Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas on June 23, 1961 · Page 1
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Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas · Page 1

Del Rio, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 23, 1961
Page 1
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2-Da RtO (Texas) NEWS-HERALD, Friday, June 23, 1961 Adlai Says In Latin ions Worse DAILY CROSSWORD By JAMES MAR LOW Associated Press News Analyst WASWXGTO.X >.¥>— When Adlai Stevenson -returned in iseu from . a ,tour, of Latin American—where Communists are active ami discontent-and poverty are as broad as 'the contihem—he-'\vas : prv-tty .\.-.w he has reuirned from a 5etond tour, fet-iing cond;;ions are v.orso. He made the fir>i tnp s> i private citizen, the second ss I'rcsidc-ni Kennedy's personal rep- JVM-ni aiivc. lu beiween the uvo ir-ps ihere were two major events. . . . ! The Kennedy administration —'if '.vhu'h Stevenson is a part as ambassador to the United Xairons -•approved the disastrous invs- --y.-ri against Cuba. This added jnwt: poison to anti-United "Siato; !;>-!iri£ m Latin American. .'2. President Kennedy asktsl O"n-_'re<;s for, and got. a S500 m;5- . ii"!i Latin-American aid program. Tiii- nsiuiey is to go u> countries w;Th stH-iai -'programs of tJiea- '••.i,->. hKe .land for the landless, I!'.|;M-S for the homeless. i-iKica- ti;-,n for millions. UjHin his return in 19<50 he said. ' I.;itin America is i!i revohition. , - . The Whole continent' is on ihe verge of a vi-k;p. r nem ami ihey . are • s£oint; U) i>ji'd a new .society xir.dfr o:ir rpv-Jhod.s of free enterprise, i!" po.;- --.:T=-,>. and if no!, under ^ociai- 'U'iurstlay, Stevenson. stopping off al Puerto Rico on his \vay 1 ''lite, said: "Economic wani and sGi-iu! unrest have, if anyihrns. in- tressed .. ..'. There is a sru^inc >'-;isc- of urgency in L.iiiri Anu-r- >'*i-vi>nson reporis today to Ki-tmc'dy. But it is unhkeiy the I'rc^jiient will, as a result; pro- pose any spectacular solutions or j at least any fast ones. . . ' j It is right here that communism has a st3rting : out advantage over a country like the United States 'in trying to win over millions of povtrty-stricken. landless, impov-1 erished a!>d illiterate people. j Communism can promise a chance overnight. The Western societies can promise change too, but so f.-sr have foand no way to nroznUe or effect sudden transformation?. ! The best they have -been able '• in. offer is steady improvement. This is what Kennedy offered in his March M message '» Congress, otitlinin.s a long-range .Lai•in-American program. i>'.eve.nson illustrated the problem iti a Democratic rally in this country during the presiden- uai campaign Sast year when he faiei: "We must face the fact that the world is in. revolution. For a s!:•>'.:•!an'i mission people the big issue i_s not protecting the Amor- Uin wa> of lid- from coinmu- poliiical freedom mean to an iliiteraJe peasant squatting in a 'hut with five hungry .children? For them and their leaders tiie big issues are -peace. pride and rapid economic development." •••'... For the United States the great contest in Latin America is against the Communist clock: can it help bring about change fa^t enough to make tho quick promises of comnutni5m k"i^ attractive'? And the great problem i* bridging the enormous gap between the very rich and the very. poor. 801:1 Kennedy and Steve-nson have commented on this. Xot long sfter he returned .from Latin America is JWjirt Stevenson said: "This is tiie great siruj;- file of our century, and if the free way of life doesn't help the many poor of this world it will never save the few "rich.'" Kennedy used almost 'those identical words later in 7il> irsau^- urcj address when he -said: "'!: the free "society eannui help the many who are poor, it camio; «;ave the few who an- rich." ACROSS 1. Dark blue 6. Gsucho's- weapon 31. To adjust 12, Giri's name 13. Not working- 3-J.Keg 3S. Christinas 16. Abraham's birthplace 37. Consume IS. Election lists. 2. Taro root 3, Chest "X sounds > - "4.Iricanta- t!bn§ 5.S4ritl {It.} 6. Proclaim loudly 7. Rowing- implement 8. A fly 9. Region" 10. Sodium' ehlorld< 14. Sonai-i tutt 19. Swiss Hver 20.-Thus 21. Hawk parrot 2.1. Traffic sign £-':. t 28. Pirate % drink. i^- ; 29. Argent'' iabbr.) - Sl.Owin- RET-n- .Gift's nnnse dirk tests "2?,. Perched . 24. Monster 23. Man's name 22. Grampus • SO. .,.:... ...... Square, Moscow 32. Xot home S3. Land measure 33. Floor c-overiug- 37, Mother 35. Colliers -31. Boxing's Mr, I.ouis •M. Greek letter 45. Moby Dick. pursuer. •1$. Almond : svrup ' 50. Fruit of palm ai.Thtwv 52. Kind of tea 53. West German state 64. Skillful now.v 1. Anguish . • inflection 40. Jostle 41. .Make fun Culbcrson Rites *L -- 3 - ^ * Planned for Saturday in Austin AUSTIN «\ r '-; Services will bo [held heiV Saturday for RauYoa'd I Coiruiussiuiiei Olin Culberson who (died here Thursday of a heart ail- •JI.I-TK. i The coinmjssuniei, 74, long ree- , ognize<i as_,.&-,.leaner in Ihe tight! jagaiusi iciit-val eomi-ol of the j state's uaiural ^sources, staved. > 20 years on the regulatory agon Committee Organized To Fight Loan iX r' , It,//" ~, .ff . it, I a ?rt - f ffl Eichmann Claims He Saved 20,000 Jews ^By THOMAS A. REEDY , ••[ had the rhoicC personaHy \* J~IH~<AI.KM (AP) — Adolf determine the fate of these 20.300 Eichmann claimed today that he i Jews," he tfU! the threc-judac 1^- 5i' i-ii 20.iyH) "Ji>w« from extcnnin- : racli court,, "and I did ;n>i wain ; at Jon by diverting them io an al- \ them to be sent to tho East vvhi""v ready overcrowded ghetto in I I knew esterniirsation wsj: goin:. Lo-dz.. Poland, ion hut sent then-i to Lodz where that on. The former Gt-stapo lieuienant WATCH REPAIRS Master Wolcli Focroriei Wotchmofctr Keepi Voui Watch fa Superior Factory Condition, ct TEXAS RELIABLE JEWELERS 102 W. LOSOYA The former Gestapo 'officer ch&rsi-d by Israel with major responsibility for the Nazi ex-, .... ^^ aitlin , :lt .-^^-, isit ., termination of =ix million Jews"! colonel, in his fourth day on Uit- al.^o claimed that the diversion j witness ?!and. testified: of the 20.000 to Lodz was the first j 1. SS Gen. Heinrich Mueller, ami t»nly time that Fie had the j his immediate superior in charse chance ?o make such a decision. ; of Department IV of "the security Otherwise, he asserted,-hi's-" su- i police, had "the direct contact" periors v/ere responsible for 'ex-'' AVI '^ • tn . p Einsatz commandos, the termit-atinn orders and he only i'- > '' t7 - battalions *hat murdered two arranged for the transport of the : n »H'Pn Jews, partisans and Gyp,,— • _ -i_- .i—-i _•_ ; ?ies in the E^st, 2. . Interior Minister DAFLY CRYPTOQUOTE — Hero's how to work ii: A X Y D L B A A X R Is t, O K G F E I, I, O W One letter simply stands for another. In this samule A Is ur »! for the three L's, X for the two O's, etc. Ssn.aJe f*tt«s, a&cs- irophies, the length and ?ormat!ati of the words are aU Kr.t- Each day the code letters are different. A Cryptogram Quotation -.. \V H P K Q T M X A C V D X K E T Q H W Y U W it C F D C H X Q A E N O K C N F K T C A — V K X.Y F C K. Y«-sterd.ty'K CrjT>toqxiofe: BUSINESS ' TTS ovtTZC ^ ITS OTHER PEOPLE'S MONEY—DUMAS. <C- 1861. King. Festurea Syndicate, Inc.) j He suifeieii uiimhei heart at-! • tack at his home Wednesday and j iwent to a hospilal. A few weeks | i after^announcing for governor in \ 1950 he suffei ed a heart attack' ; and withdrew from tho race, laur! =«on by Allan Shi\ ers. I • ) The champion of the Indeptnd-1 ient;oil and gas men in Texas be-j , gan his career as a railroad yard i | worker in Hillsboro in 1505, and j I after being county clerk and j |county judge came to the con.-, ••; mission, staff in 1932. He was ele-' :. vated io the 3-man board in 1941. : I J. F. West of Stamford, prest-' jdent of (he Texas' j Producers and Royalty Owners I Association, called him a '-tower-1 ing symbol of conscience 1 at work • in the. public interest, an imolaca-' Ilk- foe of .monopoly and eloquent l '.fighter for those people l;«j was' fond of calling 'the little uns. 1 ", , West said the results of Culber-' i son's dedfcated 'service "are em- i bedded in the laws of our stale' , as a legacy to us all.," , i"--,Gov. Price Daniel said :Culber-; ; son was a "conscientious and in-; i.dcpenden: slate official" and his i Unss v.-ii! be great- to the slate, i ' Dr. William Logan, pastor •of the University Presbyterian Church, wii! officiate at the~3 p.m services at \Veed-Corley Funeral Home here. Burial will be in the state cemetery.. Besides his widow, Culberson is survived by a daughter, Mrs. Paul Wittman of Austin; two ; granddaughters; a sister; and a .brother. V , %5 »y_ LB6 JONES --AUSTIN --'(AP) — A statewide committee of- law enforcement officials and prominent anti-usury figures has been organized to help combat loan sharks and .work for a" state small loan regulatory law. Ally. Gen. Will Wilson called the. conference which -resiiHpd Thursday' in the /drrnation of tfye statewide 'enforcement commiitee, About 70 county and district attorneys, belter business bureau representatives and members of the Texas Committee to Eliminate Smiling Rapist Dies In Electric Choir HUNTSVJLLE (AP) — Smiling James Edwards, 30. a Xeero rapist from Dallas, died early today in the electric chair saying he "hoped everyone would trusi in the Lord." He was executed for raping a white waitress in Dallas-Fob.' 28. , the Loan „ Shark Eyil rqspumie, to Wilson's invitation. f 1 Wilson ^aid the, committee, o! (which llu3se present will form'iht j nucleus, will do these things: '< -, l. Set up local committee:: ^ 'inform tho public on loan shari^ ; »lH?rations an(I to encourage viV' tiuis : of unscrupulous small' to ai : ! dealfiS to. file; for'mal bomplaint&f I 5, Press fot" a special stssioj j of the Lff'i*islaturc"to enact anti usury legislation. ' . . . :\. Draft a small loan regulatory J bill to be known as "The Att»r| : ney General's Ent'prcement Con, '' mitlee Act." , •: .| f Former St-cretary of State TOR! 'R<-nvley. vice chairman of t!j f "| : TO.XRS Committee to Eliniinaifl ' the Loan- Shark gyM, said ijjj present too! 1 ? to curb ahjise&..hi^ . the snml! loan, industry are nil , „ , He walked to the chair, apparently in good spirits, and smiled at! the while as guards fastened straps and attached the lethal machine. His last utterance was in the form of a prayer tn which he asked God- to forgive -him for his sins, and forgive e\eryone for their sins. The Negro ate barbecued r;b> and potato salad for his !ast meal. -. T >,; s problem will not hj . 5O ; m i \vitbfHit lof^islntion . \'o n-^i'J (er | imv hiii-<l you UT; you wjj^ : , K)! ,-j m j ? j, 0 p roo f or the ussU-:! ants or tnL . courts ' roqtu>d W _ injunctions and citations for cn n ;| ; tempi necessary .to close xi)> liul' , i,,aii sharks. You have; no rriinir , S nI l^\v to jjse,"-he said. ^ DR. ANDRES PORTALES f DR. J. H. KEY | OPTOMETRISTS f Office Hour«—Mon. th»u M. | Contocl l«n« Frir.d | fH 5-4353 — 108 Wesl Gr«.nw M( j I Frankfurter Stays JWoman Suffers Bums Court Decision on iln S ' A ' Motej Fire Red Registration nv? ;o the death camps. \VASHLXGTON (AP) -Justice • juaiH-t. SAN AXTOMO CAP')— 5lr's>Llla Clark. 37, AHssson. was in cruical condition today from burns iuf- a . , fire at a mote!. Ausa:d «2= in th° room «--x- GUM THIEF ; XA.POLEOX-. Ohio tn — Police | in nearby Holgate are looking for • a thief with tired javvs. Someone 'broke into the Palace Theater and i took-530 worth of bubble gum. READ THE CLASSIFIED ADS OUR AD IN THURSDAY'S NEWS-HERALD SHOULD HAVE READ . . . :'.-- SPECIAL! ADEN'S KHAKI UNIFORM PANTS Reg. 3.98 - NOW 2.94 MEN'S MATCHING KHAKI SHIRTS Reg. 1.98 - NOW VT:!he!m Frick anrt SS Rfjchsfuehrer Hein• rich Himmier teamed to create '.the framework that le<i to the deliberate extermination of the Jews ; on an order from Adolf Hitler. I Eichmann certified " document.* •introduced by hrs couusel. - Dr. : Kobc-rt Servatiu?, as showina that Gestapo Department !I 5-.;pp!ied the gas vans and "trucks used bv the Finsatz commandos. "I gave no orders nor marie any arrangements. My Department IV.-B-l had no. connection : with these affairs.'" Eiclimann de: clared.-a*' The trial recessed for the weekend, after today's testimony. Boy Dies of Burns SAX AXTOX10 CAP) — I.arrv ; Spears, 12. of Fs. Hood died Thursday of burns- thst covered T per cent of his body =;ncc jJunf 15. Mrs. Florence ' Spears. ;his mother. stiU was -in critical j condition at 'Brooke General Hos- jpital. Her husband. Sgt. Fred • Spt'ars, is in Europe RENT TOOLS it. ness of the court's decision" that the Communist party must regis- '•, ter as a tool of Moscow. ' \ The stay was granted after the j party fiSc-d a petition asking the j high court to reconsider its deci- j 5. : on, announced .June 5.. The court is now in summer adjournment". .Its order to lower court = to make the ruling effective, was scheduled for issuance iotiay. Frankfurter's stay defers i; until the justices act on the pe- mion for "reconsideration. Thus the June 5 decision likely will re- i main ineffective until at IrSisl Oct. .9. : Communist party officials de, ciared after the June 5 decision thsi they did not plan to register • " ith the Justice Department. Ally. Gen. Robert F. Kennedy said pro• eeed'ings against the party would be started Aug. 9. Frankfurter's .stay also has the effect of defer• ring this Justice Department action. •: His deferment wa's opposed by the Justice Department, explained : to Jum in a memorandum. ; Frankfurter was the author of the June 5 decision. It upheld the : constitutionality of the 1950 Sub| ver?ive Activities Control Act. j Counsel for the Communist par- j ty, in their petition for reconsid- [eratiqn,. said that the Supreme I Coun's decision "on the .basis of i legislative findings without regard : to the- record facts and findings, I destroys the protection of the first j amendment. It permits the legis- • lature to outlaw any dissident po- ih'tieaf ?roup simply by making I opprobrious findings." Clark haci walked, off from the. institution. . ; Classified Afls Brin? Results OFFICE SUPPLIES Typewrtiers • Adding Machine! SALES and SERVICE Holfmarfc Cards • Art Suppli'ei Del Rio Typewriter Co. 612 5. Main Dial PR 5-4812 SAWS 6" Electric Hand . . Gcrc ChaTn Sow .^ Portable Jig Sow . 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Congressional action on the 11 measure was .completed Thursday I j when the Senate approved it by I: a voice vote. PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE W6E. GIBBS (Ml 5-3502 ARDWARE SPORTING GOODS -YOW ASSURMICE OF SATtSFACTIOrr PRINTING! .Quality Materials tsnd Workmansfiip at Reasonable Prices Office Supplies A balanced stock to s«rv« the terirtory at established retail prices. The Herald Printing Company !!• W. VM11 jf Friday-Saturday ALL N EW. . .3/77 in. love all over again It's her happiest escapade yet! iwi ,^^a-^' i ^,:!J*l I -^ :'^. .'.T^v *j. - , i 'SW^V; JAMES DARREN • MICHAELJ31LLAN • DEBORAH WALLER- CARL REINER • PEGGY CASS'" EDDIE FOY. JR. • JEFF DONNELL ______*^VICKITRiCKETT,JOBY BAKER Ht 5-4541 MSERT ISUKO COKEDTJ m Mtie •>• *- , wvemures* ': i?*i O- Friday-Saturday "THAT 3. NAUGHTY GIRb' With Brigitte Bardot FLAMINGO - Tonight LOW BflTRAH FLAMINGO - Sal.,Sun.-Mon. NO RULES...when the Misfits play! 'Ma M • ':'. 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