The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on August 12, 1962 · Page 11
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 11

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 12, 1962
Page 11
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ZOSPORT AND IRAZORIA COUNTY. TEX/. , SUNDAY. AUGUST 12. 1942 TH! B R A Z O ORT PACTS Edlterlal—Adv.—BE 3.3511—CUmlfl.d—BE 3-2611 PAO8 11 CLASSIFIED b. LOTS FOR SALE jirnrm.i.Y WOOHKP HOMMITXII- BTR4 wpll drained lot*. 10"*. ttnwn, 5 Sara w pay. II. J. DAVIS KPJM.TT. n s-sM. jwTTowN irnwnronT-KwiiPM tin' Whttfa hiKlnfM Nllft In SOO hltvlc of till Pironrt II. H. J. PAVln FIBM/IT, fl H53M. SUPPORT Twfl rbrtre lota I2200 for nlti. nr. J.JM a>k for Mr. Taylor, 128. USED CARS FOR SALE trnn«m tiiim. whit* 1 wall lit"-*, 1'I.Y MOUTH Ifttfi. fflrrtnr inrdnn. nnl ultlM. <;IIF.VROI..KT ITi 1 ., for dor *C'!«M. hunter, wfiitn waif tin's, nlmidmr! ('MKVROt.F.T 'iffM. for-lnr *Man, hi* ulc t, Htnndnid shift, pxrfilant Hon. riinYfn.KIt IftV,!. fonlni irriftn, . mr Niintir! Kvr-l- Ktnnrl- ditto- Mflrtd- tfl'liO. BESSIE LITTLE'S MAIL BAG Well * Scrubbed Look Suits Teens three have tried to help her. Instead of tolerating her "wild antics" withdraw your friendship. old I the ones who consistently report We are glrli of fifteen jThis might jolt her into realizing 'enough? Would yon please tell mi*' family squabbles over not being and would like your advice on that her reputation is in danger Dear Bessie: IJo you think enough to go on what .IKP Ho you fifteen rlntes? think |«t an early ago, and this Is from jkind of activity at your age. old! the under twenties themselves/ not, I romps from the girls. They are; Dear Bessie: in MVerwiVHl WAIT on Ilomeiite< -wnler Fronta jjnon. io liww •n Onln, Uke Jitrlonn 1IJ7S lo I1S95 AMKIIIC AN lir.At.TY AN MUSH » mnl hemer. IMO lo IIJSII . Ml MM I SKI) (,*IIH . Jir,r,0 111 Plantation Dr m-nm from 711 ., t!3W to lltlOO <"{ 7Jil«3 Ig-e . . ITtftl: riAMTIl.KIt infll fla«*K- 1 'loor Kfdnn. ,. IHfW to ISftOfl Itfalnr. niilotnnlif, low ailnnl mili-an". one owner. F.ARI.K PKAttRON OU)S- MORII.K, PR 33371. your own way, what are the 'allowed to dale by the time they what to Ho in our situation. We'It's worth a try! However, if it for eye shadow, eyebrow ! reach fifteen. The hoys generally hnve. a close friend who has ob-'docsn'l work, you have done your butter" thank-you note when you get home. This is a must as far as good manners ara concerned. POT Ntti'JW i dtllrlurt "t *?l* vty f(ir» hniMinc, API-. lo n«y tnr lot In HK IHK r» dill bfl- •nvn cArtf l"r,7 ( rt.ior KoM-O-Maln Mn I'll RK V» r«lrl»nf, 1 YOUtl EQUITY for Inrfle nharty 'ill* all rleaieil, StOxl7fi'. Nenr ula. Btiell load, elertrinlv. tHe. r phr'tie m hool hn< «ervlre. ROWI.ANO ERKAI.TY. AN S.BS:.' or cy 7-6M3. I KYI.R nOAH Oyilfr deek fionlage. live way, KarRRe, tool home, bearing t fig tree«, MORRISON AMP BAUKR. | ItKAl.TOR. CY mid. \JfTfT-- Rmltti St. Chit* city reMrlr & Hour IfiOO. earli. SOUTH FREKPOUT- M X 125' tome 1 lot HUM. tK.F.I'Y IIOIJ/W -miner lot 11651). 1.1.1 for fan! nervlce. tKRRIt RKAI. KSTATK AN S M10 WF1 ARK RUYINn tJBKM CARSI «'Bih for your fiiully, Hre in firil CI.UTK AUTO BAI-KS AN 5 S»12 1M) KORO. Kd. in I'I5« chrvinlrl. J797.. w»«nn, ira-., ri-,7 r H50. riymouth »PI5. flun IJnyi) Slnllon , iiiiii^. «i<93 \'M | n'8 . Wiuon, Jlir. hucli lo «ihool rlr. TOWN TRY MOTOR. CY 7-7777. M«r»h«ll Brlh'l for' * COUN'j 53. MISCELLANEOUS i FOR SALE Dear Bessie: I went to a show with two of ...... my girl friends last week. I sat pencil, lipstick and other make- 1 don't seem ,1* anzious to date be- lained a had reputation and will;best. Your reputations are valu-j nex ( | 0 a fay j (, al j never met up? | fora lh<> ages of sixteen or seven- not realize the fact that she Is too ! able. Don't foolishly throw them! before and who was real cute, I would like answer* to thcw teen. "wild." We have Iried lo help'away. jjj,, fij r te<] w ith me and I flirted inie.Rtions. Do you think fourteen 1 As to the "proper" age for the her by constructive criticism and | righl ha( , ki A | tcr a wni | e my Is old enough for dunces? Myjuse of makeup, the (jirl with the she had at-reed lo try and im-iDear Bessie: ; K j r ] f,-jends left. He put his arm father is a wonderful man hut Is healthy, vibrant skin does- prove herself, but temptation for; My friend has invited me to her; arnurK j m( , an( ]' hp/ ore the show tight on MIPS* things. I am four-jn't need it. She'd only covering;her wild antics is too great forborne for (he weekend. Should l: was OVOT | ir , had kissed me sever- leen and would like lo prepare 1 up beauty, rather than beauty her to resist. We would like to;bring a present? :a ] times. Bessie, I've never done for the future years. Thank you.'faults. For the under twenty, a continue our close friendship with; Don't Know, Wichita, Kansas, anything like this before and I'm Puzzltd 7WL «*K • wnibbed, bright face with her but need advice. She is drag-'Dear Don't Know: so as hamed of myself. Will you Dear Pu/riod Pal: 'perhaps a dash of lipstick and sing us down with her. It's considered thoughtful to plpase hp | p me and tell me how Some fifteen-year-olds are old'neatly combed hair is, believe it Three Concerned, Turlock, Calif, give your hostess a sm;ill present i j ,. an rr % a - m my solf-respect? enough to date, some are not.,or not, a smart look. Dear Three Concerned: if you want to. Custom varin«; Doar AsnamOT j. proper" age to begin dating, I think fourteen in old enough It seems to me that you have with different people and differ-) ' '. ' s.-i-uis lo be a combination of|for dances providing this i» notalready answered your own ques-;ent areas. However, If you wanti Your nchaviior at We show was several factors: (1) maturity sused ns an excuse to go dating, itlon when you say she is drag- to give a small present, you can. 811 wrfing ' | ?" I f , y " every enough to accept responsibility;Supervised co-ed activities are ging you down with her. You can!either bring it with you or send rnaLson l " mml< OI y 0 ^ 8 ^ a " easy and (2) 15 years or older. It will i generally not considered by'only help people who really wantii' lo your hostess after the week- Pi'-Wip. Mncc you - — - •nhiihly come ns no surprise to'parents ns a dating problem and to help themselves, and from'end is over. In any event, be sure has lu that the pressure for dating they arc usually in favor of this your letter it appears that you!to write a pleasant '^brcad 104. BUSINESS PROPERTY KBR I/JT-M I HS'-Hrlvn htirrlrinc fcnrr. 10 x 10' dtnf . Tmd« or *rrmn. CY 7-4 HAI.E- Olfton'li e. A. Polna • ml ntl! hrcmiRfl M74V. Ixinndi 1 nl 220 H. ! food biuinfm lint of 111 hfKlth. Cull TWO REPOSSESSED AUTOMATIC ELECTROLUX CLEANERS Priced far quick talc. N*w machine guarantee. Termt available BE 3-3338 iOOI> 52' COnNEn 1.OOATION on <1 for 13000. Call BE S^m at |4:M p.m. ONKS CREKK-3 «(re« wllli 250' front-; ||n> on Hwy 5«. wllh huilnm oiilMlnif. j Box 751. ThllKwIaiiJ. f«, j'hona. LEGALS n Jw-rpljv flvrn that Ihf Bonn! [OS. ACREAGE FOR SALE -2-1-% »rrt of \tn-\n on Ilwy 4 milM Wi-iit o( AnRlclnfi. r.-ir,..7 *• trnct<, 12 mllm North of Annlfton. jicrilfnt Brhwit DUlrKrt will b* In nf^^on i I r I lit) IJo« rrf Hooni of I (if A rim i n! •. lion Huililintr. -"hfrry ind Fourth Ktic Frexport, Tficat on U>rjri»5(tnv, A<n ?"^. 1%'.', fiotn 7;00 p.m. lo 9.00 p m. thi» ptupo*^ of h^Biing any taxpnypr n.Rv fnif to appear nnr] divrum I he vnlu- r.!!t;r! to b? plscc.-! cr, his prepsrty Icr 1962. THIS IS AOREAT MURPER MYSTERV — I CANT WAIT FOR THE SOLUTION $* I'M SORR^ P0AR, BUT *-^ AUNTIE JUUFS RECiPE TIMS COMES CW THE OTHEP CHANNEL NOVV NEXT FOLD U THE ESS WHITES INTO THE BATTER AMP APP CITRON e-ti t undo what don*?, the next best and' mm £ ' s *° "i9^e sure you never — i hnhavo like lhat again. From your Metier, I believe you have learned a lesson ami won't risk ruining'of letting; him know EDDY'S SHOES OPENS Eddy'* Shoe Store, the newest mWltlon to downtown Lake Jackdon shopping facilities, opened formally Thursday with the Bra- zosport Chamber of Commerce In charge of the ribbon-cutting ceremony. C'nrter Mason \vns emcee. Store owner Eddy WIeczyk and his family are at right with Father George Beck, shoe salesman Dnnny George, and Harold Lovctl of Brown Shoe. Co. Other Brown officials are at left by Mayor Kara Cooper, at door, and Chamber representatives Mason and Ralph Collins. The new family shoe store Is located on Parking Way In the former Oarrett'g Pharmacy location. _ Phnrto By Oarrett's Pharmacy a problem? Write where you, (Got a problem? Write "Dear |your reputation again. If you hap-]stand. While you were wrong, he'Bessie," Under Twenty Mailbag, ; pen to see the boy make a point [was definitely wrong, too. in care of The Brazosport Factg.) Sweeny Council Okays Auxiliary Policemen : An Auxiliary Deputy police force was authorized this week by j the Sweeny City Council at their proving the recommendation for Bryan Bailey was the spokesman in regard to the Council ap- the supervision of tha City's engineer! qg department, with th« city's labor force. BLONDE regular meeting. ithe auxiliary force. He pointed] HOSPITAL The eight-man force approved lout a recent fire, and a recent] Dr. Raymond Britton, a mem- by the Council resulted from ajfatal accident, where citizens jber of the Council, gave a report rerjuest presented by Police Chief I broke existing city laws and ham- Ion the proposed Community Hns- •AMKRICAK RKAI.TY. AN^S-JSVO. Bivn ~3 Vnd 10 acTt tracts Jtial otl th^ •hlshviay acroii tiorn Kl U8» Country Hciull 4 mlltl iciutll 0! Alllllrlun. Hull- ^IR^litv Ittinlajjn atKO nvnllftlilr. Tprnn 1'in •bc'srr«nBtil. AHBIUCAN KEALTY. AN: Hi ACI'.F.S naar iJik* Jnrknon. **». j^Burrii. CY 7^0HK after S PM. H|M'llKS. chtap. Call CT V-2387 or OY HT-™. i l|06. REAL ESTATE WANTED oafc— •— »— aaaa"«— 1 » 11 — 1 Hi c *t-K WAY TO 1EM. YOim HOMB {•grll vo'ir Imrae on « Contrartlve «alr. HKruie'liol chsnscd until tut! fqully paid. Bsor RdWiJiNii RK.Ai.-rr (or dtiain. HH|CY 7.6".43 or AN 5-li."i'i*. •bom'fii' In Ijika j«i-k«un. St« Jo« Tal- Dbnt Kcalty. CT 7-4411. • •••••^ «aBMaiB™«aaBHaBaBB H25. MOBILE HOMES •KaaaaaaaBaa«aiaaaaaiaaaaiwaiaaMalaa«aaaaaaai Hfcp. 3AI.R OR RKM - lev-ral »ooil KU<FI| houw »r»ll«ri "itn ono °r two •krilrtntnl. Will renl with option to buy. [•AKI hoiiM« loi nnt htr» or al Bra- Bioria. turnllhtd or milurnlnif.1. unnw ••air conilltlonH. Wa have nr" mobile •ihnir.rj tor i«lf. AUo. mobile home In• turanrr. McPOSALD TRAll.KKSAI.KS IBANn PARK, \VHI Columbia *M Rd. • 521 and H*r M, DI 5-9111. B" HAT ROW. •ce hav> beatitllul new noor rlani In •/our mobile homei, wilh or without • rcnlral air. Wa alM wrlle mohlle homa • """"KELLT-S MOBILE HOME M HE 3-ieOS ^B tlpance. BE I-9C51 or BE 3-32M. ^fcOBIl.E HOMB — 19*3 IteM 1 . Trailt H eiiilty tor turnlturt. Tl S-S1K. An«n• Inn. BsF.W MOON -1953 J-bedriwrn «• houw- •f trailer l-r .ale 1775. rmtart J. B. • Plevenj BE 1-J;«7 S a m. to 5;30 P m. • ' ^OUALITY-COMFORT H APPEARANCE ^H ArrKHR«nv»K • 8 1 « 35' "AIR-FLOAT" 3 (Worid't Flneit) 8 Beautiful • Uqht • MODERN-AIR CONDITIONED• ANODIZED • With or Without 9 CUSTOM AWNINGS • Very Nice • Intlde and out • SHADY RICHWOOD TRAILER B PARK • Clute. Teiai AN !-55t5 • l r »^l IKH'^V: TnAIt.KIt, Ifi 1 Heniteey • l>«li;rtte. ilfrpi ', or fi, I'lpnn. W'JS. M '>ii iii 5-ri:>*. \\>it I'niutnhifl E«1 - U-tlyifm Teian, 3 bf,tlo.»nv IV.II BE l«k« im»ll bowl ng ot olhtr artui"* B hi trade A« do^n pnvment. B«e al 1743 F \\rtl Tin. [ 127. TRUCKS-TRAILERS 1 reilent I'im.litlim. JlV. V4WI. - ~- • - - ..----.• •>Oni» r»S7 Punrhrio A I ix.nrtttion (.\irtlt /. Jenkins, Krmoipart Im!«pfnr!f nt flchool Piitrici AUK. B-IO-17 LEGALS ORDINANCB NO. 180 PAKKINU OK VrHlCI.K,^ AND THE! KTORAOK or MATrKns OR MA.TKH- M.^ ON I'f.OPKKTY HKI.ONf;iN'f) TO \ IHH 'MTY OP ('MJTK °''- I'KhK'ATKI' Tf) T1IK Uf'K AN!» I.KNKHT OF TUB j '[ MxV AVhVlVn 'IM^'G \ I'VX'Ai 'I"Y KOK THK VIOIJITION HEl'.KOF. ; •K Ii Oill'.AlNJ-;!» (i'f T'riF. ^ITT ('(H'NCIL (IF THK (MTV OF f*Li;TK, HKA/.OMU COtJNTY. TKXAK. IClHon of thl< ordmnni'*. *i iffjuirfrl hy ; Inw. tl uliMll lw unlnwdil for any p<-:*nr, i fnm «r fit iHjra! ion lo pin,^ t.r pflik try mutor v^hlff* or ri'.ffr rn»vr h^- loiiKtnK to «\M'h p*r*on. Iitm i>r curpoit- V<on, or iirilrr I'.l con iff'!. u;*".n »nv real property b*!'>ng!n« to lln» *Mv of Clctc i o: upon nn> rterticntpri p'iWif rlcht of w»y undvf Ihr control o' ^** r H> ',( Chili* fur »ny period of |;mc In excess of :M ron«cnit!Vf hmin. SKCTIO.V IV.' O (2*: From and nfler tf:i* pnt'sz* 1 iinrl r-'ih- hi-Btton of lfi'«. or.l'.nrivcf. fl^ requited ; by l«w, it thill b* unlawful for *"v person, fitrn r rttvirtjo.itioi! In [»!»<•» nr '< ,ark liny motur u-htd* i>r o:her matter h^IonzJng to *uch person. f:rm or i-or- •- potntinn. or umlrr jl« cnrlrol. on itny property b^lontmz * n 'he Vity of Hu1p. or upon any dedifnsed p'ihl ; p i :ght of. v §v urider thr control of thf City of rititr when to rln »n wrn:M ohiinirt tr*f- fii 1 travt-tinc upon the stiff U o* th* C*'|v nf flulff or obi'.rurt th» View fif any opt rn tut nf a mo'or vf hiclf lip* motor v*hlrle operat":! »f€ a du- tanc* Of at tfi»t '-'00 feet f!^P^ »ui'h Public propertv with'jul er-.ennf into luch , r( ,ji fl ^ j-KCTlON TIIP-KK '?.: A nv per<nn, fnm nr rorpnrafon which nt- ; in* t « li'f \'(^it:(>^k f'f ipof ihall b« f r.r.1 nnt !c«!l thin 15 M and nM mmt \hn~. }'.'0» fti *^(1 **n, h taienrtar d»< iurh | violation i w\'."\:ft 1.1*1 1 ccnitauli • ' fKmnX VOL'P. -H: i in- [tro\i*:o!i hfiPof rx>,) i:«rt>r.- : prfrnl jui'Ml ''Iif)" *.:t h dn-'iio-, ih«II r.nt aflfrt the \ai:d'l^ "f any :«•- ir.i.f,f«i ns -n-i'li P«:' "' rat J^ a if -"•• | nrpurah'e ff««n «"••! irrti«p*"»J«h!f tn Ihf • [ipj»riit!i»n i'f if-f r«vna:;-:^s !'*•'' '" ''* " p\.-sKH AN!' Al»nrTKh !hn 9th in) y Hsiire rtiini.c'ln, MRVOT ' ATTK^T 1?. T II MniHir'inirry CITY tiluCRKTAUY ._ Accident PaOnnrf Ixcpuil i ATSIO-BO A WEEK,I'LL. r4EVERUVC THAT LONG.': I GOT A V/AV OF DON'T TRUST YOU-AS AMY FOOL CAM PLA1NLV SEE- V/ORKOUT THE^IOXXXJ FATMASTERSOH I'VE GOT A PROPOSAL PORVOU — THEArgSWER. IS'NO.''.'" H5 L!t:=S TO H= SAX t-S'5 ~r C--Y .Si T'r- pered the efforts of the rescue jpital status, and recommended Alex Hood and First Assistant Fire Chief Bryan Bailey. workers and fire fighters as an j that the Gty enter into contract The Council also approved the, example of. the need of additional | with the architects on the pro- purc-hase of a 3-unit Radiocom , persons deputized to enforce the'ject. Transceiver for the City Hall; :laws when emergencies exist. ! Councilmen were agreed on the granted the request of Felder After the Council had voted un- matter, however, several of them Electric Co. for the use of thesanimously to initiate the force City's water tower for the installa- 1 with deputy authority, sans fire pointed out that the Hospital Board should be appraised of the tion of a radio antenna in ex-; arms and pay, Bailey told the 1 [act that although the City is the change for the use of the com- 1 Council that unless the police legal sponsor of the project, which thev endorse as individuals and pany's communication eo^iipment - chief carried through with the due in the event of an emergency or;process of the law concerning disaster; and they authorized the violations reported and acted upon as a collective Council, all efforts should be made to get the i-alid hospital district created in of a legally constituted Board. For Competent Reliable SHOE REPAIR SEE GREGORY'S 204 W. Broad 1C 3.9223 All Tonr Caawra Kaeds call: TONERA' BEYTLE BAILEY mayor and city secretary to pro- by the deputies, the force would ceed with the "necessary require- be rendered useless, and could not | November in order that the City menu to complete the architect's render the aid it was designed to^ouid pu t the project in the hands contract pertaining to the . city- do. sponsored Community Hospital. GAS EXTENSION OAKS srilDIVlSIOX The Council also approved gas i In other business on the lengthy service extension to the homes o!; ;a£end;<, the Council changed the.35 south end residents who had; !first resular meeting in Septem- previously presented their re-; ,ber hack to Aug. 28 to serve a quest to Gas Superintendent Jim; ;dual purpose. Merimon. But the Council reject-1 i First because the September ed Merimon's request that a part-; meetina date follows the Labor'time employee in his dpartmentj Day holiday, and secondly, they be put on regular employment sta-1 hope to be able to let a contract his. j for the K as extension to the Oaks The Council concurred that the. Subdivision without having to call person in question was a valuable an extra me»tin? asspt to t - U|e gas department, and. ' Action taken bv the Council on that he should be used in any! the matter of the subdivision ap- extra work of the department bu j peared tc finalize an agreement 'he sas budget would not allow .on the issue that has been n con- >"e addihon of another ftiU-hme troversv benveen the developer employee at this fame and ihe City which has been an Merimon estimated that he gas item of discussion at every Coun- extension to the Southern! rest _.i „,;„„ o „ i=ct \nrii dents would cost the Ut> around 52.000. The Council told Menmon to proceed witli the work under ( THAR AINT NO IHARSES-YORE ROOM AN'BOARD'S ON TH' COUNT/ CTUST WHAT ARE THE CHARGES? AN' I AM THE SHERIFF TAIT BEFORE VOU LOCK ME UP, SIR ARE VOU AWAR THAT I THE C(.K.EU.UM?__ T SNUFFY SMITH llrawmllili- «1» W»»t «l» " . fl«l' fdltll l»; Falc |»Mn>nl<. *KI mriiU al Ifil. CY 7-17'H. Alifaily tuiaiirrit. 1»5» [lOM-.K riCKUI' --Call UK S I.1M 128. USED CARS FOR SALE Krccport piilict" invest iRit led « niinnr aulii iiccidrnt at West Second mid Oak about 4:30 p.m. Tues- diiy. Officers reported lhat a Kuril station waK<m ririM'n by Stephen 1- Wallers of 12li C'ural Vine in l-itke JnckMin tinick roar of H I!>fi7 Buii'k drm- lime I!, lli'iirne of Mincola. I'lilicr wild the Buick hiid cuicvuiii.Kr • Illll'. !'»»' at M7 Jam ^i:,7 llrl Air 4 doll. !>' Itiftb.-.. rini'i. I"* >l riulv AN 55.'«,. »,r i-.nulltliHi !•"! »'ll'' • ilnllv In liii.itc. ^.'H I'IIK\ Koi.K.r i!»,u K: ' fl. >l«i.ilnl,l .lilH. • lai Call CV ' < HKV'Hnl.H'r IH*H1 Kl * ' HKYM.KK I!«:t7 »'i.i*<i li »'>U<| Kull [IOMIT IM-I n i I t: I'K AU'!*> HAl.M. KKI.1,-i'htviulel. , vehicle fulled Hi slii|i in tniu' 'Mil 1 driver (if <i mr ulilcli a purkiil until in Kive|>orl Mnii'l-ty liiul not bfcii lu.'.iii'd I'l'itiny l>> Officers rc|imtcrl that n paiKinl 1%.' Humbler imnii! ii> Isarl I'cHi.'-'in was li.iina^ctl aiiiiut ,, n, Mniiilny in H" 1 I 1 *' ' )lc>l ' k uf |.,isl h'liintli. mi tin 1 MVC.C «as it 1'l.i-> \\-\\> y, Knsl K.ishlli, «l»''h iippa ntlv lui Ihe Hamlilcr vilnle !»' X iliiM'ii iiy ;m iinkiinwn IKM-MIII , nniini: 1" officers. Puliiv !>.ml Hie Clicvinlet had .,n pail.i-il Ik'hinti II"' bile 1'cvis »>'iil into th'" ,,.,1 Old'c. .in<l sun"'" 1 '' 1 ' "l'i' u liiMnU:t when Ui« ...AM'CAN'T CUT HAIR T'PAV.' SfcNOi! U6TEMS FOC BDROUARS lr-6 SAMr TO MOUTH Asp ..... man who is an as.sociate with the developer o! the Oaks Subdivi - sion met with the Council and presented a letter of aRrecment on several proposals concerning the development that had been stipulated by '.he Council. The Council agreed to accept the basic concepts of the proposals as presented in the letter under the sicnature ot E. J. McGlathcry iiui their motion con'ained a provision that refunds referred to in the letter he made according to dry policy pertaining to i?as extensions and service connections. This provision was integrated into the motion upon ad%-ice of City Attorney Wayne Holder who ,to!d the Council that the content : rV the proposal as stated in the i letter was ambiguous on that 'particular puint. A visitor, wiio is constructing a home in the subdivision, told , Blcdsop lhat "it may prove costly jto the developer if the matter is not settled," and added that h§ would wait no longer than Wednesday night for a decision on the i matter. ' Accordinc to Major A. M. An- idei>on. .McC.lathen' aRreod to the i proposition later and put up the money for the gas extension and I !he .street work so that the sub•• division could be approved and \ the contracts he lei for the work required hy the city for approval of the Oaks Subdivision. AI'XII.IAKY POLICE The Auxiliary Deputy torce ap- prm'itl by the Council Is composed of Kin- CliM J. B. Anderson. J. B. Bailey. Barkley Smith, I'.len Rltiisiw, E. G. Uoyd, \V. Sncad. M. R. Heickman and 1). Hall. New Thru Thursday WALT DISNEY'S "RIG RED" TERMITOX CONTROL ROACHES. ANTS, SILVERFISH BEDBUGS, MOTHS ft FLIAS FREE ESTIMATES CHERRFIALY GIVEN BE 3-4391 THE TERMITOX CO. FUN 1 MINIATURE GOLF on. Thru Sot. ? a.m. — 10 p.m.—Sunday 2 p.m. to 10 p.m. 5PM -il?0 P!M! Wertdoys 50e a qam«, 2nd qam* »r*« Sundays 50e o qanw, 2nd qamt fr«. On U Loop Road near Brazospart Villagt Shopping Center '" Judgment at Nuremberg' Academy Award Winner! i Bett AetorluiMimouK soui 3ost Screenplay I tu, u,» IXCLUUIVI SPECIAL ENGAGEMENT COME EARLY FOR CHOICZ PARKING SPACE Spencer W Burl Lancaster Help Keep Our BEACHES CLEAN! Bai office Opens Dally At 7 p.m. 45 Minutes of Comedy 1 Car- taunt, Show Per- rofmance one time only ot 8:30 Children Under 12 FREE JUDGMENT NUREMBERG

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