The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on December 8, 1960 · Page 2
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 2

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 8, 1960
Page 2
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,» » '• ••> > - >. n.- „> . <> aj. WHEN A»P SHOPS FOR MODS, QUA1ITT COMES 5JRST! THAT'S WHY AT A*P ARMOUR1 i Potted Meat 2S37c IfcRMOUR'S SLICED Cried Beef ^ 43c CONTADINA SPICED Peaches, 2 W 39c ANN PAGE Peanut Butter —3tr 55c BERBER'S CEREAL • Oatmeal S*, J£l7c ; CHICKEN OF THf S5A 'Tuna Fish ?£ 45c BREAST OF CHICKEN. LT.M6AT CHUNK Tuna Fish..—L_?fe29e ....—— INSTANT COFPifi MaxweH House 3fc_3: Sanka Coffee „_....'£ $1.07 Saltines 2^35' Gold Medal Flour £ 49 Cake Flour ^ 3& $ l°° Mincemeat ss25 c Instant Milkz^ „,», 79 C dexola Oil ss_^ 49' Rich's Topping »* .-. 35 C PRESERVES SALE f\f\ /MP Ea. L.\J\J Ann Pag« Red Raspberry, 12-ot. Blacltbsrry, l-lb., Poach, Mb., or Blackbsrry Jelly, 12-ot .............. KETCHUP ft PORK & BEANS ft:. ............... 2 '<& 29c PEANUT BUTTER .69c >, /ttdi ^B*. Jk CLEANING SET K JET HELMET ^^ ..$2.49 TOY TANK sinwtil'iSitiiiM^ k 89c CHECKER SET***. fc .89c BLO-GUNGAME *.89c BILYGOON PUPPETS.. ^m *fkm m • GIFT WRAP iiKtt. Saiw. PtvJuUi-Salad. MINCE PIE ft _ ,49c POTATO CHIPS ft. _.s37c SWEET BUNS iasSS- n ..29c BREAD «-t,- 2 a 31c PUMPKIN PIE &____*: 45c ANGEL FOOD I J«M 2to3-ft. 3 to 4-ft. 5fo6-ft. MIXED NUTS SHELLS BAG ,99e 55, 10-ft, 89< $1.09 $1.99 t5- pk». 23c ...I*. Processed Trees tiREEN 1.49 WHITE ~ 2.29 SILVER 1.59 PINK :::...„ 2,59 '"•" /" *Jgr- /• 'i ' Tree'Stantf.... 19c%o 98c The Porfeot Solution GIFT CERTIFICATES $500 j $|oo FRUITCAKE OVK K ntWT « NUTS) 5 -'3.99 AMERICA'S FAVORITE - OVK K ntWT « NUTS) CAKE I. J-IB. CAM! *2.89 EIGHT O'CLOCK PUSH BUTTON CAN HYDROX COOKIES l4 T89c ™ frt SNOW 59- GROUND SDK! Ifcnryottoanbuyinfldandmeli low Eight O'Clock... and get artra savJogsl Makes the grand- «dt cap of coffee you wee did tarie...bQeauM ifs Custom- Gfoud for yam qoffBemakerl DCVPTMMIFI >.j....Con Warwick Choc. Covtrad •» CANDY CANES It^.. QAMTflQ Worthmor. Choe. Gnl 11 MO Cov. Mar<hmallawi....«... STOCKINGS^ MIXED NUi5 K , Texas Fresh Cello /•ADDftTC 5="' 19° LARGE WALNUTS?,.,.. CARROTS /sag n BRAZ , L NUTS c. %r<i TANGERINES 2%2S" MIXED NUTS " fta Pig. OQ/» ,,..of4 Z.JU Ptg. Ol n ..of 10 tlG yic39c Can '*» .% 99c 't 53c Waahington State Delicious _ JQ^ ^ M CHERRIES l0 '^. 29C > h • * — Texas Snow White CAULIFLOWER ^ Large Heads Crisp LETTUCE Each Texas Valley Juicy ORANGES SHELLED PECANS £<&. »« 99c 19° RAINBO PICKLES a 3 '^ «1" MFrKECAL p uwde r 23 ° BISQUICK SX _^ a _,.^: 69c DOZ. 5DOZ. $|00 Or FOE I RAINBO PICKLES a MFrKECAL p uwde r BISQUICK SX «_ CAKE MIX StiA. «. !.% 37c c SPIC & SPAN CLEANSER X 29c IVORY SNOW & 32c FEOZEN FOOD ORANGE ME ££„ 2 " c ? n 69° BROCCOLI SPEARS A £L_ _ 2^39° %«l»ll«Sl^i»— WQtXO DfTE«S!NT VEL KL: 65c ow«R<§«m TIDE 2: 7Rr ft*..** /JO AIR FRBSHENER FLORIENT £:t 75c DETERSENT CHEER IL 7"ir »w» / v/b CLEANSER AJAX 2 "£ 49c DETERSENT DREFT gi 77n !>«• >- / 1 V DETERSENT AD £ 75c DETERSENT OXY001 l~ 77c DETERSENT FAB 1. 75c LIQUID DETERSENT IVORY £* 65c LIQUID DETERSENT CHIFFON 22 01. CQn Size DOC LIQUID DETERS6NT JOY gr. 65c TOILET TISSU6 NORTHERN 4 S; 35c AUTO. WASHER Dttf. DASH 9-lb., 13-01. J029 Size L. A HEADACHE REMEDY BUFFERIN 3 L ,» »r 9 LIQUID BLEACH CLOROX 'fc": 37c f THE BBAZOSrOttt THURSDAY, DEC. «. 1MB Giant Dish hoped Ear Tuned To Sky By RALPH DIGHTON SAN NICOLAS ISLAND, Calif. AP)--dri this barren, gullied clod t earth 85 mile* oM the California coast man hag cupped a giant ear ' to the heavens. Today this ear, a dish-shaped ntenna SO feet to diameter, ii stening to a satellite 400 miles ligh which photographs the world's weather and measures tin eat the earth receives from thi Sometime next year tt will begin listening to another kind of atelllte-one with a man in It. This antenna and others In the etwork around the globe will .cop ground scientists Informed round the clock when America's astronauts venture Into orbit. Newsmen got their first look at his new and heretofore secret racking facility of the National Aeronautics and Space Admlnls- ration recently as the robot voather man, Tiros II, made Its 92nd circuit of the globe. At the sound ol an alarm an , operator seated himself at a console of Hashing lights and dlnlg with ncrvou/ needles. Centered on a small panel was a lollipop-sized "joy stick." Grasping this control lever he swung the 11-ton dish around ike a toy, picking up the satellite's signals as It whizzed up over the northern horizon. At the push o fa button the 289- pound satellite began radioing pictures it had taken and stored luring its previous orbit. This finished, it began chattering Into the giant ear what it had learned shout the way the earth absorbs and radiates the sun's heat rays. Fourteen n.mulcs later it was all over. The satellite had rushed on beyond the southern horizon. Fifty-five miles away, in the icadquarters of the Pacific Missile Range at Point IVJogu, the pictures and the infrared data had Deen received by microwave radio and were being processed and itudied. Within two hours, the photographs of clouds snapped by the satellite would be in the hands of Navy, Air Force and civilian weather forecasters thousands ol miles away. Fantastic as all this muy seem, Tiros II actually has not accomplished much so far because one ol its two TV cameras—the one which was supposed to cover an 2a of 50,000 square miles—isn't rking properly. . Kventually after many of these satellites have been launched weathermen will know what's brewing upstairs all around the world. " 's will mean safer travel, q .' storm warnings and bette. u that you need never be taugnt in the rain without a slicker. Santa Slates His Arrival ! i^, 111 Santa Clam will arrive to weeny Saturday, Dec. IT, and will head up the downtown parade at 10 a.m. He will ride the Fire Apartment truck in the parade, lut what means oi transportation will bring him to town has not been decided yet, the Sweeny Met- •hant'g A s » o c lation tpokesman iaid today. The Sweeny Jayceea are worlt- ng with the merchanti to make Santa's arrival a colorful one that he children will enjoy, according o Jaycee Tom Mays. Santa's headquarters will be set ip in the Tom Orr bullduifi located next door to Finley's Philips "66" Station. The children vill have the opportunity to visit vith him and give him their requests for Christmas. Anyone wishing to participate in he parade may do so, and vehicles ranging from bikes to moving vans may loin in ilia larade it they are decorated in (eeping with the season. The hours that Santa's headquarters will be open, and the jours that he will visit at the various stores and business hmiws will be announced later, said. Theft Reported A theft ol two rods and reels valued at J70 was reported to Freeport police about noon Tuesday by H. 0. Baker ol 1123 West Broad. Baker said the fishing gear was taken Irom his garage between 3 p.m. on Monday and 8 a.m. u" Tuesday. Tu Improve TV Reception The quality ol television reception provided by a "rabbli ears or other Indoor antenna often cun !JL> improved 50 percent or more l.y crumpling sheets of aluminum lo:l around the rods. The toll should be wrapped uround the rods lightly enough to stay on, hut crumpled so as to iiuw!i>>« the total exposed surface of «"• tulnum.

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