The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on August 5, 1893 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 5, 1893
Page 1
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VOL MAfiSHALL, MICH., SATORpAY, AUGUSi'5, 1893, PRICE l' Pure A cream of tartar baking , Highestof all in leavening Latest Ui £' Government port. • • ___ ROYAL BAKING POWDER CO 106 Ayall.Strcet, N. : Y~" strength Food Re HUMPHREYS 1 i«**-*S[ l^edleVTniea" foTr<years la and tor over thirty years by tho _jlre success. 'Every single Specific aVpeclal core tor the disease named. They cure without drugging, purging or reducing the system and are In fact and deed the Sovereign Remedies of the World. were nxea at SOW In eaon ca^e I and the required bail was furnished by { Henry Young of 10 Barclay place. ' I DlRpoHlhg of City Bond*. RAPIDS, Aug. 5.—The i city ^u* T?I,.MA* c«»a«t ritrAr ArtAttt I has lor some tithe been in financial The Flames Swept Over About » ta ,* g ^^ a failtire to dis ^ ose of Twenty Farms. $300,000 of 5 per cent special improve- .. . l_Fevet-» Congestions, inflammnUona.. .39 u— Worn* Worm Fever, WorroColie.... .25 i-Teethlngl Colic, Crying, Wftkefnlneas .35 4-Dlarrbea, of Children or Adults...... .35 Tr-Cough* Colds. Bronchltto ..... ... ...... .35 8-Nenralgla, Toothache, Faceacha. ...... 35 fl-Headaches, Sick Headache. Vertigo.. .35 lO-Dyspep«ltt. Biliousness, Constipation. .35 11— Suppressed or Painful Periods... .35 \i|— Whites, Too Profuse Periods ......... - .33 13-Oro«p,l.BrynBitI»,H<»rseneM...., .35 14-Salt Rheum, Erysipelas. Eruptions.. .35 la-Rheumatism, Rheumatic Fains ..... .35 i(B-Mal«|a,Chnto. Fever and Ague...... .35 l&^Catarrh, Influenza, Cold In the Head. .35 80— Wboaplntr Cough ..... , ........ , ..... - •gj* 97-Kldaer Plaeaae* ................... - •»* ttS-Kerron* debility... ............ ^-V' lf S2 aO-Urlnary Weakness, Wetting Bod. .35 HUMPHBBY8* WITCH HAZEIj OIL, Pile Olntmeiit."-Trlal Size. %5 Cts. HOUSES, BABES AND OEOF8 BtfENED Nothing Left In Its Tracks But Blackened Soil —About One Hundred Persons left Homeless—The City of Alpena Threatened—No Lives Lost So Far. AT.PENA, Aug. 5.—For several days forest fires have been raging in the vicinity of Ossineke, this county. Thursday night a strong wind arose and the farmers were fighting fire all night. In spite : of "every effort the flames continued to ereep up towerd^ the clearings and finally swept over • about 20 farms, .burning houses, barna and crops- The fire left nothing but .blackened soilTin its tracks. The people were driven into Ossineke village and almost 100 persons have been rendered .homeless. No lives were -lost; but it. is feared that much stock .is destroyed. Ben Kern's sawmill, planingmill and camps were destroyed. The farmers burned out. lose everything, houses, furniture, barns; hay, grain, etc., and their growing crops will be greatly damaged. The fire is still raging and many other farms are threatened. Fires are also blazing in the woods south of this city, and grave fears are entertained that the southwest portion of the city will be burned. ment bonds, capitalists being reluctant to invest. The difficulty is now slowly being overcome. One bank on Monday took $50,000 in one lump, and Friday 817,000 more were disposed of to smaller holders. The bonds are in denomination of $1.000, and from the nature of money paid in Friday it is apparent that much of it conjes from teapots and family stockings. One man counted! $3,000 over the counter in'small bills and another $1,000, while the othersjpaid part cash and the rest in checks. The bonds to be let are issued in smaller denominations, and a lively demand for them is anticipated. . . ' ,' : Unable to Decide. CADILLAC, An*. 5.r^The coroner's jury'in the Ashbey child murder case at Manitou, after hearing testimony for four or five days, decided that the child was dead, but were unable to tell who killed It. Though Alex Ashbey and his wife repeated their confession before the jury and other witnesses corroborated their statement, the jury could not decide whether Alex or Joseph killed the child. Their verdict was that the child had : came to its death at- the hands of either Alex or Joseph Ashley, by which was unknown. 1 Brine Yonr Carp«it«.' The oarpet cleaning works on Ex change street will be open on and after Monday, Mnrca87th. Go to Bonghton'a for wall paper. New stock and new styles. Robert Schelly Is prepaid to do kinds of tin wills, ritp i.n'ceitr £. I >t you want tho beat refrigerator ou earth for the least money Kb to Boslej's. Buy the genuine Philadelphia Inwn mower »it Bosley's. Sufferers from Piles should know that th' Py rain id Pile Cure Till promptly and effectually remove every trace of them. Any ruggist vrMl get it for you. ~ $100 for a case^of Catarrh, Dyspepsia,Net { vousncsa ,and Sleeplessness tha* Vegetable Cure will not cure. Hold bT Drae»l«i, or tent pmrtpiM on rectlpt of pHco. T*' MANDAL (M4 page«,) MAII.IU SPECIFICS GONE TO JACKSON- the CARTERS rte Sui He»d*ehe and relievo •!! U>e troublea »o -bilious st*to of tho sTstom suo Drowsiness. Distress aiter Side. to. While their mosft. aBlias been shown la ooii&ft Michael Welch Weeps as lie Takes Train For Ills New Home. DETROIT, Aug. 5.'—Michael Welch, wlio was convicted- of the murder of Charles Grise and sentenced to 25 years in Jackson prison Thursday, was taken to his new home at 1:15 yesterday afternoon. When Welch arrived at the Michigan Central depot handcuffed to Deputy Sheriff Cotton he had hard work to keep from breaking down completely. His eyea were red with tears, and he chewed nervously on the cigar which he was smoking. Two or three of the detectives who had gone to the depot to see the officers in charge of Mrs. Meyer, spok& to Welch. He thanked one of the deputy sheriffs who had been kind to him and remarked: "Well, I got it this time, didn't If . "It was bad company that .fixed you, Mike; bad company," replied the officer. Welch's lips trembled and he winked very fast as he said: "I won't last two years out there; I know I shan't." LIVELY BATTLE. Vegetable Cure will break up Colds and and Coufhe, Lt-Giijle rtd it a aftereffects Tremulous Weakness of the Nerves, Erysip. B and Constipation. 12 oz. Jl.CO. DR. SHAKPSTEEN. Lawn mowers paimi at sharpened and re SICK T«t Carter's Uttle Liver PttTa *V* CAB te \!i*piCs<-: > 339 very stnialV*n<i ' w^ii t:id 4o not, uyiS&itito; jSvofocSl $-*, q; Gdatbyniiig •Wi. col. New V.orR., Desperate Fight With Italians— Pop Bottles and Knife Used. SAQINAW, Aug. 5.—Three hundred people witnessed, what threatened to be an ugly row at the corner of Johneon street and Weadoc^c avenue. Two Italians* John Diable and Michael Ped- riej^with a negro, were sitting i» front off a grocery store kept by another Italian known aa Jim. Two men named Ford and Moeller, the latter a butcher, in passing by askfd 'the Italians for a mateh, put were refused. The negro gave them a match and one of them sajtd something-uncomplimentary to the Italians. At that MichaelPedrie piekedup two pop bottles and struck Ford with them. T^e fight then became general and Diable drew a _ . _ ** . .5 * f\ A 'D^M^nfrk on His Own Uecoguizaiice. Aug. 5.-iOn the recom mendation of Prosecuting Attorney Frazer, Judge Gartner yesterday re leased Rudolph Klump on his personal recognizance in the sum of $500 each on the two charges, that of murder and criminal assault. Klump has been in the county jail •ince April, 1&92, on the charge of having murdered his aunt, Mrs. Anna Bchultz, and of having marie a criminal assault upon Mary Urbanowski, a girl of 14 years of age, employed aa a domes tic in the Klump family. Will Go to the Fair. GRAND RAPIDS, Aug. 5.—The world's fair management has designated Aug. 81 as Holland day and the Hollanders of Michigan are planning to send over a big delegation and plans are rapidly being formulated for the excursion. In Kent county alone there are 25,000-Hoi- landers, and along the lake shore it is estimated by Vice Consul John Stekette that there are 100,000 of that nationality, while the entire state has fully 150,000. It is expected tha't Kent county will send at least; pOO and pdssibly 1,000, and that the state will be largely represented. _______ Criminal Convictions. LANSING, Aug. 5,—The forthcoming report of Attorney General Ellis will show that during the year ending June 80 last a total of 18,974 criminal prosecutions were commenced in Michigan. Of the persons accused, 14,230 were convicted! 3,060 acquitted; S89 dip charged' on payment of costs; nolle- prosequis were entered in 1,372 cases; 118 were settled, and 305'persons were discharged on examination. . The .murder record shows 84 cases* 92 convictions, 8 acquittals and4dismi»- eals. The percentage of'convictions Was greater than for the previous year. .Suspected of Bobbing Mailboxes. DETROIT, Aug. 5.—William Bertram of 226 Grand River avenue, who has •several times been arrested for various offenses, hvaa yesterday apprehended by Detectives Crandell and • Greene »na taken, to the central police station,. It » .. * ** a i< L l_ —. £*+ 4-1* A **nnn nr\\f\ < your tin war* wended at Schelly'* tin shop. s Gel your wall p«p«r anU paints a Geo Boughioii'a new stoic. Chafes on babie-*, i»or« nippleVamJ i nammation of the brtttst ipBtHtuly r lievtd with Lavto»dar Qi>>t i m«fiit. Just assure as hot weather couiea ther wjll be more or IP.<S .bowel complaint in this vicinity. Every persou, and especially families, oujjbt to have Some reliatde nfedicine at hand for instant use in cake H is needed. A 25 or 5CT ceiit bottle of Chamberlain's Col ic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy in just what you ought to hav« and all that you would need, even for the most severe and dangerous cases. It i» the best, the most reliable and most successful treatment known *iid ispleaeant to take. For sale at Greene' drug store. The-Vyramid Pile Cure is » new discovery for the prompt, permanent cure of Piles iu every-form. Every-druggist has it. Good summer wood at f 1 75 per cord at C. T. Grant's. A new remedy hae created,.a sensation among physicians by its wonderful effects in speedily curing every form of Piles. It is called the Pyramid Pile Cure. It is cheap and simple to use, but uothiug, removes the disease so quickly, safely end suzely. Any druggist will get it for you. Gasoline siovee cleaned _t B. Sheley'd. . ' If you want a lirst class luuih call cuv the, new r-esturaul, first Uoor. -w«st. pi the Tontine. - .,-*.' ( charged ttat he is the man who •was with. Henry Eobertjohn jn the mailbox robbery at the corner of Witherell and -a cizeri, and-§prge»nt; Parker Owen of. the police f«roe atjteropted to quell the ad 'a desper'ate fight^sp>di Sev- aoeft were cut eBgatly, T>m the RS'were pv«rpowerfia jwdjanded ail, much to the r«K$f pf .th» ijrowd In Iw l« (»al« of |L,adlesi VVaUtit IhU Wvek. ?5e waists^for 50c-, |l waists.fp^ 750; $1.50 wajsta'fcur'f}, • •''•?.< i ' street about a week agtf w _aJ«>u on the charge <>f robbing United States maijs will take place Monday. In default of $1,500 ^-" Bertram^toj«^ " • New potatoes at Cun&inghaui'.. / Children Cry for Pitchers Castorla. Thfi Michigan Cealral Will sell tickets f r,ocj Marabalt lo Chicago ana return at rate of- -wjvea tloJlars aa4, thirty cents for the roujad trip, liujilttd to f!uv; 5tb. of *«, half ^-Thomas E. Maya the ^ -Ji- fc at- — t^*^- ~*j" ^ jT"jt^5K^h. ^«- T." 4 -«_._lA -rTffl-'i, _ J_ft t ri 3 .,^-«« ,'f.

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