The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on August 12, 1962 · Page 4
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 4

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 12, 1962
Page 4
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Editorial: CITY PROVES MERITS OF HEALTH PROGRAM Four weeks from now Die county will be urged again to participate in tha hupe public health program sponsored by the Srazoria County Medical Sncieiy. It will he the second of three phases ot a mass immunization n.cainsl polio through use of the Snhin oral vaccine. The first phasx; July 22 drew 103 per cent of the 1980 population of the county —undoubtedly the most successful such program in the nation yet. In a recent bulletin to physicians, the Stale Department of Health tell? of the effectiveness 01 tho oral polio vaccine in areas' where it has hren usrd lour; enough to produce records. More thnn hvo yp.irs a.uo. Or. Albert Sahin, originator of the vaccine, tried it out in the city of Cincinnati. This was one of the firs such program;, 1 , and from lln two years o{ experience, the city has shown both the effectiveness of the vaccine and the practicability f.' a continuing oral vaccine program, ihe bulletin points out. In the spline; of WO, Ihe program was begun. Oral vaccine was given to infants over three months of ago, pre-school and svhonl children. Tho program was continued in 19B1, with pnrticub.r attention to infants horn in I0!»> « ho were between the ages of three and 33 months in March of 13(51. Perhps tlie novcty of the mass immunisation appeal hrotigjit out Ihe heavy percentages 'or Ihe Type I program. But although the novelty had worn off after the first dose. 77.7 per cent of those who received Type I in IBfil returned for Type II and Typo III. This was the payoff: In 1959, Cincinnati had had L'4 cases of paralytic polio. In 19KO, ' one case occurred In an adult .13 days after return from an extended stay elsewhere (the bulletin did not say, but it is presumed the adult had not taken ihe dos'c; the Cincinnati program was for children and teens). In 1961, no case occurred in Cincinnati, although there were 281 reported from Ihe state as a whole. Tlie city's population is about an 18th of that of the state. The reason for the medical profession's crash piogram to end polio in this state is apparent: j In 1961 there were 19 cases of paralytic polio in the state, and 17 cases' of non-paralytic polio. With five months yet to go. Texas in 1962 has had 110 cases of paralytic polio, and 29 cases of non-paralytic poio. It's on the upswing. It could be headed for epidemic proportions unless the carrier chain is broken by Sabin vaccine. All of the recent cases cf polio in the state are of Type I. Nearly everyone in Brazoria County is immune to lypel. This may cause many to be apathetic toward the Sept. 9 program for administering Type III. Citizens shouldn't be, for this reason: although almost all cases' of polio in Texas in recent years have been Type I. the proportion I is about DQ-50 across the nation for Type I and Type ill. Considering that in Brazosport there is the active shipping and ; waterfront industries, thousands of tourists annually, and a : technical people in and out. Brazoria'county is ealth dangers from elsewhere in the states. 'e nn Sent. 9 ttet the July 22 turnout was JL. sa ' e ant ' healthful community rathpr ihan ' the novelty of a new health program. ' > THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS EDITORIAL PAGE PAGE 4 BRAZOSPORT ANDJIRAZORI^COUNTY^TiXAS. SUNDAY, AUGUST 12. W SAFETY FIRST" Hal Boyle's Peopl •? HAL BOYLE Snob Victorious' Over Real Value NEW YORK (AP) -Jumping to hide conclusions: A filet mignon steak is a symbol of tlie good life to many, but actually it is one of the " most •verrated and tasteless of foods— THAT sfufF COULD Do to fee HEALTH OF tBE Paul Harvey News By PAUL HARVEY Civic Force Con Alter The Trend But what can w* do about lt? |( -al parlies? Unfortunately, the '"Ktratmc question, spenders nro In control In boll)' SUNDAY & MONDAY TV ORAXNBCi KTBO-TV OHAKNKL motnvrv 11 13 SUNDAY MORNING T r o u b 1 ed children, disturbed wrrnts, confused businessmen — ewildered, anxious — look around parties. We've perpetuated deficit spending for 30 years undo Americans i assorted administrations. The so them, cringing;called "lil>erals" were in contro __,„ . u . *• .M^MIKI"""n uifri.ii* \\crt? in comro ran 1ne ™<.">«<*n.ont of sinister of both party platform commit i , ."**' But wlmt cn " «'<• tees in I960. Under Nixon or Ken O aiXllIt 11: nrwlv <i n',4 -fill lu> .-..: -... The hole in the dike Is now too g for n few fingers to filf. Tims, individually, however appalled, we feel helpless. An Arkansas farmer dared to the crops he wanted to grow. His land has been taken away from him. In America? An industry hied to raise prices. With force and fury an angry Federal Government sued in "court, reopened old tax returrs, with- nody, we'd still be taxing spending our wny toward social ism. In America. What can we do? Elect pood can didates? They're nil good until they get Potomac /ever. That lo helps, C o n g r essmrn? but a letter from Mississippi (o n Congressman from New York is Ilka vaseline on n snake bite. Thus it was n Mississippi man named James Files who first suggested an orderly mobilization of public opinion, employing mnchl- drew contracts, coerced, threatened. In America? i Tlie President publicly deplored i clubs. " ,M ^ hlk * 1wllich he said j Mr. Files believes Americans war » n 1h» " f . d °!! ars " ™" be """'""i. t'wt Washington >ear to the cost of our defense I will respond (o nn aroused citl- zenry. And he thinks our ' 20 _ million. But the misinformed Nor Lions and Clvitan and Ex- a have ctanse 11 u '° dnse ranks ' ron u ^ T ri , 8ht ° OUS tiomvide l>ffort ' ave e from \VeThe People when I brainpower and the manpower. taT^? busi " cs , smcn j P»h-!They are organized at com- in words most of us do noLniunity level. They might blan- use even privately. In America? |kc , our nation w-iO, a ' RigamTc Mh '^ i u' PrCme Col "-'in«"P«''tison web of effecMve ac,of the land order the prayers out!(ion for the presen-ation <* basic 01 schools. In America? i liberties ™ TI 'if ^ ^' K G ° vcrnmcnt «'ill| "e urces a summit meeting of spend 111 dollars for every 100 1 the national presidents of those m T^ ro S ta taxes> Yct Ulc organizations as a f 1 r s t step. I unite House prepares to buy more second the notion vote bait by cutting taxes, not 1 George Washington wrote, "I rt R ' i am sure lho mass ol =WMI« in d Big Government hastens to! these United States mean well socialize medicine, housing, ngri-'and I frankly believe they will culture, electric power in a pro-: always act well whenever thcv gram so vast it would, in fact, I can obtain a right understanding double this top-heavy debt load, of matters." What can we do? Change politi- I share that conviction. NO BIPARTISANS IN VOTING YEAR By JAMES MARLOW i per like communism must be WASHINGTON (AP) — Danger]stiff-armed everywhere, they fre- :s a kind of glue which keeps I qucntjy S et ""stuck on the ques- years by wearing too Democrats and Republicans to-1 If." ° f , how : "happened again iposals. ., | this week, just three months be- Later gether except when the Klue| fore congressional elections. election this "weakening" danger in the American pro- Novemner, saw R and "high risk' melts, which happens frequently j he said his criticism ! didn't mean a change in his atti- The Republican Senate Leader jtude that national issues should State Leaders Divide On Need For Revision much makeup looks no more fool-1 and most noticeably in an election! Everett Dirksen of Illinois, said! be kept out of the 'slate' election he' mignon , , ECts ' .. • stuck. Why don't they use buttons? A man who invariably wears a I four-in-hand necktie invariably a man who invariably When he is with two" women ! Wears a bmv tie hasn ' 1 quite the quickest way (or a man to! SI ^™ up ' make an enemy is to light the 1 - strangers riding up alone cigarette of one—and forget to ' n an au ^ oma ^ c elevator never light the cigarette of the other. A I'" 1 ;",™"' °_" an > thin S except the '• of tbem has »n example of tlie victory of snob- ..^ ol '^' ns himself to death for his an effort bcry over real values I, e d 00511 '' annoy the average'Put U P a If you had to choose between '•• ^T- ''*" 8S " 1Udl tatmg nothing but filet mignon and gravy, or nothing but rice and travy, you'd probably last longer •n the latter-and enjoy it more.,,.,, , Rice holds its flavor appeal long- u , er than any other single food. ! the united front troubles abroad while differing on 'lings at home. Yet, although they agree a dan- son A. a man over 50 who in-'year, like this one. the Kennedy administration sent! campaign although Democrats Playing tennis to prove This togetherness, called bi- its representative to Geneva "hat j may wonder why then he was young. partisanship in foreign affairs, isiin hand" to make concessions to'critical in the first place. by the two parties to| the Russians on a nuclear test-; T^ state Department' quickly j Thus appears still agamst ban treaty. -disputed the Dirksen-Rockefcller or roadblock In the None of the candidates Indicat- Te>:as' constitution is to become; byj fig-! jnew constitution and submitting 7:50 ( 2 ) Morning Devotional 7:55 ( 2 ) Religious NCWM 8:00 (2) World of Adventure 8:25 (1.1) Sign on, Anllwin, 1'raye 8'30 ( 2 ) Oral Roberts (13) The Pulpit 8:40 (11) Sunday Hymn 8:45 (11) Tlie Living Word 8:00 ( 2 ) Tlie Christophers (II) Lamp Unto My Teet (13) Karly Bird Theatre: 9:15 ( 2) Tnmistry On Tarada 0:30 (2) This Is Tho Answer (11) Ixwk Up nnd Llv« 10:00 ( 2 ) Ilils Is Tlie Life (11) Camera Three 10:30 ( 2) Frontiers of Faith (11) Washington Conversation (13) Gulf Coast Jamboree 0:55 (11) News with Ned Calmer .1:00 ( 2 ) South Main Baptist C. (11) Sunday School of the Air (13) First Methodist Church 1:30 (11) Your Area Churches 12:00 ( 2 ) Builder's Showcase til) Hollywood Playhouse (13) Warm-Up 2:30 (2) Great Voices from Great Books— (13) Houston Colt .45's vs. Chicago Cubs 1:00 12) MtJM Theatre 1:30 (11) Best of Gmucho 2:00 (11) Life of Riley 2:30 (111 Feature for a Sunday Afternoon 3:00 (2) Bold Venture (13) Wrap-Up 3:30 (2) TV: USA (13) Houston Home Show 4:00 (2) A Way of Thinking (13) ABC's Wide World of Sports •1:30 (2) Patterns In Music (U) Tho Amateur Hour 5:00 (2) Meet the Press 111) Twentieth Century 5:30 (2) This is NBC News (11) Magic Room (13) The Flying Fisherman SUNDAY TVENIhS 6:00 (2) Bullwinkle (11) Lassie (13) Six O'clock News 6:10 (13) Houston Headlines 6:25 U3) Weather 6:30 ( 2 ) Walt Disney (11) Dennis the Menace (13) Follow The Sun T:00 (11) Ed Sullivan 7:30 (2) Sir Frances Drake (13) Hollywood Srwdul 8:00 (2 ) Bonanza (ll) G. E. Theatre 8:30 (11) Who In Tlie World 9:00 (2) Show of the Week And in this same mission to| vtevs . Bu( no remembering .Switzerland New fork's Gov. Nel-| t he record of other years, need Rockefeller, seeking re-if ca r the fractures, bruises and Vf SSninOtOn By GEORGE D.XON t . at so many j •me thing fat men are most fas-| women liave taken U P bowling is! Hdious about is their feet. Their j ts " here the men «"*• ' ihoes usually have a better shine I If , y&u want to % et a rea "y good' n I . R 1Q Ifj R l| / gC ponents of revision. The Associated Press asked the major party candidates for the (11) Candid Camera 9:30 (11) What's My Line (13) Lawman !-J10:00 (2) Sunday News Final (11) Eric Sevarcid News (13) Sunday Nignt Ne\v» , . . abraisions bipartisanship suffers office of governor, lieutenant gov- in 1962 will be fatal. In 1950, when President Tru- than those ol skinny men. A woman over 50 who tries to KINGSTON, JAMAICA, — A ^, taura " t "eavUylyounB "'Oman _with_ the freedom- patronized by little old wealthy widows. Good food becomes one of their main joys in life—and they have the time to seek out the restaurants that serve it. It is hard to understand why a tvoman who cheerfully carves up won name of Ymelda (pronounced "Commonwealth Status") became so calypso-obsessed from overexposure to Jamaican folks arias that she composed a calypso of her own while waiting at Palisadoes (C.Q.) Airport for --—,, -—....,,j u^, .._.j vu.-^./ rtupui L i o r a chicken in her own kitchen acts! Princess Margaret to invade the Tony." I haven't suffered such a twinga since I accompanied the stately Henry Cabot Lodges into Dayton Ohio, in the 1960 campaign, and saw signs, "Welcome Hank and Emmy." In any event royalty's mission of liberation should have gone oli with precision so far as we of the world's press were concerned, because we were briefed on : everything we should do. and not composing tin-j do, beforehand. :o squirmish about baiting her inland and liberate it from tho own hook when she goes fishing, j shackles of her sister. The honeymoon is over when 1 Ymelda did he bnde f i rs t asks, "Why do you dcr her breath because she 1 ,.. Spend so mudl '"^standing a I "„ !: „ Jamaica's nev ! Half the people who scream for Sir 'more cultural programs on tele -she vision wouldn't bother',o ^jy ori^t'edT M^^^S^^^ tI>A ^ alher ^ to bo ready for it. man sent troops into war in Korea just a little over five months before the congressional elections, | Republicans, particularly Sen. Robert Taf t of Ohio, hardly looked bipartisan. Taft said this country had vited" the Korean War. And Rep. Leonard Hall of New York, Chairman of the Republican Congressional Campaign Committee, complained Truman administration bungling led to the war. The Republican National Committee put out a document listing what it called foreign policy failures under the Democrats. The Republican rat-a-tat on the opposition got so bad that year that Thomas E. Dewey, titular head ol the Republicans at that time, called for a closing of ranks crnor and attorney general what they thought about revising Texas' basic document. Only Ted Kennerly, Republican candidate for at and Democratic jmcnt. I Another question was: "What -, the major stumbling blocks 10:10 (2) Ideas'in Focus 'vision?" j (13) Weather Cox answered: "I am not aware ~ " i n 10:15 (11) Houston Special (13) Thenlre 13: 10:30 (11) Th« Lftta Show: "Prince of Foxes" — Tyromi Power nnd Orson WcUi • i 10:40 (2) Piny of tb* Week 12:00 (13) Sign Off 12:15 (11) Ncwi Final 12:20 (11) Evening Hymn 12:40 (2) Sign Oft MONDAY MORNING 5:50 (13) Sign on. Anthem, Prajir 6:00 (13) Operation Lilt fi:30 (13) Cndct Don 6:55 (2) Morning Devotional (11) Sign On 7:00 ( 1 ) Today fr, (11) Morning Report 7:35 (11) Mr. Caboosa 7:25 (2) Today In Houston" 7:30 (2) Todny 8:00 (11) Captain Kangaroo (13) Morning Edition N«wi (13) Cadet Don 8:2S (2) Today In Houitoa 8:30 ( 2 ) Today (13) People Are Funny 9:00 ( 2 ) Say When (11) Calendar f» (13) Jnck l.aLanne Show 9:23 (2) NBC Ncwf B:30 (2) Play Your Hunch (11) I Love Lucy (13) Morning Movl* 0:00 ( 2) Price Is Right (11) Tim Verdict Is You™ 10:30 ( i ) Concentration (11) Tho Brighter Day 10:55 (11) Ilany Kcnsoner Ncwi 11:00 ( 2) Your First Impression..,, (11) Love of Ufe 'V> (13) Tennessee Ernie Ford Show i .'•' 11:30 (2) Truth or Consequences ,"„ (11) Search for Tomorrow ',"'' (13) Yours For A Song i ^ 11:45 (11) The Guiding Light ~ 1| 7! 11:55 (21 NBC News Report ^ 12:00 (2) Tlie Big Pay Off £,'<»: (11) News at Noon ,, *! (13) Jane Wyman Prescnti ,'/1 12:15 (11) Tlie Lee Shepherd Shovv f* 12:30 (2) Susie ' fi * (11) As Tho World Turns (13) Camouflage : 12:55 (13) ABC Midday Report L. 1:00 (2) Merv Griffin i'Aii (11) Password 1$ <13) Home Edition News 1:30 ill) House Parly (11) House Party (13) Dragnet 1:55 (2) NBC News 2:00 (2) Loretta Young Theatroj (11) The Millionaire (13) Day In Court 2:30 (2) Young Doctor Malone (11) To Tell The Truth (13) Seven Keys 2:55 (11) Doug Edwards News 3:00 ( 2 ) Make Room for Daddy (11) Secret Storm (13) Queen for a Day 3:30 (2) Here's Hollywood (U) Edge of Night (131 Who Do You Trust? ',/? of any condition which I regard as a stumbling block. Rather, 1 am thankful that the method of change provided in the document DAILY CROSSWORD the "national emergency." attorney general, itself is a deliberate and system- tic gubernatorial I atic process which requires ratifi- candidate John Connally did not!cation by a majority of our peo-' reply. Giving their views on theiple." ! topic were: The Democratic nominee for lieutenant governor, Preston Smith, and his republican op ponent, O. W. (Bill) Haves; GOP gubernatorial candidate Jack Cox; and Democratic candidate for attorney general Waggoner Carr. The candidate* wew asked several questions and their an- swerg split generally along party lines. To tha first question "Do you think there Is need for major revision of the Texas constitution?" Cox said he felt some 'tidying' up" was needed in the document, jut not rewriting. But Carr replied: "The major j stumbling block to revision is a: basic and deep distrust both with-1 in and without the legislature of! the ability of the people, nnd even j the legislature, to write a new constitution without it reflecting favoritism toward some group. "Conservatives fcar that liber- all will be successful In slanting certain provisions while liberals are convinced conservatives will do the same thing. "Labor feels that management! may somehow not be trusted to! participate In a fair way and: The Republicans didn't have bi-i "As a conservative with atn because she was! The long briefine was conduct i "epuoucans a> ™ t nave bi-j "As a conservative with a couple of feet from : ed at the island's one ,;,„ , fl partlsanship amon £ themselves.|strong basic belief In constitution- ew Prime Minister'leamimr. now called -T?,f UntL" In m . th . eir ""T 1 '*«>eiship «Pl»|al government," Cox said, "I be- them if they were provided. Hie man who smiles through every loss isn't necessarily a good sport. " me. |hav mi However, Kir Alexander finally Indies, quit the marquee under which we al r,learning, now called "The of The West Indies," having and one other in- Caribbean dropped "British" as a pefix to "West Royal rules for the roy- on whether American should be sent to Europe. i management returns the distrust.! Rural folks are suipiclous of city folks etc." "To put it squarely," Carr add- ti-oopsjlieve that our Texas constitution, ed, "nobody seems to feel that like our national constitution, is a It was in the 1952 presidential j fine, indeed, almost sacred docu- campaign that bipartisanship tooklment." a long and painful vacation. anyone else can be trusted to write a constitution except himself." 'Die final question asked if THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS His party colleague, Hayes, also: But Dwight D. Elsenhower got i indicated he felt no general re-1 candidate would support a move- F<TABLISHED 1912 Publlined d»|ly onj Si lie., 307 E. Pork Avt., JAMES S. NABORS GLENN HEATH GEORGE L BEACOM may wonder why they didn't come m a jet I will remind von ilnti Britata is adverti ing Bri im"a ( th turbo - props and Si, iis r"vat ! famly help with the commercials. .the Neither T, _,. , '° follow tion ^""- • i , ""isrossional elec- the peace many ways has been the founda-jment until current study on the lion of our slate's greatness,"]problem being done by Ihe stale: Hayes said. |legislative council Is completed. ! support i But the two Democrats did noti Cox said he would tr-IEr Z3£ ' ADV. .agree. ' Both Smith and Carr an- "proper steps for the removal of' ERNIE E. ZIESCHANG Advertising Manager MORRIS FREEMAN Mechanical Superintendent E. E. HENDRIX Circulation Manaqei PEARL GLOVER Classified Manager ROBERTA DANS8Y Manaqing Editor LEROY BrRO Womtn'i Editor SEOR&2 KEHGU-OH Sp;rls Editor NANELLE K. MALLORY Of'ca Manager ist Board of Temperance norment that gave the Communists! W.C'.T.U. .half O f Indochina — Adlai E. _____ __ ... . _ bnofing because it was all Stevenson complained the United'swered the first question "Yes,"'obsolete or otherwise cumbersome me in r.nshsn. An extremely British States, although not directly in-land ihen went on to the secondIntladmienl.s to our basic consti- weHited acainst H.P n-»ln " "' i P" !) " >K ™P" er . ""lU'red how soonjvolvrd in Die fighting, had suf-tquestion, "Whv?" llutlnn. Hayes said "No." 1 helpeti PriL MtawLB^ ^T i £, PldUrcS ° f ^'"^ * " flevastati "B loss." ' The need for revision is or, i So, after all the H,,,,,,, ntp review Jamaica's cw '. wo ° n * '' d<;k home. He was in-; He also had a lew Ihings toivious when we note Ihe number|theory, [ihilosophy and pro and DIRECTOS ; new standing "army drawn un in next ri v If 1,1 outb ?. und P' a ne|say on bipartisanship, or tlie lackjof times there have been attempts mn arguments on revision have Uwo short lines \ rt h n • fllm loa(lr - d i"' "• parlicularly among the Re-^o amend and the number ofilx-en ainxl, I While they 'were oerfm-.nm, * "T!,, L'. ..JL"!'.,„..._.. ,. . l'^ 11 '' 3115 tt'emselves. | actual amendments ad.)pl«l." ; remain: ACROSS I. Fuel B. Hebrew Judge and prophet It. Boss on shield 12. College graduates 13. Vend 14. Negative reply 15. Affix 16. Introductory per- formanees 19. Resort 20. Additions to bull din ITS 24. Marsh 27. A tableland 29. Playing^ marble 31. Sow with long stitches 32. To revoke 3<.J.F.K.'s brother 35. Sharp J6.A Wing 38. Elaborate orchestral composition (2 wda.) 43. Exclamation 48. In 47. E/rypttan danclnjr 48. Change or correct 60. Hoarfrost 81. Pure In design W.Fro* DOWN 1. Point of moon 2. Hebrew measure 3. Fit 4. rxiungcs 3. Kind of nil oo 23. Prosecuted Judicially 24.Trco casing 25.3- Bhaped molding 6. Genus of lily 2 6. Be- 7. Greek letter stowed 28. Whits poplar 30. Bl ff top, for ono 33. South Carolina river 37.Aslda 39. Malt Win 40. Sundry 8. Devi 9. Finale 10. Cover 17. A certain berth: colloq. IS-BrtstleltJce porUBot 21. For fear that 2 J. Tardy 41.GtrTa nan* 42.Bewwd 43.BowUk« curved Ha* 44.Mlao, China, 4S.Aetr«» ejMortment 49. Part of "tab* 1 41 ft-ll two i|iip.slirin.s still YOLTRE TELLING ME!* But anyone who remembers tl -•y WIIUAM wn Otnlral Prei* Writer u Preu. Me. Newspaper Assodolion, Tew. Anouatioo. "to give Jom-Aica In—Ue —Pen —Deuce." , Aside from Ynielda's outrage . , SUBSCRIPTION RATES ',' °' ly «rrl«r. dolly ond Sunday. 51.50 pe, monrh. Mail rcte, upcg re . !Jama "a jueif. AH moil subscriptions payoblo in advance I 1 "'" wa blend n »«"»d c'o« motrer March 21. usi, a , ;lle f ra .. ort |my sluii fta Office, under thl A« of Congress of Murci 8 18'/0 baHner » , Th ''' QU "' n ' S Pho1 " ' vke P«'Mde te /awnin« cndod al>-\vcre split n 'lie^phl!^ '''Iwnhu^ '^£^ cqucnt Richard M. Nixon i A.skwl "If revision wen; at-| how to handle the teinplcd, how do you think it! should ixi done?" the <our candi-. KltKK HMOKI.KT OFFKKKII police staged a one-hour strike, leaving all traffic llghu on amher for the tic- rlud. Must, have been a. mighty rugged 60 mlnutca for tha pedeatrlanit! 1 I I leading British medico aug- » surgery I,I| U A { ..,.„,.„,. •wring. But who want* to fojc tha interest of nosa silence t Need help in building jour uuud ..imu.fl lo lanon; dates generally a«rwd: All said ,| ci . k? Wajll irlras ,, jr sn . said that was all that il would be done, by a scries functional, L-usy-to-build iwtio ac' 1 I ! y -soul winced at a "Welcome Meg HJUyhjcoxei' iu>;i!ty. Jamaica became, \vay hUKejiiide;,r-iidpnt but you could scarce-1 dirt, and'ly s.ay tlie same (or us. | to lire hack. And £vcr>budy 1!WJ. ! legislature lo Ihe | Can- said he would like tu see puVtment IC!, Coiist I.umbcr- |revision done by a constitutional nu-n's Assoi-ialioii, Mil) S.W. Mur- cuinciilion, but added "1 Uiing itirison Slreel, I'ortiand :>, (|ruon Oul In MlHourl a 102-yeqr-old udge xekt re-election - newt Item. Hit honor, comment. F I.*., mull think life begini ot 1401 ; i t It takes a worker bc« only 21 days to dcvolop from the KKK wnllu dronea rc.juiro 2U daya - Thoie lily-good- noturc Item. ______ .__^ for-nolhlng» arc even clow about getting' born! 1 t I A South Carolina titeJ ear tenter, having lo it hi» license /or speeding, yali about in a horsa and buyav- Hot muck o] an advertitimtntl ! 1 I A walch'i balance whnt troy. •U at a ipi«J of 60 mllti an hour - Foclaarophi. We knew lime flow-but net THAT fa.ll ! I ! About tho only thing a polltl. cal convention demonstration >rove«. nays Orandpuppy Jen.% Kln«, U tho ability of the dem» xulrator* to

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