The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on August 8, 1893 · Page 4
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 4

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 8, 1893
Page 4
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^ '• " r *>*&$^< ' T ^ ** iT * * -4 V S ^=r,uj»i3 A^ ^ w a. J ^ "•ititf 1 * V^ ** 1 ^ t t. ^ ,- ^ ™ r J* "^ •K f f *^ J i * jJ& , , -^ 7 * » ^ ->i f * » f-JS i H 17 <,A !« -i T j% -^ T s, •> >t f *Fi - 1 r ^ T ** l( u ^ THfe 1}AIM? jOffftOKTOl;^ -MTGVBT'8, 1S93 *r m^ s *,%'«-* < *' ' "'' -r- ' «; '' f ^1 * V "/''•"',' ' ' i 1 * ' 1- ;*'•*' •** We tnnst make room for our new goods. Attend the clearing ont gate tlm week' dt SfciftDahao's. . ..... . ...... 1,1 i .1 , jlilburn's restaurant wilt be opetf day afed night. The best of ul6als"and ,Juii6h .served. ' Sereen'doors and windows all Sizes-a Bqsiejr's ..;•'••• ^ ;.,'*' , . . ' ; ' If you wish to know j$r future, send •10 cents with'* Idck'pf your hair, s.tat ing in y^oar letter date ..'of. jp.ur , birth andypuf sei.'y PROS' GEO. ROBERT, 168 Lincoln AV&, Chicago* JU1; Don't go, to Mutetfs ^nd tiave your eyes .tested. All tests, poSiti'volj free/ Ask to see the new perfection bifocals with which the 'wearer* sees t;o read or sew and 'with tho sarile glnsa «RB at a distance Remember Wo «vvo yon fr-irn 50 to 75 percent on traveling o t -tiui,tu'a prices. For Oyt'T Fifty MBS. WissUiW's SOOTULNG StBUP has hcpn used for children teething. It soothe* tin- cbl'J, kllay* all pain, curus wind colic, and IB the bust remedy for dlnrthtca. Twenty-flve cents'abbt- U*. Sold bi all drugglata througnout tho world Boughton will sell you wall paper and ha-tgitforyou. Remnvi t .« >,•, • , • Malrj, F.-sk'-.»»st« l •: T...J, -i'M'l ?), My dear, refflark'edca lady IP-a friend on the Btreettoday, w^ are Koinc-catiip ing next week and would like to borrow your tent I am sorry, bat we lent out tent So much last year that it is all worn out. I undefsiano though that Hnletl has just got a lot of new ttents.oir pur posttto rent and npdbftbf'you'can got one there, Ob thank you, I will go and see him at once, ''..-"• I wish to say to the 'people- of this city Vicinity, I hftvo moved'niv business to Marshall and am now preparog, to siipjily all' wtio uscPfttoam the Brook's patent wator gage- and tfateiu *gjiske ; t8. These gaskets are riot confined-to my patent water jjage dlono, but are used on. all the old style gages, I tilso bnndlo'jtlasp tubes and glass tube cut Mrs • I'nm selling these goods all over the United Status by thousands to rail- roaus, and in fnc'. wherever steam iai usedl There is nothing ia the World to cotnpetti with this gage and gasket for convenience and safety. I would be pleased'to have any nnd all who are using steam boilers to call and examine my goods.; Office, East Stato street, opposite of J. Court & Son, HENRY G. BKOOKS. The best Perfumes always in stock at G. H. 0reene'slDrug store- Ladies are invited t». call and test them A full assonmeiit of sizes. The best kinds and at reasonable rates Trtises fitted without charge for fitting at G-BEENE'S Drug Store 252 West State MARSHALL. MICH. You can always the best Cigars at ' •< ' Greene's Drug store. T Call and TrvThem. I The largest 'Stock the lowest prides HYDE'S Drugstore if you are lingering from fevers, lunfir, lagrippe, cfctnrfh, consumption, cough or bronchial' troubles, asthma, heart nervousness, sleeplessness, dyspepsia, sick headache, paralysis, erysipelas or scaly skin, constipation or piles call oh Or. Sharpsteen for his vegetable cure. n;.rr--"-'''»'-•'V"-''P- '•''* iijar iai«l li'ift'.U'.y •^•t.-j • n*. a KK»t»rii4,,,3 •eilon- ^nperl it to all fane jfp.i'JIEsii.iliJst™. prepHM. u»is mid perfc" ily iinnnle:«).' At nil 5ruBBi«Ui..jr:atttliMiiof S0!-t:«. 6e»nl fQr-.fircu'c«w ytoi t A 'jtf>C^K &0AP '-? f'Utpi/ iminHi"**"•«»«• n*» w 1 V,Vi,mil m-r*»«>. »(?•;'»•'''•' r * ' 1| " ) :i-Ho»,'ind-irUfcoi.t -. - .,Jl. AI \iianai.' FHca25 Bmitt. "fiiE3,d. CO.,--louEO.Qi?* S25«| TAKE: -THEBEST •0HBBHRMmEBBiHMBBHBfl SKIIOHSI CURE. Cures Consumption, Coughs, Cronp, Sore Throat. Sold by »H D» izRists on a Guarantee. For a Lame Side, Back or Chest Shiloh's Porous PlMter will give great saUsfactipa.— a& centfc SHILOH'S VITALIZER, Mrs. T. 8. Hawkins, Gbattanooga, Tonn., says t ^SWWrt VitaHzer • 8 AVED'MY LI&E* I eontideritttobeetremaivforadelimtatedwttem I mer used." For Dyspepsia. Liver or Kidney trouble it excels. Price 73 eta. For 'thecure of ?iles is/always painful .often dangerous and useless, and invariably expensivei on the other hahd;lhor6 is a new eertaui cure, porfectly patales?, gives in-< etant relief and permanent cure and coats butn trifle. It IB the Pyramid Pile Cure. It ia a more certain cure than a surgical operation, without any of the intense pam, expense and danger of an operation. An'y druggist will got it for you. Notice to.Cyclists. The practice of riding bicycles on the sida walks must bo stopped at once. Any persons violating the law in this respect do so^-at tlmir own peril. Keep off thciwalks and save trouble. PETER HOWE, Marshal. New Stock; New Styles At Snvder's Uon't, get excited over croup or quins} when Lavender Ointment will .relieve you within ten minutes-if used as directed. 25 and 50 cents. S _ REMEDY. HavTyou Catarrh ? Try this Remedy. It wiU positively relieve and Cure you. Price 60 eta. This Injector for its successful treatment la furnished free. Uemember, Shiloh's Hemediea are sold on a guarantee to give satisfaction. For Sale by F, G,, Seaman & Co. M»rih>ill June 33,. '03. Tourist tickets to nil principal points in the United States and Canada are now on sule at Michigan Central ticket office. the method and r^ulta when Syrup of Figs is taken; ft i? pleasant lad yefteebing to the taste, and acts genlly yet promptly pn the Kidneys, Livei" aod Bowels, ckanses the sys- ,tem effectually, dispels colds, headaches and fevers and cures habitual wnstipation. jSyrup of Figs via ih& of ita kind eve? pro- ; : A Ni«w Certain 1'ure for „ 'Ve dot intend to endorse any except articles of genuine merit; we therefore, fake pleasure in recommending to sufferers from FileB in any form, a prompt and permanent Jure. The following letters speak for themselves: ' • Mrs. Mary C. Tyler, of Heppner, Ore,, writes, One pkg. of Pyramid JHle Cure entirely cured me of Piles from which'I have suffered for years, and I hape never ha.- •''•<? slightest return of them since. Mr. E. O'Brien, Bock Bluffs, Neb., says- The ptg. of Pyramid Pile Cure entirely removed every trace of itching piles. I can- hot thank you enough for it;. The Pyramid Piie Cure is a new, certain, painless curt fur erery form of Piles. It ia safe, cure and cheap. Any druggist will get itfor you if you ask hjm. Tin rooting and ail kinds of tin work done vrompUy by Robert tichellj . Ths following item, c-lii pcd frem the Ft Madison (Igwa) Dc-utocrat, con^Uins infer- uialiou v>ell worth remeoiberingr "Mr- John Roth, of thia city, who inet-sy'ith an ac- cideut a few days ago, sprHinvng ard bruis-, iog his legwiud arm quite severely, was cured by one 50?ent bottle of Chamberlain's Pain Balni." This retnedy Is without an e,qup.l for nyrama aud bcuiaea and should have & place m .everj' household. Eoc -eale,-at .Greene's duced, pleasing to the taste" and stc- ceptafcl^ to the etomach, prompt in its a<;tion,,and truly beneficial in ita efeiiit, preuar^ only from the mosi 'fceaJtby and agreeable substances, its. to aU and have made it ..the most W A L L P A P E R FRESH, CTNIGIITE, TASTY DESIGNS, A.T LoTxrest . Prices. ! t Call and Be Gonvincei ' . •. * M.B.1 POWELL. CHEAPER GAS FOR LIGHT. fd wood, just the same for sum e, tor "$1.75 per cord at Grant's TO CONSUMERS OF GAS FOB FUEL, The Gas Company anounces thejfollowing reduc tion in prices of Gas-fop UQHTING- wherever Gas isused ALSOforCOftKINGor HEATING to take effect on and after SBPTEiMBBB 1st 1892- QAS 8TOVB BATES, $1.60 per lOOOjcubic Ft. For aU Gas eoneumed wh«re »JGAS RANGE 9«ed, For aUg4»*OABHB064is}iaro COOKING or HEATING'STOVES are oaad and be monthly consuiopUoa if not lenailiwi 1000 cubic feet. B *tu tit G*8 «*<KJ tor LiaaTINQ ONLY remiia uobUauged and^aro MXoUown; .. , — ' Less iVfttt IQOP cubi& ft. in one mon- b, |2 OU per 1000 cubic ft. & mjCynot havo j I 1 -'" •' : • ' x-" r*''- r •" ' '»'''i"s- - \ ' ,«-v- 1 ' -' „'.:- ' •., ., r> i?bi$ ft. and less thaji 10,000 Qub.iji ft 1 month $1 90 per or, over, I mopth |1 bg per 1000 o^bip ft. , • (oubic ft% , - -, • Ali tuV*boye rates iwsuhjeat ta» diaoouut of 10 ota per i900 <u?Jao;it when the njo»th» * .',. ^ bill i» paid in or ]*efore the 10tha?ti« nwuth next following. _. : •' ; - ' ' ~ " ... . toiadwooap«i«f ta use g*» tori* tejpitac0 %$mm Tha 4JJ¥4If ASS If Q4I^ J l » ' ^ ~ u ,ft _._*_; __ rt '•'f* .- ' . . J--.^ AxTL. —.—' "tfmm Cheaper Stove ^" .-^?« ^» t vftfto itwii nlninfit b "" ^(f-55^ ".5/Si ™w w n JIHI^^^^IP iwi* ^">sp>j-"^3P-^: ^r-i iwg^-^--sr -*J-5"esw%"" ^ /re.-y T'- .4 *W " "" «- '--; - - - / ^--•-v' "^-'^ai=^^it^ " a\ : »'7^ ffiK

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