Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on May 30, 1947 · Page 9
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 9

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 30, 1947
Page 9
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'fit-1 M "fS 'It^"^ CHURCH St, feAPTIST west ana fi~ Ba»frte* rt 1 " 111 KI if?smM! streets I0l«^s.^ ifefeSsSgv^ . ?""'"'» Thursday Vt 8 P p.». Prayer »••«••», CHURCH ....... -.,,,,, aleri sundfty: Bible "io-« £•£?•: S reac !;! ns » nd ^S" rM.ttrfW're.-v-sve- It t.t.w ».m^ ,.,. .. •»»• Kfth _. pas- Church CHURCH OF GOD a^SUSEjfcSS" PROBABLY : AB00T TO SAUtJ NEW MACHINE SOUNDS Like IT Miswt POUR our A FE\M VACt)S OP \NfeT "EMfeNiT ANiV MlSJOTe BUT ±'LL.eq-«-«.ev/a tHlMS GLS£ (-(AS HAPPEMeD 1& MB'ONCE/ GYPSY INTERLUDE/ 1. f : 7 MARTHAf/SuChl PESSIMISTIC MIEW1S/ H^pfBeaihlo fefeared Weapon In Anoiher War By DEWITT r.I.U KEXZIF \f Fm-nifin Affairs Analyst II x more i,han 11 bit nightman.-,]-! -in OLJ- military exi-ert.s t e ]] ,. s M ia) ' ' uc a, V involved'in nnoUicr war IP aUnck which will cause us the gi.tvest concern will come over thp irnzen top of the world in (ho fo „ of lying death-long-range bombe" 01 jonK-ranjfc guided missile's. statement made'by 'efeneral''' Ca fap3Rt^. C O 111 - mnnding general of the Army Air Forces, to' the A ppropriation Committee of the House of Representatives dur Ing a hearing on the 1948 militaiv .'upply bill. And whence will thi<- fittack come? Spaatz s a \ s wars of a map- phi; the of possible there is war it obviouslv can e "only from „ national sum" ^f rful 10 PX P pf:f te win a deciE10 »-" Then (-rune Ma rriase Licenses County Clerk Charlie Thut ye.s- a license to wed to nncl Nina Mav .. Japanese woman laun -•s her kimono, she rips tMn apart, washes the. pieces i stretches them on a bwd to j Alter drying, the "' ! together again. t ! ^JW^tMSSH^ 1 - W^fc'.^r.S, i:«Vr '• fd-co; M U "V 8 fl" 1 -: *'«"•""•« wowi ;: !8eAi,^ i '';-?l, I riip,-? ^^••^T^^^^^^• i ,.^\. "• ''I* HRRAH ' ., ' school : ";•;; " ":'"• Sunday pvenlriir '•-Mlmculotis Medal Novcna. 8T. MATTHEV^rKPISCOPAL " rd m^n 8 ,'- T1 1 CV Wcl '° so aepictcd by S i w^ S ^^^.te l '«'oyeou^ tlcv. Karly pi'onrt anr] „,,„,„ S^iS 1 ?^*""^ 1! »?« Hp^i ^!!^! ; ^ c ^ Bundajr atnbrinc;'and - ' --.-. lk ,, ivmjui/ m black market price wns more than a fanner con In & month-and he needed fnr "iifn'nnn 0 ^ 8 SCJlt cnou Eh wuiuis lor 150000 farmers, and to relievo ,us±, i 'S a " 0 » t , 0 . s > el '«^ „. . 'y must 01 i.wo primarv r population "" and MeCULLOUGH MEMnprAi night—mlcl-woek worship CHURCH . aaaSSHW if™- ^M.^^K-r^ •ff'^^t^ffl^l^no^ on see- •u'i'S, 'itft,: SSS't A i; Yf«i««5»» ^Sg-^S^i-'^iSfc laSNgsffl^acBBfts V?t*« V £ RY BAPT| ST CHURCH Simda^l^^'o^'^-Wnb.,. nu.,0... "hfi"'',^^;!^^};^"'}'-^:,^^ 1 ^: ^•'« V,^! 11 ^^! ^ vp ;;:^ P.m, spin. 7:.,0. Yoiiiii i,--aiin..,.^i_"I 1 *- ""r- worwlilp. ^ dta««* Ito'^&ln 11 report i».m : - TJlc beginning of World War TT IS^^^e^^.?" 52 ^ Uus described pass over or new the t(At]) this fil.s injo the picture pre- KsteiV > a'°°ro e rl S m"" laSt ' "^"ay "'^ fense from Capo Horn to the AirHr" in view of -v/orlcl development*' He i askecl io;- broad authority lo sun- j pi} arms to Canada and to all Latin Amoncai, nations, to train the me briiin i "•" niBS • a ' ld lsavies - and to wing j lsu . equipment into stand- nrctotion with that of the United ReaPiy Transfers •s-Pitts Incorporated to A. T?dy and wife. Mildred f, t". All of Lot number 5 sit- JjlOCK 6 of thp Tim M 'irl.-]> ii, • n •« i-n.ftn dclul- Lhe city of Pampa Hatcher and wife! Gordia 'o Elmer E. Brown and ---. Eleanor Brown: All of Lot ""- m - e ."4°,.f ^j? in BJo ^ 1 of I In the symbolism of heraldry. 1 or-yellow or gold—Is the color of honor and loyalty Donald Beall and wife. Vcra Beall to O G. stokely; All of Lo s nun- S of vital importance, bc- event of an attack on --. ..^..^.., Hemisphere the Uniterl States would be almost T .South America." Pail'ure rrdize would nullify any ----- solidarity of defense " the nations of the two Americas ,^t±™ C M.. reacU 9» °f mm- training woiitl 'put'tneth nn.v niter-American defense pact hat may be signed. ' This signing of a defense pact is wilier vital- matter which No.Hi rn'n S °' lth A'" eric -i statesmen g-'n- rally say has been too long dnlav- of T?' '"' OJC ' clccI in u 'c histor'i luded in ld Mexico C Clly^ovw Tw. M i* M^aST w to implement the defense nro »sals. but that still remahis to °" Meantime tlie need of defennvr preparation is pressuig-.-uid nre^ iing. with grim persistence. ' BuVes^ed^''^"^"^'"^^' 6fi of the town of McLean Ercy Cubine and wife. Sue Cti- bme. to Bryan Roby; All of Lots BlnTJkT d r 1 ;? l3l t- a ' Kl 5 situat «l in uiock 8 of the town of McLean. Divorce Suits Filed The following suits in divon-« \.erp filed yesterday bv District -_k Dee Patterson: Edna Earl Maybcry versus Wallace Eugene Maybery. wan«n. c sus William Randolph Barnctt ^'" Morns Howard versus Era How- NOW IOWBL Harrv Grain's Carnival Kiddies Under 12 Free at the Gate 10 Rides —101 10 — Shows — m 40 Amusements 40) Auspices VFW Located South of Ball Park rpnrt'h 'AroiHln S VN ll n,wi r °' nC ; s n' conf i n "? -&^^^4^ S ^ ^^.^f-^r ro»'"^7 s '^~bv^-^ ^rssn^l^^-n-ss •ervlco. Wednesday 8'am. eU wayer - SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON ^ Rus a.m. Evening P.m. Bible p.m. Prayer ,BV WILLIAM ! E 2 ' 1 G 7 |LROY DD ' <^^n K ^^^^^'-y I'll, whri ouRiK i, I ,. i '" " ]>( "°«-IM, a !.„«,,„'",„ : 1l ,V:... bl> ,"» .""lloil Cadillac Ambulance Service .j , v Rhone 400 gWMce»-Carinichael •SS^ : Morning Worship, io :50 a •"'- p Ladle S . Bible Class, Wednesday's W?dne S dav UdSy p^" Prayer M e 6 t.n e , ^ Radio Program Saturday n to 11.-15 CHURCH OF cTi^TsT, COLORED 500 AV. Oklahoma Ave W n AT (•inn \viirnlMK 'rijr"i S )o< 1 mi,. l .' 1 'i'. 1 ',' : i" " sol ~ SH.&^ ! ='ss::"S ::s : :Ef s^ss;:: ifflr^S^sra- of "&Vio 0 n nt <10W " " uf °''' ; ^"ru-m'ii'i thS^iste 1 !. l .fAfe.Sf.,«'!...'»««'-l«rt« In German women via Japan and 01 P ^f Oe i' many - M1 *s Schwab one o 01 P f i- c one of a large number of o fu'rtl^T^S^ far as J no luitnei. In Japan, however shr. WILS permitted to join thc Meth'odLs people and all through the wai years she supported herself teach! >ng in xyoto and working i» the church there. Now she proposes tn remain in Japan as a sel -suppor W thn M * 1 Z rl OPdCr t0 C " C0 "'Methodist women of Ger- Christian Science Services Sunday "Ancient and Modern Necromancy, Alias Mesmerism and Hyp- no ism Denounced" is the subject ''loirf c j ** s ™ n -Sermori which will be H-ad in all Churches of Chrst Scientist, on Sunday, June 1 The Golden Text is: "Get thee hence, Satan: for it is written .Thou shalt worship the Lord thv God and nun only shalt thou -—-•-" -- • citations which com- on-Sermon is the foi the —•' Wlllc " 11e to --• ••'. tlie the Deo m" ^BiiiBiiB «H •^"•••1^5. Experf Moving — Notion wicje Service Ample Storage Space fiorger Phono 192 iL'^VHHorS^ffi^:^"'?,'^,?' SAFt COLD 1-lRKelclnli himself, Ihouirh a nood I jfj«or '''•'-^i-n" 1 ^^,^ nf I'M <" CIIVOVK from tho klnp urcK of his paliuv' Tl"" 1 - h ° ; lreas is. a fruitful of war ancMnl | Women in ihe Church By MAR.Y FO\V1«ER i Miss Florence M. Ridley, R. N a! missionai-y of the Congregational Christian Church and representing the Central Church of Providence R. I., as .head nurse of the Wai Hospital, on the banks of the sacred Krishna River, India, has received frnn, t? ya ir- RCd Cr °' SS ' Pil>St ClaSS, •fton the King of England, in recognition of distinguished nursing service for the TIHHoVi A ,.1,-,.. ;.^ »._ ,. .shall disannul 'it?' and his j strctcnod out* find. wUo sli-ili ---- .- back? (Isaiah 14:27)" ' The Lesson-Sermon also includes ie fniinwmg passage from Science iextbook, -.-.„ «w^ai with Key to the * tures by Mai-y Baker Eddy -The I ,,nn hs 0 jJ m ™rtel Mind sustain of mortni "fiL^"" 1 , 11 ' 1 ^ 0 the ">Wes ' ^o,-rt taltmind ' whos e flimsy andj gaudy pretension^ like '" SiwrcesGrai^ In Dislricf Courl ~?^SK!K down yesterday by Judge Lewis M n°iliio Cl lr in( - District Court here. ' £ 1 l J '5_* tol ?«i w as granted a di FIRST BAPTIST GHURCH 1 .,- Corner Kingsmill and West !/ E. Douglas Carver, Pastor 11 A. M.-~ "Because of the People" E. Douglas Carver This service broadcast over KPDN. Sunday Evening "A Trinity of Triumphs" E. Douglas Carver A special Training Union program at 6:30 in the auditorium. .Where Visitors Are .Never Strangers Hefty, handsome brogue stylo with big bold perforations dm give it the rugged, masculine look smart men demand. It's youthful! Comfortable!... with Rand's famous "Frecmatic" fit to make it a» easy.going as your pet slippers, SMITH'S QUALITY SHOES 7 M i-. , • - •'•' r 207 N. Cuyler Phone 144Q T A REMINDER TO ATTEND THE • • • • _ _ >.•.*"- •stot'^ . Wnri n ' • rlftll " 1 «s petition alleged the qouple were married in I January, 1043. and sopeStedt July | M.c. Dorman was n/ri" --~ •"••"- from his wife Rubv marrlc^r'^ Th ? cquplc *"« Sf,"i C /L !I L & m ^ r ' 19a 8, and ,!",.?^ te ?}^, 18 H The his Wayne Coqkerell was io!5 oval1of hls le - al disabflltles leiday by Judge Goodrich Judtre Goodricl ins Monday Horning June 2 al 8:25 o'Clock First Baptist Church 7 is at Starkweather ,, V " Q »4 A. M, iiostaintes say the longest thp. I wheat germ 'can 'live is abonf 1 ""nt S'VT 0 ™ 8 & «S£ m.r.nt tha^wheat germs found in »t fgypt an .tombs h ave when planted. ' SON GO WORK!" THE DEVIL not, ever 8:00 P, ™*;* fe«t^,., /; IT IN MIND 'p, m. 7:00 p, m, .SCHOOL EuM >"~*w «, 7 s^ i miVF '^l,™- AtvSi%3?a*. .»3- ' V--^ ^' *it, sJv-Sv?, jJ-si Monday, June 2nd thru Friday June 13lh!Daily 8:25 till 11:25 WHO SHOULD ATTEND! ic^blT.T eivl H to '* ! s invited 10 a " end °™v *»• <>w IT'S FREE TO AUL! '' ^ 9 tuiti «P' A good ti me fpr fllll Tk P ,- „ L ,™ a > r< Jm < "' *•»» ">« Tfc« Entire S^orf Will Wwd, j, lbe CJ|y Pwk ^ MS I- * First Bap c. ^ <»£ '*<•£ \ - i»?, Kiliiiiaill and Wast -f^fay^-fBi^Pi^

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