The Coffeyville Daily Journal from Coffeyville, Kansas on April 23, 1917 · Page 4
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The Coffeyville Daily Journal from Coffeyville, Kansas · Page 4

Coffeyville, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 23, 1917
Page 4
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r THE COFFEYVILLE DAILY JOURNAL, MONDAY EVENING, APRIL 23, 1917. Round About C of f ey ville 3fF Euepy OeaJT hi A chabter of the Red Cross s heen' organized at Pittsburg to be known as Funston chapter. -x Brooks Berlin of Sedan is loyal in spite of his name. He recently enlisted in the engineering corps while attending K. U. ' x An epidemic of whooping cough is causing very irregular attendance in the Sedan schools. The children that cough are sent home until it is ascertained whether or not their ailment is of the whooping variety. x Bartlesville is to have an eight story building to be used as offices for the 7he Flavor Lasts FLEISCHAKER'S DOWN GO PRICES on Ladies' and Misses' Suits and Coats o $40.00 Ladies' and Misses' Suits; q 9Q 7 reduced to I O $35.00 Ladies' and Misses' Suits; C9J. 7 reduced to PTtl O $30.00 Ladies' and Misses Suits; ; $10 7 reduced to P 1 I U $25.00 Ladies' and Misses' Suits; 1.7 reduced to J)lfl tJ $20.00 Ladies' and Misses' Suits; M O QC reduced to $ LCfVD $30.00 Ladies' and Misses' Coats; , $1 Q 7 reduced to 4 D $25.00 Ladies' and Misses' Coats; l 7 Cf reduced to J) 1 I $20.00 Ladies' and Misses' Coats; (1 A reduced to J1tc4 D $17.50 Ladies' and Misses' Coats; 1 9 7 reduced to pl J a $15.00 Ladies' and Misses' Coats; d Q QC reduced to V ary of the G. A. R., and held the office with her throughout his residence in i of the American Revolution in Cher ! Doherty company and as a lo ige room - ryvale, and she sat propped up in bed i , ...i, un . oi paiiiuLic nisii uciui in me vuciiv- mu west. ter'ne f vale organization The mother of two Mrs. IIendricks interest in things to attend to the final correspondence as its first regent, a month before she died, June 25, 1014. v ""j" nuu.u .m faiw,. patriotic never wavereu. one oecame r , , with the spirit of her ancestry, which resident of her local W Ii C nresi- P. B. Pumphrey of Caney has been led baek tJ John Cary of Solution- n ' uS:' It was while she was ilenartmprif rw . I nr 1 f 1 ftoT" 1 K O 1 O'h CP h (Ci I I r 1 .1 A : .1 president cf the W. R. C. that Frank ! the De- - , " : Vu-. J "7" ,;i ! ar raF Iame' an.u ?nt: up president of the W. K. C. of iile she ueuaursg a""-4 her duties as patriotic instructor with partment of Kansas. It was wl uihuict. me ucuaica uvu enthusiasm. tttiH followed tlio custom , r;n;,. u.. ..rr; that she - - - V, tl .lllillll.', Lilt' JtLCi March 31, 1015. His body was tab to Cherryvale and rests in Fairvi--.,-cemetery there, not far from the sh:it'L which marks the grave of Mrs. Hen-dricks. Mrs. Hendricks' passion for the flag betrayed itself in every public address she ever made. When she was chosen to welcome the old soldiers at their reunion in Cherryvale in August, 19ui, she took occasion to say: "Our flag has been carried far to the south, across the western seas to the Philippines, and placed in tha Philippines, and placed in the midst of one-third of the population of the earth, and that flag will stay there until we say it may come down. me silk flags to the of her official predecessors in visiting presented handsoi the schools and talking to the pupils nj.h school, of ariou;? cities in Kan i will be on the question of a more comprehensive plan for ship subsidies. Cherokee city high school baseball players went on a strike and refused to play the Crawford county high school when the first basemen of the city team was disqualified by the faculty because of low grades in hi:; stud- Bellamy sent for presentation to her at the convention in Wichita in li)12 a handsome leather banner bearing the portrait of an American Indian ami inscribed: "To my friend and benefactor, Mother Hendricks, department president W. R. C. of Kansas, from' the artist, Frank E. Bellamy." Mr. Bellamy never recovered his health, but his last days were made ear.y because of the fact that through about the glories ot tne country ami its traditions. But she went farther. She induced the principal of the high school to set aside a recitation hour during which the sixteen members of the class of IH'M wrote their ideas of their debt to their country' and their duty to its government. One member of the class was Frank sas. Cherryvale is the scene of the annual reunion of the Union veterans of the Civil war living in southeast Kansas, and never a year went by that Mrs. Hendrjcks was not actively at work making the hospitable entertainment of the thousands of old soldiers who gathered an appreciation of their sr-rvices to the nation. Her last pub I t les. lhe man or nation who tries tu Mrs. Hendricks' efforts he obtained a j lower it by hair's breadth will soe An ordinance, having for its pur lic work was the E. Bellamy. His tribute impressed organization or the lmeral pension as a Spanish-American more stars in a second than,, ever spangled the heavens before." pose the encouragement of gardening, I jrg Hendricks so much, when it was John Cary Chapter of the Daughters 1 war veteran He died in Denver, is under consideration by the ritts ! gathered up with the others and sent , NEW SHIPMENT OF WASH WAISTS Absolutely $1.50 and $2.00 Values, at . 98c Elegant Waists, made of fine voile organdy, cross bar materials, with large collars and dainty trimmings or plain, all sizes 34 to 50 ; regular $1.50 and $2.00 values, at 98c burg city commission, lhe proposi- to her for jnsijection that she preserv tion is to reduce water rates ioriPfi '5'",liT!IIIi,,:H1!HnH'!lIIIPI"n,!ililH!i ll'IIITilUP) ni!1!IIl!;nil,IHHI'!I!tIIl!',Tt,,tTrmiH,tini inilinn HH"1 i ; IS 1111 1' worn. liliilillilibilllllili iliillU.lillllllUilHII I1K1H.B pu,Pu -iu -"i, iu , with 1 (JS th Spanish-Ameri- mm can war and one of the first to volunteer his services to the country was quantities up to 100,000 gallons. x Frank Bellamv. then 21 vear old. He Coffevville has had a "treason 'h i joined the Twentieth Kansas Infantry CcuEitry Club V scare' but so far Bartlesville has ca l - i iL. - -: i L- V v. l ..,.:,... l..,.l ed out no armed guar s oi naa it-0,,,i pu;i;n;nuc Un. its citizens of, , .. 1? ' ..,,, son to suspect any disloyalty. Bartlesv LADIES' UNION SUITS ille Examiner. u,"-"k1,,c Ivr 1 '- 1 - I force one of the most effective in x We Begins a Sale of Low Priced Summer Suits, Values Today America's military history, by the way returned to the United States and was mustered out. But in the meantime, in 18'J!, with the fervor of patriotism which the war with Spain aroused, came the decision of a conference of representatives of the patriotic organizations of the country that a pledge of allegiance was necessary to inculcate a love of m m Could JMot Possibly Duplicate Again lhis beason. Ladies' Union Suits; white cotton Torchon lace knee; price only Ladies' Union Switsin extra sizes; fine rib white cotton; lace knee or tight cuff knee; 50c value Ladies' Union Suits, tuck stitch, white or pink lisle. The Nu-shape, dip front, eith- lace knee or cuff knee, at... Ladies' Union Suits, fine rib white cotton, lace knee or tight knee; 3 lor $1.00; each Ladies' Union Suits, Globe Mills fine rib cotton; lace knee, . cuff knee vr envelope suits, all at one price 25 c 39c 59c 35c 50c country in the generations to come. . gi nu. K,..i ix L. i I ft 4 fed! Ladies' extra sizes Globe Mills suits, in lace knee or cuff knee; Twenty criminal cases are on the docket for the May term of the Washington county district court. Only one murder case is listed. This is the first time in the history of court that there has not been two or more murder charges tried. Will Putnam will Le tried for the murder of William Butler, a Bartlesville policeman. A jury of fifty men has been drawn to appear May 8. x Miss Bessie Fugate oT Dewey has been declared the champion speller of Washington county. At the final contest, held by Miss Helen Dunaway, superintendent of the county schools. Miss Fugate spelled correctly two hundred and fifty words Abmso Daugherty of Ramona, was her closest competitor, the two hundred and fiftieth word "Lavender" was his undoing and because he used an "A" in-the final syllable instead of an "E," he was given second place. Ann Shaw of Bartlesville, was accorded third place, she having missed three out of the first 150 words. By winning the contest at the Garfield school yjestcr-lay, Miss Fugate also won the honor of being the representative of Wash 59c 85c $1.25 all reinforced; extra full sizes, at We 'Would Advise Buying Your Summer Supply NOW. lay 'fa i in uugitouL ine siaies me suumission of suitable sentiments was invited, and the W. R. C, through its state departments and they through local eorprt like the one at Cherryvale, took it up. Mrs. Hendricks, whose love of the Stars and Stripes was somcth'uvr very much like worship, thought at once of the pledge of allegiance written by the high school boy who now was with Uncle Sam's fighting men across the Pacific, and she submitted it to the national committee which was to make the selection. Out of thousands upon thousands of manuscripts which reached the committee and were read and passed on, the pledge of Frank Bellamy was chosen as the one expressing in fewest words and strongest phrases the loyalty of an American to his flag and to the Announcement of New Ownership of the Overland Sales and Service Station Saturday a deal was consummated whereby the Overland Sales & Service Station passed from the hands of Hahn Bros, to Workman & Ross. The name of the fii'm will remain the same : THE OVERLAND SALES AND SERVICE STATION Also, we retain the agency for the Overland and Willys-Knight Automobiles. mi Phone 991 119 AVest Ninth St. fit m m 7TT t 53 I "31 I ! tne purpose of urging farmers to farm Ulf iJ H tl U eUnUr 41 Ul would seem to be just about as sensi- ington county at the annual ttate spell ble and as necessarv as it would be 1 at the J land of his birth or adoption. So it r- - r--. The service in our mechanical department will be improved wherever possible, j and service will not alone be given to Overland Cars, but on all makes. Mr. Parker, gg JI1K vUllLtTBt, ll UC 1IC1U lUU' J. l l Lilt i S to organize a lot of pressure to get HUGH J. POWELL, Editor and Owner. s-sra if 11. a OFFICIAL CITY PAPER A. and M. college in Stillwater, lhis is the third year that a pupil of the Dewey schools has won the honor of representing Washington county. Last year, Washington county's representative was given second place in the state match. editors to edit or bankers to charge interest or merchants to sell goods or lawyers to try law suits. In other words, in the name of patriotism the country is being inundated with a deluge of mine and piffle and flapdoodle from which it may well pray to be delivered. who is well known to every automobile driver of Coffeyville and vicinity, will be in charge of our mechanical department, with Dave Workman. Live and dead storage will be given on all makes of cars. TO ALL CAR OWNERS: ' We want to merit your business, and to do so, we must give you that -kind of service that makes and keeps friends. That we shall always endeavor to do. We ask you to make THE OVERLAND SALES & STORAGE STATION your headquarters WORKMAN & ROSS of K 3 Ought to Go Through Here. A meeting of the state highway commission will be held in Topeka Wednesday and at that time preliminary plans for road improvement will be taken up. Sunday's Capital had a story of the "K. T:" highway. It is TERToTsUSSlffTloN Daily By Carrier One Week .10 One Month .45 One Year 5.00 By Mail One Year $4.00 Daily Rural Routes and Buying , Vicinity Ooe Year $2.00 Single Copy, 5 Cents Entered in the Postotfice at Coffey-rille, Kan., as second-class matter. came to pass that the Kansas boy author of the Flag Pledge is numbered with Francis Scott Key, author of "The Star Spangled Banner;" Joseph Rodman Drake, author of "The American Flag;" Dr. S. S. Smith, author of "America," and others from whose pens have come undying expressions of fealty to the United States. Frank Bellamy returned from the Philippines shattered in health by his stay in the tropics. It is an interesting fact that he knew nothing of the adoption of his pledge of allegiance by the patriotic societies of America until Mrs. Hendricks told him when he arrived in his home town. "We are proud of you, Frank," she said, "and the national W. R. C. has passed a resolution thanking you for writing it." The boy flushed. "It didn't express half what I tried to write," he said. The physicians who examined him on his arrival home found that the white plague already had him in his grip and ordered him to the mountains. He went to Colorado and, since he could no longer follow music as a vocation, he took up art, for which he also had a talent, and his own mother having died, he looked to Mrs. Hendricks for advice and corresponded 1 lip I ii m routed from Kansas City to t,arneu, Iola, Erie and Parsons. Coffeyville road enthusiasts ought to get busy and bring a spur at least if not the main from Parsons through i.herry- iales and Service Station i Phone 1928 The Overland 220-222 West Ninth Chairman Gossard of Labette county has called a meeting of the people of Labette county to be held at Alta-mont tomorrow to discuss the matter of increasing in every; way possible the food production in Labette. Mr. Gbssard has been named by Governor Capper to look after this important work in Labette county and he is setting about it in a way that forecasts its success. Mr. Gossard has issued a statement to the people of the county and asks that it be given the widest publicity through the newspapers, inviting every town and township to send as many people to the Altamont meeting as possible. This matter of incrasing the food output of the nation is far more patriotic than lip service to the 'flag and every one who caused two pecks of wheat to grow vale to Coffeyville. Here it would con TELEPHONE 71 and 74. nect with the Ozark trait tor tne south and could run through Nowata, Claremore and Wagoner to Muskogee. , u... niiiiiK ikimill ION A B f j iiiiiiiiiiiHii'iiiiiniiiiiiniiiiniHiniiininniiiiiiiniiiiiniiiHiiiifli i i i ' n mm:, ' m i i n m ni i i ! I I I I I I : 'II MW I I IIIiililillilhE uiiiuii.ii.iiiiiiiiciiiuhiWi.iimiiiiiiiii Our Flag Pledge -s Chas. F. Scott in lola Register: Of course it is all done with the most patriotic intentions and from the best of ' 1 ,:a Its Origin and Its Authorship where but one grew last year or two spuds as against one is doing a double SCHEDULE OF, THE UNION TRACTION CO. "I pledge allegiance to my flag work of patriotism and laboring fori humanity. And to the Republic lor wnicn it stands, One nation indivisible, With Liberty and Justice to all." The foreiroimr flag pledge is known To Build Up COFFEYVILLE TO PARSONS Coffeyville 6 20T7 40 9 0010 2011 40j 1 00 2 261 $461 BTfoipffsSJl 740JIOO1020 motives. But it must have a tendency to make the farmers tired to have everybody, from the president down to the governors and town mayors urging them to get busy; and raise something to eat as if without such urging they would sit around playing checkers all summer, or pitching horse phoes or joy riding in automobiles. The campaign for back yard gardening was necessary and all right because people are not likely to do the thing they ars not accustomed or prepared to do unless they are urged to do it and helped to do it. But to hold conventions and issue proclamations and establish publicity bureaus for 6 40 8 00 9 2010 4012 00 1 20 2 40 4 00 5 20 6 40 8 0Q 9 2010 40 Dealing by memory to all the school boys and girls of Montgomery county, but it is After Grippe9Coids Bad Blood Geo. Chain a Visitor. Geo. Chain of the Shepard & Chain Ice and Coal company, who is now engaged in the mining business at Carthage, Mo., spent yesterday and today here visiting friends. He reports business conditions good over that way. Mr. Chain and Mr. Shepard also have some holdings in the new Baxter Springs district. unlikely that all ot them know tne pledge was written by a Montgomery county boy. A full account of the origin and authorship of the pledge was Jeff erson .. :L6j50l8JL 9-19II J'JPL1 30l 25 4 10l G3QI 65QL8 109j0J10BO Ind'p'nd'ne'l 6 15 7 30850i010Jli 30J12 02Jjoi3oJ4 C0M510 7S0 850 1 010lljia Cherryvale G 458rQ0j 9 2MflG40j2 00 1202 40jU)0J5 20Gj6 JB 6092010 40jl2 00 Dennis J 7 10 8 28 9J811081228i 48 3 084 28 5 48 7 08 8 28 9 48111081.- Pargona ...f 7 40f9 00f0 2011 4Q 1 00 2 20 340 5 0016 201 7.40)' 9 OOjlO T20il 40. PARSONS TO COFFEYVILLE contained in Sunday s Kansas City Star together with an excellent like ness of Frank Bellamy in uniform ot the Twentieth .Kansas regiment of which he was a member. The Star article follows: You Want T lie Half a hundred boys and girls, eyes glistening and voices thrilling, chant filial the. Flag Pledge .in unison, and at the close half a hundred right arms are thrust forward and upward, the better Take a blood cleanser and alterative that starts the liver and stomach into rigorous action, called Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery because of Dne of its principal ingredients the Golden Seal plant. It assists the bod to manufacture rich red blood, which fpeds the heart nerves brain and organs f the body. The organs worfc smoothly like machinery running in oil. You feel clean, strong and strenuous instead of t ired, weak and faint. Start to take it to-day and before another day has passed, the impurities of the blood will begin to leave your body through the eliminative organs, and in a few days you will know that the bad blood is passing out, and new, rich, pure blood is filling your veins and arteries. to wave half a hundred little Ameri Strong And Well r Keep your blood pure ; that's the only way. Don't wait until you feel badly, but begin NOW. Impurities in the blood put unnecessary work upon all the organs, making weakness and old ago come quicker. Do as Grandfather did; take S. S. S., the best of all blood tonics, proven for 50 years. Take it now; take it often, and you will have strength, health and happiness. At vour druggist's. SWIFT SPECIFIC CO., ATLANTA, GA. Parsons 6 20) 7 40j 9 0010 20! 11401 1 00 2 20 6 40) 5 00 6 20 7 401 9 0010 2Q Dennis .:, 6 48) 8 08) 9 28110 48jl2 68j 1281 2 481 4 08) 5 28 G 48 8 08 9 2810 48 Cherryvale 6 00) 7 20 8 40)10 OOjll 20112 40 2 00 3 20) 4 40 GOoj 7 20 8 40110 0011120 IndVntl'nc' 1 6 30) 7 GO 9 lOjlO 30111 50 1 10j 2 30 3 501 5 10 6tt0 750 9 10110 3011160 Jefferson -.j 7 00) 8 20j 9 40111 00112 20 140j 3 00) 4 20 5 40 7 00 8 20j ft 40)11 00. Dealing .1 710) 8 30 9 50111 1012 30 1 50 3 10 4 30j 5 50) 7 101 8 30 9 50)11 10 Coffeyville 1 7 401 9 0010 20rll 40 1 00) 2 20) 3 40) 5 00) 6 20) 7 40 9 00110 20)11 40..2 COFFEYVILLE TO NOWATA Coffeyville ) 6 00j 7 40) 9 2011100112 401 2 20j 4 00j 5 40) 7 20 9 0010 30 South Coffeyville G 151 7 55 9 35111 15112 55) 2 35! 4151 5 551 7 351 9 15)10 45 Howden I 6 2sj 8 05! 9 45)11251 1 051 2 45) 4 25 6 05) 7 45) 9 25)10 55 U ickory Creek 6 35j 8 15) 9 55jll35) 1 15j 2 55 4 351 6 15j 7 551 9 3511105 Ler.apah I 6 40"8'2010"001li""40 120 3 00 4 40 6 20 8 00 9 40)11 15 Delaware 6 50) 8 30110 10)11 50 130) 3 10 4 50) 6 30 8 10) 9 5011 25 Ask Grandfather He'll Tell Yoa .! 7 40! 9 20111 00112 40 2 201 4 00! 5 401 7 20) 9 00110 30112 00 Nowate DERTAKIKIG can flags. That is the scene presented to the visitor in any public schoolroom in America on Washington's birthday or Flag day, or any other occasion of a patriotic program. And the visitor, man or woman, old or young, cannot but carry away a never fading picture of the scene, for it is patriotism in the making. So universal is the custom and so chief a part does the Flag Pledge play in America's expression of loyalty that it is hard to realize that it came into existence less, than twenty years ago. But in spite of its modern origin the public knows little of ita authorization and still less of its author. New interest in it has-eome in the preparations for war with Germany and many requests for information regarding it have reached the Star in the last few days. '-America owes its Flag Pledge to Kansas. It was written by a Kansas boy and inspired by a Kansas woman. Here is the story, told now for the first time. A little more than twenty years ago Mrs. Lillian A. Hendricks of Cherryvale, Kan., was an untiring worker in the Women's Relief Corps, an auxili- NOWATA TO COFFEYVILLE ) 6 00j 7 40 9 2011100112 401 2 20 4 00) 5 40 7 20) 9 00)10 30 Nowata Delaware 615 7 55) 9 3511 15112 551 2 35 4 15 5 55) 7 35 91510 45 6 25) 8 05 9 45111251 1 05j 2 45 4 25) 6 05) 7 45) 925)10 55 H N M 6a N Lenapah Hundreds Will Testify Right Here in Kansas, Lawrence, Kans. "My sister was nervous, sickly and thin and f-he took Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery. She had been away and I did not see her for ix months. I was pleased to see the improvement in her ;ipx-arance and general health. She looked lots better in every way." Mrs. Frances Felt, 1109 Pennsylvania St., Lawrence, Kans. - Kansas City, Kans. "My mother used Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery for weakness and a general run' down condition. It always helped her and she has always praised tie medicine Night Phone 539 Day Phone . 99 6 35) 815) 9 551135 1151 2 55) 4 35) 6151 7 55 9 351105 Hickory Creek Howden I 6 45 8 25)10 05)1145) 1251 3 051 4 451 6 25 8 05 9 451115 t3 II South Coffeyville 6 55 8 3511015111551 135) 3 15j 4 55 6 35) 815) 9 55)1125 Coffeyville I 7 401 9 2C!n 00112 40) 2 201 4 001 5 40) 7 201 9 00110 30112 00 H LAPP? a y y n Manager CoffeyvlUe Furniture Co. o wrii!!uj!iii!!t!HiPHJn! ,;lHjlH' Ifll'lpll'l.lill IWMIjj!ITil jvery mgniy." jubs, ,' uoff, oio Central Ave. ' - " ""' " ' ""'hIii III I I r .lOl.Hlll IIMIIIlllll.

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