Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas on June 22, 1961 · Page 2
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Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas · Page 2

Del Rio, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 22, 1961
Page 2
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4-DCl RIO (Texas) NEWS-HERALD, Thursday, June 22, 1961 New GOP Front Man Is Hard-Nosed Pro U.SJ POPULATION BY GROUPS By BRUCE BIO5SAT ; Newspaper Enterprise Assn. WASHINGTON (\EA> - New Republican Chairman William E. Miller says he lets his wife organize his martinis, hut he has his own ideas about a major reshuffling of his party in lite months ahead. Tanned, wearing a gray iport coat and a deceptive sir of relaxation, ihe upstate New York congressman 531 in hi; fifth floor House office arid quickly roughed in the new job as he sees ii: The entire national committee structure warrants review from top to bottom lo give i! -the "organizational muscle" it needs for 1952-64. It misht be wise to try drawinc the senatorial and co!is;i'e<>ior.:>! campaign commitit'i-^ under ; he- national committee ten: 10 sain coordination and solid punch at the polls. A new look i> caller! for at '.>;•.• committee's task force efforts to boost party strength smons minorities and others in the bic cities •where Republicans lost ihe presidential hat tie of I PoO. GOP leaders picked the -',7-year- old Miller as a man equipped with the organizing skill.* required tcr a party pounding along the comeback trail. They were not discouraged by the fact that, as an Army private, he took a machine gun apart and couldn't get it hack to- gether. They chose him. loo. because they felt he is "articulate, regressive and attractive." all quai- ilies the Republican "front jn?i:i" »;eds in large-supply to stand up on television and compete '"• ith photogenic, . touch-minded President John F. Kennedy. In Miller, the Republicans got a fierce battler who will go to the wire in politics, golf or bridge for ever, the smallest stakes. They got a man of biended talents and. in the words of one leader, a "hard-nosed realist." But they also got a man w!io sometimes stirs controversy. "He shoots from the hip." is the description heard occasionally evert among Miller's unquestioned supporters. In his more than a year as h,e ad of she GOP congressional committee, he has regularly taken big chunks of Democratic skin. Some deeply annoyed Democrat.* say his gut-punchins smacks uf Hie "Old Nixon" they so long assailed. ! At least one political observer' suggested the new chairman miaht turn out to be the "Paul Butler of the -Republican Party." This recalled the former Dem"- cratic Chairman's intermittent, tendency to rash comment, embar- .passing to both himself and party. Yet ever, the moss critical say Miiler's "fast gun" may yield a steady, profitable harvest of Republican new*. And there's a wide feeling thai his talent for win.sins the enemy is exactly what the opposition party needs to get back into office. Nobody questions Milter's nerve- Six months before New York's Governor Rockefeller pulled out of the lOfiO presidential race. Miller declared for Richard .Nixon. It was a long limb to be on. Years before, he tangled with former Governor Dewcy over the latter"? plan to develop Niagara River power on a public basis. The Governor had to make a dra- SINKING HIGHWAY SIDNEY, Ohio (.fl — A. prehistoric peat bog that went undetected during • trio' building of Interstate 75 has caused about; s300.-feet of ~ the super highway | to sink about a foot in the past I year. '? No serious breaks have occurred ; but the peat, 30 feel deep in spots, ; will have lo be dug out and re- 1 placed with a more substantial ' foundation. VIRGINIA IN MARYLAND? MOUNT VERNON, Va..-. CD — Virginia may buy a piece of Maryland. , Gov. J. Lindsay Almond Jr,, made the suggestion lo protect, the view from Mount Vernon, the home of George Washington. The purchase could prevent the Washington Suburban Sanitation Coin-; mission ifrom building a sewer plant on tho north bank of tlic Potomac river. PAPERWORK STAGGERING • WASHINGTON (ft— Drug industry paperwork is almost as staggering as the names of the new est drugs. Take corticosteroid, a drug used in the battle against arthritis. ' j The Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association figures type•written step-by-step details for. the j 5,200 analytical tests of cortieos- 'teroid require about 1,000 feet of j paper. * HEAVY DEPOSIT . " ^ WILL1AMSBURG, Va" Uftr C. Seidicr, a William iarid (sophomore, wheeled . his '| deposit i into a bank in a trash can carrier ( —20,070 pennies . weighing 135 • pounds. He thereby won a bet?from • a -friend at Massachusetts |lnsli- tutc of Technology who Whored he couldn't fill a itve-gaHori bottle with pennis from spare change and a part-time job before the i summer vacation. • .••** ; - . 2KEEPING HOUSE 49% Task Force Studies Customs Procedures AUSTIN (Spli—Dr. Ivan Belk- risp. University of Texas associate professor of sociolosy. is- a member of a five-man task force appointed to study Customs bag- .gage inspection procedures at U. S. ports of entry. The group will attempt to determine whether present Customs 1 procedures and requirements are unnecessarily discouraging foreign tourists from travoljr.e to Uie U. S. and if so. make corrective recommendations. Customs Commissioner Philip Nichol Jr.. designated Dr. Belk- nsp to "give special attention to the impact which Customs procedure; micht have on travel inducements among Europeans and Asiatics." Dr. Belknap has just returned from a study of treatment of passengers of Idicwild Airport and on the North River docks in New York City. The evaluations of the five-man team will over every major port of entry inio the U. S. during the next few few months. Other committee members are Joseph J. O' Connell Jr.. Washington lawyer and former covern- ment official, chairman; Wilbur H. Ziehl. administrative assistant to the Budget Bureau director: Richard S. Rosenblotn. Harvard University Graduate School of Business Administration incitlty member, and .Robert V. Breen of New York City, vice-president of 2 public relations consult a nl firm. In announcing the appointments, Commissioner Nichols said: "President Kennedy directed the Department of Commerce, in cooperation with the Departments of State and Treasury, to devise new programs to' encourage foreign travel in the U. S. as one measure to help correct our balance of payments deficit. I .have asked a aroup of f:--e outstanding citizens to make an independent study of what ihe Bureau of Customs can do to encourage foreign tourist; lo come to America and. in particular, how we can combat smuggling and collect Custom re- \enues without unnecessarily deterring travel." Dr. Belknap is also director of a Hospital-Community Research Project financed by the National Institutes of Health. U. S. Health Service. The research is designed to determine what type of American community organization are associated with the development of efficient genera! hospital facilities ior all ace. groups in the cornniunitv. MILLER: Licked by a machine gun. matic personal appt-arHiicfi before :i Senate committee- lo carry the day. In i?5£., s-iiil bucking th;i'. issue. Miller \utn Souther;; Democratic- House support for bottling up a public power bill. He iiid it by suddenly aunckinc a civil right;bill, though he denies there was any link. For the bailies that lie ahea'i. Miller today i? acceptable to — ;f 5101 U-v-ed by ai>—wings of hi? party. Sen. Barry GnUtwater of Arizona: hearting the GOP 'senatorial campaign eoninvittee. considers Miller virtually an iiieoSogie-il' twin, with a \o;ini: record closely matching; his own. Miller styles himself a siHMieraio. Americans for DenKircatie Action iab-eis him a 75 io iW per cent conservative. The cleiaehed Congressional Quarterly lia:-. fount) liis support of Dw i^ht Eisenhower one year was 4J prr cent, against a congress ion ni average of 76 per cent.' Informed sources close to Nixon- say Miller is completely satiss.'K-- tory a; chp.trman. Nixi.'n. however, would like to svc >onu.- national committee b'.-rih made aL-o for Ray Bliss. Ohio stste r-li&irman and Miller's on'y -rival for the chairmanship. As for Rockefeller, he is saici ir.. ' accept Miller as .•! hsr«i worker who knov%s his nuhtics. The t-->-o Jhave conferred in the months ; since Nixon's de-seat. Among the party's big ihre«:. :-MiHt.T has now ik-ciareii his neu- - tralitj 1 . Bvit the Democrats are donning their helmets. They know the policy doesn't extend to them. •i*m[^n THE GROUP PLAN—Divided according to activities, the U.S. population for 1860 is s'iiown above. The largest segment. 3 per cent, was employed, while the smallest. 2 per cent each, were unemployed and in the armed forces. The "other"' category includes such groups as aged persons living with families and people-in institutions. LIGHT AND DARKE COLUMBUS, Ohio -:,r — Ther^.may soon be & Light Lake sn Darke County. Ohio. The Ohio Wildlife Council ha; been asked to name the lake, which now is being developed. to honor the late James Milton Light Sr.. sportsman and conservationist. He was a Darke County resident. 20 0 -20 -40 far Market Sajic! or Farm Foods CHANGE IN FARM VALUE "OF 1947-49 to 19&0"PER CENT L ^, - tyfa -MARKET EASKET '• - FRODUCTs FOU Ai-y LTF.V A^ F D CE FOODS •_... ^EAJ CTS TATS /.NO 0!LS Famed Kilmer Oak Dying of-Old Age : :CK\V BKi;xswi<"K. N.:!. <.\P' ' —The vrnHrK" 1 ! old oak UMI inspired .'oy<-'> Kilmer to-write 1 his • poem "TroeV" i~ d;.'in^. oki :-:'i'; >;.';!•<:> nrm.uiiy op. the .campus •'•! niitper; Unm-rsily. do7.'?n I>r."jncj'»?.s failed !o hloo;ti tin.- -prini; and a iarue '4n.-d '!e- vciontd in i!~ trunk. • "It's ars out-and-oi!i • c.-ise nf ser.i'if- 1 " ?a'., ; Dr. Edv.ani H \Vjikir-5.. uircr-'or of Kutgur's c.i'!Hi;i5 f-i;:r:r;:ng. IIin IK- said the trer wi!i rv>r he- chr*; ped <:ow a. Ar.ri lh<> St'.;dont Forestry (,'!uh na-; pJKnd-'.! 'mo of its JK-oms Kt'n'i.-r 'A;;- 5:uit-it in action in France .li!l> .">-•. IfiS 'l \va-: i'"-rn 'icro irs-lSW fit-i: Huiuvi'5 .in-'! Coliini- Four Killed In Flaming Collision At Rail Crosslna *rf- BFTTEXDORF. Iowa sAP' — Fr:ir FHino;.- men. ir.chidini three trcinmen and the driver of a sa?- n!;pe truck. «cre kiiicri in a collision ;it a railroad err.ssinp that buckled -U^i feel of track and •spewed flames over a wide area Wednesday night. T'ACI ci:e.-e!s and six car? on a 55-cfir Burlincion Road 'reiiihi t.rztn were des-troycd in Ihe explosion shs: burned up - more than .7.UOO sraHons of sasoiine and fuel oil. The- dead were: A.E. Blakewcll.. t"' f '- of Gaicsburj:. III., tnsincer <>n I In: irain:' William G. Lander. ainvj; • ;2. of Gak'fburL. 1 . hrr.;: Robert R. -fafoh>."3S. of Gah'#b\ira. -ht-ad fireman: Howarc: Wic-ren™a. 4<x of. -\lb£n>. II! ." •c.y.'iu-r r.f i!i<- ;nick. ' Fir con freight cars ^\ere -i-run- iL:eii The ii.'Ui! io>> WAS ••-Hiiialvd to- be >:ioro than iiah a million V.'nter plunLi. 1 .- o\ or Xincara Fall; at ibe rate of 219.'i*» i-'.ihic feet a second. SEX DOWN, ONE UP—Prices received by farmers declined during much of the laht decade. Result: reduction of 12 per cent in farm value of a family market basket of farm foods. Marketing charge increases oppcd price to consumers. Farmer got more on fruits and vegetables only. 40 20 -20 for Mar' Ballet oi Form Fttdi .-, CHANGE IN RETAIL COST 1947-49 to I960 £ ' - PER .CENT MARKET ' BASKET ' - DAIRY FRODOCTS". BAKERY AND CERLAt, ALL - f RODUCTS 'AND' VeGETAIUS MEAT JLZL POULTRY AND EGOS TATS AND OILS Kidnap Case Figure Indicted in Houston H0 1_~ ST<"> X i. A P ) — Ed w a r 1 1 C, o- ;?iicn.. 22. an f-irapoi? convict ' fr'''W .M-j»?ach'.iif'-iif, «a.^ inriicli-r! \V(HJncsii:i;' fur r<>l>hcTy by firc'- arTij. -. C.'d'j;!<.T. v. r,x i-!j '(T'lf-i) '-'• iiii iw>!d in-. 1 up Aihc-ri. Heinis .hijH 1 1'? a rift ! ta.k'ina J- :! sri'.! Hi'-hns' fftr. Helms ••iV3- ci:;c °f '.''••'•(' piTS"Jiv V.!<!napc'' • Juiv: }'•'•. • \mirfv. .Nr^lrr'.'.h. ~"i. s !i<'liM t;i3n;i2fr: I'ntil | nr;<! >1r.-. .!r,\<-.- Jiarsc • ni I).i'i.i>. v.iri;' iiic ( ; ab'.nit :i (a^rifr of an inch in ! diameter. : .arper oncs^ break tip las tm-y fai! iliroti^h the air. BUSINESSMEN learn fo fly... while you travel it's the modern PIPER way! MjVc y.Tjr :;rr.r and moncr co double C'j'y ! l.sarn :o Sy »hilc iri'.clin,! to JTJ frn-n Ki.<inr« apr--">:niraen;>. En rv..:r. ^.i* c: our quiliSfu :n'truc:c-n ^-;:i <;::•£<*• ynu nui jT.rh; conrrols of rhr ci?v--r.-;iy Pip<r Tii-Pjccr. In thii cnrr.:'i;:;ibfr. T•-!»« ilrpijnc, s.:;h cr--.,-^:r.;•*,.-; crniroK :' rnske fi-ing n si-rr'f 's ii:i\:r.£ i a:, tcu'll be rci.j'i :o «••*]<•• in'frsi lime thin jou'd think- fy»sibie. P.hor>« fcr o-jr ipcelot "Lvorrt Whll* You Trovtl" brochure, or vttlt Hit ctrport and In vi jlv« you comp!«l» rf»*al!i, DEL RIO FLYING SERVICE DEL RIO AIRPORT-PR 5-3811 FIVE UP, TWO DOWN'— Though farm values declined for .product groups in the consumer's market basket (except -fruits Jind. vegetables) for a decade, marketing charges brought retail costs higher for all but poultry and eggs, and oils. Base: 1952 purchase of urbaft families. RIO GRANDE ABSTRACT & TITLE COMPANY, INC. ABSTRACTS OF TITLE • TITLE INSURANCE 508 DEL RIO NATIONAL BANK BUILDING ' Phone PR 5-2003 Be all's YOU'RE INVITED TO USE OUR CONVENIENT PARKING LOT AND TO SHOP AT BEAU'S IN AIR CONDITIONED COMFORT LADIES 1 NYLON u 60 x 15 Denier • ROSE . TANTONE • NUDE 50 PAIR For Work Or Sports Wear PRINTED iCLOTH SHORT SLEEVES f n- -' I - v ^ '•! Cool, Crisp AH Gortons (, In Assorted Patterns. " Cuffed Sleeves, Fast Colors. Sanforized. Assorted Colors. Sizes S-M-L! REPEAT OF A SELL-OUT Arnei and Cotton Baby Check Dusters 66 SALE PRICED ANNIVERSARY We've Another Big Shipment of Savings! Lace Edged Collar and PockeJs, Cuffed Sleeves, Machine or Hand Washable. Sizes 12 - 20. HORT SLEEVE ork Shirts SANFORIZED o Tailored To Better Looks • Fits Better • Wears Better TAN and GREY Small • Medium « Large EACH SUM FIT Size 30 thru 42 Double Stitched Throughout Zipper Fly With The Famous Fit « SANFORIZED • TOUGHEST FABRIC FOR LONGER WEAR BLUE DENIM SAND and BLACK

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