The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on December 13, 1892 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 13, 1892
Page 1
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. ' .«*. i> ' , «& ' V ^ MARSHALL, MICH., TUESDAY DSCEMBERM3,1892, PRICE TWO CENTS FEBIBATED lABOfe.) <« Gpmpere' Men Meefto Discuss Industrial Problems. a Bad Italf- CONDITION OF THUMB Uortards of lUrtfo* Not Kqultatily DlstriV 'nted-and Statutes Always Against tlie 1'por Man— State and National Official* ' on the Wrong Side Every Time— Other labor Matters— More Trouble for the World's Fair— A General Strike Threatened -talesfTOphlc Sltaatloti Growing Absolutely Pure. ) A fcream of tartar baking /powder Higlicstof all in leavening strength " ilatast U. $ l Gstrernment Food Re- qort. , ROVAL BAKING POWDER IX) " ]QG.Wall?Street, N.T. PHILADELPHIA, 36ec. 13.-President Samuel Gompen opened the twelfth annualses- eion of the American Federation .of Labor in Independence hall yesterdfc£. An address of welcome in behalf of the United tabor league of this city was do- $50Q REWARD,!.. \Vo will pay »Uo nbovo MwarA. for any case o ^lalut, Oysp«p^ia, Sick naadaohe, I u Constipation or Co«tivunei<!i we can W not euro wibh WestV VoKBtuWe l^vcr .Pills 'wlTun'tbn iJiivrit m« «:«' mrfetly coinplicrt wiih ' They are puroly Vi'gi'ta'ilo na>\ never lalllo give eatisftwtion. SoRar noHi-ei.1, L'irg<s ht>xes co»- taiulnir ;W pills ,'i5 cent". Hi-warn of counterfeits iiu.l fiultaliona. 'One g..-»iuii>" miiunfaciured by THK. JOtlN O. \V:E.*T %ONU J .VNY, Chicago, 111. • 'For sale l)y 'A. U. iiyde, Marshall, Mlcb. A Unarauti-eil Cure for ril«* of what, kind or .jearee— Exlorual, luieroal, ULin't «'r Bletdln^, Itchln", t-'hront.-. R«ueiu or ll.-r,vl>Mry. Ibis remedy hue positively uw.r tnn-u kiiowo ICL w'. SI 00 u bux, fi-lioxi-3 f.ur 5^»iw; sent !>}• mail pn-- paid'on reoxlpt of pci^e. "A written liuarautoc positiTciy Riven tu eauh purc.hii«-.r oi (\ ."%%•>»' Whun pun-hasptl J»t <>no liius. tar Hum! tUo SS.vW naid If not curml. ••« i^siitMl by A ta O', Ayd«, MAttKiulK Mich'. Cull f«r Health is Unltea JL<auor leajjuo u* «•»"> —•> ,., , •livere-d by George Chance, of j Typograhical uiiion No. 2, in which he *td: J??«b«^rea bv the wealth that has been gathered. great, prosperous and powerful/ Contrasted with the condition of the producers of that wealth, then the- state is poor, indeed, thave no,hesitancy in saying that the laws of the nation- and the state are partly response for this con dition of affairs. .Trusts nave been legal lazed and fostered, while soulless corpora tions and gigantic plants are the rapecw ward* of the state; laws papal tor th benefit of the masses are declared uncoil stitutional or decWons.given that- tende their provisions nugatory. . -, . • One taw for Rich, Another for Poor. "These and Other decisions force us to the belief that there is one law, or the construction of It, for the poor man and another for the rich. When this-fact becomes patent to the masses of the people, as it surely will, the remedy, or the attempt at it will be swift and it may be terrible. It a said that 'the blood of the .martyrs was he seed of the church,'it is possible that hrough. the blood of the men that died on he banks of the Monongahela last July may come a realization of the true condi- ion of affairs, and that the legislation of he future will be in favor of the mass.-s rather than for the aggrandizement of tlu- pw." The Secretary** Bcpor.t. Gompers made the response, in the four ohvhjWi he made a fling at thu Pennsyl T vania judiciary, and then report- wereju order The secretary reported that in IhJ* 2?7 new charters had been granted. 'In addition eight charters have beenissuW to national unions, making a -total of 2$a for the year, the largest number of charters that have ueefi issued during any one year since the American Federation of Labor has been organized. The national 'union,* affiliated' have Da. E. G. WEST'S ., _ii for Uy.suVla'.'Dijsz jieBB,' gouvuuMMKHi l°Us., Ni-rvooa Neuralgia Ueadctib. Nervous 1'rutarutiou uaaccd by the us "tfleoMrpOoli'aoco, "W aEfefutaras. Mental - JJe "Brtssibn, Softenlus; pfthu Uituu r^uultlng in.ii '' Bftuitv and leudinf; to Miwry, iK-cov, nn<r ae$.t Premature Old Age, Ua,rreau,'e«, JUoaa fitpovvttr 11 either a«*i lnvoRiutiiry. Losaw tM>4 pperinatcr- ~. by uvor-exeriion »>!'. .Ike tir-iuu, sell Ea.cts*box cotitaiiis owe hoxua UiicI6 Stunners Official* < Ing- Over. The miners' trouble at Corord'Ajenewas refeiredtoat souk'length On-this suo* jedfc President Coin-new said: "At the bid- fling of the fuine owners, the Unitcjd States ttoop<5 were brought to Co?ur d'Alene. and the Wnovei.iMicd and subdued, the commanding general of the fin ltd States forces issuing an order that anv, employer who would .oHer-nti- his mines with union men would not be allowed to continue 'ork. 1 ' A-United States judge issued an ,er prohibiting .the union miners frbin olding a ureuting. In other wjrds, the constitutioiuil right of free assemblage mil been violati-d hy a United States judge, nd a general from our array declaring and nforcine an edirt.that the employer shall not carry on his business because he dare employ union nu-n. • , Wiints an liu<>»tisaH«n. "The nction'x)£ both judges and officers of the*l3mted States bnsJyi-n «.o flagrantly in riolaljou ot- law that t believe it our duty to demand of. congi ess to institute an inves- ;igntioninto all matters connected with 5he judicial and military conduct of the affairs iu* the mining' rvgions of Coeur d'Alewo."' Tl«« report urgeh serious con- bidijratiori by the^convcntioti on these, and say . "It is hc.irc-ely possible that the instances mentioned could have been treated in a mahiitir so similar without som-* tacit •'understiUl'dinR- on Uie part of the n'irfboiKilistic class o£ our country. There is every reason to believe that an arrangement of soufc tins end existed •and-still exists. ' ' ' Has no t'ae for MiUtln. Gonrpi-rs theni sc«Vi\--s the militia, lie Bays: - ; Pt is "plainly evident .that the militia of uiir tievifkl states are LOW never ut i i'xct-pt for ostL-ntatiuus display or us an ulument in labor Kt niggles. There-is not evwi a pretense that they tshould be what tYiey were originally designed for, 'an .anuing of the people, a citizen soldiery, a national guard.' " As a remedy, or an adjustment of this 'ooinlition of affairs, ho suggests that if an iMi<U-avor to bring back tin- -militia In it.-, original status fails,-it mi^ht lie ailyisiilue to cU-clnn- Lli.-itmember- Bhip'in a labor orfeiinwatiuii and the militia at one ;ui<l the same, tiiiu- U inconsistent and inconi]»atiljli-. lie closi-s with a plea fi>;-\\.orkin^jnu-n to have politics of their own ai'id ui^r-!-, an appeal to omgress-to re- p'wil i)u- Sunil.-i.s fusing .of the World's fair bill. Happy and-content is si home with " The Ro- cheitet; a' lamp with the lifcht c;f the morning. Catalogues, write Rochester Lamp Co .NewYork, Pay Your Taxes. 1 will b¥ at the store of E. JbJ. Sim mons on MoOday, Friday and Saturday o'f each week during December .for the jiurpose ef receiving ^state, cotmty and school taxes. IE. Si. LEWIS, City "Treasurer. Pinaree & Co.'s and We cai-ry a full line of Smith's, A, G. McGraw & Rennard & Son's fine shoes; GRACE BROS A two burner Uungler gasoline stove but- little used, will be sold at a bargain. ! H.-lM. MfiRRILL. . We, the unirersiffnca, do agree to dose our markets Sundays from Dec. tat, 1393 to May 1st, 1893. Also close at iMght o'clock, during the week, except Saturday's. ' _ B.C. TALMADOK.. E. P. JAN»ELL. ? J, S. Cox, Jit • ' JOHN HEBTKOKN. GrEO. COLtlNS, Jll. Marshall, Nov. 80lh. 1893. KIRKS Tlit? Trouble,at ^< pumpers hat,! thirty-seven applications, worthy of consideration, strates the interest, that, tested by our organizers. cities of the country and the aidio national unions, in 0^., tSie officeri themselvesarewahle to Goropera View of the Sltiiatic interest in the session over,ln4u!geiic6. motto 'utreatmBej. for 55.00, oepi by ttjtu'l a. box, ou r uf^rloo WE CUARAWTEE S4X BOXES To cur« »nv caBe. W ith.i.acb order reeolved by • •" — ' wllb. $5.00, we wit il K-adilighis Uddress a .committee whJ2liMlmil ligeii coii- eidefing the complaint/iron) Chicago that the \Vurh.r» f;iir il-mvuiry emi)foyed a non-imton ]«'i.nt UIK ollice to. do some"' work.. re^i>Vted. A resolution was •'• adopted w^citiup; tha^ -the ^Vorlds fai,r. dii-ec-iofy~ »ad ei.aployed '• nonunion meirto do some work; that the Chl- .cago- r JJypc.t,'raj.JUcal'union w-fis friendly to the fiiir,4i!cl a stock owner therein, therefore tbnt "tijp Anijtvi can Federation. °l La beivfiiso teieijdly to t-lie fair, earnestly- pro ' ' .igaiust'-'the awar.liny of-the above to .any but 'a rt-,cuj;uimJ union Unlit- roiittu-E buisinviss was then trapsocted « u ,l thy uou-x-ntion ivdjourued for'tlie ( d}iy." ' " ' •' ' ' ^ -.-..- ; M6R.E TRt&UBl^E FOR THE FAI.R. Healthful, Agreeable, Cleansing,' Chapped Hakde, Wpundflj Bimia, Etc. Removes and Prevents Dandruff, JMERICftH FHIILY SO»P. Best for General Household Use, F ( -A safe, ARTER'S " 'fiti£td •m.U*V' Jifc ' 1 *i** 0 *'* V lt * Y ***"*''**• O 1 ' *"" fund the jnoney,i£)Uoitr(<atiiicur,at»--j not A cur^, tiuarivntuos isStU'4 oaly t>y A. t), ,^ Druggist and faolo Ageiit 5ttttr-.lj«',3, M.wa. '. ", jt teriiay centered in .._—,-. ... . pers would say in his annual Addxess.- It opeued with a review of ret .... the labor field i£»ieh have/aroused attention, becadss tha iricideits epnneetpd with-41^ have^epi ****** ^JS,*? usualxharacter. saiiuy? under no pgpEur "CAffB the \VvrldV -tltir managers and the -ami Labor Assembly lias reached a ji.jiut « here }t ^s not impossible usualxharacter._;|treferet9 ^^fj^' Kfcat A-gwxuwL>Uik£ otftU orgauued work- and says: "In e&chof ^hese ^ruggl £ s the 1 e ^ lu ^. d nt jac^ou psu-k may take SoyW, ?«..ffia?gSfe toSSffi t5S^ At a tptiul mating o? theTrade and • - - -,requestato4'«he^m^foices^tbe j ^^ AsatUjUv _ l!lst BVpuing to take action State* were at thei* { -^"«;^Iv'tS W^' and means com- F s fair .directory of isha. iurmuwa t;u UU1 «v-v VV S\'. B. Cpntey&Cq., a decidedly Udligeretit spirit was manifest ""• of tliu Meeting. ^^ a9lopt«d emphaticallj . 1^55335—^^ H^ssKK v Sfe^*"""" .a£a&££S8j^^^^&'' a **^ v > m - ^•^'•^•^"B •^••ip J&^oeS^Tfak fcSffliisht by ._, __ Sjjafovadjftihat ,p«aj?e£irttoa^to? w •"*• • - -—'-• £ ' gSxeb Wbojrrjjy 1 - puraee * HI/^ ¥ *,'r 1! Si< lai ' J *.*•*»>••*•*•• -— a no unionofljee, aiid callipg.«t»n aW «*«# »ai»»«-™ic An *iu» United-States .to agsjsj -'' THOS, ft SPRApUE * SOK, '• A«taie»*ifi«IS<rt' cl ttrj uf f* t J -- •>ssj£tesg&s®F& , -was treated , co»«je»p^iously __—„.'"j-Mnphlet Inn.. ^ , ^^.||w?^hHS'e4rffe «?»«» Ott top, Ml 9. 5?. Ct SfchlaJlce. ddJ2 and- , . t.. tke Worldfs lair matuge : casas, Qaae>-^t-Th<-Tn t'^*tijU ion,. "I all tUe ^easoa's ibe bjUs -woijld be pleased tothav^s those " ' ' settle,. •:: J-F. Qie _oc two j^easant, rooms to r«pt, or witlroujt board at M». O. Rowley's.-- " ^ ~~. ^ — r _, ^ ^ .• J ~^-'il~' *> . * t_I-l''4-* J - I -s,J."^9^ *" ^ ' ' ' 1 ->"~~"i '' ^"4- •, 'y ' ' • ' •>•*'• 1 >fefcw?^.. t .rii-_^ k .^5L.sfe3;;^aS^S^a» i Av«,*^,^..&.».rt.--r*

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