The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on August 12, 1962 · Page 2
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 2

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 12, 1962
Page 2
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PAGE 2 Editorial—Adv—BE 3-3511— Classified—5E 3-2611 THE 8RAZOSPORT PACTS BRVZOSPORT AND BRA2ORIA COUNTY, TEXAS, SUNDAY, AUGUST 12. 1942 Orphaned Boy Angleton Benefactors told him with a grin as she hug- god him. "I keep it there, with pictures ot my own children, to keep the hugs mil." Danny's eyes sparkled and ho laughed aloud at being put in the same category with moth crystals. A shopping trip occupied part A week's vacation vrilh a score' The class has "sponsored" dividing his lime among the <V one afternoon during his stay. ot "Fairy Godmothers" has hern Danny Dunklin since shortly after homes a n d special activities Several class members helped an extra-special experience for a he arrived at the Home, when he planned for him by olhcr mem- him pick out his wardrobe for 13-year old boy who has spent was eight-years-old. They have hers ot Ihe Donas Class. the upcoming school year — T the past five years in Ihe Texas taken over Ihe financing and pur- Fishing hunting and oiithi"s shirts and jeans for school, he Children's Baptist Home in Round chase of most of his clothing, ,-,{ n, 0 beach have been favorite i"*i s '«l. paid ror his 1 u n dies during Ihe entertainments. While Perry, Unlike most ooys his age, lhat Ihe exper- school year, selected gifts al var- «;,<> p|;,ns to enter The Univc'r- Danny is firm about not needing lence has been any more delight- ' olis 'inics — especially Christ- s j| V O f 'rcxas Medical Branch in some things, explaining lhat fill for the youth lhan for those mas . Birthdays and other special Galveslon this fall, looked for the his old shoes will do for awhile, same "Fairy Godmothers' — occasions, and kept up an active 'skulls of small animals which live or that he doesn't need so many otherwise known as members of correspondence with him. along the Gulf Coast, Danny went new shirts all at once, the Dorcas Sunday School Class Danny arrived in Anglelon with hunting — areal treat for Ihe: At Easier, each year, the class of the First Baptist. Church of Perry Arnold, son of one of the boy, who counts that sport among outfits him 'from head'to loe in Angleton. doss members, and has been his f a™''i'c occupations. ncw c | 0 || u - s _ despite his pro- A reserved boy, Danny has tests. Cooperation from local mer- siniled bis way into the hearts chanls, who often allow a dis- Rock. It is doublful ANNOUNCING . . . JAMES BAKER, Butcher Formerly of Sid's Cash Grocery Will Be At GIROUARD'S Bach Day From 5 P.M. 'Til 7 P.M. AND ALL DAY SATURDAY GIROUARD'S (26 W. 2nd SUPER MARKET Freeport KENNEDY AT MID-TERM—5 Voters Holding JFK Solutions MANNY Visits Tnlrv Godmothers' KniTOK'S NOTK - Three iiontbs from now the entire House of Representatives and more than one-third of the Senate will lie up for re-election. At that time Un- American people will hn\e (heir opportunity to express judgment on the administration's record to date. The outlook is examined by AT' reporter Rolmmi Morin in this fifth nnd concluding article on Kennedy at mM-term. By KKI.MAN MOHIN WASHINGTON (API-President Kennedy already is sniffing the .-iiinw, I,,.-* \\«.*• nun nit- iii:rti 1.1 i^iuiMia, ,,,iv miL-n OIHJ\Y n IM.T . , 'o i' f ' i i i heady scent of Iho campaign trail, of everyone he has met in Angle- count when they are told ot ( |, c snaring \vitn ms mentis lias mane , hlTp lnoll(hs lwtol . e , hc O ff_ vcar barometer of public opinion. And Finally, (here is the factor! of political hislory. In all II this cenlurv Police Report Hnrvey I,. Roofer, .TI, was nr-llrai check warrnnt tancd by 15/1 rested Bhout R p.m. Tuesday InjW. Freeman's Justice Court' !n Freeporl on 11 charge of disturb-| Free-port. ing the peace in a public plnco.| Leon Pierce of 410 Kant Brond The charge was filed by lleloniwas arresled about R;M p.m. on \\ilkerson, a Frcc|mrt lavern op-.lho check charge following nn ac- erator, police reported. jcldc-nl on Hnuosport Rlvd. about ;75 f,,,,| Rral n, of fj ni .||, imi, fj(,. rot> Freeport police nn patrol re- P I e r c e ' s 1!).Y> PontlBc was he inltl-lorm elections of ported finding windows and doors involved in nn ncrirtrnt with a . Ihe party holding the,broken and screens cut at Iho Iftvs Ford driven by Uiurem-o J White House made relative gains Freeport Jnycce building at Fiflh VaM|iic/. of 311 Brockman Road m Congress only once. In IfttVnnd Pine alxiut l:1f>a.m. Friday. In Chile. *. during Franklin D. Roosevelt's: — Officers reported thai the mill-' first term, the Democrals picked: A resident of Ihe -I(X) Block of s ion occurred as Pin™ 1 * vehicle up 10 Senate seals and nine in West Hroad requested Freeport i passed on lite right of the Ford the House. Otherwise, the "ins" ; police lo keep a close patrol of the .which was not danini;cd. Alxiut always lost ground. Thus, Kenne- area about !):•!.") p.m. Thursday, $25 damage was reported (or the ly frequently says, "history is saying someone had been looking Pontiac. against us." This year, however, Iho crats hopefully advance a propo- in at a window Demo- lor. the house earl- After being brought before Freeman, Pierce was released to . . — 'appear on Aug. 2-1 on the check ton. From treks inlo the hack van, class project, has brought Danny '•<*» ™* t "' ™P™ ™*< '^ e^iu.^ " ""^ "'" ""^'" ^V 1 '" ''"" ^ ""''™"' " 1B """ I^T '.."n-S "n^^' OF one class member ,o see' her Jo the atlenlion of others In Ang. ™ ^'^ ™* »«•«'<«> ^ ,,'s no, only because he enjoys! I, I lws ed on the proposition !' hMr' m'e, ^^cv n'±£j 'Hie Bra/oria^mty Sheriff'^ owi,, ch.ldrens tree house and pet cton who m , g h not othenvise .JVaaion. when a class "'"'P^.gnmg i.hat when a president is elected from Miami, Kin., received about iDep.rlmrn. issued n radio i,, c * rabbits, to the more ambitious have known about bun. these dis- .,..,...., '„ Ibis year he has some sprnaljby nn overwhelming majority, he ti p.m. The only infonimtion offi- I in alxmt .'! p.m. Friday concern- inteiesls. He wants to tiy to electjpulls in with him numbers of cers bad was that the man drove ing Five men and a xvunian nil would not have a l!)5i;-l!>.">7 Ruick and lived on Negroes, who are wanted by the their own children. On one occasion, when a class nember visited Damn- al the Home and took him to town on a rip, she paused at a entertainments planned for him counts have meant a great deal during bis visit here, he has met lo the class, allowing them to members of the class who have stretch their funds to cover more helped him financial)' and spiri- : purchases for the bov. ,, ,, , , ,. ., .-, tually, through their gifts and! Far from coming to expect the al "**"?* ln " ls , m "^'^. e .... Ilieir genuine concern for bis hap,c,ass to lielpjiim Danny_ shows ^^™^ h« «• ~ ~ ' " _, ,1.- it'll c'andv counter to select sweets for pincss. "I have your picture purse, ;apprcdation for the slightest fa- The boy would have none of this m Congress, to give him what he made it on their own. They con- Ihe lower floor of a Frecport chip- Houston police for insurance 'fraud would consider a true working js tiliite that "fat." and are most lex majority. And he wants to dis-jlikely to be defeated In the mid- " platform, term election. Freeporl police charged George Kennedy c-nme to the pres!don-;J. A m ho r e e with unlawfully! A resident of the 800 Block of ,, "" lssu< s n nob "' C P ' h " °" nnd who may bo operating in this area. lie says W. L WHARTON JR. of SAN ANTONIO GOSPEL MEETING AUG. 13-19 SERVICES AT 7:30 NIGHTLY DAILY BIBLE SCHOOL AUGUST 13 THRU 17—9=00 TO 10:20 P.M. THE PUBLIC IS CORDIALLY INVITED TO ATTEND CHURCH of CHRIST r, n h f,h , ! >'i |vor ; mcmllCrS1 T po , rt -, Theull ' amms plan. "Olvn no, ma'm! I don't' ll *^"T!,^ ,P e ° P ' e " re latllOT cy Wlth « ™*>r.thin ™''K'n. not carrying firearms, failure to stop! West llth Street requested Free- one member of the class he has received at the Home m £ ant anv more , hnn „,„ othc , s; , evenly drudocl. a great majority. Therefore, the for a flashing red light, intoxica-:port polio; lo keep a clow patrol he said quickly. I /" Novem )er - lhe entire House reasoning goes, there Is no "faf'ilion, and no operator's license. of the home as n prowler wn»| ,nf p»nr»«nint,v™ «nrf TO — among the Democrats in Congress: Tlic firearms charge was filediseen Ihere. ' now, and therefore history may:in 'he Justice Court of R. C.j 'Hie caller told officers Friday grade i Angleton over the weekend to spend another week of fun — 39 sena- terms) stand for re-election. Along with before school starts. . no ' ni " true to form next fall. Thomas in Chile where Amlxirce lhat the prowler, a young man his judgment of the individual JQ.E.D. wns , in , H | 5100 nn d cost on a'was seen in the yard about U i candidate, the American voter will! Charles Halleck, R-Ind., the'guilty |have the opportunity to express House minority leader, expresses: Varner-Hogg Park I his opinion of the President's pro[gram. especially the controversial Freeport police arrested cautio-.s optimism about the out-: mBn in (hp m Block'of West Beared olf. ;p.m. 'Iliursday attempting to takn ll lc :an outboard motor before being look this year for the GOP. !portions of it. ! 'We're making inroads," j These include health assistance '. says. "But the South Is solid • for the aged, the farm bill, the' A recent budget meeting of the proposal for a department of ur- Stale Parks Board of Texas ap- ban affairs, and Die general edu- proved the amount of $21,900 to ca tion hill. * Fourth about 11:50 p.m. Wed-; ' 1( |iiiesday after Amhoreo's car alleg- I 11 slop at a flashing Tom Campbell Second and Conservative Democrats joined! 11 " * it may be tough in the big cities. i.. n j A i i MI j t • * <•"« II K" V ni >( ^" ni oun'im niji.i A lot will de,>end on he economic v-clasco, nnd did not stop when situation business failures, unem- lhe offk , prs ,| as | lcd tha ' p(|(rol ployment and so on." ' He scoffs at the idea that "Mod-! be used to. rehabilitate state State Hie board also presented a S-l.-i Kennedy recently was asked if said. 959,fS31 biennial budget for consid- he will j akc " 1Tp risals" against: Sen. Barry Goldwater R-Ariz i eration by the U-gislature. A Stan,- SIK .|, Democrats. He answered 1 chairman of'the GOP Senate Cam- 1 000 capital impravements fund was,••„„•• nn( ] jytid mos t of them come:paign C.mmittee, says. "I think' divided among six parks through- f rQ m "one-party areas." He weilt'we have a good chance to take out the state. | 0 n to say: ;the House. It looks better every! i "I'm going to help elect Demo i day. Kennedy's stumping won't! _ n J J crats who support this program, i help his party." ; bUyS BOnOS j^ le areas I'll be campaigning inj Kennedy summed up the posi- • are . . . where there will be a lion in these words: ' UNITED NATIONS, N.Y. (AP> very clear choice Ixitween Ropub-j "It the American people are! —The United Nations announcedIlicans who oppose these actions:against these programs, they'll' Thuisday ihat Bra/il lias piexigcd'and Democrats who car's red light. Police reported Rites Pending lin ,, Pts on Ambol ' ( ' e '' uto - A , A ''oming pigeon apparently 2, „ j Funeral sen-ices for Tom sm jiCampl>ell are awaiting arrival of searching the'''' s so " ' lom ovrrs '' ns - '^^d Cross ioFFicials notified the family here _ I lhat Tom Jr. might be expected to arrive in Texas Sunday night. Campbell, a former Bramsport and Angleton resident, died early intf Polar hears have a special eye- Jackson AMSrii West Columbia, Texas Exciting Climax to three centuries of superlative design These are the treasures of. *. rPTD TT TTNTTn 1 As Seen at JENN'S in West Columbia by Drexel * Three persons were arrested by support |vo!e Republican and we will have i Freeport police who checked a lid that protects them From th« the purchase of S100.000 in U.N. .them." a slate of where the President be- vacant house early Saturday after j glare of the sun on Artie Ice. bonds, raising the total pledges to' At present, Ihere are 263 Demo-Sieves one thing and Ihe Congress'receiving reports that intruders. The Chinese were transporting S72.4flS.257 by 47 countries. Eigh-|crats and 17-1 Republicans in the another for two years and we'll |''ad been occupying the struct-{natural gas in bamboo pipes as teen governments have paid for House of Representatives. The,have inaction. . . . They willS' urp ' [early as 4000 B. C. £!7,7*l,noO worth. , lineup in the Senate is 6-1 to 36. 'choose either to put anchor down I Shortly after midnight, Thomas' ' •fhe Bra/il pledge followed a That looks like a working ma- or to sail. So we'll see in Anderson Jr. and Coy Ingle were visit there by Acting Secretary-.jorily for the President. But he November." •" found asleep at 619 West Second, General U Thant. .frequently points out lhat the tal-' officers-reported. Both men were =;, ly on some key measures has . Q i; r..; n i;.._., 'charged with vagrancy, and An- been \ery close and that a switch 3cf||H CVICllOllS derson was also charged with be- of only two or three votes would ijng drunk. lhavc changed defeat to victory. ' BERUN (AP) - Residents of! At 1:41 a.m., Carolyn E. Also- : The Republicans, meanwhile,;East Berlin homes along the wall!brook was arrested at the house gleefully remind him that when j in Wedding, a French sector area, j Officers charged her with vag- Ihe Senate killed "Medicare," LI|were evicted from their homes rancy, abusive language and be- Democrats, including a numner of s Thursday. j ng d,.^ the committee chairmen, voted' Such evictions usually mean ' against Ihe bill. They hoot at his Communist authorities want to A man involved in a minor au- dcpcnption of this total as "a prevent the houses Iwing used for to accident Friday was also want- handful." escapes to the West. led by Freeport police on a worth- Kennedy says mat if the Demo- =- r • crats lose five seats in the House in November, his working majority, "such as it is," will be gone. He would like to gain five seats, and to pick up 10 would be "wonderful." His advisors, who demonstrated •onsidcrable political acumen dur- From th« gr»«t furniture periods of cenfuries past, Drexel has created a correlated classic for today! Masterful design has been blended into one magniii- cent collection for living, dining and bedrooms. While completely classic in form, contemporary function cleverly threads its way through all pieces. All to be found in Triune—the traditional charm of Sheraton, the elegant traces of Empire and the regal look of Regency. Designers Henry and David Warren chose aenuine sable mahoaany and added accents of walnut burl for unsurpassed beauty. Further touches of charm may be had by electing top insets of Itilian marble. You II treasure Triune for its design excellence and meticulous con- itruction. always yours in furniture by Drexel. Open An Account Today Dresser and Mirror .. $279.95 Chest, (Not Shown). $179.95 Nite Stand $ 59.95. Full Size Bed $ 99.95 222 South 17th. Street Closed Wednesday Afternoon WEST COLUMBIA DRIVE-IN CONVENIENCE SUPER MARKET PRICES , GIROUARD'S , SUPERMARKET ili W. I FfMooii ing his own campaign of WO, say it will he a victor)' if Democratic majorities hold at the present levels—in short, if they can break even. Four principal imponderables bear on the outlook for Novem- IXT. One is Hie economy. A recession, whatever the dimensions, would nive the Republicans added ammunition. They already are calling the break in Mock market prices the "Kennedy crash." A second is the perennial question: Can a popular president invest the candidates in his party niih some of his popularity? Polls indicate that Kennedy's stock is hii!h IKIW. But nut even former President Eisenhower's immense popularity was enough to give him a Republican Congress. 'Hie third imp'Mulorabk' pivots ic. tin. 1 ability of K( nncdy and other bcmorrats to explain complicated legislation, and to fire the voters lo in(tign;«ii',n mor \\hat Confess did to spcciljc measures. The propu'-al for a Hfjiarimcnt of urban affairs, |i,r example, llnw. many people undeiVand what US functions would be and why the; administration says such an iigen-' cy is needed? Health assistance for the d^ed is anther case in point, '["ho pros and cons of the various proposals mi it are not easy lo umici:stand. Ilie While House mail reputedly '•hnws Ibal a iiiajnnly of liie \Mitcrs /avor Ki-iineily's i)ic>iMi.sal, I,ul not l>y any ovenvhelmiiii; mar-; ;in.s. An;.nay, since leiier-rtnuiii,' •,-cui|iait;ii.s can !«• mgani/cd, ihe mail is nut nercssaj'ily H reliable IF YOUR CHILD WEARS OR NEEDS GLASSES.... Give him EXTRA SAFETY with SHATTERPROOF glasses at NO EXTRA COST! SPECIAL BACK TO SCHOOL PRICE only $14.85 complete If glasses are not needed there is only a $3 charge for the eye examination. Includes . . . • professional eye examination • shatterproof safety lenses • large choice of children's frames convenient credit at no extra cost ®TSO—J Diiected by Dr. S. J. Rogers, Dr. N. Jay Rogers, Optometrists 340 TARPON INN BE 3-1661 VILLAGE FREEPORT, TEXAS J

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