The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on August 5, 1893 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 5, 1893
Page 2
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ywt«-7V, ^'i"-^, •>. --, , f ~$ ' 1 3 "" n"* : ,j'?**»~ .UMIMW. THE f^v^*"-^ ••«*»*'««« 1O e«?tt*li per Snfc*cr!ptIcMm received at t*e offlf e ot DI atlon 151 State atroet. , /. ' 0. M. M08KB, Pttbiienar, Hawaii AhxtoUs to Come Un- WILL AOOEPT A PEOTEOTQEATE. Profeuor W. ». Alexander, Special Ha- wallan Commissioner, on ills Way to the United States Hearing a New treaty. Everything Quiet on iho Island. , SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 5.—News from Hawaii, dated at Honolulu, July 18, has reached here as follows: Charles Creighton, of whom an apology was demanded by the provisional government for insulting .Minister Blount, has not yet replied since the rejection of his proffered explanation and apology. The royalists declare he will refuse to apologize further and that he still claims Blpunt is not offended and that the government is still persecuting him, Professor W. J>. Alexander, special Hawaiian commissioner, leaves by steamer today to the United States. Yesterday in special session the councils went over his instructions, which are generaUin their nature and are virtually, as before stated, carte blanche. to the best/terms circumstances will' permit with the United States for the benefit of the Hawaiian government. Alexander's instructions are to insist on annexation first and last, but to ao- ceptaprotectorateif no other alternative Commissioner Alexander carries the new treaty, the gist of which has already been telegraphed. According to him everything is quiet in Hawaii and annexation is only a question of 'time. The professor is accompanied by his daughter 0 and will remain in San Francisco a few days. The provisional government has in trodnced a bill in councils to vest the title of crown lands in government anc provide for their distribution and utili- sation amongthe people. The bill will likely pass. The bill on military has been amended BO as to do away with a regular army and make the nationa" _guard a volunteer force, Heavy Fire Loss. BHADFORD Pa., Aug. 5.-Tl^ lumber camp of Keshuqua, two miles Irom the JOnzua bridge on the Erie railroad is burning. Kane's big sawmill and board- ingnouse with several tenement houses have already been destroyed and fire is communicated .to the lumber vards. which contain millions of feet of lumber. Assistance was asked for from liere, and a steamer and hose company Je« for the scene. The loss will be at least $100,000, which is covered by insurance. . Latet—The fire burned -itself out be- *°w the Bradford firemen arrived. Two Sr u °Afeetof lumber was destroyed. The loss will reach 1250,000, well m- •ured. The .plant was owned by Elisha g. Kane, ot Kane, Pa. . Financial Paulo In Central America. SAMPRAJJCISCO, Aug. 5.^MaU ad, tices from San Jose de Costa Eica, Central America, report a disastrous' state of affairs there. Throughout the republic a financial panic has been caused by the condition of the silver market, failures have been numerous and more are expected. Most significant is the embarrassment of the Costa Rica bank, formerly and better known as toe Banco de Launqn. Its notes are no longer.accep.ted in commercial circles, and the facts of its being in difficulty having been disseminated -throughout thewmtey.itto feared that'its troubles wfll have a ba<| effect on other financial institutions. ; No ApprettiSbie Kegdlt*. — , r $tf t Attgf. &.—The Berlin Times IpeCial says 'the Won* ,of the German anfasjavefy committee wiJl shortly come to> an em •> ,The committee's %ndfc tatnotmting to $25,000,000, have beefc thrown, away-in two years xvithout anY appreciable resuiertffifsis partly owing to the incapacity and extravagance of Herr Borchert, the leader of the second expedition to East Africa. JTo Kxelteiricnt. m SAN ANTONIO, Tex., Aug, 5.—The Texas National bank* which failed ,to open its doors Friday morning., js the strongest bank iri the city; capitaT stock, $100,000; liabilities are small! the last statement shows only $70,000 deposits.' The closing, therefore, caused no excitement and no runs on " banks. . , . Chlldreh Cry for Pitcher's Castorl* Wanteil—Girls or smart boys to pick over beans. Apply at office at once. H.J. •am inn-anil- -muni, JKWassaa v Large Amount. atn., Aug:. 5.- «• non of ft* to»« was debate clerks Fri . the vital- points toe assooj%tin. The ses- y.mora- and AbscoiulltiK Ciuhtor Found. VADK6E, Aug. 0.—Koettilg, the absconding cashier of the defunct South Side Savings bank, has been found. He is in Denver, and is by this time probably under arrest. A warrant was sworn out charging hini with a violation of the banking laws. Action Taken. CHICAGO, Aug. 5i — The., agitation against the oriental dancers on Midway plaisance has led the director general to take action. He has ordered the dancing in the Persian theater stopped and the passes of the wonlen employed there were revoked. Suit Filed For LEAVEN WORTH, .. suit has been filed in ihe district, court by D, A. McKibben and "James Laing against the Home Coal ^Mining company to recover on four u\tes amounting in the aggregate to $81, John McKenzie, an Alpena man, lias been missing Hlnce Jnly 0. St. Johns Episcopalians have laid the cornerstone for a hew «10,000 church. Some 50 teams are at work dredging and cleaning the channel of Maple river near Ovid. ' The Pontiac Republican, by Jay Clark sprung its .first number on the public Wednesday. R. B. French, an old solcKei e. 31issfleld as received an appointment in the agricultural department at Washington. The twenty-sixth annual reunion of the Eighteenth Michigan volunteer infantry Will be held at Pnlmyra Aug. 25. Frank Lewis, who is wanted at Battle Creek on a charge of stealing a watch and $13 to cash, has been caught at Joliet, His. J. A. Gartley, a brakeman on the Wabasli, fell between two cars at Britton. His shoulder was crushed, and he is in a serious condition. Giles Williams, an old- and wellknown resident of Moscow, dropped dead the other evening vrkHe on his way from the bouse to the barn. During a dispute which John Hill at Pontiac had with one of his daughters he was badly stabbed in. the side. The girl Bays she stabbed In selfdefens« New; stofeic of wall p per at Geo. Boughton's Excnralon Kat««.io UevUg tali*. Account of the Spiritualists and Lib eralists annual camp meeting to be held at Devil's Inks, (Manitou Beach,) com- jaij^dngjuly 24th, ending August 15tb, the CTTTarMrRr. ^iH^£Fets4?eeial excursion tickets at rate of one.fare for the round trjp during period of camp meeting; On Sunday, Aug. (I, special low rates will be made. For time of rains and fare, call on nearest U. J. & M. agent. T. C. M, SCBINDLEII, General Passenger Agent. .A sure cure fpr diarrhoea, dysentery, cholera morbus, pain in stomach or bowels, etc., at M. B. ^Powell'*. Trial bottle free. ((TATIOKS. TKAIffg«». lay 1883. ..... $00 . .... Battle Creek.... t 48 If the person who deliberately took my pocketbook from the postoffice window will leave it at J. F. Kaumeyer'a store they will receive reward. MBS. L. SELMAN J 88 lackson......... 4 80 Detroit 6 46 Buffalo.. ..... t 55 r.48 8 17 888 940 1801 p.m. .743 p.m. 780 11 88 1310 188? 18 58 &SO a.m. '800 p.m. irr Ex. > m. Sle 70S 740 SCO 815 847 10 45 8 85 in. Mill 705 1985 ISO 146 •3 07 81» 800 p.m B«.f .. 950 907 945 810 881 410 WATIOK8. Mall 8 15 ... Albion. fti *Ur»hall..i2 48 BtttI* Cr'k 1 80 iaUmazoo 9 08 r ? 88 p.ta. T4»« ' m. WOO rw 9 88 1008 1023 104ft 11 26 410 p.m ted a.m. 680 p.m. 1 15 8 10 8 88 866 4'15 4 47 8 10 PJ2- p.m. 000 rw 8 15 888 £.03 Chic 8p1» ft.m, 915 «-JO 947 I OB 6S5 ••WlT tSu^ 11 IS fat Ex.* fe , m [250 910 woo 108 1 4ft 7-00 8 Sfl 7W a. in t8und»v§ Pa«». * Ti plnY 1049 an 110 A cent. «xc i cket Ciocnali, Jata & Mackmai Time table taking effect JaneM iste. rrtlhii PMB Maraball M follows : TKAIHi OOEN« *A«T. Battle OreiDk, Mich. Teaches Shorthand and Typewriting, English and Business courses. How to acquire promotion and influence. How to be successful in a business career. How to save and make money. Hundreds of students holding good, paying positions. Graduates assisted to positions if desired.x. Nine apartments. Ex cellent college. Everything first class. Address for circulars and catalogues as above. An especially fine, line of ladies' ana children's hosiery at the bazar. Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria. Removed, _____ I have removed my office to Eagle block in the rooms. formerly occupied by Dr. Houston. £LIAS HEWITT. .23 Smith, the Photographer. Has some nice Frames for Cabinets and other sizes, just received. Call and see them. gale. Unlesa previously disposed of at pri. vate sale, I will on Thursday, the 81*t day of of- August, 1893, sell at public sale at the front door of .the court house in Marshall, Mich., all remaining as sets of the Rational City bank, consisting' .of a 7-1-2 interest in the properly known as tli« Kagje block, also the Rul- laid Mamufacluriog works, both pieces of property being located in-tae city of of Marshall, Also one large baufe safe [double door, steel box and time lock,) office furniture, also all notes belonging bank^einainiug unpaid a* that time, and whatever remaining assets of said lank may be remaining in my bands at that da,te, Tef ins of sale cash. t rjt For further particulars enquire of or Jobn Houston, 'Esq , M'arfibaU, , Micfi. Flour. f * This important necessary of life has never been as low in price as A. Wat son new sells it. Enquire at his store before you purchase. A. WATSON. "Royal Ruby" Rye Whiskey ja free from all foreign flavor and adulterants, naturally ripened and matured by eleven years storage in wood, it is a "Rye as is a Rye," and costs no rnora than inferior brands, ^ry it and you will never be satftfled to use any other. A pure old whisky is always free from fusil oil, which is a poison; and should not be taken into the system. Age eliminates it from the spirit by oxidation, and it is converted into fragrant ethers which give the bouquet to whisky. Sold only by F. G. Seaman & Co., DrnggUt » 6om6 of the Grand Army boys be in terested in the following from Alex, H. Pope> A. D. C,i Commander Dept. Term, and Qa» He .says: "We nave hadan'opi- Jemic of whooping cough here (Stew rt, Tenn.,) and Chamberlain's Cough Hen tdy has been the-only medicine that baa done any good.'* -There is no danger from whooping epjigb when this remedy is freely giveo. It completely controla the disease. V) cent bottle» tat sale al Greene's drug etreet. piyonthepremlaeg. B.C. F ^ OK 8ALE-A good family horae, youne and gentle, 7 yeara old, fit partu-nlari Taiwly to 0. ti. Ulelil, Ht»»l awte. atateVtrMlt. * IpOHaALE-A high grade combination blcy- -C cleforladyorgenv. The finest wjj"el maue uoodaanew . Enquire of h. H. fcandenwn - L - Buck «• »K«t for tb« t-B ana will lurntahaU wbo wiih mem, corcer Manatou ai«l street, Cbicago". OK bALE-AH my..real eatate vituated on the - b«« pan or btau. ",or ' Main »tte«u, and aa rery fine a«l _ HPt) RENT— A two elory house, pleaututly tit- X uated. - -New top buggy A VOUJSO MAS wan^a Work. WUOne or any Mgntwo.k. bulwy no object AOOIBM " f. O. ehawl with cro- we grave her Caeiorift. iUaa, aha chnig t« Oartoria, Kidp»tli'» bi« . at tula office. ~? rr— •£. ±-'..'*.< :.. '(.1 ;l •Hon. V^,.V. Lupas, «^-S|ftte^ Auditor of j T-* % ^'< ,*,.', , 1 ftj '&wgt*'Wi&: *Q^ C^iamberiain'a 4. - * 'j®^, ,. > , ,* r vJ^'" • ' ,,] ® • ^2h K«medv iq njy famjiy a&c 1 '^''-^" *— ^ "'^ '"' • '' ' f ^ ' * • ^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^J ? ' ^•J'.HH.'V-U""-"™' -v;^"'TT - f - '& 3 '" ,'A WKWB: »B»M?Mk . ^- f s ' W*&y£&vftm< isvarifo* "OT«S i "^»^T-^i;a«T!^ -yriT-nyw »,w«*»JK»«wuii *iH8f.-^r j^tyliajBii^jaitTjitftciaai ^fm^ K|^^«*^^«>4t»S^e<i«ri^!p|j^ *i^^Vy:**^^r«^Wwv;ii»d^&to faSK^MtZi^ilj^,, ivZ3SlI?lt *- «T«F r fqr * ~ib.i-^... _'.. JUJ'%11; .'My "-'Mjim" ' *i .M 'ijii ^ *« u.» .... ^ ,--, ;T ry H .,,,.u rgr-7—-\ -]^f^^pK«»"iffiKlly ^S^i^f** "•-'. piece goods, O«ll w d *^^ *»*% ®$& JM-Bri^li: j? T g »^^^TgjOTap : - ;-.---j 9^¥iiNi!lic!$' j ig$^ **-^" s : „ *•/; • .^ "t 'ajy^^^^gto'''^^!^^''^''^^ •"' " -" !T-7^ s^SH^^^C^^^r' : 7- - '^^^^l^^^te^^.:.;' : ; i r C -^ r >- f -x ~ ~* f ~ i ^~" ^i* 1 - ~- - r^—ff^- — * yr •> "* — " - - v * •"Tr'p""" r — 1T — , *•""_, T -t-,*-$» - -fZifW ^~_^ 1T 1^ r *-^- >-i, -** -c^-t ,<_ _J + •* __ „ ~'J^J^j "*"••- i- 1 . f ~s a _V -:--• '•£*- * i ''J\t,^Mt''!:^-JjFM'* "'£\!.*'-. ..u.;V. :*. ~_- <*'J~.-?.^ i. ^i^M^^~:^M^^&$e^j£^ -r 1 ' '.' :

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