The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on December 13, 1892 · Page 4
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 4

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 13, 1892
Page 4
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THE DAILY , DECEMBER.},«,. 1892. »" •Bejust b'efoce'ydu Dota»jE f that? U Jeriill MARSHALL IMPROVED r i Rau'b has opetted a btllifttd i I foam jfi the Vogel store* 2tt? East | • -Slate 'Street. Everything \» new and ; class. Lunches al Knby" Port Wine*. No^ood thing should be outlawed bceaW here, arid thero ft graceless person -treats it_ * It IB }ust as necessary toXdroiuister (to the aged an4 fpeole a% it is to a dwelling thayis beginning to decay. Not only majrjuc be greatly pio- longed by artificial «lppt>rt, but the declin- —ttrg years of thos^ncar and dear to us be rendered more/comfortable, and ago re^ ---tteyed-of many of its usual pains and penal-. ; &es bB ft judicioiisuBe of "Royal Ruby" Fort Wine? each bottle in guaranteed by the uni 5 dcreigned to bo .absolutely pure and over five rears old at bottling, or money paid for it will bo refunded. • Quart bottles $1? pints, 60 cents; never sold in bulk. • See that you get "Royal Ruby." - For sale by"Ms B Powell. Bottled by Royal Wine- Co., Chicago .The finest line of 'ladies' purses nB<l ' cases in the city at M. B. To WELL'S. (H-mclay patent, ojh^un^ nn Atr.ipla) tin r'r r 'i snlVriirP for < at 'A positive cute for cohghs and colds Look at-the elegant? line of holiday Kppdsi at M. B.' Power's before wur { Morphine, Opium, Cocaine^, and -Tobacco Habit* . *' For treatment and> 'explanation of the pld Cure' cotisult Dr. L. E, Unllup .at his in the Cook block, -ratierits treated privately if -so desired. • R, butler kuejps the largest stbcu of crockery and lain pa in the city. '. .Ojl Save money by buying'votir boots and shoes at Grace Bros. . ' • Use Hazel Cream for chapped hands and lips or any roughness of Uio skin. ' M. B. POWELL. Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria. Fresh Cuuningliam.'s. . Buckwheat, and alfkinda of custon riniii'-x <1one ut C,;A. L'bcshur's niill AU Kinds ot frcbh meat cut tq order at R. JButlor'a. djl ._.,-,-.... ...,-. Select and standard oysters at. ningbam'o. _ __ Will you part your dar MOTHERS. , sickness, or call on your druggist for Dr. Sharpsteen's Lavender Umiinenl and Asthmatic Balsam, medicm t that aave lives whep^ doctors fail in Membranous Croup, Inflammation rf the L,qnga, Lun« Fever and Ty phoi Pneu moniaXalsp quickly relieves avd cures Uroup, Scarlet Feyer, ' VV ooping Cough, Sote Throat. Burns. S wlds iiKd similar afflictionfa, 25 and 5U cents or ,by mail? D&.M. SHABPSTEEN, "— , etnr Marahallvi^iebigan. Us Routed : : TIME TAi.lLE, Ex,*j8-,>l*,M8ir ) Es.t., Tn.!ft--ir> f»? OSi 9 &>. Ohlc«|?o,Lr..-.: : .-9 fli Salatna/.ooj...'.. '3 . iattle Croefe..., 'J 45 I, Dp... H'H Xi'olon^i ....... " 4R facksou •( Uetroll, Buffalo.. m.'v-nt. a. r.s T n. « «' THAINB -ween. Day" Chic, KaL.C'hli; !'»< p. ni. p.m.ia m HO 'l -11 J in ^ iSi « » :fo » 17 7 IS ackson. ..11 iibion ...M- ButtfoCt'k 1 '! /I shall offer • for, sale otte of ^ ^ « ^ . • ' — "~ largest and best selected stocks of ^O »y v. . HOLIDAXGOODS and TOYS eyer sold in Marshall atprice^soTowtha i tyou can: afford to buy them. Gome • ,' ;.•"'"• .;...,. -•' '- '' .- »- ' • ... '"•-"• ' " ' early and get yout choice -of the ••-' - * • • ,r • . • \ ' x' bargain^. , \ G. H. GREENE. ,.,.fe"^..,,,,.. ..-,: •;' And <t good Ictnip '.''jjt tnust be siniple; whepi it is.not =simple itiai M •T-- r- not good. ; Simple, Beautiful, Good?— these*^ words mean miiph; but to see«'.The •..Rochester-".^ .will 'impress the' truth more forcibly. All metal, ^ tough arid seamless, and made in three pieces only, it is absolutely sa/ftod unbreakable. Like Aladdin's of old, it is indeed a "wonderful lamp," for its marvelous light -Js purer and brighter than'gas light, softer tha'n electric light and more cheerful than either. took for this stamp-THB ROCHKSTBR. If the tamp dealer has n't the Cf nn I ne Rochester, and tpe style you want; send to us for our new tllustratedSatalogue. and we wilt send ydu a lamp safely by «xpress-your choice of oVer 2,OOO \wtit\\ezfromtbelargestLarHpStoreiinitie World, . 1 BOCIIKST£B IJAPP CO., 42 Park, Place, New York City. Rochester." THE RED FLAG. tSaturdayBexcejpted 'Bally x - r — O. W» KUOGLES, Gun. Pass. * Ttekot Agt. ijso; A 'JOHNSON, Freight Agent., ' C. R. OSBORN. Tlcnet Acer.t, Mar-hall You can always find the best Cigars at Crreene's Drug store, Call and Try Them. 2 Stores. 2 Stores. laws of are ovuv^o, but notiu.a way tobg of uiuch practical benept and are never illustrated by living, exam plea, which }u many cases might easily be done. If some bcbolar-'svao has just oootraqted A cold was brought before the school--so tfia.t all cotfld^hear HIC dry, loud cotfgb. and know its>ianificane^-, aetf the thin, white coating on. the tongue'and 'later, as the cold developed, seethe profuse watery expectoration arid- thin watery dis- -cbkrge from.tiie uose, niot one of-them would evet'fbrget what the first symptoms ' of a co$ were^, Tho'scholftr should then be -• that aU might Bee tbffc ,«;v«D.a eej.ere col< ipt^uld b^cvired In oi^e .or two'dajg, or a ifast greatly mitigated,' when • treated 4a BOOJH as the first v sy "Tbierenjedy is famous,of coughs, colds and eroup. It" >s made es- " pecially "for tl^ese Diseases an.d^is |b6 prompt and, aw&t rBligb)§-«iedie'me-k for the purpose . 60 cpnt bottles fer sale a Send to tto DETROIT BUSINESS UNIVER '! S'hoil cf S>li«rt-l»nJ, Sii 1 ti- i^io .-*> llluitra tiintvill nf,in t.a j' y .>.r » and fortune, Univcreitxlifuildini, Dcfiuit. Mich. The best Perfun\es al ways-in stock at G. H. Greene's Drug store. Laxlies are invited to call and test them" SEE THE RED FLAP. TRUSSES A, full assprtineut o sizes. The best kinds A <" ^ at reasqa&^ie rates fitted without TO CONSUMERS 0? GAS . The Oas Cdmpany anounces the«folJLowi»g reduo- tion in priees'of Gas'for I^GHTING wherever Gas is used ALSO for QOQKING or HEATING to take effect on and after . - .- • SBPTEi MBBB 1 st 1898» GASSTOVB HATES,$1,6Q per 1QOQ eubi5? Ft_ For *ii Gaa coasumed where a GAS RANGE w used. For all gas consumed where COOKING or HEAJINQlSTOVES'we wed and the monthly consumption ,ia upt less tiiaij, l6oO cdbio feet. * •• • , Bat 8 lor Gaa used f of LIGEg?IN& ONLY remain uftQhangedand>raMf9llowsr Sjp . 10QO cubic ft. in one month, $3 Otf per IQOO'cubic ft. •*%- '*j ^*9i ^ M." D.'^saaer, a«4ercha&t (A was 30 ba,cUy afflicted rfaeuma|i8m1roi' a ^efc or more as io to I * - '" « 500a cubic ft and less than 10,000 cubic ft 1 .month $1 '90 per 1000 • ' -lOiOQO, or over, I wouth H'bO per 1000 cubic ft,'- (oubKj-ft. s ,AB the fthQTO ratea >rt» subjapt t3 a dieoouut'-of 10 cts, petlW «cu>iQ ft when the" mQttfha . Willis paid in or b.Bforo the *10jth' of tUe month ixext following. •• ;,~" " .TO special rates afe^?i4e to induce <xmsa;jae{8 to uae'gai for «o$king d to try Cfa ' ,- ^,^'i -.- v i * ' V -J- .. *1 H. *^~&&e^'*$8WW9>$ JACKSON FAVORITE Sept. 1st 1891, The MARSHALL : _ torUS*. JACKSON, Michiean. JUSTICE OF THE PEACE. For pain in the etpmaehj colic,and cholera ,here is nothing better " "' T . Colic,* Oto«4era and P« For saje at Greeoe'a djug store., Childi-enCryfor Wawted. To boy a second baiid cutter ' )%«*«:,

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