logan SWuunicnt. WASHIXOTON, Dec. 15.—The Lpgan mop- jnent commission, appointed, to select a design for a monument to .be erected S|n this city of General John A. Logan, ha-vSnnan- imousl-y agreed Upon a model designed by/ Franiliji Simmows, ^he famous American «sulptor who resides in Upme, Italy.^rlt will be an tqucstritiii statue,- 1 - representeag General Logan on a ftery ateed.wearing the full uniform of a major, general of -Yolqn- fceers. ' • .^ AppointcU to Dicker with Mr., to. , WASSfNWTON^ Dec 15.—^The^ president feas appointed Jed-Lajte, Ia,<? Arthur A, Smith, of Colerain, _, and "ArtbUj? *P. Swipeham, of Piineeton, 1 and impravements -witbia tie Bou»4- vat.} tey-Jndla" ' purchased ~~ TAR SOAP Healthful, Agreeable, Cleansing, Cures / : Chapped Hajjiis, Wounds, Bur^a, Etc. Kemoves and Prevents Dandxirft. AMERICIN FftHILY SOAP. Best for General Household-Use, CARTERS SW* PILLS. CURE Sir* Tfeadaebe and relieve »L' >co troubles Incfr rt-nt.'o a bilious etateof th« jTBten* »uoh tM , Ntuaoa. Drowaiaaas. Diatreaa alter "»uag. Pabi ia tiw Side. tc. Whils tn*irin<w6 success bW own ahown ia cuxiiig 3B.fe!y t)joiif^rfd<!ji£^a6c-4 no !j by ;$afl.ujej\Qe, ffOin y^rious .sourcea. -' policy ot, - ' .'cy th4t, to the coiumissiou ' ' IT ,-i,'A -, * *?*••:; ^y.jv ir WbiD «b« bod cailidran, rtie^Te them Oafftorla, Qua or two pieas^at rooi»8 to reot (rfS-oecelfeed^l. „ J -^ mrltho^j; boftfd ttt J^lw. O, JJ. „«»«». ww*«* say* *bat. h&doesaol-jZ; '^,,^ •. ^, but he.ijiost cap-* * t r w ** ! * ^- . ' ; '" •

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