Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on May 30, 1947 · Page 8
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 8

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 30, 1947
Page 8
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'..<t •• !. (Fa l Ceased wirM VS A• MEMBER OP TIW Aq«n e In te. far .» .INSCRIPTION BATES '• ' us our said: II,, Jl, we would say the would have if his life 'vmer is _..„ „„, been full and thought onp ' and the There can be "roses in But, turning art t lie- consolation i Letters on MoraT Rose Wilder Lane and Dr. Willford I. King Resulting From Luncheon i In the last two issues I repro- jdured a letter written by Rose .Wilder Lane to Dr. Willford I, "<ing expressing what sh* should ( iave said on the question of mo. lives at a luncheon given for a ?roup of individualists in New rork Cily last month by the writer. Dr. King answers to Rose Wilder Lane as follows: "Dear Mrs. Lane: "Thanks for your good letter of Vpnl 291 h. it i s a good thing to -'car up any philosophical points Concerning which we may possibly oe in disagreement. My guess is hat divergences in our opinions ire not really great. "Being a scientist, I am preju- peed ,n favor of precision in def- nitions and feel that it is desirablo Jo adhere to commonly accepted Icrms in so far as this is possible. Economists define profit in mone- arv terms and lo me it. socms "•isc lo stick to this limitation. I believe that, most economists -ce that free exchanges of goods Ho not occur unless both parties MqNry. if does, njst Jolipw, Ifow'i 6v6f. that the p'lantel'S"'of the iouth did not gain heavily through the institution of slavery. I suspect indeed, that the planter who owned a dozen or more slaves was more (prosperous than the well-to-do (farmer in the North. Since he was (brought up to believe that slavery jwas inherently Tight', he probably .enjoyed a more comfortable and pleasant existence than did th (Northern farmer. I believe, ther ,'fore, that the Southern plante •did gain decidedly at the expen (of the slaves. They only lost ou iwhen the North took away the slaves. I see no reason to suppbs [that wliere, after emancipation I he slaves went on working volun i ai-ily for their masters, the mas ters did not gain by the arrange ment. Neither am I sure that an ^elf-sacrifice was involved, for th .s ave probably knew of no othe (Situation in which he could mak ;n brfier living for himself. i I -Tinder whether you really 'beliey that altruism is, per B * 'bad. A; I see it, (he prevalence o {altruism is the Chief distinction ihntt*/nnv-. „:..: 11 i • • _ _ .. ~ ««* — _...„ be this: that st the history of the whole people may have lost the no yearns because that nation protest, negotiate, nv nff ( .i • i i t,. ; i'o in our history—ami —some nation and its which almost evej rcomo t^£A^™^™^™^- vote—that with men. i " u "'-<-ur uniess Dotn parties /o the exchange believe that they hre profiling by the arrangement. Pf course, in some cases, they dls- Kn-cr later that the profit' doca pot actually materialize. I "I believe that most economists Agree with Jeremy BcnthnmV hedonistic doclrlno thai, most ot pur effort's arc devoted to gaining blensuro or avoiding pain. In our (•octal relationships with other in- llyiduaK wo are, I believe, guided primarily by these principles. Wo plan to gain by most of our so- ?ial arrangements but, not infre fjuently, (|,e resu ,, a „ t icipated. Hence, one or more ot he parties in the social arrangement may be the losers. "Generalizing on ||,c basis of jivcmges is often dangerous. Thus, Apenence seems lo indicate that, "n the whole, robbery is an un- """"•nble occupation, the penalties •"•"•" — than the gains. and „„,.. !„. •.— — •» niore blessed Ifpve than to receive', and 'Let .him who will be the greatest •among you be the servant of air miese are (he basic principles of jClinslianity. I feel thai thev (essentially sol ,nd. At the' samo . jUme, I agree with you in he lower stages of animal life desires for light, heal, and good are dominant. Among higher an! mal», however, the exisfenco o others is recognized. Thev ',. uv, — •••<-»••. nuwuver, mat some (heh^J{!" otT '™"> .*??vny ^ WAS H I N G T O By RAY TUCKER REHABlLITATION- ° Amor " 'U" 1 -". '."I'ejgn policy of com- --r-o Communism—President T-M SeS^^"?.!?'""™; • InVC 1 in r. l*-nnt-» n>-> 4-1.. _i__ ^ •' Sa Ml anS la ^J« Jnclude whereas the world FEDERATION TI, If such fences, I heir may bring diem more , re than pain. Similarly, most students of the subject, seem to >firee that the South, as a whole votild Dave been more prosperous " "ever introduced slavery, means that, the average in- t.hnn would 'havg iH'S^^f? 000, these qucs- morc in ,.— ,..5, iut lll( , commor .Human beings nrc gifted innrrl^nll-n,, . , . S'"*." ons better than those of -<,-. -. elephants. It mav and probably does, hurt a dogMo sen "C of its friends in nain hm' ii- certainly hurts a humS? b'olni ec one of his friends suffering Therefore, relieving the "u/ffg a inenrt makes an individual stronger his sympathizes. ,.«• •. , "^"ipuinizcs. Public spirited Americans, lik c yoursoir «aln gratification by improvKo condition of the nation as a "vhole This means that you have a well developed imagination. . It is or course, true that when work for the good rain. Hence, my act ectly be regarded , only $3000.000,000 to Athen tin ices from over- grant. goes $100,- cnable her to withstand on her , c conditioned for a nrocrnm I'm A"^ 0 !!. « f _ the inHl^S ! for manj of clothe, shcllrr and I o, UlB •'ippurpiitly won * THOUGHTS In lt)o other world. : —Robert Sotitliey. -....«. ., 0 ljle aisnnction be- \ve (Americans, and Russians) start calling each other names with words of monopolist and to lalitarian, it will lead lo no coop oration ... If we distract each other with criticism, that is pro paganda." Ion 0 '"'" 8 rr ° m Stalin> this is a It is true that many of the free .newspapers and magazines of the United States have called Communist Kussia and the Communists various names from time to time But these names have been com- IJlimenls as compared with the foul epithets which Stalin's kept Rus wan press habitually applies to the United Stales and its people. Further though Stalin made Ons remark about name-calling on Apr, 9, -bis press kept right* on f .ft II 111 (T 11 n »v» r\e> »,«.„_!•_ . . . vnt H " ameSl reacl ''"g a climax jestprday, when the Moscow 1 7 . rihail* sa j dTS f; crc t a '-.v of State Marshall and John Foster Dulles were «\ Pair of liars. So when it comes to calling 0 / f the name-calling: after you, Joe! WORLD FOOD WASHINGTON. —.iNEAj— The World's food situation is worse now W 1 ^.J*' as two vears ago at the 91 the war in Europe, lis is the substance of a Rloom- ™ r J, 100-page report which Sec- mlary-General D. A. PitzGerakl of U»e international Emergency Pood Oc'uucil is making to represei'itativcs 1 2 < "l e " lber nations meetiiiB- In , ••. i""iji«uii inai will me'in By Peier Edson and the "The answer is, I believe as fol- ws. in a barbaric society most gratification received by individuals comes from serving directly themselves or the members of (hok mmediate families. In a Christ^! l«!d or civilized society n reallv noticeable part of the B ra mr? lion received by individuals comes /roni serving persons outside of their own family „,- by son .j „ ^ community or the nation Tn ^i» words, from,altru"smW ere" considerable fraction of the self snness of indivduals takes to f ""'" of altruism, happ — -.,n,,,,j,j is a neelipihlp ^vlld ^lashness, soclpiy is de! not necessarily involve any dea whatever of n qllid pro pu ny I contend, therefore, that al r"M,i» -s?™we«?««t has probably done more ian arry other organization to off world starvation. - r -lRA got the headlines, but dealt only with the victims of If. aggression, and. it was charity _.ic Army lias doled out food to jennany and Japan. The new $350 $ ih" V- S ', r ? li(?f Program will ™ llcl \°2ji' selected countries. But IEPC surveying the world's supplies and demand has .ed out agreements for divicl- up the sui pluses telling the rvioc urifK r.u n .j. . _., ° . borrowed from ihTn f °°? ex " ert ABriciilti rr w Apartment of ben 4Cl ffivcr H o, 1aC ?r p ?- 1 ! lcd .Hor- All the ---•• When, uirougn understanding, it results ' Pauperizing large sections of" ' IT,'- , be , co ' 11(?s distinctly harm- W. This bad effect is not. however Uerent in altruism, but is merely eflee ion of ignorance on the .'I of the altruists. 'Perhaps this discussion will car up any points of apparent disagreement between us "I remain, with best wishes Very sincerely yours ivni.iri ""' " b countries of 'the | world arc members of ippr ". cept Soviet Rn«i n „, "/ ,, 1J ^P ex mem- Lountries to extend its author until June 30, 1948 aut - 1101 - i mj i-iicsuipiuses telling the suroluspTnr ,, , " " as ex l j oi-table «gl«w,th sho,ta g es where they ff^t °{ 1 SS? 3™&<g gjg KPO is succesioi tn u, B 4,,, n .. ; riiviii.,,! 10 , 1 . est . Ol th e world and r is succesioi to the Ameri- totiih-Canadian Combined Jgsrd which allocated Allied SWPpWes in waitime. A yeai 'to u became apparent that ft international food ration"IW be necessary to prevent n th« wo#d food markets, m "" J Board was e.n- "3 to give n'a- United Stateu, " voice in its und and with most transactions. In this respect, the United SHf RB has a good record of which H can sa£>^^:4.S£ PAO ii IS are the function of SSn-Safe. 1 ^ %* of^^ nn.Cfn'ri i. J .,i , . . w * VI 1C iilQL uTbut accomplished little ' of = y S or long^n^ i^"S The PAO charter may not permit ^1,;^" "-V," conference „ x iidt Will npnpnrt i»-\ 'tn^TTS 68 ^* ««? the dePend in thought • and prevent WorlJ War III But the fact remains that the final step m the Truman-Marshall program has been concealed, care- .fully and deliberately, from the American Congress and the American people.' •SENIORITY — Representative Andrew Jackson May would not be n. his present jam, on trial for al? a^wart- " B O " W ^ P° siu °" Military Affairs Committee if ir were not for the ancient, Congressional system of seniority. Or "svs- Pin nf oanit<t v lt „,. n n * »° y, as Representative -...„__,..,—„„,„!• of Tennessee labels it in his recent published and most excellent analysis of our national legislative .body, "20th Century Con- climbs to a chairmanship Solely by reason of his years of service. But when, two men are swoni in on the s f me f^' a»" eventually become iWis tor a chainnanship, the honor tails to tjie mcljyid,ual whose name stands nearer to the beginning O f the alphabet because this * Ti->rt1» flirt no 11 -T* 4* few m'inutcs <iwmf;mri f ^ ujie ^' lUrU ? clj ^ tiw> JB1&? ^^ CJWM'fliSm&Jlip Witjj ^ ^^eWoW-^cju Q| ffxL oil °/ Jl?e aWe.4 w?l^ rs 0 | Cpngrew and thfi man ivhn%£«ii.. i!-*Tr.9*.X* feo tt^^S«*Sww '"isS^S (!»"« w f j 'K •*' WA * ; - 8 v iMvtiiwi? m voueress i *>j YO'CAlM'f LEAVE ftJStJiek" ^^^^^'^GOOC^ AM'HEERD GOOCH'S c^\ LAUY A^ECIDECTT^F^?^ " E ^ D MO * EG0 ' STRAIGHTAG^ AH ^ H^l.^lHE BANGED HIS HAID AGIN r-*i i_«oi, TW IO YtfRESELF AGIW, GOpCHJr.AtLASt ' 'KIN EXPLAIN. PLACE ,r- OLD-FASHIONED WHITE \ ^ "S. > OH, I'M ) ' THAT, FATHER DENVER. VOU'RE GONNA WIN YOUR FI6HT THE CHAMP, f YOU? QUIT CLOWNIN'.' YOU'VE GOT A MOTHER AN'SISTER IN PONTWC, .. MICHIGAN, AND IF YOU A WAS TO WIN, ONE OF THEM v MIGHT HAVE Art ACCIDENT. GET IT ? IT AINT FUNNY AT All IT'S SERIOUS. DON'T BE A CHUMP/ SAV, WHOEVER YOU ARE.JF VOU lO^^WfSSfS NOW WHAT'LU HAPPEN TO POC 15 ALLEY ••£? M YAW/ \\* "' VV\ 1 -*>VS*1 T ' ' I vie POES / LIKE THE 'EACHER.' 6OOV TO TO SOMETHING Aeout DOM'TJOU SEP, HILDA? BETTER. STAND \j i F wrv «IM EXPLOSIOrJ/ «m Ts^» TAKING NORTH, Sltg'S ^StCEP ME • T w > r>w M V n i n(-iyp TN|M(VV?I*E I "*•••»'* \ CHBk.MRPf'l UlC.^ K.U W HB^^1E!W^ ^HE^TEO OLD P\KKk?^S «=^||l> E^BBft'SO OU>r .A. " EBnB.<aBUjumM.»—i Hn-vrrrVPX**"*^ \ rtBIHl/MI t* I / X**—-»_ * j* , TO STOP OFF AND MBgf HER FATnER., SETACQUMNTEP BEFORE I'M OFF TO SEE PATENT ATTORNEYS IN ' • »fc— »wt tvj^rv r^\f i THAT MAGAZINE yes, i IT. WAIT'QUT- FOB MB; j EXECUTIVE , /^Mrr-ir^f—,- . J , j MR, We.MLEy... PO ypy'

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