The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on December 14, 1892 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 14, 1892
Page 1
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'YOLXK-N0103' •• v>» MARSHALL MI€H M WEDNESDAY DECEMBER ty 1892 'S ' %«.«•>, * ' *, PHICE TWO CENtS MBOR THREATENS.! Chicago Unions to :Fight Conkey Concesj&icm. the POWDER , • Absolutely Pure. . A cream of tartar baking powder Hijzhestof all in leavening strength Latest ti~S* Government Food Re- qort* , BAKING POWDER C.O 100 Wall Street, N, Y, $500 REWARD;! We will pay Ihe above reward for «nv case o Liver Complaint, Oy8pep»ia,.Slok Headache, I n dlK6«tlon, OoQstipattou or CoMtveneeg : we can not cure with West, 1 * Vegetable Liver Pills when the directions We strictly compiled with. They are purely Vegetable and tiuver fail to give satisfaction. Sugar coated,' Large boxes con- ta'nltig an pUla.,35 cents. Beware of counter- felts and imitations. TUe g*j»ujne manufactured bv THE JOHN QrWEST tiaMPANY, Chicago, 111. For sale'by A. O. Uyde, Marshall, Mich. A Guaranteed Oure for- Piles of what kind or degree-Estarnal, Internal, Blind or Bleeding. Itching, rnrooic, Heeeol or Heredltory.- Xhla remedy ni» positively never been known to fail. jn 00 a bos, 6 boxes for $5,00; aent by mail prepaid on receipt of price. A written Guarantee, given to each purchaser of 6 boxes . , positively given to each purchaser of 6 boxes, when purchased at one lime, to reload the $5.00 paid if not cured. Guarantee issued by A. O. Avde, Marshall, Mtch. Call for sample. 0HNIQK8 OP ItHB FAIB MANAGERS, Suite ft SiiittlMir of Thing* Tfcey Dott't Seem to Discern—A Union Leader tn Evidently Know* "Where He is at"— Thft Xabb* Federation A«Ved to Take no Action oa Sunday CltfBlnjt—Money Voted to ij/Ud;, HomesteiMf'"»i»d Other - Striker*—Telegraphic Matters Quiet. CmcAGO, Dec. 14.-World'fl Fair Commissioner 1 Massey, yesterday informed the two committees representing the Trades assembly and Typographical union No. 16 that the World's fair board of tsontro! would in all probability give them a hearing at 12:30 o'clock 5. m. in reference to the concession of the boarA • to the Conkey Printing company, but when that hour ar- rivred -Secretary Dickinson said that the board desired to attend., to Jbe wants of the committee on awards ofV the national commission, and set 10 o'clock •thisniPrn- ing as a time jtor a conference with, the representatives of union labor. Many of the members of both committees freely criticised .the action of the board in;not immediately listening to their plaint, but they were assured by Commissioner Massey that the board would take no action on the Conkey matter until after the committees had beenhearcL Things That Fulmer Cannot See. '•' When President Palmer was asked about the probable action of the "board on the Conkey contract he saidt "I cannot predict just what action may be taken, but I cannot see what we have got to do with the men that the Conkey company employs. The contract has been let, and probably no questions were asked as to whether the company employed union or non-union men. It was a business transaction and the concession has been made. The differences now, it seems tome, should be settled between the printers and the Conkey company. If they have any Objection to the way he does business be is the man they should deal with. I cannot see why a man • ^-^ ' \ «. Deferred, among them the following: Ask?, ing pardons fof thtf Chicagd Anarchists, to abolish United Stated district courts; and several on the-subject of militia In atrikes. .. a" ... . , .'--;,...-., .Criticised the Knights of iabor. Resolutions were alsd introduced asking investigation of several boycotts and re- requesting others against the American Biscuit company and unfair-made ,Pitta- burg clothing. Then George E. McNeil, of Boston, read a paper on the labor problem, in which, alter declaring the American .< H*ppy and content fs a hofne w*h «• The So- thSsler; a lartp with the light of-thfc morning. CauIoBua,*rite Rochester UmpCo.,NewYorfc. . , _, 1 i i All, ii , t <1 Pay IU WUaVUf OIiVCA \***\**ffi*» **£» .?***•' «m.u*vA Ay 4 *** .Federation of Labor to be the highest de- I Smith's velopmentof organized effort, he referred Kennar . : .« - '*••*,_ .» -i_j_ ,_-» . t _l_j.-i. f'-u.'*.ljl_- _j-^_^», * • .Health is Wealth. ASXkl (HI* •V * •• «»*** ** •»»*» » "". ^*» _ -* jutsr, a guaranteed epeplflp tor Hyiste-—, ,-.---new. CorivulslonB, Pits, Nervous Neuralgia, Headcbe, Neriwms Prostr^,lpn caujaed by the n*e alcohol or tobacco, Wakefulnea*. Me»tal De- prewlon, Softening of the Brain resulting In in- •Miltv and le»ainfc to Mfsery. decay, and death, Premature Old Age. IJarreaese, toss of power IB either eeifj Invoinqtary Losae* and Speraitor- . 'rhgea caused by q*er-jexenion of the praln, «eii abuse overindulgence. Bach box contains one- 'month's treatment. $1.1)0 a box, or »Jx boxes for $5.00, eentby mail prepaid.on racelpt of price WE GUARANTEE SIX BOXES To cure any case. With each order received by UB for alx boxes, accounted with $6.00, w» wll •endthe purchaser our written guarantee to re ..tniid'we money if the treatment does not eSec Druggist and aol e Agen t Marahal 1. ~ ~ ~ ~ —TT— -r-~ . should be.dictated to regarding the way he runs bis business, by the World's fair people, simply because he has wade a contract with them." " : President HlBlnbotha^a UndlsoernlBg, • President Higinbotharn does not seem to think there is much occasion foranobjec- tioia to the Convey contract. *?I do not^see why the ways and means committee snouia be*xpecte4to look! up the details of the 'Conkey house and find out what kind o men it employs before they let a contract, be 8>id. "It h'as been deemed 4dvantagcou9 to allow the Conkey company to pr^nt tafa work, and does not seem to be the province of the World's fair officials to question the company as to the kind of men it employs,' BO tong as there is eyidencfe that it can do " :$,DUCATB gome More of fl^e 8j»itte , . J W St. Glair, of the J)par^" of control talked freely about the Conkey, -contract. »lNinder*tand,»said he, "that the constitution of this country allows a man or a corporation to let contracts without ui- quirlng into .the details of the business of a man who way take a'contract. The con» tract in question was. let to the Conkey company by $he executive « 5 o m 5^ 1 "^! it had been thoroughly studied-by members ot. the ways and means c° mn % tee who are said to thoroughly understand the work. J» fact, some flf these men are the very ooj* we"ibouid gato if we were to- let a^ioiiliar' contract at, any time. I'ne contract tywnot yigt^heett executed,, but It has been Jet upont^e judgment pf COBV petent men" " • '.-. ' • - ' "- - to the Knights of Labor in'this strain; '"Thedeparture.of the Knights of .Labor When they had reached the climax of. their powers necessarily led to a demoralization from which tK) laborers, under the banners of the trade*unions alfe nP* rallying,.Free as I am from any aiitagonjgm to the rank •and file of, that Otgattization—in -fact in deep sympathy with them—I must protest that the spirit of centralization which baa governed them will surely, and ought surely, secuse.their-ov.erthro*".' 1 < Money for the Hpmeitead Accused. • The day being. "Homestead* day, the matter of help for those strikers came up and $1,000 was appropriated to aid • Ih n the defense of the arrested strikers. Then $500 was contributed to the defense fund, of the Coeur d'Alene miners, and tffter considerable opposition another $500 was given to aid the Tennessee, miners. At 5:50 .p. m. the convention ad jonrned for the dajr. Getting Decidedly Monotonous, CmcAGO, Dec. U.-^No change ;of note has occurred in the strike of the Rock Island telegrapher^. Each side still maintains the attitude assumed at the 1 •beginning of the conflict, and the strikers declare themselves ready tq } .continue in thefr" present course until General Manager St. John .shows a disposition to meet ^ their demands. It is now isertirin that the members of the other railroad organizations are not to be called out. After many consultations on the subject this deciaian has 'been arrived at and Chief Ramsey *ls not sorry for the fact; neither is there likely to be a strike of telegraphers on any other road. . Decided Not to Strike. CHICAGO, Dec. 14.— ChiefD.^f, Ramsey, of the Order of Railwar Telegraphers, has decided not to order a strike of the operators of the Big tfour road. This decision was reached yesterday afternoon after a conference witk the executive committee of the telegraphers at the Palmer house. It was thought,'in view of the fact that the road had agreed to incraise ,tbe operators' wages 12 per cent, it was. not best to order out the men. . • righting Convict Marble $T. LopMi'DeS U.-rThe ; Ma.rbl« National union in s^ssldii <here la ttirning: its. attention especiany to the diminatipn of conviet prepared marble.. The; conven 1 tibn W& While;it .sits, give i^ attention tp the letting of the conti-aot *pr the new bt r Louis city hall. A resolution has been prepared the terms of which will obligate the firm receiving the city hall contract to pay. a; penalty of 110,000-.Bhould it use -"* i - u1 " prepared by convict labor. -.-.*-,. h&-atthe store of E, E. Sirir »nons ( -on^ Monday', Friday and'Sat- f irday of each week during Decetnbet for the purpose ef rece^infj state, jonnty und school taxes, E, S. LEWIS, City Treasurer. , i . _. * ^We carry a full line of Pingree & ,, G. McGraW & Co.'s .aind K6nnara'& Spn's fine shoej!. ' GRACE BROS " ' • ' . -. foe Sale. ', • . . A tw ( o burner Dangler gasoline stove but little used, will be.sold at a bargain. H. M. MERRILL. We, the unaersiguea, ap agree to. closu our markets Sundays from" Dec. 1st, 1892 to May 1st, 1£93. - Also close at _ eight o'clock during the k week,' excerpt . Saturdays.' ' - B. C. E. P. • > * ' " -il. S. Cox, J«. «•. JOHJtHERTKORK. ^. • . ' GEO. COLLINS, JR. . Marshall, Nov;"80th, 1892. Provided. ' : • That lean get u •responsible tenant, for a term of years I will build a store • on my lot corner State and Jeiferson streets. Will build to suit needs of- teuant. Address u Louis .STJRAUSS, Btittlp , Mich. Healthful, Agreeable, Cleansing • • ' •' " .. • . ^ Chapped Handdr Won«d«(| BU^JXB, mo, aad Preventu Wore IJolp for gomegtead % KANSAS CITY,-Dec. 14.—The Industrial council of Kansas City at its meeting Sunday decided that each member of its various labor organizations should yesterday devote his day 1 * wages to a fqnd fi»,the ben- -eftt of the Homestead strikers. -This means | a collection of more than $10,000 from Kansas City. ' • J ' WHEREARE THOSE GOVERNORS! Play AHERIOtH fWILY SOW. Best for General Household Use. . OB SALE-A safe, .. , aead Two TWO Said President Mitchell, of Mft »»tbs "5. ' , ,- , 'ypu o*U aj th* V* Md SfllicUorto* f»t- sir,.' m- •'jU*(»f ,Wy., Sunday evening' a coupi* of dr««sed H^WPHJ^VS^ _„. -.,.—AtsdndownJtrj^nxph qf S^ieptifip. JJe4»c^i?. oupl? of heavgy arnjed i Nothing ha$ «ver been prQduced to men, areaseq '-i|^? cowboys.' ajid w..eanng JgqajjjQrco^p^^'iidtivitsig.ilJBRA'nvB masks joadd Ifpsa bit».pX<»fe?^'*°^ ^. 1 ^A HiAtraQ^TticATiokvJt-Haalieeqi the towa^t^ett^ beat on, robbery^ The j^^oyeai^^ aJ w ^y?§ff9r4§Te)iie| »isito» forced -their ^>»Ies>toTpny CbrtSj ^ ., al ,. , . Ba tfalkction. bttildj»gs "at,-ta», park, -W# -front all over oo put efforts in the ' ^DJ^esintoTpny CbriS'- tenuen'a salon. f/a& 4W* ^S& Tony- handed the JteHow* |^ an4Jp»r pistols, "' ateeet ^ an.d jh^ THREAT Deo. Bes, , eage 'fwan the Chiisago Trades assembly wpijsad;. asking th^t;t>e federatip^ Jj^ake W actijm mtibi xe&it&'fa ^b* CoJambis^ ex, auei*io% This fitorygix^ any firms the Feder- when she "A_ *^~ ¥k.B_Tui« i-t?—i»U— v *i.—3 TTI^u* Q| tana -., Cures m^,, BWf cajoie put to TO - ^ _ .awtte*,w4g» Jheld ujp on the street,:,,, , time Chriatensen had'* RmaUp.osae,prgan- tod.' The highwaymen ^i<l »o* **** ^^ ft 3ght and rode ,pff in, 9, liuyipy, gfting soutn with bullets flying 4fter tbCTn- They wens jta Cgllatte paljr half as honr^ Children Cry for '" • -ii -Bs^tASTS SEi." Jkttt? SB* __-, „ ^. THE PILE OINTMENT Wteher'« Oastorla.

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