The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on December 12, 1892 · Page 4
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 4

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Monday, December 12, 1892
Page 4
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ft r THE DAILY CHEOfllCJLE, DECEMBER 12, 1892. "Be just before 'joa are „ Donjt forget that you owe Jlerrlll and that he^wants it. * , * " , J Jftrigg'Ranb'baH opeaeil o. bttjfnfd and pool rootii irk tluTVoKel store, 20* East State street. .Everything la tte«r,,and , first ctass. Lunches served at all Utne3. ••Royal Rnbjt* 1 Port Wine. No good thing should be outlawed because - here and there a graceless person treats it bftfeelv.' It is ju?t as necessary to administer • _. _-4 __ 1 , 11__ 4 _ 1.1-_. _ _.x.3 J* J* J3 C f*f.\t.\ f+ *>» i^ -ia ft\ invigorants to the aged $nd feeble a&it is to strengthen "a dwelling that is beginning ttf decay, IJot only 'hiay life be greatly prolonged by 'Artificial support, but the decHn- ing years of those near and dear to us be rendered .more conifoirtnble, and age relieved of inauy of its usual pains and pcnal v ties bs a judicious use of "Royal Rub'y'! Port Wine; each bottle is guaranteed by- the undersigned to be absolutely pure ami ejver five Sears old at bottling or money iftftc for it ttill b6 refunded. Quart bottles $1 MARSHALL IMPROVED .X. fl (Hnndfty patent, p >n£ttlnft tto Atr-opla) •H'rt i i ti £ life euro for Drunkeness, : , Morphi ne pints, 60 cents; nover sold in bulk. See tha you get "Royal Ruby," For sale by M. B Powell, tiottled by Royajl Wine Co., Chica 801 ' : " . ' ' The linest line of ladies' purses and " I eafees in thr- city at *'• .- ' M. B. A positive ctire for coughs :iml cold at' _ M- I M u , I shall offer fof sale one of the largest ahcL best selected stocks of D / . ' * .V •' • i ** ! Cocaine, and Tobacco Habit. \. .. '"'•*. ,.- • fe^>r, troatiheat and explanation of the :iuld\iCUto consult .Dr. office m the Cook block. so desired. . E. Cialltip at his Patients treated A MOTHERS Look at. the elegant line^f holiila •goods -tif M. B. Powell's btifore pur chasing ejsew tiered A' ; :; '.'; RXButler' keeps the lareesOtppk ''of * urbcfeery,and }aiqp8 In the-city. v:.; djl '„ Save .idaoney by "Buying; Vour boots and shoes at Gr^pe Bros. ' V "-' Use ilnfcel Cream for chapped hands and lips or auy-rouKhness.of ttieskin. , : M. B. POWELL. Children Cry for Pitcher's Castorla. Fresh CunnTngham's. ^ ; Buckwheat, and all kinds of"bustbhi grinding done at C. A. Chesher'8;mUh All kinds of fresh meat cut to order at 11. Butler's. djt Select'and standard', ay-stern at Cuu . ninghatn'a. Will iou' part your -dur mmm ^, biibiea in "icknesB.'or call on your druggist for Dr. Sharpsteen's Lavender Om.nient and Asthinutic Balsam, medicin that nave live* when doctors fail iu Membranous '.Croup. Inflammation rf the L,ungs, Lung i over a"ndTyphoi Pnen monia, also quickly relieves a o cares Croup, Scarlet Fever, W oopm« Couga, Bore Throat. Burns. S '>»las aRii BimiTar amictionb, 25 and &t) cenjS; or by Baail? DB. H. SHA«PSIP«'BN, Proprietor. Marshall, Michigan: The laws .of healt^'are taught.|u the schools; but not ia/a way-, to be o r f much practical benefit and are neVer illustrated by living examiples, which in man.y cases might : easily be done,. If sonic eeholar wbq has just contracted a cold was brought before, the-school so that all could h«ar the drj'i •Iou4-cough and know its significance; see the "thin, white coafciagon tbe tongue an4 later^ as the clevelo'ped, see the prof u»f» watery expectoration and. tbip watery discharge froip the nose, not x>ne of 'them would ever forget what the first symtotouis • c ;of acoid'w^b. Thp scholar should" then be • given ehatfiiberlain'H Cougn-Remedy freely, that all ipigbk see that even a severe cold could be cured m one gi two dajs", or at least greatly raitigatedj when properly treated as soon as the #&& symptoms ap - pear. This remedy is famous fer it9 curet of'coughs, colds and croup. It '» uaa(ie efi - pec4ally for these, diseases and i^ the mo*.t prompt and most reliabjs?^medjcine known for the purpose. 60 cent bottles for .sale at « D&Jfidgara Falls RoMe. A :.uE, NOV. HOLIDAY Gp6DS and TOYS ever .sold inMarshall at prices so low that you .-r 1 -'--- r / - - A. . • v. '• , - ( ' : . to buy them. Come early ( and get y out choice of the bargains. . ; »"•' G. H. GREENE. '* TRAINS PAST. . : StiTIONB. §*^' t •.''.:» — -*. 1 .-'- a'.m. Chicago, Lv.^ Kalamazoo... Buttle Creek. VUrnhall, Dp, Auilon .. ....... ^ Jackson......... 4 Detroit ........ <T4S UufTalo.. BTATIONS. a. m. a. m. OOj tt30; ip, m.Lp.m.ia. m •P m..n,*n. _ t mJ f»Jf . v***v I •*••*• j v- «^« "• M aiV p>.t Ki.« E». f I Sp'l* is V,^••'''^'h 1 •^'•^^^• : .^ : ^^;:l^ iB *^ must be sunple; When itte not ?iiiiple it is •^—not good.^ " Simpfaiieautifuf, GeW-r'these \?6r^ infean much, but to see «f The iftoGhester " >viil ijtnpress the truth more fbtcibly. AU metal, , touj-h and-seamliess^ alki thade^ in three picQes only,' of old, it is indeed a "wonderfui lamp," for its ftar- , ^elous light 'is purer and brighter than' gas light, softer than electric light and more cheerful than either. , took for this stamp—THB ROCHESTER. If tne lamp de*t« has n't the eehnlne Rocheatet,.and the style you want,-send to us forpi}r new Illustrated catalogue,, ,and we will send you a lamp uafely py ^zprass—your choice of over 3,00(1 Kocnesicr, nuu me eiyic you wttDirsc.uu u> i» mi »••*• »»»«»...—»•••-•— » and we ^Vll send yo.u a lamp uafely t»y ^zprass— your choice of over Varieties from the Largest Lamp Store inlht World. ., 4* Park Place, New York CHjr Unf A!O". ^ ••. a.m ; , uetrou, Lv 8 ao Jackson...11 85 Mbkra ...,W m Marshall .. 12 43 Battle Cr'k 1 1" aaUinazoo 2 05 Chicapo,Ar ttjatutdays uxceptlid ,»bally tatintlay*. oxceptt-d O. w. Kt'unLKS, O«n. Pass. 4- Ticket- •*"' . . , tuo. A JOHNSON. Freight C. It. OBBOHN. "t' , "t'lCKHt Apont, Mar^haU You caii always find best Cigars at Greene's Drug store, Call and Try Them. "The Rochester." THE RED FLAG. ^ na ta iho DETROIT BUSINESS UNIVERSITY nn't School of Sliort-liand, and sccutq mi H!ustj4te4 I ~~^-' tliat ^-rll ojyrn to yoiiojtttortimitica t-:i wih ynurway ~~ " ^uoe.- Uuiveiiity IJuilJlnif. Dctioit, Mitli. 2 Stores. 2 Stores. SEE THE REP FLAP The ]best mes always in stoefc at Q. H. Oreene's Brug: stored Ladies are invited to catf and test them " The 09,3 Company anounces tb^*followiiig reduo- tion iu prices of Gas for I^IGHTING wherever Gas isjised AtSO for COOKING or HE3ATING to take on ancl afb«r 1st : ik 8»tt Gibralter, *- l )u8Be i'i « inerchant of so ba^y affucted with W to be S?" able to woifkof goio school.' His father concluded, tp t»y R j^ajcnrel W« » he oie and , 4 full ^assprimervt ol sizes; The best kinds and at reasonable rates Tjcuses -, fitted,, wit^put cJiargo for fitting at : . G4BSTOVB HATBB,$1.0Q per 1000 For a.ll G&s_p9Rftujne4where a Qy|<S;FiAI4QE U msejI^A^ ....>,, '|or aJJ gas oonbamed where QQOKlNGxnf HgATlN^lSTOVES «» n*B<J ^W^^ th« cpaBumption ia not le»» tliiu 1000 cubic feet.. K at a fpr Gael ftued for LIGHTING ..01}'IX re'iaain unpbangea.jindlajro »a follows: |fl Less tUan 1000 cubic ft. ^a one month, $5J 00 per JlOOOjoubio ft. „• 50QO cubic fit: and less tl«tn~10,000 cubic ft 1 -month $1 90 per l'0,000;or ov«jr, I rn'outjn $1 bO-j^p 1QQO cuJJio ft, - > (cubic ft. , All tba above ratea ure fliibject ta>« diaooiiat' of 10 «tij per 1000 cabio ft when thai months bul us pjaij in or .before tbe lOitl of tha month next following. ~" f abova special ratee turd tAi)44> t ^o induce coneuinere to lisa g&$ eB r W UghtiBg. 252 West State MARSHALL, as Ctfokin* Over Every in Cheaper Stove Chenper Fmf i, * ^i '-, i. ^-^ _ Convenieuce Children Cry for H DO iTATI DI\ RESIQRBv JUSTICE OF THE PEACE, jr« btoy a aeeoafl ^« -,' - > z * •>i £~, ~j"~ - ""--- ~^ —~" "

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