The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on August 27, 1897 · Page 4
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 4

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Friday, August 27, 1897
Page 4
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Mangled and Torn took Ahead .and Prophesy of the Struggle. Ui& c#*t»tin9 would sicken the heart of rmtety «trdh a stufeof «#«!fc» tenot oeefcs- •' ' iron "any certain, so , whlra«iteA*BoJi» ofcire mA to return tf as wj*dte aixd*8otind tti wltfc|l Anybody w» lattnder « «rektef-~ it te* es * to etirtain in the way ^^t^m^vif' *»^ AGENTS iWJMTEDliK *-,». gte-wW«8««aMv»K tAVOKH Of t!'« l^to Cctittiry. i in'All tho r»n«e of Hteratnre there Is not another boAk like TO PEOPLES BIBLE fflSTORY In thla book alone «*n *ie toutid Iheinfor- matloTi anufftlb IJV *OV6ry BiDlC rOttOCIS whether oil or /o«rt K . Woterly or an. >a tt is. Indeed, n flreat worK. i taldf He tab* «dt .violate* the of the tnjttftfcttons and wn-» ftffi Ladles 6f tin* O, A.R. elPrtcd Mrs. Flnffc M. Bftvy, ofjDuUiMi, president, 40 C<i»»t*> ft Ton. lH»-t Aug. JST.-Mafiiwf'V «* SatigAwifln fcftaft **- 1 caned ng o* the mlRtTra for ia?t <>vtiii*tir And fifteen of themxty wen employed at tht Shaft wer<* 1ft att«flftnr<>. Fisher made A profwjsmoii to the tnpn present to t&lwtt to xfrwk a.t 4? e<?tifs pef toh. t*R th* Jfttt&ftttrg , Pttfcftui*, . , the CtUcagb ^pecator t* «L \— Fnu.»ing serious charges ..«, dent Hatettford, retwwl from Bwltate -The rrwifi voted to accept The miners' officials o* __ Ji .__^__* u. ~* ^-^ , WhCH te1« C tk»* Inttmtttl^A Bad , a lfh*$ »ul| mig x against ''him Ckjfofiel fUnii s»W:\ " hlrrt Siie n% J ant Jre^iffy to pro**». "Wtsat fttirig to* Ihtr «Souiitry tt -It „. *JE t HAb n St.*lfuts convention not set Itself a better 1 joo thafl to lavesttaate |IUs rriftttet 1 . 1 lrtfc*e Dofart tot ottcf to Speaking o* |h^ sWHfr generally Col one! llpnd deflated n to be now e^rtatn the ttitners «fl! lofife tt. fc* ah'ticlpates, that withfft the next few days new men will be brought • In to et&tt* some off the pita: but even if this is, not done and' the mines, remain idle the rneti will never get eitoft another golden opportunity aa they- wltft pertiips the exception t»f the second Aha ttteUtfc. r Gre*» Fhov^pa »orte of hi? oW-tittie dfiah and vinrt, ahd see«1ict» W »>e titic«$" at se* at and Is a bogy ftgjhtw, 4>uf last did rounds. Waleott vMuht le^t^nttn<& j-«.~f "^--v -™- -'«-r —v; rahi him ttstcfc tyKh <ri»ftt rfrtw-^Biimfre oSxilw*- h£ad afHi }aw. Qrwyr" fcriigfht »S«1iiflt time af»r the siatlt ttitxM. fev- wltfc thel^i-at ftjtr«t ho was t,. .*•"*'" t to.the colored maw ln«ttH» "u elghtt&ftttt opened. wp r aWntit u tn »nd «roii oo« llwoverle* h«« wiral c»lc»Mou Of th» ««or«l Drou«ht njtiUnxt It by op«a fftand.. frery in»»lliB«ntp book,-oi th« innttot conliiinedln It SSport»n<» and cunnot b« foundi In book an «»rth. * Wrlto for descriptive and Jlla»tr»wd pamphlet circular.^ THE HEMRYO.SHEPARD CO. 2IZ'2I4 th(? half dozen Aftec about * cott lanaed fi right a*4 fc»tt <m Oreen'« Jaw and a clinch follow**. In thr ewak 'Walcott brought his right across and knocked Greeft tfp against the ropwi Irf "Waloott's corner, helpless, with hi« hands down. With a weU-direetrtl ripht- jiarul KLIN Cor. Bates and Lamed Sis.', Only • IllocU. from Wnodw»«J A Jeff«r»<u> AT«». Ver Jic»r All C*r MACKINA'. PETOSKEV CtilCAOO,. have rejected. He says their great take TVas in' supposing the operators, were ready • to give in because they sought arbitration. He declares that all the large lake shippers ar« firmly det<?i mined to resist the demands) of the ^miners. It the miners, had acceptecj the flrst; propositions made by the operators at the conference on Friday they wuuJd have made a, substantial gain and would have -improved permanently their condition. x Gnmppra Tahca » BlITorent View. •Washington, Aug. 27. — President G*>rnpeis, of the Am«rloan Federation of Labor, gavfr his v^ew of the present coal strike situation as fallows: "The sit- uatjoh as I gather it from the reports of our organisers Indicates that betiveen 60 per (tent and 66 per c*nt. of £hf mines in Wfst Virginia are now closed down completely. A letter 1 havejust received from the Cooper and pocahontes dis- triotr-ls brimming with confidence, and says that w«frk -in that region has been reduced one halt,..-In the last fortnight and predicts a •-'general- collapse there very soon.v So Ions as the West Virginia miners' continued operations there of course, little hopes at an abso- "r»to victory for the miners, because West-Virginia could suppply the urgent " market./But.with the sus- ln \V^st^Virginla liccomini? Ken- eral, if the mlnerai«vthestates of. Pennsylvania,. Ohio. IndlanstTMidjJlllriols k«ep L their ranks unbrofeen, as iam«inncient I they will;'; the HtTlKfr-rrmst-rcautKlji an |ldabsolute victory-for the men. , ">s I ; situation1Jeci.niln(f More Acwt«. . J "Before Sept. -J5 the lake trade must 9 j be supplied. The situation becomes dally I more acute and while I hesitate to fix a day I bttlt^ve that'the strike will be terminated by tfcic end of SgpturBbv-r and that the setttempnt will in.-, iti favor of the miners-" When Gompers 1 attention was (Billed "to the great deatitutloii and suffering among th<f str!k"i'» , he" said that the coal operutorn bud taoghlt the miners how to suffer. They had bevn drilled in hardships by the operators. Th«y would continue to -endure thfir trials a little longer In the hope of relieving their situation permanently in the future blow »n thP iaw WaicoU the Californlan thnitigh- tho Th the negro's corpcr. Tom O'Kourktf held Cretin up wltlj, his foot on the Ping platform ' Mntll ho wia« counted out. Green wa-* i-ftrrlod to hi^ dressing, room by his seconds. TO CORE ERtfS Fl««fi, T<t 8l«ep »<nl *» Know »lB»«H»n ^100.00 rewaix! will be paid for the airat amlWictkm of any *» I>.T W. 1V4DUAKK and A. O. m our bottles. faun THK* PM. Wff», „ „ ., Detroit ^Mackii To wUHt mf»n, make » trial of StaarlV jtit Tablet*. tic <J«ntlnmiin. Ko trouble is mote dotnmon or niote miB- undorstood than nerroud dy»pep5i«:' I'eo pie ha»rag it think that their nerves are to blarne and are surprised that they are not cured by nerve medicine and sprintr remedies; the real seat of the mischief is lot* sight of; the stomach is .the organ to be looked after. NeiTons dyspeptics often do not have any pain whatever io the stomach, nor perhaps ttny of "the usual synoptonja of • si'otnach weakness. Nervous dyspepsia shows itself not in fchq stuniadh BO much as. in tiearly every" other organ; in some cases tho heart palpitates and is irregular, in others the kidneys are affected; in others t.ho bowels are eoastipat* 'd T -wj,th hsftdaoheA; stilLpUiors are troubled - i«h Ions o' flesh.nnd.appetite, withwoeunauiHttuu i>( it |tsl » sour.rittings nod heartburn; ' . Mr. A. W. Sharper of No 61 Pirospsct St., ludianftipolis, iud.. writ win follows ."A motive '.'of. pu*t» s;rtititU'lie prdtops rno to ; ite these few IwteB regarajuR the new,mid Toftbte wcdicinti, Stunrt's Dj-sp<'p*ia Tablets. irWe beeo a suffenug frtwn nervous laft four years; nave used iarf(>u's patent >*<licii>*fS and othtr rnne-, edi--withoutany ia>«5We ra-ult. Xhey iPdiutiiiieti^avrt tem|K»rat>wlief until the etf<i<st* of the'inediolne wore off^l attriti- uied t,l>r»t<>TOy sedentary h*biw7>b«iw(r < b.fodkbeper with little physical exe I >fh gl d'to 8t«Wi that t.t»« tnhK-ti havt Vvercottiu nil these obstacles for I jTiined m UcHh, uleep b'^tcr, and Bin better in • very way. IT* above i* *ritt«u not Kir uou/nety, but is based on nctual fact, Resrectfuliy >our«. W A. W, SHARPER, 1 «l Prospect St., Indianapoli , '«<!. It i* sttfe to »«y that Stuart's DyKr*!" 1 ^ TaWeu'will cuie nny stomach wtsHkut-M* oy '4j. Blankenhirn \ . \ THE OLD RELIABLE PAINTER, , Hard Oil, calsom •* X Black Board Slating , \ Paintemoving, etc. abstain from using inferior, qualitiss ipl VV vy envfuiw***** . "• •***-** ~ -~—--CT- .... . • , .— -, • Vi '• • mixed paints, >ieing able to mix our own colors from pure lead and other substances. : SHOP 13A8T STATE ^T.RKI3T, So'entlflo American ,_ OAVBAT9* TftADS MARK*, I Jln'lADWAV, WOW YOKIt, il-!ru? f>nt< nu In Ainnricn, s In .l.rmiglil b*-foro rne Ju u>« BKT THAT TOBACCO CAN PROWCE. ""'"Ir __ .WOMEN f AK«T A HANt> IN THE FlCiil.T e>- aod Pf rtdo »*fcT:OSKi-Y. THE ,"SOO,» MARQUETTS- HVCRV CVCN1HO BtTWCtN Detroit and Clevelanc lng with K»riw«t Tr*i»« »t fvt »U exct-pt app>;tft|C gaa, low of ll- palpitattou, They h and heart- 2 New Steel Passenger Stea^ert -i'* 8 , A. '•£. Fast Trams »« Ariutt l»«»lii» EtJeHoiW. , Pittsburg, Aug. 27.—The wlvvx and. riausthtftt* of the striking triineis at Dp Armifs. Oak H1H wln«s, near' Turtlf Crot-k, Jnok* puirnitiirut pa.rt yesterday in the .dfruopstratUm against trw work- inff inlnevu. early In th« morning "a 4o*en ur inor** women 'jsathered 1 At the carnp, and. with ftttfja »»'d, baunti's fttftrt'OP'l'- along the'rwida leading to-< \varde lh*« OppJ6."<?n th*»lr way ituty tt imtiHA;r yf TOiCPPS gnlng t« the pit •grcfeU-4 th<tm with yejl» awl ttoewSW«r» vyho v^J'« und fidicuUst llKi'i in ^ Hi^unwr iy,of tin;-«i tu.haiig their bfatfH injBlxa|})^> ^ v ^y v )yomeu Bay 4 thty ,wlll tiiftkfc u iJPMK^tratiwi *^ytry J day hsreaftef. The atrtoi* «Utiiii that j only ft £ teen inert worn at uurk In thu Oak tttt! min« ye*t*rday awd that the ny»i^v»i^. •-,v*,,,.~ r r~ «...- •buru, omstjpatlon ana 1 Send fdt*»lu»We llttl« book —>——^---j- dttteaBea by addressing Stuart Co., Wwshall, WUeb. /' A)l druKBifcta sell full «'«d pa/knfre« at 60 aents. i remedy being in- [•'seSl •"«*•'tlioie di«ea»«i* > of th« Oertlto-IIrlnnry i requires no or diet. .Care ....feed In tl 'to 8 . HniHlI plain pack- C U 3R.iEs Moid' only »y A.O. HYDE. Steel | Psaayroyal Treatm? nf in the 'risinnl *rdoaly FBENCU, hnfu und roliabla euro uii^lit) innr- -kot. l»rii-e, »Kt»{ strut "bjFiniuL % OenainH 8oW udlv b" A.O.HYDE. cool swee^atisfymg^ smpke th^t leaves grateftil rememberan&e,^ Sold by all dualon* 10o ntraiglit aa^Lf.>r25o ? Matmtiwtaml hy To View & I. Cordfttte haa come to efcay Prom $10, to $50 peVyeai !ainily who WU1 eettd I>reas Tailoring each >upil to th«,' tbo AVatsun Wateonjrtili aalla tfaa faX»aus sotfeeor Mountain Java, it!» colfoJe IVIUCH ALIVE. The STATE FAIR The Michigan State pit white th« wriipany that (our 4epu^r qf evltting tfte Armit apd, th« Piu»i writ wi« kept dp until the .company .has tht; »{ all it* huuae» owner* are _ work ' W." Bunwla. (he ttttw rttwm<fd tu. 3H«* Mentgomery Jiomeetead on .venue; also eowd cboice J<S on •IV \ 1*40'*, »JW*»»Y T "I* 1 *** * r ™ ^Tf^ ••"«*' —---T- _-.-,_,- _- - bttl of ite New Tor* a&d Clev^iund »hj> yyiJKjpra* >\tfif5 A KeutarkaWe Care of arrhoea. 'la 18^2, wUeJi t Berv«d ipy private io Cawjway A. l<J7tl» State V {frond K»i>i«lH, tvue. It la folly at <*tM<» RexTablets [We spl4 under a positive guarantee to cure ? r re'fund the money, and we standby our guarantee. CUKES all Nervous Diseases,impotence, Varicoc«l«, !Loi8t VltaUty m . old or young, NfgWIy Emlssion^iiid • Waiting Dte«»s«^, and all effects of seW« ^ abuse qr excesses. Stops dangerou*drains. ^ genuine nerve tonic. Shows.UmneUA- ate miprovement. The grandest remedy . tiet HEX TABLETS/ Price30-eenfc?,or ^ ,papkages (a Ml tr«atmen») for,f?,j by iaaU, in pfcifl poc 1 —- "" -^** iil * fxet, M* , Keep tHs Oat* for yuarontiug- Fremitim lists • a.rrf»0«a. , It ba« given »m> a great deal of different uiedic-i^ee and. several pnmu- j Orders u^ay be Jt;lk at it due^DTB yrithootaoy ptoipiaejot r*- Mingu'^ff at readme, !, jaSottougago a friend sent K»\», for el^jre *« th# c»«i|» .<er tba -|>tt«H««« «* j Hi«cace tu any owe, bat mferely to m. Bay . iM)8i»isa.*»4 to en Uuu the te by a in charge of th« plum Creefc waj \ ^ <- tio» to e^F- r^ ->ir stoat X -., . ttoe teaftd Mop &re Uiosa p»rafl«f ' %tn<i Biatrhoea reowdy, and iBiter tbat I fcpgttfc and took a S3 cent sji Wttd a«»^r 1 ca» a»y I Jua eatir«4y d, Jt «iaimo* **» «4wuaWat e»>c«}gli to to tWa gr«ftt r«a)«% ? aad ««jo«a- aieujd it to aJUuffwriWf yMeww* H i» doubt writo BMJ; ^tt|6«ini J^TB. Delia iJargesa 4s urepafWt *° mamcuring and shamgo<»jisg for the Siise at Ibeir tomea. , Pa, at Tl * rtlt: Cft^* 1 l * at aigtit fvitbOttic mole8t*ti»a from tb« dep- uttea. Presideot DolaJB addre*n&a a big mwtiDg at fSar» Btfee. Weataw*e!a»d cftwaty, MM« **!M- . S**^ IparUw tbr city D« g»v* tfee details of bin »rct*t ov«ro. *ft aaid he Wfuj»*>^pr 80. Id Mo. )4 S*. 6S S«. 36 *». W • ft*»^ , t9 M Z*f 1 * All »ato» i NERVUND BRUIN TREUfflENT A'91HEBS WIT«TJ«Mu > WHtte» . Ftice 11-00 bebfld of ;» or by m> Pair ol

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