The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on August 12, 1962 · Page 3
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 3

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 12, 1962
Page 3
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ZOSPORT AND BRAZORIA COUNTY, TEXAS, SUNDAY. AUGUST 12. 1962 THB BftAZOSPORT PACTS l—Adv.—BE 3-1511—Cossificd—SE 3-2611 Peach Point: MUCH OF THE BRYAN AND PERRY LAND HAD TO BE SOLD TO SETTLE DEBTS j CHAPTER 1» j By MABtB BETH JONES I Stephen S. Perry wan not the 5 sort of man who could allow R idebt to go unpaid. slaves who wanted to stay nearinear Columbia. When the Sayres [husband's properly, Sarah Peach Point. She hart already ! movP ^ („ fjnlveslon .loo I,ee's' nno other major concern. ' on the gootngy of southern Alaska." He was credited with being the first lo recognize the petroleum resource potential of a Cook Tn- glvon enough land for a church nnd a cemetery. ^ „ j J I with Joe I and the olh- That f lv( , Rml ,, „„,] was a church. She daughter, hnd had and The rest - all of it - was sold. IR'™ 1 !". wnn .ion lx -e ann me om- . S()rah W( |hpy s|mu]() Again it wns lo fall to Sarah'sjer young children being sold along .under Ihe influence of religious AH around Peach Point's fer-l'ot to perform the odious task. I with their mother to Stephen;training. lie field*, the once rich sugar^'or In the midst of settling tho'Perry. The log cabin which James and id cotton planters were, selling |d e bt s, Stephen died suddenly, Once each year, Joe's father 'Kmily Perry had built near Ihe iclr lands, or simply losing them i leaving Sarah with a half-grown was allowed to visit his family main house at Peach Point had mse of mortgages s 1 g n odjfamily ami Ihe debts still onl.VMisiin.ry bringing a box of grocer- served as both church and school !ars earlier, when It seemed thojparlly taken care of. ies to give lo them. since about 1S3<), and had been ine.rity could never end 1 . j Most of the former Peach Point It was at young Henry's request much In use. When Sarah finally Slephen held onto Peach Point'slaves who remained around the i that he was given a choice of carried out her plans just * years iger thnn most. Throughout Ihejolti plantation liver In Ihe cabins slaves to wait on him, and it was later, she provided the first Prrs- r, Sarah had managed to have Sarah line! provided for them for Joe Lee whom he selected. "He byterian Church built at Poach crops planted, to care for Si* family and keep Ihe steadily (fiountlng tide of debts lower than the remainder of their lives, nnd: picked Joe Lee said years-Point. The while frame building Interior Dept. Honors Brother Of LJ Physician Thn brother of a La k n Jack- when his two-man rubber boat an- lct arca whero significant re- sonph.vKi.-ianv.-as rpcoRii'a-d thispp.mitly rapsi/rd in a na , row ,serves of petroleum are now bPing work with the posthumous ciln- portion of Ihe Kiagna River j n ; dcvclo P OTl (ion for distinguished service, the ; Alaska. Millrr and his compan-i Other studies made by Miller highest honor bnslowrd by tho ion were making a geological |were cited as having established U. S. Dept. of Interior. 'study of Ihe structure of a prac-jcriteria for geologists in many The citation, signed by .Socro-, li '-ally unknown area of Alaska 'other parts of the world in recog- tary of Ihe Tnlerior IWall. wasi al 'he time of their deaths. nition of marine glaeial deposits, prese n t e d to the widow of Don j Miller joined the U. S. Geolo- ' Next month the first annual J. Miller, brother of Dr. R. C.jgiral Survey in 1312 and spent memorial scholarship will be Miller of Lake Jackson. imueh of his time in the Alaska'awarded in Miller's name to an Although Dr. Miller was not arrri - "' s assignments included ;oulstanding geology student at present for Ihp ceremony, another 'petroleum investigations, results c?f, College of Woostcr in Ohio. The brother, Oorgn Miller, and his which have been embodied in '200 wife, now of Midland, Mich., hut numerous published former Jjikp. Jackson residents, :maps and papers. rlW all(!ntl - : Tlie citation reroanizcd on some of HioBe small Irncls of i Inter. "We were together a greatlslood until I9OT, when it was des- Innd, their descondonls still live, I would saddle his horse forjlroycd by a lerriEle. hurricane. , One of the slaves, Joe, was,him lo go to school. He was good' Plans were made to replace the CHURCH AT PEACH POINT It I»nko:l IJke This Alnmt 19M It would hnvo been but for her tfforts. <hfi personal sei-vant ami special j(n me." :church, but More they could be It was not enough. Stpphprt|<'ompnnion of Sarah's son Henry! At intervals throughout the Civ- rralr/H, farming — the main- .JMS forced to sell some of hls|A. Perry, In the days before the^il \Var, the youngest and strongest : slay of Ihe area at that time — NsHd to ncltlo the debts. It was aiCivil War. The two boys were al-lof the slaves were removed from again hit a slump. Many of the l*nglc time throughout tho!most inseparable, hunting in Ihe^he plantations and hidden in a' residents left to seek employment SSUth. In Bramrla County, land woods around Peach Point and thicket 10 miles past Hrcnlwm, i elsewhere, leaving the church in- Wesf Columbia Slates Two-Day Rodeo erf Ranch scholarship has been estab- geologic Hshed by the family and friends. Dr. Miller's brother had visited in Lake Jackson about 13 years field , nnd ago. The occasion was the 27th !ton-; a s "widely respected as a or Awards Convocation, held in 'geologist of unusual . r •• the Interior Building in Washing- exceptional physical abiPIv ton D r Mnndav -j . , rion T M-, l-'l AC, ra " ge ' Don_J. Miller _ dicdAug. 6, 1961, ' Miller was Ihe leading authority miles. _, , r hoars ' scnse of 6me " is so kopn that they can scent gold for 25 to SO cents per acre, ftnd cattle for 50 cents a head. Vast ns the Perry nnd Bryan holdings were, at those Iftcy were almost nil swallowed 1 riding together across the coun- so if the Federal gunlmils should;active until nlymt 1310. Iryslde. ft The T Diamond Ranch nearjslands on Ihe grounds. Colored , ,. , , West Columbia is to be the site of;movies of the rodeo will be made ... , „ . .. I™" 1 lhn (-'onfeder-! I! was about 10 years after thati a tw(M , ay rorleo aponsored hy ^Ibv Arvil Benge. It was believed that they were.-,le forts and inlo Ihe Bra/os Ul-jllme when Mrs. Lucy B. Hervfly,; W est Columbia American I^ion 1 "Members of the American \A- pri,-es the nst living mas er nnd »l™j. AW. they would not be able to a member of the Bryan family, .pn,, r m on . Spp)rmh(>r „ anrf ]5 .j ]nn ,„ Wegt Columbia win mcet When hnth were in their eight-.lake the slaves. ; donnt.-d a new church to replace slw . k )ha , h ,, s |x , pn „,,,„, , (hp pvprv Monr , av .„( M un) ., , np r(> manage to gel forts and roughest nxleo stock in tho coun-.deo to plan the event. They urge p hy Ihe debts. .ies, Ihe pair recalled their early j Since the older Negroes were!Ihe one which Sarah 'ad huill. Tlie Texas Homestr-ad Ac! had [lives for the benefit of Perry and not considered valuable, it was located in the same spot whore.-, rv -. wm ^ furnWu ,,] hy Frank |h uh j ic , 0 at(pnfl (he Uvo f] y ;*ome Inlo being, and thanks to|Bry«n relntives at the group's an- felt they were in no danger ofjlhe first Peach Point church ,,^ ris ^ Wpst Colurahia , or tnfl a'J mlcrn fami | v entertainment it benevolent law, each of Iheinunl reunion held in 10.16. 'ildren of Kmily — wns allowed .Toe I,ee was son of a [being "stolen" by the native; forces. , a _, p ^.,., f l r "vent. Trophies are to be award- 1 | worship by people of a thriving n - (nc to keep n 200-acro homcslte. [African who was brought lo Gal-: In addilion lo her worries overjliltlo community, nnd presides event in geperate i.MilK A. COPLEY 1st flradp Teacher •ah's will, which^ provided the land for the ceme- j lory, the plots there are reserved for the use of those who live be- of each Somehow Sarah managed lo sctjveston, then shipped lo Quinlana ;finances and family, over provid-'over one of Ihe stale's most hls-iyj,',, 1 "',^^'" affair will be ki aside a littla plot of ground and!where he was sold lo Charles D. jing for her former slaves and sal-1tone cemeteries. p,l of j ttifn a „:„ w( , s(p " fl house for each of the former Siiyre, who owned a plantation jvnging what she tould of heri According to Sarah's will, which ;j (| , o ^.^ a t 5 p m ris' Drive-In Grocery. Rodeo chairman is Dean Laugh-' Sunday is the publication date lin. Others participating in plan- of a book of poetry co-authored by Poems Published Honor Area Man ..... Jones Cir-ek and Clemens nin(? are Frank lhrri ^ rod(y) and ., wf) tiau!; hters of n Lake Jackson Slate Prison I: arm. parade; Freddie Godkin, advcr- : woman. (W'«l: The l)nrke<rt Period) Theatre Sets Readings And General Meet ROBERT 3. CAimOLL ' HpcdiU Education Teachers Hired "For Brazosport The Brazosport School District I Mrs. Margie Sue Pope holds a board approved the hiring of | Bachelor of Arts degree from the three new teachers at a meeting University of Houston where she Jield Tuesday night. I majored in Spanish and took ml£ Tliey include Miss Janie A.jnons in Knglish and history. iCopley, to teach first grade at| She is Ihe holder of a provision- AVelasco Elementary; Robert M.'al high school teaching c-ertificate ^Minton, to teach science at Lake'and has bad three years of ex- ''Jackson Junior High; and Mrs. jperience as a teacher. "Margie Sue Pope, to teach Span-j She was hired to fill a vacancy ten at Brazosport High School. |which occurred when a leave of " Miss Copley holds a Bachelor:absence was granted to Mary /Of Science degree from S o u til- Evans. west Texas State College, where New teachers hired by the •he majored in elementary edu- board at previous meetings in- Cation and pursued a minor c 1 u d e Mrs. Martha Elizabeth Course of study in English. Clark, hired to tea:-h seventh She graduated from the school grade al I,ake Jackson Junior In May and has made application High an d Roix-rl James Carroll, lor a provisional lite elementary.added to the special education di- gjf"achiiig certificate. vision. ™?The vacancy she is to fill at Mi-s. Clark, who holds a Bachc- Velasco Elementary occurred be- lor of Science degree from South- Cause of the resignation ol Bar-i west Texas Slate College, put-sued bara Green. |a major In art, with minors in "Robert M. Minton holds a English and social science. ...Bachelor of Science degree from: She has had eight years ex- JJtcpher. r. Austin Slate College,! perionce as a teacher and holds *~" re he took a major in biology a professional secondary ccrtifi- minors In chemistry and En- calc. She- Is the mother of one ilsh. child. »He is married and the father of: Carroll holds a Bachelor of Sci- child. eniv degree fi-om Texas AX-M. *Minlon, who holds a provision- ulu-iv lie m.'ijon-d in physical fl!l high school teaching certificate ctlucfition. ,wns hinxl to fill a vacancy crcat- He has taught at r'cruuson, Mo. by the resignation ol Nancy for six years in the Ferguson Smith. 'Florissant School District system. Angleton Teachers Get jf New Math' Tutoring i| A special extension course In Speech mid other related subjects, ^nnlhi'inalii-s is lo be undertaken • "By Ihe first of next year, we Ay all Icaclicrs in Ihe Angle-toilMiope lo blue a revised .ilitim of !-';»-lH»il sjMi-ui, in an cttorl to;lhcsn publications," McDanii-l bring teactiers up to date on new said. : nvilh. In addilliiti, a guidance plan for O. V. McDaiili'l, Aliglclon Su- '!"' AiiKlclon School District has pcrinl.-ndcnl, Mild that the com so 1 " 1| "i pu-pureil finin material col- 'f\il\ IH- laiighl by Dr. 1,. 10. Me- I'-i-l^l by Ihe SC|II«.|'K guidamv ilniiiilrl nf tin- University of Tcxus counselor, Preston Ci-.tluun. Extension Serviie. Tliis pulilicailon iiuluiirs poli- Tlip iill-liu'l m.illi rouree will >'ies ol the s>stem in the nuul.uice Include 1T> M-ssions of two anil Held, outhm-s tin" school l.-.sluig one hull hours i-.ich, carrying prograin, and often; other concivle three hours of math nvdil. infonnalion and ulii to tcachei-s. Also in printed tonii, anil now in HIP proi-i>ss of revision, an 1 student and leachcr handU>oUs. Mi-Daniel said u is hopi-d lhal these revisions will l>e completed, and pnnling and luiulinK finished, prior to the beginning of the fall '.school term. These huniilxxiks set out poll- ROI1KIJT .M. MINTOX Science Tearhcr Tlie Bra/'>sport Little which has been a liee-bive of summer activity with its adult and i teen workshop courses, crews o' painters and carpenters beginning the pre-^ea^nn "spruce Tin" and longrange planning meet- Using; If. 0. Reed, publicity; \). "In Our Hearts" was written by J. Martin and Barney McBee, con- ; Mrs. Marian Garrctt Gihbs ot cession; and Joe Broz. ground Marlin and Mrs. Joydelle Garret! ehairninn. John McC-'iin and U'nlfrarn nf rinivc^ion, formerly Itrese Patterson w-jll assist Broz of La'KO Jackyon. Tl)ey are the as chairmen. Sarge Partin is in : daughters of Mrs. Sanford Q. Gar: charge of the tickets for the ro- lett Sr. of I,nke Jackson. rteo. The book, a me.-iir.rial lo the ' The gates will open at S p.m. father of the authors, is being leach night with admissions set at published by The Naylor Company 1 51 for adults and 50 cents for chil- of San Antonio. Girrett. assooiat- jdrcn under twelve years of age. ed with his sons in local pharma- '• Hamburgers, hot dogs and cold • cics, died of cancer recently. Theatre, drinks will be sold at concession " -------Fire Call A minor Ford station wagon | | carburator fire was out when! • Jmgs of Its Board of" Directors, has ^port firemen were called to Block of Highway 2Si i dntes announced two important for the coming weeks. The regular quarterly meeting . , of the membership will be held jfl'^, 1 ,, a _f r ; on Tuesday evening at 7:45 p.m and open readings for the thea- of the about 10 a.m. Friday. Like Jackson firemen extin-1 fire behind I^ake-: wood Gardens, about 1:15 .p.m.4 Thursday. Chile Fire Chief Lee new sea- Price was called to a dairy store j to check trouble in - the fire siren was not sounded, i .M UKilK M K I'OI'K ypanlbh Tem'hor tre s first play ••on, scheduled for late October tc> chfl '' k trouble in an ^cctrical will be held on Monday at 7:30 hox ahout S:M P' m - Thursday but p.m. Tlie General Meeting of the tin itre will take the form of a report to the membership of the near-future plans and improvements scheduled, and will be a "set-acquainted" night, after the ••hort meeting, for all new comers to the area who would like to know about the community's active theatre group, and how to become part of it. Everyone inte- rcMed is urged to attend. 1 Tlio readings, to be. held under Ihe direi-tlon of Dede Dunn, are iKo open to all. The name of tho play lo !*• read will bo announced later, but Theatre officials said that negotiations are under way to obtain the rights for a bi-and . new Broadway comedy hit, now Jin-ing made inlo a movie, which may o|>en the theatre season : here In-fore the movie is released. ! There are roles for two men, four jwomen and a 11M3 year-old boy. ! Mrs. Dunn, who will step into ; the director's si«>t for the first Ipitxiuetion, is well known among] the theatre's audiences for her several award-winning roles as! one of the local seme's top ac- ; tres-u-s. : For Ihe Ivm-fit of tho area's: many new citiens. the Little' Theatre is liu-ated on Ihe levee, .just off Avenue "A", between i I First aii.1 Division Streets in North: iFrcepm-t. I Specializing _ARMQUILSTAR—1 Heavy Beef GIROUARD'S SUPERMARKET W. i ••• Fnmpart McDimlelil said the tuition will |M» V^O I/ Ihe Icachei-s desire crcd It tor the course, but if no credit is desired, Hie school will pay Ihe U'jlion. The course carries Utth ttm-anccd and graduate credit, ho added. This program U part ol a plan to continue in scivice triiuiing for ^^ local teachers. 'Hns program ^ot 1liitfl underway a year ago, wilh a study Of the Uinguago Arl». The I..-IIIL which apply to sludcnls and tt-Hclii-rs — (i-oin graduanon re- quiri-nH-nl.s, ahst-nti-oisni of students and what hap|>cns when a Arts program was student is abst-nt, lo the duties a coiidiicMii Ihrouuh llu- Uiuvi'i.Mty . Icacln-r will lx» expected lo port)l llou.slon. and resulted In two; form, when registration will he- puhhcHtion.s which will .i^ all gin, class hours, sick leave poli- (Rkchers ol Knglish, Journalism, |dcs, and Uie like. Enjoy a Golden Holiday in Brownsville, Texas at luxurious /ou'll find everything under thf tun foi fun and recreation at th« Holiday Inn in Brownwlllt . . . th« beach . . . Old Mexico . • . qolf . . . private clufak . . . nightclub* . . . and a warm welcome. Include a trip to Mexico. 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