Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas on June 21, 1961 · Page 2
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Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas · Page 2

Del Rio, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 21, 1961
Page 2
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4-DfL RIO (Tcxot) NEWS-HERAlD, Wednesdoy, June 21, 196"! US Charges Prague's Chief Spy By MILTON BESSER never b>cn in California, lint l\S. T. TLi was LASTED NATIONS. N.Y. ;AP) Slate Department press officer denied by Ziit'iisk O'niik. SL-litvi — Secretary General Dag Ham- Lincoln While displayed photo- i'Jrch.^i.-y, JK J.'I.-^iition h.-nd He msrskjold was caught lo-ciay in a graphs of \aclavae nncl Htasny >a:d he had -naifmed the I'nittd cross-lire from tJie United -States he said were taken outside a San State:. t>ijt h:*- s<nernmf'iu r«. k and Communist Czechoslovakia Francisco restaurant where they jrctod ;he t-har-jv* ugaiiin Nac- over U.S. spy charsi-' asainst mel. \a!:i>. ;;rid '.::;. t he v."is'im Czech diplomat Miro*!=«v Xaeva- ',-,,,., L < further ;r.-ir;ic:ii>;;.- frv>:r. !'ra?tU". j sc Czechoslovakia s charge lhat the U.S demands violated Uie rri!<.-iu>y ••«d Nao\aSac"s !35t ; The United ?ia:>.'j M-ni lism- U.N. headcjuarters agreement a^senmerit in i'rscuc- hotoro com- marskjold a note charsins that with the United States had ins to iiv Uniicni Xa^ons in 1WS . N'acvalac. hasdsc.n-.c S^^y oar-old aroiisf-d speculation ihst the \va> "iiin.-tt<>r <t' espionajit?. in- counselor at the Cse-ch I'.N mis- • Czochs '.could request ihai the tei ! ! ;ir...c i-.nci > ! ;b'-^'rji'.t. ftt-uvj- : sion, is Prague's cl;k-f intelligence case br referred to an ' arbitra- iu>> in' the \Vs-?ttn; Ik-rninhere." a«ent in America and that he lion tribunal. Clayton Fritchev a Nai-\siac df-ri ,-d ;'n;,i nr;n -aid paid an instructor ^t tise U.S. *-pt-ke»man for the U.S. deU-gation |... v ^ -,, .-^jrii- »! iht- Foreign J ADLAI IN FINAL TALKS Pinkos Can't Even Recognize targets Army icrey. Cahf. tion. in .Sir>n- ; said the arbitration irsforn can lake place only '.vlicn there is disagreement between the -United States and ttvj setretary-sen- The Lniu-d state-? ; aui it nau f , ra! and ... A ... know of no i)U . h pictures to pro-, t- ;t Tiif i£:;su3Se inslritctor. a naiurali'c-d American citizen horn is C7echo~ir.s-ak- ia, confirmed thv U.S, jccounl. The U.S. r.fiSe- der:ar«.-d an-?-.v thst the Czech pc-verr.T.en? snouki recall Nscvalac at -.^cc sr.d denied that the dernanc s'or hi? Hepa rturc violated" she 3.?reers:cnt between the United Stale:; a:;d the Uni t ed "N a t ions c I -. ; n i£ .- p-;' t: s I rights to dipiomi'.s ac-crt-iiKf-d to the United Nations, Nacvaiac denied all !h*> U.S charges. His dcSesatu -r, indicated it would press Hair.mar.-h.i'nkj to rule That U-S sc^-o.i ,::ain?t the counselor vioSaii"i r->th ;.hf U.N. charter and ihe U S.-U.N. screens cat. .' The U.S. note ssid Nacvalac was knowTi to U.S a-.nhoriiies as, the chief of Czechoilft-ak civilian intcllieencc op*-ra'.':=ns in the United States and has a i«Ti2 background in Czet-hi>ski,vak intelligence v.'ork." It charged that Nitvslac had six meetings •'^ith th-: Army language instructor. Karel Hlasny.- bclwcen 195S and iHH. offf-red an exit perfTiit from Czechoslovakia for Hlassy's fiancee ;rs vxchancc for intelligence iniorrria'ior.. snd paid hirn various :i;nis totaling 51,700. The . United Su-:t* >aid Miasny was cooperating with the U.S. governrnect a!! the ::rr.e and the information he pasr-cd v. ss worth- jess. But Hlasny-".- fj'antfre ?«t her exit permit in s;*5C' and ihey were married in Cetifvtrrii£. Naclavac saTo the U.S chorees •were "all ik-s" and that he had I". N. C-!t-S .> Thr \^ j NEWS BRIEFS FROM MEXICO HOW'S THAT, FiOSL MEXICO CITY Ai' — Fkiel Castro tays gwid ; h.i n 3 s iire plentiful in rus nev, Cuba, hut stores £t the iiiternatiunsl v airrx.>rt bere do a boom ins b:i=:noss with crews of Cuban airhrtc-s juit the same. Cubana de Aviacion fligh*? arrive each >!ofidsy ind Friday from Havana. Invariably, the captain and his crev. ms:-:»- a br-eline for the airport druEi^ore. RED PROPAGANDA MEXICO CITY 'APr—I'«cka=e.s of Comroviniit propaganda weighing st least four tor.f end intended for use here and jn Brazil and Ecuador .arrived £' the airfxir" from Cubs, the n';'-'.?p£per .Ulti- mas Notic'sas ~s:A T'j-r = day. MADE IN MEXICO ' MEXICO CITY .A;'—MCXK:,-. will • be [ir.xr.on: ^- r,v,-n uuto : mobiles within thr-:--: to ;:-.o the busir;es= h.;ii'.tin "Tr,e Mexican Market " =&ys. BAN JETS OVER CITY . MEXICO CITY -AP, — .\Cisf.- weary resicen's xiill 5f^>r ; find their days a b:! r ;iy.'-;-Lr l':\ airliners are iioir.g *':, "r^z:^ t«> >t"p fjying over UK- ci'y. TO DEDICATE PROJECTS MEXICO CITY f.-.P.—Fresident Adolfo f-"p-c.' -M a'. •:-''- •.>;:! dedicate public v.<j.--> -. trjcd r:t 200 -million pci'j-: •'?]*>''/>" jr. !Mc>n- terrey next rrr' i ri''f. Tho^c include hospitais. rk<.' rl!=? .v.i-:>r; I'.i&ri^. hchooli ar?'i '••.:i!f-;i r ::.- %; ih ! _" Uui- versily of Ntso-.v.!" l^-^.-r- ITALY SFEKS TRADE MEXICO CITY (AJ-; - it^iy wants tr. .«•••'• r -<-.' t , •:>• trerst v ith Mexico ar,d b^y c^iff/----, - cotton. copper- and • zifii-. = .'-ie>.)c&r. industrial conftdcTilion .-aid RE.4D THE CLAS>iriED ADS EXPERT UPHOLSTERY WORK of all kinds. • Guoronteed v^ofk done by .Johnny DuPree BiALL'S CONVENIENT PARKING LOT issue.' 1 Friichey said ho had boon, a-- snred last week by jhe Czecho?lo\ al; delcsation that Xacvaiae ALL-OUT EFFORT — A .ufusai by Cyechcslovakia to . transfrr Miroslav Nacvaiac. center' out of rhtv U. the stage for what may be an all-out efi'crt by the,Communist to move U.N. headquarters out of New York. The Czechs have refused U.S. t:<rniands for 'rt-cali of Nacvaiac, No. 3 man in Uie Czech Embassy in New York, whom -Uie_U..S- accused oi trying to blackmail ar ; American into becoming a Red soy. Shown with Nacvaiac are Jaroslav P.v- bar. left, and Zdenek Vran also Czech U.N. delegates. (NEA Teiephbto)' i By MAX HARRELSON j BOGOTA, Colombia (AP) — \ Aanuvst a background of bombs ' am! student stone-throwers who j co;ildn't recognize their targets, i A<i!ai E. SU'venson planned a. final i full round -if talks with Colombian j officials today to close out his 10] nation tovir of South America. • Prciidvnt Kennedy's special en; voy arrived Tuesday lo find Bogo\ (n under tight security guard against ieitist denionstrations. : Just before Stevenson How in ' from Ecuador, students stoned the i automobile' o* \'isiting Spanish .Minister of Commerce Alberto IT iastres as it passed the National University. Later a group of stu- • tk'!it= hurled stone* at passing r'reneh and Lebanese embassy :car<. appafv^nliy tJunkin^ ihey be- Itiniied to Stevenson's party. Stevenson Sanded at the did Tcfho Airix;fi without incident and was not exposed to the students. Heavy concentrations of police had diverte.'i attention to the new Airport in another f International direction. T\v, bombs went off Tuesday, one' in downtown Ko^ota and an- ; other tv.o blocks from the presidential palace where Steve.nson was dining. 1 Two unexi'loded bombs were found at the Bogota Country Club. Siever. or; dined with President Alberlo Lleras Camargo and was repoi'ted to have found him eager for a meet in i> «>f Latin Amurican Foreign ministers on hemisphere problems. Fire Strikes Temple TKMPI-E (API—A 5100,000 fire •Jesiruved a downtown pawnshop :in(i . e:Hf Tuesday nishi. Fire A'.cr^hal J. C. Singleton estimated tiif damage and said the fire probably started in the Silver Gril! cafe. 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