Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 5, 1957 · Page 18
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 18

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, July 5, 1957
Page 18
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»Friday Evening. July !, Ittt. IHE PHAIOS-TMIUNI MOatAM 1. All Ad»q»»H Civil CwiMr II Aa AfrjyiiH S*wo|> DiipoMl SyilMi 3. Drew Pearson's MERRY-CO-ROUND PYRAMID LAND One Way to Cut Debt "The way to resume is to resume." These words ended a controversy that shook the. country after the Civil War. Then Uncle Sam was paying the interest on bonds not in gold coin, as formerly, but in greenbacks. In 1875 the Resumption Act was passed, providing that gold payments be resumed in 1879. When Secretary of the Treasury John Sherman was asked how he planned to start the new policy, he laid, "The way to resume is to resume." Sen. Leverett Saltonstall of Massachusetts has not, so far as is known, said, "The way to reduce our debt is to reduce it." He is, however, acting along these lines. His new bill would require the United States to apply two per cent of our net revenue in 1958 toward debt reduction. In 1959 three per cent would be taken, in 1960 four per cent, and in 1961 and thereafter five per cent. In the event of war or some special financial stringency, the plan might be suspended. The merit of this device is that it operates without special congressional action. It would take active interferenceby Congress to stop it. Perhaps the way to reduce is to reduce. Suburban Straws Democratic women leaders from J5 states heard recently at a party symposium that their party was gaining adherents from a new quarter. This is the suburban areas of large cities, heretofore the most strongly Republican regions in the nation. Figures show that in Newton and Brookline, Mass., the suburban homes of most wealthy Bostonians, Democratic strength grew between 1952 and 1956. It went up from 32 to 36 per cent in. Newton, and from 40 to 46 per cent in Brookline. One persuasive explanation of this phenomenon, to the extent that it docs exist, is that city residents 'have been moving out into the suburbs. For a time, at least, they carry their former party affiliations with them. Opponents o£ this idea argue that many Democratic new arrivals irt suburbs soon take party coloration from their Republican neighbors. It will take more than one or two elections to prove which of these two conflicting interpretations is correct. The not exactly original proposal oC Secretary Dulles that money be supplied to other countries in loans rather than, pifts raises the question of how much of those millions in World War I loans was svcr repaid. IN THE PAST One Year Ago A wildcat In at large In Deer Crook township, •ccordlng to Floyd Stafford, who reported that he had both heard and seen the animal on hi.i farm. Mr/i. Jcanellc Lenhart, 1KI, one of Miami county's oldest rcnldentK, succumbed at her home Jn Peru. Mra. Florence Carney, 80, widow of John II. Carney and a former reflidcnl of the Cnxiked Creek neighborhood, expired. Death claimed Mrs. Mury Coulter, 71), at her homo in Galveslon. Ten Years Ago Born to Mr. and Mra. Frank Todd, HXKi Ka/il Broadway, a son, at the St. Joseph hospital. Joseph Mlsner, 70, died at his farm homo northwest of Kewanna. Two local war veterans, John V, Gray and Wilbur Thomas, were appointed to tho fire department. Born to Mr. and Mra. Fred Angle-, route 4, city, a Bon, nt the St. Joseph hospital, 'Mrs. Lillian Baldwin, 74, of 503 Kunsell street, •xplred after a lingering Illness. A .son wa.1 born at the St. Joseph hospital to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Klullor, Iduvillc. Twenty Years Ago Fireworks on the Fourth of-July were re- uporulble for a fire at the residence of Mr. and Mr*. A. W. Bolen, 7>13 Van Huron. Funeral services were planned for Ervin Hopp, farm youlh'of near Medaryvlllo, who was killed when struck by a bolt of lighting. Miami county Deputy Sheriff DI»I Knyarl, a turnkey at lha Jail there, wu» hospitalized afler being kicked in .tho face by u horse which had thrown him. Mr. and Mra. Walter U. Reltcmolcr of Logansport Buffered cuts and bruises when their car collided with a utility pole, west of Dnflance, Ohio. Mrs. Emma Brookshlre, 47, of Delphi, passed •way at St. Elizabeth hospital. Drew Pearson Says: FBI seem* to have important hold over Con- .' greu; Attorney General Cummings began build-up ol FBI; Bureau's expansion has hurt III efficiency. WASHINGTON. — One. of. the . most interesting legislative phenomena in American history is now taking place in Washington. The Supreme Court which was created ' by the Constitution is being subordinated by Congress to the FBI which A'as never _ contemplaled by the Constitution. A bill to put .the Supreme Court ' in Us place and protect the FBI is being rushed through Congress in record time, with only one witness leslifying and wilh little de- bale in committee. • The Congressional storm was raised by FBI lobbyist Lou Nichols, plus Justice Brennan's 7-to-l decision in Ihe Jencks Case, giving a defendant the limited right to look at statements made by an FBI informer about him. When Senator O'Mahoney discussed this in a meeting of the Judiciary Commitlee, it was obvious' that only two .Senators, hti with Butler o£ Maryland, had read the Jencks decision. The others hadn't bothered to read it, were convinced it opened FBI files to a fishing expedition. When I phoned several members of the House Judiciary Committee to ask them if they had read Justice Brennan's opinion, they admitted they hadn't. Yel Ihey were rushing through a bill to override that opinion—largely because of the FBI. Attorney General Browncll, overall boss of the FBI, did not want lo go nearly as far as Ihe FBI lobbyist. The question, in a democracy, is What is the power of the FBIV How is it able lo influence Con- • grcssmen? How can it push a bill through Congress in a few days where other bills take weeks.or months? Does this power rest on efficiency, or on fear? The queslion, in a Democracy, Is highly Important, though one which most newsmen hesitate lo discuss. For il pays lo have the FBI as a friend. Its executives can be helpful news sources—or dangerous antagonists, It also pays a Congressman to be friendly to Ihe FBI. For 11 has a complete rundown on every Con- gressma'n, his private life and his family. Furthermore, no Congressman, if defeated or desirous of another government job, can become a Judge or hold government office . without clearance from tho FBI. The Kill Jiullil-up < ' It so happens lhal my old part,nor, Bob Allen, and I-wore In on Ihe ground floor when it was decided to build up the FBI: so perhaps I can- report objectively -on the 1 ' mannw in which Ihc FBI him become more powerful wilh Congress than tin; Supreme Court. The build-up dates back to the Lindbergh kidnapping and Ihe rash of crime that went wllh it. Homer Cummings, then Attorney General, Invited Hob Allen and me to dinner, explained thai ho was worried about the kidnappings and proponed a cure, The cure was lo build up Ihe Fill In the point whi;rc the crook considered tho C-Man Invincible. If the kidnapper knew he was curtain lo be caught, Cum- mlngs argued, Ihe crime wave would end. lie asked us who In the newspaper world hnd enough imagination lo build up Ihe FBI In maga/lnox, movioK, radio, and newspapers to make it appear invincible, Out of liils conversation cumo lliu appointment'of the laic Henry Huydam, Hum correspondent of Ihu Brooklyn Kaglo, later editor of Iho Newark Nows, us public relations expert for the FBI. Suydam did u groat job for Iho FBI, II hud been severely criticized In the Ifiirdlng Administration . when It was under William .1. Hums, and scarcely nollcmrin thu C'oolidKC-lliirdlng Administrations. Bui Suydam began piiblld/lng It. Ho went out to Hollywood, sold the movlu producers on the Idea that then; wns a great treasure of drama In FBI. files. Magazines blossomed out with storleH by and about .1, Kdgar Hoover. .Overnlghl the I' 1 HI became, famous, Then mysteriously an nincnd- nienl crept Into the Justice Depart, menl Appropriation IHU thai no funds could bo paid to any assistant to the Attorney (Jenerul who was not a lawyer. Henry Suydam. was not a lawyer. His salary was oul. He resigned. Nobody asked how the amendment got inlo the Appropriation Bill. They knew. Publicity-wise, the FBI had learned to' walk alone. Piibllclly-Mlndeil FBI ,'J. Edgar Hoover during this time had been doing a good job. He had been doing a good job before. But he hadn't understood publicity. He was just an efficient cop. Sines then he has understood both crime- detection and publicity. The combination has worked wonders. When the Nazi saboteurs landed on the U.S. coast during the war, the FBI got the credit for catching them. No newspaperman 'that I know of, including myself, published the real truth, Iliac the .sulxi. teurs telephoned the FBI und gave themseiveii up. When Kltabelh Henlley, confoss- <;d Russian agent, wanted to make a, clean brent of. It, the Fill again got the credit. We of, the press did not publish'Clio fact that the FBI at first wouldn't see her. For weeks refused to believe her story, When the Bobby Grounlease kidnappers were finally caught In SI. ' liOiiiH and .1, Kdgor Hoover rushed out with an announcement that the FBI once again had cracked a case, few nuwnmcn published Ilio real truth—namely, that Lieut, l,ou Shoulders, a St. Louis cop, really caught the kidnappers. • When Boston burglars pulled tho Drinks Bank robbery on Jan,-17, JO, one of the blggcKt in history. Hie FBI Jut six years go by without catching them. Then when Din- Mel. Attorney Garetl, B. Byrno finally got the clue that trapped the, robbers, FIU publicity man Lou Nichols rushed out un announcement from .1. Jfidgar Hoover taking tliii credit. On the wlKilo the FBI continues l.o do a good Job. It did an ospoc- Inlly good job when It wan a siniill, compact unit, and when ,). Kdgflr, Hoover wan working full time nt l.hu Job of catching crooks. I Ill's older now, not In Ihn host of heall.n, and spends part of the limn In New York. Arizona, or ul La Jollu Beach, Calif. . But iiH the • Fill IIIIH expanded from « humlful nt wills l,o ISJIH ugnnls und other enijiioyocis, It, Jlko any other fust-wowing organl- ' xallnn, linn picked up Home phonies. Some of thorn have, been witnesses In Important canes, such as llnr- vey MnLurtow, the witness who committed perjury In the .Icnckn Ca«o which tin; Supremo Court Ims now thrown out. , ' And the mystery is how the FBI has ronehocl the point whore It has more Influence with Connroim thun perhaps any agency In' government, oven regarding! i\ case, wliero the FBI witness wns later convicted of perjury, LAFF-A-DAY Fifty Years Ago Tlaymond Orr, a Pharos carrier, ntcppcd on n piece ol broken glass In Kol river and painfully injured his loot. P, L. Webster, carrier on route 7, in on vacation and hli place Is being filled by Rosooc- McOlr.ls. John Card and Isaac Stern have rulunwtl from Kokomo where Gnrd disposed of a larjje numljer of cattle. Frank Pounttotonc, prohibition commllleomnn for Doer Creek township, hni entered Iho IM- laiuport bwlneiu college. Angelo Patri Warn Child Against Too Much Sun A book done in a leather binding can be a beautiful.thing; since It .is a book a leather covering is .filling. But a boy or girl? Why Jiot use moderation? A little common sense'; Overdoing a good thing isn't smart., The .skin Is un important part of the body. It braathas. It protects. It exudes waste. To damage It is to mistreat the entire body. There is no excuse for what .sonic boys and girls are doing in 'Jiis tanning •business. An adolescent youth who lives in the city was In Ihe country for a week during which time he worked endlessly, while the hot sun shone, to burn hi. 1 ) .skin brown, lie.'ay jiakcd in Hie sun hour uRer hour •until his skin wan scarlet, At night he could not sleep because of the Iwrn and had lo be bathed with cooling lotions. Did tlval check his ambition to be brown us a nntV Nol al all. tie burned himself dally, a marlyr lo some cause unknown In sensible people. Sunshine Is good for all living creatures. But Loo much of it can be dangerous; and young people, anxious to be In slylo wllh a tanned skin, ought, al loiwl, lo know the limitations of the. process. Skin thai, has been covered for months in .sensitive lo the burning rays of the .sun, nnd U should ha exposed to them but briefly untllit IHIH been seasoned a little. A gradual approach to the nut-brown .shade l.i healthier ami snimr. The very young children must be prolwileil against sun burning. Their skin Is very sensitive anil easily burned, Whon a little oini J.s lo be given n sun bulb, his body should hnvo n light covering J'or the I'lrsl few limes; und Iho bnlh should be brief just a few minute. As his skin becomes scn- jtfinud lo the HUD boiinis, the Llmo can be lengthened a lltllit. Hut he should never be loft In Ihu sun too long. "A .sunburn cnn be very painful and II certuitily does the skhr no.good. There Is the effect of bright sunlight on chlldren.H eyud. To be considered. Those Illlhi ones who lire going lo play on Ihc. windy shnro In bright sunshine should wenr sun glasses, .profernbly thiwe proscribed by their own uye specialist. Any did sun glass does not stilt all " children, nnd this Is oim of Iho vacation needs III nl motlicM must wnlch less the wrong sort of glasses be used to the clelrlmont of ,01(1 child's oyw. Awl shade the <yyiw of Hie. chilli «sleep In his, pram. Tip Lho Lop «o Hint the sun does nol strike -ifully oti hljj face. He'will rest but- tor. , The summer Is a good friend If cautiously welcomed. Taken loo much for granted It cnn be thin- Walter Winchelt Broadway and Elsewhere I*l«ln-H|H>k«n «|ilnlon« nn n unl- VCCKU! prnMtm which imriintii fiii'u iii'c 'Klvnn In Dr. 1'ulrl'ii iHinklcl Nil. ;»)!!, "AniioyliiX lliihUK." T» iil.ll.lil u copy, ««IH| S!5 (:i:n(» In <:i>ln lo Mm, e/o thin impur,' l>, O. ll»x IH), SUtl.ui ('„ New York HI, N. Y. by The Bolt Inc.) Survival Blueprint Okeiied for Illinois And Parts of Indiana CHICAGO (UP)—The Federal Civil Defense Administration has proved .a "blue print for safety" , for northeastern Illinois and adjacent Indiana areas in event of atomic warfare, the Illinois office of civil defense announced. Federal approval was given tot-he Northeast Illinois Mutual Aid Area survival plan for Chicago and six. surrounding Illinois counties und Iwo Indiana counties. ('ion. Robert M.. Woodward, slate director of civil defense, said thai slops 'huve been taken lo prepare a statewide survival project, Hint would Include Chicago, Springfield, TCusl St. Louis, Rbekford, Ilock Island, I'coria and .Decatur. Woodward said thai, the North- oawt Illinois Mutual Aid Aren, referred to us NIMAA, Involves "mutual oil), command and control and evacuation lo areas as far distant (is SI) to 100 miles from Chicago because of the dimension* of new nuclear weapons." NIMAA will got its linsl. lest in illic July !2Ui niyt'hlcall Operation Alorl civil defense exorcise. An NIM'AA -coordinator will lake over •Jurisdiction of all civil defense , corps in the norlhi'iist urea. The. NIMAA survival plnn milihorl/.es the coordinator three types of orders; I. "Tuko cover" if warning llnie Is minimum; 2. "Co Home" If warning Lime is iriedl.au; nnd n. "Tactical evacuation" If' us much us MO minutes of warning time Is available. The plan n-lio provides for "sti'n- logic evacuation" to thin out, tint population days or weeks ahead of an iilni't wimilng by sending women, children and the disabled out of the northeast [iron. Geologists to Lose Good Digging Spot BUFFALO, N. Y, — Geologists will lose one of Iheir fnvorllc din- King nruns In Lhi» part of the country shortly with construction of nn- nllii.T link In Ihe New York Slnlts Thru way. , , . I'loiis being • drawn for an ux- i pi'uiiswny cull for Us »xto;i«!on through Lhe V()-ncre Wlllliims'vllle Quarry on the oul.sklrls of I'tnffiilo. 1 For yours lh« tiunrry has been on iiltnicllon for "rock hounds" be- CIIIIHU of Us large H|.ore of fossils. The largest l.rlloblte ever dlscov- el-oil In the cotinlry wns picked up In the quarry, Bui. Ihu insocl- ' like anlninl almost wns nvurlook- «d by Un finder. Irving (!, llelniann, former geologist at Lho Biiflnlo Museum of KcliiiMXi, look" a piece of OnomliiKii Iliiiestoni! rock with Inicos of fossil imgmenls In II. buck to the museum Oho day nonrly 2ft years ago, Hnl. II. (jnlhorod dust for several yuiirn. Then ona day Reliiiiinn deckled Lo break up the ruck. Whon he spill, thu limestone, he discovered the large Irlloliile, Mosl uiich fossils ai'o less than two Inches, In IcnjjLh. NOW! SII)ICWAI,K TV NfiVi YORK (UP)—Now York's slduwnlk supurlnlDiidftiils h n v o KOIIO modern, They now Hew construction of H now building at !>x- Inglon Avu., nnd Mill. St., on I in) Hcreoim of ihroo 21 -Inch television sets while a cnmura puns around thu building «llo>. The Broadway Crowd Lorraine Manville (Tommy's sister) lost the first round in her court fight with husband Charles Baxter. Her lawsuit was tossed out, He is 'suing her for 2 million. She is expected lo| settle out of the spotlight . . . Jack! Walker apparent-! ly remains Topi Man with F a y el Emerson. He com-l mutes to Weslportl where she is al summer slock.^ tress . . . Imo-! gene Coca and! Jules Munshin* Heads in "Janus" along the Barnyard Circuit) are playing the love scenes off-slage, too ... "Jamaica," which will star Lena Horns in September, has no problem re- "garding angels. Us richest backer is John Barry Ryan (of Ihe Social Begister), who pledged $250,000 if needed. He was stage manager for ".Mr. Wonderful." Crazy about show people . . . One of Ihe local critics said Sinatra "looked bored" in "Pride and Passion" ... He was in daily distress from plo- moine while it was filmed in Spain . . . The Latin Quarter wants chorines and show-guls for its new revue, Apply 3 p.m. Friday, Ladies. Street Scene: Former Mayor 1m- pellilferi paying his way inlo Ihe Aster' 1 lo witness "Beau .lames" about another New York Mayor— .1. J. Walker. The manager spot- led him and returned his fee ... Lionel Hampton's hand boy Leo drives nboul town in a $70iM) .Inguar. I lampion lakes Ihe bus . . . G. David Scbine's new pulse-hopper is actress Junnna Barnes . , . "Witchcraft" will be Sinatra's big lilt soon. Clever lyrics by Carolyn Leigh, haiinling melody by Cy •Colemnn . . . Luis DeFec, the slur stripper at the Melrnnome, I'om- niulcs lo work nightly from a 71! ft. yach!. parked in the Hudson. The loan of n wealthy Miami Beadier . .. . Billy Kckslino hnd 1ho Embers crowd a/4ug with his new plalinum lusl.re suit. Price 1 : $150 . . . The 2nd Fiddler in Ihe or- cheslri) at "liclls Are Kinging" is lovely enough to be in the show. Camel's famed .sninkc-hlowinK signery (in Times Squnrc) now features movlo slur John Wayne .. Broadway's newest eatery is I'i/.- wibnrger .Pete's. So small it. bus one table nnd •! chairs . . . Tin Pun Alley expects fireworks lo keep exploding until ownership of a song lilli! is deelrtod In courl. The ditty Involved is "(Jet Acquainted Dunce." Two firms publish it ... The Warwick hotel staffers rule Jane Russell one of the lop Uppers., . . Ainu Freed, the rocknnill slur, is now n millionaire . . , Susan Brooks of "The. llig Pay-Off" nnd Jim ("Green Door") Lowe are pnidie.nlly nt the nllar . . . The Mlllon ISerles visit Thu Cnulle (Chicago) next week, Their pnls report Ihe star anil his wife have long wanted to adopt u child . . , Mnry Knbinr nn editor nl. Vogue, bus forgotten Ty Power with Prince Kvlnnoff, fiing Crosby (we snid Ihe other day) might he Ihe wealthiest in show bi/.. We ar« informed (!ene Aulry's properlleii are valued ul 20 million . . , Consolation Prl'/.i? for Nosers: Ln» Vegan Is one of the very lew places In Ihu U. H, where poison Ivy eiiiinot grow . , . Hex Harrison's son Noel Is lourinf.; the ('onllniinl us n singing gultnrlst... Time slnli<!i's soy Joan Campbell, who works I hero, In Ihe Krnndglilr of Loril llenverbi'iiok . . . Jim Mur- riiy'n "Dollar ;i Second" Iv ipil/.- KIT doesn't make the top rulings, but Us aiicllonco Is loyal nnd wide . . . Friincs Farmer being luiek whore she belongs I wllh the slurs) has everybody fooling good , . . (ilnrla. U.alii'n new book,' "(,'nlen- il;ir Model," fins an imilnipod le- niiile on Die Jacket, (ilorla In person . . . Add good plnllers: Helen CHIT'S "Weep No More My Baby." Columbia Pictures has returned lliu $10(1,01)11 bond put. up by Kiln llii.vworl.li gimrnntcelnK ulie'd finish "Pnl Joey" without I rouble. Pro- viewers sny slit* Is nl. her besl in Ihls •ono , . . The lown's newest JM/, spot will lie "Bourbon Street," Opens the IMh on Knst frfllh. Tln< I'lnsl, Klilit's Ili'sl. Dlxlelunihiinrk . , . Frnncnlsn Siignn. lully ineiidi'd from liijiirlnii in n mnlor eriiiHiup, PHAROS-TRIBUNE llnlly illlit nor w*«k Vty xl.rrl. r. »IN/JU »•!• your. My ..... II i.i. rln'Hl -n In I!HIM, <.'iiffi.ll, WM»«, I'ulHukl, Million unit Mlnml ..... inlli», fllMMI rrnn oulxlilr iniilloK »"•.. nml wlHil* iNKInim, *ll,m> »«r )«p..-i im In.lllmn, (lIM.tNl |>i*r your, All »i»ll milMitrlvlloim pnj'i.M.. In nilvHHito 1MI.II pullMi'lllillAHH mil.l iyhi<i* anrrltr nerrlc* IN ninl.iliiliinll, >liilli>H«r r.l»).ll.h».l 1HH« ^rffiSS&i.n "'Hi" 1 ..* tmlnlilUhoil 1W4 I- ..... n. ..i»hii.h..i mr ^.sK •"'"""" «i««»»'i»«»"»« '"•"• CnblliiHi'4 milly ) ..... , BIT U!N»I Jln innllnr nt Ilin v»«< hasn't touched the wheel of a car since. Her license may not be reissued . . . Violent fight at an East 31st Street spot. A patron ordered lo leave (because he wasn't spend, ing enough) fought it out with the boss, who had the tip of his nos« bitten off. Duke Niles, the mu.sic publisher, and A~nita Spreckles, sugar heiress, are Westhampton's latesl cpmance- buz/. ... Hal Hayes' new playmate is movie dancer Helcne Korner ... Jill Corey'.s happy break. Girl singers arc havins a difficult time selling records. Her lalcst platter. "Love Me To Pieces." is the litle song for "Studio One" on Ihe !5th . . . Artie Shaw's lei- ler.s lo startled Broadway friends praise Franco. Shaw's been liv- ins in Spain for 2 years.- End of Translation . . . The forthcoming book. "The Ukrainian Khrushchev," promises "the lowdown" on his torrid love-life. Even his attempt Ifl woo the wife of B nearby Dictator . . . Klsa Maxwell is advertised in Paris newspaper* nf. "America's Best Known Journalist." "The IJllle Carousel," a Hungarian picture, will be an entry al (he Moscow Youth Festival, Us stnr, Imr* Soos. committed sui-, cide last. week. Because a dcnr friend was executed for his part in Ihe uprisings , . , Christine Car- rcrc. who will slar in "A certain Smile." soon weds French stage star Phillipc Niunud . . . Paui. Page went dramatic on the 1 T . S. Slec! Hour show lo cnticL 1 screen i|)ids. She's had 3 ... Guy Lom- linrdo's new OnpHol album. "Decade On Broadway," rales your cars . . . The casl of "IJnle Willr The Angels" (AiBC-tv) must be ihc most rehixod Iriinpc of all. The sponsor jusl signed for 7« weeks — non-cancellable . . . Kdw. <!. n'ohiiwon has nn offer lo pl«.v lhi> father of "Mnrjork- Morningslnr" . . . Krin O'Brien, winner of « Godfrey laleivl scout pri/.e — then boosted to renown by Sieve Alk'n — is back on the Cmist with n Warner's contract. She will also record a Corul album. Rates il all. Bill I-lnycR is slm-rins in Dallas . where "Fanny" is Ihe attraction a! Ihe State Fair. Lust time he •appeared there 'in 'r>2> he hail a minor role in "Tree Grow.s In Brooklyn" . . . Armnnilo regulars .shocked over Ihc sudden death "f . Angelo (innznle/. of (he stuff. lli» ' wife's foot slipped from the hrnko In the accelerator as she wns put- •lini! Ihe car in Ihc gnrnge, where he hail just opened the doors . . . Jockey Billy Pearson, winner of many fortunes, ignoroil Ihe mn- lunl windows jil Monmoulh Park. Kays bo's Hail H . . . Jumess .loiies' book, "Some Came Run- ninji," may be over 2000 pni;es. Ayn Rnnd's "Allns ShruHged" will hu IHM. Kddio Bi'.-vckon'.t "Dcsll- iinlioii Vi'i'lln" is al the 900 pii|!« murk so fur, Joe DiMagglo is shortening his visit abroad Ivi close » deal for his leevee film seriiw . . . Comic Archio Hobliiiu und Henry Young- mini iilmosl cnme (o blows over Yoiingmnn'.i recenl puhllshnil erili- ci.mii of comedians . . . Willin Mays will got $51W » night Infler the season) doing one-nlghl slnnrts. (liibbiiiK nboul baseball ... . Belle. Dnvis' first dale isinee the PS- IrnnKeiJienl) was with .luck Krye, lint, insiders uxpecl her (.o reconcile wllh Gary Merrill , . . Cnr- jnen Itnsillo, llii> wellerweiuhl fhainp, hn.s u prosperous nhk'-liw. iSol<( KiOO,(KM) lii insurance- Insl year . . . Hoberf (?. ' Lewis Is iiiiilltioning viilel.'i . . . MGM Is qtiielly shopping for writers, Offering n-yitnr contruiMs lo e.fluli- li.shed novullsU nt $50.000 n yenr up . . . .lonl Jnmcs' "SumniiT l^ove" disc is n biirgnln ... On Brinidway (iilonl Is wlinl sonic .folli.i rull luck when -limy don't have H. r.r.'i'ii SOUTH IIADLKY, Muss. - A secretary of lu'ior in the hitn Pr«- sldenl liYnnklln Delano Koosevell 1 * cnhlnel wns nmong nliinuiMe re- Inrnlng lo Ml. llnlyiilir for enni. iiienceinenl exercises this yenr. • Knince.s I'erkliui eeliibriiled hor .Wth class reunion. HUBERT i mr . .s •"'"""" «i««»»'i Mdmiit Kiinllnr »»« hiilllliD'ii !>>• riittri>«.'J'rll>iiH« <:»,, iltWNj', liHHHimiHirl, Imllliilli. Ilinli-rnl >m «n.'o>m <il«»» <ittlim HI >a>UHH»i>nrl, lull,, n.iilor II.* mil lit IMMroli N, "Docs anybody want to BOO ME?" , rnlNiilt KilWBpmmr H»i>r»«i«iillill»«(i ttKrattlf.il AI.TIIT IM.'HKAIl 'II' OIlKllll.A'I'tONN AM) II.M'I'HII) I'UKHIi I'llAIIUN-TJIIMIJNM 1VHII«»«I A.lv«r(l«l«* U»»r«M»<*ltvM "I think that: Hluff will do the trick. In th« meantime I'll Mnd you & i«t-w«ll cud."

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