The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on August 8, 1893 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 8, 1893
Page 1
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"vtc&leasto those wfit iuj-r- v; L >l.liat; I _. ey will not bo * IL ^ ' . •• i! / ,'^-^T f ^ .r&E^v'CO'Mipg >>£. ttiN&, i.£ 'sVjldJMiSiw:^ jjeCafirit^'c-it - wyfoggvzji'- 'is Fifty- f Third .Congress Ready . For Business. ttan entered tne' mam door 1 leaning Upon the arm oi' a Mr, Holinaii the tiiem* bers broke into cheera As Mr. Crisp assumed the gavel a sudden hush fen I aoauiueu me unvci » euuucu uusu icri nt^^j upon the house. In a clear but inovetl4 Kaaday ' voice the Speaker'said; OHAELESF.CmiSP ELECTED 8PEJKEB He Receives S14 Votes to TlrotnM B. Reed's 123—The Ulclinrdgon-Belknap Matter fiab'mlttetl to the IJouKe—The .. Snmto In Session Only a Short time. SPEAKER CRISP. WASHINGTON, Aug. 8.—As early as 10:80 the galleries in the house wing devoted to public use were filled to re pletion. At 11 o'clock the reserved galleries were opened and in one minute "seats even there were at a premium. The picture below was a stirring one. Members clasped each others bauds in hearty greeting. For the nonce party feeling was laid aside and good fellowship was the watchword.. At a quarter before 12 Clerk Kerr called the members to order and the extraordinary session of the -Fifty-third congress began with the reading of tin president's proclamation. Mr. Kerr proceeded to call the list of representatives-elect to the Fifty-third congress. When the dork had read the mimes of the members elect from Michigan, he said: .".Thu clerk begs leave to state in reference to the certificate of election from the Fifth congressional district of Michigan that on- Dec. 22, 1892, there w*3 filed in his office a certificate of election to the house of representatives from that district in due and authorized form showing the election of Hon. George F. liichardspn as a representative to the Fifty-third congress of the United States, and, the name of the said George F. Richardson aa a rep- retttututivo was by the clerk of the house duly placed upon the' roll of represeutatdves-elect. Exactly similar certificates in every respect certified to by the same officers were filed' at other districts of Michigan and similar action was taken hi each case, •On February 20 there was delivered to the clerk an alleged certificate of election signed by other persons (the state officers required by law to certify the election of members of congress having been changed in the interim), which said certificate claimed to show thej election of Hon. Charles Ei Belknap. from the Fifth congressional district of Michigan as a representative to the Fifty-third congress. The clerk refused to strike off tW ryll the name of Geprge F. Richardson as a member-elect from this district liaying already exercised the authority given tor him by law. The matter is,'-therefdrt\ ^bpitfetl t»'tbf bouse, winch when, organized. Is, under the constitution and* th<e law, Judge of elections, returns and Qualifications of Tbera hav4n|?' s r«spOftaia ^Q their names, <M«E|E announced-tfea,t there was j$0»«»4ju3jwa prpej^flfidtkat first business in o '"-' : * "The wereifc^ pl^Mj^jji. J^y -rrr,_lIT- -• ' »_..*,# Represeiitilti ves—ProfQundly grateful fot thitf niark of 'your confidence, 1 shall try td be in sotnt} degree worthy ofi't by an honest effort to diBcUnrge the duties or'the office on which I am about to-enter with fidelity, with courfc&y and with the strlc'test impartiality (applause). "I am now ready ~tc take the oath, of office. ' The oath was then impressively administered by the father of the house, Mr. O'Neill of Pennsylvania, Prayer waffthen offered by the blind chaplain of the last house, the Rev, Dr. Milburn. Tlw work of administering the oath of office to the members-eleqt was then entered upon. , In the Senate, The senate chamber was in its midsummer attire, the floor being laid with matting. Half a dozen of the desks of senators On the Democratic side w.ere provided with handsome flowers. The galleries were filled with ladies in light Bummer costumes and the floor was open to visitors up to within a quarter of an hour of 12. o'clock. One of the first senators to 'put in an appearance was. Mr, Stewart of Nevada, and his desk was the central point of attraction for senators of both parties as they ar .rived. Just before the stroke of noon the vice president's gavel fell and the lain of the senate, Rev. Mr. Butler opened the session with prayer. The prayer was (partly) as follows: Remember, thy servant, the president and members of his cabinet, and bless tl two bouses pf congres^ now uHsemblinK and so guide'their'counsels that the bes iuterestH of the people may be advanced ii ;" " " ne of doubt and aav tat ion. this time of doubt and adversity and busi The vice president then directed th secretary to read the proclamation o the president convening congress ii extraordinary session and the documen v?a read by Mr. Cook, the outgoing ;' " •'/ Hrltig Tour Cnrpfltn.' • ; ..-. v-.' The •carpet cleaning' works on Ek hnnge street wrll be open oh and after • - 1 ' • ' ' {Jo to Boughton's for wall Sew stock arid new styles. llobert," Schelly kinds of lin vit i'k, >l t p ;i >er. lotto <*>lc 1 you want ifie best refrigerator on earth for the least nione.vijo tpBosley's. Buy the genuine Philadelphia lawn mower st Bosley's. 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'. ^ . i _-' Uj^ L -tiJ^ '--^ S*4 *3$msx J-^fVA P« T fr^**»-.^ '$& Senator Quay of Pennsylvania, who had 1>een absent during the last session of the senate and had, therefore, not taken the oath qualifying him for his new term, had the oath now administered to him, as also had Senator Pasco of Florida,.re-elected by the legislature of the state since the close of the last session, The vice president laid before the senate a communication from Mr. Beckwith of Wyoming, stating that, owing to a combination of circumstances over which he had no control he had been obliged to iiand in~hia resignation to Governor Osborne of Wyoming of his appointment as United {States' senator. .The communication was'placed on file. On suggestion of Mr; Gorman the oath of office was administered to'the-new secretary of the senate, Mr. Cox, who was escorted to the desk by the retiring secretary, Mr. Cook. Resolutions were then offered and agreed to, to inform the house of representatives that a quorum of the sen ate had assembled and was .ready to proceed to open to business; to notify the house and the president of the election of Mr. Cox as secretary of the senate, fixing the daily hour of meeting at noon, and for the appointment of a committee of two senators to join a like committee on the part of the house to Wait upon the president and inform him that both houses are in session and ready to receive any communication he may be pleased to make- Senators Harris.and Sherman were' appointed^ such committee on the part of the senate. • . - Mr. White of California then stated that it was his painful duty to announce the death; of. his late ^colleague, Mr. Stanford, He said at a date to be fixed hereafter b,e would request the senate to se,t apart a day for sjich remarks in regard to Mr. Stanford's memory as might be deemed proper and' should content himself now with mpvipg that as a mark of respect that the senate do nci\f adjonsn. ,. 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