The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on August 12, 1962 · Page 10
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 10

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 12, 1962
Page 10
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m nl m ju rn S< b< hi B a] if P ci di si B B ,'age U •sdltorial—Adv—BE 3-3511—Classified—BE 3-2611 THE BRAZOSPORT PACTS AMD BRA70RIA COUNTY. TEXAS, SUNDAY. AUGUST 1? BRAZOSPORT FACTS WANT AD INFORMATION To Place Your Ad CALL BE 3-2611 — BE 3-3511 RATES On* or Two Consecutive Duyi 2te per aqofe line per day Monday through Friday Thrc* to Five Consecutive Days —l°e per agate line per day Sl< er More Consecutive Days —17e per agate line per day WANT AD HOURS: 8 AM fa 5 P.M. Saturday 6 A.M. to 12 P.M. All charge! are based on a 3 line minimum. A.M. AUGUST IS SECOND CHOICE TO JUNE AS THE MARRY-EST MONTKADVERTISE YOUR VACANCIES. CALL BE B-2611 22. MALE HELP WANTED 'S3. MISCELLANEOUS : FOR SALE 1RXA5 I-AROKST hom^fcmtrlrr nprrK ! mnturc p\pri toured sn|c«ninn tn IP- • picspnt K-! in Rrninsport Arm. Write ' niii not tclrpiionM mid ipi| t1 « about • vnnrself. Interview will h« annnsrcft. l Pnwiiry Bin-;.. P.O. Bn\- l.M.v;, Houston :'0, Texas. Attdinrm: Mr. Louts ? DO YOU WANT? I Want 20 WORKERS All Trades Modest Investment Required Write Bo« 1055-A Freeporf CLEARANCE U\KE TV CENTER 3C-B c-irclc Way IJ CY 7-2911 •Rnr-HET TABI.ECI.OTH--li:\7l. 1*11 a, • rrn at Its \YcM 1st or rail BE 3-3723. FURNITURE AND PISHEs" BE .1--.Ti.17 57. BUILDING MATERIALS J81. BEDROOMS FOR BUILDERS — CONTRACTORS Here Are Simmon's Low Low Prices on Reinforcing Mesh. REINFORCING MESH »x«— e»t— S foof $24.95 per roll GE PARTS For Genuine GE renown! parts for wash ers. dryers, ftp. sor your GE Dealer CUJTON-S APPLIANCE TOR W. Broad BK 3-121T 3 to 5 relit 5 to 10 roils 525.50 per roll 10 ta SO rollt S25.J5 pet roll Cairt and Carry SIMMONS BLD6. SUPPLY CO. 4 and Park IE 3-35)8 FOR RENT HOUSES 90. BUSINESS RENTALS J102. HOUSES FOR SALE 102. HOUSES FOR SAll t.MiOK l-I.KAN brdrowm. prlvitt or • !•••»•. . wmi-prlvnti-. Weekly or mnnlhlv rule*. I "'Onvoolv Men only. UK 3.5178 or 731 We.l 7lh ' " onC . . J bejrnom home rf., Prlvr. i-,' NICK CLEAN' ROOMS-);. |S. and «9 per ueek. 1"R Knst Mnnon. Chile. URBAN SUrmoUNIIlNOS- SleenVU,,llo,r - ' In Rirh- AN 5. j - i :•( J y 3.' S MmiF.rtN MIIKK bii'Mlii»| 1 '™' 1 '''""• '"'"•' """'" *•'•'"• K L ' ' S.U'Kri. r.K.U.TOR. i'Y 7-L'll«. j iloiil.l. . < 4WI- ].' 36. FURNISHED APARTMENTS FOR RENT IIMI Sij. F .if hi i. nlr ,.,v,Mlonr,l .l,.,r dine All liili-k IJlki- .I T»lli,.| KMII.-. ITY T.HII. - een All hrlc-k. 3 beHtoom,. 5 I,»(i,'». <^ar Rm-Hce. on over n.rrd lot Qinet j MMMI*MM«I*MIMMMMMMMMIH •-nTS'r'n'-r,,,. ' r '""' BK '',102. HOUSES FOR SALE 1]1 c 1 .) A-.cI'M' 1 '! I!' 1 *'! . r,-i!v •>";• I II TKX AX I! t-'A I.'I'V. | tllr!* .1 (WrttnOI ^spl j m Hnnlfy It.l. 7 I '' !'"•»» hnnii* ,,, lrn -•VH llnii'-u. < twn-rnonl tlrlrll! REALTY, AN 5 :',Y:« ) UIM. l»t«> Int. !'">» tfiml.'- -- - ... Vmiin Il«lt1«nr» «ml 1-nmtwr l!IIHAI,-ltl««> (!„>, . AN S'.'1-M I li'WlnlH inrtuitnti '»,. ! M- »•«. r««n pi,' ,:J n ' •jit H.i'iiMt .1 l«"!i"">" l':i>| XAtmil. IlKAMllll. , '"'''' iiAi;'rWA"l!E' AND* I.t'.M-;n-? W'KUT Slh SI 3 . AN- :• n.'X "..:-.SMEN WANTED SALARY PLUS COMMISSION — Tims- X? 'rifV^!; "SSS^' VINO MACHINE cA..aiWrtP.Vl!! hOL'SK TO HB MOVED or Wrei-hed. | storm dnmnced. :trm Hmnlon Ready-' PATIO SPECIAL* (.lit ipre-fabt tlirep rrKirtK. For snip by R' Pirnlc Tables owner, Bov 1055 Z. Kreriwil. Tevas.'.«' ru'nu- Tnhlei '.' ••". 25. MALE FEMALE HELP Pn-nu- Table Handsome rerhvoort with benche \VESTKRN LUMBKH COMPANY e «' So. A BR EXPERIENCED STEAM PP.ESSER Apply In person STAR IIRr C'l-KANEI-.S Cancellation deadline Is 9 of PubHshinq day. NOTICE of typographical or ether errorl must be given before the second Insertion or claims for, refund or extension will not be LAB TECHNICIAN- tor recognized. Therefore, we must be notified ef error before 9 A.M. of •econd publishing day. After an ad Is ordered It cannot be cancelled or changed be Insertion deadline for reader ads! wry BW»I position in. Is 9 A.M. of publishing day. All! '"" or i""-t-i>m<-. jvr display and box ads must be in by m " 0 ' r ° ^ Ea^r II A.M. of previous publishing day. The Braiosport Facts reserves the right fo edit or relecr any ad that It deems oblectional and fo change the classification ordor toj needed tor fun or pa conform to the policy ef the paper.; Apply :u East Park. tENNOX GRAVITY HEATER -VeiHed SPECIAL REDCOEU PRICE rrressed rin-3(l\Y.nv 5(1.000 BTU ,, n . Ruhbot fust paint .....".....„.. S295I J380; luifll sas with thermo^ta'.e. BE ."-3130.' Outside paint 88. FURNISHED HOUSES combination. Bedroom. Fnower. 4 Fouth FRPFPOP ..... ! U r "•'"• l ' !H " > " ____ room G»r««e .p,r|. __ 'L!*- ___ «I;OY.TTER CREEK- Tl,re»"m n i ^M>Y 1^ jour carpet Fhady? Get bl;*y Mlth Blue I.tislie carpet and upholstery cleaner. Dnrwood Furniture, Rxl'J Linoleum rugl Shiplap (yp> RIMZOSroRT AN 3-5332 West 7th. or call BE J-illTJ. CO. Clut« ".•girnKKPORT-Clpun .1 rcvmi apartmrnl ' "«•! Couple or small child. Water and ias I'lllitie, Thomas. psld. BE . *o I I.L-M.MCIAN tor Industrial Lnhora.l • tones. ; years colleje iliemislry or: M'S<'.—Biwt motur. ciwlieted Item! »: il : QIIAI ITY AT rmrnilUT PDircc equivalent experience. Applv E. Jj furnilure. rail BK .1-125: »fler 415 < ' UALIT ' AT DISCOUNT PRICES Lavino A Co., Freeport. Texas. ' p.m. or on weekends. : MBF paid. Apply" BE 3-3573. FOUR ROOMS and hath, clfan rcwl «nd|-l^!!i_ ronvenlent to shopplnj. No ohIMren 1QUIRT nmNUKKD ::.:..'. CY 7-«M:i. CY water paid. nF. nKAUTIFUU.Y NKW. HMTplinnnlly nlif 1?. Gnthricht Apartments BR 3. ,MAN or WOMAN to service and roilerl j from (-iBBielle. !ee sr.d other roin opfr- PIANO, xvurlllicr spinet and retercwe books for sale. Call Brajoria MO 3-450i ' il i 4 No. 2 S4S . . 1 » 8 S-L No. 2 1 x 8 No. 2105 Siding 1 i 8 105 "•" FL'RNISHKn MOBILE HOME lor rent. Private hath. Swimming pool. ~ 7 . Inmily BK ....i, ~v*.*nv»n< for ItUall bachelor. Utlliti-i paid. Call 90. BUSINESS RENTALS eek and SJOO.OO i SEWINO MACHINE .goo {...-.none, rash capil.11. Wnte mvingjA beautiful Smcer s«vl,,a needle. r.u za B l.a if . nciitrc 1 ;;;. lelcphonp nunihrr and '" >"«•*«•-- ^~>-,_«i i __ •— i <n i_.i_.. f*o . . r an nl! dela;[? to Box lUfi. TUIsa, Okiahnma modern cabinet !or J73.18 balance , ,. owed, or will ai-cept *5.:>0 per month. ane ""9 Call collect Ancleton TI 9-S301, .. '/<" 4' > 8 1 Fir Plywood lood 1 side Pre finished Mhgy 1. SPECIAL NOTICES \ Um FEMALE HELP WANTED No. 1 Rooflnq Felt .. — Outside House Point "*'; TI 9-8114 , i Come and serve yourself TYPEWRITERS-_ ADDINR MACHINES? I BRAZORIA COUNTY LBR. CENTER Follow the Railroad Track from 'PCOOTKR—ISfifl Cushmnn In good i Phone AN 5-:i7l*l. $85 $92 , $93 FURNISHED farasiTVprmmenf in Tonti! L "" 1CE - .,», I Creek. Ijrte ;.-.-ird. Call BE .I-SOSS. _1"".™.*- '"."I""- Mrvlw. .... S2.fOlLAKK BARBARA-3 room and~hath turn. ishcd apaitment. Call AN .. S4.80 $1.90 roll $3.95 gal. hntln. 3 bedrooms ivitti hnr in. Only ] CO!INTRY~ATMO.-rTIEr,E. CITY CI1.V. | VKNIENCK • M! llrorkmnn. Clule. Urse house <:l acrr«. ,__ horse K. K .M. . . an keep - be,lr,<om Mirk. lt«. >'«I 1 « I'" "" loan. kitchen, family ! JONK.1 Cl;i:!-:K - !.!<e nqk I'llve. Ilrtrk, \p!oiani only J'f). to: -I-:? rcnlinl mnnthly. AN .^-';tl4. , Ki'.FRrnRT • - - - - - -• NlS WKST tU'OM'-21, lnrs*t BBAl-TIFUL ^ hMio^m f»rtcK rifimr«. 1 ! 4 i p/iissc ApflrlninU rriilfll*. hntlu l:i RK'hry F'Ji, AnHlctnn unrt | i;;n \Vp:ST Idili 'i-r. ri'-.-tr!i I^k^wnvl Pftrle P'!», Utk*« Hnr^nrft. • «•"« i.•.— .-« «-... - •, • _.... nn\7.osrouT LUMHKR co, AN' a-:<\?l ("Inl* 2 l^dtwrn hnm* mi Improvnl Rrourttli. Mn<. TKH RKAL R8TATK," 1M snirni VAdroN n-n i '-•- RKIiWnon-S rw7rlx7r/" r -NEEDED .CAR HOSTESS WANTKD-App!v ] n p«t Good us»d clothlrs Mr tne Communih- son to Harts Drive In ro %m,i Service csiter-Satrytion Armj Unit. I Gulf Blvrj " * Anyone having things to donate* taiteJ- — . (hem by 308 Avenue A. South, between «IFVF»C. PL-U»I— nt-ppv 9 a.m. and 11 n.m. snd 1 p.m. end! " HKAUII QLEEN 3 p.m. on Thursdays RE 3-310L .Oppnine sonn in nr\v Krazosport CALCULATORS: Sales—Rent—Service Braznsport UmJenvood Accnry 101 P. Gulf Blvd. — BE 3-J9S1 NORTH FRKEPORT - rirnn IniRP one hcdroom apartmer.t with living rnom and hie kitchen. BE .VJ34P. Jnrkson BMg., CY 7-7411. 102."HOUSErFbR~SALE rrivats en-| -. — - utilities. nirMMZOS OAK.-'-^ bedroom home, f Professlonnl i >:uil JMm. down. ROWI.ANn RK. 1 CY 7-fi.M.I. AN S-KVJ. CV 7 IlfiS. 102T HOUSES'FOR SALE NORTH Fn?:F:PORT-3~room<~iinrt bnth 2-.1 Ave R or rail BE 3-2?3*i or BE ftnqleton. Clute or Lode Jackson N '? An HE !>'KE.»— Nict larcn 3 room i ' i»_rnuhed apartment. J5B. month. PK' .STARPL'ST seat covers for 1WO Chevrolet J * door, never installed 0*1 i-,ir tin. : i Oood used power lawn moiier $13.' SW S--.07S or s\v S--J703 after 5 p.m. ! 6J. LIVESTOCK-SUPPLIES • KOAR-Rejlsterrd. 8 month, old. r,3. Call CV 7-75H!. Aprlic-ation accepted r i, LeRoy Chambliss o* nute. Texas, will not be responsible for any debts con-' M^__. traded by anyone other than myself I,, - __.„ ,,*Z.r^Z.!-Z-t? alter this day, Aucust 13, IM:, without '3 I. SERVICES OFFERED my written consent : .—»^ for beauticians are beinc^TVVIST IS Frx—nm • |110 - trying to find n cnmfoVuble"posii:on"in a batl chnir. See n. for a chair that's just richt for you. IRBY'S HOME FUR- .\I?H1NG, CLUTK ' S2. PETS-SUPPL1ES ACME PEST CONTROL rom room. i BE l BE '„ ,.„ P "' A " rwcclai " tHETLANII PONV _ stiitr. bridle blanket, brest harnesj. f^n. Sen O r Iiaile. AN 5-210T. OVSTER CRKEK—1 room sarase apartment nicely rurnlshed. Utilities pairl, no reu. Contai-t Mrs. Thomas. BE 32060. VELASCO-cienn ellicienci cirttase utilities paid. Bachelor. 200 North Front ' ' rwcca " rccnc "™ 1"'cr day or nleht 3 reconditioned, relmished .vasheri. l,kt . WANT TO CONTACT owner ol » 'rct tered male minsture poodle, white 'i. UNFURNISHED HOUSES FOR RFN1 CHILI) AERIE 3111 EAT WITH THE EAGLES BAR-B-QUE SUNDAY BEEP AND CHICKEN SERVING FROM 1 TO 6 PM EAGLES HALL BEACH ROAD PUBLIC INVITED 2. LOST FOUND —-— now i AIR CONDITIONING AND REFRIOBR- One repossessed KriRidniie «nshcr. Take ' — ATION installation and repaJn on com-; i'P ps>ments of Jltl.M monthly. j\V,' merclal and central residential unlU ] Good clean used refrigcrntors J19 T" ' CAM CORPORATIOX. AN 5-25?l or ' J"3. nlShU AN 5-5T40. | Take >our p«-k JIM VOORHIKS APPLIANCES " 7-2578 ? r.y. Cal, Mr, J. W. Adc.-k. BE a-JcuiTE-= liiMisp for tfnl. Apply I ft, Clutc. " ; •d house' CARE In my home lor workinR i /'ca^CT'-!!^ "" fr "" C " 1 Call C\ M1.4. , CV CHILDREN of all ace., ca.-ed for In my homo by th« hour, day cr wees. CT T-IS05. ' M-SMtem Texan, -'iedriom ho:,M ,„,,„ „.„, , ak( , >nlan ^^ r ^ |o « priced car or other articles In trade as down payment, see at 1743 w. 7th. 55. SPORTING GOODS CARPENTER—Welcome small Jobs about your home. Will lurnish local rerer- cnces. Remodel, repair, cabtncts, built- Ins. W. L. ER1CKSON. CY 7-7771 ATTENTION! Only 90 flayi to Deer nea- son. L'se our iny away plan to pur- cha*e j-our new des-r riffle. \\"HITE ALTO FTORE. lOli y Gulf CHTP-N-DALE CiriLD CARE! ALL NE\V 63 MODEL CLEARANCE days, any hour. Licensed 106 w. Pecan Lane, Clutt Call Mrs. Cora Prattler tLLCTROLUX SPORT5S1AN—H' boat. 40 ho Evmnide electric gah anizcd trailer. P.effular JI530. no-,r SHOO p!m tax. ~ ' : DL'RAFLITK—17* Txiat. neffular 111)5, Cleanen and Waxen.! now Slff > s P' 115 '«*. Tofpm Monev"i'; r i;'e'.'ca'ii"As"vrfi(" 57. BUILDING MATERIALS 57. BUILDfNGl«ATERIALs i. v-icaiicji una naxerf. * "•"» «iu.).i j;ius i«s:. unices. Henry C. Schuue. I-ARK—40 hp rleetne lone shaft Rejtular "~T v~h~ — 7 — FPrlKDYTVVI.V—2 s hp. Hegular laffi.:^. j ^portor call BK 3-1319. ' FISHING' BOAT-U'' ah.mirura w ; !h bait I LOOK FOR OUR ROADSIDE SIGN "T»t S/.C* of Htffh Quality" RETAIL DISTRIBUTION CENTER OF BUILDING MATERIALS PLUMBING, HEATING ELECTRICAL AND AIR CONDITIONING Gas Ovens — GO-24PA mates. Can Capitol Fence Co.. Dl 5-3342.' - U'est Columbia. 1H1S AD WORTH 10% DIBCOUNT-On I ail estimates o! body repairs and paint! BOAT MOTOP.— IfC'L* i I motor with tank. J1M5. Jt Evinrude , AX 5-5;i55.! TP^IE CARE Trim. Top ar.d Remove. Sprayjnz and Free Estimates. Insured art] Bonded SAVINGS STAMPS - L. HANCOCK TI 9-8109 or CY 7-1559 , SALE !AIR LOST-Red leather purse. Mexican hand tooled. Lost between An B leton and Lak« ;;? ?, 0]l *' ew a^tonatrc washer" JSS.'i—"--•'---'~ U ^l'!..^. 1 !. Ijl Hoily, Laia Jackson. r BOAT—14' fiberglass. 15 hp Kvinrd*. rimall wheel trailer. 903 West Free port. AUTO AIR CONDITIONING Install J230.0}—Termj BH 3-1^52 days, CT 7-:i33 aiabti (i Broad taei. PS 3-3742. BOATS AND .SUPPLIES 1960 14' SWAN KRAFT fib-rclass boat. Kmcfish boat trailer. J957 3T» hp JOHNSON motor. Complete rijr .. M93 1?60 11' Morphow Deluxe boat, 11*60 40 hp Johnson electric start with generator. | Are boat trailer. Complete riR only t~3?' 19J7 IB* Yellow Jacket rruf*et:t>. 1P37 r.?. hp .'otinson Javelin with Kf'ne; a tor. da!- vanizetl boot trailer, romp!?!* 1 nf JTlij 10" 15' Helton Runabou'. liT,7 -5 hp Johnson electric start. Kingf-^h Imnt fiberglass boat including venled wind- galvanized tiltir.e trailer. Regu'ar S1P6T> " ' J1565 . 3th. BOAT—16* plywood. BlaMed bottom, aup- er 25 bp \V1zard electric itart ar.d alternator, tnller. JS. BE 3-15:9. oad-a^d Che^Hr £ZS' *™. S L n A *™-W SALE ^£HL weri to " Mr - Cton". Reward. :2 ° to 20 "' «»' on ell a*n.rgj. r alia ' 3 ' 3 ' 4 "' 'irfn 5 ; aR1 l ' ar Pllr:B - ThiS monlfl Onlv -l ' ~ — :V55ii E rEXCE * AWSWG co 56. MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS BOAT & TRAILER—14' Morthew maho ffany plywood boat with Kinfftsh trailer V.-J. Call BE 5-2023. 4. CARD OF THANKS WE WISH to fake this means | to thank all cf our friends 1 nnd neighbors for their kind- ness shown us in the loss of our loved one Joe Mazac and son's Ricky, Raymond and Charlie 15. BEAUTY SHOPS ~ y for a SOK] t.rne! >MITU \VKU>1NG ;i;isf:'. A-l c<i guaranteed. hT N. . . rest>le. " Glass Door — and Timer, Automatic Oven Ignition Clock $117.95 COVER IS FINE FOR INSECTS AND ANIMALS BUT HUMANS WANT A HOME BUY A DUPLEX APARTMENT LIVE O'N N E RENT JT H H E ER TERMS AS $ tf CjP 00 LOW AS M f^ ^ ^"^ PER MONTH TOTAL COST.... $9,250.00 nneiu pa>me «.:j:3 v. nil SAI.K (>r, TKAlii:- od i-. ,»•,• 5 io.mi h.v.i«e »-. r. Wll <-or,«Mer nailer I . nt. Pial B I' or menu xvy F :AI. KSTATB V T ,.,„;' ItFl J-.V.U ! HIM. MOVKS you inlo one 4 toom: hiick 2 hedroo.n IIOUK i:-d a 7 muni ammi> garase. hum I .,„-,... vi.e*. l"i t .| Hi- fanulv room CAM ,T* lor down, P.KAI.TV, AN 5.;;:« ,„, . ',,' I'AHl.TnN, KW I |lKRKEror.T-17r We.<t llth. .S'ew all hrlrk. 3 hcilinom. 2 hnlh. centiAl hrat- InB. elettiii- kilelien. FltA fmsnclnc! aiailnble. SIMMONS fiLTrLT i CO.. FK S.IJlfi . |yj!KKrof:T v.exi den, fenre.l. »-( Imi. .\l;r. UK hy owner. MIMI properly. nK 3- yi'i .-.'t. Irmle llus tin; h'MKe fn' n M)!:iiler :l h-r! Cull AMRRICAN RKAI.TV. AN s-:.i:s. ,.. IF YOU HAVK (inoii CP.KI'IT and ran 1 SI . il hPclrmm. 1 314 OAK MRIVK-Hom* for a- r li>e. (T,»ek Irontage. Ij,,,, -,\.i •„ 3 hath home. Family room «„..'. '"| tany [inneimj and rue i.|»,.f V '" kilrhe,,. Centraii,. ,, r rord,! ,v ,V ," "f Ijiki" Jai-k.on» llnett n .,,.., ii jKw.'i-ut R2 , in,., ,;„:,:,. room.. 2 halh. Karly Amenn- V " F.vHirnl rwidillen, mmiern , """' fratuiev r " M MOSH-BTi 5 130- miner I,, i J room, S hath lionie. Kiertnr k-.^ tinning. Kxrellent ronditio'ri" F ~ W roiNSKITIA- » bedio., m , , hnme. Nu-e neighborhood, tn >ard. run ha.e on lo» H1A t IMUIKRTK KK.M.TY C'O. | r ( 1-' Teislmmon SI. < \ nl_VANMKrt.-J bmirnm'. .!. h . T..™', «""«'• "I" 1 ;t)I'.' HKK .lACKSn.V-X(w linmi-« IfRily l,,i (Vi-npy. K nlhrrs uinlrr , Dnslturtion OXF. ) l."JitKWl KNO.M.WOOI) AUtil-i Tln.v, UI.IP p.on.l nn.l Pini- St. TY ! " •- , n I) . ISK.M.TOI:. CY 7--IIV ______ -._._._ ••<• K>l" Konil-J ncri-i |TK1 . n ,| ;WI(| ,., j pA CY7-5I1II. <• ri>k ir LAKR bMlrtv TACKS'ON Krt H im hranr. M||. .!!! lion!-. CY 7 $462.50 DOWN INCLUDES ALL LOAN COST '* bt »'"*••"• <><** C " 57. BUILDING MATERIALS « T.5I) 1'emiar.e JJeida>s. '.V.-d 720 Norm B 22. MALE KELP WANTED* T. 1.. ll* TuiTilf C;i r a , , inse , 7 . pio« a.nclt. '' Or mr "«K' J - •''•' V ''' -ni \Vay. IJ. THE I.UMBKR ] x s •;,, •> -• -L fimi , r M ^ * Vlh f'eit ..V.V."V.Vj!y, per ,o. I,,,,,» ,„ bmld or rrp.'r »,In ! fOI.KSIAN HARDWARE i I.UMBKfl I i-OMPANY- I —GO-34PAR—Fully Automatic Clock Controlled Oven-Rotisserie 145.50 Gas Cook-Tops — —GT-130, "Super Thin" Top Controls $53.50 —GT-130-TE, One "Thermal Eye" 69.50 —GT-136G-TE, Griddle Top "Thermal Eye" Electric Cook-Tops — —ET-130, "Super Thin" —ET-130-TE, One "Thermal Eye".. —ET-136G-TE Griddle Top "Thermal Eyn" ' SALE 102. HOUSES FOR SALE" Do You Live JAMMED UP HOUSING A 4 SMALL LOT 50'- 70' Wll Do You Feel >ED IN? ^TISFIED, WITH NO HOPE UISFIED. WITH HIGH CIT1 Do You Want "Out"? IN A JAMMED UP HOUSING AREA? ON A SMALL LOT 50'- 70' WIDE? CLOSED IN? UNSATISFIED, WITH NO HOPE OF EXPANSION? UNSATISFIED. WITH HIGH CITV TAXES? -KIOM Bl-.-:i:;K :;i ,.„„ 0 B. K. nai'V.' Bov''"j," John Davidson, boinq represented bv ROWLAND REALTY Is offering for sale beautiful 100' x ISO' Wooded Homeiites, located in Peaceful Richwaod Villaqe With Fadlitles including black lop streets, ,os, water, electricity, aor- baqe pick up, mail, school bus service— And Good City Government r yd cfedir you ea ""• '««• $50.00 Down Call us tor more Information 7-6543 AN 5-2552 CY 7-2466 C|Ty ZONE PLEASE PRINT YOUR NAM AND ADDRBS IEST LOCATION WEST END FREEPORT CLASS A RESIDENTIAL Convenient To SCHOOLS CHURCHES COMMUNITY CENTER LOCAL and FHA Financing Available CHECK THESE FEATURES • 2 Full Bedrooms • Tile Kitchen • Tile Bath • Vented Wall Heat • Washer Drains • 220 Service To Building • Over 1600' Living Area • Lett Average 75' Frontage • Excellent Drainage • Concrete Street • Curb-Gimer-Sidewalk • Concrete Access Alley • Double Garage With Concrete Floor • Refinished-A-l-Condition 711. Marji I.AKK JArKSCiN-R-,7 Marjiml.R. 3 hr<|. ,' iwitn honip, |.;\,.pllfnt ftviililmn. LivutR ' iiHjm niM linll cnrprtnl. 1 Ai'U Ken,-H yairt JA.MKS M. RIJIERT. REAI, Ton. CY 7-"l'i| . _ r? JASMINK-3 bfdrwm It M ronditlon iinlli. Ircrj. |300 dn»n ni^nl. MORRISON AND PAl I r - --- ~ __ _______ — __ "» '.'K.NTKK WAY t hrdi^.. mr rmHlllonnl. cquily E I r REALTOR. OY 7--.'4H. - ...... 'I-.MKH V.'AY -Almost np 4 ', rix)n1 *- IT'crd rlahl. , '^UHKl^-3 t»ilroom<. F1IA. : I 10 !" month, ... 1K «AOK-Ln« rqullv, ri-nlr.l a- or .. Iravmg. Anxi m lo w||. „,„,„„. L.VKR ,tA<-KSON.-I,,I ,.„„, ., .v, -,,. -- ''""'"I -: W»v. 3 bfdiomn. -J halh. family ro-mi. : 5l« JASMINE- c.iuilv redu«, cont.-al an. raipptiiiR. (Ir.-iiws. Hy «,i. P«T niontli I'o.ntmi-nt only. CY 7-:Hl). ' 101 rAMFSJ.tA- HU or fil. "77,7" .......... ---- ...-. _ i otnYr homo, for DrowinK L,M.fc J.U'KSON-:,1-J Clnl, «•»>-. 3 bed- I'liM t,, .,. h ,»,l. r;,,,,,.|, c , ™f ruoin. . bilh. <ln;ib;e Kiuac. Thl P •" ' lornlion Inr ronvpnic,,! nr." , I,n,,;. on AMEKlfv.V Parking >rra LAKE JACKSON-IBM, fqully. j" nP ij.' kilt-hen, uttachod garage.'. ARC BK N- maroon, „!„. CT nreci ^ bedroom. Juit' tt^:^ VKRDIXK'S LISTINGS IIKMIII;NTIAI. Wo Also Have 3-Bedroom Duplexes BRAZOS BUILDERS 621 W. Broad B E 3-3651 HARRY TWOMBLY—WAYNE POWELL n, t<l,ninv» inlo on lare« lot. |3.4«. iml.v JJJ.,1 in-r month, no ilown pajmcn'l BRA/OSPORT LUMBER CO. _AN5.'.- (-lute <>n(- | NO noiv.-j PAV.MI ABO, BR .Iv. 1 ,^. ASH 1.A.NK-.J-;. l., m | Midllion. nfar jctiwil Ul.-KKI. -3.1. ; A.u ISM I'..-. I /.•^"'^T 3 - 1 '?. .*'•• •"<! «'"«1 . ' .112 CYI-KFJJS-J.1. Kamllr room . HOUSES "TOWN HOUSE 24" Oven, Cook-Top Combination Built-in beauty at loss than the built- in cost. Slides into space normally occupied by 24" base cabinet. BETTER HOMES THE MOST POPUU^OMEsTTTIouSTON" BUILT ON YOUR LOT LESS 1M JASUINE-M. '|ZS.' Dow Totnl prlr« J7.225 111) OI.E.V\VOOD-3m. C«lor!l! 301 OAK nn..-j.3. F»miir. MJ d!n!n». canwt. J50 X JM tot. ! lo if ll |<:i \ WAV-J-I. tun. |;j._ , 4.D SOimiKRN OAKS PR.-43. W«- kllfh«n. l l i »lnr>. tlrft lol. 413 WIStlINO WAV-Z-I, J «ir rndd.l Lniu .rirprli, dmi^i. olhtr cttrm AT NO EXTRA COST FOR THt * NEXT 30 DAYS— * J 100% NYLON CARPETING! * >* ******_•»**•» •»•»*•)• •»»«•»»«•»[•»»»»•»»» j> KITCHEN" BUILT.INS Kan K e Hoods L'ndRrcounier I>ish\va.slicrs —Copper!one or Brushed Chrome . ..$162.50 Disposal $33.75 CONTRACTOR TRADE INVITED Th. All.Brick S/JCTIA Badtoom "MAYFAIR" OjUU jE»iL-^sJ ~i~ "r»\ • !•* Fl™ 1 ' '" BPIlJ --» IT,.J ta AilovAi 48.50 A Month '«. I— I Th. AII-B>ick ). ruin "TliAVIS" '7950 '59.30 Th. All-Brick 3-Bxtioon l;-«olh "HOUSTON" A,u.*,*67.10 A Mo AMon(h , ^^ YOUR NCW QUALITY HOME WILL INCLUDE: • lO-jeor warranty 30-gol. olou-lincd wotir heatar • 15-ytar bonded rool. Your cnaic* or colon, • Choice of typ. and color of brick. • Floor mowrioli: Choice of No. I oak er pluih carpeting • Utility conntctlon. far woshcr, dryer ond got ro- f'lgerotor • The garoget completely ihccliocktd • All Quality Horn.i are cor.,- plclcly Imiihcd Other Quality Hornet ieaturei: • Built-in D,cuing Toblei • Clo«. Sliding Pallo Door* • Tiled or Formica KitchM and Bothi • Brick divldir well with In" lighting! 02 <-OIIB-J.J. ifemllr. VHM me. in raiin KT.-I.HJ. j% ,i wr , jut V« BIU.INYITO.V-.V1. C.nlr.l bwl i KAUT nKi:.NAni>-M. CIOP*II « ir UKhT MAItUIN 71. in-1 r»nl ho,m ! NniiTII MAKAN .11. Ill DOOM nnitKK'iT jj. nnrii SOITIKKIIN OAK.-i-Wond.J Crwk kf,' I.AKK KtirtKHT It Illftilr r««trlcVl] !>••)» In Dili vkrlunvo •'!>. Ttrnll avi!! • l<l« iKAiioirnnnoK BT. - M « JM' IM. r«se,l M :M lURKtrrr • M. Brick (OMMI'.IUm. THIC-H 7% Ai'llf.* MO' honUci on rjw n» W2 5 AI'ltK'i .li.l 1 H»y JM, IW N 0( liny 31.1 IT AC'IIKH-IVmnty )'.4. 7'. 1 !). K»,-»|l ln | fur nunmeirliil or rflUlfntnl dtYrlor ACKtts ]!\[ritecl(<i!t of ntw Ilwy f) IMf Flin.NTAOK H«« ljk« Rn.,t, nf«' 'W »h(i[iping i-cntfr I.VCO.MK PliOI'KllTV ilMKIK'IAI, llUM-lilNri - Aamr. lo,rn '!>"' 'Nl'l' rfi'l, if,,, y .^aitlilu/il bu:MM| ii' M nui" <UI ' "'•'"•" IN "« • "• IJ III In Ulll. hllllW INVIIMK AM.KN j. vtltlHNfc, V KKAI.IOK.S 'T 73fj«. cr 7-4711 IU3. LOTS FOR SALE , in the iK-aiilKul Jonr* f o '» »cr« (u.fiifi,i(ri (or • all of t I'AUK un Ilwy M. HK V-l'lM oi" TOl or Klutiti US HI36.

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